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Private/Closed The First Annual Solaurea City World Tournament! (RP)

Discussion in 'Pokémon Role Play' started by PrincessPika~chan, Apr 2, 2019.

  1. PrincessPika~chan

    PrincessPika~chan Previously PrincessPika

    In the Aureolis region, everyone was celebrating about the new champion of the Pokémon league, who almost immediately requested a tournament to be held for all sorts of strong trainers all across the world to participate, and all the people who were invited got this letter:

    Dear (name), you have been invited to the first annual Solaurea City world tournament! You have been picked for your exceptional battling skills that a friend or relative of yours has told us about; we expect to see you in five weeks’ time from the date of this letter (10/01/201X) and will wish you the best of luck in the tournament!
    Signed by: The Aureolian Event Council, Zephan Asterope Ulima and Lily Mariel.

    And, of course, all the participants came along to the Aureolis region. (I hope)

    Now, onto the RP!

    Aoisuko was at the airport, “I don’t get why I have to participate in this tournament, I mean I know I don’t have to, but the way it’s phrased is so annoying that I felt like I have to go...” She mumbled, “Oh look, my plane’s here,” she said as she climbed up onto the aeroplane, “So long Hoenn then, for the time being at least,” Aoisuko sighed, one of her Pokémon started shaking in their Pokéball, “Oh be quiet, Umbrielle! I know you’re excited but can you stay quiet for the long and boring plane ride?” Aoisuko laid her head back; it was definitely a long plane ride.


    After a while, Aoisuko finally landed in Aureolis, she sighed, “Sure is great to visit othe- Hey, Umbrielle! Don’t run off without me!” Aoisuko ran after her Zoroark, who ran towards a nearby hotel and looked at it curiously. “Calm down, Umbrielle, please,” Aoisuko panted when she caught up to the Zoroark.
  2. The letter had come as quite a surprise to Finion and he was still trying to figure out whether or not it was a pleasant one. There he was, sitting in his old childhood bedroom and remembering the time before he became a trainer, before he had met all the wonderful Pokemon and people he now had in his life. Then boom! He had a letter in his lap, one that his Pachirisu had rather forcefully given him. Finion could recall Sparky being extremely excited, running circles around the bed whilst he tentatively opened the letter and read it carefully. It was a decision he thought long and hard about. He almost didn't leave the house ... but he did.


    Finion had decided to fly to Solaurea City but not in a typically way."Pachi! Pachi-Pachi!" Sparky's cries of annoyance was lost in the wind, the Pachirisu allowing his trainer to hold him tightly. "I know, I know we're almost there okay" The pair were sat on the back of a Tropius, a shiny one that was soaring high above the ground with ease and content. "Coconut you holding up alright?" Coconut's long neck lifted her head up and around to look back to the trainer on her back. She smiled, giving a quick glance to Sparky and then returning her gaze ahead of her. They had been flying for a good few hours now but the Tropius wasn't anywhere near tiring.

    "Look we're coming upon the city now Sparky" Finion attempted to encourage his eletric type to be more positive about their journey. highlighting how it was coming to an end. The blue and white squirrel ignored Finion, continuing to clutch onto his vest. With a sigh Finion leaned forwards, reaching a hand to pat the side of his Tropius' neck. "Bring us down slowly, land in the clearing up ahead alright" They were approaching from the east, flying a few hundred metres above the ground but slowly beginning to descend now.
  3. PlayfulFox47

    PlayfulFox47 Previously PlayfulShinx47

    Alice reread the letter as she walked through Hou'oli City. She couldn't believe that she was chosen to participate in this tournament. As soon as she found out the booked a ticket to Aureolis. Today was her flight.
    Alice's flight was almost over. She could see the Aureolis region's beauty. She couldn't wait to battle the other trainers. She would soon defeat them all.
  4. In Solaurea City, a masked figure looked down from the roof of one of the buildings. Far below, a young dark haired girl was chasing after her Zoroark. In the distance, the masked figure could see a large-looking Pokemon flying towards the city with a trainer on it's back. It was close to time... A punk-looking teenage girl looked down over the edge of the building at the girl and her Zoroark with interest.

