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The Fragmented Completion (Super Smash Bros. RP Discussion)

Discussion in 'General Role Play Discussion' started by Mechanist Gamma, May 16, 2018.

  1. Where there were many, now there is one.
    Due to a strange event, many of the universes collided in a large quest to save the multiverse. That quest ended in failure. Unaware of their past exploits and adventures, all of these heroes now live together in one combined world thinking this is the way things have always been. However, bit by bit, the heroes begin remembering the past - their past worlds and the way this fusion came to be. It all begins with the heroes at the center of it all, and they soon gather once again on a quest to restore the universe.

    The whole premise for this is basically "what if all the Smash heroes shared one cohesive universe and had a reason for doing so"? Think of the fused world as something like Battleworld from Marvel's Secret Wars. Due to this massive shift in the universe, various things have changed - political factions, locations, timelines, the whole jazz. Especially character histories, that's the big thing. Some new characters will be introduced, while some others will be left behind. I'll be bringing in a few new characters myself but leaving most of them open, and not all characters will return. The massive list of characters, history and countries/factions I've compiled below should explain what this new world is all about, but I should be able to answer a few other questions if you guys have them. Specifically character history - I'll write those down only when they're asked about. Just ask!
    The War of the Triforce [Several Centuries Ago] - The War of the Triforce was a long and bloody conflict centered around possession of the Triforce, which continued for a full century. Eventually, however, a man named Ganondorf found the Triforce and took a piece for himself. Using the Triforce, he led the Gerudo in a coup of Hyrule's royal family. He was stopped by Princess Zelda and the hero, Link, who possessed the other two pieces of the Triforce. Ganondorf was killed, but his spirit was fated to return again and again. In response, Zelda performed a ritual that would ensure the other two pieces of the Triforce, tied to the bloodline of Zelda and spirit of Link, would return whenever Ganondorf did.
    The War of the Emblem [Five Centuries Ago] - King Marth, first king of Ylisse (known as Archanea back then), formed his country by uniting the people around a symbol of hope and peace - the Fire Emblem. Alongside his fellow knights, Ike and Roy, he campaigned against the injustice in the land and formed the Halidom.
    Westside Island Colonization [Three Centuries Ago] - The first King Acorn struck out against the harsh rule of King Dedede, taking all that would join him on a pilgrimage away from Popstar to settle on Westside Island. South Island later became an unofficial part of Westside Island.
    Formation of the United Nations and GUN [91 Years Ago] - The proposal for the United Nations was first made by King Rhoam Bosphoramus Hyrule, who wished for all kingdoms of the world to cooperate and unite. GUN was formed to serve under the UN as a worldwide peacekeeping unit.
    Tragedy of the ARK [Fifty Years Ago] - Professor Gerald Robotnik was in charge of Project: Shadow, a medical research project by GUN. Professor Robotnik met with the Black Arms, an alien race who could provide immortality through their own cells. By striking a deal with the Black Arms, Gerald was capable of creating two creatures with immortality - the Biolizard and Shadow the Hedgehog. When GUN discovered the Professor had consorted with aliens, they responded by invading the ARK and executing most of the scientists onboard, including the Professor's young granddaughter Maria Robotnik. This opened the government's eyes to aliens being out there.
    The First F-Zero Grand Prix [Thirty-Seven Years Ago] - The F-Zero Grand Prix was held by the UN, allowing racers from all kingdoms to show their skill.
    The Hyrule-Ylisse War [Twenty Years Ago] - In search of the Triforce, the Mad King of Ylisse chose to invade Hyrule, knowing that the hero, demon king and princess would grant him the Triforce. The war was fruitless, and ended up with the Shiekah Tribe assassinating the king. As soon as the king's daughter, Queen Emmeryn, was crowned the war stopped immediately.
    Dr. Wily's Attack [Fifteen Years Ago] - The mad scientist Dr. Albert W. Wily took control of Dr. Light's first six Robot Masters and used them to cause chaos. Dr. Light responded by turning his second prototype Robot Master, Rock, into the Super Fighting Robot Mega Man. Mega Man successfully defeated and reprogrammed his brothers, but Wily only built more Robot Masters for Mega Man to fight. This would continue for the next ten years, with Mega Man fighting a private war against Wily and GUN supporting him.
