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The Evil Affair

Discussion in 'Creative Archive' started by Rex, Jun 25, 2010.

  1. Rex

    Rex Resident Furry


    Raccoon City, September 28, 1998. All was quiet, as if the entire city had been muted. Suddenly, in a normal Uptown apartment, there was a BANG. Former S.T.A.R.S. Rear Security Specialist Jill Valentine flew out the door, smashing into a nearby dumpster, nearly losing her handgun in the process. She wasn’t very well prepared for this, knee-high boots, black skirt, and blue tube top, with a white sweater tied around her waist. She had barely had enough time to grab her belt and holster before the monsters attacked.

    Several such monsters were coming at her through the flames, human Zombies. Slow creatures that could be dealt with a single bullet to the head. But she couldn’t waste her ammo here; instead, she turned, and dashed down a nearby alley, gunning down a pair of Zombies on the way. There was a door just on the other side of another alley, she was almost home free! She climbed over the dumpster and pushed at the door, but it wouldn’t open!

    Hearing a noise to her right, Jill turned, and was confronted by a horde of Zombies. She spun around, only to find that way blocked by even more Zombies. Finally, she turned back towards the dumpster, but there were ever Zombies inching their way over top of it! She spun around, facing the door again, drawing her Beretta and shooting out the lock. Then she kicked the door open and ran, not stopping until she climbed a short flight of stairs and slammed a door in an approaching Zombie’s face and locked it tight.

    She let out a quick sigh of relief and leaned against the door, sliding down into a sitting position. She made it; she had escaped the monsters for now. Suddenly, a box dropped nearby, launching her to her feet. Once again, she drew her handgun and started towards the box. She rounded the bend, and almost had her head chopped off by a teen with a blade of some sort! In surprise, she jumped backwards, falling off her feet.

    The teen with the blade was dressed in black. Black boots, black pants, black gloves, and a black jacket with a furry white fringe, with a white shirt underneath, as well as two red belts crossed together. On his back was a sheath for his blade, which he quickly returned the thing to. Finally, he had a scar running down half his face. He reached out his hand and helped her back to her feet, then looked away.

    “Sorry, thought you where one of them,” he sighed.

    “Honest mistake I’m sure,” Jill frowned, “what’s your name kid?”

    “Squall. Squall Leonhart,” he answered.

    “I’m Jill Valentine,” she told him, “Squall, you need to get out of the city. You can come with me if you want.”

    “My buddy has to come too then,” Squall stated, before disappearing around a bend.

    Jill followed him around, in time to see him helping up another man. This one didn’t look so good; the stomach area of his otherwise blue shirt was stained blood red. Otherwise, he had spiky blond hair, and tan pants, with blue combat boots. He was starting to turn pale from the loss of blood, and seemed only able to stand thanks to Squall’s support.

    “No, he’ll slow us down,” Jill immediately snapped.

    “She’s right you know,” the wounded man chuckled.

    “If he doesn’t come then I don’t,” Squall frowned, “he saved me, I owe him.”

    Jill sighed, then threw her hands up, “fine, but keep up.”

    She drew her handgun, and walked back towards the door. She heard Squall do his best to keep up, and decided to throw him a bone, and slowed down. The Zombies had cleared out, off to find easier targets. She slowly pushed the door open and walked out, Squall and his friend following her behind. The door to the alley was still wide open, and there were a pair of Zombies hanging around just outside. A bullet to the head took care of each of them, and then she was back on the street.

    Squall eventually made it out as well, and Jill started down the road again. There was a man crouched down not too far from her. He was wearing a black hoodie and tan pants, no shoes though. Jill carefully moved towards him, being sure to keep her gun raised. The man looked towards her, then dropped down onto all fours, and shrieked. With a another shriek, he leaped at her, covering a surprising amount of distance and knocking her to the ground before she could even get off a shot. She hit the ground and lost her gun, and it was all she could do to keep him from ripping her to shreds.

    There was a short burst of gunfire, and the man flew off of her, rolling a few feet away and stopping all movement. Jill rolled to her feet and snatched her handgun from the ground. Squall and his friend hurried over as fast as they could, and the man who had saved her life walked out of the shadows as well.

