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Ask to Join The Failed Ones

Discussion in 'Pokémon Role Play' started by Shiny Blue Gardevoir, Feb 6, 2017.

  1. (You must post your bio in the discussion thread, if you want to join. And for the love of Arceus, read the rules, too: https://pokecharms.com/threads/the-failed-ones-discussion.15535/ )

    Long ago, humans and gijinka, humans with pokemon-like features and abilities, coexisted peacefully. Gijinka and humans shared their lives together, training, working, and doing whatever else might have occupied their days...

    But that all changed, when the gijinka ball was invented. Hungry for more powerful partners to use in battle, a team of scientists created a ball specifically to capture gijinka. With the powers of pokemon, and the intelligence of humans, gijinkas were deemed perfect to use in battle. Naturally, chaos ensued, when the ball was deemed fit for sale. Gijinkas were being snatched from their homes left and right, and nothing could be done to stop it. Even the gijinka members of the police became too afraid to fight the humans who enslaved their kind, fearful that they too would be captured. And thus, competitive battling with gijinkas skyrocketed in popularity.

    But eventually, the humans got bored of the gijinka. It suddenly wasn't enough for a gijinka to be stronger, and smarter than a pokemon, no, eventually, humans started ordering custom-made gijinka, exactly to suit their tastes. There was an abundance of scientists who could alter the genes of gijinka, either for cosmetic, or for battling reasons. If a human wanted a pachirisu gijinka with yellow stripes, instead of blue ones, then that was what the scientists would make for them. If a human wanted a magcargo gijinka which was a fire and ghost type, instead of fire and rock type, then that too could be done. No request was too extreme.

    But, science is not infallible, and thus, some of the gijinkas failed to gain the desired qualities. The failed ones were sent to a secret island, far away from most of the world, where execution awaits them, but these 'failed ones', refuse to just let themselves be killed. They seek to escape, and to destroy the scientists who made them this way... And the ones who created the accursed gijinka ball.


    Alice chanted, 'fuck you' like a mantra at the guards as they dragged yet another failed gijinka away to the execution chamber. The gijinka in question was but a young comfey, a girl of barely eight years old. Her one and only crime was not having pink, pearlescent flowers, like her owner had requested.

    Alice looked away, covering her ears as she heard the girl cry out. There was nothing that she could do to save her; the cell she was being kept in was completely immune to gijinka attacks. She was allowed out of her cell once a day, to eat with the other inmates, but that was it.

    Alice's own crime was similar to that girl's, and her sentence was the same. In a week, she would be executed... If she didn't manage to escape. There were but four other failed ones, like her, left. She'd made up her mind that she wanted to escape with them... But how?

    She poked at the gruel that was served for today's meal, and, in order to drown that girl's cries out of her mind, she casually remarked, to the gijinka next to her, "It's a shit life here, aint it?"
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  2. Marco look at the girl next to him with some suspicion, nobody has ever talked to him since he came to the island, but since they were in the same situation he felt that he could lower the guard a little,besides that,he felt that he could trust this girl somehow. "...shit is put it lightly" Marco said, "but at least the cell is more spacious than the gijinka ball...and i don't have to listen to the orders of that piece of shit".
    The memories of his previous situation brought back the anger, he tightened his grip around the spoon he was holding. "If I only had my club back..." he whispered to himself.
    Realizing the girl's presence and taking a deep breath, he added: "by the way, my name is Marco"
  3. "Cheers to that," Alice commiserated, forcing down a spoonful of the gelatinous goo in her bowl. The diet of the imprisoned gijinka was less than glamourous, or even nutritious; it was but a bowl of watery, overcooked gruel, made with the cheapest oats that the prison could source. Naturally, it tasted absolutely horrible, without so much as a spoonful of sugar to flavour it with, but simply because she got nothing else to eat, Alice forced herself to hork it down.

    "Once upon a time, I was a simple flower shop girl, and now look at me. Captured to be some little girl's fancy toy, and sent to die because I was the wrong the wrong colour," the pachirisu added, "And all I've got for company until my final days, are you, and the other poor, unfortunate souls here."
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  4. "yeah, I realy hope i'd die fighting in the league, but even when I got beat up badly they just healed me to trow me back again, until they got a better gijinka and traded me away with a lunatic old guy who tried to turn me into a ghost, literally, and tossed me here hoping that they can finish the job."
    Marco looked around the patio, the tall walls that resist attacks and a electrified grid that formed the dome shaped celling seem impenetrable. "this isn't how i thought i'd spend my last days...but it doesn't seem like we can break from here easily"
  5. Jas looked over at the two talking "at least your not without your defining future cry baby's" she said hating the both of them
  6. The pachirisu gijinka was about to reply to Marco, only to be interrupted by another condemned prisoner. She looked up from her meal, tail bouncing as she whirled around to face the intruder. He appeared to have resembled a lairon, once upon a time, but was missing his shell.

