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The Festival of Stars 2010

Discussion in 'Pokémon Role Play' started by Kalseng, Dec 23, 2009.

  1. The star festival was one of the rarest events to take place in any region, much less the Johto region. This was when a town was set up overnight, in less than six hours, it was the most magnificent place in the world. The vendors, performers, organizers, and festival coordinators would show up at midnight, and unpack everything into the clearing they came to every year.

    They would line up their 'streets' in a star pattern, five roads that were narrow at the end, and widened towards the center, and set up shop. The vendors were quick, as they often set up straight out of cars that they brought with them. The sides would fold up to create awnings, and the awnings would hang over the vendors' counters. Other vendors, however, set up their own tents, and put out their hand-made treats, that they only sold at the Festival of Stars. Some of the more famous vendors, however, had enough money to set up their own store buildings. It took them about five hours, but to them it was worth it.

    The vendors lined the streets, selling their extravagant foods, trinkets, and other luxuries. They were filled with things to make passerby stare in awe, and transfix them for hours on end. Trainers and civilians would gather for this festival, some to purchase these treats, others to marvel at the mystifying performances, and the more aspiring trainers to compete in the week-long tournament.

    The performers lined their stages up at the ending sections of each street. And the stages changed depending on the actors, pokémon, and performances. Some could even set up large tents, like big tops, in their large lots. While the performance were extravagant, and the vendors goods exquisite, they didn't even bring half of the attendants.

    In the center of the star, was a huge stage in the shape of a star. The huge, golden, star-shaped building surrounded by gorgeous structures and beautiful star-shaped fountains, which remained there all year. They really pushed the Star theme. The stage was called a stage, but it was really nothing more than a tournament battleground for the "Tournament of the Grand Stars." Every year, 1,024 contestants joined, and a ten round tournament was held. The champion walked away with the Grand Star Pokéball, which was said to be the legendary ball that contained the magic of the night sky and the strength of the stars. The ball was kept by the trainer, and a solid, silver bust was made for every contestant, as had been the tradition for many years. The winning trainer the previous year wa supposed to appear on stage and present that year's trainer with the grand star ball, and return the silver to he Official festival organizer. The organizer used his pokémon to melt the silver, and reshape it into the likeness of the trainer that year on stage.

    The area couldn't be more packed for a week if it were inter-regional "Free Candy and Gym Badge Day". Even if they were to hold that same event here, it would pale in comparison to the one and only Festival of Stars.

    Cole was riding through the thicket of the woods, pushing through on top of his trusted mount. The creature he was riding was a warm, chocolate brown in color. The fur covering the creature was short, but effective at holding in warmth. The underside of the equine figure was a creamy tan color, splotches of the color sprouting up on his flanks. His slender legs led down to black hooves, pounding the packed earth hard as it ran. His long face held a pair of determined amber eyes and a black, wet nose. Two curvy and swooping antlers sprouted from its head, bearing small violet-black balls rolling infinitely between the antlers' curves. The pokémon was a Stantler, and Cole's first pokémon.

    Cole himself rode on top of his Stantler, only 14 years old as of last month. The boy wasn't necessarily a new trainer, but he claimed that he was. He had decided to finish Elementary school before he went on his pokémon adventure, so he waited until he was 11 to leave. He hadn't thought of using Stantler for traveling until he had earned his third gym badge, and as such had built up strong leg muscles through a lot of walking and climbing. The rest of his body, however, was not especially muscular. No more so than your average 14 year old boy, at least. When he was riding, he pulled his unruly brown curls back with a red bandanna trimmed in white. Comments had been made about him wearing a "Santa bandanna" before, but he figured unless he was being pulled in a sleigh by a team of reindeer, he was far outside of Santa territory.

    Today was a typical day for him, so he wasn't wearing anything particularly fancy. A long-sleeve, somewhat tight, forest green shirt covered by a thick, dark red vest, unzipped of course. A pair of brown riding gloves, a gift from his dad, were resting themselves on his hands. They were hard to see in the pitch black of midnight, but they were there. He wore a pair of dark blue "Adventure" pants, as his mother had called them, but they had long-since been worn down to a lighter blue. The cuffs needed to be rolled up when he had first left his house, but he had grown into them. His black tennis shoes, accented with red, had been recently bought a few towns back, but had been well worn-in. A drab green travel bag was slung over his left shoulder, and rested on his right hip. On the underside, under a strategic flap of cloth hooked in place by Velcro, were five of the eight Johto badges.

    After almost an hour of straight riding, the moonlight broke through the trees. Cole tapped the front right leg of Stantler with his hand, and he slowed down. They trotted out of the trees, and Cole patted Stantler's neck. They were on a sloped hill, leading down into a valley beneath them. Star Valley. The valley below them was empty, save for the Coliseum and the fountains. But they were all closed off. No one could get into the Coliseum until the organizers opened it in the morning. Cole looked down at the Pokégear strapped to his wrist, the clock function still plugged in. The clock read 11:54, meaning in about five minutes, the cars would roll in. Cole dismounted Stantler, and looked at the creature's back. He was currently wearing a red blanket to save Cole's legs, which his trainer pulled off quickly. The antler pokemon responded with a whinny of happiness, and then turned to lick the young trainer's face. Cole giggled as the soft, moist tongue laped at his face, and he petted Stantler softly.

    "Good job today, boy," Cole folded up the blanket and opened his green messenger bag. He stuffed the blanket in and retrieved a small, brown container no bigger than a soda can with a screw-on lid. He unscrewed the top and emptied three treats onto his palms. Two red and two green cubes fell out onto his palms. They were pokéblocks, a nice "candy" for pokemon. He slipped Stantler the green cube, and gave him another soft pat.

    Cole's green eyes scanned the valley below, and his ears picked up the sound of cars pulling in. The front of it was headed by a large semi-truck loaded down with building materials, all either gold or silver, and was followed by some regular trucks. They had probably arrived by ferry, and a very large one by the looks of it. Several smaller cars followed, most likely little ones owned by the vendors. Cole smiled. His childhood friend, Kal, had told him to show up early if he ever went to the Festival of Stars. He could watch the set up that way. The large semi-truck pulled out into the center of the field, where three paved roads had already been laid. Cole could see the gleaming, gold fountains arranged around the center where the stadium would soon be. Workers jumped out of the back of the Semi-truck, and began to haul bits of the building over to the center. They lined them up quickly and efficiently, until they formed a ring in the middle. A few of them stood in a line and waved their arms towards where they had entered the valley from. A few more trucks entered, with huge pieces of wood and metal strapped to their tops. It wouldn't take long for them to set up the stadium.

    Cole snapped a small orb, about the size of a ping-pong ball, off of his belt. It was red on the top and white on the bottom, a black dividing line running down the middle. In the center was a small white button, outlined by black. He held it up to his Stantler, who shook his head quietly. The Stantler lowered itself to a laying position on the ground, and Cole rolled his eyes.

    "Well," He said with a sigh. "I guess we'll sleep here until the morning." Cole laid down on the grass, and leaned his head back against Stantler. Cole punched in an alarm time for his pokégear. 7:30. The air around him was warm and crisp, not dictating a blanket necessary. He counted his breaths, and was soon out like a light.


    The slow beeping and vibration of his pokégear woke Cole slowly, the sun shining overhead. The air had warmed up slightly from the night before, but not much. He looked down at the Festival, and already saw people lined up around streets and making finishing touches. However, one street seemed bare. A few cars pulled up, and he saw some people get up and move. Cole sat up straight and stretched. With a yawn, he stood up on his feet and gave Stantler a nudge with his shoe.

    "Come on boy, it's festival time," He coaxed. The Stantler groggily raised its head, and blinked a few times before looking at Cole. Slowly but surely, Stantler got to his feet and shook his head. Cole started to walk down the hill, but gravity dictated he run. So Cole, along with a tired Stantler, began nearly sprinting down the hill, and ran for a good sixty yards before slowing to a stop. He was in front of the more bare street, but cars were lining up in their designated lots. One pulled up right next to Cole, and the driver inside pushed out the side. He was a light-skinned man with ginger hair, and he waved happily before pushing out a brown table with snack bars on it. Cole walked over, and pointed at a chocolate one.

    "How much?" Cole asked, reaching for his wallet.

    "100p, my good sir," The man had a Sinnoh accent. Cole pulled out a very dark red wallet, and retrieved a 100p bill. He slapped in on the table with a proud smile and took the bar. "Pleasure doing business with you." The man said. Cole gave a half-hearted salute, and felt his fingers touch the bandanna. He pulled off the piece of cloth and slipped it in his pocket along with his wallet. Cole walked away happily, Stantler clopping slowly behind him. Pulling back the shiny interior of the wrapper, Cole munched on the bar immediately. He held it back, and felt Stantler take a bite from the bar as well. He turned to his right, and saw a man busily trying to push up the last wall on his building with a rented Bobcat. Cole smiled, taking in the sites of the streets. As he walked, he soon found a vendor with a piece of machinery on his counter. Cole walked over and picked it up.

    "It's a pokélauncher," the man behind the counter said with a Kanto accent. Cole looked at the stout, black-haired man. "100p for a go." Cole shrugged.