    He was a man getting along in years, she couldn’t tell if he was balding or not, since he wore a dark blue beret, but he had a full, gray beard. His pants were brown, and he wore a green jacket over a yellow t-shirt, and black combat boots. Jill brushed her skirt off, and nodded thanks to the man, before holstering her gun again.

    “Thanks,” she muttered.

    “Don’t mention it,” he answered, “I’m Bill.”

    “I’m Jill, and this is Squall and…”

    “Jak,” the wounded man cut in, “I’m Jak.”

    “Jak,” Jill nodded.

    Bill nodded, and moved over to pull up Jak’s other side, lessening the burden on Squall. Jill looked at the elderly man confused, then shrugged and drew her handgun again, moving forward again, with her now three comrades following behind. She kept them to the dark alleys, away from the main streets and their larger amounts of Zombies. After clearing out an unnaturally large horde of Zombies, Jill decided that it was time to take a break.

    There was a bar nearby, so she quickly led them there. The front door was locked, but she was able to get in through the back door. She slowly moved through the back door, and noticed something in the room. She quickly stepped into the room, and pointed her gun at the two of them, only for them to spin around and both point firearms at her.

    One wore a yellow bulletproof vest; overtop a white S.T.A.R.S. shirt, camo pants, and black combat shoes. He was pale, and had brown hair. The other wore a black bulletproof vest, as well as black pants and a dark blue S.T.A.R.S. shirt. He had shades on, and had blond hair. The one in the yellow vest recognized her, and lowered his weapon, and the one in the black vest followed suit as soon as he noticed that his comrade had relaxed.

    “I didn’t know you were still alive, Jill,” the yellow vested man grinned.

    “Brad! Wesker?” Jill questioned.

    How was Wesker still alive? She was sure that the Tyrant had killed him. Even then, he couldn’t have gotten out of the mansion in time. However, he seemed different this time, almost friendly. Squall and Bill quickly moved in after her, laying Jak on the bar counter.

    Suddenly, a small, orange and yellow creature poked its head out from under a pinball machine. It was a pitiful sight, really. It was very thin, dirty fur, and had several cuts, with a pair of jeans barely held up by a belt, which was frayed around the edges. One of the legs was a little shorter then the other, revealing a black band of some sort with the remains of a chain on it. It also wore brown finger-less gloves and a pair of goggles. It seemed to recognize Jak, and hurried over to him.

    “Hey, Jak, what happened!?” the creature asked.

    “Hey Dax, I’m glad to see you made it,” Jak answered weakly, “You don’t look so good buddy.”

    “I could say the same thing for you,” the creature replied, eyeing Jak’s bloody stomach worriedly.

    “I’ll be all right,” Jak chuckled.

    Brad moved over to the creature, and patted it on the back. Then he and Wesker walked over to Jill, Squall, and Bill, who had moved away from the wounded man and his friend. Wesker didn’t seem to recognize Jill, which was odd.

    “Captain Wesker, this is Jill Valentine, she was in S.T.A.R.S. with us,” Brad explained.

    “Hello Jill,” Wesker nodded, “Who are your friends?”

    “This is Squall and Bill,” she answered, motioning to both men respectively, “boys, this is Brad Vickers, and Albert Wesker.”

    “We’re heading to the Police Station, then getting out of the city, want to come with us?” Brad asked.

    “Sounds like a plan, Brad,” Jill grinned.

    After a little convincing, Bill and Squall were both alright with heading to the Police Station before moving on. It would be a good chance for Jill to grab a few things from her desk in the S.T.A.R.S. office. According to Brad, the creature was something called an Ottsel, named Daxter, or Dax for short. They had found him locked an apartment building a few blocks over, chained to the wall.

    Brad and Squall pulled Jak to his feet, allowing Bill some freedom to move. Daxter climbed onto Brad’s shoulder, sitting only a foot from Jak. Neither of them looked too good, but Rebecca had kept a medicine pack next to her desk, maybe it was still there. With her and Wesker in the lead and Bill bringing up the rear, Jill lead her ever-growing group back out the back door of the bar and through the back alleys until she finally reached a major road.

