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Ask to Join The Four Ancient Kingdoms

Discussion in 'General Role Play' started by Iced_Tae, Nov 18, 2018.

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    Minako stood on the balcony that gave her a clear view of the palace's training grounds. Where she watched her guards train, as a large Phoenix flew overhead, letting out a loud and majestic screech, as its long tail feathers danced in the wind. "Kaen, time to come back!" Minako called out, the Phoenix complied and flew towards Minako, but in a burst of bright light, the giant bird of fire was gone. "The meeting with the other guardians is going to happen in a couple of days, we have alot to talk about concerning the demons...." the Flameria ruler whispered to herself
  2. Meanwhile, in a town nearby, Callidus, a demon who's mission was to convince warriors to join his kind, was lurking through the shadows, observing the area for any worthy candidates. So far, he wasn't able to ind anyone particularly impressive that day, but he could never be too sure. After all, there were bound to be at least a few powerful fighters so close the palace where their precious guardian resided. With that thought, and idea found itself in Callidus' mind. If he wasn't able to find anyone powerful in that town, there were sure to be quite a few within the palace itself. Without skipping a beat, Callidus slinked away to the palace, keeping to the shadows as not to be seen.
  3. Adusk was walking through the hall of the <Tartarus Departament of Ancient Demons>. The walls was made from Coal and gold, the whole hall was bright thanks to Oil Lamps. The great Columns made of black marble was a bit destroyed and all in dust. That meant only, that nobody cleaned here for a hundreds or thousands of years. Adusk stopped as he was close to the Office entrence. He heard that someone was talking with Borutha "...So what we have to do, if they will find out that one of our prisoners fleed... " said the voice, who wasn't recognize by Adusk "Who am I? The Guardian Angel or what? If this is a problem, then they schould look at him on their own. Don't worry, At least Perun is in his cell" said Borutha.

    After some time the Unknown person left the office and Adusk came inside "Good morning, Good morning. What do you need my dear friend" said Borutha sarcastically, he was sitting on the Ruby chair, next to him on each site were a two Demon Ruler statues.On Borutha Jacket was a label <Elder Demon Menager, Borutha>. "Do you know when I would be send to action" Adusk asked him "No, but maybe one of your syblings would know" Borutha replied then he said that he have tons of work and told Adusk to leave.
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  4. Shadow_Pup

    Shadow_Pup Previously LeBarrel42

    Lucius yawned he stood in the room of a sick young man, reaching his hand foward, he made a pulling motion and the man's soul left his body, it floated towards Lucius and he pulled out a little flask from his pocket and it sucked up the soul. He left the house and heard the crystal of sorrow that came from it, at least that is what he was told. Now outside he returned his gloves that hid his claws and his tail curled around his right leg hiding itself, he used an illusion to hide his horns, he now looked completely human other than his eyes. He decided to stroll down to the palace, he wondered whether there would be any on the verge of death there.
  5. "Oh Great Empress, I have just been informed that the scouts have caught sight of a group od demons at our border, in between us and the Western kingdom" Minakos advisor informed. "They are still on western grounds, that means that I cant do anything about it" the dark haired ruler stated with a sigh
  6. Shadow_Pup

    Shadow_Pup Previously LeBarrel42

    Lucius had reached the palace with ease, due to his human disguise. He now stood at the gates, he was thinking of how to get in. He could ask to be allowed entry, that might not work his eyes might give him away, he decided to try, he snuck over to a nearby fabric shop and stole some equipment, he now seemed to be a tailor, thanks to his tail being hidden, his gloves over his claws and his illusion to hide his horns, the only out of place thing was his eyes. He walked up to the gate and called out, "Hello, I'm a respectable tailor who is hear to provide clothes for the royals." He stood awaiting a response.