    "Why not?" He asked with a smile as he retrieved another 100 from his pocket and handed it to the man. The owner slipped a regular pokéball into the gun, and pulled a bar on the left back until it clicked. The thing was white, and looked like a 22, but with a wider barrel that had been chopped in half. Accidentally, Cole's hand slipped on the handle and fired the ball off into the crowd. Somebody, sounding like a 15 year old boy, yelped. He reached into his pocket and slapped a 100 on the counter again. "For the ball." Cole put the gun down and ran out into the street. "Sorry!" Cole called ahead of him. "Who'd I hit?"

    Open to the public. But Cody posts next. After that, whatever.
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  2. "Thanks, Stella" he smiled, climbing off of the Skarmory. "Don't get lost flying back to dad!" he laughed, waving the Armor Bird Pokemon off. She took to the sky in three flaps, and within seconds was a tiny speck on the horizon.

    He was no older than fifteen, messy brown hair covering the very tips of his ears, blue eyes shining with excitement, and an orange jacket over top of a plain white t-shirt. Since Johto was considerably warmer than where he currently lived, Sinnoh, he had brown khaki shorts on.

    Aiden pulled his PokeGear out of his green messenger bag, and sent a quick text to his dad, telling him that Stella was on the way back. As he slid the PokeGear instead into his jacket, Aiden looked down the valley to see the huge town being set up. Star shaped, and set up in hours. It was incredible. His dad hadn't lied to him.


    Aiden was walking down the row of shops with his Shieldon, Russel, just a step in front of him. He stopped at one stand, seeing some good looking food. He paused, considering buying it, trying to remember how much money he had brought with him.

    He dug into his bag, finding 100 pokedollars, the cost of a delicious looking sub.
    "Yeah, just one please." He spoke softly to the woman behind the counter. She was older looking, and possibly easily startled.

    "Charizards and fruitcakes, so easily overtaken..." she sighed, reaching for the sandwich and handing it to the slightly startled boy. He nodded in thanks, and took a rather large bite from the ham&cheese.

    "Where do you think the sign ups are, Russel?" he asked the Shieldon, who was now sitting beside him on a bench.

    The Shieldon was about to bark something in response, when Aiden suddenly felt a thwack to his head. He yelped. A bit like a little girl.

    "Sorry!" he heard, "Who'd I hit?" Aiden stood up, and looked for the source of the cry. It was a guy, probably around his age, running into the street.

    "Uh, that'd be me." He said, rubbing the spot where he got hit. There was a small bit of blood. Aiden began walking towards the young man, trying to play it off as not much of a big deal.

    (Short post is short.)
  3. Rex

    Rex Resident Furry

    Johto was quite a beautiful place, but it was nothing compared to Hoenn. Tony hadn't been here on vacation for at least two years, but he came here now with hopes of seeing the Star Festival. He was following his PokeNav to the place known as Star Valley. His companion, a Buizel named Seth, followed closely behind him. After a few hours hike, the town appeared. It was shaped like a star, and had taken only hours to set up.

    He switched the PokeNav to its call function, and selected Ein's name. After a moment the scientist appeared on the screen.

    "Yes, what is it?" the scientist sighed.
    "How's Blitz doing?" Tony asked.
    "You'll be happy to know that he had made a full recovery, oh, and Zack left Jake here for you as well," Ein replied.
    "Great," Tony grinned, "I'll send you Sasori if you send me the two of them."

    A slot opened up in the PokeNav, into which Tony placed his Sandslash's Great Ball. The ball disappeared, reappearing on the machine behind the scientist. The then sent two Poke Balls back, one after the other. Tony clipped them to his belt, before thanking Ein, and ending the call. He put the PokeNav in his pack, and called out Flynt, Blitz, and Jake, a Quilava, Flygon, and Lucario respectively.

    Tony grinned, "The whole team is finally back together again!"

    Jake grinned, happy to be back with his master, Blitz gave him a hug; the bullet definitely didn't hurt his motor skills. After Blitz released him he pulled the last two Poke Balls off his belt.

    "Oh yeah, while you two were gone I got new Pokemon," he said.

    He released the Pokemon inside, Andre, a Linoone, and Mike, a Furret. He ran through the introductions of them all. They looked like they would be good friends. Mike seemed to enjoy Jake's odd coloration. The Lucario's red fur did shine in the morning sunlight.

    "So, what do you guys say about a Tourney?" Tony asked, already knowing the answer.

    His pokemon all nodded enthusiastically, they loved Tourneys. Jake handed him the tattered Team Magma cloak he wore, revealing the broken remains of his chest spike below. Before every tourney Tony had to have the Lucario remove it, as not to blow his cover as a member of Team Magma. He carefully folded it up, and slipped it into his pack. He recalled his team, sans Seth, and set off again for the town.
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  4. Cole found the source of the yelp quite easily. A boy, about his age with brown hair and blue eyes, was busy rubbing his head. Cole ran up to the boy nervously.

    "Dear Arceus, I'm so sorry!" Cole bit his bottom lip and slowed to a stop. He slipped a hand into his messenger bag and fumbled around for a potion or some other such object. He groped around for a box that he knew was in there, and managed to grab his box of band-aids. He pulled them out, and examined them. They were a box of blue band-aids, with little squirtles, wartortles, and blastoise printed on them in random patterns. He extended his arm to the boy, and offered the band-aids. "Not a whole lot I can do for you, unless you happen to be a pokémon." Cole smiled, and then realized he forgot about the pokéball. He bent down and looked briefly for it before grabbing it and snapping back up. "It's yours now." Cole handed the pokéball to him as well.
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  5. "Oopsies! I think we're a bit late, Bo! Can you speed up a bit~?" Of course, Ethan did contemplate that eight in the morning wasn't exactly late, but he usually got to gatherings like these at earlier times, like two or four AM, for a better spot.

    A large, bulky, blue and white cat burst from the forest, its cargo a trainer dressed in mostly black, with a white scarf that resembled a cat streaming behind him as the wind blew it backwards. Shortly afterwards two more cats, one tan and slender, the other short and pink, leaped from the undergrowth following the Purugly. Held in the taller cat's maw was a black bag that seemed to be weighing it down a bit, but it did not affect it too badly, as it still managed to keep within three feet of Ethan, the trainer. "There it is! I can't wait to join this whole fun little festival! …And I think we'll leave much richer than we were~" Ethan giggled. The Purugly shot him a look, causing her to knock over a few people unapologetically, and Ethan smiled, adding, "Of course, of course, we're going to play in the tournament too!" The cat, satisfied, focused on the path it was running through yet again, and certainly did not bump into any more obtrusions.

    The foursome had eventually found a nice cozy spot that had quite a bit of space, and was easy to see, and so once the boy, looking about 15, touched his mount's middle right whisker, causing it to slow down, and once it safely came to a stop, Ethan dismounted the Purugly and made sure to see if his other two Pokemon were safely with him. Once he saw the Skitty and Persian appear from the crowd, he let out a sigh of relief and relieved the Classy Cat of it's baggage, and putting it on the floor. Ethan wiped his gloved hands on a passerby, not caring for the look of disgust he was given, pushed a strand of golden brown hair that fell in his face aside, opened up the bag, and set about to work.

    After a few minutes, a booth was set up efficiently and quickly, with a lot of Catlike Merchandise on its shelves and front desk, such as an assortment of Skitty, Meowth, and Glameow Plushies, cat scarves, and many Porcelain Good Luck cats, hand painted by the teen himself. Behind the counter Ethan stood at were some knitting supplies and a few extra copies of his porcelain cats and Skitty Plushies, along with 6 specially bred eggs he would sell, at a price, that is. In front of Ethan's "KitKatNekoNeko!" store were his three cats. The boy nodded at the three of them, adjusting his Black Cat Fleece Hat as he said, "Okay, Skittles, Bo, Meork, you know what to do, right?"

    The three cats meowed in understanding, and the Skitty jumped into Ethan's arms, curling up, beginning to take a nap. The Persian sped off into a concentrated area of people, eyes glinting, ready to take any valuables it might find, while the Purugly stationed itself in front of the shop, ready to make a friendly ‘nudge' to push any people passing by towards the shop. Ethan giggled sweetly to himself, and murmured, "Oh, this is going to be such a super duper funtabulous day~"

    (Myes, one may or may not encounter dear darling Meork, but unless you dun want to lose your valuables, you mayyyy not want to
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  6. Aiden heard the other boy say something about being sorry, and next thing he knew Aiden was placing a blue bandaid on his wound.

    He was at a lost for words as the young man continued moving rather frantically, and suddenly the boy had bent down.

    "It's yours now." he said, holding the Poke Ball out to Aiden.

    "Wh-? Oh, no, I could never. I really don't need it." He grinned. Suddenly, he realized how rude he was being, "I'm Aiden," he said, extending his hand.

    Horace (yeah, his name was Russel in the first post. I'll change that eventually. Horace is a cooler name for a Shieldon than Russel.) let out a soft growl, and attempted climbing up the other Trainer's leg. Aiden stifled a laugh as he kept his hand extended.
  7. Edit: Name change, three Jakes would just destroy everything

    Jack sat beneath a tree and sighed. Clearly, the stars were not with him tonight. Just five days ago, he was preparing for his next gym badge when he learnt of a festival occurring here, namely the Festival of Stars. Upon hearing that the festival would have a tournament of over a thousand entrants, Jack could not help but 'go with the flow'. Now, after five days of travelling while ill prepared and taking over a dozen short cuts. He could pretty much label himself lost. He had just reached the side of a road that stretched in both directions, so he at least had a lead back to civilization, but the festival was due the next day, so there was no way to make it now. The night was completely silent apart from the occasional call from a lone Hoothoot. Moreover, the coldness was creeping through Jack from the feet up. He could not take it much more, and sleep engulfed him. Twenty minutes later, a car with headlights glowing stopped as it spotted Jake on the side of the road.

