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The First Gen V RMT Thread ♥

Discussion in 'The Doctor's Clinic' started by Tangrow, Dec 17, 2010.

  1. Hi, guys! I was sorta just playing around on Pokemon Online and made up a team that I may wanna consider when Black and White comes out ♥ I edited it a little (It used to have Mantine teehee) so I hope it isn't bad as all pants! I'll be summarizing what new moves, abilities, or items that show up in case it helps ♥

    Kirikizan @ Focus Sash
    Ability: Competitive Spirit (+2 boost in attack if a stat is lowered)

    - Metal Burst
    - Pursuit
    - Brick Break
    - Stone Edge

    So, uh, meet my lead, guys! He's um my slashy friend ♥ I wanted to do something with Metal Burst because I absolutely love it, so I looked it up and saw it doesn't get the negative priority type of thing that Counter or Mirror Coat gets! Because of that, I gave him a Speed killing nature and like no IVs in it ♥ Since I believe most leads are fast, I pretty much use Metal burst the first turn if it's something that is likely to attack ♥ If they like, switch or something, like if Mister Azelf(Just picking a Psychic type I recall leading) switches, I'll Pursuit them! The last two moves are in the case of the second scenario, because it's likely Kiri will be knocked down to just about 1 HP if Metal Burst is done correctly. I dunno if he gets anything better than Brick Break, though. I use Competitive Spirit in the hopes that I run into something with Intimidate leading off, cause that would be awesome! Anyway!

    Agirudaa @ Lum Berry
    Sticky Hold
    252 HP/152 Special Attack/108 Speed

    - Guard Share
    - Recover
    - Energy Ball
    - Bug Buzz

    Ninja assault! This is my Bug friend, Agirudaa! He's really fast, so I wanted to give him some EVs. At the same time, I wanted to make his defenses really blah, so I gave him a defense lowering nature! That way, Guard Swap is exciting! I'd switch into something safe, like after one of my teammates die, and use it on the foe if it's really tanky! That way, it averages our defenses and makes Agirudaa's better and working with his high HP, and the opponent's defenses drop, making it easier for him to do his job! I really wanna try it on a Blissey. After that, he Recovers off whatever hit he took and then starts hitting things with Energy Ball and Bug Buzz! My only problem, however, is that he's walled by stuff by Skarmory. I tried using Focus Blast before for that, but it's accuracy is sorta shaky and stuff. I'd take advice for any attack stuff and whatnot too though ♥ ...I really think he may need a different hold item too :<

    Burungeru @ Uh, nothing!
    Cursed Body

    - Recover
    - Toxic
    - Surf
    - Protect

    It's a Toxic set! I can't say more about that. The Evs are weird because I sorta wanted to raise Squiddy's defenses, but I dunno. I'm not really sure what else he can do though, so help on that (And a hold item!) is always nice ♥ Other than that, I use Cursed Body mostly because it isn't like Buru couldn't take a hit from a Water attack anyway, and has Recover ♥

    Goruggo @ Life Orb
    Iron Fist

    - Stone Edge
    - Earthquake
    - Dynamicpunch
    - Telekinesis

    Okay I think I messed up a bit with poor Goruru here. I really like Shadow Punch, especially when it gets like a really high power with Iron Fist! but I didn't think it would be a good idea to let Dynamicpunch's accuracy be poop, so I gave him Telekinesis, which is like No Guard for three turns. I'm not so sure if that's a good idea though, cause he often dies beforehand. It's easy enough to get him in, I just have issues on survival.

