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The Festival of Stars

Discussion in 'Pokémon Role Play' started by Kalseng, Jul 27, 2008.

  1. The star festival was one of the rarest events to take place in any region, much less the johto region. This was when A town was set up over night, in less than 6 hours, it was the most magnificant place in the world. The vendors, performers, organizers, and festival coordinators would show up at midnight, and unpack everything into the clearing they came to every year.

    They would line up their 'streets' in a star pattern, five roads that were narrow at the end, and widened towards the center, and set up shop. The vendors were quick, as they often set up straight out of cars that they brought with them. Other vendors, however, set up their own tents, and put out their hand-made treats, that they only sold at the star festival. Some of the mores famous vendors, however, had enough money to set up their own stores. It took htem about 5 hours, but it was worth it in the end.

    The vendors lined the streets, selling their extravagant foods, trinkets, and other luxuries. They were filled with things to make you stare in awe, and transifix you for hours on end. Trainers and civillians would gather for this festival, some to purcahse these treats, others to marvel at the mystifying performances.

    The performers lined their stages up at the ending sections of each street. And the stages changed depending on the actors, pokemon, and performances. Some could even st up large tents, like big tops, in their large lots. While the performance were extravagent, and the vendors goods exquisite, they didn't even bring half of the attendants.

    In the senter of the star, was a huge stage in the shape of a star, surrounded by gorgeous structures and besutiful fountains, which remained there all year. The stage was actually a huge tounrament platform, for the 'Tournament of the Grande Stars' was held there. Every year, 1,024 contestants joined, and a ten round tournament was held, and the champion walkd away with the Grand Star Pokeball, which was said to be the legendary ball that ontained the powers of the night sky, and the strength of the stars. The ball was kept by the trainer, and a solid, Silver bust was made for every contestant, the victor appearing every 20 years. The winning trainer the previous year wa ssupposed to appear on stage and present that year's trianer with the grand star ball, and return the silver to he Official festival orgainzer, who used his pokemon to melt the Silver, and reshape it into the likeness of the trainer that year on stage.

    And over 10,000 people showed up from all 4 regions to watch, shop, and battle. This was 'The Festival of the Stars'!


    Kalseng wandered down the just now put up streets at 6:07 A.M. to see what the festival was like. Not all of the vendors were completely ready, but others were calling to the handful of early risers to come buy their goods. Kalseng put away 500,000 pokedollars for the Star festival, regardless of how cheap everything was. He wanted some decent leeway on his money. This was his first time to come to the festival of Stars. It only occured every twenty years, and the year was 2020, which meant Kalseng was born about six years too late.

    Kalseng wandered up to a food vendor, and ordered the breakfast meal they had. He received a plate of eggs, each in the shape of a star, 5 strips of bacon, arranged in a star, of course, and some sweet potato has browns, in the shape of, you guessed it, a star. He took a bite, and found everything to be better than anything he had ever eaten, and walked away with a full styrofoam plate. He passed a vendor who was asleep, his face burried in his star-shaped trinkets, and several other food vendors. He approached the end of the street, and saw a novice performer practicing with his manectric.

    The stage was not very large, maybe the size of a medium-sized bedroom, made of wood. It looked like it had been built within 2 hours.

    The performer was a boy, about 15, juggling balls about the size of an apple. Half his outfit was blue, and the other was red. His eyes were both green, and vibrant with youthful energy. The juggler continued rythmically juggling the balls. But then, his manectric fired small thundershocks at the balls, which glowed on contact. The juggler ontinued, and Kalseng's blue eyes lit up. He had never seen such unwavering devotion. Then, he threw them all into the air, and his manectric hit half of them with a yellow thundershock , and the other half with a blue thundershock, and the pushed and pulled at each other, until they were pushing and pulling so hard, that they formed a rapid, glowing star. Then the performer pulled out more balls, and threw them up.

    The manectric charged the balls like he did the others, and the formed 4 other stars of pulsating energy. They then fell into the performers hands, and he rapidly juggled the watermelon-sized collections of energy. Kalsenf's brown hair stood on end uunder green, circular hat. The juggling continued, and then the manectic did something unexpected. He charged his masterwith a thundershock. One half of the performer was hit, then the other. The performer didn't flinch when he was struck, and then the balls stopped, and pushed and pulled around the performer. Then, a star formed around the performer, and he became a glowing rainbow of color. The performer reached out his hand, and snapped his fingers.

    The balls fell appart and dropped, uncharged and still. Kalseng applauded loudly for the performer, whom was ppleasently surprised with Kalseng.

    "Thank you, sir." the performer said as he bowed. Kalseng continued applauding.

    "My name's Kalseng, what's yours?" Kalseng asked.

    "My name is Arick!" The performer proudly stated. "And this is my manectric." He gestured to the calm Manectric on the other end of the stage.

    "Ah, yes. I hope I can see you again some time. How long will you be here?" Kalseng asked.

    "Probably till the tournament's over. I might compete, if my performances are done by saturday." Arrick said, stroking his chin in thought.

    "Really? Me too." Kalseng said, smiling.

    "Oh, really? Well, then you should swing by again later!" Arrick said, his face brightening.

    "Alright, will do!" Kalseng said as he walked away, waving at the young performer.

    [[OOC: If someone wants to take Arrick, that'd be cool with me. Just don't make him an international thief. He's pretty...enthusiastic about... everything.]]
  2. OOC-I suppose I'll join, my character is in the mainstream.

    Cody sat at a small round table, drinking his coffee. A purple blur shot accross from table to table.
    "Great," Cody thought, "I just had to give Silver coffee..."
    The already hyper Aipom was now climbing the umbrellas above the tables, and dancing. Cody smiled at the sight of his partner dancing like a drunk frat boy.
    "He should be fine on his own..." Cody thought, walking towards the center of the "town". Approaching the registration table, he saw some familiar faces. Trainers he had battled, and a few people he knew where members of the Elite Four, a group Cody hoped to one day join. He checked the time on his Pok
  3. OOC-I hope there's more room for tournament goers in here :) I can't respond right now, but I shall post later. ;D

    Daniel, clad in his favourite white suit and reading glasses, sauntered down a side street of the rescently constructed town. Merchants and entertainers stared at him, or more likely, what was behind him. Behind him his troupe of Pokemon walked, free of any restraints of any kind, free and easy.

    On his left side, a huge Arbok slithered, her neck fan flexing and unflexing. She hissed at anyone who got too close to her or Daniel, not out of concern for their safety, but simply to see the passerby jump and scuttle away in terror. Overhead, a Scyther buzzed around, his razor sharp scythes glinting in the sunlight.

    Behind Daniel, shadowing him and nearly everything around him, stood a Rhydon. Unusual for a Rhydon, a big grin was spread across his stoney face. As Rhydon happily marched along, the makeshift buildings around him shook perilously, earning him and Daniel multiple shouts of discontent from the merchants.

    Also shadowed by the happy Rhydon, a Nidorino trotted beside Daniel. Nidorino was Daniel's most trusted Pokemon friend, and was the unofficial leader of the Pokemon that followed him.

    "Nidorino, I wonder if they have any Moon Stones here?" Daniel posed the question to Nidorino, whose large, purple ears perked up excitedly. The troupe had been searching for a Moon Stone in the past months, as Nidorino had been the only one who hasn't reached his full evolution yet. Arbok, being the sadistic snake she is, had been putting increasing pressure on Nidorino.

    "But first, who's thirsty?" Daniel turned sharply and headed to a coffee shop, his Pokemon following closely after. There seemed to be some sort of commotion happening there...
  4. As Cody got back to the coffee shop, he saw Silver going wild. "Not good" was the only thought that crossed his mind. He ran to get closer to where the chaos was.