    "Yes, Raza, I see them. Looks like you won't be the only Zoroark in the tournament, eh?" The masked young man said. The girl simply smiled and smirked confidently. "Now, I suppose we should find our way to wherever this tournament takes place and get there early. It would be a shame to us to have been invited only to never show up."

    With that, the young man puffed out his chest heroically and looked out over the city.
    "Watch out, Aureolis! For you shall soon know the power of a true hero and lover of justice! Karpman away!!!" The man known as Karpman quickly turned around and ran back into the building towards the elevator. The teenage girl watched him, unimpressed, before sighing and following after Karpman.
  5. A letter had come to him, as he read the letter he got a bit nervous but also a bit of joy. “I got invited to a tournament? They really consider me a powerful trainer?” Riro came out of his pokeball fired up. “I know your excited, but please don’t cause any trouble” He said as he put Riro back into his pokeball. He then went to the airport and before long he arrived at Aureolis city.
    As he stepped out of the plane he looked at his new surroundings. “This city is amazing!” He runs off looking at everything that was new to him. He then stopped and realized the reason he was here. “I really shouldn’t be taking my time around here. I should try and get there fast so I can be prepared!” He runs off to find where the tournament is taking place.
  6. PlayfulFox47

    PlayfulFox47 Previously PlayfulShinx47

    (Karpman is the coolest superhero I've ever seen)
    Alice stepped off the plane and entered the busy airport. She was now in Solaurea City. "Come on out Rocky." She said, releasing her Lycenrock day form. "Rocky, I trust that you know I won't take failure." She said only glancing at her pokemon her face expressionless as ever.
    "Rock" Rocky nodded.
    "Good. I only settle for best." She replied as she walked out of the airport.
  7. MihajloJedi

    MihajloJedi Previously m1h4jl0

    Michael was laying on his bed. He was impatient. He was waiting his invitation for World Championship. After few months, this last few minutes were too long to wait. Michael was very impatient.
    Finally, his mom entered his room and looked Michael with great smile.
    "Is it here?" Michael jumped out of his bed.
    "Here it is" Michael's mom said holding letter.
    "Yes!" Michael yelled and grabed letter.
    After he read it he picked up his backpack, grabbed his ticket and went on cruiser for Aureolis.
    After few hours Michael looked down the horizon and spotted Aureolis.
    'Finnaly, I am there.' Michael said for himself and smiled.
  8. Wolf reread his letter for what must've been the hundredth time while the plane was gliding through the air. It wasn't the first time he traveled abroad, but this time, something felt different. A tournament of the world's best trainers. I thought Cynthia was the best trainer. Will she be there? Please don't be there. Not again. Wolf shook his head, snapping out of his train of thoughts. "Ladies and gentlemen, please fasten your seatbelts. We are about to land in Solaurea City." the friendly voice informed. Click.

    Wolf stepped out of the plane and took a deep breath, inhaling the fresh air of Aureolis. The weather was a lot more pleasant than back in Twinleaf Town. He made his way to the gate, where he found a stand with some maps of the region. The way to the Tournament was very clearly displayed. Determined, Wolf exited the airport and headed towards the stadium.

    To make his journey a little more bearable, Wolf let out his Arcanine. With a bright red beam and a yawn that almost turned into a roar, Arcanine made its entrance in the Aureolis region. "Easy, girl." Wolf smiled, giving the furry Fire-type a scratch. "This is it 'Nine. The Grand Tournament." Wolf sighed in relief, already seeing the big stadium from afar. Lets give it all we got.
  9. PlayfulFox47