    Zeburaika @ Balloon

    - Wild Bolt
    - Volt Change
    - Pursuit
    - Nitro Charge

    DA DA DAAAAAA FLYING ZEBRA! Anyway, this is a sweeper of mine with terribad defenses ♥ His ability and item lets him get in on Ground types and Grass attacks, too! Then he Wildly Bolts at people, or Nitro Charges for whatever reason. I, um, may wanna switch this out if there's a better mon to do its job on the team, since Zebra hasn't been very consistent with me </3

    Gochiruzeru @ Leftovers
    Shadow Tag

    - Tickle
    - Fake Tears
    - Psycho Shock
    - Shadow Ball

    This is my final Pokemon who can nearly always get a K.O.! Gothic Loli is my favorite thing because it has Shadow Tag and can induce statdowns with it ♥ That way, I can also use Psycho Shock to hit Defense, and Shadow Ball with Special Defense, and all with my Special Attack! Tickle and Fake tears are used to help this, of course, and she hasn't failed me yet ♥ I'm not certain about the EVs, though. Maybe I'm spreading them too thin?

    Yeah, that's it! I hope someone can at the least advise me if I made a big oopsy! Thank you in advance ♥
  2. oh god ... the stream punk/emo psycho shocker is gonna be really annoying to counter. ??? Anywho i love your lead ;D. Kepp up the good work
    P.S. you get points for not useing the dark/dragon thing thats is on EVERY SINGLE BLACK AND WHITE TEAM!!! :p
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  3. KoL

    KoL Expert FPS Player
    Staff Member Moderator

    Sorry Zethose, but that constitutes bad advice since you failed to say anything even remotely useful. Also, if people want to use Sazandra or anything else overused they're free to do so without your kind whining about it like petulant children. It'll be a warning next time.

    - Kirikizan gets Stealth Rock as an Egg Move - USE IT! Sash + Metal Burst is pretty good, but there's a lot of things slower than Kirikizan out there likely to take the lead slot, and Metal Sash will give them a free setup turn if you use it when they're using something like the aforementioned Stealth Rock. You're also probably better off with another Dark-type attack over Stone Edge or just to scrap Pursuit entirely - almost every Azelf carries a Sash also, so Metal Burst won't KO them and they will be able to KO you next turn. Sucker Punch can scrap Sash leads since you'll get a first strike to finish the foe off and come out on top, and with Metal Burst dropped you can preserve Kirikizan's Speed, allowing him to use Taunt on more defensive leads. Some combination of Taunt, Sucker Punch, Stealth Rock and...well, something else that takes your fancy will work best for Kirikizan.

    - HP training on something as frail as Agirudaa is absurd, especially when you're crippling his two best stats in the process - full Sp.Attack/Speed on Agirudaa is mandatory. Guard Share + Recover isn't really going to hack it here - anything that would be able to slaughter you fast likely won't have the best defenses, leaving you very spare, and anything with high defenses will likely still laugh at your attacks all day since they still aren't likely to do enough to slay your opponent. Me First is an interesting option for this guy especially if you're facing a dragon (and there's a fair few of them around,) Extreme Risk is...interesting, and between Hidden Power, Bug Buzz, Energy Ball and Focus Blast you've enough moves to make a decent special sweeper - play to this guy's strengths.

    - Burungeru is begging for Leftovers with a set like that. Don't knock Water Absorb either just because you're already resistant to Water - Water Absorb is a free heal if you predict right, and that's FAR better than you're giving it credit for. Cursed Body is still a massive troll for anything with a Choice item though, so you can definitely keep that on your set if you want. Boiling Water could work well over Surf since you have a burn chance on physical sweepers coming in, and foes like Ononokus will be a lot more wary of switching in and setting up in your face if you carry it.

    - Drop Stone Edge for Shadow Punch on Goruggo. Life Orb on something that slow isn't the smartest idea unless you're Magic Guard Ranculus either, so an item that boosts damage without harming you every turn would work better. Sub/Focus Punch is a potential option for this guy as well, although Telekinesis/DynamicPunch could be very nasty if the opponent is caught off-guard by it.

    - Zeburaika's about as good as you've made him - if he's still underperforming, I'd use something else. Life Orb would be far better than Balloon for him though.

