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Ask to Join The Flood RP

Discussion in 'General Role Play' started by What Did You Do To Snoke?, Jun 18, 2018.

  1. What Did You Do To Snoke?

    What Did You Do To Snoke? Previously Ratbag the Coward

    To join submit a form here: https://pokecharms.com/threads/the-flood-rp-discussion.19448/#post-628378
    Earth 2300, a completely flooded planet. One of the worst affected areas is Britain. Zooming in, one can see the submerged cities. Outside of London, lies the gigantic area of Surrey, known for its areas of natural outstanding beauty in the country side, with major cities including Guildford. Survivors from outside of Surrey are driven to it for one major reason: the shelter. There are very limited numbers of these in England right now. The millitary in the area have prepared them on raised ground, in the hilly areas. As people have found out, Surrey in particular had good hilly grounds. The flater straits of Guildford, Woking, Epsom, Bramley, all taken over by water. Guildford was lucky enough to have more survivors than the others due to it's partially hilly environment, allowing water to flow down. Despite this, the water levels rose higher than elsewhere in the UK in some parts. It was as if the water had a mind of it's own. Those from Guildford went outside to the country to find the bunker. Although there were bunkers in London, most of London became easily flooded, plus it was one of the most heavily divided areas, with Bandits on every street. The water level rose in following years to mean that there were only patches of house tops in some areas of London. Those from Hampshire also came to Surrey. On the border with Surrey in Hampshire also lies the vital millitary Garrison of Aldershot.

    James Sarrison had arrived in Surrey from the north. He had travelled through the flooded chaotic city that was London. London wasn't just a city in his eyes, it was a completely different country. That is what a lot of people thought, as London was urban and massive. James Sarrison had also banded up with several groups of survivors from London and they were journeying to Surrey, following the burst bank of the River Thames. But James's group of friends got smaller and smaller as they got weakened by the wrath of the flood. Many of them had picked up Wave-worm parasite and had died. Some had accidently slipped into the deep blue water and drowned. They had also deserted him. James always wanted to lead them, but not everyone agreed with him. The deserters had joined groups of bandits, outlaws and anarchists in the city areas especially, who did not care at all about human survival. James led the remainder of his group. It was just him and two other males. One was a boy of about 12 years of age. The other was an older man of about 40 but he had broken his back on the way. James was stuck with these people and so was constantly frustrated with him. But he kept thinking about the incident he had with the flood. How long had it been? It must have been a good 5 years now that his parents had drowned in their small, confined house on the edge of London.
  2. Water.
    All Evalynn Mitchell had known for the past few years was water.
    It wasn’t the crystal clear, blue water of the Bahamas- glittering in the reflection of the otherwise relentless sun beating down, casting waves through soft tides.
    No, this water had a mind of its own. A permanantly havoc-wreaking storm, rogue waves with the capability to tear down cities at any time.
    In the last week, she’d travelled to upper ground; no mountain, but not the beach, either. The ground was dry and she was thankful for that. She could still, however, see the outline of a river to her far left, the river she travelled by, to hopefully get to Surrey. Only a moron would walk by the river though; the water-born lurked even there, hiding for unsuspecting victims, not to mention the parasites.
    Evie had been traveling alone for about six years, although honestly she’d lost track of exact time. She’d passed two groups of survivors in this time, once at seventeen and twice at eighteen, although as further years dwindled on, the odds of finding living people grew slimmer as well.
    Both times the groups offered to take her in, to provide shelter and family. Both times she’d declined.
    It appeared, however, that she was approaching the third group of survivors she’d seen. Groups weren’t rare, but there certainly wasn’t an abundance of them. In this one walked three men, although one could hardly be called that; he looked maybe ten. The other looked closer to her age, the other old enough to be her father. She, as anyone with a brain would, kept her distance. They could be a group of unlikely anarchists, although with the boy’s awkward gangliness and the older man’s seemingly painful stagger, that didn’t seem so.
    Still, to walk towards them would be idiotic. They were quite some ways ahead of her anyway, so she promptly ignored them (although she tightened her grip on a dagger from her belt to be safe, slowing down her walking as to avoid confrontation upon catching up with them).
  3. What Did You Do To Snoke?

