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Private/Closed The Epidemic Virus

Discussion in 'Pokémon Role Play' started by LunarSilvally, Jul 31, 2019.

  1. (Allie)
    Noticing that JC was training by herself, Allie decided to speak up.
    "Hey... if ya need someone to train with, I'd be happy to oblige. I know you might not trust us all that much, after earlier, but... any way I can help, I'm willing." She gave a faint smile.

    Now mostly alone, Mia sat on the floor, contemplating.
    She didn't understand. It was like there were multiple people fighting for control of her, and she had no say in who won.
    And look where that's gotten me.
    She noticed Axel re-enter the room, but she said nothing. He obviously didn't like her much, so she didn't want to bother anyone.
  2. She grabbed her wolf mask and placed it on her face before turning to the girl. "Are you sure you want to spar with me? Be warned my training is intense and I don't plan on going easy on you because in this area nothing is easy" she advised lowering her real blade. Blue and Blade took a break from training with each other as they made their way back to JC. Blue eyed the girl who was properly asking if she could spar with her as Blade seemed to have the same eye contact as her training partner. "Sol?" She said before looking up at JC for the moment.-
  3. (Allie)
    The girl nodded. “Hell, I’ve got nothing better to do. And I’m a lot more skilled than I let on earlier. I studied combat before the zombies came in and let me put it to use. I don’t show off though - Mia’s really self-conscious about her skills and I don’t want to make her feel too bad. Trust me, I want a hard time. Don’t hold back at all.”
  4. Willow Tree

    Willow Tree Previously Brightheart

    Ditti gave a little squeak of agreement as he held on to his trainer, who held on as he regains balance. Once Milo is steady on his foot, he looked at Ditti, "So....what did she say?" he asked. Ditti turned into a book, quickly relating the content before transforming into a Rapidash, kneeling down and ready to carry everyone for the time being. Milo smiled, happy with the choice as he gently tucked the Ninjask in between his arms, "There, just stay there for now alright?" he soothed, "Soon, we'll be out the forest and you can lead again." he promised as Ditti bolted for the forest.
  5. She placed her real blade away inside her sheath that was against the wall before grabbing the two wooden swords. "Alright, don't say I didn't warn you?" She said throwing her a wooden sword. She got into battle stance but saw Blade approach the girl gently pawing her leg with her long claws as if wanting to ask her something.

    Ninji nodded before holding on to him tight. She felt Ditto dash off in a Rapidash into the forest like she instructed. This seemed like a good idea so she could take the time to rest her wings. "Nin! Ninjask!" She said looking up at him before looking ahead of her.-
  6. She twirled the wooden blade in her hand. It didn’t feel natural to her, after two years of wielding her dual blades, but she could make do.
    Before she could prepare, she felt a light pawing at her leg. Startled slightly, she glanced down to see one of JC’s Pokemon. It looked like it wanted to ask her something.
    “Yes?” she asked kindly.

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  7. Rowan Tree

    Rowan Tree Previously ~Add~

    Elesis walked around the empty place. Her Flareon, whose she named Flame, started hissing like an angry cat. "Be quiet before we get noticed," Elesis whispered but Flame kept on hissing. In the end, she has to shush him. She kept on walking. When Flame started to bark, she shushed him, "Flame! Be quiet!" she said. She thought it's hopeless with Flame barking. She sat down instead.

    "Flame, will you stop it?" Elesis said annoyed after her 5 minutes of sitting. Flame shushed. Finally. She started running, knowing that it's faster that way to a safe hiding spot for the 30 minutes she need for her to take care of her Flareon. "So far." she said sighing while Flame ran on. Elesis looked around. No one, she's safe for the moment. She looked up, no one for now. She ran on to catch up to Flame.
  8. Willow Tree

    Willow Tree Previously Brightheart

    Milo grinned as Ditti bolted past any wondering zombies, their movement so fast those rotten creatures are only seeing the after image. Milo gripped onto the Ninjask gently as Kiki hooked onto his other arm, "We're almost there little guy," he said, looking down at the pokemon, "the forest you were talking about, just a few more twist and turns." he scanned the area, "If we continue in the pace we're in, we could get there in around 10 minutes." he calculated, "But I'm not good at math so we shouldn't bet on that." he chuckled and leaned forward, shielding the Ninjask as Ditti stormed right through a heard of zombies, splattering their disgusting remains everywhere around them.