    - Why on earth would you choose to lower the foe's stats while you have them trapped instead of simply boosting your own? Calm Mind gives you everything Tickle and Fake Tears would and so much more for the cost of a single moveslot instead of two. Energy Ball or Charge Beam would be nice for this gothic lolita Pokemon on top of Psycho Shock and Shadow Ball, Hidden Power Fire/Fighting are great for her as well and don't write off Trick Room either, since you can easily turn this thing into a sweeping speed demon out of nowhere and also help Goruggo out in the process. I'd go for some Sp.Attack training here too since Gochiruzeru needs a bit of it to make the most of Calm Mind.

    Your movesets are pretty good, but your EV training is not - focus on playing to your strengths with EVs instead of trying to cover weaknesses, and focus on stuff that's unique and effective, not unique, gimmicky and likely ineffective against any intelligent adversary and you'll do better.
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  4. I have a few words for your Burungeru .
    I can see you care about defense more than offense ,
    Since you have Protect and Recover as moves .
    Protect, if you are lucky , saves you from the offending Pokemon .
    Recover regains a few health points .
    You like keeping your hp full , right ?

    Like what King of Lucario said , Leftovers are a good idea for use as an item .
    Or a similar item knowns as Shell Bell which also regains a little hp for the user .
    When you do that , you could probably take Recover off then swap it with
    Another attack move , like a fire type if possible ?
    I'm not familiar with Generation V Pokemon yet so I'm not so sure .
    But other than that , very smart team .
  5. KoL

    KoL Expert FPS Player
    Staff Member Moderator

    Shell Bell is awful, never ever use it. Ever.

  6. Oh really ?
    May I have a sensible explanation for that please ?
    Because I have been using a Shell Bell for my Froslass lately and it seems to work perfectly fine .
    No offensive feelings , just wondering why .
  7. Shocari

    Friend Code:
    Leftovers heals EVERY turn, giving 1/16 of the holder's max HP. Shell Bell gives 1/8 of the damage dealt, so you're getting a random amount of HP back every time, but you have to attack in order to even use it. With Leftovers, you're getting recovery no matter what, and 1/16 max HP is a pretty good amount to get back as opposed to not even knowing what you're receiving.

    Additionally, Leftovers helps defensive Pokemon stay a formidable wall, and can also be used on offensive Pokemon to help clear up residual damage so they can sweep longer.

  8. Oh sorry for mentioning that .
    I never knew that you HAD to make a move to use Shell Bell ...
    Thanks for informing me .
  9. KoL

    KoL Expert FPS Player
    Staff Member Moderator

    Note that this also means Shell Bell will only ever match/do better than Leftovers in healing is if you hit your opponent for at least 50% of their HP in damage every single turn. This puts the item in a rut where it does nothing for everything - attackers won't want it since damage-boosting items work better for them (and many won't care about survivability enough to need Shell Bell anyway) and defenders won't be able to dish out the damage necessary to outdo Leftovers, especially if they aren't even using attacks half the time (and most won't.)

    Shell Bell is dreadful - there is absolutely no point whatsoever in using it on anything. Also, this:

    ...is not acceptable in the Clinic. You either double-check your advice to make sure it is correct or you say nothing at all.

    Keep this on topic from now on please.
  10. Alright! I switched up my team to something I like. A lot ♥

    Desukan @ Red Card
    252 Def/252 SpDef/4 HP
    - Will-O-Wisp
    - Destiny Bond
    - Substitute
    - Evil Eye

    So, er, this is my not so steady lead! My team is stallish in nature, and Desukan is the opener. He'll generally Will-O-Wisp to stop leads that don't Taunt, so as to cripple them to be less threatening later. If I can somehow force a swich, I could Substitute or Destiny Bond. Evil Eye's a follow-up to Will-O-Wisp. He doesn't do much else, and that's the problem! I'm not too sure what I want to do with him, or if I want to use him at all. I want an effective lead who can burn, or set up Rocks, and complements with my team. With the testing I've done with him, he really doesn't do more than Will-O-Wisp, if it even hits. I think I need help with this guy, or even replacement XD

    Tesseed @ Evolution Stone
    Iron Barbs
    252 Def/252 SpDef/4 HP
    - Leech Seed
    - Thunder Wave
    - Spikes
    - Worry Seed