    "Silver, CALM DOWN DANGIT!" Silver stopped, for just half a second, looked at Cody, then grabbed the coffee out of some unlucky middle-aged man's hands. At this, the shop owner, and customers ran, as they knew what was going to happen if Silver had more coffee.
    Cody pulled a pok
  5. [[OOC: Ydoc77, you need to double space between your paragraphs, or yoshimitsu and linkachu will come get you and ban you. The time in the rpg is now: 9:36]]

    Kalseng witnessed a large band of pokemon marching down the center of one of the streets, proudly taking giant step after giant step, making their way to a coffee vendors place not too far from where Kalseng stood. Kalseng thought to himself "Wow, with all those pokemon walking around, how does he keep them in line? Of course, Haunter and Swablu are just floating around, having fun with the other pokemon. I wonder what they're up to?" Kalseng's mind drifted away, until he realized what was going on down at the coffee shop. A crazy Aipom was running around, with a giant cup of coffee in hand, crazily running, mocking, and dancing. Kalseng sighed, watching the poor trianer try to control his pokemon by himself.

    Then, he shouted something at his Espeon, who stopped the Aipom and drained him of his energy, and then they all laughed. Kalseng walked past the laughing trainer, and asked the vendor for a cup of Deluxe Starr Hot Chocolate. It came out to 500 Pokedollars [[OOC:Lemonade costs 600, mind you all!]] for the cup, and Kalseng took a small sip. It was made from home-made ingredients, grown only up in the mountains at the highest possible altitudes that can sustain plant life, which meant that the treat wasn't just only served at the Festival of Stars, it was nearly impossible to make this in such high quantites without waiting twenty years between each batch.

    Kalseng tasted the hot chocolate, and felt its rich, creamy taste as it swished around in his mouth, heated just so that it wouldn't be too hot to drink, but not chilled, either. Kalseng could taste the acclaimed use of melted milk chocolate in it, and the ever-so-slight atste of caramell. Kalseng felt selfish, and called out to his pokemon in a slightly louder voice. "Haunter! Swablu! Come here, I've got something for you both!" Kalseng called. Within five seconds, a Swablu nosedived towards the table Kalseng stood by, and flipped midair to land softly on the surface. A haunter appeared next to Kalseng, faiding in from the nothingness.

    "Dewgong, would you like some?" Kalseng asked as he threw a grape-fruit sized pokeball from his waist. A dewgong materialized from a red laser shot from the open pokeball, and Kalseng returned the pokeball to its original place.

    "Dewgong gong gong!" The dewgong happily replied. Kalseng took a giant glug of the Large Hot chocolate, leaving about 3/4 left, and put it on the table.

    "Go ahead, have some." Kalseng insisted. Swablu was first, and glugged a third of it, welling up with delight, and dancing around the top of the umbrella, which stood erect from the table.

    Swablu blu blu Swablu!" She exclaimed. Next was Haunter, whom took the 2nd third, andbegan to twirl in midair with delight, as it smiled at Kalseng.

    "Haunter, haunter haunt!" Came the pokemons zealous reply. Then, dewgong took the remaining drink, and was sent into a spiral of delight, and hopped around, merrily skipping about, regardless of the lack of water. Kalseng was smiling warmly at the three as they danced, and noticed that he drew quite a bit of attention.

    "Umm... They just really, REALLY like the hot chocolate here..." Kalseng explained.
  6. OOC-P.M. or A.M.?))

    Cody smiled at the sight of the dancing Dewgong. "And I thought Silver got hyperactive," he mumbled, standing up.

    "Espy, return." In a flash of light, the Espeon was back snugly in it's pok
  7. Daniel stood awestruck, as the Espeon seized control of the hyper little Aipom. After a few moments, it was over. The Aipom was subdued, the Espeon was back in it's pokeball, and the boy who seemed to be the trainer was laughing.

    Daniel nodded to himself, muttering something incoherently. He shrugged and motioned for his troupe to sit at a rather large table, as the large table was the only one Rhydon could fit around. Daniel sauntered up to the coffee stand and pointed to several different beverages, including some Lemonade for Scyther, some Soda for Arbok (Complete with a straw), a keg of Oran berry juice for Rhydon, and fresh Spring Water for Nidorino.

    After a rather unofficial balancing act, Daniel managed to get the drinks to the table. His Pokemon, Scyther in particular, seemed rather enthusiastic about the drinks. Scyther flipped his lemonade onto his left scythe and began to chug away. Arbok made a sour face and shivered as she sipped the soda, and Rhydon and Nidorino had a contest to see who could drink theirs the fastest. Rhydon seemed to win, but mostly because he spilt most of his berry juice out of the keg.

    "Be right back, guys, I need to go sign up for the tourney." Daniel smiled as his pokemon never noticed him leave. He walked up to the resception desk and filled out the forms, pausing for thought every second or so. After he finished, he noticed a Dewgong attempting a 'fish out of water' dance. Intrigued ever so slightly, he walked over to the Dewgong's trainer.

    "Nice Dewgong you have, there." He said, crouching slightly to avoid an airborne Swablu. "Quite the energetic thing, isn't he?"
  8. ooc- i redid what i said kk im really new to thing stuff message to if u can help me

    8:44pm July 30/08(When does the tourney start jw sounds like fun =) and the name I go by in this games is Rogue and Espeon is my partner pokemon) (This is my first real post so if anyone can help me with my story
  9. Psycho Monkey

    Psycho Monkey Member of the Literary Elite Four

    OOC: I'm guessing with 1024 participants there's room for me to join ;)

    "That should do it." said Brian putting down a pen and handing his tournament sign up sheet to the female receptionist.

    "Thank you. I hope you do well and enjoy the rest of your day." she responded. Brian gave a nod and walked to a vender for some tea.

    "Are you going to use the Infant in this tournament?" asked Axel.

    "Of course. Just because Riolu is barely a month old doesn't mean I won't use him." replied Brian.


    "He's a Fighting-Type just like you, and as you already know about yourself, Fighting-Types have high stamina and excellent stregnth, even young ones. And you may not have noticed, but as a powerful member of the same type, Riolu really looks up to you and I'm sure he'd do better with your support. Besides, if I recall correctly, you had below average strength as a Chimchar yet you still handled yourself well in battles through sheer force of will."

    "You're right. Can't protect the Infant forever right?" said the Infernape aknowledging his defeat in the arguement.

    Brian's first Pokemon was Axel, a strange Chimchar with gold fur instead of the usual brown, or maroon in case of shinies. Over the years the two began to usderstand what the other said.
    As the duo walked down one of the streets they came across a small crowd forming. They went into the crowd to see that all the commotion was about a battle between a trainer's Aipom and another's Ekans. Before Brian could blink it was over, the Aipom victorious. Either the Ekans was increadably weak, or this Aipom was a formidable foe. If the latter Brian hoped that he'd meet this trainer in the up coming competetion.

    Brian continued to walk around checking out the sights. He noticed that there seemed to be a lot of trainers and their Pokemon gathered around the coffee stand. At present he counted 8, the Aipom from before, a dancing Dewgong, a Haunter, a Swablu, a Nidorino, a Scyther, an Arbok, and the biggest one in the area a Rhydon. The center of attention at the moment seemed to be focused around the eccentric Dewgong.

    "Come Axel. Let's make some new friends." said Brian motioning his arm at the table.
  10. OOC-Rouge, I hope you can improve your grammar...))

    "Alright Silver, I think you got it!" after a few moments of training, the Aipom seemed to have double hit down. He glowed for a brief second as if about to evolve, but then the necklace came into play, and the glow ceased.

    "Silver, let's go over there," Cody said motioning to Daniel and Kalseng "That dancing Dewgong looks friendly enough, maybe it reflects it's trainer." Cody said hopefully.