    Launch of the S.S. Dolphin [Fourteen Years Ago] - Rookie space explorer Olimar was sent on a UN mission of space exploration in the S.S. Dolphin in the search of intelligent life. The mission could be considered both a success and a failure, as the Dolphin crash-landed on a planet now labeled PNF-404 where semi-intelligent life lives. Captain Olimar brought back some members of one such alien species, Pikmin, as proof. Ever since, King Dedede has been leading a campaign to have them dissected. He has yet to win said campaign.
    Birth of the Eggman Empire [Twelve Years Ago] - The Eggman Empire was first created, successfully invading South Island with a large army. Fearing something on the scale of the War of the Triforce or the Hyrule-Ylisse War the UN chose not to fight the Empire. A resistance of fighters was formed, however, to fight the Empire. They would come to be known as the Brotherhood.
    Captain Falcon Wins the F-Zero Grand Prix [Seven Years Ago] - Captain Falcon won the F-Zero Grand Prix, becoming an overnight racing celebrity.
    The Egg Skull War [Five Years Ago] - Out of seemingly nowhere, Dr. Eggman declared war on Dr. Wily. Wily felt prepared with his troops, but couldn't withstand the onslaught of the new Egg Fleet. Wily himself was killed by Dr. Eggman, who chose to toss him off the side of the Egg Carrier, and Wily's robots were reprogrammed to serve Eggman. Mega Man and the Light Brigade joined the Resistance.
    Red Becomes Pokemon Champion [Three Years Ago] - A young boy named Red, from Pallet Town, managed to succeed the title of Pokemon Champion from Lance, who had held the title for two decades. Soon after, Red was recruited by the Resistance.
    The United Nations: The UN is a general coalition of the major kingdoms and their representatives. The UN is in charge of GUN's operations, and so gets to command any and all heroes working under it. The UN operates from Station Square in Northamer. The UN consists of the Mushroom Kingdom, the Kingdom of Hyrule, the Kingdom of Popstar, the Halidom of Ylisse, the Country of Kanto and the Leftherian Islands. The UN's official chairman is Doctor Light, a former Homs of Colony 9.
    The Mushroom Kingdom: Ruled by King Toadstool with Princess Peach Toadstool as his successor, the Mushroom Kingdom is a monarchy that focuses on evolving and keeping with the times. The Koopa Kingdom actually used to be the other half of the Mushroom Kingdom, but Bowser has been invading and conquering lands to add to his army. The Mushroom Kingdom is a bit more modern then you'd remember from the games. Locations found in the Mushroom Kingdom include; Toad Town (the capitol), Mushroom City, Dry Dry Outpost, Rogueport and Hollijolli Village.
    The Koopa Kingdom: Debatably the other half of the Mushroom Kingdom on their continent, the Koopa Kingdom is a constantly expanding dictatorship formed and ruled by King Bowser Koopa. It is constantly in war with the Mushroom Kingdom, and has incredible military power. Locations found in the Koopa Kingdom include; Dark Land (the capitol), Bone Dry Desert, Bowser's Kingdom, Grumble Volcano, Infernal Tower and Koopa Village.
    Kingdom of Hyrule: Princess Zelda Hyrule rules Hyrule after the assassination of King Daphnes Nohansen Hyrule, and the Hyrulean Knights are known as the world's most impressive military force. The Kingdom of Hyrule has known many more wars than any other nation, with much in-fighting and out-fighting. Hyrule is still fairly archaic by modern standards, preferring to stick to an old medieval-style while still adopting some new technology. Locations found in Hyrule include; Castle Town (the capitol), Kakariko Village, Death Mountain, Gerudo Valley, Lon Lon Ranch, the Lost Woods and Hyrule Field.
    Halidom of Ylisse: Ruled by Queen Emmeryn, Ylisse is known as the most noble and just of the nations nowadays... despite their harrowed past of bloodshed and warfare. The Shepards are the shining grace of knightdom, and are rumored to be able to take on even the Hyrulean Knights themselves if they so wished. Prince Chrom and his men will fight anywhere they must, making them a perfect international defense squad. Their reliance on magic and chivalry keeps them from technological advancement, however. Locations found in Ylisse include; Ylisstol (the capitol), Southtown, the Northroad, Breakneck Pass and Mount Prism.
    Kingdom of Popstar: Popstar is an oddly shaped continent with a form similar to a star. It is ruled by King Dedede, a decently greedy king. Popstar is one of the few kingdoms that had to be convinced to join the UN, only doing so in the aftermath of the Egg-Skull War. Popstar is the home to many objectively strange species, such as the Star Warriors and the Mobians. Most Mobians now live on Westside Island, however. Popstar is also the closest to the Leftherian Islands. Locations found on Popstar include; Mount Dedede (the capitol), Green Greens, the Fountain of Dreams, Cookie Country, Raisin Ruins, White Wafers and Nutty Noon.
