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Private/Closed The Fairly OddParents: Magic Mania Discussion Thread

Discussion in 'General Role Play Discussion' started by YourLittleSylvia, Sep 7, 2017.

  1. This is a RP based on the Fairly OddParents. Every child who's been miserable on Earth gets one or two fairy godparents. The point of this RP is to give everyone OCs to look after, whether you have a fairy or two, a child who's miserable, the person or people who make them miserable, that child's friends, or anyone else.

    Everyone has at least one OC, but the maximum amount of characters one person can have is three, and even so, only one or two is recommended.

    (If human)
    Has fairies?:
    If so, why?:

    (If fairy)
    Has godchild?:
    If so, why does the godchild need this fairy?:
    If so, to whom?:

    Name: Hope Heartman
    Age: 11
    Home: A middle-class home in Dimmsdale. Her room is small and lavender, decorated in posters of her art.
    Hobbies: Art, music, helping people, and sometimes writing cool stories.
    Has fairies?: Yes
    If so, why?: Her siblings, her dad, and her schoolmates ignore her acts of kindness and find ways to punish her for no good reason.
    Appearance: She's short for her age and has long, blonde hair, pink eyes, and she wears a cute pink dress with white hearts on the front.
    Family: She has a mom and dad, three siblings (one older brother and two younger sisters), and three cats at home. Her fairies are disguised as two of the three cats.

    Please go here if you ever want to join this RP. You still have to follow Da Rules of the website and of the fairy law. Just remember that, okay?

    Happy RPing!
  2. It's been a LOOONG time since I've even WATCHED Fairly OddParents, but here goes nothing!

    Name: Alyx Tylers
    Age: 12
    Home: A somewhat big house by a section of woods in which she likes to explore. Her room is pretty big and is often messy(as Alyx is VERY unorganized).
    Hobbies: Reading, drawing, music, and skating.
    Has fairies?: Yes
    If so, why?: Incredibly low self-esteem. Alyx has friends that are amazing artists and musicians, and feels like she'll never be nearly as good as them.
    Appearance: Alyx has short brown hair and wears a yellow bandanna, green tee-shirt, jeans, and pink sneakers. Her eyes are blue.
    Family: Mom, Dad(rarely ever home, parents are fighting), one younger sibling, and a "pet" turtle that's really her fairy in disguise.

    Name: Cameron
    Age: 25
    Home: With Alyx?
    Hobbies: Collecting rocks
    Has godchild?: Yee
    If so, why does the godchild need this fairy?: Low self-esteem
    Appearance: Cameron has almost untameable black hair and gray eyes. He wears a black turtleneck with a white collar, white bottom, and white sleeves, black pants, and black shoes.
    Family: TBD
    Married?: Not yet... ;)
    If so, to whom?: What part of "Not yet... ;)" do you not get?! :p
  3. Cool! You are approved! I have my godparent(s) position open to anyone who wants to be Hope's godparent(s), so yeah.
  4. Name: Haise Suzuya
    Age: 12
    Home: A low-class house in Dimmsdale
    Hobbies: Music, Body stitching, Drawing
    Has fairies?: Yes
    If so, why?: She has always usually been a lone wolf and would bully people because of her sadness so they try to make her happier
    Appearance: Short black hair (kinda like my prof pics) with stitches all over her arms with a bandage across her left cheek
    Family: Dad, little sister

    Name: Erika Suzuya
    Age: 6
    Home: Same as Haise
    Hobbies: Dancing, Balle, Gymnastics
    Has fairies?: No
    If so, why?: None
    Appearance: A brown long haired short stubby legged child that has a small overbite
    Family: Same as Haise
  5. Awesome! You're in! Now if only we had some people who could RP as our fairies XD

    I guess maybe I could make my own fairy, though.