    Unappreciative of his hateful, snarky tone, Alice attacked with a cry of "Cry babies?! You don't know the half of what we've been through, you bell-end! Look at us!"

    Alice gestured to her pachirisu features, motioning for the intruder to note her bright green colouring. Alice hated the fact that her once baby blue ears and tail were now green, as the result of what she had suffered through. She had gone from a proud florist, to a faulty toy, made for some bratty little girl, and a death row inmate.
  7. Looking up from his food, Kaisa's wings flashed briefly. "You don't know half of it. You weren't sent back after a trainer with the brains of a Shellos gave you spikes and an electric type. Now I'm stuck here. Well, I can't say I didn't deserve it. I don't think his house will ever recover from what happened after I discovered what I can do."
  8. "Hey I'm always a fire I give the marowack respect he died but your just a bit green so shut up" has said getting back to her food
  9. (@*that* guy Paragraphs, please.)

    Alice wrinkled her nose at the intruder, eager to lash out at him with a discharge attack, not that she would risk doing such a thing out here, and risk spending the rest of her pitiful life down in solitary, not that it would be much better than her cell. Either way, the execution chamber awaited, when her time was up.

    The pachirisu opened her mouth, ready to rant about her miserable experience to the rather rude aggron. Like all of the other gijinka, she had been snatched from her home one morning, caught by some human, in a gijinka ball. Immediately after her soon-to-be trainer's specifications were given, she was shipped off to a laboratory, to have her DNA altered, to make her stripes yellow, instead of blue. It had been agonising waiting for hours alone, naked, in a cell, only to be tortured with various cold instruments and tools when she was dragged out. And then, when her prospective owner had arrived to collect her, she had burst into tears, for her pretty yellow pachirisu was instead, green. And thus, Alice was sent here, to die, simply for the failures of the ones who had made her this way.

    But instead, Alice went back to her gruel.

    "At least the marowak has some respect for the rest of us," she spat, "Twat."
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  10. Has looked at alice and frowned "oh god I'm so sorry I just you look amazing in my opinion it's just" she fell silent "it's just I" she stop and cried a bit

    "She pulled her self together enough to get out " I may be a jumped up twat but I'm truly sort" she shut up a cried as she finished her food
  11. Alice shook her head. That lairon, mentally, was as frail as a banette. It was a wonder that, given the circumstances of their imprisonment here, she hadn't lost it. Alice was unsure that she could keep it together for much longer. She didn't want to die; no one, human, or gijinka, deserved such a fate. If only she could, she'd scurry right back to Castelia City, and go home, and curl up by the fire with her wife.

    "It doesn't matter," she said simply, "We're all going to be dead by next week. You will be the last thing on my mind."​
  12. (that escalated quickly haha)
    "easy guys, we're all in the same situation,the enemy is not in this side of the walls" Marco said, "We are probably be the last people we'll been seeing, lets not make it worst by fighting among ourselfs, it's a waste of energy".
    Besides being in prision Marco still belived that this is a better situation than fighting with in own kind for the amusement of the humans, and definitely better than being a lab rat.
    "this food is aready awful, can we at least have some peace in the meals?"
  13. Not saying anything, Kaisa sent a charge through the gruel in front of him, effectively charring it. He found it helped to make it taste just a little bit better. After finishing, he looked up to the ceiling. I've never actually tried flying through that. Doubt it'll work. He picked up the bowl and charged up his wing, reducing it to dust. "Suppose nothing I do really matters at this point." He muttered to himself
  14. Has perked up a little she thought maybe just maybe they could escape this hell hole find the the place they wanted to be and go on about their lives

    She looked at Alice "what-what if we don't have to die" she said pulling herself together "what if we can get out of here" she said quietly so nobody but the people near her could hear
  15. "True," Alice begrudgingly agreed, swallowing the last of her disgusting meal with a huge gulp. The real enemies lay far beyond the confines of this prison, they all knew that. Alice detested the human who had broken into her house, beaten her up with a mudsdale gijinka, and snatched her away from her wife with a gijinka ball. Alice detested the scientists who had tortured her, just for the sake of a minor cosmetic alteration. Alice detested the little girl whom she was supposed to be given to, the one whom had burst into tears and thrown a stomping temper tantrum, when she had discovered that her pretty new doll was not the desired colour, and demanded that her mother catch her another pachirisu. Alice detested the guards of this prison, the executioners, and all other staff members here...