    Country of Kanto: Kanto is famous for its technological advancement, despite having no real governmental leader to speak of. The closest thing is the Pokemon Champion and Professor Oak, who both hold votes in the UN. Kanto is full of Pokemon of all kinds, much more than just the original estimated 151. Locations found in Kanto include; Saffron City (the capitol), Pallet Town, Viridian City, Pewter City, Vermillion City and Cinnabar Island.
    The Leftherian Islands: A coalition proposed by King Acorn of Westside Island, the Leftherian Islands is a union of islands not connected to any large kingdom. They have made a vow of unity, and the Leftherian Islands are known as some of the kindest and most wonderful places to go. King Acorn is the official leader of the coalition, while Mayor Dunban, Chief Donkey Kong and Mr. Orange all form the rest of the Council. The Leftherian Islands are under almost constant threat by the Eggman Empire, who wishes to conquer it all. Islands within the coalition are; Westside Island, Colony 9, Kong Island and Nippon.
    The Eggman Empire: Based in Eggmanland, an island formerly known as South Island turned into a technological military base, the Eggman Empire is a massive army consisting of practically all species. The Empire is known as the "biggest terrorist organization in history". Despite having operations and territories across the globe and being a massive threat to the UN, the Empire has yet to successfully invade any full continents. All, however, fear the Egg Fleet and the flagship Egg Carrier - Eggman's devastating aerial army. Empire-owned territories include; Eggmanland/South Island (the capitol), Metropolis (Westside Island), Skull Island (Leftherian Archipelago), many assorted abandoned islands, Desert Oasis (Ylisse), Rhythm Route (Popstar), Lavender Town (Kanto), Cerulean City (Kanto), Celadon City (Kanto), Glitzville (Mushroom Kingdom), Toadwood Forest (Mushroom Kingdom) and Ordon Village (Hyrule).
    The Brotherhood: Led by Meta Knight, the Brotherhood is an independent group from the UN and thus is not bound by political and legal agendas. The Brotherhood contains some of the strongest and most skilled fighters around. The Brotherhood has their base at Cinnabar Island.
    Meta Knight: @GreninjaTrainer013
    Mario: @BurbleBurble
    Luigi: @Rohan Kishibe
    Yoshi: @Rohan Kishibe
    Captain Toad: @Eeveechu151
    Donkey Kong:
    Diddy Kong:
    Sheik: @Rohan Kishibe
    Red: @Takumeme666420
    Kirby: @Lightless
    Waddle Dee: @Eeveechu151
    Shulk: @Eeveechu151
    Captain Falcon: @Glûk the Bard
    Sonic the Hedgehog: @GreninjaTrainer013
    Miles "Tails" Prower: @Mr.Glaceon
    Mega Man:
    Proto Man:
    Little Mac:
    Popo and Nana (Ice Climbers):
    Samus Aran:
    Fox McCloud: @Glûk the Bard
    Falco Lombardi: @Glûk the Bard
    Krystal Vixen:
    Captain Olimar:
    Robotic Operating Buddy (R.O.B.):
    Solid Snake:
    Cloud Strife: @Takumeme666420
    Princess Zelda Hyrule: @Rohan Kishibe
    Captain Link: @Takumeme666420
    Captain Impa:
    Prince Chrom: @Eeveechu151
    Robin (M): @BurbleBurble
    Princess Corrin (F): @Takumeme666420
    Lucina: @Eeveechu151
    Toon Link:
    Rosalina: @Mr.Glaceon
    Mewtwo: @BurbleBurble
    Mr. Game & Watch: @Rohan Kishibe
    Dark Pit: @Manu456Alola
    Bomberman: @Lightless
    Lady Palutena: @Manu456Alola
    Pit: @Manu456Alola
    Okami Amaterasu: @Eeveechu151
    Hero-King Marth: @Takumeme666420
    Roy: @BurbleBurble
    Ness (lives in Colony 9):
    Lucas (lives in Colony 9): @GreninjaTrainer013
    Princess Peach (helps rule the Mushroom Kingdom):
    Daisy (lives in the Mushroom Kingdom):
    King Bowser Koopa (rules the Koopa Kingdom): @Mr.Glaceon
    Prince Bowser Koopa Jr. (helps rule the Koopa Kingdom): @Glûk the Bard
    Koopalings (helps rule the Koopa Kingdom):
    Wario (runs Wario Inc.): @Eeveechu151
    King Dedede (rules the Kingdom of Popstar): @Stargrounds
    Lucario (lives on Mt. Silver): @Rohan Kishibe
    Squirtle (lives on Mt. Silver): @Rohan Kishibe
    Villager (lives in the Mushroom Kingdom): @Lightless
    Wii Fit Trainer (lives in the Mushroom Kingdom):
    Pac-Man (space alien captured by the government): @Mr.Glaceon
    Duck Hunt (some random dog and bird):
    Rex/Pyra (Rex lives normally in Colony 9, Pyra is sealed underwater): @Takumeme666420
    Phoenix Wright (lives in Colony 9): @Eeveechu151
    Wolf O'Donnell (freelancer): @Glûk the Bard
    Dr. Ivo "Eggman" Robotnik (rules the Eggman Empire): @Eeveechu151
    Ganondorf (remains in hiding somewhere in Gerudo Desert):
    Shadow the Hedgehog (sealed inside Prison Island by UN): @GreninjaTrainer013
    Ridley (in space with Mother Brain and Nightmare):
    I'm gonna invite some people I think might be interested. @Rohan Kishibe @Not Gyro Zeppeli @Godjacob @GreninjaTrainer013 @Mr.Glaceon @Lightless @Sarah316 @Manu456Alola @Takumeme666420 and last but not least @Lucas Inazumai. Any of you want in?

