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Ask to Join The Fall of Beacon (A RWBY RP)

Discussion in 'General Role Play' started by Mr Fishykarp, Jun 19, 2017.

  1. Signups and plot here: https://pokecharms.com/threads/the-fall-of-beacon-a-rwby-rp.16920/

    It happened so fast, Josh barely knew what was happening. One moment he was happily enjoying a nice stroll, and the next, some idiot dropped an Ursa on him.
    Grabbing his sword and shield, Josh faced the foe. Swinging his sword.
    The Ursa, seemingly unfazed, swung down at him, and Josh was just able to block the blow, stabbing his sword into the Ursa's body, causing it to explode into black dust. The plane that had dropped the Ursa landed a short distance away from him, and three men in masks exited

    The White Fang

    Knowing he was no match for terrorists, he turned the other way and ran, hoping to find a familier face. He instead ran into a pack of four Beowolves, marching towards him slowly. He turned around, to find that the three White Fang members had caught up, and were brandishing their weapons, preparing to strike. He readied himself, this would be one heck of a fight...
  2. No words described Alexandra's thoughts better than "crap" as she ran across the roof tops, seeing the creatures of Grimm and the White Fang terrorists overrun the streets. She was never more thankful that her father was on a business trip to Mistral when everything went down. Talk about convenience. Speaking of convenience, she slid to a stop when she saw somebody being surrounded both by Grimm and the White Fang. She quickly switched "Dizzy" to it's sniper form in order to get a better look. And of course the one survivor she would be able to get to in time was Josh. "Perfect." She muttered. Whether she liked it or not, though, he was her teammate.

    She saw four Beowolves on one side of him and three White Fang members on the other side. Perfect. And she wasn't being sarcastic this time. She aligned her sniper up with the lead Beowulf's head and fired, watching in satisfaction as it fell to the ground and dissolved into ash. Without waiting for even a second, Vanyali jumped down from the building, using ledges to land on, so she wouldn't damage her aura while she fell. Once she landed on firm ground, she quickly ran next to Josh and faced the Beowolves. She transformed "Dizzy" back to it's saxophone form. "Keep the terrorists busy for a few seconds?"
  3. "I could totally have taken them," Josh complained as he watched the Grimm engage the White Fang. "Now I don't fancy getting exploded, let's go find the others"
    Truth be told, he didn't really like his teammates, being Fanaus and being annoying as hell. But they were his teammates, and safety in numbers would be better. He readied his sword and ran the other way
  4. Alexandra scoffed before she followed her teammate. She swears Ozpin knew Josh's opinion on the Faunus when he enrolled, and somehow rigged it to where he'd be put in a team with three Faunus. Or, perhaps it really was just a coincidence, although she doubted it. "Right, safety in numbers. But I was out watching the tournament in that old music club downtown when this all broke loose, so I have no idea where Joe and Alice are. Do you have your scroll on you?"
  5. "Of course," he said, smirking. "Typical of you to be unprepared"
    He reached into his pocket, and his smile disappeared instantly. He began checking every other pocket on him.
    "Nononononononono," he muttered, "I must have dropped it while running from the White Fang"
    He turned to Alexandra, he was slightly embarrassed but never was he going to show that in front of her.
    "Where did you leave your scroll?"
  6. "In my defense, I was down at that old music club. Only the naive and the idiots take extra stuff down there with them. That area is filled with pickpockets." She retorted. It was Alexandra's turn to smirk, however, when Josh couldn't find his own scroll. She hid the smirk when her human teammate turned to face her, however. "Only problem with mine is that it's all the way back in our dorm room. I left it, and most of my dust there because I didn't want it to get stolen off me while I was down there."
  7. "And this is why you don't go to shady pubs," replied Josh, "now let's go rescue your scroll."
    He began running to the dorms and was almost at the entrance, when he heard a shout
    It was the White Fang, it seemed they had defeated the Grimm and ran past Josh and Alexandra to intercept them. Or this was a different group. All Fanaus looked the same to Josh.

