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Open The Forest

Discussion in 'Pokémon Role Play' started by chesnaught-z☆, Jun 20, 2017.

  1. The current location is a forest. The current time is night. The current moon phase is a waning gibbous. The weather can be changed at any time with the right moves.

    A silhouette of a small Pokémon could be seen from the trees. Shimmering and sparking all the way, it ran as fast as it could. While at nighttime it was hard to see, the Pokémon's bright smile soon turned into a frown when she discovered her brother was still sleeping. She tugged at his ribbon in an attempt to wake him up, to no avail. She then instead decided to look at the things in her collection.

    There was a sumptuous snow-white scarf she never wore, a purple lump which, whenever she approached it, would glow ever so slightly, a silver bell with a red string, a yellow puzzling orb that she had no use for but kept anyway, a long, sharp, dragon tooth, a green rock with a leaf pattern, a smooth stone that shined with a dazzling light, and her favorite, a small gray stone with little holes in it. It was a hassle to carry, but she was proud of it. She even etched her name in the corner of it: "Twinkle".
  2. Comet jumped over rocks, as small as she was she certainly knew how to leap. Using a Rock Throw on a tree above her she was able to knock down a few Pecha berries. She grabbed the biggest one in her teeth and bounced away.
    She had taken her meal to a small hole at the bottom of a large trunk. Her home. It wasn't much, but it was enough to keep her dry and warm.
  3. Sora glided tree to tree. The clear night sky was beautiful to look at, but she had better things to do than stare. An abandoned nest in a branch seems sturdy and comfy. She had no real home, since every day Sora has moved every day to explore the wonders of the forest. She sniffed the nest, making sure nobody owned it yet. Smelling the scent, she found out that it was a Fletchinder nest. The sent was old, about a month ago, she thought. Sora sat in the nest, even though she herself isn't a bird Pokemon. She made a few adjustments. Now, it was the time to stare at sky. A few stars twinkled, telling the forest good night,
  4. Dsant sat at the base of a tree. He always liked night, whether it shone on the beaches of a previous life or the soothing forest of a current one. As the out of place ground-type basked in the feel of his current area, he sang. More of a hum, but still singing. Dsant never knew the song, but felt a melody of a different place, a different time. A place of wistfulness, a time of wilderness. At least, to one alienated inhabitant. He was broke out of his thoughts by a rustling above him. He never saw but a glimpse of the thought-disturber, but he knew it glided. Dsant shuffled a bit to reveal his location to the Glider Of Dreams. The shovel-wielding ghost knew his place, or at least, he thought. Dsant knew he was a poetic character, and a friend to most. At least, to those who were friends themselves. Dsant knew he would have to wait 'til daybreak to have a fulfilling conversation with most.

    (Are we doing no character sheets or am I missing things?)
  5. Comet saw how it was already night. She arose from her spot and exited the tree. She climbed to the top of a hill nearby and gazed at the moon. She threw her head back in a howl. Though she was technically a puppy pokemon, most Rockruffs and Lycanrocs felt the need to howl at the moon.
    After a few minutes, she decided she was done, and trotted back home.
  6. In this forest, there was a tree. Wow, shocker right? But there's something different about this tree. If you get close enough to it, you can hear several Pokemon snoring.

    In the dark of night, a Sentret fell out of the tree. "Ow!" The Sentret, tired and hungry, got up and waked towards a tree. It then used Headbutt to shake some berries off, and two Oran Berries fell. The Sentret grabbed the berries and tossed them in its mouth.
  7. Comet was walking back home, enjoying the coolness of the night. She spotted an oran berry bush and decided to grab a snack. She already noticed a Sentret was there and treaded carefully next to it. “ Excuse me, do you mind if I grab a few berries? “
  8. The Sentret turned around. "Huh? Oh sure, take whatever you like." He was oddly calm, especially for a Sentret, as they were known to be very timid and cautious.
  9. Among many of the neighboring trees that surrounded Twinkle's home, one she liked to call the Sleeping Tree seemed to have visitors. She wasn't used to seeing other Pokemon in her neck of the woods, at least definitely not awake at this hour. It's been so long since she met another Pokemon.

    But even in the excitement of a possible friend, she was nervous. Admittedly, she was a little shy, and every day she tried a little harder to make friends. What would she say? She recognized a Sentret near the bush. A fellow Normal-type, they would get along well. But there was also a type of Pokemon she had never seen before. What would it think of a little shiny Eevee like that of herself? She had so many questions...

    In her frantic worrying, she tripped on her own Everstone, causing a loud noise. Her glimmering fur might have attracted attention as well.
  10. The Sentret noticed something shiny in the corner of his eye, and instinctively turned his head towards it, to discover it was an Eevee. After seeing it trip on an Everstone, he dashed over to it. "Hey, are you okay there?" He attempted to help the shiny Eevee up.
  11. Sora's ears perked up. Her ears had never been this alert before, but still, it's not normal for a normal Emolga to suddenly hears something so loud in the middle of the night, and also seeing something shiny...
    She can't believe it. First shiny she's seen in years. Plus female. Female Eevees were very rare, as all the Eevees she met is a male.
    It's also wearing a stone. Gray one, pretty sure it's a Everstone. A shape of a Sentret was seen attempting to help the Eevee. Sora saw there was no need for waking up right now, but she can't sleep now after seeing something shiny in years, can't she?
  12. "Oh, um..."

    Oh, Pecha Berries. Twinkle didn't expect to turn so many heads. Being shiny is difficult for a shy and clumsy Pokemon such as herself. "I'm fine, thank you." She wished she could just use Teleport and disappear.
  13. The Sentret realized he was stuck in an awkward situation. He wanted to help this shiny Eevee, but it seems like she doesn't want to talk...

    "...Are you... lost? You can stay in my tree tonight, if... if you want..." He gestured towards the snoring tree.

    The Sentret felt like Double Slapping himself. You've done it now... He thought.
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