    "Ugh, you couldn't do it any other way huh," Milo muttered, dusting away sickening rotting body parts, "cause this is off-putting." he said. He looked down at the Ninjask, "You alright down there?"
  9. Jacksoneternal

    Jacksoneternal Previously Breon

    Noah sighed when he wasn't able to sleep, he needed to burn some extra energy so he decided to go back outside, but in order to do that he had to ask the girl that own the building apparently. Noah managed to walk downstairs to see JC and the two other girls training with each other. "Hey Wolfie do you mind unlocking the door I want to get some fresh air and maybe blow off some steam." Noah said looking at JC who was training.
  10. JC's POV
    She looked to Blade. "What is it Blade? You want something from her?" she asked the Absol. "Sol!("I like to spar with her Absol, I like to test his strength)" Blade said turning her head to look her from behind. "Oh I see Blade, Allie may I ask a favor of you? She wants to spar with your Absol to test his strength if that's ok" she asked before looking to Noah. "You can exit and get some fresh air without me disarming it. The system is in anti-zombie mode as only humans can enter and exit from here but will destroy zombie's that get close to the door" she told Noah. "Actually, Mask is on the roof waiting for Ninji to return so you won't be alone out there" she added as she placed her hand on her mask for the moment.

    Mask's POV

    He remained standing outside on top of the roof like he normally does looking around for any other survivors in the distance. He thought of which team member to use to help him on the search until he thought of Ember his shiny Flareon. He pulled out the Flareon's Pokeball until it opened revealing her shiny golden brown pelt. "Ember...could you help me...do a search for any other survivors on the ground?" he asked her. "Flare!" she smiled agreeing. "Alright, let's turn your lava lamp charm on so you have a source of light to investigate in the dark..." he said touching her necklace charm around her neck until it lit up brightly. "Be careful...and come back soon..." he told her. "Flare!" she said before Yami used Psychic to put her down on the ground. Once Ember felt herself on the ground again she leaped off into an ally way as her necklace charm gave a bright source of light for survivors to see.

    (I'm going to use Ember to interact with your char @~Add~ so you won't be left behind or feel left out if that's ok ^-^)
  11. Allie glanced over at Eclipse. "Hey, Eclipse. You mind coming over here for a minute?"
    The faithful Disaster Pokemon was over in a flash, immediately by her trainer's side.
    "This Absol would like to spar with you. Are you feeling up to it?"
    A faint smile appeared on Eclipse's face. "Sol." (Yes, I would enjoy that.)
    Zelda leaned over. "Devoir, garde-voir." (Don't play too rough, okay?)
    Eclipse gave a slight glare. "Absol, sol." (I can take care of myself, thank you very much.)
    Allie chuckled at the conversation between her Pokemon. "You two never change, do you?" She'd always found it easy to understand Pokemon - well, her Pokemon at least.
    Eclipse took a battle stance, glancing back at Zelda. "Sol, ab-sol?" (Do you mind using Heal Pulse?)
    Zelda nodded, a serious expression on her face. "Voir." (Not at all.)
    The Embrace Pokemon formed a pink energy within her hands, firing it at Eclipse slowly. The pulse healed the Disaster Pokemon, but not enough to give Eclipse the advantage. She then stepped back, ready to watch the pair spar.
    Eclipse turned back to Blade, obviously offering the other Absol the first move.
  12. Blade saw her trainer nod at her before positioning herself in front of Eclipse. "Sol!("Don't hold back just because I'm a female of your species") she warned before she unleashed her Nightslash attack at Eclipse. JC sighed before giving a chuckle. "Blade never changes...she always wants to spar with other Pokemon so she doesn't show weakness in herself..but..I can't blame her...for what she has been through as a wild Absol...and that scar she has under her chest fur proves it..." she said thinking for the moment before she shook her head turning to Allie. "Anyway, shall we start my training Allie, I won't go easy so be prepared," she told her as she went into a battle stance. "Prepare yourself!" she said stern as she came at her in a swift movement until their wooden swords collided with each other as she pushed Allie back quite a bit.
  13. Eclipse grinned lightly. "Sol, sol." (Didn't plan on it.)
    With almost no effort at all, the Disaster Pokemon conjured up an Icy Wind - blowing the Night Slash attack right back at its sender.

