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Ask to Join The Fragmented Completion (A Super Smash Bros. RP)

Discussion in 'General Role Play' started by Mechanist Gamma, Jun 4, 2018.

  1. [Discussion/Sign-Ups]
    [RPers: @Eeveechu151, @GreninjaTrainer013, @BurbleBurble, @Rohan Kishibe, @Takumeme666420, @Stargrounds, @Mr.Glaceon @Manu456Alola]

    Skull Island, Five Years Ago

    Meta Knight groaned, holding his side.
    "Sir Meta Knight!" Sword Knight exclaimed in shock, running to his boss' side. "Are you hurt?"
    "It's nothing..." Meta Knight groaned. "Don't take your eyes off him!"
    Shadow Man huffed before dashing towards the pair. Before he could toss another Shadow Blade, Quick Man suddenly crashed into him.
    "Nothin' to it!" Sonic said with a smile, skidding to a halt. "You alright, boss?"
    "Merely a graze." Meta Knight replied. "Let's move! We have to get to the doctors before one of them wins this war!"
    "Right!" Sonic replied. He grabbed Sword and Blade by the wrists and started running towards the center of the island, Meta Knight floating behind.

    Within the Wily Fortress, another battle was happening. Bass growled, firing off another shot. The laser reflected off of the mechanical suit, Dr. Eggman marching forwards. "Hah! And to think you're supposed to be capable of beating Mega Man." the doctor chuckled. He reared back his Death Egg Robot's hand, smacking it into Bass. The drills shredded into Bass' chest, destroying him. "I would like to add you to my army, but if you won't listen to Wily then you'd surely have betrayed me. I have no use for rebellious heaps of scrap."
    "Bass!" Wily shouted in shock. "You're going to regret that." he said in a low voice. The mad scientist fired a mouth laser from his Wily Machine 8, which started tearing off plates of the Death Egg Robot. Eggman didn't stop, however, walking towards Wily. He grabbed the mad scientist's cockpit and ripped it out of the robot. "No! Put me down!"
    "Cute." Eggman chuckled. He activated the foot jets of the robot, flying skyward. The Death Egg Robot crashed through the ceiling just as the Mario Bros. dashed into the room. "You know, I'm not a fan of you, Wily. Never have been. For all your schemes, you've been too remorseful. You've always let Mega Man beat you. You've never fully dedicated yourself to any one scheme. It's your fatal flaw. I, meanwhile..."
    Eggman held the Wily Pod in the hand of his Death Egg Robot... and crushed it, killing Wily instantly.
    "Game over." Eggman laughed maniacally as the scrap metal fell towards the abandoned Wily Fortress.

    Sonic and Meta Knight arrived just in time for Mario to shout a warning to anyone nearby, the scrapped Wily Capsule crashing on the ground. Sonic walked over slowly, looking at it.
    "...I know Wily was evil, but... for all that he did, all that he was, he didn't deserve this." Sonic stated.
    "No one deserves this." Meta Knight replied. "We've failed. The Doctor has control over the island now. The Robot Masters are bound to be in the process of reprogramming now that Robotnik has won. Skull Island is lost, and the Eggman-Wily war ends in the worst possible situation. We have to retreat now while we still have a chance to."
    Meta Knight led his warriors away as the Egg Carrier landed outside the fortress to pick up the doctor.