    Silver zealously leaped onto Cody's shoulder, and the two walked over to the two trainers. This time, without getting sidetracked.

    "'Hello there!" Cody said to Daniel and Kalseng. "Quit the energetic Dewgong you got there!"

    Silver leaped down and began dancing with Dewgong.
  11. Agrees


    Rosa and Rosie inhaled the sweet scent of the Star Festval. It was one of their favorite festivals, and they didn't have to go far, being born in Jhoto and all. Except for a few minor details, the twins were virtually clones. They both wore the same clothes, which was a white jacket pulled over a black t-shirt, white shorts, and white shoes. Both had bright blue eyes, were 15, with slim bodies, even their hair was styled the same way. It came out from under a white cap to curl around their ears. Although Rosa's was a dark midnight blue, while Rosie's was a paler tan. That was where the similarities ended though.

    Rosa was always a little bit cranky, extremely competitive, and sometimes sarcastic. Rosie on the other hand, was headstrong, and acted as if she didn't know what the word "cautious" meant, often getting her into trouble.

    Rosa sighed pleasantly and let the sweet aromas of coffee and breakfast wash over her. "It's always so wonderful to listen to the Star Festival in the morning, huh Rosie?" She asked, glancing at her sister.

    Rosie's eyes had strayed toward a stand with different star-shaped trinkets of all sizes and colors. She now faced Rosa, smiling, "Yes, but it's always better at night." She said, "Because almost everyone is battling." She closed her eyes in the purest pleasure and let her lungs soak up the air.

    Rosa smiled too, "Ah yes, battling. Always-YO! Volts, stop messing with the metal!" she suddenly shouted. She had let her Raichu run around the streets, and now the orange mouse pokemon had climbed onto the star stand and was pawing a golden star with a ruby in the middle. The star must have cost a small fortune. "Come on," Rosa said, "or I'll leave you while we get breakfast." Well that certainly sent her pokemon scrambling back up to her shoulder.

    Another Raichu, who just happened to be Volts' brother, sat on Rosie shoudler, wheezing with laughter. Volts shot Sparky a dirty look and growled. Rosa's backpack wiggled and suddenly a Cyndaquil popped its head out, squeaking its displeasure of have a Raichu step on its back. Rosa giggled and steered way towards a coffee shop, where a small crowd had gathered. There, she saw a kid with an Aipom, a boy not too far away was surrounded by a tiny mob of pokemon, and a third trainer had a trainer with three dancing pokemon, one a Dewgong. Rosa giggled, but she not been paying attention to where she was going, and almost bumped into a trainer with an Infernape. Murmuring a quick "Excuse me", she hurried to a neaby table.

    Rosie sat down too, Sparky jumped down onto the table and her Chikorita, Sweetie, leapt into her lap. Blaze lazily climbed out of Rosa's backpack, shaking himself awake. Volts went to his side and began conversing on pokelanguage. The two trainers left their pokemon to get drinks and came back minutes later. Rosa carried coffee for herself, a soda for Volts (coffee was the last thing an electric pokemon needed), and some juice of a Spelon berry for blaze. Rosie had always been a chocolate lover, and had a steaming mug of hot chocolate, and some lemonade for Sparky and something that was pink and very sweet as Sweetie's drink.

    The six beings sat down, throughly enjoying their drinks. Rosa was taking sips of her drink, while Blaze loved the spicy berry juice so much that he begged for more after he chugged it down as if he hadn't had anything to drink for a week. Sweetie wasn't as bad as Blaze, but she wasn't much better, at least she took time to actually taste the drink. Sparky and Volts were going relatively the same speed as Rosa, and Rosie copied Blaze. Rosa couldn't help but giggling as she returned with Blaze's third helping of Spelon juice, the Dewgong still continued its antics. She and Rosie thought it was quite humorous, almost as humorous as a Cyndaquil going through three drinks of Spelon berry juice like someone who had just found an oasis in the desert, while one sip was so hot for them it took their breath away.

    (Gah. Sucks to me. :p)
  12. Daniel jumped back slightly, but gained his composure quickly when another trainer posed to question, 'What sort of tournament is this?"

    Daniel responded simplisticly, "A Pokemon tournament. Apparently the prize is a magical pokeball of some kind." Daniel winked at the odd trainer, and slunked away to watch the dancing Dewgong.

    "Hello, there!" Another trainer said, "Quite the entergetic Dewgong you got there!" The trainer had an Aipom on his shoulder, the very same Aipom that had nearly destroyed the coffee house. Interesting, I'll have to watch his fighting techniques later... Daniel pondered. Daniel snapped out of his thoughts, and bend over to scratch Nidorino behind his ear. Needless to say, Nidorino appreaciated it.

    "No kidding, eh? Usually Dewgong aren't this active on land. Have you ever seen a Dewgong aquatics show? Absolutely amazing. By the way, is that little Aipom there the very same that nearly destroyed the coffee shop earlier?" Daniel managed to strike up some conversation, a first for him. Daniel looked back to the table to see Scyther and Arbok in a mean-look-contest, and Rhydon munching on a wooden board, hopefully from the empty keg. He whispered to himself, "Sometimes I wish I wasn't against Pokeballs so much... Those guys need to behave themselves..." Daniel snapped back to attention when he pricked himself on one of Nidrino's spikes, luckily a non-venomous one. Nidorino smiled sheepishly.
  13. 00C-For future reference, Cody is twenty-couple))

    "Well er..." Cody said, nervously scratching the back of his neck, "I don't think he would have DESTROYED the place but...uh...yes, it was him...." Cody said with a weak smile.

    "Prriii! Pom-Ai Ai!" Silver happily sang as he continued dancing with Dewgong.

    "But you wouldn't know it the way he acts the rest of the time." He smiled, hoping the others would soon pass off the coffee shop incident. Cody pulled a chair up and sat next(-ish) to Daniel.

    "So these aquatic shows," Cody pondered, "never been to one, I 'spose you'd recommend it eh?"
  14. [[OOC: Hey, It;s me, Kalseng. I can't do a whole lot right now, but I'll try to post something every once in a while. The time is now 12:24 PM. I/ will be posting regularly soon, but right now I can't even read all of the posts. (Tight schedule, y'know?) But I'll figure something out. Try not to do too much without me? Please?]]
  15. Ah, this Star Festival is going to be fun!

    Mark walked the streets of this makeshift community for about an hour now, and has pretty much restrained himself from giving in to his horrible spending habits so far, but he is going to crack soon. Hordes of vendors have flooded this plaza, with heaps of wondrous treasures as far as the eye can see. But Mark had to limit his spending. He still needed some money at the end of this so he can continue his adventure. So he put a small amount of money for this festival, and handed the rest to his Dragonite.

    People always give them wierd looks when they see an eight-foot tall Dragonite walking around instead of being hidden in the comfort of a Poke Ball, but Mark doesn't care. He enjoys his Dragonite's company, and virually everyone around him don't know hoe special his Dragonite is: Mark's Dragonite is the descendant of the first Dragonite ever discovered! But that is a whole other story.

    Returning his mind to the Star Festival, he looks through the many shops and vendors, seeing many potential gifts and souvenirs for his family. He finds one item in paricular that catches his attention. A large necklace, made for a large Pokemon. It has a simple design, wooden Sharpedo teeth, studded with random turqoise jewels. Although a pretty bland object compared to the other immaculate trinkets at this celebration, for some reason it attracted Mark's attention, and decided to buy it and put around the neck of Dragonite. Overjoyed at his newest acquisition, Dragonite flew up and performed a well maneuvered backflip, but then returned to his composed posture, as if nothing had happened. He always had a habit of that. Despite his spending habits, however, that necklace was the only thing Mark bought that night, as he was going to be preoccupied with his next discovery.