    PlayfulFox47 Previously PlayfulShinx47

    Alice saw another trainer, a boy. "So, your watching I guess," Alice said to the trainer. She glanced over at the Arcanine. "Or competing. I would suggest not getting in my way if you are. I came here to win, not to go crying home because I couldn't hold my own." She looked up at the stadium. "So I'm one of the top trainers in the world. I never thought I would get this far." she whispered.
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  10. Loki Primus stared at the letter in his home in Mahogany Town. "...", his face was blank, before bursting with joy," YES, I CAN FINALLY SHOW THE WORLD ALL OF MY TRAINING!!!" The noise was so loud, it awoke his brother in the bed next to him. He looked at Loki," Wait, what?" Loki beamed," Yes, in a new region, I am invited to a first ever WORLD tournament!" Loki's brother was surprised, Loki wasn't acting like himself. "Well, the airport in Ecruteak is heading over there, you should hurry, it'll leave soon!", his brother said, who worked as a flight attendant at the airport. Loki sneaked out of his house early in the morning, around 5 AM, to avoid waking anybody else. He made it through the water on a boat to Ecruteak, and arrived at the airport at 6 AM. He bought a ticket to Solaurea City, and awaited his flight. Before he knew it, he was flying high above the beautiful gem that is the Johto Region. He arrived in what seemed a foreign land, but it was chocked full of adventure. Loki had a rush of nostalgia, exploring the Johto and Kanto Regions, it was a new experience to him at the time. Now, he had another chance of exploring, in the Aureolis Region, he couldn't wait!
  11. The elevator doors of the building opened with a light ding, and Karpman sprinted into the lobby of the business, startling a few businessmen and drawing stares from everywhere. After all, it wasn't every day that a man in a bright red tracksuit and magikarp mask sprinted through your workplace. Raza slowly followed behind Karpman, still in her human Illusion, and tried to shield her face so no one would realize that she was connected to such a weirdo.

    Karpman through open the doors of the business building and jumped into the street, startling a few passerby. The self-proclaimed hero stuck a quick pose before seeing the stadium in the distance.
    "Yes! The field of battle! Onward! Come, Raza! To victory!" Karpman proclaimed loudly. And with that, the trainer began to run towards the stadium. Raza simply sighed and put her face in her hands before slowly following Karpman at a distance.
  12. After a while of flying low through a park Finion had managed to find a good secluded clearing to land Coconut in. He didn’t want to draw to much attention to himself and someone landing a shiny Tropius would probably do that. The second Coconut’s feet touched the ground Sparky leapt off Finion, hugging, rolling and just enjoying the feel of the ground. Ironic considering his typing. It made him chuckle.

    After checking he’d got everything in his bag he thanked Coconut, returning the Pokemon to her Pokeball and then drawing his attention back to Sparky. “Alright are we ready to-... Sparky?” The squirrel Pokemon had seemingly just disappeared ... or just moved without a sound. “Buddy come on out now” Still there was nothing. Finion sighed. “This is nonse-Ah, hey!” The little electric type had pounced on him, almost knocking Finion onto the floor. He was able to keep his footing but found that his hat had been swiped and that a certain little squirrel was running off with it. “Get back here you!” Finion shouted and started after Sparky with a smile, not even bothering to look around as the park turned into a city. As they raced through the streets he knew exactly where Sparky was leading him ... the stadium.
  13. Loki got off of the plane, and went into the airport where he could find trainers from all around the world flooding the building. He exited the building. Wait, he thought, where did I put my Pokemon!? Loki looked everywhere, and he was rushing around the city, and saw some notable trainers around. Loki immediately thought of what he looked like, and started freaking out. He thought for a minute, and felt something in his pocket. He took a Heavy Ball out and felt like he had made noise for no reason. Loki felt ashamed, and walked around the city with his head drooping. He saw the stadium, and a hotel right next to it. Loki walked into it, and got a room on the eleventh room of the sixth floor - which he figured out overlooked the stadium. He took out Permafrost and looked up the contestants. "Hm...", he said, browsing," These trainers...", a rush of anxiety kicked in," Are way too good for me!" Permafrost stopped admiring the luxurious room and heard Loki. She jumped out of the window onto another building, and he followed him, after all, Mahogany Town was settled by ninja, so he had a few tricks up his sleeve.
  14. PlayfulFox47

    PlayfulFox47 Previously PlayfulShinx47

    Alice walked away from the silent trainer. She had better things to do, like find out the competitors. She couldn't enter a battle unprepared, she made it here for a reason. She opened the note again. "Who suggested me? I thought everyone I know doesn't believe I can be a great trainer. Unless they suggested me just to prove that their right." Alice thought.
    Rocky looked at Alice. he knew that she was thinking about.
  15. Permafrost stopped to sniff the air, with her amazing sense of smell, she could smell anything within a three mile radius. Loki tripped over a ledge, surprised that she had stopped. He was falling before he knew it. In a desperate act, he sent out Vesuvius under him, comforting his fall. However, Vesuvius almost crushed Alice. Loki felt ashamed and grew silent, not wanting to talk to her. Permafrost jumped down, right onto Loki's shoulders, setting up a poor first impression on Alice.
  16. Crimson Sun

    Crimson Sun Previously Crims0n

    Crimson Asters stepped off the plane that had just landed in Solaurea City for the upcoming World Tournament that was happening within a few days. The brunette was honestly surprised to be invited to such a prestigious event. If this is a world tournament, there certainly must be many trainers that are much stronger than him. Who knew that he, Crimson Asters, was capable of being able to join a whole world tournament? He didn't think it was possible, but now it's certainly reality, standing right in the middle of the hosting city...or well, the airport, but that's besides the point.