    But the true enemies were the ones whom had made everything that had happened to the gijinkas here possible. The inventors of the accursed gijinka ball.

    Upon hearing the whispers of the lairon, whom had dared to call her and the others cry babies just minutes before, a tiny flicker of hope stirred within the pachirisu's chest. Of course Alice wanted to escape. She wanted nothing more than to run away from here and go back to her wife. But that was impossible. This prison was completely attack-proof. Unless...

    Leaning in close to the lairon, with her voice barely above a whisper, the pachirisu uttered, "Do you have a plan, then?"
  16. "Well yes haven't put it together but it's gonna be like I'm the mivies just more life or deathy" has said smirking ever so slightly

    She looked at pachirisu now she had a fully fledged smile across her face "you in?" She asked
  17. An escape? Huh? "Hey, did I hear something about an escape? I mean, I'm all for one. Anything better than this place."
  18. "Like in the movies, you say?" Alice replied with a smirk, "Well, I'm up for anything, as long as I get to live, and to see my wife again. Tell me everything."

    Alice's ears perked up at the sound of another gijinka, who seemed as ready to leave this prison as she was. Alive, that was, and not in a body bag, where she'd be tossed into the sea without so much as a soul to mourn her, or even to read her last rites.

    "You did," the pachirisu confirmed, "You don't want to die here, do you?"
  19. "That lairon really changes her mood fast...maybe her ability is moody?" thought Marco
    "You guys should be careful with this conversation,the guard might hear it" Marco looked around,the guard on top of the wall were staring with suspicion to the group of prisioners talking,maybe the arguing early drawn their attention.
    Unlike the pachirisu, he didn't feel like he didn't see the lairon as trustworthy,but the will to live and the curiosity about the plan were bigger than that.
    "what kind of plan exactly do you have...erh...i didn't get your name, or any of you guys actually...maybe we should introduce ourself? i'm Marco a kind of zombie marowak" he said with a little smile
  20. "Hi. I'm Kaisa, an electrified Skarmory which can burn through most stuff. And the guards couldn't do all that much. I mean, we're all sentenced to death anyway, so what can they do?"
  21. "Alice," the pachirisu added, "Alice, the green pachirisu, who was supposed to turn out yellow. Pleasure to meet you miserable souls."

    The gijinka tossed her bowl and cutlery to the side, uncaring as to whether or not it would end up smashing on the floor. It would be a minor inconvenience for the staff here, anyway, to clean up, not that Alice cared very much about that.

    Heeding the marowak's word, Alice searched the room for the guard in question. He eyed the gijinkas suspiciously, as his fingers brushed over the gijinka balls on his belt. It only seemed common that he had gijinka instead of Pokemon; nobody used pokemon as anything other than pets anymore. Pokemon weren't as powerful, and they couldn't be altered to suit the tastes of their owners.

    "They could, I dunno, just kill us outright," Alice hissed, "This is supposed to be one of the 'humane' death camps, or so they told me, but they'd do anything, if it meant that we didn't leave here alive, and tell the outside world what's going on."

    The humans were told a fairytale, when the scientists failed to create their perfect toys. They were told that the failed gijinka were sent to a sanctuary in the Fiore region, where they would be free to live as they pleased, without the threat of capture.

    It was a far cry from what really happened, to say the least.
  22. Kaisa heated up his wings and sliced through the bowl that was falling towards the ground, before saying, "So, they're going to stab me? Or shoot me? Or electrocute me? I know they have a room to kill us which can't really be stopped, but the guards? Not so much."
  23. "the humans are not the problem, any of us could take 'em with our bare hand, or wings in your case, but they have gijinkas, and probably modified for battle. If one of them has 6 gijinkas we are already outnumber" Marco said, "But if you wanna escape we'll most likely have to fight our way out in a point."
    Marco felt that maybe he needed to do something dramatic with is bowl to mach the others, but he was kinda hungry and decided to keep eating instead, the food was already scarce as it was.
    "Besides, they know what they're guarding, they must have ways to deal with us"
  24. "You make a valid point. Gah... Those balls. If we could find a way to release the guys inside, we'd be fine. Which pack of morons created them? Any of you know?"
  25. "Gijinka," Alice answered to the marowak, "I've seen a few of 'em. They've got a houndoom, which I swear is twice the size of me. I'm willing to bet that they've each got six, all of varying types. It aint gonna be easy, getting out."