    What Did You Do To Snoke? Previously Ratbag the Coward

    The older man of about 40 collapsed to the ground behind James on the grass of the hill as they progressed climbing it. James turned to him.
    "What is it now, David?!" James shouted.

    "My back..." The older man groaned.

    "We know you broke your back." James said to him, looking down on the man's large body. "Do you want me to lift you up?"

    David nodded. James attempted to pull his heavy body up.

    The young boy of 12 felt a rumble in his stomach. "James...uh...I don't feel good..."

    "Elliot...you're not lying to me are you? You've said that before too." James responded, quickly.

    Elliot pressed his hand into his stomach. "No...It really hurts. It's like something i've never ever had before!"

    Elliot showed the two older men a red ring on his lower stomach. David, who was a former doctor, reached into one of the heavy bags he was carrying a pulled out a strange microscope-like piece of technology. He attatched it to Elliot's stomach.

    "Look at this!" David exclaimed. James wandered over and looked through the microscope. James saw a tiny pink worm inside the cells of the stomach where the bleeding was.

    "Wave-worm." David said.

    "I've seen this before. How do we cure it again?" James asked.

    "That is what we all want to know." David said. "I think there might be some medical kits in the shelter which could help us. There's no known natural cure we can do now." As he said those last words both of the men's eyes watered.

    "So if we don't get him to the bunker, he will die." James said, softly.

    They were about to take off again to find the bunker, when a group of survivors ran up the road and grabbed Elliot from behind. James turned round. The survivors wore a mixture of rags and pieces of metal here and there. One held a short dagger to Elliot's throat.

    "Outlaws!" James exclaimed.

    There was a gang of about ten of them. They circled the two men. One finally spoke.

    "Give us your loot! Give us your money, your weapons...and what else is in your bags!" One of the strange men shouted. He wore a tin hat and had brown hair. Men with axes stood behind David, ready to stab him if he got close. Others carried pistols and aimed them at James. They had them surrounded.

    James and David emptied their bags. Tons of weapons flooded out. Wallets full of irrelevant cash notes, bottles of clean water and packets of food, were all included. The bandits took them all. The group tied James, David and Elliot together and started to lead them to their encampment.

    "The master will love these three!" One of the bandits in ragged clothing smiled. He had a hairy beard so he appeared to fit in but it was obvious from this behaviour that he was the mad one. Several of his teeth was missing and replaced with metal dentures meaning he was very old. "We will have these three for dinner!"

    "Yeah we can eat 'em, but they will prove to be worthy prisoners." Commented a young blonde haired female bandit. "We'll use them to prove to others that we, the Blue Hand, are the most fearsome group in England! We will kill the army scum that think they can rule over us. Noone rules over us!"

    In the water nearby, several fish heads bobbed. They emerged and started following the Blue Hand grunts on foot, silently.
  4. Evalynn ducked towards the ground as to not be seen, stunned by the sudden intrusion on the group of men.
    The survivor in her was telling her to run. To turn around and run the other direction. To disregard that group.
    But the humanity in her...
    She knew she wouldn’t be able to tell herself no. They needed help.
    She stayed low to the ground, ducking around the few trees and dying shrubs around the proximity. The fish-men between her and the group gargled quietly to each other, and she shuddered, repressing a gag. Her grip on her dagger was tight, her knuckles blooming white.
    Hopefully, she prayed, the fish-men would advance on the group. Attack them. Pick off the bandits until there were few enough to fight off alone.
    Even she knew she would never win against all those bandits, plus their stalkers.
    From her previous watchings, she determined with ease that the old man was a goner. His back, jutted out horrendously due to a break, would prohibit him from escaping, from fighting back.
    She assumed the boy would suffer the same fate, in his awkward gangliness and sickly thin body.
    It appeared that the young man would potentially be the only redeemable one.

    Now, she acknowledged that she would, in fact, guiltlessly take some items from the young man if all went well. One couldn’t spare to be kind during The Flood. This was a means of survival, and if saving his life meant stealing some food, then Evie, who’d forgotten what a full belly felt like, was okay with that.

    The fish-men, who had continued rather quietly, had gained some distance closer to the bandits and their struggling victims. Deciding now was the time, Evie quietly took out one of her daggers from its sheathe on her belt, and threw it with rather impressive speed, she’d admit modestly. It hit one of the fish-men square in the skull, and immediately she ducked down into the bush, to stay unseen, as the creature unleashed a shrill, high-pitched scream, that the bandits would definitely hear.
  5. What Did You Do To Snoke?