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  2. What about Bomberman?

    In any case though, I’m taking Villager.
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  3. Eh, I dunno. I guess Bomberman MIGHT be able to fit into this universe and its canon, but it's stretching it a bit. (Says the person who put Okami in :p)
  4. Also I should tag @DopeLeafeon470 because he likes this kind of stuff.
  6. Whom else should I take...?

    I’m placing my bets on Ness, Kirby, and Toon Link as well.
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  7. Is this gonna be like Infinity War, where everyone splits up and then comes back for one awesome round of Fortnite 50 v 50?
  8. Alright Lightless, they're yours.
    And thinking about it, Bomberman could be one of the Future characters. So he could work.
  9. So @Lightless, I can't give you the story behind Toon Link and Bomberman for plot reasons and Ness doesn't really have a story, but I'll give you Kirby's history when I get on a computer tomorrow.
  10. Nice.
    But I was originally going for four characters not five AAAAAAAAAAA. So I might not do Ness.
  11. I'll take Bowser, Random Koopas, Pac-man (personallity like from its anime cause why not), and Tails if able.
  12. I actually have some questions if you don't mind me asking, I'll probably join regardless but I think they are worth asking. Most of which are about Fire Emblem, buuuuut I digress

    1) Did the Black Knight, Ashnard, Zephiel, and Idunn (Among others) exist in this universe? Did they fall under the "various injustices" mentioned in the past? What about Porky or Hades? Viridi?

    2) What about Fire Emblem GotHW? (The one with Sigurd, Seliph, Julia etc) It's pretty implicitly stated that Marth descended from Seliph, so did it happen, or did the whole world merging only effect certain aspects of each universe (So FE4 happened to create Marth but he was pulled out without their influence, as such they wouldn't be in the celestial vanguard?) What about FE2/Echoes, since that implicitly happens between Fire Emblem 1 and 3?

    3) What is the celestial vanguard anyways? Presumably it's for gods and all, given Amaterasu, Palutena, and Pit's presence, but the only reason Marth is there is because he's legendary (Despite IS not giving him an alt yet) and same thing for Ike and Roy?

    4) Does Grima fit into any of this? Given Robin exists, I assume Grima exists as well. Otherwise Lucina would have no motivation to go to the past other than timeline shenanigans.

    5) Do assist trophies play any part in this? I assume Waluigi and Riki have to exist out there somewhere, maybe even Lyn, Tingle, and Starfy?

    6) What's up with Corrin? Do Nohr and Hoshido exist under the Ylisse Halidom? Or is she retconned to be under the Ylisse family tree? Also, why is she female only? Same goes for Robin really. Neither seems more or less canon.

    7) No Xenoblade chronicles X representation? It also looks like you left out Bayonetta...Also where's the Labo Robot?

    Sorry these are so nit-picky, I'm just a little confused on those minute details. I'll probably take Robin, Roy, and Mewtwo maybe. I might take more depending on the answers of my questions.
  13. Yeah immediately interested, I think I'll take Robin for now

    I would also like Lucario to be in the Brotherhood
  14. Ness and Bomberman I think I might not use as characters. So they’re free of the grasp of me RPing them.
  15. I was only saying maybe to Mewtwo. I wanted Robin and Roy no matter what :p But if Eevee would rather you have Robin than me, I'm cool with it.
  16. I'll take Rex/Pyra, Corrin,Marth, and Cloud.
  17. @BurbleBurble Good questions! I’ll try my best to answer them.
    1) They likely fall under the “various injustices”, yeah.
    2) I’m not too familiar with the earlier FE games, but they likely existed just were unable to do much in terms of heroics.
    3) The Celestial Vanguard is essentially Palutena’s Army from Kid Icarus: Uprising, but Palutena decided to grant the spirits of three legendary swordsman the ability to take presence on the physical world. So Marth, Ike and Roy are really just there as spirit-people who can fight. Hey, gotta have them here in some way.
    4) I’ve been thinking about this a bit. In this world, Grima is the Ylissean name for the Demon King Ganondorf. Do with that what you will.
    5) Assist trophy characters are going to be NPCs. There are some major NPCs here anyways, like Professor Oak, Doctor Light and Commander Abraham Tower.
    6) In this universe, Nohr replaces Plegia and Hoshido replaces Ferox. The Hoshido-Nohr war also never happened - Emmeryn put a stop to that really early on. Also Corrin and Robin have their specified genders from Fire Emblem Warriors, since I think it shows what the canon gender is.
    7) Xenoblade X doesn’t get representation, it needs to be as good as the others for that. Also, Bayonetta wouldn’t really work here. Thus, I decided to drop her.
    8 ) I think I’ll give you Robin, Roy and Mewtwo.