    Allie said nothing, but matched JC's strength. She pushed with her sword, before suddenly leaping to the side and aiming a powerful blow.
    I'll start really fighting later. I wanna see what she's capable of.
  14. Willow Tree

    Willow Tree Previously Brightheart

    Skidding through the crowd of zombies with ease, Ditti caught sight of a flush of green in the distance. They threw their head back and gave a whine, signaling at the greenery in front of them.

    Milo peaked over Ditti's Rapidash horn, momentarily blocking his view before he, too, also caught sight of the trees, now more defined, in front of them. He smirked, satisfied with what he's seeing.

    He prodded the Ninjask, gently lifting it for her to see the now clear forest, "We're here little guy, where to now is for you to decide."
  15. Jacksoneternal

    Jacksoneternal Previously Breon

    Noah exited the building all he saw was destruction and despair in the air.......so pretty much the usual. Noah turned around to see mask on the roof like JC said, so Noah waved off to mask before going down the road with his bat while whistling ballpark. "Now then lets find some heads to bashed in and maybe cause a little havoc." Noah said as he looked around the area for anyting alive or undead he should say.

    (I'm also going to do the same and use Noah to maybe interact with @~Add~.)
  16. She knew that Allie was trying to figure out how capable she was but who wouldn't want to know about that. She used her wooden sword to block the blow quickly before leaping back to create distance between them both. She gave a smirk. "Not bad, you have the strength to push me back a bit," she told her as in thought. "-I have to figure out on how to fool her a bit into thinking I am weak and surprise her by knocking the sword out of her hand, but I can't say it will be easy so I can't underestimate her-" She went into a battle stance once again before going at her again colliding blades as she allowed her to push her back a bit as part of her strategy.

    Blade saw the icy windbreak off her attack as she gave a smirk leaping up before she used Fireblast to burn the icy wind until the Fireblast hit Eclipse afterward. She landed on her feet again before she stood up straight. "Absol! Sol!("nice break off with my move there but did you like how I sneak attack you with my Fireblast Eclipse while your Icy wind was a diversion") Blade said.

    Mask POV

    He saw Noah wave to him before he seemed to disappear somewhere. "-Be careful Noah...I have this bad feeling, however...-" he thought before looking to Yami who had the same feeling as he did. He nodded to Yami before he leaped off the building to the ground with Yami's help before he made his way into the forest undetected.

    Ember's POV

    She used her nose to see if she could find any survivors as her lava lamp necklace charm lit the way. She flicked her ear hearing the running of footsteps in the distance as she kept walking to see if she could figure out where it was coming from. She looked around before she thought of something as she grabbed some sticks and put the stop on fire making a lighting trail for the survivor that was here. She made it on top of a high rock to check more of the area from above as she sat down.

    Ninji's POV

    Ninji came out of the male's shirt before opening her wings again as they began to beat rapidly fast to keep her airborne. "Ninjask! ("-Follow me this way and stay close-") she said looking to Ditti to translate.

    (Probably will have Mask to interact with @~Add~ once Ember finds them or she finds her or her Flareon)
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  17. A faint smile appeared on her face. She knew what was up here.
    She began using an alarmingly fast combo, using a series of complex movements and never using the same maneuver twice. She was quick and unpredictable: one of the hallmarks of her fighting style.