    Name: Crystal
    Age: 450,000 (appears about 23 or so)
    Home: Same as Hope's
    Hobbies: Music, wishes, art, and randomness including shapeshifting and poofing
    Has godchild?: Yes
    If so, why does the godchild need this fairy?: Her godchild's siblings, dad, and schoolmates ignore her acts of kindness and find ways to punish her for no good reason.
    Appearance: Light blue, long hair with sideswept bangs and ending in a curve at her mid-back, light blue eyes, and she wears a pretty purple dress with a single blue, circular gem on the center, separated by a blue sash in the middle. She has the normal wings, crowns, and wand of a fairy.
    Family: Four siblings (three sisters and a brother), a mother, and a father.
    Married?: Not yet, but has her eye on someone.
    If so, to whom?: A young man named Coral, who has coral-colored hair and green eyes. He wears a nice tuxedo and is very interested in Crystal. However, he's only located in Fairy World.
  6. Okay, so I edited the first post. You can start the RP by posting whatever you want as an introduction to your characters. Once everyone's been introduced, we'll move on to the next day at school.
  7. kk but first I'm gonna make my own fairy
  8. Name: Jason
    Age: 500,651
    Home: Same as Haise
    Hobbies: Wishes, Flying, Practicing Magic
    Has godchild?: Haise
    If so, why does the godchild need this fairy?: To try to make Haises life better
    Appearance: Bright red hair that goes about to his eyes cut on the tips so it runs down his nose with a black shirt with a purple dragon on it with normal gray jeans
    Family: 8 brothers 3 sisters also mom
    Married?: No
    If so, to whom?: No one
  9. you still accepting people

    Name: Jacob Brianson
    Age: 11 (Shorty.)
    Home: In the suburbs. (His room has a big bed, a Rick and Morty poster, and a computer on a desk.)
    Hobbies: Drawing, reading.
    Has fairies?: Yes.
    If so, why?: Gets picked on by his relatives, and people on school, so his life is pretty bad.
    Appearance: A red shirt with jeans and black hair and brown eyes..
    Family: Dad, 2 Brothers (Jacob is the 3rd, youngest.), and a gold fish in a fish tank. (Its their fairy.)

    Name: Mandy
    Age: 446,001 (looks 19)
    Home: With Jacob (Lives in a fish tank with a castle.)
    Hobbies: Wishes, drawing, reading.
    Has godchild?: Yes.
    If so, why?: Bad life.
    Appearance: Red hair, white and gray sweater vest with wands on it, jeans and blue eyes.
    Family: Big.
    Married: Pfft, no.
    If so, to whom?: PFFT, NO.
  10. Okay, you guys are accepted. Now let's RP!
  11. Oh my god, this show was my childhood back in the days! This is one Rp I definitely want in on.

    Name: Theodore "Ted" Harrison
    Age: 11
    Home: A small manor at the edge of Dimmsdale Suburbs.
    Hobbies: Programming (picked up from his father), Chess (picked up from his stepbrother, Leo), Fencing (to defend himself FROM said stepbrother)
    Has fairies?: No
    If so, why?: Unknown (might be revealed in RP if given the right circumstance)
    Appearance: Light-blonde hair, green eyes, and a fair skin tone, wears glasses. His most frequent outfit is a simple collared shirt and jeans.
    Family: Older Stepbrother, Father, Stepmother

    Name: Leonardo "Leo" Harrison
    Age: 17
    Home: Same as Theodore
    Hobbies: Chess, Martial arts, Inventing, Reading
    Has fairies?: No, thank god
    If so, why?: N/A
    Appearance: Dark brown hair, blue eyes, lanky build, often wears a shirt and tie with beige khakis and black loafers.
    Family: Younger Stepbrother (Theodore), Mother, Stepfather
  12. You're in! Now start the RP!!!
  13. Okay, a bit late to the show but I have a question.

    Could I RP a character with a genie instead of a Fairy? I had a story in mind and what not but I won't do it if you won't let me.
  14. Go ahead. Everyone's accepted.
  15. Name: William "Will" Andrews
    Age: 11
    Home: Middle class home, blue painted walls with a television and his own bed and posters of varied shows he likes.
    Hobbies: Skateboarding, Soccer, Walks with his dog
    Has fairies?: No (Has a genie)
    Appearance: Dark skinned with spiky black hair and black eyes. Wears a grey t-shirt with a blazing skull design and dark blue shorts.
    Family: Has a mother, named Taylor, and a pet dog named Spike.