    The way further south was blocked by a giant pileup that had caught fire. Luckily, the Police Station was just up the road to the north. It was a large, imposing building, a little odd, since it was once a museum. She led them through the main gate, and stopped. Something didn’t seem right. She had Bill take the lead, since he had the best weapon. Brad and Squall followed closely behind, carrying the wounded two along with them. Jill and Wesker brought up the rear.

    Bill made it into the Police Station without any interference. He kicked open the doors and motioned for the rest of them to hurry, covering them from the doorway. Squall and co. also entered the building without any trouble, laying Jak down on the counter further in. However, Jill and Wesker only made it halfway, before…


    The two spun around, in time to see the largest monster either had come across. Cloaked in a black trench coat, black pants, and shoes, bits of flesh were missing from its body, and it appeared that tentacles of some sort were sticking out from its shoulders. Looking closer, Jill could see that its head seemed to be stapled together, though it had lost its right eye in the process, and there was no skin around its mouth, giving the monster a permanent toothy grin.

    It dropped down from the wall surrounding the precinct, and started walking towards the two of them. They opened fire, with first Bill and then Brad aiding them from the door. But even with the occasional headshot they were getting, the monster continued to approach them, showing no sign of damage. It started getting too close, and the two had to back off, continuing to fire until their clips ran out. Then they dashed for the door, only to hear the thing start to run after them!

    The made it through the door in the nick of time, Bill and Brad slamming and locking it behind them. The creature pounded on the door, obviously not happy about losing its prey so easily. However, the doors held, and the monster eventually left. Jill breathed a sigh of relief, glad to see that they had all made it.

    “What the hell was that thing?” Bill asked.

    “I don’t know,” Jill answered, “but something tells me that’s not the last we’ll see of him. We need to get what we came here for and get out.”

    “How could we do an in and out on a building this size?” Brad questioned.

    “Split up?” Jill asked, “We could each check out a wing.”

    “Honey, that is the worst idea I’ve heard out of you yet,” Bill sighed, “besides, Jak isn’t going anywhere anytime soon.”

    “I can stay with him if you want, while the rest of you explore,” Daxter cut in.

    “Bill, I’m afraid it’s the only way, unless you want that thing to find us again,” Jill frowned, “Daxter can stay here with Jak then, the rest of you take a door.”

    The four men split up, each choosing a door to go through. Bill, mumbling about how stupid this was, took the double doors that would eventually lead him up to Jill’s destination. Brad went up the emergency latter and into the Library; Wesker through the door that would lead to the basement if he searched hard enough and Squall upstairs and through the door to the Waiting Room, leaving Jill alone with Jak and Daxter.

    She walked over to the reception desk, and opened a drawer, pulling out a simple handgun, which she handed to Daxter. She hoped he wouldn’t have to use it, but she couldn’t take any chances. After a quick, and what she hoped to be reassuring, pat on the back, she went through the only remaining door, and found herself at the end of a shotgun. However, the police officer holding it quickly realized that she wasn’t a zombie, and relaxed.

    “Sorry about that miss,” he apologized, “Can’t be too careful anymore. I’m Marvin. Marvin Branagh.”

    “Jill Valentine,” she introduced herself, “listen Marvin, I’ve got a group of survivors, we’re gathering some supplies from here, then getting out of town. You should come.”

    Marvin laughed, “good luck finding anything here, that madman Irons scattered everything, before putting a bullet in my leg.”

    Marvin walked away, towards the other side of the room. He did have a limp, favoring his right leg, and his left was bandaged. He was a thin black man, with a buzz cut hair and a goatee, and wore the usual police outfit. Jill followed behind him, into the evidence room. He leaned down and opened up a drawer, pulling out a beautiful Blue Gem. He turned around and handed it to Jill.

    “Chief Irons doesn’t think I know what this is for, but I’m not stupid,” he said, “This is one of the jewels that go in the security panel for City Hall, I’ll come with you, but if something happens to me, I want you to take it.”