    As a pachirisu, Alice knew that one hit from a ground type would have her down within seconds. She knew a few decent stab moves, like nuzzle and discharge, as well as toxic... That would serve well against any fairy types that the guards had.

    Upon hearing the skarmory's speculation about who created the gijinka balls, Alice couldn't help but speculate, too... Who had decided that gijinka were subhuman enough to be used as toys and weapons? If Alice knew the answer, she'd have killed them long ago.
  26. "Houndoom? Well, I suppose I'll have to keep away from that. And if they have a Golem, I swear I'll rip my wings out. Having an electric type is all very well, but it's kinda hard to fly. And not very good against ground types. If they have any Fairy types, especially Togekiss, they probably won't be able to do much, though." Man, I've been battling too long. Having the whole type matchup chart memorized is a bit worrying.
  27. "who know? Probably someone in silph co, since they made the master ball there was only one thing left to be done, capture us. But I don't know who is behind it"
    Marco had been theorising about this topic since he was in the league, he and his team mates debated the topic over and over again and always ended up in the company that makes most of the technology used in the communication and pokemon training, including the pokeballs.
    "if we can escape from here, and it's a big if, I take care of the golems and houndooms and you take care of the ice, water and grass gijinkas for me"
  28. "I'll scrap with any gijinka that can't kill me in a single hit, if it means that I don't leave this place in a body bag," Alice scoffed.

    It seemed highly unlikely to the pachirisu that Silph Co. were the ones behind the gijinka ball. They only sought to capture pokemon, not humans with pokemon-like gijinka. It had to be... A team of scientist who clearly hated gijinka. Who clearly wanted them to suffer at the hands of humans...
  29. "I'm curious to see what they would do if I pretended to die. Would they just chuck me out in a body bag, like you said? Into the sea? Steel types can't drown, so I'd be fine. Huh... Suppose it's a last resort, I suppose." Kaisa looked towards the ceiling, curious about whether he could fly through. He beat his wings, and with a small amount of difficulty, shot towards the electricity on the roof

    (Prince noir, permission to Auto. It's up to you how the ceiling will react.)
  30. Jas looked round then smiled "I feel like I can help on the grass and rock" has said smiling "and yeah I don't know what would happen to me" she looked at kaisa fly at an amazing speed towards the roof

    "This might work" she said to herself "but only for he as almost nobody here can fly" she looked around to see the others reaction
  31. Alice was left with little time to consider how Kaisa's remains would be disposed of, when the skarmory flew towards the celing. Having been made aware of the destructive nature of the skarmory's modifications, Alice braced herself, expecting the light bulbs above to explode, and for the guards to come running.

    Within seconds, every last lightbulb above had exploded, scattering burning glass shards onto the prisoners below. The guards surrounded the group, as the alarms began to go off...
  32. "Well, that blew it, no pun intended. Now what?" Kaisa asked, clinging to the edge of the roof. "I need to see if there's a way to unlock this place from the outside. There should be." He beat his wings, giving himself enough lift to allow him to let go of the ceiling with his feet, and get on top. I wonder what it's like having hands. Must be strange, being able to grip anything and climb up ledges. He then dived towards a large building which looked like some sort of control centre, and landed on the roof (again)
  33. (so it worked...that was easy haha)
    Marco dived out of the path of the falling glass "that son of a...he could at least warn us"
    He looked around to the guards closing in, he standed up and put his hands up and said smiling: "hey officer,is there a problem?"
    "shut the fuck up! Don't move or we'll attack!" scream one of the guards send out his gijinka, an abomasnow "great,all my weakness in one guy...what to do now?we need an opening to attack", thought Marco
  34. Alice dived out of the way of the falling glass shards, only to find herself behind Marco, a guard, and an abomasnow gijinka. The wretched creature sported a cold, dead look, as it attacked with an aurora beam, shooting a thin line of rainbow ice at the pachirisu and her comrades.

    Alice scanned the room. More guards were starting to appear, with more gijinka coming out of their balls. A houndoom, who appeared to have had the water type added to it, a bright pink umbreon, a yellow roselia, with rocks on its head, and a green-haired oricorio, who sported tap shoes. With so many enemies to deal with at once, Alice decided that her only option was to launch an all out offensive.