    @Rohan Kishibe I can give you Lucario, only reason I didn’t put him or any other Pokemon characters (besides Mewtwo) up there was because I was thinking Red caught them all.

    @Takumeme666420 Perfecto! This means we’ve got our Ylissean cast filled out.
  18. Hey @Eeveechu151 could you not count Ness and Toon Link as my characters in the list you have in the first post? It would be much appreciated. Thanks.

    (I’ve decided not to RP those two because I tend to get stressed out if I have to control too many characters...)
  19. Alright, those are pretty suitable answers. I only have a few more questions.

    4) So Robin was created as a vessel for Ganon rather than Grima, or was he made by Grima existing in the true world and influencing Robin's creation but was erased by the world merge?

    7) mrw someone says x is bad While X isn't as good story wise and falls flat in some aspects of gameplay (Skell insurance, Having to literally find your party members than simply flipping them out), the characters, world, and design I feel are better than 2. While it's ultimately not my decision, you included Krystal, who's debut game isn't exactly fondly remembered...But as I said, not my decision.

    Otherwise I'm satisfied with those answers. I'll take more characters later if there are slots that still need filling.
  20. ArmedBlue

    ArmedBlue Previously Manu456Alola

    Boy am I definitely joining this.

    I'll be taking Pit, Palutena and Pitoo- I mean, Dark Pit.
  21. @Lightless Alright, gotcha. They're available for people to take now.


    @Manu456Alola Right, they're yours.

    4) Robin exists as his own person, but was created as a vessel for Ganon that the demon king can choose to possess if he so wishes. Think of it like Shulk and Zanza's thing.
    7) i mean that was a joke since i haven't played x but :p
    7.1) Also, Krystal's there since she's one of the key Star Fox team members and could be interesting in Smash with her spear.
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  22. Fire Mana

    Fire Mana Previously Top_Smug_

    God damnit someone took Roy already...
  23. ...is that all you wanted to say, or did you want to join in with any other characters...?
  24. If I may, I'll take 4 characters.

    Can I take Sonic, Lucas, Meta Knight?

    And, can we request new characters? If so, can I also take Shadow?
  25. I was planning Shadow to be a key player in the story anyways. Sure! I'll give them to you later when class hasn't just ended.
  26. Also, you may have to give me some information on story details with my characters. I'm worried I'll screw up and change the plot entirely.
  27. ArmedBlue

    ArmedBlue Previously Manu456Alola

    I'm gonna need some info too.