    Jack awoke to see himself wrapped up in a red blanket. Removing it, he saw that he was no longer where he was the night before, but on a couch of some sort of trailer, squashed up so much that there was almost no walking space. The interior of it was plain, and was colored mostly a crème color with the appliances and stove plain. A thin, but tall mirror stood opposite of the dark brown couch Through it, Jack could see his blonde hair sticking up all over the place from his previous hike. His green eyes stood out like emeralds compared to the dirt that covered his entire face. He was still wearing his white shirt and jeans, though both articles of clothing were filthy beyond recognition. A wreck; that was what he was. He was lucky to have been moved from under the tree, he probably would have killed himself out there. However, where was he now? Jack rolled off the couch and stumbled towards the tiny door. He opened it up and began to feel his way, blinded by the bright sun, across the side of the trailer. Suddenly, a jet of water knocked him down. Jack groaned and rolled as the water continued to hose him, washing out the mud from his face as it trickled down back into the earth. Finally, it stopped and Jack was able to push aside his soaking blonde hair to see what hosed him down like that. A man in his mid-twenties was chuckling while holding a sponge and detergent, a wartortle stood panting slightly; the water trickling from its grinning mouth indicated that it was this pokémon using water gun that hosed Jack like that.

    "Heh, I was starting to worry that you would never wake up. What were you even thinking sleeping in the middle of the cold like that? You were lucky that I stopped to pick you up." The man said, throwing the detergent at Jack, indicating that he should wash himself with it.

    "Sorry, I was trying to head to the festival of stars, but my pokégear broke down, and then it was one thing after another. I should have been lucky I found the road before I fell cold." Jack explained, at least on their side of the trailer, there was nobody else around. So Jack felt it was okay to remove his shirt and lather his upper body with the detergent. The wartortle wasted no time in hosing him down again.

    "Well the stars must be on your side then, because you're in it." The man explained. Jack looked up in surprise. "Yeah, I was on my way there when I picked you up, most of the people have already set up shop overnight, I'm almost set as well, just need to clean her up a little. You should have a look around, once you dry off a little." Jack quickly dried off his chest, then wringed his shirt to get rid of as much moisture as he could, then looked around the trailer. Indeed, this was unmistakably the festival. Jack saw that the trailer was compact because the rest of it opened up into a toy stall, selling stuffed pokémon toys and other goodies. About a dozen similar trailers were lined up on either side and across the path, all with people buying or selling products such as sweets, toys, and trinkets. Jack could not help but smile at how his luck managed to change overnight.

    "Yep, this looks like the festival alright. Might you know where I could sign up for the tournament thing going on?" Jack asked, turning back to the toys merchant.

    "A trainer, eh?" he sounded, stroking his chin and the small amount of stubble on it. "The signups for the festival is usually near the fountains in the center. So start looking there. You can't miss it really; the sign up line should be huge." He explained, and then paused for a second, "What's your name?" he asked

    "Jack Arbwin, I don't think you would know me, this is my biggest tournament yet." Jack introduced,

    "Arbwin? Aren't you a-"

    "A coordinator? No, that would be my sister Clarissa." Jake cut in.

    "Ah, well the name's Richard, and be sure to check with me later in the day, I might be able to get you a place to sleep for the night, or at least a sleeping bag or something. No way you're sleeping in the open like that stunt you pulled last night" he said, Jack thanked him then moved into the crowd, following it up towards the center of the town.
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  8. Tailon

    Tailon Gryffindork

    OOC: Oh noes, I'm late!

    Jake closed the book he had been reading as he sat atop Soar, his Aerodactyl, as she got his attention with a screech. Looking down, the boy saw an immense festival of some sort had been set up, as he scanned the area, Jake immediately realized this was the world famous Star Festival.

    "Take us down Soar, it's been a while since we were in a good tourney…" Jake said. As they approached the ground, Jake swung his leg over Soar's neck, and returned her to her Poke Ball as they landed, falling the last foot or so to the ground. Taking a pure white ball with a red dividing line, Jake tossed the Premiere Ball, releasing his prized Arbok, Slithers. "What say we find the sign ups, buddy?" Jake asked the Cobra Pokemon, receiving a hiss in return.

    As they walked through the booths and crowds, Jake came upon one in particular that looked interesting. The sign read "KitKatNekoNeko". As Jake and Slithers walked and, well, slithered toward the stand, a Persian seemed to rush out of the crowd, directly at them, though a glowing Poison Tail kept the Classy Cat Pokemon at bay.

    Jake saw the small commotion, then turned to the store owner, "Tell me, are those eggs back there for sale, or are you simply breeding them for yourself?"
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  9. Dwayna DragonFire

    Dwayna DragonFire 2014 Little Cup Champion

    A light breeze blew through her long brown lock of hair, her cold green eyes staring out through her glasses at the horizon as she stood at the edge of a cliff, caressing her pale skin. Her long black trench coat fluttered with the breeze as well, revealing her black combat boots and black pants. She wore a black v-neck T-shirt underneath the coat. She breathed in and closed her eyes, outstretching her arms... and fell forward.

    A familiar black figure came out underneath her, and she wrapped her arms around the creatures neck. The black creature looked sort of like a dragon, its tail with a flame sprouting from the end of it, horn-like protrusions jutting from its head. The underside of it's wings were red, and its red eyes were narrowed in concentration.

    Ame Wyxm flew on the back of Charles, her shiny Charizard, down towards the music of the festival. She had planned on getting in line earlier, but other matters had been pressing at the edge of her mind. She descended towards the fountain, the Charizard circling around it a little bit as if to show off. Ame heard some of the gasps of wonder float up towards her, a small smirk coming to her lips.

    Charles soon landed, giving Ame time to slide down his back and gracefully descend from his body. Some of the people in line clapped, while others that had already signed up came to look at the rare Pokemon in their midst. She simply bowed to them and went to the end of the line, Charles walking behind her and looking around with war eyes.

    So many humans, she heard the bristle of his dark voice say into her mind. It is unlike you to even think of putting yourself in the midst of so many.

    I am aware, she replied with her own thought, her dark velvety voice resounding in her mind. I am only tolerating their presence because of the competition. If it weren't for that, then I would surely be making my escape.

    Charles smirked in amusement, his large fangs gleaming a bit in the sunlight.
  10. "Oh lovely! A customer!" Ethan smiled to himself as he noted some guy and his slimy Arbok come towards the shop. He readied himself with a smiling face and set Skittles onto the table.

    "Tell me, are those eggs back there for sale, or are you simply breeding them for yourself?" The person had said, and Ethan struggled to keep his foot from tapping too loudly in joy.

    Keeping the patronizing smile plastered on, Ethan replied, "Why, of course these darling eggies are for sale! I bred them especially myself! Each egg contains a different Pokemon inside, but they are all catlike in one way or another! That way, it's a special surprise from KKNN to you!" He giggled, and pulled the cartons with the six eggs up onto the front side.

    After which, his eyes twinkled, and he said, with an experienced haggling voice, "So, how much are you willing to pay, dear?" Ethan's policy happened to be, 'The owner is always right', and he wasn't about to let a chance for some Poke to slip out of his hands easily. Skittles' tail waved side to side, keeping one eye warily on the purple cobra, and the other on the eggs. One was her baby, and she certainly did not want them stolen. Or eaten by snakes.
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  11. Tailon

    Tailon Gryffindork

    The shopkeep didn't seem so trustworthy as he made his offer. "Slithers, Wrap." Jake commanded. The Cobra Pokemon Quickly obliged, wrapping the Kitten Pokemon and holding fast, though without doing much damage. "No funny business now, 400 poke for an egg, and I'll be off, and your Skitty free to go. Jake adjusted his glasses, he knew a con man when he saw one.

    Slithers, of course, was delighted to wrap up the Normal type, he had never been a big fan of cat like Pokemon, they seemed too sly and...just not trustworthy.

    OOC: short post is short but… gotcha
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  12. "Hmph. Have it your way." Ethan's smile slid off his face like butter on a surface. He, however, did not take kindly to people attacking his cats, and so would not let this go without some form of rebuttal.

    "Hey! Bo! Body Slam that slimy creature!" Ethan called to his other cat, and so, the Purugly rushed through the crowd and tackled the Arbok down from behind, which would naturally loosen its grip enough for SKITTY to break free, since the cat was rather bulky in itself. And so the pink kitten jumped out of the grip and into Ethan's arms.

    "I don't want to fight, and I am not claiming I'm any good at it, so I'll just leave it at that. But smartieface, you seem to have forgotten to pick an egg. Four hundred is fine, and quite frankly, if it'll get you to go, it would be fine. I don't like people scaring away business." He twirled his scarf absentmindedly. "So, pick an egg, dear."