    The Disaster Pokemon nodded approvingly. "Sol, absol-ab." (Not bad. Fire Blast isn't the easiest of moves to master. Let's see how you hold against this.)
    He launched forward with a Quick Attack, trying to be predictable. However, at the last moment, he changed the attack to Play Rough to catch his opponent off guard. The move was incredibly quick, and would be near impossible to avoid.
  18. She smirked to herself as she was quickly just as she was. She blocked all of her attacks with her wooden sword but could see it crack a bit. "-Gotcha!-" she thought as she remained calm and focused. She continued to block her attacks as she was breaking a sweat from this. Once she figured something out, she stopped her attack by hitting her wooden sword only once at the side before she knocked it out of her hand before in a swift movement she appeared right behind her as the pony of the wooden sword touched her back. "Left vulnerablely wide open from behind..." She said as she heard the wooden sword hit the ground with a stab to the ground. "Not bad though, you tried to really catch me off guard with that attack of yours. Your not an easy opponent and that I can see. But you know I did allow you to push me back a bit" she said as her wooden sword suddenly shattered from the impact as it slipped out of her hands. "Excellent power too, it shattered my wooden sword from blocking all the attacks on that style of yours but my style is very different from yours completely and lets just say its hard to "see" what my style really is" she finished as she kept distance between her and Allie.

    Blade gave a smirking smile. "Absol!("With intense training and hard work with my trainer JC I was able to master it perfectly") she said. Blade saw him use quick attack first before he followed up with Play rough. Blade stood her ground as she knew Play rough was a very strong move that was almost impossible to avoid. She took the hits like it was nothing but could feel the damage from it hitting her. She had to think fast until and idea came to mind. She used her blade to lock with his stopping the attack. "Sol!("Not bad Eclipse, I did feel that attack...your a worthy spar opponent indeed but in this position you can't dodge from the move I am going to use next!") Blade said as she lifted her head up pulling him with her with blades still locked with each other. Blade opened her mouth until a blue orb appeared as she launched it at Eclipse hitting him. She let go of his blade before leaping up flipping in the air distancing herself from Eclipse. "Absol! Sol!("Another surprise attack that I worked so well to master, Water pulse. While your play rough was still attacking me, I used this opportunity to lock blades with you to get a clean shot") Blade said giving a smirk smile to Eclipse. ("-I'm not easy to figure out-") Blade added as her eyes were filled with determination.-
  19. Mr. Machiavellian

    Mr. Machiavellian Previously riskyie

    Genevieve’s POV

    Genevieve looked around at all his Pokemon. “It seems they are worried about you, that’s for sure,” She said, and looked at the unfamiliar man. “Hopefully you don’t have any bites? Or do you not know? If you don’t, I have a fairy Pokémon that will help out a lot,” Genevieve sat down, taking off her backpack and rummaging through it for bandages and other medical supplies. She found a water bottle and bandages, sliding the bottle of water towards the injured man.

    Axel’s POV

    Axel had rushed upstairs because he was tired, mostly worn out from running much earlier. Choosing a vacant room on the men’s side, he went in and closed the door, taking off his sweater and folding it to put on the nightstand. Kicking off his shoes, he hopped onto the bed and wrapped himself with the blanket. ‘If anyone tries to wake me,’ Axel smirked, “they’ll get a taste of Wyvern’s tail, that’s for sure.” Drifting off into sleep, Axel clutched Wyvern’s Pokeball, just in case.
  20. Shadow's POV

    He caught the water bottle with hand that the women slid to him. He opened it to drink before taring off his shirt to reveal his bloody injuried shoulder. He poured water on it as the blood dripped down from his shoulder to his arms and a bit of his chest. "Yes I know they are worried for me, but no I was not bitten just clawed badly by their fingers..." He told her as threw his hood to the side which was now ruined but luckily he had a spare of the hood and some clothing. "I literally had to fight my way out to get here as my Scythe proves it..." He said looking to his weapon that was literally almost covered in blood. "We must act quickly...if your going to fix my injury then do it quickly...they will find me eventually or us eventually..."he said moving slowly closer to her with Serabis's help. He turned until his back was facing her as he ripped off his tank as well. The only thing that remained on him was his black wolf gold-streaked mask to hide his face.

