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The Fall of the Legends

Discussion in 'Pokémon Role Play' started by Lunacepuff, Sep 8, 2014.

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  1. In Unova, Ghetsis was smiling at the land, losing its former shine. He turned around, to a struggling trainer and his Pokemon. "You see what happens when you try for more than you can handle? Do you see what happens when you fail?!" The boy didn't answer, but continued to tug and pull at the bars he was trapped behind.

    In Asperita, a girl in a bright green hat was walking hurriedly down the street. She found herself rapidly knocking on a door of a small family. "Hello?" Hello?" A girl with blonde and pink hair opened the door with a smile. "Hello, Bianca." "Oh, it's you, Piper, I--" This girl with green eyes, with her pajamas still on interrupted. "Oh, is it time for me and my friends to get our Pokemon?"
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  2. In his new pair of gray rollerblades Luca slid down the paved streets of Asperita in a scurry.

    "Shoot. Shoot. Where is she?!"

    He cruised through the town that was so foreign to him in search of the woman with blond hair. A small Purrlion was curled up in a boy's lap as they sat on the wooden porch of their house and munched on star-shaped cookies.

    Luca stopped in front of the house next door, a large one in fact. "Is this the place? Well only one way to find out..."

    He slid up to the walkway of the cottage. Everything he needed for a fresh new start was neatly packed into his backpack. Pokeballs, a jacket, cans of food, and a Pokegear he stole from his sister's vacant bedroom.

    A cute girl was standing on the porch with an older blond woman.

    "Okay. Here I go."
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