    Tesseed is the guy who inspired me to make this team. His defenses surpass Nattorei's by a fine number, and he can even use his lower HP total to his advantage, in that Leech Seed heals much more on Tessy than Natty. He's my utility guy, so he Thunder Waves things that are fast and...is still slower than them! That's okay though, cause the Thunder Wave is to support another teammate coming up shortly. Other than that, he ahs Spikes to support hazarding, and then I gave him Worry Seed. Worry Seed is to, er, do what it says. If he can catch a Mischievous Heart user or something with a critical ability, all the better! I haven't gotten much use from it, though. If he has some other support move for a slot, that would help, cause he ain't attacking with those offenses. He's my pivotal member; when grass and fire types are gone, the opponent is where I want him.

    Azumarill @ Leftovers
    Thick Fat
    252 HP/128 Def/123 SpDef
    - Aqua Ring
    - Substitute
    - Toxic
    - Protect

    With Tesseed as the core, I needed a Pokemon who could take those Fire Attacks for him. And who could that beee? Azurill is surprisingly bulky, with 100 base HP and 80 in Defenses. He resists both Ice and Fire, two types that plague another member of my team, and with Thick Fat, they become 4x resists! Unfortunately, Thick Fat means no Huge Power, so Azumarill can't viably pull off an attacking set. So, I made a Toxistaller! He does it pretty well too, Aqua Ring and Leftovers make Subs easier to set up, moreso with Protect. I don't think anything is off with him, other than maybe EV spreads.

    Gliscor @ Toxic Orb
    Poison Heal
    252 HP/252 Def/4 Spd
    - Toxic
    - Substitute
    - Swagger
    - U-Turn

    Gliscor is my unconventional answer to special sweepers on my defense-oriented team. He is also my secondary Toxistaller, although I also gave him U-Turn, in case of threatening Ice Beams, which will then let me pull off a switch to Azumarill. Gliscor's pretty fast anyway. He uses Swagger on special sweepers and hopes on hax in that way to get them, while Toxic doe its work. It also works out on slower physical attackers, who really take a hit from the self-confusion hit. Provided he can outspeed them with Substitutes, of course. If one has a better idea instead of U-Turn other than Protect, I wouldn't mind knowing |D

    Clefable @ Choice Band
    Magic Guard
    252 HP/196 Def/60 SpDef
    - Wish
    - Encore
    - Trick
    - Ice Beam

    Okay, I know the EVs are wonky, but they give both of her defenses the same number, which I have a habit of doing. It's not like Clefable dies to most hits anyway. Clefable is my less risky answer to special sweepers. She Tricks off the Choice Band, or Ice Beams pesky Taunters like Aerodactyl or Erefuun, who traipse all over my team if it weren't for the last member. She also keeps Encore for the same reason, in case it suits her. Now that I think about it, however, Trick and Encore are rather redundant. Wish is nice for Wishpassing to my other Mons like Tesseed, who pretty much gets a full heal with Clefable's large HP. That's about all on her.

    Camerupt @ Custap Berry
    Solid Rock
    80 HP/252 Atk/108 Def/68 SpDef
    - Overheat
    - Nitro Charge
    - Earthquake
    - Explosion

    This guy is why Natty needs Thunder Wave. Camerupt is pretty cool now with Nitro Charge, although he generally needs to pull off two to do well. I know the EVs are again, odd, butt hey make his HP stat 301, to survive things like Seismic Toss, and his Defenses around 200, which isn't great but I don't think it's too bad. He supports my two Toxistallers by laying the smackdown on Poison and Steel types, including enemy Nattoreis, which are a pain in the rear. He hits from both ends of the spectrum with his reliable attack stats, as I keep Overheat around against hugely physically defensive 'mons. He's pretty solid when he gets going, and even if he can't, Explosion with the Custap Berry, which makes things like priority, is going to be a painful surprise.

    So, whatcha think!

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