    “Alright, now let’s go,” she nodded.

    Jill slowly pushed the door on the other side of the evidence room, looking out into the hallway beyond. There where Zombies out there. She closed the door again, and reloaded her handgun, before slamming the door open and shooting down two of the monsters. Then she started off down the hallway, shooting down another Zombie. There was a roar behind her, and see spun around to see a monster like the one that had pinned her rushing at her, only to get blown into the wall.

    Marvin limped out of the door, and grinned at her. She smiled back, and motioned for him to follow her. Going slowly so that he could keep up without straining himself, Jill started up the staircase at the end of the hall. The statue at the end of the hall on the second floor was missing its red jewel, but there wasn’t any time to worry about that. She moved through the door at the end of this small hallway, and quickly travelled down the hall into the S.T.A.R.S. office, Marvin following behind as fast as he could.

    She ran into Brad in the office. He was sitting at the com panel in the back, the closest thing he had to a desk. She nodded hello to him, then went over to her own desk, pulling out a few spare clips of ammunition and pocketing them. That would see her through a few confrontations. Then she walked over to the weapon cabinet nearby, and opened it, pulling out a magnum revolver, and slipping it into her belt’s second holster. It packed quite a punch, good for big monsters, like the one that may or may not be chasing them.

    “A Smith & Wesson, you really think we might need to use that?” Marvin questioned.

    “Unfortunately, I do,” Jill sighed, “come on Brad, let’s go.”

    Brad nodded, and stood up. First, he hurried over to Rebecca’s desk, and pulled out a disinfectant spray and a roll of gauze bandages. She had forgotten that they needed those for the wounded boys, good thing Brad had remembered! She lead the two back into the hallway, when suddenly, there was the sound of a gunshot coming from the main hall.

    The three of them hurried back to the lobby, shortcutting through the library to the lobby. They were in time to see Daxter drop the handgun Jill had given him onto the floor, it fired off another shot into the ground, and then was silent. The three hurried down the emergency ladder, and over to the reception desk. Jak was lying on the floor nearby, a bullet wound in his head. He had managed to get to his feet, and moved towards his friend, before getting his brains blown out.

    The Ottsel collapsed to his knees, simply staring at the body on the floor. He was in shock. First Bill and then Squall and Wesker hurried through after him, also aroused by the gunfire. Bill took off his hat and placed it over his heart when he saw Jak, but the others seemed more concerned with Daxter’s condition.

    “What happened?” Squall questioned.

    “He… Attacked me,” Daxter muttered.

    “He was bitten?” Jill yelled, “why the hell were we dragging around a bitten man!?”

    “I didn’t know a bite would make him, well, one of them!” Squall answered.

    “Dax,” Brad said, trying to calm the Ottsel, “I’m going to disinfect your wounds, and then we are going to get going, okay?”

    Daxter only nodded in response. Brad pulled up the disinfectant spray and the gauze, spraying the gauze and then wiping the Ottsel’s cuts. After that was done, he picked Dax up and put him on his shoulder. Then they set off, heading out of the Police Station and back towards the wreck. It was still burn just as fiercely, but there was a gate nearby that was opened with a quick bullet to the padlock holding it closed.

    Jill went through first, Wesker and Bill following right behind her, when suddenly, there was an explosion from the building overhead. Debris rained down, destroying the gate, and separating the three from the rest of their party. After the dust settled, Jill ran over to the pile.

    “Brad, Marvin, Squall!” she called, hoping that they were alright.

    “Jill!” Brad’s voice called back, “Are you alright!?”

    “We’re okay,” she confirmed, “but there is no way for us to get back to you!”

    “We’ll find another way then!” Marvin called, “You three keep going, and remember that gem!”

    Jill sighed, and walked back to her remaining comrades, who had backed away from the rubble a bit. She motioned pasted them, further down the alley.

    “Only one way to go.”
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    They had the most rotten luck! Part of a building had collapsed, separating him and three of his comrades from Jill, Captain Wesker, and Bill. Even worse, Marvin and Squall seemed to look at him as some sort of leader! Sure, he WAS the former S.T.A.R.S. Alpha Team Pilot, which probably gave him the most experience of the four of them.