    Apparently, Mark had no idea of a tournament that was going to take place later on. This recent news spurred his attitude to new heights, and immediately rushed to find the nearest registration desk. While battling isn't extremely important to Mark, he knows this is a rare oppurtunity to go up against over one thousand other trainers!

    Mark struggles to keep his tan-brown button-up jacket and his modern-day cowboy hat from falling off, and runs throughout the festival, his semi-long black hair jetting out behind him, with Dragonite gliding slightly over the ground, following him.....
  16. Kalseng had watched all of the past 7 seconds unfold, and realized that two trainers were both inquiring about his dewgong, another two with four different pokemon were seated at a table nearby, and an aipom single handedly took down an ekans and mastered double hit. Kalseng's hed stung a bit from the quick pace of things. After Kalseng's brain caught up, he chuckled at the two inquiring trainers. "Yeah, he's crazy. I found him about a mile away from a beach as a seel, and he learned how to function without water for... two days?" Kalseng turned to his dewgong.

    "Dewgong gong!" He said, nodding, and returning to his little happy dance. Kalseng giggled at the little pokemon's antics, and turned back to the two trainers.

    "I've never heard of aquatic shows. You would recommend them, then?" One trainer asked.

    "Meh." Kalseng said, kicking back in his chair. "Water pokemon aren't that fun to watch, unless they are battling someone, or you can see under the water. Otherwise, water pokemon are pretty la-" Kalseng was cut off as he fell over onto the hard ground, his dewgong's fins gripped around a section of his jacket/cloak. Kalseng sighed. "Except for my dewgong, who's the coolest thing since sliced bread." the dewgong nodded his head in agreement, and waddled back to the two trainers, trying the chat them up.

    "Dew dewgong, gong gong. Dew dew dewgong gong gong gong gong dewgong." The dewgong explained, gesturing wildly to all sorts of places. "Dewgong gong, dew dewgon-" Dewgong was slammed into by the energetic swablu, who perched itself atop the dewgong's horn, bringing its wing up to its forehead, 'saluting' the two trainers.

    "Swablu! Swablu blu swablu!" The swablu managed to choke out the words, before the dewgong began to fight back against the swablu, wrestling playfully with it. In that time, the haunter floated over, keeping its head on the two tussling pokemon. It then turned to the two trainers, and placed it's hands on either trainer's head.

    "I apologize deeply for the mistakes of the two pokemon behind me." The haunter communicated telekinetically, using it's psychic attack. "What they are trying to say is, we are pleased to meet you, and hope that we can be good friends." Haunter finished, but then shook his head. "I feel it necessary to say that swablu feels we can beat you down in the tournament, and that we will be the ones taking home the star ball." Haunter continued. "I do not wish to express such feelings towards you." Haunter added one last thing to the statement. "Dewgong also said that he likes the hot chocolate here." Haunter pulled away, and started laughing his creepy, haunting laugh.

    "Haunt haunt haunt haunt haunt!" it laughed. Kalseng passed by the three almost insane pokemon, and walked up to the trainers.

    "My name is Kalseng. And yours are?" Kalseng said, extending his hands to the two trainers.

    [[OOC: Slight autoing coming up. I hope you two don't mind.]]

    "Cody." Said the trianer with the aipom.

    "Brian." Said the trainer with the infernape. They both took a hand, and shook it.

    Have you both signed up for the tournament? I was about to grab a quick lunch and head to the registration hall. It is 12:32, after all." Kalseng said, glancing at his watch. "So, wanna come with?"
  17. "Wow," Cody said, "That's quite a polite Haunter you got there!" Cody was impressed. "And sure," Cody said again, "I'll come with ya, I'll even pay for all of our lunches." Silver's head perked up, when Cody was paying, and he didn't have to worry about the expenses of other trainers, he went all out. (Yes, he understands money...)

    "OH, yeesh, I'm being rude," Cody said again, "This little fluffball is Silver," Cody said, as the Aipom hopped on his shoulder once more, "And that Espeon that saved this coffee shop is Espy I've also got-" Cody stopped himself, "Well, you'll just have to wait 'till the tournament to find that out!" Cody said with a slight grin. As it was noon, the sunlight got intense, so, he put on a pair of sunglasses.

    "So," he asked Brian and Kalseng, "What're your stories? What do ya do, where ya from?"

    "Prrriiii!! Ai ai AI!!" Silver was hungry.

    ""M from Olivine, but I live in Blackthorne and serve as Gym Leader when Claire isn't around. Oh and, " Cody said, pulling out a piece of paper and unfolding it, "I always keep this with me, Johto! Magazine once ranked me as number seven Trainer out of 100. I'm quite proud of that." Cody said, holding out the torn out page.
  18. Psycho Monkey

    Psycho Monkey Member of the Literary Elite Four

    OOC: Don't worry, I don't mind minor stuff like introductions.

    "Why not? I'm not doing anything in particular and it's been awhile since Axel and I had anything to eat. Oh and thanks for offering to pay Cody. I must warn you though, Axel has a tendancy to pick the more expencive objects on the menu." said Brian.

    "What? I can't read. I just pick what ever looks tastiest." Axel said in his defense. Brian rolled his eyes and shook his head. If there was one thing Axel was good at, it was getting into trouble which included exhausting his trainer's funds. "Yet somehow the tastiest looking one is always the most expensive." responded the trainer.

    "So, what are your stories?" asked Cody as he explained his own. Brian was quite impressed by his accomplishments.

    "I'm origionally from Sandgem Town, but my mom got a job transfer to Pallet Town when I was still young. As a show of my Sinnoh roots Prof. Rowan sent me a Chimchar as my starter because he knew that was the Pokemon I wanted. Hense I end up with Axel, the only creature, Pokemon or human, that is as crazy as I am." remeneced Brian pointing to his Infernape. "Axel and I left on our jouney and have been travelling together ever since. As you may have noticed a minute ago, after 5 years of travelling together I can speak monkey. Other than that we do the normal trainer stuff, compete for badges, participate in tournaments like this one, and battle other trainers." he explained. "How 'bout you Kalseng?" Brian asked.
  19. OOC- include me! I'm feeling left out :'( ))

    Daniel stood up from behind Nidorino, sucking on the pinprick he had made on his finger on his Pokemon's purple spines. He gazed in a confused manner at Kalseng's (or who he guessed to be Kalseng's) Haunter preform some sort of mind trick on the two other trainers. With a raised eyebrow, Daniel pushed his glasses farther up the bridge of his nose and reached out to touch the Haunter. He flinched and jumped back a little bit when the ghost Pokemon laughed in the most frightening manner possible.

    Nidorino nudged his trainer, sensing some form of agitation. He gazed up at Daniel, a worried look in his eye. "Don't worry, Nidorino, just a little twitch." He said, scratching Nidorino behind his ear. He redirected his attention to the three trainers.

    "Have you guys signed up for the tournament? I was about to grab a quick lunch and head to the registration hall. It is 12:32, after all." Kalseng said, glancing at his watch. "So, wanna come with?" Daniel was shocked to find out that is was already past noon. Before he could open his mouth, another trainer spoke up, apparently named Cody.

    Wow," Cody said, "That's quite a polite Haunter you got there! And sure, I'll come with ya, I'll even pay for all of our lunches."

    "OH, yeesh, I'm being rude," Cody said again, "This little fluffball is Silver," Cody said, as the aformentioned Aipom hopped on his shoulder once more, "And that Espeon that saved this coffee shop is Espy I've also got-" Cody stopped himself, "Well, you'll just have to wait 'till the tournament to find that out!" Cody then began to elaborate about his hometown, his part-time job as a Gym Leader, and his impressive standing as the seventh ranked trainer in the Johto region.

    Daniel looked at the sheet of paper. Surely enough, a picture of Cody sat, seven spaces from the top. Daniel widened his eyes, and readjusted his glasses. No mistake, this Cody was a very powerful trainer. He gulped slightly.