    Name: Barbara the Genie
    Age: Thousands of years old (Has appearance of a women in her late 20s)
    Home: Lamp on Will's desk.
    Hobbies: Board Games, Mischief, Pranks
    Has godchild?: Has a master.
    Appearance: Blond hair, tied in a ponytail, with blue eyes and a curvaceous figure. Wears an orange top, sleeveless and exposes her belly button, as well as a matching pair of pants.
    Family: None.
    Married?: Nope!
  16. So, assuming I get accepted of course, what's the best way to work my character into the story you think?
  17. Everyone already is accepted. Your human character can be another student at Dimmsdale Elementary, hiding a genie. However, remember, genies only have three wishes. After that, it's into the bottle for them.
  18. I'm aware of that. I was thinking, at some point, of having my OC find out or trick Barbara into revealing she might be able to wish for more wishes (Like Norm revealed to Crocker when they teamed up)

    However, I will work with it like I only have three wishes to work with for the entire RP.
  19. You could do that, since it's canon in the official show, that's not against my rules. However, is Barbara a good or bad genie?
  20. An anti-hero, at least at the start. She's not flat out evil, like Norm, but she doesn't hold most humans in high regard and enjoys screwing with them (Will included); but will develop into a better person the longer she interacts with Will.
  21. I like that! Perfect for the story! I changed the title labels to Private/Closed for both the discussion thread and the RP, but everyone in the discussion thread can join in at any time. I just don't know why only @Gamefreak1996 has been RPing with me so far.
  22. Alright, good to know.

    One thing, for one of the wishes, could I have Will wish that should he encounter a godchild with fairies or learn of a godchild's secret that they would not have their fairies taken away? Basically as a means of being able to interact with the Fairy kids & their fairies down the road in the RP.
  23. You can have it so that he already knows about it from Barbara. As long as a child has some sort of otherworldly creature with them and knows about fairy godparents, they can interact with any potential godchildren out there so long as they promise to keep the secret. That way you don't have to waste a wish!
    Godjacob likes this.
  24. Alright, that works!

    Even edited my post to have Will glance at the students as if thinking to himself "could they be who Barbara was talking about." Unless you want Barbara to inform him later in the RP, at which I can edit it again.
  25. Nah, anything's fine. Go wild! After all, this is a very lenient RP! Again, no godmodding, no OP, and no breaking Da Rules, but other than that, it's pretty much free game!
  26. Don't worry, I will do my best to follow the rules and be respectful for this RP.

    Also, for future reference, has the bully character been established yet? If so, what is his/her name? Figured a good introduction for the Fairy kids to know something is funny with Will would bee to see someone bullying him getting magic karma treatment.
  27. Well, aside from Ted and Hope's evil babysitter, Leo, there has been one girl. I forget what I called her... Serena? I think that's it. She always picks on Hope. Hope was always meant to do Serena's homework until Crocker found out she was being rude (per Hope's wish) and allowed Ted and Hope to have lunch in his classroom from that point on, protecting them from Serena and her entourage. She's the "popular girl." If you want, you can make a "popular boy," too.
  28. Not so much "popular" as a more traditional bully character, like Francis.

    Though I can work with Serena is you don't want too many non-magic jerk characters.
  29. A couple are fine. Actually, how about you make some of her entourage characters? She has these two boys that always follow her around in a similar fashion to Trixie Tang.
  30. So, a couple of upper class snobs that follow Serena and pick on the loser kids?
  31. Alright, I'll introduce them once our characters get into the school.

    I've got names for them already. Blake and Drake (If that's fine with you). To fit with the whole similar sounding name thing Tad & Chad had going.
  32. Edited my last post to fix any confusion, but it was the man they passed that had the violin, not Ted. I'll post again later.
  33. A literal eye on the wall, wouldn't you say? *Slams own head on the wall over bad joke*

    Basically Barbara is gonna view the classroom and might be able to see the Fairies interacting with each other while in the comfort of her lamp. Whether they or one of the godchildren notice the eye on the wall is up to you guys.
  34. I think the fairies should. Godchildren are still children, after all.
  35. Fair enough, you are more then welcome to have one or more of them notice.
  36. Not just yet, though. I want Barbara to see what's going on with them first. After one or two more posts, I'd be more than happy to move the story along a tiny bit.
  37. Oh no problem. No need to rush this on my account. Go at the pace you want to go at. Works for me and works for Barbara.

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