    “What now?” Squall asked.

    “Well, Jack’s Bar isn’t too far from here, maybe there are some supplies or survivors there,” Brad shrugged.

    “Then lets go,” Marvin frowned.

    Brad nodded, and back tracked back into the alleyways, eventually returning to the Bar. When he, Daxter, and Captain Wesker had arrived here, they had only been passing though, and hadn’t checked the upper floors. He slowly pushed the door open and moved up to the second floor, a staff only area. It was a break room, a place for the staff to relax. Suddenly, a man in a white lab coat rushed him with an ax!

    “Woah! Drop the weapon!” Brad shouted, aiming his handgun at the man.

    Luckily, he stopped, and lowered the ax. Brad breathed a sigh of relief, and lowered his gun. Squall and Marvin hurried in after hearing Brad shout, Daxter was still on Brad’s shoulder, and still seemed to be in shock. The man muttered an apology, then walked over to the sofa and sat down, laying the ax on the table in front of him. Brad walked over to him, and sat Dax down on the sofa opposite, before taking a seat himself.

    Now that Brad could get a good look at the man, he was surprised to see the name on the man’s coat, Dr. William Birkin. He had dirty blond hair, and wore a pair of blue jeans and a gray dress shirt under his lab coat, along with a red tie.

    “Dr. Birkin,” Brad said, reading the name tag out loud, “What’s an Umbrella scientist doing here?”

    “I’m looking for my daughter, Sherry,” he answered, “and my wife, Annette.”

    “Did Umbrella do this?” Marvin asked.

    Birkin looked at his feet, before replying, “Yes.”

    “Well, what will we do with him?” Squall asked.

    “Well take him with us,” Brad answered, “he might be useful in escaping these monsters.”

    Marvin stood up, and walked over to Birkin. He forced the man to his feet, and handcuffed him. When Brad looked at him quizzically, he shrugged.

    “Precautionary measure, he did go at you with an ax,” the police officer explained.

    “Fine, but you’re defending him,” Brad sighed.

    “Can we go to the Police Station, my wife told my daughter to wait for us there,” Birkin asked, seeming to not care that he was in handcuffs.

    “Alright, but we’ll be watching you,” Brad answered.

    Birkin nodded, and Marvin led him away, back downstairs. Squall followed closely behind, just in case the wounded officer needed some help. Brad carefully picked up Dax, and placed him back on his shoulder, before hurrying down himself. Once again, the left the bar, making it back to the Police Station without any trouble. They took the long way up to the waiting room, and once they got there, Marvin pushed Birkin onto the sofa, then took a seat against the wall opposite him, keeping his Shotgun ready.

    “My leg is killing me; I don’t think I can go any further,” Marvin sighed, “if you three could search the building for Birkin’s kid, I’ll stay here and watch him.”

    Brad nodded, and walked over to a weapons chest in the corner of the room. It was kept locked unless there was an emergency, and now, there was an emergency. As a member of S.T.A.R.S., Brad had a key to this chest, giving him access to the weapons inside. Unfortunately, the only weapon remaining was an SMG; the other officers must have cleaned it out. He pulled the gun out and handed it to Squall, since he didn’t have a weapon for himself. The teen accepted it, and disappeared into the hallway, while Brad took Daxter the other way.

    They were above the main lobby. Jak’s corpse was still lying on the floor below, so Brad kept as close to the wall as possible, so the Ottsel didn’t have to see it. Daxter would recover in his own time, until then, he would have to keep him safe. The two of them walked over to the Library, and entered, almost bumping into a man in a police uniform more suited to the fall climate then most officers.

    “Thank god, another survivor,” the man said, lowering his own firearm, “I was beginning to think I was the only one left in this town.”

    “You’d be surprised just how many of us there are,” Brad grinned, “I’m Brad, and this is Daxter.”

    “My name is Leon,” the man said, before disappearing further into the library.

    Brad followed him in, over to some of the movable bookcases. Leon pressed the buttons on two of them, sliding them to the right, before disappearing behind a wall of sorts. He came back with a plug in his hand, the top of which had been carved into the shape of a Bishop. The man stared at it for a moment, before shrugging and pocketing the item.