    (Ohai Tailon, Persian is kind of out in the crowds right now, not here. I assume you would be Wrapping my lovely Skitty, since it's the closest cat.)
  13. The smell of fresh air and all sorts of sweet aroma filled the star festival. Vendors ready with their stands in place, trainers moving about, boasting how they‘re going to be the victor of the tournament, townspeople sighing with contentment at all the tedious work they have done, and the beautiful result that came out of it. Kimzie smiled as she walked through the lively streets. It was not even a quarter to noon, and already the pavements were full of hustle and bustle. Aside from the star festival taking place, Kimzie was also glad about the new changes in Johto. Now, it was legal in Johto to have a Pokemon walking among the streets with their trainers, something Kimzie had been looking forward to her whole life.

    After hearing about the Festival of Stars from her foster brother Aria, Kimzie decided it was time she was to take a little journey, continuing her days as a trainer two to four years ago. And now, here she is. With a new focus in her life and her old friends by her side, it truly was going to be a great event.

    "Isn't this exciting, Big Bang?" Kimzie asked to her Mouse Pokemon. "It's been a while since we've battled, but we're not going to let that stop us, right?"

    The pygmy Pikachu nodded, sitting in the egg pouch of his Normal-type teammate. Usually, because of his small size, he would never take a step on the ground when he was surrounded by people and Pokemon larger than him. His partner Sakura didn't mind though, it made her feel proud of herself that she was protecting the party leader, like it was a job that only she could do. They then followed their long-haired, flower-donning trainer to a Pokemon food stand.

    "Hey there little missy, what would you like today? We've got all sorts of treats for your Pokemon! Aspear Poffins! Oran Pokeblock! Honey! Apricorn shakes! You name it, we‘ll have it!" the merchant said in a Johto accent. Behind him were two other people, preparing food.

    The moment the man had said "Aspear," Big Bang jumped out of Sakura's egg pouch and tugged on Kimzie's dress, which was a pale yellow with white frills and two small black bows. Kimzie looked down and smiled at her Pikachu, and then said to the merchant, "One Aspear Poffin, one Sweet Poffin, and two bottles of MooMoo milk, please."

    "Coming right up, then!" the vendor said happily. A few minutes later, he returned with the order on the table. "That will be 300 poke, miss." Kimzie reached into the pockets of her white frilled black mini cape, only to find nothing. It was then that her Blissey reached into its egg pouch and placed the right amount of money on the table, then putting the received contents into the pouch, with Big Bang along with it. Kimzie then scratched her head and chuckled.

    "I guess I'm scattered-brained today," she said sheepishly.

    "Ah, don't worry about it, miss. As long as you pay is all," the vendor replied, smiling. "Have a nice day, ma'am!"

    As they continued their way, Kimzie spotted a boy chucked in the head with a Pokeball, and another boy apologizing. She tried not to focus on them and resumed walking. She then saw an interesting booth with a sign that said "KitKatNekoNeko." While a boy was bargaining with the merchant, she walked up behind him and tilted her head to make sure the merchant was aware of her presence. She then jumped back as the vendor and the boy were soon fighting, then suddenly ceasing their battle.

    Now having less courage than she did before, she then decided to walk up to the stand. "Excuse me, but do you by any chance happen to sell any cat Pokemon-based scarves? I was hoping for one that had a Luxray on it, or at least anything Luxray-based."
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  14. "So how do you like it?"

    Warren Bulter ran a hand through his neatly trimmed hair. It had never felt this soft before. A mirror was quickly thrust before him and he grabbed it to admire his new haircut himself. "Wow." He responded, fixing his hair into a more natural position. He smiled at himself in the mirror and his hand shot back to his head again to feel the softness once more. "It's awesome. Thanks!"

    The 14 year old stood up from the chair, reaching his full height of 5'9". Cut locks of red-brown hair fell to the ground. "And thank you," He said to the Scyther that had actually performed the cutting. It was the first time a Pokemon had ever come so close to chopping off his head, but now that he could see the finished result, he decided it was totally worth it. Warren nodded to the other haircutting Pokemon, a Kabuto and a Scizor, and waved to Beth, the owner of the shop. Having paid in advance, he waited for the familiar feeling of Waldo's tail wrapped around his wrist before walking back out into the action of the Festival of Stars.

    "So where to now?" Warren asked Waldo, his Kecleon. Waldo surveyed the area for something interesting, not that there was anything that looked particularly boring here. There were people all around, various booths for Warren to waste his money at, and best of all, hot guys everywhere.

    In fact, Waldo pointed right away to something he knew Warren would enjoy, a glistening bare chested boy who seemed to be just arriving. His point was unnecessary, however, as Warren's eyes had been on him almost instantly when he came into view. Warren smirked, knowing now he had to repay the favor to Waldo, as usual.

    Waldo was a Pokemon, and therefore did not care for humans, even hot ones, so Warren instead had to repay him by pointing out a nice color. Colors were Waldo's thing, and he was always looking out for fun ones to try on.

    "How about that one?" Warren asked, pointing to the sky. "Also, holy shit." he added, "That is probably the scariest thing I've seen in my entire life."

    Indeed, the glittering black dragon in the sky was a scary sight. Its fangs were exposed and it seemed to be looking for a place to land. Warren decided not to stick around for it to touch the ground. While he doubted a Pokemon obviously owned by a trainer, the one who was riding upon it, would be untamed enough to attack him, he was still uneasy.

    Warren and the now jet black Waldo made a quick turn around a corner, and with one last glance towards the shirtless boy, were out of sight.
  15. Dwayna DragonFire

    Dwayna DragonFire 2014 Little Cup Champion

    Ame had signed up already, and started wandering around the festival. Charles was looking around, watching the people warily as they bustled around, some purposely avoiding Ame and her intimidating companion. Others who knew her said hello, and new trainers who weren't so afraid came up to introduce themselves to Charles and Ame.

    I see a struggle nearby, said Charles into her mind, A shopkeeper's PokeMon being attacked by another trainers PokeMon. Do you think we should step in to stop it?

    I do believe we shall, she replied, and walked in the direction Charles indicated. There appeared to be an Ekans who had wrapped up a Skitty, but then a Purugly came out to attack the Ekans back, allowing for the Skitty to escape. Ame walked up to the shop just after another customer had, Charles right behind her.

    "You know," she began, talking aloud for perhaps the first time she got here, "You think the trainers entering this competition would be more tactful when dealing with shopkeepers rather than randomly attack them. I suggest you stop this battle now, or me and my friend here will have to stop it for you."

    She motioned to Charles, who gave the trainer and the shopkeeper -both- a smoldering gaze. Ame's was cold enough as it was, her icy disposition counteracting her partner's fire.

    "Can't we all just get along?" she questioned almost mockingly, raising an eyebrow.
  16. "Aha, ahoohoohoo~" Ethan smiled weakly as a lady and her rather intimidating Charizard entered the scene. He smiled weakly and looked away to avoid the woman's rather piercing glare. "Eheheheheh. Yes yes, I know, not exactly pretty of me." Turning back to the man, he took an egg out of the set and handed it to him, stating, "I don't think you care which egg is wanted, really, and, so, take this one, it's a sweet and lovely one inside, just take care of her or him."

    Ethan then turned around when he noticed the small girl, looking a bit timid from probably having watched what had just happened, and was about to ask what she needed when Skittles, out of the corner of his eye, was gesturing towards the Luxrayware with her tail. "Oh! You wanted some Luxray related wares, young lady! Well, we have," Ethan paused to count off the top of his head, fingering his scarf in one hand, "Some Luxray Stickers, Luxray Scarves and other articles of clothing, and Luxray Plushies. All of these apply for Luxio and Shinx, although I'm not particularly fond of them. Anyway, which would you want~? Each are pretty much, er, two hundred Poke or so? I'm not the best at prices, I usually have Meork do that, but she's...out." Ethan smiled.

    Finally facing the woman with the Charizard, he stated, "I am sorry if I have interrupted your experience of the festival in any such way, and if you do want something, you can certainly ask. And, Bo, you can go back to your place now." Hissing at the Arbok, the Purugly turned and pompously padded away, pride hurt from having to back from a challenge.
  17. Tailon

    Tailon Gryffindork

    "No, no fight, just making sure my deal is fair, there shouldn't be any damage to your little kitty," Jake said, shooting a glare at Slithers, "shouldn't be. Now please, call off your cats, or there might be more trouble than we need. I'll take the egg on the left, and here's an extra 100 for a Potion if you need it." Jake finished, leaving 500 poke on the table, and taking the egg, placed it in a ball he had designed as an incubator, although there had been little chance to use it. "Well, no hard feelings bud" Jake said as he disappeared into the crowd

    After signing up, Jake's PokeGear beeped, a card he had designed himself, which told him the egg in the incubation ball had hatched. Taking the ball and a Poke Ball from his pocket, Jake first released the incubation ball, revealing a small pink and tan cat, a Skitty. "Well aren't you cute," Jake said, kneeling to examine the kitten Pokemon. Then, with the Poke Ball at full size, he tapped the button to his forehead, capturing the little Pokemon in a flash of red light. "I think I'll call you Sneaks." He said, as he walked up to a food stand, ordering a Spicy Poffin and a MooMoo Milk. As he fed the Poffin to Slithers he saw a girl was purchasing a scarf from the man he had obtained Sneaks from earlier. Finding a bench, Jake sat, opened his book, and began reading up on Skitty and Delcatty as he waited for the tournament to begin
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  18. (OOC: Yes, My Blissey and Pikachu are speaking in Pokemon. Meaning humans shouldn't understand them. Unless you can understand Pokemon language.)