    Josh drew his sword and shield. And prepared once again to fight
  8. "Hey, it's the only place in Vale that still plays good music." Alexandra retorted, before more White Fang caught up to them. "I count six." She reported, as she transformed her instrument into it's battleaxe form. She twirled it before going into a battle stance. "I know they're terrorists, but there aren't a lot of them. You take half and I talk half?"
  9. Joseph exited the building seeing the white fang members, he readied his main and line it up with one of the white fang members. He pulled the trigger, rather than a rather bullet or buckshot coming out he had set in dust mode. A burst of red came out creating in a form of shotgun blast hitting the thug with burns beginning to appearing all over the terrorist, "You think I'd miss an opportunity like this to fight something," he spoke in a rhetoric manner, "If you did, you be wrong." He readied his weapon once more but held from fire, "On your mark," He finished
  10. "How about," Josh said slowly "you take those two, Joe takes those three, and I take that one"
    He pointed to the smallest and weakest looking one.
    "Sounds good? Ok, let's do it"

    He ran towards said Terrorist and bashed his shield, only for the White Fang member sidestep and slap him. Actually slap him. With his hands.
    "OW" he shouted as he stumbled away "THIS ONE'S A NINJA, THIS ONE's A NINJA"
  11. Alexandra couldn't help but chuckle at Josh getting pimp-slapped by the scrawny White Fang member. "You wanted to take him, Josh. I won't intervene, unless you say otherwise." She said. Just then, one of her two White Fang members rushed her, swinging a giant sword. The Rabbit Huntress narrowly ducked, the blade swinging mere centimeters from her face. She even thought she saw some strands of hair get cut off. She sent a quick kick to the terrorists groin, then swung her axe towards him, which he narrowly deflected. Instead of swinging it around again, Alexandra rammed the end of the axe's hilt into the terrorist's gut, doubling him over. Another crack to the head from her weapon hilt made him fall unconscious. She turned to the other one, who came near her with a large hammer. Alex smirked as she transformed Dizzy back to it's saxophone form.
  12. Josh jabbed his sword forwards, again missing, before bringing his shield up to blow a blow from his foe.
    "So, any particular reason you singled me out?" Asked the White Fang soldier as he ran forwards, swinging and getting blocked again
    Josh sidestepped and swung his sword as he replied. "You seemed the weakest, no offense"
    His foe shrugged, "I get that a lot"

    The two stopped talking as they circled eachother before both charging in. The two ran in and began trading blows again, eventually Josh pushed his shield forwards, bashing the White Fang soldier in the head, stunning him.
    "DIE, WHITE FANG SCUM!" He shouted, and brought his sword up to kill. He prepared to thrust the sword into the soldier's heart
  13. Alexandra ducked under the hammer swing, although she almost lost her balance, and kicked in the terrorist's knee. This caused his leg to buckle and the Faunus man fell to the ground. Alex quickly dug in her pocket and pulled out the few reeds she carried with her, luckily one infused with ice-dust. She switched out the reed and played "Dizzy" causing the two White Fang members she'd faced off against to become frozen.
  14. Josh thrust forwards, attempting to plunge his blade into the chest of the White Fang Soldier, but at the last moment got a fist to the face from another. Now the two Fanaus advanced, pushing him backwards.
    "Um" he called out "a little help here?"
  15. "Got it." Alexandra replied as she turned around. She ran up to where she stood next to Josh. "Shoulda watched your corners, Joshie boy." Alexandra said, smirking, before she played with her ice reed once more. However, it wasn't the most powerful, and was almost out from freezing over her two previous Faunus. Luckily, it was enough to freeze the newest arrival from his feet up to his knees. "I'm going to assume you want him, then?" She guessed, motioning towards the now partially frozen White Fang member.
  16. "Well it's not like I have night vision like you dumb Fanaus!" Argued Josh
    "I feel slightly offended by that" said the White Fang Member who wasn't frozen, before charging back into battle. After battling for a bit, Josh thrust his shield again, trying the same stratergy. The White Fang Soldier dodged but tripped over, and hit his head on the concrete, knocking him out.
    "YES!" He shouted "I WIN!"
  17. "At least you don't have to deal with him every day for four years." Alexandra replied to the White Fang member, before he'd tripped and rendered himself unconscious. She walked over to the half-frozen White Fang Faunus. "Night-night." She said, before she hit him upside the head with her saxophone, rendering the man unconscious. "Great, we took down a few terrorists. I'll check the room for my scroll, see if I can get a hold of anybody."
  18. "Good luck" Josh said "I'll stay here and tie up these idiots so they don't wake up and attack us again"
    He proceeded to realise he had no rope, so he made sure that they were all unconscious and dumped them in the garden. He looked over the horizon and ran into the dorm
    "You'd better hurry," he warned, "it looks pretty bad out there. Lots of terrorists"
  19. "I assume Grimm, too?" She guessed. Alexandra was digging in her dresser cabinet until she found her scroll. "Okay, found it. Who am I calling first? Ozpin, Goodwitch, Alice?" She asked, scrolling through her numbers. Each made sense in their own right. She personally wanted to call Alice first, and although she didn't like him, she supposed it would be best to ask her team leader who would be the best person to check in with first.
  20. "Come on" Josh said "it's Ozpin and Goodwitch! They probably already know. Try calling Alice"
    He turned and left the building to see just how many Grimm were coming, and had to take a step back. There were around one hundred assorted Ursas, Beowolves and the like. At that moment, a few Atlesian Knights dropped from the sky and began firing, along with a few of the human survivors
    "We've got this covered" one of the Atlesian Soldiers announced "you should go back and protect yourselves"
  21. "Right, right, right. Try not to get killed. My disdain of you hasn't reached that point. Yet." Alexandra commented as she set her weapon down onto her bed. She scrolled until she found Alice's number. She pressed it, and tried to call her. Alex put the scroll up to her ear, hoping for an answer. "C'mon, Alice, pick up, pick up, pick up...." She muttered, getting desperate. She didn't like the idea of one of her teammates dying before they even got a chance to regroup. Well, she didn't like the idea of any of them dying at all.
  22. "What's the point?" Josh asked throwing his hands up in frustration, "even if Alice is alive, how are we going to find her? If you didn't bring your scroll and I lost my scroll, how do we have any confirmation that she even has hers?"
    He sighed, "look, the Atlesian Soldiers are here evacuating people, we should go, if Alice is smart she will do the same and we can meet in the airships"
  23. Alexandra nodded, albeit hesitantly. She severely hoped that her friend and teammate was okay. Josh had a point. If the two of them didn't have their scrolls, it would, in a way, make sense for Alice to be lacking hers as well. With any luck, the scorpion Faunus could hold her own and get to an air ship and meet up with the rest of them. "Right, right. She's smart, she'll be fine." Alex reasoned, before she checked her other dresser cabinet. Several pouches were there, filled with her Lien, dust, dust magazines, and dust reeds. She grabbed all the pouches and fashioned them on her belt. Afterwards, she grabbed Dizzy back up and positioned the rope-thing (I don't know what it's called) over her shoulder. "Ready."
  24. "We need to get to the Atlesian Airships, we can escape there" he said "one dropped off a group of soldiers nearby, I saw three larger ones in the distance"
    It was at that moments that shots started going off. Josh ran outside to see the Atlesian Soldiers and Robots facing an army of Grimm head on. The massive Grimm forces swiftly overran the Atlesian Army, decimating it.