    "I'm origionally from Sandgem Town," The third trainer said, who's name was apparently Brian, "but my mom got a job transfer to Pallet Town when I was still young. As a show of my Sinnoh roots, Prof. Rowan sent me a Chimchar as my starter because he knew that was the Pokemon I wanted. Hense I end up with Axel, the only creature, Pokemon or human, that is as crazy as I am." Daniel smiled slightly at this comment.

    "Axel and I left on our jouney and have been travelling together ever since. As you may have noticed a minute ago, after 5 years of travelling together I can speak monkey. Other than that we do the normal trainer stuff, compete for badges, participate in tournaments like this one, and battle other trainers."

    "I hope you don't mind," Daniel stammered, adjusting his white tuxedo nervously, "but may I accompany you three to lunch? I'll pay for myself and my Pokemon, I just don't know this place very well, and I tend to get lost rather easily. By the way, my name is Daniel, and this is my Pokemon, Nidorino." He said, gesturing to the Pokemon beside him. "Both him and I are from Goldenrod City. I used to work at the Pokemon Center until I left to become a trainer with Nidorino and the others." He continued, pointing over his shoulder to Arbok, Scyther and Rhydon. Arbok and Scyther were still staring at each other intently, while Rhydon was napping peacefully, his massive head resting on the table.
  20. "Well!" Cody said, "I figure I should learn monkey, easier to communicate with Silver!" He finished laughing.
    Cody finished listening to Brian, and noticed another trainer joined their group. Cody saw him looking at the magazine page. (OOC-It's one page, the top ten each got their own page biography thingy))

    "Hey!" Cody said to to the new trainer, "In case you hadn't heard, I'm Cody, this Aipom is Silver, that guy with the Infernape is Brian, the Infernape's name is Axel, and that one there, is Kalseng." Cody said pointing to each of them respectively. "And, I don't mind if you come with us to lunch, and I'll gladly pay for you, and your pok
  21. [[ooc:that actually sounds a lot like what swablu would do.]]

    "No, I can't let any of you pay. That simply would not do." Kalseng insisted, pulling out 100,000 pokedollars. He looked at the menu, and found something he thought woud be fun. "The Grand Star 'Feast'-ival, please." Kalseng said, smiling. The vendor charged Kalseng for the meals, and Kalseng handed over the money. The vendor informed them that it would be a 20 minute wait. So, going with the flow, Kalseng turned back to the trainers, all still wondering about Kalseng's origins. "Long story."

    "Well, I started like all the other trainers. Went from Cherrygrove with a chikorita, traveled up to Violet City, caught wind of a gastly, captured it, and then on my way to Azeala, I got attacked by Articuno, and was left with one of his feathers. Then, I won at Azeala, and found a Seel quite a ways away from a shore, captured it, and won against whitney." Kalseng took a deep breath. "And found that my heart wasn't really into battling, so now I'm travelling around the regions in search of Articuno as a travelling bard/storyteller, and popped up here for the Festival of Stars." Kalseng began gasping for breath. He had a habit of making really short stories long, and forgetting to breathe.

    "Haunt haunt haunt!" Haunter cheered as a team of waiters and waitresses flooded the lunch room, pulling tabels together, and the others carrying huge platters. Each had a huge course of a meal on it, all revolving around a star theme. The plates were piled high, at least a foot tall. And then, one waitress brought out a litteral fountain of juice, followed by a waitress with at least 20 plates and cups.

    "Wow..." Cody said.

    "J-jeez!" Ryan said, astounded.

    "My word..." Daniel remarked.

    "Dig in!" Kalseng said, throwing his arms up in a 'come and get it' kind of way.
  22. "No, I'm paying," Cody said, handing Kalseng twice what he had just paid.

    "I can't not pay, it's just who I am," Cody began, "And if you won't let me pay, I'll battle you FOR the RIGHT to pay!" Cody was angry, which was odd. Silver on the other hand, was digging into his Star Feast.

    "Until you agree to swallow your pride, and let me pay, I'm not eating." A this, Silver's head perked up. There was always room for more in his book. Looking for something to do instead of eating, Cody dug into his backpack. He pulled out a Sitrus Berry, which he ate, and then continued rummaging. He found an old moonstone from an excavation at Mt. Moon. (Yes, Cody really has tried just about everything)

    "Wonder what I should do with this..." He began tossing the stone up, and catching it again. It's shimmering light reflected off that of the juice fountain and cups. He set the stone down, and continued rummaging through his pack.
  23. Daniel stared at the feast set out before him and everyone. The Star 'Feast'ival was something not even the kingliest of kings could imagine. Star-shaped plates piled with thousands of exotic-looking foods complimented by a juice-fountain centerpeice, rimmed with several expensive looking wine glasses. He couldn't even comprehend how much this would have cost someone in a normal resturaunt.

    "My word..."

    That wasn't even the best part, in Daniel's opinion, at least. He found his ever-wandering eye gravitating towards the waitresses. He smiled shyly at one, a girl around his age, dressed in a black waitress uniform speckled with yellow stars. To Daniel's amazement, the girl winked coyly at him, and bounced off to return with more foodstuffs. Shocked out of his mind, Daniel sat dumbfounded, half-heartedly adjusting his suit and glasses, seemingly staring into blank space.

    "Q-quick lunch, eh, Kalseng? I wonder what your version of a feast looks like." Daniel stammered, still slightly shaken. He lazily beckoned to his Pokemon, who dashed over enthusiastically. Rhydon sat at the head of the table, feigning superiority over the other guests, which warranted him a quick tail-slap on the head courtesy Arbok. She hissed at Rhydon, who giggled and attempted to pat her on the head, only getting another tail-slap. Throughout the exchange, Scyther sat, covering his face with his arm-scythe, as if saying, "Why me?".

    While no one was looking, Nidorino stole a large basket (Larger than himself, in fact) of starfruit and dashed off to a corner of the resturaunt. He bellowed for all the other Pokemon to follow, who did so earnestly. ((Little bit of auto-ing there, hope you don't mind))

    Daniel chuckled a bit at Nidorino's attmept at theivery, then directed his attention (Or what was left of it, after the waitress incident) at a small stone Cody was holding.

    "I-is that... A Moonstone?" He asked tentatively.
  24. Psycho Monkey

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    Kelseng, I think you ment Brian as in B-R-I-A-N


    Brian sipped his tea and stared at Kalseng and Cody as they argued over the bill. Usually when he saw an arguement like this it was the other way around, 'You pay!' 'No you!', never 'I'll pay!' 'No me!'

    "Guy, guys, don't be so hasty to battle. Save it for the tounament. However if you don't face eachother in battle because you loose to me, Daniel, or someone else we haven't even met yet, feel free to go at it." he said in an attempt to mediate. It really mattered not to Brian who payed. He was by no means cheep or a moocher, but he was willing to accept anything free when offered. For once Axel could get the most expensive meal (or tastiest as the Infernape claims) and it didn't cost his trainer a penny. Speaking of which, Axel was devouring his Star Feast as if it was the first time he'd ever seen food.

    "That's a pretty laid back Rhydon you have Daniel." said Brian changing the subject. "To laugh when getting slapped by an Arbok. Most Rhydon I've encountered are pretty aggressive or stern and wouldn't have taken that. But that's not saying all are like that." Daniel seemed to be in a daze. Brian qiuckly realized why. "That waitress was pretty cute, eh?" he asked in a friendly tone nudging Daniel's shulder.