    "Ah, I'd like a Luxray scarf then, sir," Kimzie said, while secretly wishing that the woman next to her will not shed her wrath on her. If it was on battlegrounds, then perhaps Kimzie would have been less frightened, but seeing as her courage was suddenly sucked out of her, she only hoped that the stranger wouldn't notice that Big Bang was losing his temper at how large the person's Charizard is, as though it was trying to intimidate him.

    Sakura then carefully pulled out 200 Poke out of her pouch, and handed it to the Skitty. "I hope you don't mind, as I'm scared of Humans. My Mistress is somewhat the only exception, though," Sakura said to the Skitty.

    Big Bang then popped his head out from under the egg pouch, still munching on his Aspear poffin. "Oh, the performance still hasn't begun? At this rate, it will take 20 years for the tournament to start as well!" he said.
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  19. Rex

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    (What can I say, Jake is a popular name...)

    The festival was interesting to say the least. Literally hundreds of trainers had gathered. These things were apparently very big. While walking through the stalls, a red trench coat and bowler hat caught his eye. He dragged Seth over to the stall that sold them.

    "How much?" he asked the shopkeeper.
    "1000 Poke," the man responded.
    "I'll give you 500," Tony countered.
    "500 is too low, but I'll take 900," the man offered.
    "I'll give you 750, no more."
    The man frowned, "fine, 750."

    Tony grinned, and paid the man the money. He had always love bargaining. He put his purchase on, which, when combined with his black t-shirt and pants, made him look like a P.I.

    "Hey Seth!" he flipped a coin, "heads or tails?"
    "Your an idiot," the Buizel replied.
    "Aw come on, why do you always have to kill the fun?"
    Seth grinned, "Fine, tails."

    He opened his palm, revealing the coin.

    "Great guess!"

    The Buizel looked at him smugly.

    "Okay fine, its a trick coin," he sighed, revealing both faces, "How'd you know I have it dual tails?"
    "Lucky guess," the Buizel responded, motioning to his own tail.
    "Oh, right..."

    Walking around the stalls he noticed quite a few people surrounding a stall that catered to cat needs. Tony did not have any feline Pokemon, nor did he ever plan to, so he ignored it. He sat down on one of the many benches set up in the area, dipping the tip of the bowler hat down to cover his eyes. Seth climbed up next to him.

    The Buizel looked him right in the face and said, "You look old."
    "What? I'm only nineteen!" he responded.
    Well, your pale, thin, and tall, it makes you look old," Seth grinned.
    "Thanks Seth, that's real nice of you."
    "Don't mention it!"
  20. Marching through the lines of vendor stalls and the thin crowds slowly gathering, the young man strode along with his usual swagger, munching amiably away at a churro as he ignored his companion's chattering. Huffing from beside him, she continued to tug at his sleeve, grab his elbow, punch his shoulder... Anything to try and get him to listen for one stupid minute.
    She wanted to train, this was her first tournament.
    He wanted to eat, this was his...
    umpteenth, maybe. Give or take a few low-profile rumbles.
    As they moved along, a flash of yellow fur zipped through the crowd so swiftly that not a single trainer or pedestrian would have noticed his presence. On the occasions that the jolteon paused to survey the area, he would meet his trainer's gaze and receive an encouraging smile before promptly trotting off again.
    Feeling quite nonchalant about the festival and the week ahead, Russell took to people watching as he moved and drowned out the pleading voice of the younger girl at his side, pushing the rolled cuffs of his sleeves back above his elbow whenever they drooped too low or brushing away a lock of soft hair when it fell in his cool blue eyes as he surveyed the setting.

    Eventually giving up the fruitless one-sided battle she had engaged herself in, Colette let her fist fall from Russell's shoulder as she gave a huffy, defeated sigh and sulked to herself as she took to toying with one of the tightly wound dreadlocks that had fallen free of the broad ribbon she'd originally bound them in. Peering around, she caught a glimpse of her reflection in one of the reflective surfaces on some of the kiosks that had been bedazzled with gaudy silver and gold. Frowning slightly, she put a hand to her eye and rubbed out the shadow that had been created by a smudge in her heavy eyeliner. Whoops. Pausing for a moment to observe the rest of her dressing, she tugged the monochromatic striped shirt down into place, pulled the paint-spattered-skinny-leg-whatchamacallums jeans up into place, shuffled around in her boots and shifted the weight of her bag on her shoulder. As she stood examining herself and tugging at the curtain of dreadlocked hair, she began to lose sight of the tall dark-haired man as he ignored her disappearance as a welcome silencing. Skirting around the vendors and crowds, she jogged to catch up with him and graced him with a punch in the shoulder blade when she did.
    "Stop doing that."
    "Stop falling behind."

    Ignoring his comment, Colette turned her dark eyes on her surrounding instead of the source of most of her angst, only skipping to catch up with him when his pace increased as he made a beeline towards... something. Over that way.

    With a skip in his step and a directive in his head, Russell turned his eyes on a pair of young boys standing amidst a group of people, flustering themselves over what seemed to be a small gash in the brown-haired boy's forehead. Just slapping a bandaid over it, letting germs fester and grow and ew.
    This would not do.
    Approaching the injured youth from the side, he reached out and ruffled his hair with one hand, using it to steady his head as he stepped between him and the second boy- the apparent assailant. Tearing the flimsy plaster from the injured site, he whipped an embroidered gingham handkerchief from his vest pocket and ran it over the shocked boy's tongue, using the moisture to dab at the blood that had started to collect and dribble down the smooth expanse of skin.

    "Leaving a cut like that open as you have makes it more prone to infections and the development of scars- do try to clean yourself first before slapping bandaids over your injuries. By the by, saliva is actually rich with components useful for cleaning infected sites in case you're ever in a fix like this again."

    Using the dry half of the cloth to clean the residue from the boy's skin, he gently fixed the bandage back into place as the gold blur settled beside him to sniff at Cole's shoes curiously.

    "There. Much better."

    Having just caught up with her curious young companion, Colette stared incredulously at the man from where she had slowed to a stop just beside Cole.
    "Sweet Suicune Russell, are you out of your mind? You can't just flutter around imposing yourself upon people like that, it's, it's..." She started to stammer as she hesitated to decide whether rude, obscene, or another profanity would fill the space better.
    "You're so creepy sometimes."

    ooc|adfsgsdfhsdgnhfjghj there stop yelling at me nowwwwwwww D:
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    Tailon, there's a bit of an issue here I feel the need to address:

    Taken from the official PRP rules. Now:

    This here breaks that rule since you directly controlled the actions of Tangrow's Skitty. Also, as a side note:

    I've no problem with people making their own items in PRPs disregarding the fact that I don't RP at all anyway, but making items that are basically Action Replay cheat devices with different names is a bit much - yes, there is an Action Replay cheat available that allows you to instantly hatch eggs, I've seen it.

    I won't punish you, but please take note of these issues in future RP posts.
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    OOC: I'm sorry If I violated any rules, the card is actually an alarm, and this OC is something of a tinkerer, so he tends to end up carrying around some strange stuff, the incubator is a Poke Ball he modified himself It's basically like having a magby or Slugma on the team, without the dead weight, I'll change the Skitty Post now.
  23. Dwayna DragonFire

    Dwayna DragonFire 2014 Little Cup Champion

    Ame listened to the shopkeeper and watched as the other trainer wandered off, sneering in his general direction. She turned back to the shopkeeper, calming her angry disposition, which also caused Charles to become more friendly. The two of them were bonded, after all, and thus worked off of each others reactions.

    "I was more angry at the trainer for randomly attacking you," she replied, "I find such an action uncouth. I'm actually interested in the Luxray wares as well, unless you can make me a normal black cat hairpin or brooch." She quite liked the color black, but one would think that would be obvious from the way she was dressed.

    "If not, then I suppose I'll just take a plushie and some stickers." She took out her wallet and pulled out some cash, simply raising her eyebrow in question.

    Meanwhile Charles looked to the little Pikachu who had made the comment. he said
  24. Tangrow's eyes shined at the sight of the money. Not that he was a con man, but he did like money. He was going to tend to the smaller girl's needs, but he saw Skittles was handling that situation quite nicely, so he turned to the taller woman instead. "Well, I do have a black cat brooch. I do love such things, and they are very lovely. I do have a Luxray Star thing though, um, the ones that are on its tail?" Ethan turned and shook his head, muttering to himself about not being professional, and turned back, saying, "The Brooch is around 250, and if you wanted the tail ornament, it is 100 Poke. Small things, they are." He grabbed the two things from the cases they were in, which he was going to set up at a later date on the festival, and pushed them onto the counter.

    Skittles took the money from the Blissey carefully, seeing as it was kind, then, with great zeal, bounded off the front counter and put the money in the pouch under it, and jumped back on top. "Nyaaaan~ Thank you very very much for the purchase!" The Skitty then grabbed the Luxray Scarf hanging nicely on a coat rack that she had also used for a scratching post earlier that morning, and nudged it over to the girl.