    And then the sky exploded.

    An army of students from the Vytal Festival Tournamnt fell from an Atlesian Airship, armed for battle. The one known as Jaune Arc landed first, spearing an Ursa in the head. He turned to see another swiping towards him, only for it to be cut down by a female huntswoman. The two smiled and continued to fight.
    "Alexandra" Josh called out "you may want to see this"
  25. Joseph approached towards an injured White Fang member with two busted legs pulling himself away from Joseph as he came closer. As soon as he got to the poor thing he leaned down whispering something to the guy, as he said it even with the mask it was obvious that his facial expression was something of pure terror as Joseph slowly stood up putting his shotgun in its holster and pulling his pistol from his jacket. He pointed it at the poor guy and pulled the trigger. As soon as the dust hit the head it begun to burn away. As the lifeless body fell completely fell limp he pulled a second smaller object that seemed knife-like as he crouched down next to the body and did, something, with the blade before putting the blade along with a second item back into his jacket a bit of blood on his hand. He stood up as he heard Josh behind him saying something to another teammate, he turned to see Joane Arc and other students. He made his way to Josh and as he got to Josh he asked, "Did you guys get ahold of Alice?"
  26. Alexandra followed Joseph and Josh out, to see some of the teams that had been participating in the Vytal Tournament fighting off the Grimm and White Fang. She saw several notable faces: Jaune Arc, Pyrrha Nikkos, Coco Adel, Velvet Scarlatina, Fox Alistair, Yatsuhashi Daichi, just to name a few. It was awe-inspiring, seeing the other teams work together against the Grimm and White Fang. She turned her head to Joseph as he asked if they'd gotten a hold of Alice. "Nothing. We're hoping she made it to one of the evacuation airships."
  27. "Well I'm assuming the evacuations are near the three big Airships," he pointed in their general direction, and only saw one. "Strange, I swear I saw three"
    He shrugged, "well, I saw some robots go this way so I'm guessing there's more that way."
    He went to follow them and rounded the corner, to see another Beacon team facing a few of the robots. Their eyes had turned red and they were firing st the students. Josh recognised one of the guys, sat across from him in Port's class, really caring and kind, and now he was being attacked.
    "Help!" The kid shouted, but it was too late, one of the Atlesian Solder's bullets hit his left shoulder causing his to stumble back. The three soldiers fired into his chest, and just like that, he was dead.