    “So, you’re a cop?” Brad asked, trying to make conversation.

    “Yeah, today was supposed to be my first day on the job,” Leon mused.

    “Really?” Brad smiled, “I was a member of S.T.A.R.S. before it got disbanded.”

    “S.T.A.R.S., huh?” Leon nodded, “I heard about what happened at the Mansion, must have been hard, seeing all your comrades die.”

    “Yeah, it was,” Brad frowned.

    In truth, he hadn’t even gone into the Mansion. Seeing Joseph die had scared him to the point that he had left his other four comrades to die. When he finally worked up the courage to go back for them, only three of them were left, as well as one member of Bravo Team, who they were supposed to have rescued. Now that Captain Wesker was back, he didn’t feel so guilty about leaving, but it was still the wrong thing to do.

    “Say, Brad, why don’t we work together for a while,” Leon asked.

    “Sounds good to me,” Brad nodded.

    Suddenly, there was the sound of gunfire from the corridor nearby. The two of them rushed out in time to see a young woman in a white dress fall to the ground. They drew their handguns and leapt from behind the corner, confronting the gunman, Chief Brian Irons. He was a bit overweight, and wore a black sweater-vest over a white dress shirt, red tie, and black dress pants and shoes. He was armed with a magnum with a laser sight added, giving him deadly accuracy. Daxter hopped off of Brad’s shoulder and checked the girl’s pulse, only to look up at the man and frown. She was dead.

    “Drop the weapon and put your hands on your head!” Leon shouted.

    “I think not, you see, she was infected,” Irons explained, “If I hadn’t shot her then, she would have become a monster just like the rest of them.”

    “There aren’t any bite marks on her,” Daxter muttered, “just the bullet wound.”

    “You shot her for no reason?” Leon questioned, “you son-of-a-bitch!”

    “You’re going to believe that thing?” Irons scoffed, “look at how cut up it is, I bet it’s infected too!”

    The man aimed his magnum at Daxter, the laser aimed right between the Ottsel’s eyes. Before the police chief could get off a shot, Brad fired, hitting him in his shoulder. His arm was thrown back, and his gun flew out of his hand. Irons stumbled back, and to the side, bumping into the wall and sliding into a sitting position.

    Leon ran forward, and grabbed the magnum and pointed it and his own handgun at the man. Brad walked forward as well, keeping his gun aimed at the man, Daxter staying right behind him. Irons certainly didn’t look like he posed a threat anymore, sitting on the floor and clutching his wounded shoulder.

    “No more shooting out of you I think,” Leon mused.

    “Ow, that hurt,” Irons stuttered.

    “Chief, have you seen a little girl running around?” Brad asked.

    “You mean Sherry, don’t you?” the man asked.

    “Answer the question,” Brad demanded, keeping his handgun aimed at the man’s head.

    “Now why the hell would I do that?” Irons cursed.

    Brad redirected his aim, and fired another bullet, this time into the man’s leg. Irons screamed in pain and clutched his leg, shoulder momentarily forgotten. After the pain died down a little, he glared at Brad.

    “Alright, yes, I saw her! I locked her in one of the basement cells!” Irons shouted.

    The man dug into his pocket and pulled out the key to the cells, and threw it farther down the hall. Daxter went and picked it up, then hurried back to them, climbing back up to Brad’s shoulder. They moved Irons into the S.T.A.R.S. office, and left him there with a Combat Knife Leon had been carrying. Not wanting to disturb Marvin, Brad decided to lead his comrades the long way around, leading them through to the hallway with the odd statue and down the stairs to the first floor.


    Suddenly, the monster from before jumped through the window! Leon quickly aimed at it with the magnum, only to get knocked back with a pick punch, sending the man flying down the hall. Brad backed away down the hall, the monster following him. It was going to kill him, no doubt about that. Trying his best to keep his cool, he handed the cell key to Daxter, and sent him off. Luckily, the monster was too focused on Brad to give the passing Ottsel a hard time.