    Skittles jumped back when she noticed the Pikachu pop out of the Blissey's pouch, but quickly regained composure before padding up towards the pair again. "Oh, hi there! You're talking aboooout a performance? Oh! you should ask Meork! Meork knows lots of things, but she's not here right now," The kitten shook her head in disdain, and continued, "But she may be around if you find her! Teehee, if you see her, you should ask her! She's um, a tan cat, skinny, has a ruby thingie on her head too! She's probably getting stuff off of people like she always does! Ooooh, I can't wait till she gets back!
  25. Avaril shut her eyes, hearing the sounds of the crowd, their breathing, their murmuring. And more importantly, she could hear the breathing of her opponent. At the same moment, both human and Pokemon opened their eyes and bowed to each other, eyes never leaving each other's face. As soon as she'd straightened, the Lucario leapt forwards, paws ready to punch. Avaril sidestepped out of the way, then roundhouse kicked Suku as he turned to face her. She didn't let up the attack, moving in, then punching to the throat before spinning to the side and smashing her fist into his floating ribcage. Suku leapt backwards, a dark substance appearing around his paws, only seconds before he launched a dark pulse at his trainer, who vaulted over expertly over the attack. Avaril had expected to land on the ground, but found herself landing in Suku's arms, who grinned evilly then dropped her on his knee and let her fall to the ground. Wincing slightly, Avaril got on her knees and forced one of her hands under his foot, put the other one on the inside of his knee and pushed, causing the Pokemon to fall to the ground, putting one leg over the other to prevent Avaril from punching him in the groin as he fell. So instead she punched his solar plexes, then kicked him away. Moments later, Suku was up, glowing with a white light which made Avaril swear aloud. This was going to hurt. The Lucario disappeared, moving to fast to be seen and milliseconds later, Avaril was thrown to the ground, then pinned down. After three seconds, Suku released her.

    "Damn. I wish I'd never taught you Extremespeed." She sighed as she got to her feet.

    Suku winked his half gold, half red eye disappearing for a moment. The crowd applauded, and the slowly disappeared after saying words that Avaril didn't catch. The people who gathered every time she and Suku sparred really annoyed her.

    Suku said.

    Suku was Avaril's first Pokemon. He'd hatched from an egg that a Staraptor had brought to Avaril's home after the incident at Almia Castle. Four months after Suku had hatched, he persuaded Avaril to go see the Goju Ryu master who lived in the Hia Valley with him. Soon, both had become hooked on it, and had almost every day with the master for six years before leaving Almia a year ago to travel the world.

    "Whatever." Avaril said, playfully shoving Suku. "Let take a look around shall we?"

    Suku nodded, the excitement from the fight wearing off him. Damn, only one, two words from him now. Why did he always get this serious sometimes?


    Avaril studied herself in the mirror, seeing how aurora top went. The red and green parts of the top went rather well with her hair and eyes, but as usual the blues, pinks and purples looked wrong. With a sigh, she changed into her plain green tee shirt and jean shorts then put the top back before walking out of the shop. Suku grinned at her, mocking her without words. Maybe the high from the fight hadn't worn off yet… or maybe it was atmosphere of the Festival of Stars. The Lucario grabbed Avaril's long red hair and gave it a firm tug.

    He suggested, knowing that she would never.

    Suku was pointedly ignored by his trainer. Avaril really hated when he did that. She started browsing the stalls, quickly spotting a boy selling Pokemon eggs. She sprinted towards the stall, looking eagerly over the eggs. There was many other people here a well, but Avaril didn't care. Suku rolled his eyes and sighed. Avaril loved Pokemon eggs.
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  26. "Hn." It then took a second for Big Bang to realize what Charles had said. The Pikachu then snapped. "Little one? I‘ll have you know that I was around this here world before you were hatched."

    "Leader, now's not the time to be like an old grandpa and nag people," Sakura said, chuckling weakly. She then looked at the Charizard. "Please forgive my Leader, he easily loses his temper when one is to talk about his…size, even if it is not intended to be taken as an insult." She then turned to the skitty and smiled. "Our Mistress is performing with someone she hasn't seen in a long time, and our teammate is helping. They're supposed to act scary, but I think it's pretty neat anyhow."

    Kimzie smiled at the Skitty, then took the scarf and wrapped it around Sakura. "There you go! Now let's get going, guys. We still need to help Harley practice the routine."

    Sakura nodded at her trainer, then looked back at Skittles. "I'm sorry, we have to leave to help our friend for the performance. I hope we meet again!" she said, then promptly left with her trainer.

    Also yeah, I'm kind of making a little hiatus cliffhanger so other people can post and stuff while I wait for RX~)
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  27. Dwayna DragonFire

    Dwayna DragonFire 2014 Little Cup Champion

    Ame looked at the cute cat brooch, also quite impressed with the Luxray ornament. She immediately thought it would look quite nice in her hair, and was appreciative of the shop keeper's suggestion. She counted out 350 poke, putting the cash on the table and taking up the two decorative items.

    She moved her trench coat together at the upper end, using the black cat brooch to pin the ends together to give her a new look. She then slid the Luxray star into her hair in an appealing way, smiling when she was satisfied with it. She turned towards Charles and quirked an eyebrow, to which he simply gave a toothy grin.

    "Thank you, my good man," she said to the shopkeeper, and watched as the other girl wandered off. She inwardly sighed to herself, but felt a comforting vibe resounding in her mind. The Charizard curled a black wing around her protectively, and she simply smiled at him, lightly touching the dragon-like Pokemon on his upper chest, as if in thanks.

    She turned away and Charles moved to walk beside her again , and they went off to go explore the rest of the festival area, wondering who else they might run into.
  28. "You're welcome! It was a pleasure!" Ethan waved a goodbye and collected the Poke as Skittles sauntered over to him while he watched both females leave his shop area. He was about to decide to take a look around the Festival himself, when he noticed another girl staring at the eggs he had forgotten to put away. She was accompanied by a Lucario, it seemed, and Skittles delighted herself by meowing excitedly at it, seemingly bombarding it with questions. Ignoring this, he faced the trainer, who had said nary a word. "Um, hello! Can...I help you?"

    "So hi who are you where did you come from where are you going what is your friend going to buy do you need some help with something are you going to play in the tournament Bo is she's so cool I wish I was as strong as her but I think Ethan will let me play too!" The Skitty bounced excitedly around the Lucario, meowing nonstop at it.

    (Myes, that was supposed to be a gramatically incorrect run on sentence from Skittles :>)
  29. Avaril looked up, having completely forgotten about the shopkeeper. He had to be around 15, wearing mainly black with the exception of a white scarf.

    "Oh! Yes you can." She said, embarrassed that she'd paid no attention to him. "Are these eggs for sale and if so how much do they cost and what do they contain?"

    Suku said, staring at the Skitty in front of him.

    The enthusiastic Skitty meowed in one breath.

    Seeing that Avaril hadn't heard him, Suku decided to answer as many of the Skitty's questions as he could remember.

    He finished, looking at the extremely helpful Skitty, whose eyes were shining. Suku said, lowering his voice.
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  30. Ethan motioned towards the eggs. "These? Yes, they are for sale. They contain Feline Pokemon that I bred myself, which I think would be, off the top of my head, Skitty, Glameow, Meowth, Zangoose, Magikarp, and Shinx. One of those." Ethan giggled as he said Magikarp, and added, "Well, they are CATfish! Ehehehe~ Jokes aside, they are 400 Poke each! Kind of like a lottery, isn't it?" Ethan giggled, and stated, "So, which will you choooose~?"

    Skittles listened to Suku's response, and replied, saying, "Oooh, Almia! I've never been there! It sounds pretty! Um, anyway, I do not think we have any poffins...let me check." Skittles turned and jumped into a box behind the booth, and after some rummaging noises, popped up empty pawed, and leaped onto the front again.

    "Oh, um, I'm really sorry, we're lacking poffins right now, they tend to break, so we stopped making those. I think there is a Poffin thingie over somewhere though! Um, just a sec'." The Skitty jumped back into the same box, and after grunting a few times, came up with a round berry that was pale yellow with blue ring shapes on it. "Uh, I think this is what the people call an Usaspear Berry or somethin'! It's free, because Ethan doesn't sell these, I found it and put it in my Pretty Box a while ago! The Skittles rolled the berry towards the Lucario, and then sat attentively.
  31. Eloise Margaret Joy looked pensively from one stall to another. She was strolling at a faster pace than usual, though she did not have any particular event that required her attendance. As a man came within centimetres of lightly brushing her shoulder, she immediately recoiled and swerved swiftly away from him. Having done so, she found herself even closer than her comfort would allow to a group of excited children gathering around a stand that was showcasing some sort of game. Clenching her fists tightly and crossing her arms against her chest, she quickly stalked away from the stall, resuming her previous pace as she continued down the path of shops and attractions.

    It would seem fairly clear that Eloise Margaret Joy did not at all enjoy physical contact, at least with those of the same species as her. Her occupation as a Pokemon Nurse allowed her to encounter all sorts of strange and wonderful creatures, which she enjoyed to some degree. However, this was not the Pokemon Center she had been working at up until several months ago. There were Pokemon still, but most of which were accompanied by their respective human partners, who came in numbers far greater than the young woman would prefer. Thus began her grand quest to avoid the slightest of physical contact with any of these unclean and irksome individuals. It was a daring adventure as she narrowly avoided brushing shoulders, children running about and shop vendors and store owners' humble invitations to view their wares. For Eloise Margaret Joy, this trip was far more perilous than any tightrope she would ever have to walk across.