    Screaming with anger, Josh ran forwards and slammed one of the his shield into one of the Knights, turning and stabbing another. He felt a blast to his armour but it was unable to penetrate so he turned and swang. The other members of the other team, morale restored, charge during into battle and just like that, th robots were destoyeed
  28. Taken back by the sudden firing from the Atlesian Knights, he pulled his shotgun and kept it at the ready. His satisfaction may come from killing the white fang, but if he had too, he'd protect his 'friends' for now. He looked at Josh with one thing to say, "The bloody hell just happened," he looked around a bit checking for White Fang and Grimm. He saw a lone and scrawny White Fang member, so he snuck from the rest as to not attract attention to himself. He made his way to the loner as he pulled out the small blade as he stuck to the shadow, the poor guy didn't stand a chance once Joseph was close enough. With one fell swoop Joseph had stabbed the poor thing in the leg bringing him to the ground and covered his mouth to prevent a scream proceeding to pulled him into the shadows, he'd never be seen by the White Fang or anyone else again, Joe would make sure of that. After doing what he needed he put the blade into his jacket with another strange item. It took only a second for him to rejoin the others without being noticed.
  29. For one, Lavender was confused. Very confused. One moment she was wrestling with one of her arrows to turn it back inside after some stupid guy zipped past her and pressed the top of the pill like thing, it bopped to size right there. Lavender gave up, and instead decided to just zip it and take off the red ball on her pendant, she opened it and folded it out, barely dodging a hit from the rogue soldiers. She spun and gave it up, running at the robot with the arrow and kicking it down. She touched the tip of the the arrow to check if it was sharp enough, (and indeed, blood even blossomed from her finger) and pushed it down the robot's neck. "Well I was sure that wouldn't work," she mumbled and brought out her bow again to shoot some White Fang members who were trying to think up a plan.

    She didn't make herself noticeable- for her there was no point in having a bow if not to remain in stealth. She bent down to dodge a arrow sailing past her head but the wound in her chest, the shot her friend had fired suddenly began aching. "Wow, great timing!" she yelled and put her hand up to her chest as she continued killing some robots and White Fang members, they flooded the streets and her breath was quick and ragged.
  30. Four Atlesian Knights (the Robots) ran into the square, pointing their guns as Lavander. Josh, who was talking to the three members of the other team he saved, turned and saw them. After a quick nod, he ran towards the first robot, knocking it onto the ground. He raised his sword and impaled it, and turned just in time to get the butt of another robot's gun slammed into to his face. He fell backwards, and the three robots aimed their guns at his face
  31. Alexandra groaned when the three Atlesian Knights were about to open fire on Josh. She quickly turned her instrument-weapon into it's sniper rifle form. She loaded an explosive dust magazine into the sniper, aimed at the center of the three Atlesian Knights. She fired, the round hitting the center one dead in the chest. The small blast radius was enough to destroy the others, but leave Josh unharmed. "What would you do without me?" Alex quipped.
  32. "I totally had that under control," grumbled Josh, "If given a few more minutes, I could have beaten them all!"
    He sighed and turned around, seeing another two White Fang Soldier charge. He raised his shield to blow a blow from one, and twisted to impale the other. The remaining soldier swang forwards but Josh sidestepped, cutting him down.
    "See?" Asked Josh, "perfectly fine!"
  33. She blinked and rubbed her head for a second, bringing up her hand. "Sorry, this is the first time I've seen someone from now, may someone explain what is happening and why the robots are malfunctioning and what-not?" She moved to the side as a White Fang member tried to impale her from the behind. She took out a arrow and shot the man to a nearby wall, the arrow pinning him there. Her hand immediately rested back on her chest. Her breathing slowed, and she dived under to dodge a arrow and lost her concentration, making herself invisible. She shook her head and she turned back to normal.
  34. Josh shook his head in frustration. "I have no idea," he admitted, "they just kinda all, went bad at once!"
    "The Atlesian Flagship," the warrior known as Jaune Arc explained as he walked towards them, before swiftly turning around, "NORA, PYRRHA, NOW!"
    The aforementioned pair had been lying in wait for a Giant Nevermore from their vantage point on a building, the Nevermore swooped low and Pyrrha threw her shield with Nora on top. Nora swung her hammer and the Nevermore came crashing down
    "Sorry about that" Jaune said, "as I was saying, somebody hijacked the Atlas Flagship and somehow hacked into every single robot"
  35. "We're gonna need to get up there, then?" She whispered. "Would save us more trouble with everyone running around," she said hurriedly as she shot a arrow at a White Fang member who was aiming a dagger at her. "I'd think Atlas would be preventing this kind of thing, but of course not! And I don't even know where to go? I'm not in Haven, I don't know where the reinforcements are, and I'm almost out of arrows."