    ((OOC: @Iced_Tae this is your palace by the way.))
  7. Adusk didn't want to meet any of his siblings, So he made a decision to go to the surfance without permission. He made his way to one of the South Gates, it was made from black, old, piling stone. Gate was Between two Statues of Snake, on it's right, Statue was made from Coal, and Second one was made from Gold. Becouse it was unused passage to the surfance, it had only one Guard.

    Adusk have waited for his friend some time, when Viper came he said to him to attack the Guard and when the Guard tried to stop his pet. Adusk made his way to the surfance "Alright, where to go now... I schould hide my presence first" Adusk said and he tried to hide his Demonic presence as he could as a assassin.
  8. The guards looked at each other before opening the large golden gates to allow the male in.

    "My lady the tailor is here to make your new dress" Minakos assistant informed as the Empress herseslf sat in front of her vanity. But once her assistant left, Minako grabbed her golden bow and summoned a golden arrow with a sharp ruby arrow head. The dark haired beauty walked into her dress room, where she instructed her assistant to take the tailor since thats where she gets all her measurements for her dresses. But just as a precaution, she readied herself to summon Kaen, her large Phoinex
  9. Adusk rested in the old hause far away from the closest village. The air was very fresh. For someone who spend his whole life in the underworld, the fresh air was truly amazing. He heard noise and then the door of the hause Exploded, Some Flameria soldiers were coming inside and attacked Adusk. Adusk raised his speed by using the spell learned at his training in Tartarus.

    At fight Adusk tried to not kill anyone, he didn't want to take someone's life just to kill him. When Adusk knocked down last soldier, he heard Borutha's voice behind him "Beaver and blue jay, good day, good day. Why, this place is in a sorry state, a team building event or what"
    "Hasn't ended yet, and you are invited" Adusk said "Adusk...please,let's go home"
    "I'm at home, where is this fresh air"
    "This is a burned down hause, nearby to the South Flameria Territory" then Borutha pointed at the one of lying soldiers and said "Those guy are in home, not you". Adusk attacked him but he quickly and easily dodged his attacks "Hey, you'll got all sweaty. You escaped from your cozy room for what... To sleep under the tree... Or maybe you are searching for your mother" Borutha said "It's not your business" Adusk quickly replied.
    "You will never find her, and even if, You don't know who is she or if she is still alive. You are a few milions years old, if she were a mortal then she is Dead already... Let's return to Tartarus"
    "No, If she died. Then I want at least found her grave" Adusk said and menaged to escape away from Borutha.
  10. Shadow_Pup

    Shadow_Pup Previously LeBarrel42

    Lucius entered the room, he was trying to sense anyone near the end of their life it didn't seem so currently. He placed his equipment on a table and grabbed a tape measure, he made his suit but he had never made a dress. As he began to measure the lady he asked "so what kind of style were you thinking of my lady". He did some more measurements and walked over to the table to right them down taking a swig from his flask, it contained a mix of booze and souls, it kept his magic up. He walked back over to continue measuring her.
  11. "Hmmmm, why are you here?" Minako questioned, "you're obviosly not my tailor, since he always sends a message beforehand" the dark haired beauty informed as she looked at herself from the reflection of her full length mirror
  12. Adusk reached the Main City of Flameria and he started checking around if Borutha wasn't chasing him. He didn't felt Borutha but he felt a few demons scent and traces who were leading to the palace "What Demons can do in palace" becouse he was courious, he tried to came inside, but Guards didn't let him so he crept inside. He tried avoid Guards and he felt that he is coming closer to the demon. That Demon's scent were really good hid, normal person could miss it but other demon, who also trained assassination techniques can notice it. Adusk reached the door but he didn't went inside.
  13. Shadow_Pup