    Trailing behind her, a lone pink Pokemon simply stared at her strange efforts and sighed. Francesca was Eloise's long-time partner and dedicated assistant in the days that the young woman worked at the center. Named after Eloise Margaret's grandmother, she demonstrated several traits that greatly resembled her, including distaste for her decision to resign from family tradition and pursue a road less travelled. However, that road was not as vacant as the young lady had hoped, and it has led to many a humorous encounter. The Chansey was sincerely worried about her Supervisor. A rowdy festival was no place for a delicate young lady such as Miss Joy, she thought. Still, after seeing her ridiculous dance through the crowd, a little human interaction might just be what she needed.

    "Uggghh," Eloise Margaret groaned. "This is just terrible. I think I might have seen at least three or four health violations already. No wonder this so-called festival is held out here," she continued murmuring to herself. As though hearing everything her partner said, Francesca quietly nodded. Eloise then fumbled through her pockets in search of her PokeGear. Having found the small, white contraption, she quickly flipped its cover open and dialled numbers at great haste. The screen glowed to life and showed a small icon rocking to and fro as the cellular device attempted to connect Eloise to her dear friend's own Poke Gear.

    It rang repeatedly, and after the 5th tone, Eloise sighed and pressed a button to cancel the call. "Brilliant, I suppose she's probably practicing somewhere." She checked the phone again to see what time it had been, only to find that there was far too much of it for her to simply wait for the performance to begin. She looked around her furtively and saw that the crowd was beginning to grow in number. "Let's see if we can find a nice empty food stand to sit down at," she told Francesca. Grabbing her paw, the two weaved carefully through the crowd, the immaculate whiteness of her clothes rather apparent as she made an effort to place some degree of personal space between her and everyone else.

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  32. For as far back as Warren could remember, ice cream had been his preferred method of cooling down from the hot sun. And wearing mostly dark shades of brown and a sweater in the Johto sunlight was a good way to need ice cream. Luckily, the vendors at the festival were prepared for this, and there were more than enough ice cream stands to choose from. Warren had gone with the closest one, a soft serve place, and was now happily dripping vanilla ice cream onto the nice brown sweater that had caused him to need it.

    "Wanna swap?" Warren asked Waldo, who was slowly eating his way through a large cotton candy on a stick. He too was experiencing the heat and had switched to a light blue shade similiar to his sugary treat. Waldo pretended to ignore him. He wasn't a fan of ice cream.

    "Fine." Warren said, stopping by a trash can to throw out the rest of his cone. He removed his sweater and scoffed at the shirt underneath. "I can't believe I wore my Bastiodon shirt." He complained. "It's so horrible, why do I still have it? Arghhh." Waldo continued to pay no attention to his trainer, since he had probably heard the same thing about this shirt more than once before. Warren was somewhat well known for his shifting personality, and he would no doubt change his mind about the shirt eventually.

    "Whatever. I guess it's not that bad. I actually kind of like it."

    There we go. Waldo thought, nibbling some cotton candy and hopping on top of the trash can for a rest. He eyed Warren's disposed-of ice cream cone and his tongue quickly shot out, gave it a lick, then retracted.

    "Gross." Warren said. "I wonder if there are any bathrooms around he- oh my gosh!" He had looked over just in time to see a small pink Skitty handing a berry over to a much larger Lucario. It was adorable. "Awwww, that's really cute. We have to go to that store later." He also took note of the storekeeper, a handsome teenage boy. Warren smiled. "Yep. We're totally going."

    Warren turned his attention away from the boy and back to his Kecleon, who was chewing on something that was not his cotton candy. He peered into the trash and sure enough the cone was gone. "Eating out of trash cans is nasty." He stated. Waldo simply stuck his tongue out at Warren, allowing him a full look at the mushed up bits of cone stuck to it. "Grosssss!" Warren squealed femininely. "When you're done being disgusting you can come meet me over by the hot guy with the kitty."

    With no further comment, Warren strided over to wait in line at KitKatNekoNeko! leaving Waldo to rummage through the trash.
  33. While running, Kimzie had then bumped into a pink-haired girl, as with Sakura and Big Bang bumping into her companion. As Kimzie's group fell to the floor, they quickly stood up and brushed the dust off of them.

    "I'm sorry, ma'am," Kimzie said, bowing at the stranger. "I didn't mean to bump into you. I was in a hurry as I need to - anyway, are you alright?"

    Sakura brushed the dirt off of her head and curls, then quickly did the same action, only towards her counterpart. "Please forgive me, I was following my Mistress to the Circus tent where she and my teammates are to perform alongside with another Human and her Pokemon as well."

    Big Bang quickly jumped onto Sakura's head and bowed as well. "We hope we didn't harm you or anyone in the process."
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  34. A lottery huh? It would kind of suck to get the Magikarp — Avaril knew just how long raising one of those took until it could battle without getting it's arse kicked from experience, but Zangoose… That made her decision. She fished 400 Poke and placed it in the Shopkeeper's hand. Then she turned to look at the eggs, studying each carefully. Finally, she picked up the egg second from the left.

    "I'll take this one okay?" She said, grinning at the thought of taking care of the egg. "See you around." Avaril said as she turned to leave, then spun around to face the shopkeeper again. "Oh yeah, are you entering the tournament?"

    Suku nodded sadly upon hearing that they had no Poffins, he hadn't have one in ages — Avaril was not a good cook — but smiled when the Skitty presented him with a berry.

    He trailed off, realising he didn't know if the Skitty had a name.

    He asked her and she told him that her name was Skittles. Suku smiled when he heard that.

    Seeing Avaril holding an egg, he guessed she was ready to leave. He said, then gently picked up the berry and ran to catch up with Avaril.

    "I think we should make sure this egg has enough heat to hatch. And I wanna see if there's any Fire Stones for sale, Vulpix's been wanting to evolve for quite a while now."

    Suku nodded, wondering if he would run into Skittles in the tournament as the duo headed towards the Pokemon Centre, where they had a room for the night.
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  35. Ethan nodded and watched Aurora pick the egg and giggled. He would know what egg that one was, but Skittles had taken to switching them around recently to make it more real. Hearing her question, Ethan eyes sparked with realization as he remembered that he had not yet signed up, and so said hastily, "Um, right! I certainly will be! That would be fantastic!" Once she was out of sight, he saw there was another customer keeping him from getting a move on, and so hurriedly beckoned him to the front counter.

    "Hi there, person! What would you like?" He asked, impatiently tapping his foot on the ground, although none of such made its way into his personality. He took a look towards the registration area, and then turned back to the guy, saying, "Pick and choose! Pick and choose!"

    "Okay, bye-bye Suku!" Skittles waved a paw in a way to better signify her mews. After this, Skittles noticed the next customer come up, and took a good look at the boy with a blank fixed stare. He looked like a person to her. Then Skittles snapped to her senses and shook her head. It was a boy.
  36. "AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHH," screamed Eloise Margaret Joy. She continued to do so for a full ten seconds before realizing how foolish it was for her to be doing so. Clapping the dirt off her hands, she quickly stood up and proceeded to tidy herself up. She then picked up her bag, only to find that it had been opened in the time it took for her to organize herself. She fondled it of its contents and found that there was something missing. "You can't be serious! SON OF A GRANBULL, YOU CAN NOT BE SERIOUS!" she began to scream again, completely unaware of the question being asked of her by the young lady she had bumped into.

    Had she control of her arms, Francesca would certainly clasp them in front of her mouth and discipline Eloise Margaret for using such disgusting language. However, they were at present being held and apologized to by a Pokemon similar in shape to her. Then, something the Blissey said interested the Chansey.

    "...I was following my Mistress to the Circus tent where she and my teammates are to perform alongside with another Human and her Pokemon as well," the Blissey explained.

    "Dearie me, did this human by any chance have a small blue Pokemon with her?" Francesca asked her fully evolved counterpart.

    But before she could answer her query, the Chansey noticed her human partner foregoing all hygienic protocol and crawling across the ground waving her arms frantically.

    "Franny, my wallet's gone! I think someone might have taken it!" Eloise Margaret exclaimed. All the while, a graceful shadow lingered from between a crowd of human legs and pitched tents. In her mouth was the very item the young Nurse had been relieved of just moments ago.

    It did not seem as though anyone noticed her swift movements, most certainly due to Eloise Margaret's display of her Agoraphobia. Fortunately for the young Nurse, a faithful friend had been vigilant enough to notice.

    A white flash burst from Eloise Margaret's bag. The light rushed to the ground in front of the young woman and from it materialized a large, purple Pokemon. His long body was segmented by several black lines that slithered excitedly across the path. He raised his head high and flared the large flaps of skin around his neck, revealing a somewhat terrifying pattern on his throat. Sticking a forked tongue into the air, the Arbok could sense it. He could smell and taste the presence of the thief, and that she wasn't very far from where they were.

    "Hazama, what-" but before Eloise could finish asking him, the large snake Pokemon quickly slithered through the crowd, his presence alarming several people.

    The perpetrator had little time to react to this sudden and unforeseen development. However, with the panic the large Arbok was causing, it seemed that she might be fortunate enough to be able to escape with all the distractions about. This however, proved to be quite a mistake.

    "I'm rather sorry to bother you, Miss," Hazama remarked cheerfully. His gaze firmly set in the shadows between two tents, and what they were hiding. "I have reason to believe you might have something quite precious there with you," he continued to say. Though his sheer size and cold orange eyes were rather intimidating, Hazama's voice was perky, if not rather ecstatic. The tip of his tail wagged from side to side in a quick and rhythmic manner.