    "Luxray, let's go." Throwing a Pokeball into the air, the monster ball released the Gleam Eyes Pokemon within it's confinements. Luxray let out a soft purr as Crimson ran his fingers through the creature's mane. Strapping his satchel tightly on his shoulders, Crimson climbed atop of the Luxray, ensuring both he creature and himself were comfortable.

    "Let's check into our room first and then the tournament and exploring can come after," Crimson said softly to the Luxray. The Pokemon called out it's agreement before started to pad towards the exit of the airport into the city. Crimson thought it would have been best to keep the Pokemon he was using in his PC. This is a world tournament again, he doesn't want the competition already knowing what Pokemon he will be using within the tournament.

    As the Luxray started picking up speed, Crimson looked around his surrounding area. There were lots of trainers around, all presumably going to be participating within the tournament. The city itself was glistening, paying homage to it's title: The City Where the Sun Never Sets. Obviously it's more metaphorical, but he couldn't wait until it's night time, where he'll see if "the sun sets" or not. His head suddenly snapped back to reality, looking at his electronic map of the city.

    "Wait Luxray! We missed the turn!"

    The Luxray grumbled at his trainer's clumsy mistake.

    "Sorry! I'll pay more attention next time!"
  17. Karpman finally came to a stop in front of the stadium, looking up at the massive building.
    "Ah, yes! I haven't even been in here yet, and I can tell that this is a magnificent place to battle! A truly perfect place to test the strength, wit, and courage of any who enter! Tell me, Raza, can you feel the challenge?! The excitement?!" Karpman stated dramatically. Raza simply ignored Karpman, instead taking interest in a young trainer chasing after a Pachirisu with what she assumed was the trainer's hat. Karpman noticed this as well, and turned to get a better look at the situation.
    "Ha ha! This looks like a job for.... Karpman!" With that, Karpman sprung onto a bench and pointed at Finion's Pachirisu.

    "Stop there, hat thief! Or face the power of justice!" Karpman announced in a dramatic tone of voice. Raza facepalmed and scooted away.
  18. Loki was too embarrassed, so he sent Vesuvius back in it's Great Ball, and sulked, again. He thought everyone was criticizing him from afar, and all the attention was drawn to him. Loki thought that until he saw Karpman. Loki stared in disbelief. What...? How could a person dress up like this?, Loki thought, his HE part of this region's evil team? Permafrost charged at him. "Hey!", Loki didn't have time to react before she jumped on Karpman's shoulders and took his mask off, to reveal --- a normal person. ..., Loki felt bad, but he just stood there.
  19. Right when Karpman's mask was rudely whipped off his face, Shiori instantly put a hand to his face in an attempt to mask it. However, it was too late. The illusion that he was some sort of hero, all the confidence and bravery that came with that, vanished. Shiori now just felt like a stupid guy in a stupid costume.
    "Wha- what the?!" Shiori exclaimed nervously, crawling back and looking over at what had snatched his mask. It appeared to be some sort of Sandslash, except white and blue instead of tan and brown. Was this what a shiny looked like? Ack, it didn't matter, it had his mask!

    Raza, noticing her trainer's distress, ran over Permafrost and grabbed the mask from the Alolan Sandslash. Still using her Illusion to disguise herself as a human, the Zoroark let a low growl at Permafrost as she tossed Shiori back his mask. The trainer caught it, still using one of his hands to keep his face covered. Shiori closed his eyes, let out a breath, and quickly put the Magikarp mask back on.

