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Private/Closed The Forbidden Flute

Discussion in 'Pokémon Role Play' started by Ry_Burst, Mar 8, 2017.

  1. Here it is @Luna Zaw

    Jessie "Jess" Briggs, one of the world's most well known archeologist, and treasure hunter, entered a large circular room with a a singe desk, and a fat man sitting anxiously behind it. "Um, Mr. Briggs, You came," the man stammered shuffling the papers in front of him.

    "Of course, with the price you offered me. And Mr. Robinson, please call me Jess. Mr. Briggs was my fathers name." Jess said calmly. Mr. Robinson gave a shaky nod, and pushed forward a tan folder.

    "The info involving the object is in the file," he said coolly. Jess lifted up the folder, opened it, and read it aloud. "The Forbbiden Flute, was created by an ancient civilization to have the ability to control even the strongest of Pokemon." Jess closed the folder. "Why the fuck would you want something like this?" He angrily shouted. Mr. Robinson nervously cleared his throat, adjusted his tie and said, "As much as I hate destroying artifacts, I want you to bring it ot me so I can destroy it. And with this mission, I have assigned you a partner." Jess turned to see the other Treasure Hunter
  2. The Snom Prince

    The Snom Prince Previously The Exorciser

    Hayate looked up at his partner "Hello" He simply said his houndoom Nexus by his legs looked up at Jess before getting up as his owner did "I am Hayate Yuko and this is Nexus" Hayate said pointing to his houndoom
  3. Jess tossed the folder towards the new arrival and pushed Mr. Robinson aside. "I thought it would be just me doing this assignment. Am I going to have to split my earnings here?" He said quietly to Mr. Robinson.

    "I know you're opinions on working with other people," Mr, Robinson said.

    "They'll betray ya first chance they get. I'm a treasure hunter, and I know how the profession isn't very honest."

    "But you're gonna need it. I've been hearing rumors of some evil team trying to get ahold of the flute, so you'll need the back up."

    "If this joker dies, I get his share," Jess hissed, before letting go of Mr Robinson.

    "Very well, but that's only of you retrieve the artifact, and bring it back, while you are still alive."

    Jess glared at Mr. Robinson, and stepped back behind the desk.

    "Mr. Yuko, here we have is the man you will be working with, Mr. Briggs. He's one of the best treasure hunters and archeologists in the business. I"m sure you've heard of him." Mr. Robinson said, trying to lighten the mood.
  4. The Snom Prince

    The Snom Prince Previously The Exorciser

    "Yes, of course, I have," Hayate said in his normal emotionless voice "It's hard not to" He said as Nexus went up to Jess sniffing him then walking back to his master giving Jess an untrusting look
  5. "It seems your mutt doesn't trust me, and I'm assuming you don't either. But don't worry. The feeling is mutual." Jess said, before moving the edge of his hat down over his eyes. He sat down in the nearest chair and leaned back. "Review the folder, and we leave at sunset." He barked at Hayate.
  6. The Snom Prince

    The Snom Prince Previously The Exorciser

    Hayate gave him an emotionless gaze and looked down at the folder his Nexus stared at Jess giving him a hateful look before looking away "I never said I didn't trust you but giving me reason to isn't what we need for this item" Hayate said emotionlessly.
  7. "Treasure Hunters are full of lies and equivocation. So are people. Trust is a leap of faith, and I ain't gonna jump to my doom," Jess said, shifting his weight in the chair to get into a more comfortable position.

    "Um, maybe I should leave," Mr. Robinson said, tugging at his collar.

    "That might be a good idea," Jess said, closing his eyes. Mr. Robinson, nodded and took his leave.
  8. The Snom Prince

    The Snom Prince Previously The Exorciser

    Hayate just shook his head "Believe what you want but distrust won't get us anywhere" Hayate said not showing any emotion his pokeball shifted slightly and Opened revealing a caturne
  9. "A Cacturne. Weak to Fighting, Bug, Fire, Fairy, Flying, Ice and Poison. That's a lot of weaknesses," Jess said opening his eyes to see the Cacturne.
  10. The Snom Prince

    The Snom Prince Previously The Exorciser

    "I don't care Hex is my friend strength shouldn't matter in choosing a Pokemon "Battle with your favourites" is what a wise young lady once said" Said Hayate emotionless as usual Hex didn't seem to care only grabbed the folder and looked at it Nexus looking over his shoulder
  11. "It wasn't towards you. It was so I know what I'll need if you decide to betray me," Jess said giving a smirk. He stood up and walked towards the bookself and pulling out a boo. He walked back to the chair and sat down, opening it to read.
  12. The Snom Prince

    The Snom Prince Previously The Exorciser

    Hayate just shook his head he was to use to people like him Hayate was different pure and simple.

    after reading the log Hex huffed and returned to his Quick ball Hayate petted Hexus and got up saying something in a different language to Hexus before walking out of the building

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