    Brian looked over as Axel got up to follow Nidorino, who seemed to have a basket full of fruits cut into star shapes. Brian reached for his belt and grabbed a Pokeball. In a flash of white light a young Riolu appeared on the scene. "Riolu, go ask Axel if you can have some fruit. You'll need your strength for the upcoming battle." The Emination Pokemon nodded and ran to join his senpai. Brian returned to his feast and spead a star shaped peice of butter on a star shaped role. So many stars. he thaught.
  25. ((OOC-Actually Monkey, Star fruit is a type of fruit, fun fact....)

    "Oh yes," Cody said, noticing Daniel had questioned his stone, "It is a moonstone. I found it a few weeks ago on a trip to Mt. Moon. Why? Do you need one or something?" Cody asked. (Bit of an auto...) Seeing Daniel's eyes light up in excitement, he tossed the stone to him.

    "You can have it, I've got plenty." He said with a smile. Then, he went back to facing Kalseng,

    "Look, how about we split it 50-50? Does THAT work for you?" Silver came back over from the group of Pok
  26. "That's a pretty laid back Rhydon you have, Daniel." Brain said. "To laugh when getting slapped by an Arbok. Most Rhydon I've encountered are pretty aggressive or stern and wouldn't have taken that. But that's not saying all are like that." Daniel seemed to be in a daze. Brian qiuckly realized why. "That waitress was pretty cute, eh?" he asked in a friendly tone, nudging Daniel's shulder.

    Daniel snapped back to attention. "Ehwha?" He seemed to be still slightly off in dreamland. "O-oh... Yes... I believe so." He said, sighing slightly. If only I wasn't such a shy little coward... The thoughts coursed through Dan's head like barbed wire. He fantically searched for something to ease the painful thoughts. A small sparkle from the corner of his eye caught Daniel's attention. The trainer Cody seemed to be holding something, a Moonstone.

    "I-is that... a Moonstone?" He asked tentatitively.

    "Oh yes," Cody said, noticing Daniel had questioned his stone, "It is a moonstone. I found it a few weeks ago on a trip to Mt. Moon. Why? Do you need one or something?" Cody asked. Seeing Daniel's eyes light up in excitement, he tossed the stone to him. Daniel was too preoccupied with the stone to notice how Cody had finally come up with a payment arrangement.

    "Nidorino! Come quickly! I have something for you!" Daniel shouted, ecsatic. Nidorino bounded over from the fruit basket, his eyes widening in excitement at the sight of the Moonstone. Without a word, Daniel held the stone in front of Nidorino's forehead, where the Pokemon touched it with the tip of his horn. Nidorino began to glow. He was lifted up into the air, bellowing in excitement.

    Only to fall back down, squishing an unfortunate starfruit underneath.

    Daniel stared in disbelief. His training back at the Goldenrod PokeCentre enlightened him about these types of circumstances. "Apparently... Nidorino's body does not accept the Moonstone as a normal Pokemon would..." Daniel began to ramble, spouting medical phrase after medical phrase.

    "This, could be a problem. I'm sorry, Nidorino." He said, patting the disappointed Pokemon on the head. Nidorino frowned, and skulked back to the basket, where Arbok was attempting to claim ownership of it. A feral growl from Nidorino solved the crisis rather quickly. He then grabbed a single fruit, sat down in a shadowed corner, and began to munch glumly.

    "He's going to be like this for the rest of the day... How are we supposed to compete in the tournament now?" Daniel posed the question to no one in particular.
  27. Cody stood up. "I'll handle this, it's my fault he's so glum anyway." Cod walked over to the corner, and just sat next to Nidorino. He just sat in the corner with him, just, waiting. It's been awhile since I've handled a Nidorino...Hope I remember how.... Cody though cautiously. Leaning over, he scratched Nidorino behind his ear, is such a way not to get poked, just to comfort. Nidorino, perhaps acting a bit out of character, allowed Cody to continue scratching.

    "There, how ya feelin' now, buddy?" Cody stopped scratching for a moment, and Nidorino just looked at him, as if saying

    "Keep scratching, come on keeeeeep on scratchin'!" Suddenly, Nidorino got on his side, exposing his belly, like a dog would.

    "Ooh I bet you like that huh?" Cody started rubbing his belly, just like someone would a dog. Soon enough, Nidorino stood back up, and walked back to his Pok
  28. OOC- that's rather accurate, actually. He might not have been so hasty with the rolling over, but no matter. Stomper approves. 8)
  29. OOC-Waits for replies....Ho-hum.....
    Hope we get the tourney started soon, I do enjoy battles...
  30. (Ooc: Back from camping! ;D )

    "Did you make sure to register us?" Rosie asked suddenly, putting down her empty mug.

    "Of course," Rosa said, daintily sipping the remains of her coffee, "you'd think I would forget that? Never!" She couldn't supress a smile as Blaze nudged his empty Spelon juice rather close to her arm, making little whining noises that no one had any trouble as interperting as begging. "Oh fine." She said, taking the cup and rising from her chair. She had just turned around when there was a burp and a tongue of flame almost scorched her ear. She yelped and saw the others staring at Blaze, who's tiny paws were clasped over his mouth. Smiling slightly, Rosa sat back down, "I think that's enough Spelon juice for you." She said to the crestfallen Cyndaquil.

    "If only you could've held it in for three more seconds!" Rosie giggled, then her expression turned to confusion and she stared at something behind Rosa's shoulder.

    Rosa turned to see a bright glow, sort of a bluish white color, and something rising up in from the brightness. She shielded her eyes and suddenly the glow retreated, and the two twins could see a Nidorino, looking very glum. Rosa realized that his trainer had a Moonstone in his hand. "Hmmmmm." Rosa hummed, "Intresting events. Shall we intervine?" Before Rosie could answer, Rosa held out her arm, which Blaze and Volts ran up like a ladder, and she began walking towards the trainers. Rosie followed, Sparky practically leaping on top of her head and Sweetie following at heer heels. Rosie jogged towards Rosa just in enough time to hear her say: "Excuse me, may we be invited in this conversation?"
  31. Gotta find registration, gotta find registration...

    Running through the festival, Mark finally runs across a table, with those beautiful words "Tournament Registration" scribbled on a poster board.

    Making his way to the table, Mark reaches the registration lady, a good-looking woman around her twenties, brimming with excitement.

    "I'd like to sign up for the tournament, please?", Mark shyfully asks. He always does this. Full of energy, yet painfully shy when it finally comes to uttering words.

    "Sure thing, sir. Just sign here..." Mark looks at the list. All kinds of exotic names he never even knew existed, which confirmed his theory that this tournament was going t be full of surprises. Mark for some reason, felt honored to scribble his messy signature along with those myriads of people. Dragonite, looking over his shoulder, felt Mark's excitement as well.

    As Mark left the registration table, Dragonite gave him a long smile, while raising his left eyebrow, which pretty much said what he thought he would say.

    "So, you ready for this?"

    "Of course I am!" Mark replies. "I'm not saying we're going to win, of course. Just the fact that we're going to be in a tournament with this many people...I can't wait!"

    "Alright, but I hope I run across some lovely female Dragonites while we're here" Dragonite expressed this by looking around with a half-smile while raising both of his eyebrows.

    It's true, Dragonite needs to find a mate. Considering the fact that Mark's Dragonite is a descendant of the very first Dragonite, he needs to continue the legacy by breeding.

    Also, because Dragonite hates being lonely...

    "Well, I'm sure she'll come along...", says Mark, reassuring his buddy. "But in themeantime, lets relax 'til the tourney", and with a nod, Dragonite agrees.

    They find a bench nearby, and with a heavy sigh, Mark sits down and slouches, while Dragonite gets down on all fours on the ground nearby and curls up to nap like a dog...
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    Brian watched in excitement as Nidorino was about to evolve. That look turned to one of confusion when the evolution stopped and no change had been made in Nidorino.