    Karpman instantly jumped to his feet and pointed indignantly at the Alolan Sandslash.
    "I say! Don't you know better than to just unmask a hero like that?!?" Karpman exclaimed angrily.
  20. PlayfulFox47

    PlayfulFox47 Previously PlayfulShinx47

    (Karpman is still the best hero)
    Alice a fake team on her. She did this so that no one would know her real strategy. Also, these pokemon needed attention. She reviewed some battles she saw on the list of trainer competing. This was the best way to learn your opponent. She would win this tournament, if she didn't then she'll prove everyone right. Alice didn't want that.
  21. Permafrost felt victorious for a while, but then realized it was just a trainer. Loki noticed that the trainer in the costume was in the tournament, and started to observe his Pokemon. He admired his Zoroark's speed, and the loyalty to it's trainer. He started to get bored, and spaced out. Loki walked away, and went into the stadium, awaiting a practice battle while he was training.
  22. Through the excitement of arriving in the new region, and the sheer disbelief on how grand the stadium was, Wolf didn't even notice that a girl was standing by him until he saw her walk away from the corner of his eye. "I-" He attempted, but she didn't seem to care anymore. Wolf shrugged at his Arcanine and continued his walk towards the stadium. I wonder what kind of trainers I'll have to face.

    When they neared the stadium, there was a lot of activity and noise. Trainers gathering, exhibition battles, registrations. It was chaos. Amid this chaos there was something happening. A strange looking trainer, and a...blue Sandslash with a mask? What was all this? Wolf decided to capture Arcanine back in its Pokéball and head towards the registration booth himself.

    After waiting for what seemed like forever, the queue in front of Wolf dispersed, and it was finally his turn. "Wolf. Wolf August. Sinnoh Region." He bluntly said to the lady behind the glass.

    "Let me check here." She softly replied, dragging her pen down the paper to find his name. She had a never-ending list of trainers who participated in the tournament, so finding Wolf took quite a while. "There we go. You are in room S117. I wish you the best of luck!" She smiled and handed Wolf the key card he would need to enter his room. His tournament could officially begin.
  23. They ran for what seemed like a minute, Finion admittedly getting a little bit tired and being glad when his Pokemon came to a skidding to a halt. Sparky’s abrupt stop had not been because they had reached the stadium. Instead he had came to a stop due to being called out by Karpman, something that hard surprised and perplexed the Pachurisu as much as it had Finion.

    He looked towards Karpman and the strange lady attempting to disassociate herself with him, scooping up Sparky in his arms who he had walked up to at this point. “Erm ...” Finion was unsure as how to respond in the bizzare situation. It became even more of a mess when a Pokemon swiped away this hero’s mask and the man’s entire persona changed. The loud and proud magikarp man became nervous and scared by the looks of things.

    Finion watched as the rest of the scene unfolded, taking his hat off Sparky and placing it back on his head. Once Loki and his Pokemon left Finion approached Karpman in a few steps, a little awkward smile on his face as he looked to the masked man and the lady with him. “Hey you okay?’ Sparky was on Finion’s shoulder, staring at the trainer/Hero a little on edge.
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  24. PrincessPika~chan

    PrincessPika~chan Previously PrincessPika

    Aoisuko managed to get Umbrielle to calm down a bit, though the Zoroark was still somewhat hyper, "Ark! Zorozoro-ark!" Umbrielle cried as she pointed at a large stadium about 10 metres away.

    "That must be the battle arena then... Okay then," Aoisuko sighed as she pulled out one of her Pokéballs, "Come on out Rainbow!" She called as she tossed it up; a mostly white bird-like Pokémon appeared in a small burst of white light with a couple yellow and white stars, several people stopped as they looked at the shiny Swanna that had just been sent out in awe.

    “Swanna,” Rainbow said as she glided down to Aoisuko.

