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Open The Failed Ones Discussion

Discussion in 'Pokémon Role Play Discussion' started by Shiny Blue Gardevoir, Feb 6, 2017.

  1. If you're here, I'm guessing that you want to be in my new RP, The Failed Ones. Well, before you sign up, y'all are gonna need to read the rules:

    1.) I am expecting at least one paragraph per post. No less.

    2.) No fakemon.

    3.) Do not join this RP if you have no intention of seeing it through to the end.

    Right, now, here's the character sheet, which you must fill out. When you're done, put 'Noir', to show that you have read the rules.





    Modifications (So, basically, what's been done to your character):

    Name: Alice

    Species: Pachirisu

    Gender: Female

    Appearance: Alice is a rather tall woman, with pachirisu ears, and a pachirisu tail. Because of her modifications, her ears and tail are bright green instead of blue. She sports a constant scowl, and has very pale skin, with yellowish cheeks.

    Modifications: Alice's trainer wanted her to have yellow stripes, instead of blue ones, so her genes were spliced with a jolteon's, in order to achieve this. But it turned out that the jolteon carried the 'shiny' gene, and thus, Alice became the wrong colour.
  2. Name: Marco

    Species: Marowak

    Gender: Male

    Appearance: his head is cover in a skull,but unlike the marowaks his has a smaller snout in a mix of the pokemon and a human. His skin is dark purple and tougher than one of a human and he also has a marowak tail. He is shoter than the average and has a bulky build.

    Modifications: inspired by some old tales of a marowak haunting a old tower in a very distant land, his trainer wanted him to be a ghost type. The procedure involved killing marco,but trapping him in this world with the help of some gengar genes. It went wrong, marco's body rejected the genes almost completely,but instead of getting the hability to endure death,he got the skin colour of the ghost pokemon.
    (sorry for the bad english,i'm not a native speaker) Noir
  3. thak you :D
    by the way,nice setting for the rp,it is a really good and interesting history ^^
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  4. Name: Kaisa

    Species: Skarmory

    Gender: M

    Appearance: A slightly bigger Skarmory with blue wings ending in small razor spikes. The head looks like a Skarmory's, but the legs and body are distinctly human. Except they're all coated in steel

    Modifications (So, basically, what's been done to your character): Oh man, a lot of things went wrong. The trainer in question was asking for an electric Skarmory, as well as having small razor spikes on the edges of the wings. After switching him to an electric type, electricity started to arc between the tiny spikes (Look up electrical Arcing), and after a while, Kaisa realised that if he strengthened the voltage at the same time as hitting something, the plasma produced would vaporise it. Meaning it was nigh-impossible to let him out of the ball, much less battle. Oh, also? Pretty much all of him is electrified. So if he chooses, he can kill anybody who touches him. After this, his trainer sent him back.

    I'm not sure if this is classified as OP, but I read the rules, and it doesn't specify how major the error was, or how strong it can become. Of course, the scientists have a way to contain him, which really isn't that hard to guess. He isn't that strong. Also, not EVERYTHING he touches can be vaporised. Again, look up the temperature an arc can reach. Pretty high

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  5. Name: jas

    Species: lairon

    Gender: female

    Appearance: the entire metal shell has been melted away and replaced by a fire that never goes out but her head the two middle arms and legs are mostly human

    Modifications (So, basically, what's been done to your character): ok well the trainer wanted a part fire lairon cause "that would be cool" the trainer said but when they put in the emboar gens the accepted then to well and his metal shell was replaced with a shell of never ending fire
  6. Um... Is there a reason I'm being ignored?
  7. Alice is currently engaged with Jas, as is Marco. You'll need to directly speak to one of the others IC.
  8. Ah, fair enough. I've never been one for going straight up to someone IC and speaking to them.
  9. hey guys,for cohesion sakes,lets not make use of information in the character sheet that your character didn't learn yet,unless you have a way to explain how you know it ;)
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  10. Yeah cause like it's weird just someone know everything about someone they just met
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  11. Yeah, that's an idea
  12. Noir destroing my dreams to fight my way up the silph co build out of a game boy...ok,you're the boss hahaha
  13. @*that* guy I'd just like to say two things. One, Kaisa is a boy. Two, he flew towards the roof himself, he didn't shoot some towards it. Just saying :)
  14. Heh. It's fine
  15. Name: Melissa

    Species: Charizard

    Gender: Female

    Appearance: a bow on her head she has wings and purple feelers and a charizard tail

    Modifications (So, basically, what's been done to your character): her owner wanted her to be mixed with a sylveon so she got feelers but the scientists accidentally mixed it with a espeons genes so her feelers are purple
    I know this is kind of late but can you please accept me?
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  16. And remember, we are pokemon GIJINKA here. As in, we are humans with pokemon-like features, not pure pokemon
  17. so i basically have wings and purple ribbons and a charizard tail
  18. I was waiting for more people to participate,i guess it would be too op to take out a lot of enemys while the others did nothing and a already did an attack,but if it is to move the plot along...
  19. We had a few posts removed, more specifically, the ones by that Bewear guy. Aaaaanyway.

    What does everyone think should happen once the group leave the autopsy room?
  20. Get confronted by a blockade of guards and there gjinkas
  21. How big is the island?maybe we could hide in some forest or something until we figure out a way to cross the ocean and even plan a assault to destroy the prision and kill the humans responsable for it, and in the meantime they would have to find food and shelter,this kinda stuff. but before that we probably will have to get through the prision outter wall or something
  22. That sounds pretty good. And then, once the way out is found, they have to disguise their gijinka features, and find a way back to the mainland?
  23. Yeah but for like Jas for example the mass flame coming from her back
  24. Perhaps she could hold it in, like a cyndaquil?
  25. Alright! I've left my reply to the RP, waiting on you guys now
  26. Hey can i join Roi
  27. You can if you post a bio, and a reason why you haven't been involved in the escape up until now
  28. Hmm ok i'll think of something.

    Bio: Hi there my name is Nix and i'm a Houndoom Gjikan i lived in a safe haven before this horrible period started to happen. I knew i could escape but when i tried my family got captured right before as i ran away. i watched them get captured and when they tried to get me the poke ball hit the wall as i ran out and it missed, i continued to run and i until i found a place i thought i could hide...it was a cave hidden deep in the woods. I learned that they where just out for power and wanted to make us their slaves once again. The reason why i haven't been here because i believed my cave was the safest place to stay well until i was found and teleported away thanks to my good friend kyra...the Delphox and she was very nice but after she was captured by a trainer i could stand it anymore..and i took my angry out on the trainer and i ....killed him and now i have the metal ball which i have no idea how to open so Kyra is stuck inside ... and now i'm walking alone trying to find someone to meet.
  29. Ok, you're in. Any modifications?

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