    What Did You Do To Snoke? Previously Ratbag the Coward

    James, David and Elliot had metal chains attatched to them. Where they came from, noone knew. James could hear rustling sounds coming from the wet brambles nearby. As he turned, he was reminded to keep in line and to continue moving forwards by one of the Blue Hand bandits, a ginger haired man. A group of shirtless, heavily tattooed muscular blokes from the Blue Hand grabbed James and pushed him forwards suddenly.

    "What are you looking at?" One of the thin tattoed muscular bandits asked. He spoke with a working class London accent. He shoved James harder onto the ground.

    "Nothing." James responded.

    Then a loud high pitched screaming sound could be heard from the area James had looked upon before. The Bandits all looked to the bushes and then at each other in confusion. James got up. He was about to attempt to attack one of the Bandits who had locked him up when the same man looked back at James.

    "You're tryin' ta steal the key from me!? Ha!" This man's strong Somerset accent shortened his words but made him sound more raged. "Take them to the encampment, now!"

    The bandits grabbed the three of them and raced them along the pathway to a large group of battered tents. The tents were surrounding a fire pit, where they grilled food and purified water. The bandits in the encampment all stopped and stared at James and his two friends, before laughing at them. Soon the whole encampment was laughing.

    "Silence!" A loud, smooth male voice shouted. The young man who He wasn't too tall compared to the others.walked towards them appeared to be their superior. His muscular torso could be seen, with pieces of armour here and there. He had two dyed parts of his skin, covering his nipples, in the shape of a hand-two blue hands, to emphasise his allegiance to the Blue Hand. Behind him was a firing squad of three men. They had three prisoners in cages in front of them themselves.

    "We found these three idiots on the road just beyond here." The Somerset man spoke.

    Around the superior male's waist was a belt and attached to that, a machete. He drew his machete out from his belt and put it up towards the three of them. "Worthless." He said, drawing his knife below David's kneck. "You're too old. Take him to the cells!" He shouted.

    A group of women bandits pushed David into one of the few empty boxed metal cells next to the firing squad.

    "The young boy over here is still fresh but he has already gone too far. Take him to one of the tents and don't let him leave." The man ordered. Elliot and David's faces were full of sorrow.

    "Who are you?!" James asked, angry and loud.

    "How dare you talk without me asking you to!" The man screamed. He looked around. "Everyone in these parts knows who I am. I am Jake Argol, leader and chieftain of the Blue Hand!" As his voice was raised into a loud shouting, all the men in the encampment cheered for him.

    Behind him, a group of women emerged from one of the tents. Most of them had long hair. Their skin was as smooth as Jake's but they seemed from wealthier backgrounds. They seemed different from the female bandits that were outside of the tents. They wore white gowns. In the middle, one of them stepped forward. She had long blonde hair with thick lines of blue highlights running down-there were three of them. "Jake, please stop shouting! We're trying to get some sleep here!" Her voice was a posh southern English accent, though there may have been some kind of Russian slant to it.

    Jake turned round. He pointed at several bandits and they knew what he was trying to say. The other women were taken back to their tents by several male bandits but the bandits did not come out. Only the blonde haired, blue highlighted women was still there. Jake edged closer and closer to her to the point that were touching.

    "Darling Myra." Jake looked into the young woman's eyes. For a second, the woman was convinced. Two bandits walked behind her, ready to pull her into the dark area that was the tent. She sensed them coming, something she was extremely good at doing. Suddenly, she pulled out from her gown, which was more like a jacket, a small gun. In seconds, she shot both men dead then aimed the gun at Jake.

    "That won't work on me, honey." She gave a crooked smile at Jake as Jake backed away. The whole encampment looked round towards her.

    Deep outside of the encampment, a group of Hydro-noids seized the opportunity to attack the humans. They saw all humans as the same: greedy, ugly, annoying. They made hissing sounds to each other. The Hydro-noids were of different colours, bright green, orange, purple, white and black and they had short swords and daggers in their hands. They could not use guns. The Hydro-noids crept closer and closer.

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