    JC's POV

    She lowered her sword before placing it down. "That's enough training for today, but thanks for sparring with me" she said before looking to Blade as she was still sparring with Eclipse. "I'll wait until they are done before I go up for the night" she added as she went to grab a cold water bottle from a small fridge at the corner of the training fields as she opened it to drink.

    @Mr. Machiavellian
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  21. (sorry for the late reply, I was half asleep last night)

    A faint smile appeared on Eclipse's face. "Sol." (Not bad at all. Let's see how this one works out for you.) She launched into her finale combo move, that had been devastating in prior experience.
    He began charging a hyper-powered Shadow Ball, charging it far beyond the normal power until it was impossible to charge any more. He flung it forward, but just as it moved, he used Shadow Claw to slash it into a large number of Shadow Balls.
    He summoned an Icy Wind again, which caught the Shadow Balls and kept them swirling in the vortex. If Blade dared try to exit the vortex, either the wind or the shadowy orbs would answer to that.
    The vortex began to close in, bringing the attack closer and closer to its target. This was taking up a lot of Eclipse's energy, and he was feeling very tired.

    Putting away her wooden sword, Allie smiled lightly. "Thanks for training with me. Helps me get my stress out a bit." She also grabbed a water, drinking it gratefully.
    A serious expression overtook her smile. "Oh, and by the way... please don't tell Mia about what I said earlier. About downplaying my skills so she wouldn't feel bad... if she knew, it would crush her." She leaned against a wall, watching her Pokemon spar. She was rather impressed with Eclipse, as the Disaster Pokemon had come very far since she had caught him.

    (Flashback, Allie/Eclipse/???)
    Five years ago..
    A younger Allie ran through a field of yellow flowers, alongside another older girl. The pair of teens ran, laughing along the way.
    Suddenly, Allie noticed a white blur dart out of her vision and into a patch of tall grass. The girl stopped, curious.
    "Hey, what's that?" Allie questioned.
    "I don't know..." the other girl answered.
    Slowly, the figure emerged from the tall grass, shaking with fear. Allie recognized it as...
    "An Absol!" she gasped.
    The Absol shrunk back fearfully. It used Protect, clearly scared.
    The other girl watched, making sure Allie was safe. She was still wary, and had her hand near her Pokeballs in case of emergency.
    Allie crouched down on the ground, offering her hand. "Hey, we won't hurt you. Please, you don't have to be scared."
    The Absol retracted its Protect. It walked towards the teen carefully, before sitting down in front of her. "Sol."
    "Why are you so afraid? We aren't going to battle you or anything..." Allie asked.
    The Absol gestured to multiple scratches and burns across its body. "Sol, absol."
    Allie realized what the Disaster Pokemon was implying. "Did a trainer attack you with their Pokemon?"
    The Pokemon lowered its head. "Ab-sol."
    "Here, let me help," Allie offered. She pulled a Potion out of her bag, and showed it to the nervous Pokemon. It flinched, but eventually relaxed. Allie sprayed the medicine over the Pokemon's wounds, and they began healing instantaneously.
    The Absol smiled faintly. "Sol, sol." Without another sound, the Pokemon moved towards an empty Pokeball on Allie's belt. It tapped it with its paw, and was sucked inside. The ball clicked, signifying capture.

    (End of Flashback)
  22. Willow Tree

    Willow Tree Previously Brightheart

    Ditti didn't answer, as they were saving their breath for the run, but they flicked their head to show that they heard. He started to speed up, but not so fast they'll bolt past the Ninjask, just slow enough for Ninji to stay in lead.

    Milo gripped onto Ditti as he glanced around the splattered zombies and tried not to gag at the disgusting remains. They were lucky enough to only find the stage 1 and 2 zombies, as they're easy to kill and not that hard to escape, any stages after that might distract Ditti as they run so Milo hoped that the nothing like that will happen.