    Unless it's very important because plot.
  28. Oh right. I just realized, I have yet to give character details. I'll do that by person in just a bit.
  29. Let's start with the lore @Lightless needs.
    A few years ago, a strange spaceship crash-landed in Popstar's Green Greens. The small creature inside the ship, known to his friends as Kirby, is a space alien first discovered by Bandana Waddle Dee. The soldier decided to help Kirby hide his origins as an alien, setting the child up as a regular denizen of Popstar and letting him live with him. Kirby lived with Waddle Dee for about a year before anyone suspected anything was up. Eventually, however, Meta Knight found Kirby. Kirby was instantly thrown into a trial by fire, forced to defend himself against the assault of Meta Knight, Sword Knight and Blade Knight together. Kirby's Copy ability was first discovered in this fight, and Meta Knight was satisfied. Meta Knight offered Kirby and Waddle Dee a place in his Brotherhood, and Kirby happily went along. Waddle Dee agreed after some thinking - mainly to keep an eye on Kirby. Kirby is relatively unknown among the people, however, and lives in secret. His appetite is still insatiable, but he's received quite a bit of combat training from Bandana Dee, Meta Knight, Sword Knight and Blade Knight. He still can't speak, however.
    Villager doesn't have much backstory - he's just been living. I'll give you Bomberman's story when we get all the Future characters registered.
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  30. Next up, @GreninjaTrainer013.
    Meta Knight is from a race called the Star Warriors, who fought against Mother Brain's Space Pirates for the longest time. His comrade Garlude went with him on Meta Knight's final quest as a member of the Star Warriors - claiming the sacred sword Galaxia. Unbeknownst to the Star Warriors, Mother Brain had partnered with Nightmare and his monster army, and so the duo was unprepared for the brutal attack of Kirisakin, one of Nightmare's most brutal monsters. Garlude was killed, but Meta Knight managed to use Galaxia to incinerate Kirisakin. He returned just in time to see the base of the Star Warriors destroyed. Meta Knight was forced to crash-land on an alien planet in search of fuel, injured and hurt. Nightmare knew Meta Knight hadn't been accounted for when the base was destroyed, and sent a monster named Wolfwrath to ensure Meta Knight was dead. On the distant planet, known as Halcandra, Meta Knight encountered a pair of bandits who wanted everything he had - including Galaxia. Meta Knight was unable to dissuade them before Wolfwrath attacked, attempting to kill them all. Meta Knight saved the pair of bandits from Wolfwrath, who in turn vowed to serve Meta Knight until the end of days. Sword Knight and Blade Knight helped Meta Knight refuel his ship, and together the trio headed to another planet - Earth, where they decided to land. Meta Knight immediately visited the lord of the land, King Dedede, and swore his fealty to him. The trio of warriors learned how Earth worked and managed to set themselves up as common Popstar citizens. After the Eggman Empire made their first major play, taking over South Island, Meta Knight decided that injustice like this would not stand. Meta Knight set Sword and Blade Knight about a secret mission while the Star Warrior traveled over the world to bring together fighters willing to take a stand against Dr. Eggman. When he learned of Kirby ten years later, he was overjoyed that one of his brothers was still alive. Taking Sword and Blade Knight at his side, Meta Knight fought Kirby to see how developed a warrior he was. After the fight, Meta Knight offered Kirby and Waddle Dee places in the Brotherhood. They both accepted, and Meta Knight continued to keep an eye on and train Kirby while still leading the Brotherhood.
    Sonic the Hedgehog was one of a few initial residents of South Island before it was taken over by the Empire. The day Sonic lost his home still gives him traumatic memories. Sonic was brought to Westside Island by emergency evacuees without his parents, only his Uncle Chuck coming to get him. Sonic, despite being only five, still wanted some way to fight the Empire. Sonic trained himself to fight, and found he had astonishing speed. When Meta Knight came looking for recruits for his Brotherhood, Sonic's incredible speed, skill and hate for the Eggman Empire made him an obvious pick. As soon as the swordsman asked the question, Sonic was all in. Uncle Chuck equipped Sonic with friction-resistant shoes and a wrist communicator to keep in touch, and Sonic was off. Despite being one of the youngest members of the resistance, Sonic is also one of the most dedicated. He's a shining beacon of the Brotherhood, and has been putting his skills to good use ever since he was permitted to go on a mission - at the age of nine, that is. Sonic soon found another orphan joining the Brotherhood - two-tailed Miles Prower, who had also lost his parents to the Eggman Empire. The two became fast friends, and Sonic started teaching Tails everything he knew as well as working with him to get him flying. Sonic's contributions to the Brotherhood have been so great that Eggman has made the Blue Blur priority one for the Empire.
    Lucas was born in Colony 9, and has lived there his entire life with his brother, father and mother. Unfortunately, his mother was killed in a terrorist attack by the Eggman Empire. Flint and Claus, Lucas' father and brother respectively, have sworn revenge on the empire. Claus enlisted to begin training for the Defense Force as soon as possible, and Flint practiced multiple martial arts while looking after his sons. Lucas, meanwhile? Lucas has merely been trying his best to keep himself together. Fortunately, he's got his friend Ness to help him out.
    Shadow's backstory is the same as it is in main canon, up to the point of SA2 - he hasn't been released yet.
  31. Can I have Captain Link as well?
  32. Sure you can, Taku!