    "So, how shall we have it?" Hazama asked her, this time with a notably sinister tone in his voice.

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    (OOC: I hope there's room for one more 'cause I'm comin' in! :D)

    It had taken Brian all morning, but finally everything looked to be ready and in order. Hours of shooing people away had finally paid off because now their spur of the moment arena was ready and all those people could come back to watch.

    "On my signal Rio." Brian told his Riolu who was sitting in front of a laptop. "Ready Axel?" the spiky black haired twenty-year-old asked a monkey with gold fur and a flaming mane on his his head.

    "Ready as I'm gonna be." the Infernape with oddly colored fur answered. Brian smiled at his partner as he picked up a microphone. He had done this hundreds of times over the years, just never in public causing his heart to race with anticipation. It was probably a good idea to get the blood flowing anyway.

    "Alright. Riolu, play the music." the trainer instructed before bringing the mic to his mouth. Lines were rehearsed and ready to be spoken. "Attention Star Festival!" Brian announced to everyone within the sound of his voice as loud attention grabbing music began playing. "One and all! I am Brian and this is my familiar Axel!" Brian lowered his arm to indicate his Infernape to the spectators who were now gathering around at such a spectacle. "For you viewing pleasure we two monkeys will have a sparring match, technical term for fight, slang for beat the crap out of eachother."

    "You got this idea from a girl fighting a Lucario earlier didn't you?" accused some random guy in the audience interupting Brian's grand introduction.

    "How dare you interupt my crowning moment of awesome! How can I copy someone I don't even know about when I've been setting the stage since the wee hours of the morning? Now you get to the back of the line!" Brian yelled at the fool. Here he was doing something fun, and this dumbass comes and acts like a dumbass about it.

    "Anyway, where was I?" Brian said aloud trying to regain his train of thought. "Ah yes! We will beat the crap out of eachother for your entertainment. All I ask in return is for you generous people to throw your money at us. How ever much you want: pennies, 1000p bills, it matters not." finished the young adult. "Now Axel! Let's do this!" Brian declared jumping from his platform onto the stage he and his Pokemon set up. Brian kicking off his black boot and pulling off his socks leaving just his black long pants, black T-shirt, and black fingerless gloves. It would be easier to fight without any foot wear.

    "Riolu, change to the combat track I showed you." The young Emanation Pokemon only had to click next on the music player before the battle music Brian had selected began playing. Both trainer and Infernape took fighting stances across the arena from eachother. Brian held his left arm extended forward with his right arm pulled back and his knees bent. Axel had both hands in front of his chest with his elbows bent and palms facing forward. He too had his knees bent, ready to move at a moment's notice.

    "Attack!" Brian cried wildly as he dropped his stance and running head long at his monkey companion. Axel laughed to himself shaking his head. Brian could be such a maniacally nutcase sometimes. But that only made it more important for the Flame Pokemon to keep his guard up. The trainer threw the first punch with his right arm which the monkey easily caught in his corresponding open palm. Brian then attempted a left hook which met the same fate in Axel's other hand. Brian smirked as he kneed the Infernape in the stomach causing his grip on the trainers hands to weaken. The young adult then elbowed his partner in the face.

    "Cheeky monkey!" Axel yelled holding his face where Brian attacked.

    "Takes one to know one my friend!" Brian retorted playfully. That comment won him a spinkick to the chest knocking the wind out of him. The trainer grabbed Axel's leg before he could pull away then spun him in a circle before releasing him. The monkey landed on his hands as he pushed off into a backflip to get back to his feet.

    By this point, Brian was already rushing the Flame Pokemon with his right hand stiffened, spearing his fingertips at Axel's head. The Infernape quickly jumped to the side to avoid the blow, but ended up dodging into the path of the left hand doing the same thing. Instinctively the monkey ducked hoping to knock his trainer off balance by kicking his legs out from under him. Unfortunately for him, Brian was one step ahead by jumping over the monkey's kick while delivering one of his own to Axel's ribs. What the trainer hadn't counted on was the Infernape using his tail to wrap around Brian's ankle and violently pull him out of the air.

    "You're a demon in monkey fur, you know that?" Brian casually pointed out climbing back to his feet while rubbing his lower back. Axel nodded proudly as if it were a complement. Whistles and cheers could be heard from the gathered crowd at the excitement such a brawl was bringing.

    "You like that?" Brian asked his audience only to be answered by loud cheers. "Then you'll love this!" he promised. Brian quickly threw off his T-shirt and banged his fist against his bare chest. "Axel! Flamethrower!"

    "Are you serious?" the monkey shouted in disbelief.

    "Do it!" Brian insisted. Axel rolled his eyes at such a crazy request, but obviously his trainer had some sort of plan and wasn't doing this just for the entertainment value. Right? The Flame Pokemon pulled his head back before blowing a long tongue of hot fire straight at his human partner.

    As Brian watched the fire come for him, he had one of those what-was-I-thinking!? moments. He instantly dropped to the ground chest up to avoid the flames as they passed over him. What madness possessed him to order such an insane plan? No sooner had the fire dissipated, did Axel coming running at Brian to sit on his chest while he was down. The Infernape crossed his legs and resting them on Brian's wrists so he couldn't fight back.

    "What do you think you're doing?" inquired the trainer as his Pokemon looked down at him staring into his blue eyes.

    "Winning." Axel said victoriously. If the monkey had been so sure of victory, he should have kept his tail away from Brian's mouth. Axel should know by now that Brian was a biter when he couldn't use his hands. All the human had to do was lift his head slightly to chomp the Flame Pokemon's tail. Axel cried in agony as he jumped off of his trainer, but Brian was unrelenting and refused to release his grip. "Gah fine! you win! Now please let go!" bargained the monkey.

    Brian opened his mouth and spat some unwanted golden hairs that came from biting an Infernape. "Axel has surrendered to me! Therefore, I am the winner of today's match!" Brian announced. "Riolu, victory tune!" Once again, the Emanation Pokemon pressed next to a short but sweet fifteen second track. Both Brian and Axel bowed like the large hams they were to the cheering audience while Brian's Metang floated about with a bag to collect however much money people were willing to spend on the craziest duo alive.

    After this crowd dispersed, Brian and his Pokemon would check the other stands to see what they could spend this hard earned cash on.

    (OOC: While I created this madness, six new replies have been posted! :-X Looks like you have to move fast in this RP!)
  38. (... I shall never sleep again, you never know what could happen when you're snoring away. Whether it's Santa sneaking around the house or people going a mile ahead of you in an RP)

    Jack found moving through the crowd relatively easy, mostly because people were trying to avoid him. He could understand why, even if most if not all of the dirt was gone, he was still as wet as the tongue of a lickitung. On the bright side though, maybe this could get him a spot on the tournament sooner. Jack passed by a small stall that he would have looked over if he didn't catch a glimpse of what the merchandise was. Jack stopped and moved to the stall. Sure enough, the stall had eggs on the counter, all lined up in a row. The last time Jack saw a pokemon egg, as he recalled, was when it was in the hands of a demented breeder who slapped Jack for merely touching one. Jack looked at each of the eggs for a few seconds each, then looked up at the shopkeeper.

    "These eggs... are they for sale?" Jack asked, only realizing that it was a stupid question after he had gone and said it.

    (Post is short because I'm short on time)
  39. Dwayna DragonFire

    Dwayna DragonFire 2014 Little Cup Champion

    Ame saw a nearby battle going on, and walked over with Charles to go watch it. Familiar faces were quite evident, as the golden furred monkey came into view. Brian was putting on a show for the spectators, and she was all too willing to watch. She was a bit surprised to learn that it was Brian who had decided to spar against his partner.

    After a while of interesting twists such as Brian commanding the Infernape to use his Flamethrower, Axel surrendered due to a bite on his tail from Brian. She laughed out loud and applauded with the rest of the spectators around, and everyone made their turn to put money in his case.

    She saw him collecting his things and beginning to leave, and she decided to follow, tapping him on the shoulder. She moved around to stand in front of him, smiling at him slightly in amusement. Outstretched in her hand was a 1000p bill.

    "Long time no see, Brian," she began, "You put on quite the performance there. I do believe I still owe you a trench coat?"
  40. Psycho Monkey

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    As soon as Metang returned, Brian wasted no time in counting how much money he made so he knew what kind of budget he was dealing with. After a few minutes he had counted our 53,186p. A pretty decent haul for just one show.

    "Maybe we could do this again tomorrow." suggested Brian getting up.

    "Next time I'm using Flare Blitz. Just try and dodge that!" Axel taunted.

    "You're bad." Brian laughed. No sooner had he left the stage, the trainer felt someone tap his shoulder. Brian turned his head to see who was behind him just in time to see a black blur jump in front of him.

    "Long time no see, Brian." said a familiar voice. Brian turned forward to face a female with a similar fashion sense to his own holding out 1000p. A black Charizard stood by her side. "You put on quite the performance there. I do believe I still owe you a trench coat?"

    "Miss Ame Wyxm. How have you been?" Brian asked with a smile. It had been awhile since he had seen Ame, plus she was the first familiar face he had encountered so far today. "I'm glad you liked the show, we greatly appreciate your patronage. I just wish you were paying me with a coat." said Brian playfully as he gratefully accepted her offering.

    "Axel and I were just going to lunch, do you and Charles want to join us? It'll be my treat." he offered.

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