    He quickly ducked his head when they finally reached the trees, dodging the lashing branch as they whipped towards them. Groans of the zombies were still clear in the forest, so he supposed those undead monsters are literally everywhere. Starting to get anxious with the long run, he rested his head on Ditti's mane, trying to ease his worries.
  23. Rowan Tree

    Rowan Tree Previously ~Add~

    (Anyone can interact with Elesis!)

    Elesis sat down. Flame swapped rocks, to knocking it aside."Shhhhhhhhhh! You're making it worse Flame!" Elesis whispered. Flame just whined. She looked around, she's safe for now. She sent out Pyro, her most reliable pokemon, a Torracat, her starter. Pyro purred, but Elesis got him silent. Pyro sniffed around for the remaining survivors. Flame started stomping the ground. Elesis sighed and patted his head. "Don't get crazy later on." She warned. Flame remained silent.

    For her only 10 minutes to sit down, it went quick. She started walking on again, knowing that the place she rested at earlier wasn't safe to stay for a long time, so she walked on, checking her surroundings every 5 minutes. She looked in the sky, no one. Is there any survivors anyways? There has to be, right? She thought. The empty forest pathway is all she walked on, no interactions yet, but she hoped soon. She could at least get some allies. And everything around her, everything reminds her of her brother, seeing that this gives her a headache, she closed her eyes, and Flame guiding her. She kept on walking.

    (Pyro us back in his pokeball and anyone who want to interact with Elesis can do so now!!!!!! :))
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  24. JC's POV

    She glanced to Allie before giving a nod. "I won't tell her if that's what you wish" she said before looking back to Blade sparring with Eclipse. "She won't be trapped that easily...but she has grown for a very long time, you see Blade wasn't in the best of shape when I found her...she was hesitate to approach humans...her chest was injured pretty bad and it took sometime for her go allow me to approach her without harming her...once I fixed up her injuries she started to give her trust in me after what I has done with her injury. Trainers easily judge an Absol because they believed that everytime they appeared a disaster happens but the real reason why they appear is to warn others of an upcoming disaster...she eventually become a part of my team once she saw that I was the only one that would never break her trust like that."she said looking to Allie. "She has a long scar under her chest fur to prove that she was injured there" she added.

    Blade saw the vortex come closer as she gave a smirk. "Absol!("child's play!)" She said as she leaped up in the air as she opened her mouth until an icey beam shot on the floor as it touched the vortex in a swirling movement until it froze solid shattering. "Absol!("Your not the only one with an ice type move Eclipse") she said as specks of ice fell down on them.

    Mask's POV

    He walked a bit further into the forest until he saw lit up branches. He knew this was Ember's doing so decided to follow it.

    Ninji's POV

    She kept the lead as she saw Ditti run close behind her. She stopped midway once she saw the building in the distance but saw a lot of zombies in the way. "Nin..Ninjask..("There are zombies blocking the way, you have to fight your way through") she said looking to Ditti.

    Ember's POV

    She watched from a high rock still until she spotted a girl and her Flareon but of the normal color. She figured that the girl was a survivor as she leaped down to the ground again. She made her way to the forest part until she made contact with them as her lava lamp charm lit there way. "Flareon?" She said watching her as it was clear that her pelt was a different color compared to her Flareon.-

  25. Allie bit her lip. "I hope Eclipse stops soon. He can get... out of hand when he's excited."

    Eclipse was about to fire another, even more powerful attack, until a familiar figure appeared in between the two competitors, blasting both apart with a Fairy Wind.
    "Devoir-voir," the Embrace Pokemon proclaimed. (I think that's enough. Save your strengths.)
    Eclipse growled deeply. "Sol, ab-sol!" (For the last time, Zelda, I CAN TAKE CARE OF MYSELF!)
    Zelda chuckled. "Voir." (You were about to use it. I could tell. Eclipse, you know what happened last time you tried that combo.)
    The miffed Absol was about to fire a retort back at Zelda, but closed his mouth. He knew that the Gardevoir was right.
    Zelda took the opportunity to explain telepathically. "Eclipse often loses control of his actions when he's frustrated or very excited. He has a ridiculously powerful combo move - it's killed a horde of stage four zombies near effortlessly before, and even a few stage five zombies. I have a similar combination, but I've never used it in battle."
    Eclipse lowered his head. "Sol-sol." (Guilty as charged. You're a very skilled opponent though... you should be proud.)