    Next, @Mr.Glaceon.
    Miles was born on South Island, but his parents were killed when he was only two years old by an Eggman Empire strike force. Growing up an orphan, Miles found a love of machinery. He was good about working with it, and machines didn't bully him for being a two-tailed freak and an orphan. His natural genius soon got the attention of Meta Knight, when he built a working bi-plane by himself at only eight years old. Meta Knight offered Miles a chance to get back at the Empire, and Miles readily agreed. Upon joining the Brotherhood, Miles became fast friends with a fellow Mobian and orphan, Sonic the Hedgehog. Sonic gave Miles the affectionate nickname of Tails, and helped him realize how his two tails were more of a gift than a curse. Tails has yet to go on any full missions, but has been building all sorts of inventions for the Brotherhood as their tech support and training partner for three years now.
    King Koopa was raised by Kamek to be selfish and care for himself. The young Prince Bowser Koopa was always thinking about the Koopa Kingdom first, which was really just a tiny Duchy on the eastern end of the Mushroom Kingdom. That changed when the Koopas, wishing for war against the Mushroom Kingdom to rule for once instead of the Toads and their lineage, united around Bowser to lead them to victory. Bowser consented, as he wanted the territory and the fun of it. Bowser had a son and adopted seven other kids, the adopted children becoming the Koopalings and his blood son his successor. The Koopa Troop began conquering territory left and right. The Mushroom Kingdom eventually gained an army, and since then massive border disputes have been progressing. Bowser himself decided to kidnap the princess, hoping that King Toadstool would surrender for the sake of his daughter, but his plans were stopped by a pair of plumbers named Mario and Luigi who managed to infiltrate his castle and save the princess. Mario even managed to defeat Bowser. Since then, Mario and Luigi have been strong members of the army and Bowser's primary targets. Specifically Mario, who he REALLY hates.
    Coming from an alien planet, Pac-Man just so happened to land on Prison Island. Dedede, who was on the island at that moment, decided to imprison the alien on the island for "study purposes". Just like Shadow the Hedgehog, Pac-Man's existence is a tightly-kept government secret. Pac-Man has lived in isolation his entire life.
  33. I’ll take Red too.

