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Open The Failed Ones Discussion

Discussion in 'Pokémon Role Play Discussion' started by Shiny Blue Gardevoir, Feb 6, 2017.

  1. No.
    I think i'm good.
    just wondering
    what has happened
  2. Everyone has just broken out of the main prison building, and we are now trying to find a way away from the prison's outer wall. We've also discovered the dead bodies of a few gijinkas who have yet to be disposed of.
  3. Ok Nix i guess will be traveling around the area i guess or going down to that area.
    also hes kind of still mad so he might kill again. human only.
  4. Omg, I'm so sorry. I wasn't getting Notifications for this, so I'm about 12 posts behind
  5. Hey its ok Sky.
  6. Don't kill Nix .
  7. Bro, of course not. I was never planning on it
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  8. Yeah i knew you probably wasn't ..probably..
  9. Plus, it's physically impossible to kill you without breaking the rules, since I'd have to force a hit. I could attempt, but it'd be up to you whether it hits
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  10. @jpatog I'm so sorry, I completely missed Marco's speech. Bloody alerts... I'll see if I can mention it when Kaisa gets back
  11. Uh... They'd be no way for Nix to walk into the place and straight through the guards without being spotted
  12. hey @Sky5372 sorry for using your character as my tailor, but you had it coming when i poured my heart out in that speech and all i got back was silence...
    just kidding, but i hope you're not mad though :)
  13. It's fine. It's not like it was a significant auto. And I'm sorry about missing that, I'm legitimately pissed I couldn't reply. I'll just try mentioning it now
  14. Wait what how does a Delphox know Teleport?
  15. (i messed up)
  16. Heh, it's fine. Just edit
  17. hey guys,just to make it clear,cus at least i'm a little confused here, where are we?in the building in the locker room or out?we still in the prison walls? i may have missed something too
  18. Pretty sure we walked outside
  19. of the prison? so we are in the woods now,right?
  20. i re-read it, we were still inside, but i'll assume we just walk out of the building and in my next line we'll escape from the prison,ok? nix took out the guards in the door,so it's not like we'll have to fight
  21. We're by the shore, attempting to lure over wild milotic, so we can get a lift to the closet mainland.
  22. well...i guess i'll re-read again haha

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