    Bored, the teen got up from her spot. She scribbled a note on a piece of paper hastily.

    Allie and whoever else reads this,
    I'm headed out to kill some zombies. I'll send a distress signal if I'm in trouble.
    I should be back soon.
    Cheers, Mia.

    She pulled out her dagger, a trace of a smile appearing on her face. She then left, her dagger ready in her hand.

    She encountered multiple zombies, mostly stage twos. She managed to kill them with very little effort, no mercy in her expression.
    When she got to a forest pathway, she noticed a survivor walking. She stopped, trying not to be noticed, but a stick cracked beneath her feet.
  26. Willow Tree

    Willow Tree Previously Brightheart

    Ditti nodded at Ninji's command, throwing their head back to neigh at Kiki, ordering him to hold on tight to their trainer as they bolted faster into the herd of zombies.

    Kiki gave a high pitch shrill in respond, clasping their hold on Milo's shirt tighter, hooking it under his arms to hold onto Ditti's mane. He proceeds to duck his head down after the sudden burst in speed, using protect to shield them from the brutal attacks.

    Milo didn't react as the speed went faster, only groaned as he kept his face buried in the mane of his trusty pokemon, feeling quite motion sick from all the twist and turns. Feeling his trainer limp on his back, Ditti gave a whine and a snort, even giving Milo a heave to awake him.

    Milo patted Ditti's shoulder in response, lifting his head only a little to smile at his pokemon, "C'mon now buddy, can't a man rest his head a little?" He laughed, "Don't worry, I'm just sick of all this little maze run." He grumbled, "Doing quite a number on me I'll say."
  27. Blade looked to the Gardevoir and gave a nod of understanding. "Sol?("I understand, I actually was like that once but I was able to control it thanks to my trainer JC...but yes I know I should because its all thanks to her that I am the way I am right now...she saved me and that I can't deny. Its important that I remain stronger so I can repay her for what she has done to me...she healed my pain back in the past and she has never broken my trust, not even once that's why I always rely on her when I need her most.." She paused shaking her head. "I can't take the credit her, you are very skilled as well Eclipse a very compatable opponent for me but its important that you learn to control that power you have especially if you become frustrated or excited, that can become very dangerous and you may end up hurting your allies by mistake. Trust me I have done it before and its not something you should be proud of..." Blade paused for the moment looking away but then looked to Eclipse again.

    "If you can just learn to control it better, I'm positive that your power will appear more smoothly and elegantly when unleashed and you won't have to worry about losing control of it. Just ask your friend Gardevior here to help you or if you prefer the same species as yourself then I don't mind showing you but its just an offer so you don't have to accept it right away" Blade said before looking to JC. "I'll let you think about it Eclipse, I must take my leave, I have to rest after that spar"
    Blade said giving a smile. "Thanks for accepting my spar Eclipse, lets train again sometime...friend" Blade said giving a smirk before turning head back to her trainer but didn't seem to notice the rose on her blade fell off while sparing.

    Ninji's POV

    She remained airborne as Ditti was running past the zombies with protect. She looked around again until the building was coming up close. "Ninjask!("There it is!?") She said before flying a bit ahead to the entrance of the door as her beat fast wings keep her in the air.-
  28. Rowan Tree

    Rowan Tree Previously ~Add~

    Elesis caught the sight of Ember. "Hey you, get down here.". In a flash, Flame is growling. Elesis sighed. "It's fine Flame." Elesis said, "Just sit back down now.". She looked at Ember. "Who do you belong to?" She growled. "Are you lost?"