    Shadow_Pup Previously LeBarrel42

    Lucius turned and said "I am here to bring death" as he turned and cancelled his illusion, showing his horns, his tail appeared and he removed his gloves. He stared her down "but you are not a liable target to me as you a fit and healthy. I only take those who are on their last legs." He smiled cruelly taking another drink from his flask.
  14. Adusk went inside when he heard Lucius voice "I thought that this is someone important and that was your scent, Lucius..." he said to the guy with Prince of Death title. When Adusk was younger his Father send him to Lucius to learn some skills, but he didn't like Lucius, his character and ways to reach his goals.
    "Who is that person, Lucius? I can help you with but after it, I will have a question to you" Adusk said and he looked at Minako "Hi, Beautiful lady. I'm sorry for bothering you"
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  15. "If you are looking for death, then you are in the wrong palace and kingdom, all my people are very healthy, and even if they were sick, I would not just hand them over to you" Minako informed calmly. "Now please leave before I have to do anything drastic" the Empress threatened, as her golden bow appeared in her hand, along with a golden arrow
  16. Shadow_Pup

    Shadow_Pup Previously LeBarrel42

    Lucius laughed, "I am the prince of death, your threats mean nothing and I never asked for you pemission, for I have sense someone old and frail newrby, clinging to life." He turned with a flourish "I take my leave". He left the room heading in search of the dwindling soul.
  17. "Lucius, I have a question to you" Adusk yelled at him and Catch up to him "I know that you can sense when someone dies, tell me, if my mother is dead. Father and Borutha don't want to say anything" Adusk said to him, There was a note of threat in his voice. "Of course you don't have to tell me, but my Father told me once that even if its hard to kill you. It's not necessary to beat you" he said, he knew Lucius well and he hoped a bit that he will give him any answer that could help. He also revealed himself, becouse he didn't know if Prince of Death recognized him earlier.
  18. Shadow_Pup

    Shadow_Pup Previously LeBarrel42

    Lucius turned "Adusk, your mother is dead, if I remember correctly, she died along time ago. Remember Adusk we demons are not mortal we live longer than them." He turned away again, he was low on soul energy and needed to find the dying soul.
  19. "Okay, still... You know, anyway. That Lady from palace, who was she? I think that she held Crimson arrow so she had to..." Adusk said when realized, but he didn't know what to do with that Information, he thought for a bit then he yelled "Eṉ peyar pōr. Yuddhayayimagē nama yuddhayayi. Lebitso la ka ke Ntoa. I will return here another time. Regai kuenda, Prince of Death" when he ended, he left the palace but he was still in the city. He lyied on the ground and he waited.
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  20. "Tighten our security, not just along the palace but also in all our cities and our towns, I want you to make sure that nobody will be able to even see the guards" Minako ordered, as her trusted general nodded his head. "And for close measures make sure that guards are placed along the boundries of the southern kingdom" the dark haired beauty commanded, before sending her trusted general away so he could do as he was ordered to.

    Sitting on her throne, Minako read the scrolls that were handed to her by the palace council members, while Kaen, the guardian Phoinex of the South, flew around the outside of the large palace, and scouting the large cherry blossom forest which was where the Southern palace was located
  21. Adusk waited for a long time, then Borutha finally came. "What are you doing here" he asked Adusk, who was lying on the field. "Oh, you finally came, Borutha... I just wanted to check if you were telling the truth and you were... My mother had to suffer with my Father... Did she loved me... Or hated me... It doesn't matter now" he said, after that two big hands made from Blue Flames caught Borutha and they held him tight. "What are you..." Borutha started.
    "Don't worry, Borutha... I just will take your demon soul with your power of Apocalypse Rider, Starvation. This world is nothing for me now... I hate you demons, my Mother probably hated me... So I will take the power of the rest Apocalypse Riders and I will erase this useless world" said Adusk "You will become a monster, who will slowly lose his will and mankind" Shouted Borutha, scared for his life. "haha... Demon warned me that I will lose my humanity. You are funny, I always was just a dirty demon. I'm bored of it, I'm glad that I met you, goodbye" told Adusk to Borutha, who started to disappear in his flame hands grip. Adusk stood up and walked around the City to think, what he wanted to do now.
  22. "Great Empress, are you feeling alright?" Minakos assistant questioned, "I dont know, but I cant help but think of my son from all those years ago" the Emoress confessed. "My lady, are you talking about the son that you had with a ruler of the underworld?" The assistant asked, as Minako replied with a nod. "I just miss him, I just want to atleast see him one last time, or even recieve some news, so I can finally have some closure" the dark haired guardian informed with a sigh.

    Kaen flew back into the palaca and landed on his large perch, next to the golden throne that belonged to his human. "Kaen, did you find any threats to Flameria?" Minako questioned, the Phoinex shook his head before gliding down to perch himself on Mianko's shoulder, since even though he was pretty large for a phoinex, he was still not too big that he cant perch on his humans shoulder. As Kaen's long tail feathers, that seemed to glow, draped down Minako's arm, the said female constantly petted the birds head with two of her slender fingers. "Empress, the leaders of the towns and villages of our kingdom, are here to speak with you, along with the Flameria high council" a royal guard informed. Minako waved him off, before standing up and walking towards the great meeting room, with Kaen still perched on her shoulder. When she ooened the latge double mahogany doors, she was greeted with the sight of a large room, that had a large dome cieling, which had a painting of Kaen. And in the center at the back was a large statue of Minako with her bow and arrow, and Kaen on her shoulder. The great empress then took her seat at the large table. Kaen flew up to the golden oerch next to Minakos golden chair, while the leaders and council members stood uo and bowed down to the Empress and the guardian animal
  23. Shadow_Pup

    Shadow_Pup Previously LeBarrel42

    Bellamy was worried he couldnt get out the palace was too well guarded he instead decided to chill in some big room as people entered he shot up onto the ceiling. He looked around and that was when he felt it one of these people was dying, he watched as people entered seeing a very old man, he would have to harvest him, before his magic was completely depleted.
  24. Adusk came to the old prison, where He heard once that Apocalypse Rider of Plague, Ryoma, was imprisoned. He didn't expected anyone there, becouse it was prison made by Demons and their were defeated here and they needed to retreat.

    When He went inside, Adusk felt great amount of power at the end of the hall. Hall was made from coal and gold, from time to time, Adusk saw a Statue of his Father made from Coal. Finally, He reached Ryoma's cell and he opened it. Then, Plague came from his Cell. Tall, muscular guy, with green eyes and Ruby hair. "What do you need from me, little bro"
    "Step-bro... You schould be grateful that I release you from this cell" said Adusk
    "I would be grateful, but why can I feel that Borutha also schould be here somewhere" Before Adusk reacted, He was kicked at the wall. Ryoma created lightning sword and he rushed at Him. Adusk created Whip from fire and he quickly grabed Ryoma's sword and he took it from him. Then with two weapons He won the fight against his older Step-brother. "Now, after I will take your soul. I will need to meet with Yvonne" Adusk stated to Ryoma "You... Won't beat... Apocalypse Riders Captain... " Ryoma whispered "with your soul, I will be strong enough. Now, die"
  25. "Great guardian of the burning flames and the ruler of Flameria" the leaders and council members chanted. When Minako placed her hand up and Kaen let out one of his majestic screeches. The others gave one last bow before sitting down in their own golden chairs, "now, I know you all dont call me unless there is something wrong" the dark gaired empress stated, "Your highness, we need you to slay the demons attacking close to the western border" a leader informed, while the others nodded their heads in agreement. Minako smiled and sighed, "if thats all, you should have just asked me" the beautiful guardian cheerfuly stated. The council and leaders smiled at the older womans happy demeanor
  26. "So, this is Flameria's western border" whispered Adusk to himself "Hmm, this is quite a battle out here. Yvonne is one of main commanders out there, but it seems that she hadn't to fight with them. I schould wait when she will feel danger and will join to battle. Then, I will attack her from suprise and take her soul. After that, my preparation will be almost over". Adusk found a nice place to wait and he watched battle between Flameria's Army and Demons forces.
  27. Once the leaders and council members left, Minako walked to one of the balconies, where Kaen flew up into the sky. And in a flash of bright light and burning flames, the Phoinex and grown much larger, so that Minako was able to sit on his back. Kaen flew to the southern and western borders with Minako on his back. But once they reached the battle, the dark haired empress jumped of Kaen's back.

    Minako landed on the ground elegantly, where both armies stopped what they were doing, due to the fact the Queen of Flames was standing in front of them. The warriors of Flameria did a quick bow, before using the demons moment of shock to land a few hits on them. Kaen flew overhead and took out some demon soldiers, while Minako walked through the fighting, but everytime a demon soldier attempted to touch her, the empress merely placed a hand on their arms or faces, which would cause them to catch fire
  28. Suddenly, from the tent, came outside a young woman, with a emerald eyes and light blue hair. She wore a golden armor studded with rubies, a group of soldiers attacked her, but in the blink of an eye, she defeated them using a white spear. "Who is a Commander of this troops. If He or She want to avoid bloodshed, then let's settle this in the Duel against me, Yvonne, Apocalypse Rider of Suffer" yelled the Woman.

    "So, she appeard at last. I have to wait for a little longer. After Duel, She will be tired and weakened. I will have easier job" Adusk thought, still hidden.
  29. Minako saw the same boy from her palace, and she instantlu made her golden bow apoear, along with one golden arrow. The dark haired beauty fired a golden arrow that had a ruby head, towards Adusk, but she purposely missed just so she could get his attention. While Kaen continued to fly up in the sky and take down enemies, using the flames the abrupt from his long tail feathers
  30. "Hey, that wasn't nice, lady. If you could hit me then, I..." Adusk started. "Adusk, So you were watching us... Came here, I will need your help" Yvonne yelled at him. Adusk flew to his Captain and all demons in the Battlefield started to say "Now you are doomed. You won' t be able to kill Prince Adusk, Apocalypse Rider of War"

    "Now, we are unbeatable..." said Yvonne, but Adusk created flame hands and catched his Captain "A-adusk..." Yvonne shouted "I'm tired of this lying world. I'm angry at my Father, who in truth never loved me. I'm sad becouse even if my mother would be alive, she probably hated me, as I was a monster child" Adusk said, his eyes started to change colour from dark brown, to gold. "You schould be happy, Yvonne. Thanks to you, I will become in short amount of time godlike being, false god" Adusk stated "Maybe I won't be able to control your power now, but I will learn how to use it quickly" after that words, Yvonne died.

    Adusk turned around to the Minako, it looked like He tried to pierce her with his Golden eyes "If you don't wanna to die, then better for you if you will run away to your sweet, little palace. And even if you aren't scared becouse of me, think about your soldiers, their families, their friends" He said.
  31. The empress gasped at the sight of Adusk using flames, but when he glared at her with golden eyes, she placed the pieces together, and in which made her smile.

    The dark haired beauty appeared in front of the boy, before placing her hand on his cheek, and gently making him look up to her. "You can use flames and you have the golden eyes, those are traits only my children and I posses" Minako stated, as she turned her eyes gold
  32. Shadow_Pup

    Shadow_Pup Previously LeBarrel42

    Lucius wandered into the battlefield, he had harvested a few more souls and was back to full strength, but he didn't hide his claws, tail and horns. He saw Adusk and Minako, "so what did I miss Adusk. Oh and have you seen Yvonne, I was wondering if she would consider giving me back my position as an Apocalypse Rider." He stared and Adusk with his blood red eyes.
  33. "I don't know about what are you talking about, woman. Oh, Lucius, I think that Apocalypse Riders stopped exist" said calmly Adusk "For today, there is only one Apocalypse Rider... Adusk"

    Adusk released his check from Minako's hand "Lucius and Borutha said that my mother was a mortal, how dare you say that you are my mother. I'm around 3 milions years old...She is death, she died with knowledge that her son is a demon. Demons never liked me becouse of my mother part, humans hate me becouse of my Father. There are things in this world that needs to change... Quick Decision, lady. Death of hundreds soldiers or surrender" Adusk said, He just became more angry becouse what Minako said. His eyes started to shine with golden light. He couldn't believe that his mother is alive.
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  34. Shadow_Pup

    Shadow_Pup Previously LeBarrel42

    Lucius smirked, "so you kill the ApocaApoca Riders" he sighed and a wave of energy shot out behind him, it collided with a large section of the human army, as the wave hit each soldiers soul came from their body and shot towards Lucius, as he absorbed them he grew larger and more muscular, he stared down at Adusk "well I guess you made my job easier then, you see I needed Borutha dead as he bothered me, but you killed Yvonne the only decent member of the Apocalypse Riders".
  35. "You aren't the smartest, are you, Lucious. I didn't just killed them" Adusk said, He looked at Lucious like at the insolent brat, who schould know his place in the world "Do you just try to threaten me, Lucious. After some time, I will gain power that my Father could only dream about. And you, Lucious. You schould be loyal to me like a dog you are. Prince of Death, I something more than Apocalypse Rider now, something more than just a War" Adusk said to Lucious.

    "Ke 'na molimo o oeleng... Now, do you want to tell me something" He asked, it seemed that He forgot for a while about Minako, He knew that He didn't get the power from stolen souls yet, but he wasn't afraid of Lucious, as He have seen him in the battles before and he knew his strong and weak points. Still, Lucious could be a problem now so, he didn't underestimate him.
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  36. Minako stared at Adusk and frowned, her golden eyes dissapeared and returned to their usual green color. Worry and doubt flooded through her, since the fact that the son she sought out for, turned out to be everything like his father
  37. "Now... Lady" Adusk turned around to Minako "She can't be my Mother but if she is... That means..." He thought.

    "As I said, My mother is dead... I want just to destroy this world, of course. I also won't survive his destruction. My Father used me like the toy, everyone were saying that my mother is dead... If its True that you are my mother then, you have to be immortal being. Who can handle my attack" said Adusk, but he thought about this a little longer. If that woman lies, she won't have any reaction, if He attacks himself. Becouse if she is his mother, She had to at least love him or hate him "No, it would be a waste of energy... I wanted kill myself from the beginning, then I will die now" He said and then He fired big Fireball to the sky. After some time, Fireball was on it's way back to Adusk.
  38. Minako gasped at the sight of the fireball heading straight for her possible son, the empress quickly took action and shot an arow towards the fireball, but instead of the red flames that usually abrupt from her arrows, the flames were blue. Once the arrow made contact with Adusk's fireball, it quickly absorbed the power, before Kaen flew by and in which caught the arrow, the phoinex the dropped the arrow to Minako, who gently caught it
  39. Adusk looked at the sky, his eyes change color to light Brown. He wasn't angry anymore, now, He was very suprised and shocked. "Did she... Did you just... " Adusk said. He didn't expected any serious action, He just wanted to see, the expression on her face. Tears or smile, He never thought that someone could protect him. "For the first time... Someone protected me..." He whispered and then he yelled "Why... Why you protected me, you know that I wanted to kill your people,everyone and everything...Why, nobody cared about me... Who are you" He asked, He was on his kneels and he waited for response.
  40. "Like I said before, only my children posses that powers of Fire and your ability of having golden eyes....the thing is, Im the only other person in this world that has that ability" Minako stated with a small smile. "If you put the pieces together it perfectly adds up to the fact that Im your mother" thr dark haired guardian informed, as Kaen shrunk back to his normal size and landed on Minakos shoulder. "Before being an Empress Im a mother, and Im your mother, my dear Netsu"

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