    "Well there's something you don't see everyday." he mummbled. Daniel began spewing (sp?) a bunch of terminology that went over Brian's head about why Nidorino's body rejected the Moon Stone. All Brian could do in this situation was smile and nod as if he understood what Daniel was saying.

    "I'll handle this, it's my fault he's so glum anyway." said Cody. He walked over to Nidorino and began scratiching him behind the ears which led to a belly rub. This gave Brian an idea. He began searching his backpack for aparticular item. It's gotta be in here somewhere, it's not the kind of item you'd just throw away he thaught.

    "Got it!" Brian said out loud. "Daniel! Catch!" he called. After getting his attention he threw the item. "It's a Sooth Bell. Maybe that'll help ease things a bit."

    "Excuse me, may we be invited to this conversation?" asked a girl who had just walked up to them. In fact there were two of them. At first Brian thaught he was seeing double, but after noticing a difference in hair color realized they were twins.

    "Sure, take a seat." he said making an arm motion to some of the empty chairs. "I'm Brian, and these fine gentlemen here are Daniel, Cody, and Kalseng, and those are our Pokemon over there having their way with the Star Fruit. So Ladies, what are your names?"

    OOC: Well Stomper, I left the thowing of the Sooth Bell open for you, Daniel can catch it, miss it, or drop it, which ever you choose. Also ydoc, thanks for the tip that Star Fruit is an actual type. With the star theme I thaught it was watermelon or strawberries cut into star shapes. :p
  33. "Thank you." Rosa said with a polite nod, sitting down in one of the chairs that Brian had motioned to. "I'm Rosa, and this is my sister, Rosie." She said, pointing to her twin.

    "Hi," Rosie somewhat shyly said, breaking into a polite smile.

    "What region are you guys from?" Rosa asked, "We're from this lovely region, Jhoto, which is why you see the both of use with a Cyndaquil and Chikorita."

    "Quil!" Blaze chirpped from Rosa's shoulder.

    Rosa smiled widely, "Blaze says hi." She intepretted. She tapped her fingers on the table top in a fast rythmatic tune known well to Jhoto people, "I assume that you all have registered as well for the wonderful pokeball?"
  34. As Daniel continued to rigorously spout medical terminology detaining towards why Nidorino's body rejected the Moonstone, he was completely oblivious to what was happening around him.

    "Well then, he seems better to me!" Cody beamed as he sat back down. Daniel peered over at Nidorino, who was once again happily munching on a starfruit. He smiled at Daniel, who smiled back.

    "This is all very puzzling..." Daniel mumbled, returning to the table to munch on a half-eaten star shaped donut. He didn't notice Brain rummaging through his bag, looking for something.

    "Got it! Daniel, catch!" Brain shouted merrily. "It's a Sooth Bell. Maybe that'll help ease things a bit." He said in a matter-of-factly manner. Daniel didn't notice the bell until it was a little too late. The Sooth Bell knocked him right between the eyes, sending him falling backwards, bagel, chair and all.

    A dull thunk was heard under the table, signalling Daniel's collision with the tiled floor. Attempting to pick himself up and brush his white tuxedo free of any offending dust, he smiled awkwardly. "Thanks, Brian. Nidorino has been rather moody lately, I'm sure this will help immensely." He said, placing the Bell inside his bag. Not two seconds later, Daniel heard a voice. Dreadfully, a female voice.

    "Excuse me, may we be invited in this conversation?" The seemingly innocent words sent off multiple silent alarms inside Daniel's head, signalling for him to get away as fast as possible, but he simply froze, speechless, staring at the girl(s) that had suddenly appeared on the other side of the table.

    "Sure, take a seat." he said making an arm motion to some of the empty chairs. "I'm Brian, and these fine gentlemen here are Daniel, Cody, and Kalseng, and those are our Pokemon over there having their way with the Star Fruit. So Ladies, what are your names?"

    Daniel sat, in petrified silence, waiting for the inevitable.

    "Thank you." Rosa said with a polite nod, sitting down in one of the chairs that Brian had motioned to. "I'm Rosa, and this is my sister, Rosie." She said, pointing to her twin.

    "Hi," Rosie somewhat shyly said, breaking into a polite smile.

    Daniel began to shake somewhat, searching vainly for a reason to vacate the table as soon as possible. Without a word, he slunk away, to join the Pokemon at the starfruit basket, making sure he was well-hidden behind the seemlingly oblivious Rhydon.

    (OOC- He's not afraid of females, that's just immature. He just gets nervous to the point of paranoia ;D)
  35. [[OOC: Hokay, so. Here's my post. You're thinking"Dang, what a sweet post, ROUND..." Lolz. I've been gone. Here I am~! ME!]]

    Kalseng took the money from Cody calmly. If it was such a huge deal to him, Kalseng would simply take it. So, Kalseng watched as everyone made a big deal about the mutual kindness, and simply sat back. When the trainer failed at using the moon stone on his nidorino, and it didn't transform, Kalseng felt his heart sink. Kalseng saw the two girls walked up, but couldn't introduce himself before the others did. His swablu was still content at sharing the berry with Silver, but being her selfish self, just wanted more. Kalseng noted this as he fell to the ground, his swablu violently pulling on his collar backwards. Kalseng toppled over, and possibly did the worst thing he could have, to ruin lunch. Kalseng toppled onto the table, bringing the main plate down.

    After that, a piece of meat flew and sent the fountain of juice spilling to the floor, and the table cloth came down with it. Kalseng yelped as everything loudly came crashing down about him, and Kalseng did the only thing he knew how to do when he was scared.

    "Swablu! Protect! Haunter! Safegaurd!" Kalseng shouted, hugging his knees. Swablu casted protect, surrounding him in a round sphere of green protection, followed by Haunter's Calming blue curtain of a safegaurd. Kalseng sat for a moment, and then unfolded, his face pail as a poltergeist's. Kalseng sat for a moment, and his swablu cuddled up against Kalseng, comforting him. Haunter placed his hands on Kalseng's head, calming him.

    "I don't react well to loud noises." Kalseng spoke softly. Haunter went around, using psychic to undo the damage caused by a greedy Swablu, whom got a smothering of berries. Swablu protested angrily, until she realized she was in a vat of her favorite berries. Kalseng smiled as she happily destroyed the berries. Kalseng turned to the clock. 8 O'clock? Kalseng glanced at his watch to confirm the time, and relzyed his realization. "Guys, registration for the tourny!" Kalseng said.

    "Oh right!" Cody said, holding up his finger.

    "Yes indeed!" Ryan said.

    "That late?" Daniel asked.


    "What are you talking about?" The two sisters asked.

    "The tournament! Come on!" Cody explained, dragging them both with him. The group of mish-moshed trainers sprinted down the main street, nearly flying across the ground. They ran as fast as they could, and eventually found a ten story, star-shaped building painted bright gold, with fountains decorating the outside.

    "How'd I miss that?" Cody asked.

    "I dunno! Come on!" Kalseng insisted, dashing through the doors.

    "It sure got late fast!" Rosa said to Rosie.

    The group of trainers all individually signed up for the tournament, handing their forms to individual receptionists, all who were overworked, tired, and underpaid. They all handed in their forms, leaving a confused pair of female trainers laying in wake of the quick-footed trainers. And one who apparently responded inappropriately to loud noises.

    [[OOC: Can I stay in my topic? Plz? I posted good this time!]]
  36. OOC-Urhm.....Kalseng...most of us have already signed up for the tournament. :p...But hey, I'll roll with it, I'll put Cody in the building. ))

    Cody and Silver arrived with the rest of this now large group of trainers. He walked to the registration tables, and, realized he already signed up. The shimmering gold tables of the registration area coinced(ed?)with the gold on the floor, and the shimmering gold ribbons. Noticing the all-too-fake smiles on the registration ladie's face, he walked close to the table. He put his back to the table, and his backpack rested on it.