    “Come and get me you son of a bitch!” Brad shouted, before unloading his handgun into the monster.

    There was a bang, and the monster’s head jerked forward. Daxter had come back, armed with the magnum. However, the recoil had thrown the weapon out of his hand, and left him nursing his fingers. The monster turned, and growled at the Ottsel, before starting after him instead. The Ottsel scrambled for the gun again, but suddenly, a dart flew down from the second floor, and imbedded itself in the base of the monster’s neck. The dart exploded, toppling the monster out the window.

    A woman in a lab coat was standing at the top of the stairs. She had shoulder-length blond hair, and wore a black shirt and brown pants. In her hands was an odd looking weapon. She threw the weapon to the ground and drew a handgun, before hurrying down the stairs. Leon hurried over to them, holding his bruised side. He accepted the magnum from Daxter, and looked out the window at the creature.

    “Is it dead?” Leon asked.

    “No, just unconscious,” the woman answered.

    “What the hell is it?” Brad asked, reloading his handgun and walking forward to join his comrades.

    “A Nemesis T-Type Tyrant, Model T02,” she replied, “come on, we have to go, before it gets up again.”

    Daxter climbed up to Brad’s shoulder, returning the key to him. Then the four of them quickly fled the room, not stopping until they returned to the lobby. Daxter stared forlornly at the desk where Jak’s corpse still laid. Brad turned toward the woman, finally deciding that the time was right to ask her what her name was.

    “Miss, exactly who are you?” he asked.

    “Annette Birkin,” she answered.

    “Birkin? You know, we got your husband in the waiting room upstairs,” Daxter cut in.

    “William? Is he alright?” Annette asked.

    “He came at me with an ax, so we thought it best to cuff him temporarily, otherwise he’s fine,” Brad answered, “if you want, Leon here can lead you up to him.”

    The woman nodded, and Brad pointed out to the two of them where the waiting room was. Leon led her up the ladder and through the door, then, Brad took Dax through the far door, down a hallway, and through an office. Through this last door was yet another hallway that would lead the two of them into the basement. Once he had gone through it, he found himself face to face with a machine gun, though the holder quickly lowered it again. Brad had found Squall.

    “Hey, I thought you were searching the other half of the building?” the teen asked.

    “I was, and now I know where Sherry is,” Brad grinned.

    “Alright then, let’s go,” Squall nodded.

    The three started down the hallway, heading down the stairs. There where a few Infected down here, but nothing Squall’s sub-machine gun couldn’t take care of. It wasn’t long before they had moved out to the underground parking lot. There was an Infected inside, in riot gear. After proving to be immune to bullets, it rushed them, knocking Squall down. Not knowing what else to do, Brad fired a few rounds into its back, somehow killing it. Squall pushed the thing off of himself, and stood up.

    “Thanks,” he nodded.

    “You bet,” Brad grinned.

    Making a mental note that the Infected wearing armor were only immune to bullets fired into their fronts, the three set off again, quickly making it to the cells. As Irons had said, there was a little girl in one of the cells, as well as two men in suits. Brad quickly opened up the cell doors, and let the three out.

    The girl looked like she was wearing a school uniform of sorts, a white, long-sleeved dress with a blue color, blue dress shorts, and brown dress shoes. She was wearing a locket, and a pink headband, that didn’t seem to do much for her brown hair. One of the men was quite pale, with red hair tied back in a ponytail. He wore a white dress shirt, red dress pants, a red tie, and brown dress shoes. The other was a bald black man, wearing a slightly disheveled white dress shirt, black dress pants, a red tie, and black dress shoes.

    “Thank god, I though were never gonna get outa there!” said the black man, “I’m Louis, and this is my buddy Ben.”

    Brad nodded at the two, before leaning down to look the girl in the eye, “Are you Sherry Birkin?”

    The girl nodded. She seemed scared, which wasn’t really surprising. They were in the middle of a Zombie outbreak!

    “Well Sherry, your parents are waiting upstairs for you, if you come with us, we can take you up to them,” Brad grinned.