    I’d like to have at least one character who doesn’t use sword.
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  34. Wait, so Sonic is still a child? Neat!
  35. He's 16 - there's a difference. :p
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  36. I hope someone picks Ness, we need a PSI boy to help out the crybaby PSI boy.
  37. Speaking of @Takumeme666420, why don't we handle his guys next?
    Cloud Strife is a former Ylissean, joining GUN a while back in order to get a taste of a new style of life and defend the whole world. Cloud was a model soldier, helping out with any and all missions to the best of his capacity. It was his loyalty and attitude towards serving GUN that led him to volunteer for the SOLDIER program, a program designed to improve a human's natural abilities such as speed and strength. Alongside Samus Aran and Solid Snake, Cloud is one of the few subjects of the SOLDIER program that can fully be considered a success. Cloud's improved strength, speed and stamina make him an invaluable asset to GUN, as he's much more suited for direct combat than Snake. Cloud has even been praised by Commander Tower himself, and is extremely loyal.
    The first-and-only-born of Sir Raven, Link was an ordinary Hyrulean boy who loved exploring the outdoors. This eventually led him into contact with a young girl named Zelda, who was hiding from someone in the woods. Link and Zelda hung out, becoming quick friends. Link and Zelda promised to meet underneath a certain tree every day from then on, and they did. One day, however, Zelda was found by Impa. Link then learned Zelda was actually PRINCESS Zelda. Zelda wished for Link to keep meeting her, despite now knowing of her rank. She didn't care she was a princess, she just wanted to be an ordinary kid. Link promised they would continue to meet. Eventually, however, Zelda wasn't waiting for Link. Impa explained the Princess was busy with her studies, and most importantly had been forbidden by her father to leave the Castle Town. That didn't stop Link, however. Five years later, when Link was 13, he entered into the Hyrulean Knights' Entrance Exam. He passed with flying colors, and Zelda instantly recognized him. Link continued his training as a rookie knight, Impa seeming to push him more than the others, until one faithful day that a dark man and his army of skeletons attacked the castle. Link was training when monsters invaded, and grabbed a sword to save others. As soon as his fellows got the courtyard under control, he rushed to save Zelda. He struck down the skeleton attacking her, and the two ran to the throne room. They were too late to save the King, however... the dark man had already stabbed him. With his last breath, the King told the duo who the man was - Ganondorf, the legendary Demon King. Link and Ganondorf fought each other, and Link managed to beat Ganondorf. The dark lord escaped, but the day was saved. Immediately after the burial of the king, Zelda was crowned... and her first royal decree was that Link was to be knighted for his service to the crown. Two years later, Link rose to the rank of Captain - equal to Impa - at the young age of 16. Link now serves as Princess Zelda's personal guard.
    Red was chosen by Professor Oak for a very special task - capture one of every single Pokemon out there for Oak to catalog the entire species once and for all. Red, being only 11, saw this as an exciting challenge. Using Pokeball technology, Red set out on his quest to catch 'em all. He chose a few Pokemon to serve as his core team for doing this - specifically Pikachu, Charizard, Greninja, Decidueye, Jigglypuff and Eevee. Red managed to catch almost all Pokemon out there for research purposes. He also challenged the eight Pokemon Gyms in order to participate in the Pokemon League Tournament and prove the worth of his team. Shockingly, he won the tournament and got the chance to face the Elite 4. He beat them, and claimed the title of Champion. It's no surprise the Pokemon Champion would be someone Meta Knight would want to recruit. The swordsman offered Red the opportunity to join the team, and Red agreed. His Pokemon have been a valuable asset to the Brotherhood.
    Born to King Sumeragi and Queen Mikoto of Hoshido, Princess Corrin was stolen from Hoshido when King Garon killed King Sumeragi. The young Hoshidan ninja, Kaze, saw the troops and weapons but failed to report them. Kaze would later realize his mistake. Corrin was taken by Garon and raised as a child of the Nohrian Royal Line for several years, becoming good friends with the knight Silas. Corrin was eventually discovered by Kaze, who recognized the child from long ago. His findings were reported back to Hoshido, and Prince Ryoma threatened war against Nohr for this outrage. Garon planned to give them said war when Emmeryn intervened, stopping them both. Through use of the Hoshidan throne, Emmeryn confirmed that Corrin was indeed Hoshidan. This crushed Corrin's spirit, and she felt everything she had known was a lie. Silas, however, helped Corrin to see the good in all of it. Being a child of Hoshido and raised by Nohr meant that she was a living hope for peace between the kingdoms. Knowing this gave Corrin hope, and a plan for what to do. Kaze pledged his life to her as her retainer, hoping that serving her for the rest of his life would help him repent from his failure. Silas did the same, vowing to protect his friend. A soldier from Nohr and a soldier from Hoshido becoming Corrin's retainers helped with the message she was attempting to convey, and soon tensions between the kingdoms were completely settled. Xander and Ryoma even became close friends and allies, both assuming the thrones to their respective kingdoms. Prince Chrom offered Corrin and her retainers the ability to help defend the whole of Ylisse as a member of the Shepards, and all three agreed. Corrin has yet to discover her draconic power.
    Long ago, Prince Marth was born as a noble to the Throne of Archanea (remember, that was what Ylisse was called back then) and saw nothing but goodwill and hope for the future. Alongside his friend Roy, Marth wished to preserve the happiness he thought the world was. Eventually, however, Marth ventured out to find his future kingdom a truly miserable place, with bandits and cruel lords rampant. Bringing a mercenary named Ike to his side, Marth vowed to fix his kingdom. Together, Marth and his two allies - Roy and Ike, later becoming his retainers - traveled across Archanea fighting injustice wherever it would appear. Marth was eventually crowned the Hero-King, the greatest and most heroic of lords. As all men do, however, Marth eventually succumbed to death from old age - a peaceful, restful death. Marth's spirit was called upon, however, by Lady Palutena - known as Naga to the Ylisseans. Lady Palutena wished for Marth and his retainers to continue fighting as spirit warriors, and Marth agreed. Marth, Ike and Roy live in Skyworld as solid spirits, training the Celestial Vanguard in preparation for a great threat.
    Back during the War of the Emblem, a hero named Addam discovered a ship buried within the sea. Managing to hoist it up, Addam discovered a crystal inside. Upon touching it, the crystal transformed into a girl and a sword. This was Pyra, the Aegis. Addam learned Pyra had powerful fire magic, and was able to channel that magical power through the sword. Addam and Pyra helped out the Hero-King in his efforts, but asked to not be remembered. Once the War was over, Addam and Pyra decided it would be best if Pyra was sealed inside the ship and returned to the waters. No one should be able to use Pyra's power freely, especially after Addam dies. So Pyra was placed in a container and the ship was returned to the sea. Addam eventually died, but his descendant would go on to live in Colony 9 and give birth to a young man named Rex. Rex was an orphan, due to his mother dying in childbirth and no one knowing who his father was. Rex decided to become a diver and salvager, dipping into the sea in search of hidden treasure. It seems like Rex is the perfect person to reawaken the Aegis...
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  39. Sure, but she's a future character so you don't get any lore on her yet. (MAKES MY JOB EASIER)
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    Robin is an astonishing specimen of man. He was initially born as the son of the Dark Lord Ganondorf and a Ylissean mage, but the mage took Robin during the night and fled. Ganondorf pursued and killed her, not wanting to give up his son, potential heir and vessel. Before dying, Robin's mother set her adrift. Robin was found by a conclave of mages, and raised with the knowledge that he was not one of their children. Robin reached adulthood when Ganondorf found the mages, and attacked with his army. All the mages were killed, and Robin was sent away with a botched teleportation spell. With no memory, all Robin knew was his own name and where they were. However, Robin seems to get occasional glimpses of the future. Robin was soon found by Prince Chrom and the Shepards, who took him in as a friend. Robin soon proved his worth to the Shepards, being a powerful mage and smart tactician.
    The son of Eliwood, a folk hero, Roy is a legendary spellsword with the Binding Blade as his legendary weapon, as well as close friend and comrade to the Hero-King, Marth. Roy joined Marth on his quest, and is known as the most kind-hearted of the trio. Roy's most impressive feat was slaying the mad king Zephiel. Roy joined Marth as a member of the Celestial Vanguard after his death.
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