    "Now!" He whispered to whatever was in his backpack. The registration lady looked up from the massive piles of paper beneath her, and saw Cody's backpack.

    "Sir, could you please get this off of my de-" As she bagan talking, Silver popped out of the backpack, and began dancing. He jumped onto the head of the registration lady, who was now truly smiling. Cody walked away, and back to the group.

    "Impressive building eh?" He asked nobody in particular. "Doesn't the tournament start at midnight? That's what I've heard at least..." His last sentance trailed a bit.

    Turning around, and saw Silver breakdancing on the gold-polished floor. The lady from the registration table had stood up, and was cheering Silver on.

    "Now that's what Silver's intended to do." Cody thought with a rather obvious smile.

    (OOC-For the rest of this roleplay, you can call me Cody in OOC, as it's my real name. And Monkey, no problem with the star fruit thing, I've tried it before, and I can't say I like it....... :-\))
  37. Noticing everyone leaving, Daniel scrambled after them, once again adjusting his suit and glasses nervously. He whistled for his Pokemon to follow, and with a brief respite, Nidorino, Scyther and Arbok followed. Rhydon bounded along behind them, the half-empty starfruit basket securely wrapped in his huge arms.

    As he followed Cody, Brian and Kalseng into the registration hall, Daniel turned his gaze behind him, where he saw Scyther staring into the crowd, a sly grin spread across the Pokemon's sharp features. "Don't worry, Scyther," Daniel said, patting Scyther's shoulder, "You'll be able to fight soon enough. Maybe I'll even let you go first?" He pondered aloud, smiling as he saw Scyther's usually intense eyes light up ever-so-slightly.

    "Impressive building, eh?" Cody suddenly said. "Doesn't the tournament start at midnight? That's what I've heard at least..." He trailed off a bit.

    "Isn't it, though? I wonder how they built it in such short notice." Daniel commented, nodding as Cody. "The tournament starts at midnight, yes, that's right. Hey, Kalseng, do you have the time?" He asked, turning towards the other trainer. Before Kalseng could answer, something caught Daniel's attention. "Hold that thought, if you don't mind..." He said, walking towards Cody's breakdancing Aipom.

    Underneath the registration desk, Arbok sat, coiled up, watching the dancing Aipom with a grim smirk on her face. She braced herself, tightening her muscles to launch herself from under the clothed table and wrap the little Aipom in her coils, just to make it stop that silly little dance. Suddenly, the cloth in front of her lifted up, exposing the face of her not-too-impressed trainer.

    "Save that kind of stuff for the tournament, Arbok." Daniel said, stonefaced. "Any more of that from you, and I just might put you up against a tough psychic type, just for kicks. How would you like that?" He looked into Arbok's reptilian eyes, which were now shifting nervously. She made an innocent-looking grin, and Daniel smiled back. "Come on, then. Get out from under there. The tournament is beginning soon." Arbok obediently slithered out from underneath the table, turned around, and hissed at the registration ladies, who, much to Arbok's delight, squealed fearfully.

    "Arbok..." Daniel warned, "that's enough." Arbok sighed and slithered back to Nidorino, Scyther and Rhydon. Redirecting his attention to the rather frazzled resceptionists, Daniel smiled awkwardly. "Poison types can be such a handful sometimes, eh?" He said to Cody, Brain and Kalseng as he approached an angry-looking resceptionist and hastily filled out the registrar. He took his participation ticket and walked back to the group of trainers, blushing in a guilty manner.

    OOC- no problem, Cody, I'll be sure to keep that in mind. Same goes for me, too. ;D
  38. Cody began laughing, possibly a bit too much. Silver, realized he was laughing at the possibility of him getting attacked by Arbok, jumped onto his head. Said monkey wrapped his tail around Cody's head, and began beating on it. Cody smiled, and rolled his eyes at the tiny monkey.

    Cody walked over to the two ladies that had come with this rag-tag group he now belonged to.

    "I don't think we've met." Cody said, extending his hand to shake. "I'm Cody, and this Monkey that thinks I'm his punching bag, is Silver.

    Noticing Daniel scolding his Arbok, Cody called over,

    "You know, I could have Arbok battle Espy here..." He said, with a sly smile. Silver decided beating on Cody's head wasn't fun any more, and returned to the shiny-gold floor, and continued breakdancing.

    "Well then," he returned his attention to the two ladies in front of him, "You two are?"
  39. Psycho Monkey

    Psycho Monkey Member of the Literary Elite Four

    Not to be out done, both Axel and Brian joined Silver in the dance routine. One would have expected such behavior from the Infernape being a fellow monkey Pokemon with a wild streak, but the trainer too!? That's just crazy! However, it's craziness Brian does best. Only serious when the situation needs him to be, and always predictably unpredictable, that's the way Brian worked. Besides, the dancing looked fun, and Silver enjoyed the company.

    People that were coming in to register turned their heads to the performance, some thinking 'WTF?' while others cheered them on. Just as a spur of the moment idea, Brian began singing.
    "I like to Move it, move it! I like to Move it, move it! I like to Move it, move it! You like to... Move it!" he sang while still dancing. Axel couldn't help but to laugh at his partner.

    "I must say, you are at your best when you throw sanity out the window." complemented the Flame Monkey. Brian aknowleged the comment with a nod and a "Move it!" Even after finishing his song Brian continued the breakdance.

    Before long it became a competition between the three. One Silver ultimately won by standing on his tail. Without the support of a 5th hand on his tail and given his size, Axel fell over within a second, and Brian couldn't even do it because of his human lack of a tail.

    "You are a worthy opponent. I wish to challenge you again." said Brian bowing down and shaking the Aipom's hand. "Same. Only next time let's meet in battle." Axel said giving a high five to Silver's tail. The people that had been watching started clapping and cheering.

    "You guys were great! Thanks for playing with Silver." Cody said happily still clapping. Brian smiled and gave Cody a thumbs up.

    "No problem. It was pretty fun for us too." Brian pulled his Poketch out of his pack. "There's roughly three and a half hours till midnight and the tounament. I'm taking a nap. Could one of you guys wake me up for the opening ceremony if I'm not already?" he asked slouching down against a wall. Before getting an answer he closed his eyes and fell asleep.

    OOC: Yes. I really would start spontaniously dancing in public and singing Move it Move it if the situation allowed. I'm strange, maybe even crazy, but it's never a dull momment.;D
  40. ((....Lol))

    Rosa turned to one called Cody, "I am Rosa." She introduced herself, "and this is my twin sister Rosie." Rosie smiled politely and gave a shy wave. "Nice...Aipom.." Rosa commented, her voice trailing off when she saw the rather large crowd the three breackdancers were attracting.

    "Ooh! Dancing!" Rosie said, she took a step forward and found her shirt collar in Rosa's vice-like grip.

    "No dancing!" She hissed and held her sister back so she didn't break a table and embarrass them all. Rosie put up a half-hearted struggle, then slumped back in defeat. Volts twitched his tail in annoyance and disbelief at the trio's humiliating antics, mirroring his owner's thoughts. Blaze wasn't paying attention, too concered with sneaking spicy berries from Rosa's backpack. Sparky was clapping his paws and tapping his feet to the beat, and Sweetie just pressed herself closer to Rosie's ankles. When it was over, Sparky cheered along with the rest, and Volts reflected the emotion of complete boredom.

    "Oh Rosa," Rosie said, patting her sister's shoulder, "don't such a raincloud."

    Rosa gritted her teeth and marched off. Leaving behind a confused Rosie. "Hmph," Rosa muttered, "the only time when I won't be a raincloud is when the tournament starts. It's the only time when something is fun." She decided to take after the dancing kid and slung off her bookbag and used it as a pillow while she went to sleep in a distant corner.

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