    Ben and Louis had disappeared back into their cell. They came back each holding a firearm, Ben a shotgun, Louis an assault rifle and a sniper rifle. Noticing Daxter was weaponless; the man handed the sniper rifle to the Ottsel, and quickly explained how to work it. The six of them moved back out to the parking lot, and let the Ottsel test out his new toy on one of the Zombies that had shambled in. The recoil forced him back an inch, but otherwise didn’t harm him. The Zombie, on the other hand, went down.

    Satisfied with their little test, the six of the quickly moved back up to the second floor, dodging around what Zombies they could, and gunning down the rest. It wasn’t long before they reached the waiting room again, and entered it. Marvin, Leon, Annette, and William were all still waiting for them inside. William was now cuff-less, and carrying his own handgun. Once Sherry noticed her parents, she quickly hurried over to them. Brad, meanwhile, took a seat on the sofa, Daxter climbing up next to him and laying his rifle down.

    “Alright, so now what?” the S.T.A.R.S. member asked.

    “There is a train in the lab underground,” William answered, “I was planning on getting my family out that way.”

    “You know a way to get down there from here?” Leon asked, to which the man nodded in response, “alright, then I’ll escort you there, anyone else want to come?”

    “I can’t,” Brad answered, “I promised Jill I’d meet up with her again.”

    “I go where he goes,” Daxter muttered, motioning towards Brad.

    “Little more exploring never hurt anyone,” Ben grinned, “I’ll follow Brad.”

    “All the reason I need,” Louis nodded, “Brad it is.”

    “We did say that we’d reconnect with Jill,” Squall added, “I’m a man of my word.”

    “Sorry, but I don’t think I’d be able to keep up,” Marvin frowned, “I’d just slow you guys down, so I’ll travel with Leon as far as I can.”

    With that settled, the party said their goodbyes, and the two groups split up, five heading back out of the station, the other five heading back to the basement to short-cut through the sewers. Brad led his group back out the front door, and back onto the main street. They would have to move fast, unless they wanted another encounter with the Nemesis. The blazing wreckage had finally burned itself out, so they squeezed past it, eventually making their way to the Raccoon Zoo. To save themselves from any more hiking, the five took shelter in the nearby Elephant Restaurant, quickly dispatching of any Zombies inside.

    Brad quickly took a seat at one of the booths, his three human comrades taking seats at the bar and Dax sitting on the table he sat at. They all looked a bit tired, so it was probably for the best that they rest here for at least a few moments. Brad was about to get a conversation going, when the door swung open again, admitting a young woman, holding a handgun close to her person.

    She was wearing the uniform of a J’s Bar waitress. A black skirt that went down almost to her knees, a blue vest with her nametag on it, black bow tie, and a blue and white striped shirt. She was a bit pale, and had blond hair. She seemed a bit startled by the fact that there where here, but quickly grinned and took a seat.

    “Hello miss,” Ben grinned, “nice to see another survivor. You got a name?”

    “Hello,” She nodded, “I’m Cindy Lennox.”

    “I’m Ben, and this is Brad, Daxter, Louis, and Squall,” the reporter grinned, “why don’t you travel with us for a while?”

    “Oh? Would that be alright?” Cindy asked.

    “Sure, the more the merrier,” Brad grinned.

    The other three all eventually agreed that they could take on another character, and, after a few minutes of resting, the six of them set off again, entering the zoo. It was far too quiet, not even one animal was making noise. Had the monsters really killed them all? The six of them readied their firearms, and moved forward. Most of the gates between the concourses were closed, but they all had doors for employees to move through, and, luckily, they weren’t locked.

    After moving through several concourses, they arrived at an employee building of sorts, and entered. It looked like there had been several people hiding out in here, but they were long gone. Brad has a feeling that whatever got them to flee would be back for them eventually. Still, they might as well look around, just in case there was something worth grabbing. The six of them quickly dispersed, searching the rooms for weapons, ammo, and the like.

    There was a faint roar from the distance, gathering their attention again. Soon after came the sound of large footsteps. They all gathered in the main room, where the sound was the loudest, drawing their weapons, just in case they were attacked. Another roar, and then, it came…

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