    “Over there Rainbow,” Aoisuko said as she got up onto the Swanna’s back, she pulled Umbrielle onto Rainbow’s back as well just before the Swanna took off into the sky and flew over to the battle stadium. When she got there, she noticed a couple people nearby, “Other participants... I thought I was the only one two days early...” Aoisuko sighed as she got of Rainbow’s back and called her back into her Pokéball; Aoisuko decided to book into a nearby hotel whilst Umbrielle went over to the group of people near the arena and used her Illusion to look like her trainer as a sort of joke.
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  25. PlayfulFox47

    PlayfulFox47 Previously PlayfulShinx47

    After watching the videos for a while, Alice thought it was time to sign in. Surely it should be less of a line right now, right? Wrong! The line was even larger than before. All Alice could do was wait, or she could let out a member of her false team. No, that would draw attention and she didn't want that. She would just wait in line like everyone else.
  26. Loki had never signed in, and he realized the wait for the line. He walked in line, right behind the girl he almost pancaked with Vesuvius. A couple of hours later, a new queue opened up. Loki ran to the new receptionist. "Okay, here's a sheet you must fill out, your name and hometown is up here, the region over here, and this is your Pokemon", the receptionist pointed to each part of it, slightly annoying Loki. He took the sheet and filled it out. The receptionist took it, and officially allowed him in. Loki stood by a "Practice Battlefield" to get Intel on the trainers and their Pokemon, maybe even battling some of them.
  27. To Karpman's annoyance, the Alolan Sandslash didn't even look like it acknowledged his exclamation. The hero watched as the Sandslash followed his trainer, a young teenage boy, back to the stadium. But before Karpman could follow and really give him a piece of his mind, another person approached.

    "Okay?! Well, of course I'm okay!" Karpman exclaimed, jumping back on the bench and facing Finion. "A hero can never be kept down by some small thing such as that! And I am indeed a hero! For justice!"
    Karpman puffed out his chest heroically, and Raza tried her best to act like Karpman was not even there. Karpman suddenly pointed to Finion.
    "Now tell me! Who are you?! Are you here to compete in the tournament?!" Karpman inquired.
  28. Cooper quickly ran in and saw the massive line. “This is going to take forever, I should’ve gotten here earlier...” he looks around to see if there was another reception desk. To his luck there was, he quickly ran behind the others and waited in line. When it was his turn they asked for some normal things like your pokemon and some personal information. He filled it out and passed it to the receptionist. She thanked him and told him to wait around for the tournament to start. He went over to a small seating area and sat down. “I should get some rest before I start, don’t want to be exhausted while I’m battling.”
  29. Riley got out of the plane,taking in the beauty that was Solaurea City."This is so...Lame."She said with a disappointed sigh.Her Gardevoir was behind her,looking at everything that was around her."Now,where to?"She asked her Pokémon,who pointed in the direction of the stadium.They walked over there,sighing when they saw the queue.They got in line,soon arriving at the reception.She filled out all the information that she needed to write about.
    "Great,you will be staying on the 4th floor in the 7th room!"The receptionist said with a smile.
    "Thanks,I guess."Riley said unimpressed.She went over to the front of the stadium,where a lot of interesting individuals were talking and playing.She sighed once again and looked at the stadium entrance,imagining what would happen in the tournament.
  30. PlayfulFox47

    PlayfulFox47 Previously PlayfulShinx47

    Alice saw the shorter line and went there instead. She wanted to get out of there ASAP. She filled out the correct info and went out to watch the others practice. She wouldn't let anyone see what she was doing. She found one trainer, not practicing. She walked over to her. "So you're not going to let people see you practicing either." She said to her.
  31. Riley looked annoyed at Alice,since she didn't want to be bothered."Pfft,I don't need no practice.I'm not obssesed to make sure I'll win.Now,don't talk to me again."She wandered off where there weren't a lot of annoyances,but she found herself in the same area as a weirdo with a Magikarp mask."What...The...Heck?"She whispered in shock.
  32. PlayfulFox47

    PlayfulFox47 Previously PlayfulShinx47

    "Rude, I was TRYING to talk to someone. Now I see what kind of people I'm dealing with. People who title's not on the line." Alce whispered angerly. She walked away while she continued to watch the other train.
    Rocky sat down next to his trainer. He couldn't believe that someone would say that to his trainer when she was trying to be nice.
  33. PrincessPika~chan

    PrincessPika~chan Previously PrincessPika

    After a short break to relax in her room, Aoisuko went down to the tournament arena, “Wait, where’s Umbrielle?” She looked around for any sign of her Zoroark, someone nearby suddenly seemed to turn into a Zoroark, “Oh there you are. Stay in your Pokéball now, I don’t want anyone to know my Pokémon ‘til the tournament starts okay?” Aoisuko said as she pulled out Umbrielle’s Pokéball.

