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Ask to Join The Five Shogun

Discussion in 'General Role Play Discussion' started by FullmetalShogun, Dec 15, 2018.

  1. FullmetalShogun

    FullmetalShogun Previously Red_RiotX

    10 years after the great war between the samurai and demons, the land of Japan lives under the tyrannical rule of Emperor Shigimura, the demon king. The people of Japan hated the emperor so much, yet none of them could do anything to stop him. However there were 5 young shogun who would be willing to stand up to him. The shogun mentioned were all taught the way of the samurai by the same person, who was known as Taguchi Takeyasu. These samurai have gone their separate ways, but now Japan needs them more than ever as the Demon King is planning an attack on Japan, to get rid of every human in sight.

    No Mary Sues
    No Autoing
    No Spam
    No Double Posting

    Character Bio:
    Human or Demon?

    My Character Bio:
    Name: Takayama Katayuki
    Age: 24
    Gender: Male
    Appearance: Has black similar to Sakata Gintoki's, and he has brown eyes and fairly pale skin. His clothes are similar to Mugen's from Samurai Champloo and he also wears a red ninja headband.
    Height: 6'0
    Personality: Takayama is quite cocky most of the time, he often would say he was better than most of his classmates when he was being taught Takeyasu.
    Occupation: Samurai
    Human or Demon?: Human
    Weapon: Katana/Kunai
    Backstory: He was one of the many children who lost their family in the great war. Takayama was left alone until he was found by Taguchi Takeyasu, and he then became Takeyasu's student. He remained his student until one day Takeyasu left in the night and never returned.
    Other: He has a habit of smoking and he also eats a lot.

    @Rohan Kishibe @kyuukestu @kageyama @Satokuye would you be interested in this? Sorry if the explanation of the story is bad, this is my first time back after a while.
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  2. How fantasy are you trying to take this whole thing?

    Because I've got a Ronin Oc that I've had on the backburner for over a year now, but he's got certain....abilities.
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  3. FullmetalShogun

    FullmetalShogun Previously Red_RiotX

    I mean special abilities will be okay, as long as they're not too op
  4. So supernatural/superhuman abilities are achievable by humans under the right circumstances in this universe, correct?
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  5. FullmetalShogun

    FullmetalShogun Previously Red_RiotX

    Yes that is correct, however I would want a concrete explanation as to why someone's oc has certain abilities, but if you can't think of one then you can just say they were born with it
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  6. No problem at all. I actually prefer rps that give everyone an even playing field and a chance to generate unique abilities as they please. HunterXHunter, One Piece (initially), etc.

    I'll have an explanation for his abilities. Although there's a bit of a hitch. This oc already has a back story and it pertains to his ability/master.
    How should I work around that?
    I mean, my oc did train with an old war vet, so perhaps he could have a bitter relationship with the group? He left the Shogun to train in solitude or something along those lines?
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  7. FullmetalShogun

    FullmetalShogun Previously Red_RiotX

    Yeah I can see that working
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  8. FullmetalShogun

    FullmetalShogun Previously Red_RiotX

    Also I know I said no double posting, but I just wanted to ask would your character have a sort of rivalry with the shogun?
  9. Are you still planning to do this RP? I'm interested in joining but saw that this thread has been inactive for a couple days.
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