    She stared at the shiny Flareon. "Go away, I got no time for you." She said tiredly. Flame growled angrily, "Flareon!!!" Flame shouted loyally, so he can protect Elesis, Flame was more than ready to use flamethrower. Empire, her ninetales, and Saber, her arcanine, came out of their pokeballs immediately. Empire growled at Ember. But Saber yelped. In that, Crimson Dark (AKA Crimson), her houndoom, leaped out of his pokeball and roared. Crimson stepped forward in front of Empire and Saber, and roared again, now more loudly, fiercely, and not to mention more angrily. Elesis jumped up, awoken, "Woah Crim! Calm down!". Crimson relaxed only 1%.
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  29. Willow Tree

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    Ditti rejoiced, twisting his head around to nudge Milo's head, signalling at the building in front of them. Milo smiled gently, "We're almost there buddy, just a little more..." he whispered quietly.

    "Klef! Klefki!" Kiki shrilled, delighted as he jingled his keys, "Klefki!"
  30. Eclipse smiled. "Sol, sol-sol." (I'll take you up on that.)

    Eve, who had been watching this entire clash, suddenly got up from her spot in the corner. She'd noticed a rose falling off Blade's horn, and rushed up to grab it.
    She grabbed it in her mouth incredibly delicately, and tapped the Absol with her paw.
    "Vee-vee." (You dropped this.)
  31. Ember's POV

    Ember moved her head in confusion as she sat down. "Flareon?("I'm not here to hurt you...I'm just looking for survivors...by my trainer's orders...") Ember said to her Pokemon as her body posture showed no threat of attacking them. Ember's ear flicked to another sound of movement as she stood her guard for the moment until the figure came out as it was Mask her trainer. She saw him look down to her before his eyes shifted to the girl that was a bit angry. Yami the shiny Yamask stood her guard as well next to Ember.

    Mask's POV

    He took out a notepad as he refused to speak as he wrote. "Please calm your Pokemon...we are not here to harm you but help you...I gave Ember here the order to help me look for survivors...you are one, aren't you..." he showed it to her to see by using Ember's lava lamp charm light for her to see the lettering.

    Blade's POV

    Blade gave a gentle smile to Eclipse before she had looked down to the Eevee holding her rose. "Sol!("oh my rose, it must have fallen off when I was sparring with Eclipse, thank you Eevee") she told with a gentle smile before she took it from her and made her way back to her trainer.

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  32. Rowan Tree

    Rowan Tree Previously ~Add~

    Elesis only got more angry, "You should've told me that sooner you-" she stopped herself midway as Flame started barking at Ember. She started ignoring Mask with a pout, "I'm a survivor alright, " she admitted, "but what can you do to possibly help me?"

    Flame started hissing, despite the fact his trainer had lowered her guard while Crimson started to yelp, already in a battle position. "No, go back." She ordered, holding out her pokeball to return the escaped pokemons. She turned to face Ember once again, "So?" She said with a sass.
  33. Mia was trying to be stealthy, seeing the pair of survivors. However, every few seconds, a stick or patch of leaves would loudly crack beneath her feet.
    Too busy looking down and trying not to make noise, she didn't realize she'd walked right into the pair's line of sight.
  34. Mask's POV

    He wrote in his notepad before showing it to her again. "-There is a place I know that is a safe zone from these Zombie's...I have a bad feeling that they might appear out of nowhere...so if you want go survive...then maybe think about my offer about...follow me to it...-" he said before seeing Mia in plain sight as he sighed as Yami floated around her to get her attention that she was seen. Ember on the other hand, became nervous about the other Flareon's hissing. "Flare! Flareon!("Please stop the hissing...your only going to attract the zombies to us by doing that!") She told the male Flareon but had to admit to herself that she was starting to become slightly annoyed.

    As Ember said this to the other Flareon, her ear flicked until a sound of groaning was heard. