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Ask to Join The Four Ancient Kingdoms (Discussion)

Discussion in 'General Role Play Discussion' started by Iced_Tae, Nov 17, 2018.

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  1. Long ago, in a planet called Tear, there was Four kingdoms. The Northern Kingdom of Ecliptal, the Eastern Kingdom of Draconi, the Western Kingdom of Weisserit, and the Southern Kingdom of Flameria. And from those four kingdoms, lived four powerful rulers who all had the ability to summon one of the great guardians. Along with their mystical powers, and their powerful weapons, the four rulers created an alliance with one another to insure safety from the demons of Tartarus.


    1. All Pokecharms rules apply
    2. Cursing be kept at a minimal
    3. Romance is allowed but only up to a kiss
    4. You are allowed to be the child of a guardian
    5. Up to 2 characters max
    6. Have Fun!

    Ecliptal Kingdom (North)
    Guardian Animal: Black Tortoise
    Weapon: Shadow Warhammer
    Kingdom Location: Located deep in the northern mountains
    Power: Earth

    Draconi Kingdom (East)

    Guardian Animal: Blue Dragon
    Weapon: Azure Spear
    Kindom Location: located deep in the eastern ocean
    Power: Water

    Weisserit Kingdom (West)
    Guardian Animal: White Tiger
    Weapon: Silver Lance
    Kingdom Location: located in the western plains
    Power: Air

    Flameria Kingdom (South)
    Guardian Animal: Red Bird
    Weapon: Crimson Arrow
    Kingdom Location: located in the southern forest
    Power: Fire

    Tartarus (underworld)
    Guardian Animal: Snake
    Weapon: Blood Scythe
    Kingdom Location: in the fiery pits of the underworld

    Character Template:
    Physical Appearence:
    Kingdom Appearence:

    Name: Minako Homura
    Title: Empress of Flames, Goddess of the Phoenix
    Age: millions of years old
    Physical Appearence: though she is old, she looks young. With dark black hair, beautiful green eyes that turn gold when she uses her powers, fair skin, with bangs that are sideswept.

    Outfit: Wears a long red kimono, that has large sleeves, with a golden obi. The end of the dress actually drags behind her to add a mystical look. Red pokkuri shoes with a tiny little bell on each shoe, and white silky stockings. Her long black hair is pulled into a bun, that is kept in place by a pin that looks like a blossom.
    Species: one of the great guardians
    Gender: Female
    Peraonality: out of all the guardians she is the nicest and sweetest and the most calm, she is over protective of all her children. With looks that could kill, Minako can get a bit arrogant. But she is an actual sweetheart, who acts like one of those moms who bugs their kids about everything. During the monthly meetings of the guardians, Minako is always stuck being the responsible one, who has to prevent the other three from murdering each other
    Kingdom Appearence: a large four story imperial palace, that looks like the traditional ones from Asia. Her kingdom is located in a large cherry blossom forest
    Backstory: Minako actually used to be in a relationship with the ruler of underworld, but that was millions of years ago, the time before the ruler became corrupted. Minako even had a child with the dark ruler, but she never got to see it, since the demon himself took her child away from her. Along with her great power, Minako is as equally beautiful.

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  2. Hi there, some time no see... I hope that I can join... My character Bio:
    Name: Adusk
    Title: Apocalypse Rider-"War"
    Age: Unknown (One of the youngest Demon Ruler child)
    hysical Appearence: Similar to my avatar.Adusk is 6'1" heigh, He has medium-long, in half Red, in half black hair and Brown eyes.
    Outfit: Wears a Black lether shirt and black Trousers, He has seared chains on his hands. He has also black sandals, who he gived a label with a sentence "my Father is the worst parent in the world"
    Species: Demon {Half-demon}
    Gender: Male
    Personality: He is nice as he can be as a Demon. He doesn't really like his father, but he doesn't hate him also. He doesn't like to talk with his siblings but they seem to don't like him either. He spend most of his life on training so he doesn't remember if he met someone who wasn't a Demon.
    Kingdom Appearence: {to edit} (this is only for a ruler, isn't it?)
    Backstory: Chosen by his Father to train for an Assassination. He is the one of the few Demons who survived hard training, they chose him to be an assassin who can kill every target,even godlike. They didn't think about using him yet, becouse he isn't very loyal to his Father.
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  3. Accepted
  4. It's been quite a while since I've joined a roleplay, and this one seems like it has a lot of potential. If there's anything about my characters you'd like me to change, don't hesitate to ask.

    Name: Callidus
    Title: The Cunning Shadow
    Age: Classified
    Physical Appearance: Rather than appearing human-like, Calidus takes on the appearance of a dark human-shaped creature, seeming almost like a shadow, of sorts, as his title would suggest.
    Outfit: As one would assume, Callidus has no use for clothing.
    Species: Demon
    Gender: Male
    Personality: Not possessing much in the ways of brute force, Callidus prefers to fight his battles using his mind, cleverly convincing his enemies to join his side. Using his impressive amount of charisma, he has persuaded many worthy warriors to fight against their former allies for the kingdom of Tartarus, in hopes that they will be rewarded for their assistance in the annihilation of the four other kingdoms of Tear. In order to convince the more loyal warriors, Callidus will carefully study the lives of his targets, even going so far as to threaten their loved ones in order to obtain his goals. However, despite the aid he provides for his kingdom, all he does is for his own personal gain, not caring about the ultimate effects of his actions.
    Backstory: As a child, Callidus lived in poverty, without a family to look after him. The streets of Tartarus were unkind to him, not allowing him any sympathy, instead often directly taking what little he had away from him. Growing bitter from the worlds constant mistreatment of him, Callidus became cunning, learning to manipulate others to survive. After quite a few infamous schemes, he gained the attention of the guardian of Tartarus, who approached him, offering him the life of a wealthy noble, in return for recruiting those from outside the underworld to fight in the name of Tartarus. Without much hesitation he accepted the guardians proposal, beginning his new life almost immediately.

    Name: Proditor Transfuga

    Title: The Mortal Phoenix
    Age: About 25
    Physical Appearance: Proditor is about six feet and five inches tall, with long, flowing blonde hair, and shining blue eyes. Overall, he has the appearance of a classic fairy tale hero. With a muscular build, and plenty of skill with a blade, it's easy to see him saving a kingdom from a malicious beast. The reality, however, is not nearly so optimistic.
    Outfit: He wears a strong set of black armor, crafted by some of the most talented blacksmiths of Tartarus, and he wields a nearly indestructible battleaxe, enchanted with dark magic, increasing Proditor's strength, and providing him with other abilities, which I would prefer to reveal within the roleplay itself.

    Species: Human
    Gender: Male
    Personality: Proditor can be somewhat arrogant, to say the least. He believes fully in his own ability, and often thinks of himself as the "hero" of his own story. Despite this, though, he strives to become stronger, and is either unable, or unwilling to accept the possibility that he may not surpass those above him in terms of both physical, and influential power. Anyone who tries to convince him so will be promptly ignored, and considered a mere fool.
    Backstory: Proditor was the child of two proud warriors, who fought valiantly to serve the kingdom of Flameria, with complete loyalty to Minako Homura, so, of course, Proditor was always told througout his life that he was destined to become one of the greatest heroes their kingdom had ever seen. Believing every word of what his parents told him, proditor trained tirelessly, convinced that he was to become the strongest in not only Flameria, but all of Tear itself. He allowed his dream to influence his actions so much that even when his parents were killed in a battle against a group of demons from Tartarus, he held no grudge against them, instead simply assuming that his parents were too weak to stand against them, which only assured him even more that he had to become stronger. Not long after he became a true warrior, he was noticed by Callidus, who offered to help increase his power immensely if he were to betray Flameria, and fight for Tartarus. He was reluctant at first, but Proditor ultimately chose to accept Callidus' offer, and adopted the title of "The Mortal Phoenix," as a way to mock Minako Homura, who he once served, and to prove his newfound loyalty to Tartarus as well.
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  5. Your characters were so well thought out! Accepted!
  6. Thanks. Since it's been so long since I've joined one of these, I figured I might as well go all out.
  7. Shadow_Pup

    Shadow_Pup Previously LeBarrel42

    Name: Lucius Mortalus
    Title: Prince of Death
    Age: millions of years old
    Physical Appearence: He is Caucasian, black hair, red eyes, goatee, 7' 2", lean yet muscular, he has horns and a tail, his fingers are clawed and he has a tattoo of the same symbol as his ring on his left shoulder blade.
    Outfit: a nice black suit, white shirt, black tie, black loafers and a metallic black ring with a symbol of a dagger with horns on it.
    Species: Demon/Shade
    Gender: Male
    Personality: Lucius is cruel, cunning and cryptic. He is a big fan of pain even though he feels none. He is basically evil, but in the farthest reaches of his brain there is a hint of good.
    Backstory: Lucius is essentially death. He goes to the four kingdoms and harvest souls at the end of their time, he is also known to do work for the king of Tartarus such as assassinations and to fight battles.

    Please tell me if anything needs changing.
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  8. Accepted
  9. Pls tell me if I wrote some mistakes in my post, I was truly tired while I was making it.
  10. Still not in the best condition.
  11. Name: Oddysseus.
    Title: The Dragon Prince.
    Age: 17.
    Physical Appearance: Young Slender Caucasian Male-Almond Brown Spiky Hair-Blue Eyes.
    Outfit: Fire resistant armour made from snake scales.
    Species: Human.
    Gender: Male.
    Personality: He Is A Outgoing, Productive, Thoughtful, A Balanced Achiever, Proactive, Resourceful, Intelligent, Tenacious. He Is Also Reliable And Innovative.
    Backstory: Family Passed As A Child And Was Bullied As An Orphan.
    Kingdom: Draconi Kingdom.

    Tell Me Please If I Need To Change This
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  12. Hi! I might join this role play, sorry to be annoying, but could you explain what it will be about a bit more? And what's actually happened so far for if I join, thanks.
  13. I was a bit bored so I made the image of Adusk in Avatar maker:
  14. Everyone ignored my question.. please tag me if you reply so I can see the answer
  15. @Jodie.xox sorry, but I'm not very good in explaining. Maybe @Iced_Tae would help you better than me, and if you will be bored in waiting then I will try to explain.
  16. Im sorry but you would be accepted if you changed your outfit, because this is in ancient times and your outfit just does not fit
  17. So the RP is about how the four kingdoms, Ecliptal, Draconi, Weisserit, and Flameria, are all in a alliance and are together fighting Tartarus, the demon realm. In planet Tear, there are only four great guardians, and they are the strongest among everybody, and they rule one of the four great kingdoms

  18. Sorry Ill change it
  19. Accepted
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  20. Dear @Iced_Tae , Dec.4,2018

    I've briefly perused the character list, and I've come to the realization that my character Odysseus, is the only member of the Draconi Kingdom. There has been characters from Tartarus and Flameria but none from others. Maybe consider asking other members of the RP community who may seem interested.

    Sincerely, Ry
  21. Hi can I join?

    If so this is my character:
    Age:Around 10-12
    Physical appearance:As tall as a normal boy of my age, brown eyes, caramel hair, white skin(I'm not a racist it's just how I want my character to be) my hair is flat but it's hard to get down once it's up.
    Title: (sorry I forgot this before but at least its here) anyway the title is the son of the seven seas.
    Outfit:Ocean based clothing, light and comfy.
    Species:human that can breath under water and fly.
    Personality:Loves the water and wind and cold (although it doesn't effect me, the cold that is) nice, smart, sporty, friendly, emotional,creative and imaginative.
    Kingdom: Draconi
    Kingdom appearance:Ocean style robes.
    Backstory:was brought up by fish and dolphins and an eagle which is how I learnt to fly and breath under water.

    Tell my if this needs editing.
    Yours truly
  22. Dead account

    Dead account Previously Super Lazy Man

    I love tigers
    Name: Asta
    Title: Fast Tiger
    Age: 13
    Phisycal appearance : He is an orange haired boy with glowing red eyes, he wears brown hunting boots with a furry vest, he has pale skin and when he is mad sometimes blue lightning comes out of him
    Species: ((whatever White tiger is, a tiger))
    Gender : Male
    Personality : he is often bored and uninterested, he only shows a fiery spirit when an actuall challenge emerges
    Kingdom :Weisserit: The fast Sky
    Kingdom appearance : A regular Kingdom, except it flies and travels around the land
    Back story : Once upon a time, a war errupted, alongside his partners, the founder of the land is unknown, but he built the flying Kingdom to keep his people safe ((somehow my character ended up being the prince))

    Also, my character is the White Tiger's son
  23. A problem is that I doubt that @Iced_Tae won't return probably... And I don't know if, we can do something like take over this RP...
  24. Dead account

    Dead account Previously Super Lazy Man

  25. StellarWind Elsydeon

    StellarWind Elsydeon Armblades Ascendant
    Staff Member Administrator

    That's because they've been banned for sockpuppetry shenanigans, I'm afraid. And with that this thread has no business existing anymore. The rest of you, if you're still interested, could start something with a similar premise, though.
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