    "I don't need an opening for this attack," Alice said coldly, "But stay low, or you'll be hit."

    Alice lit up the room with a blast of crackling blue sparks, which bounced around the room as they pulsated, hitting the opposing gijinka square on.
  35. "Dam it" she mumbled charging up a flamethrower and sending it at the abomasnow as she ran past him he bent over cried a little "sorry" she said quitely

    She then ran straight at the guard with no mercy tackling him "deal with it" she said angrily
  36. "Ok,that's an opening." While Alices discharge hit the enemys around them, without affect Marco because of his type, and the lairon girl destroied the abomasnow and tackled his trainer, He turn to the other enemys already weakened by the pachirisu attack. Gathering his strenghts, he kicked the ground, making big boulders quickily accend and then fall on his targets, he used rock slide to finnish off the houndoom and the oricorio and keep adding damage to the others except for the umbreon who evade it. The roselia didn't bugde much too.
    The trainer of the houdoom was trapped under the rocks that showered on them, he was dead. His leg was severed from the rest of his body. flames started to form on Marcos fist (fire punch) as he grabed the limb, burning all flesh and leaving only the bone. He threw it at the roselia who was going to poison Alice, dealing too much damage for the little gijinka to handle and she fainted, rock and poison is realy not a good combo against gound. Keeping his momentum, the bone came back to his hand.
    He had a sour taste on his mouth, and it didn't came from the horrible food he was eating, there he was again in a situation that he had to hurt his on kind, it brought back memories, bad memories, but it was his life on the stake and this mighty be the only chance that he would have to leave this island alive, he had no choice.
    The new wave of humans and gijinka coming gives him no time to feel bad about himself. Two crobats gijinkas, one with steel wings and another yellow with hard scales that resemble a dragons flew in for the hole left by Kaisa, and excandrill dug out in the middle of the battle. Marco was going to react when he got strike heavily by the umbreon with foul play sending him flying back to land on one of the tables, breaking it.
    (too gory?my weapon is a bone, and this was the only way i came up to get one,let me know if it went too far or something)
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  37. (Ew, but not too ew.)

    Clambering to a glass skylight, Kaisa burnt his way through it, before landing, and looking around. There was only one human sitting in the room in front of him, who didn't hear the entry and was still watching the monitors. He simply put his arm to him and sent around 5,000 Volts straight through him. He dropped to the ground, limp, and dead. Kaisa pushed the body out of the way, and started to scan the complicated board for something that would open the building. He then spotted one labeled, 'Holding area control'. Pressing down on it, the monitors flickered, and switched to several options, including 'Open major exits', probably in case they needed to get a bigger Gijinka inside. Moving over to it, Kaisa pressed down on it.
  38. Louder alarms started to blare as more guards and their slave gijinkas poured in, each of them with their own modifications. Another guard lay dead on the ground, a whole having burnt through her chest. Alice guessed that her discharge her caused the woman's pacemaker to short out and kill her.

    Alice went for another discharge, lighting up the room once more. An empoleon, who had been made a pure water type dropped to the floor, as did some of the weaker gijinkas, and another guard with a pacemaker.

    Noticing the presence of a the scrappy pink umbreon near her, Alice decided to go for yet another kill, chomping down hard on the attacking gijinka's throat with a super fang attack.
  39. Well, that's done. Now to get back. Flying back through the hole in the ceiling, Kaisa swooped back down into the prison, landing behind the Pachirisu. He sliced through a Meteor Mash sent by a Metagross, but hesitated as his wings charged up for the gijinka itself. Is it really fair on him? He didn't want this.
  40. Marco stood up leaning on the bone, "that will hurt as hell tomorrow...". while he was still a little dizzy, the metalic crobat attack him with his poison fang, luckly he had time to block it with the club on his hand, and he punched him with his flaming fist knocking him out.
    Looking across the room he saw his prison mates being attacked by the metagross, he noticed kaisa hesitation and decided to act before the incoming earthquake hit both of the electric gijinkas. With no time to take a better position, he throwed the bone at the group.
    "Alice, kaisa, duck!!" he warned just in time for them to get out of the attack way.
    It hitted the metagross twice causing some serius damage,but not taking him out yet. He would attack again as soon as the bone came back, but his shout call the atention of some gijinkas nearby, because of his not so great speed he has surrounded by the dragon crobat and the excandrill.
    "Some help would be nice here, guys!"

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