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The Flayavia islands Region

Discussion in 'Creative Archive' started by PokemaniacJack10, Apr 20, 2008.

  1. Okay, this thread is for my region, The Flayavia Islands. All of the sprites in this thread are found in my other sprite thread. Here I will include other information about the region and characters, and this thread is for people who just want to see certain sprites of mine.

    I will take suggestions for pokemon, moves, etc.

    This is the map. The largest island is Flayavia island. The one in the middle is centerpiece island. The Crescent shaped island is Moon island. The rainbow island is rainbow island. The one on top of centerpiece island is Tri island. The Island and the upper left is Mountaine island. I will have pokemon up tomorrow.
  2. Not bad at all, centerpeice isnt the best name for an island I think. The bottom left isle is a lil too "stiff" try to give it more curves to make it look more natural maybe.
  3. its pretty good I'm working on my own region right now the only suggestion is that the routes are too lumpy especially on centerpiece island and moon island

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