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The Fray: A 'Charms Poem

Discussion in 'Creative Archive' started by Secad MS, Jul 8, 2010.

  1. This is a repost of a poem I wrote a few months ago.

    The Fray

    Pokecharms, Pokecharms, a magical land
    Filled to the brim with Pokemon fans
    Some are clever and stick around
    Some are n00bs, of whom the mods discipline and bake
    Often to our great pleasure.

    This is a tale told by the member Secad
    Of which a white, firey gerbil is had
    Suddenly a flame appears, scorching the air
    FRIEND! screamed Fi, quite mad.

    Aside from that interruption,
    This tale is told from a single viewpoint so it may be biased,
    But most of you hold my regard in the highest.
    Except the n00bs! hissed Fi, who burned them regardless.

    One day in Chat,
    A battle erupted
    Rain, striped-haired with her large cats,
    Posed gracefully in her punk attire,
    She commanded her friends into the mire
    “Go, my tigers, be brave and fast
    Win that battle, before my time is past
    If you do not, all is well,
    I’ll still hand out mah gummehs to all!”
    And so they leapt
    Into the fray.

    Across the silver, high-tech room,
    The high power named Stel prepared his doom.
    Extending his armblades after hearing a rant
    From a foolish EmmettxAlice littered with ‘u’s and ‘:):(D:<’
    He carefully glided through the battle
    Sick of hearing the rattle.
    Giving one brief sarcastic comeback
    (That was surely to become a meme on the site)
    That n00b he did smite.

    Jenova floated down from above
    On her umbrella, the umbrella the color of Dove
    Yes, the soap, what did you expect?
    To make one out of the bird would be simply cruel
    Now back on topic friend,
    Back to the duel.
    Her purple newsboy cap of power
    Enveloped her after she landed
    Cower, did she? She did not!
    She was now a cavy,
    So cute and dandy.
    “Now to bite their legs out.”
    The Lolita-pig snickered.
    “Of me winning, there’ll be no doubt.”

    Now where were Secad and Fi in this skirmish?
    The linked duo of flame and cuteness?
    One did not see a rodent, nor a human
    But a white, humanoid gerbil wielding a firey sword
    Fending off attacks, as easy as cutting a cord.
    “Ach!” they screamed, a sudden pain from the ankle.
    Laughing, a little lavender blob skittered away, looking for another strike
    The gerbil-woman found themselves on their back,
    With an armblade at their neck
    “I believe you have lost,” StellarWind said, offering a hand
    “Now, go to the side, with the others and go stand.”
    The Gerbillized One withdrew from the melee and went to watch.

    At the side, there were others who were caught
    Who would have been dead if a real battle was fought
    Some by bad luck, some by poor skills
    But sour were none, as it was all in good cheer.
    There was a feathered Manetric, a silver Eevee with a fan,
    An abnormally large Totodile with a firey fox of a short attention span
    All were laughing and talking, but still watching the fight
    Who should win? They ask, Jen might.

    One by one, all but two were gone
    A little guinea pig and a bladed man.
    The admin tried the best he could
    But due to her size, no strike landed where it should.
    They were both tiring, and in one last effort,
    Jenova caught a leg
    And climbed up.
    “Come on, Stel,” She squeaked
    “Lets end this, I’m nearing your neck, don’t freak.”
    “I think I have won, a rare thing indeed.”
  2. I think someone's missing here...

    I still love this poem, Secad. I don't really see a rhythm or rhyme here, but the sheer awesomeness makes up for that. This is a perfect mix of epic, funny, PokeCharms and Secad. I'm rooting for another poem! Especially one containing a certain lightning-wielding person xD
  3. Psycho Monkey

    Psycho Monkey Member of the Literary Elite Four

    I remember this! XD

    It gave me lulz the first time I read it, and it gave me more lulz this time because I remembered it! ;D

    Great poem Secad
  4. Thanks for the compliments! I've been researching sonnets recently, as that is what I want to write next. I'm thinking a SpearowxMagikarp romance, just for the for the lulz.

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