    Leftherian Archipelago, Colony 9, Now

    "I want every man we have on the guns! Move it!"
    Colonel Vangarre continued barking out orders, several Homs soldiers dashing out towards the front. Reyn gripped his rail gun tight to his chest as he dashed out towards the front. Several shots were already being fired, and the big man had to get down quickly in order to dodge a close shot. Reyn slid up next to a rock, groaning. "Ugh, that smarts."
    "You're the one who decided to bring that giant hunk of metal with ya." Dickson replied, using the same cover as Reyn. "Why'd you bring it, anyways?"
    "Gunlances are good for melee, both shields and spears. Y'know that." Reyn replied, briefly ducking out from behind cover to nail one of the Egg Pawns in the chest with a blast.
    "You could just get a Sabre like mine." Dickson stated. "It's a gun and a sword."
    "Yeah, but something that lightweight doesn't work for someone with my muscle!" Reyn smiled, firing off another shot.
    "Eh, works for me." Dickson said, shooting an Egg Pawn.
    "That's 'cause you're an old man by now!"
    Suddenly, Reyn and Dickson's eyes both opened wide. The invading Eggman army was suddenly blown back by a torrential wind, sending the front lines flying into the air. As they did, a blue blur suddenly smashed into the robots, destroying them all. As the blue hedgehog landed, the Defense Force shouted an epic war cry.
    "It's the blue blur!"
    "The Brotherhood's here!"
    "Follow his lead! Let's take 'em out!"
    Reyn shouted excitedly, shouldering his rail gun and taking out his gunlance. Behind him, several other members of the Defense Force charged forwards. The air was filled with war cries.

    From a hidden bunker, Captain Toad closed a panel. "The circuitry's all good. We're ready to go!"
    "Roger that. Everything's in place up front." Shulk confirmed. "The Archer's Hail is good to go!"
    "Then I'd better get to loading it." Bandana Dee replied, taking out a bundle of spears. "These should work just as well as arrows. So just to go over the plan, we aim this at the rear lines and use it to take out the incoming reinforcements?"
    "That's the plan, yeah." Shulk stated. "Captain Toad will be operating the gun, and the two of us are here to make sure everything's set and that it's kept safe."
  2. Sonic had heard about the Eggman Empire's attack, and rushed over as fast as he could. The cheers and war cries made him pumped up and stronger every second - He dashed past a few soldiers, glancing back at them, while avoiding some blasts and attacks from robots, occasionally destroying them. "Eggman! I've got a bone to pick with you!" He shouted, spindashing through a Badnik. "Tails, don't fall behind!"

    Meta Knight had also arrived behind the Mobian, with his magical sword Galaxia in his hands. "Mario, Luigi, Kirby, you go with me. Sheik, Yoshi, Red, follow Sonic! Quickly!" Meta Knight ran north-west, slashing and destroying many of the robots in his path. He defended a few soldiers when they were attacked, but his main goal was destroying the robots.
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  3. If anything, Eggman wasn't very creative.

    His most recent model of Egg Pawn looked, unsurprisingly, like an egg. A grey, metal egg. Compared to his more colorful past renditions, Mario had to wonder if he had run out of paint or was just in a rush to produce as many as possible. Not that it mattered, really. Just a thought Mario had. These new ones seemed a little more adept at moving, but still weren't fast enough to avoid being crushed under his hammer or welded into a single piece by his fireballs.

    Mario wasn't a planner, really. Not a strategist. And certainly not a theorist. But it seemed like Eggman was being a little quick to the punch these days. Did he even bother to show up for his own invasion, or did he just use one of the reprogrammed Robot Masters he took from Wily those couple years ago to lead the charge?...Nah, that wasn't like Eggman, was it? He and Bowser were rather alike in personality- power hungry showboats who relied on waves of weak minions to oppress others. And just like Bowser, he'd be there, though likely in the backlines.

    He was following Meta Knight as instructed as he continued to tear through the drones. There were a lot, but individually were easily crushed, and with the forces of him, Meta Knight, his brother, and that Kirb thing combined, they were leaving a swath of destruction in their wake. "Come on ya tin cans, I've seen plumbing welded better than all you!" He taunted, continuing to spurn fireballs into the waves after waves of robots.
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  4. Luigi ran behind Mario, trying to keep up with his brother. He then charged and launched himself into a crown of egg robots, destroying them. "Wait for me bro!" He shouted as he got back up.

    Yoshi followed Sonic as Meta Knight instructed. He jumped up and ground pounded a robot before grabbing a part of its debris with his tongue and threw it at another robot.

    Sheik followed close behind and destroyed a few robots along the way.

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