    At the reception counter, Aoisuko filled out her form and went into a training arena, where she saw a few people readying themselves despite the fact tournament that the tournament didn't start until about two days’ time, Aoisuko walked up to a girl around the same age as herself, “Hi there I guess,” Aoisuko sighed, the Pokéball that she held started to shake, “Oh c’mon Umbrielle, calm down,” she sighed again.
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  34. Riley looked at Aoisuko with a shocked expression and asked her"Hey,you can see that guy with the Magikarp mask,right?"She pointed at KarpMan,still a little shocked,since she was taken by surprise.She didn't expect people like that to be there,so she was a little creeped out.
  35. PrincessPika~chan

    PrincessPika~chan Previously PrincessPika

    Aoisuko looked at the person with the Magikarp outfit and sighed, "...That's just silly," she brushed her short hair backwards as Umbrielle came out of her Pokéball, “Argh, I told you to stay in your Pokéball Umbrielle!” Aoisuko turned towards her Zoroark angrily.

    “Ark, Zororozo ark...” Umbrielle said as she messing with her hair a bit, mostly around the orange steak in it.

    “Ignore her, she can be annoying,” Aoisuko said as she turned back towards the person she was talking to. Umbrielle used her Illusion to make it look like Aoisuko had a giant trophy on her head for fun.
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  36. "And it's also creepy..."Riley said,taking another look at the man.He looked back at Aoisuko and chuckled"Heh,I like your Zoroark!It knows how to have fun!"He smiled and said"I'm Riley Hex,but I'm not a witch.And I'm happy to see that not everyone that will be participating in the tournament are complete morons!Well,I guess I'll see you 'round!"She waved goodbye and went over to her hotel room to leave her bag.She came back outside and began looking at all the people who were pointlessly excited for the tournament.
  37. This person was so ecstatic, fulled to the brim with energy that just couldn’t help but burst out of him. It made Finion smile, it was rather nice to see someone so confident and out there. Much to the dismay of the person with him it seemed. She appeared to be more silent and reserved, not embarrassed by her associates actions but not wanting to encourage them.

    Finion stopped thinking about the duo and decided to actually continue intersecting with them.

    Karpman suddenly addressing him caught him by surprise, Finion glancing to the side before nodding in response. “Y-Yeah I am” His smile grew more confident, like he was gaining some of Karpman himself. Finion extended his hand towards the hero “My names Finion Charles and this is Sparky- Sparky?” He had gestured to the shoulder the Pachirisu was on only to discover the Pokemon had moved onto the other one. Little trickster.

    “Are you both participating in the tournament as well” Finion also asked Raza as not to be rude but also because he was curious. He could feel one of his Pokeballs shake slightly whenever it faced her. One of his Pokemon was not happy with her for some apparent reason.
  38. PlayfulFox47

    PlayfulFox47 Previously PlayfulShinx47

    Alice walked back to her hotel room. She was annoyed at all of the other trainers. All of them kept on saying they know what they're doing when in reality they're just amateurs. "Thier super supportive parents probably signed them up, not hard work." Alice said as she sat on her bed.
  39. "Greetings, Finion and Sparky! It is nice to meet you both." Karpman said. Raza looked up, a little surprised that Finion had asked her a question as well. The disguised Zoroark simply smirked at Finion and gave a small nod, putting a hand on her hip.
    "Indeed, we are competing in the tournament! It will be a sight to behold!" Karpman said, striking a pose and pointing at the sky. After a moment, the trainer sat down on the bench.
    "I would go sign in, but we're waiting for the line to die down a little." Karpman said. Raza, seeing that her trainer was beginning to act a little less like a wacko, sat down on the bench as well. A quick glance back revealed the line still being pretty long. "So, tell me friends Finion and Sparky, where do you two hail from?"
  40. She was silent once again but at least she had answered, with a smirk and a more refined sort of confidence compared Karpman’s loud and raw one. Raza was mysterious to say the least. “Good luck in it”
    As Karpman mentioned the line Finion looked over to it, noticing it’s length and deciding it to be a good idea to wait as well. He joined the trainer on the bench, looking back to the duo and smiling. “Sinnoh, Berry farm just outside Twinleaf town” It was then he realised he didn’t even know this guy’s name. “Wait what do I call you?”

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