    "Arrows," She breathed. "I left them somewhere- where were they? Lavender, think or you're gonna get yourself killed.." she mumbled.
  36. Dante was in his dorm that night, Working on an essay on Rare types of Grimm until three men burst into his room and pointed guns at him
    "I'm busy, Go away," Dante said, continuing to write as he didn't care
    "Just shoot the k-" A White Fang member tried to finish as his head was punched into the wall by Dante
    "SHOOT! SHOOT!" The second yelled, Cowering in fear before the third could shoot Dante had kicked him out the window, Dante smiled as he heard the crunch of his bones as he hit the ground
    "So... How do you want to die?" Dante asked, Cracking his knuckles before putting on his rings
    The White Fang member quickly pulled out a gun and fired, Hitting Dante in the leg
    "GOD DAMMIT!" Dante yelled, Holding his leg as the White Fang member ran away, Dante grabbed his scroll and left the Dorm, Limping out of his Dorm and into the courtyard and finding most of the Students fighting Grimm and Atlas Robots.

    Dante changed into a wolf and charged in, Biting the neck of a Beowolf and ultimately killing it before noticing more Grimm ganging up on him, He ran forward, Changing back into a Human and slashing the Grimm before returning to his Wolf form and dashing away to see a team that he recognized
    "Team JAZZ," He thought, Smelling an odd smell off one of them, It was Joseph, He ran up to Joseph and turned back into a Human
    "Hi.... Do you need some.... Help?" Dante asked, Regretting what he said
  37. Lavender was now frantically looking around for her pouch filled with her small bop arrow thingies. She dodged a White Fang member running towards her and kicked him backwards, stabbing him with the edge of her bow and zipping past everyone else to look around.
    She almost got impaled by a Atlesian Knight but Lavender dodged quickly and kicked him backwards. A Nevermore swooped down at her and nearly got Lavender by its claws. Lavender fired three shots at it- two on the body and one in the head as she counted her arrows. Twenty-three. She sighed in frustration. How was she going to defend herself when they were gone?
  38. Joseph took notice to Dante as he came to the group. He put on a charade of being slightly caught off guard, "Oh, hey there," He said with an average voice for the situation that happened, yet almost immediately after he said that he noticed that the person was a Faunus of some kind, but before he could do anything his attention was moved to something that was quickly approaching from behind. He turned around to see a beowolf and without hesitation he pulled his pocketed weapon and shot it right in the head disintegrating it quickly. He put away his gun but foolishly moved his somewhat bloodied hand down to his side. He left it there for a second before realizing it and he moved his hand from his side to his pocket and he turned back to the Faunus, and with his other hand he extended it out to the Faunus, "I'm Joseph" he said to him back to his regular voice and attitude seemingly emotionless and lacking empathy.
  39. "Well, I think the best thing to do is gain a foothold on this area so we don't get killed mid-sentence" Josh said "the Grimm here, relitively speaking, aren't the larges-"
    At that moment, the ground started to shake and Josh fell flat on his face. He got up just in time to see a distant mountain explode, literally explode, and a giant Dragon fly out. He guessed tempting fate wasn't the best idea.

    The Dragon roared and flew over the area, dropping Grimm everywhere and blocking every way out. Behind them, two large Atlesian Palidans burst into the plaza, demolishing everything in their way.
  40. "Oh my," Lavender gasped, letting her guard down for a bit. She brought up her arrow, but put it down again as four Atlesian Soldiers shot down in front of her. She stepped backwards, mentally trying to contain her fear, and excitement. "I'd take fighting every and any team over this," she mumbled, her hand seemingly switching to shoot the dragons and the soldiers. She shot down two and fired three shots at the dragon, knowing she'd miss or it wouldn't penetrate anything, but she did. "Why didn't I get all of my arrows?" She said angrily as she brought out a dagger.

    "Found it on the floor and I took it. Hopefully.. who owned it is still alive," She muttered and started slashing. She wasn't very talented in close combat, but she found it easier.

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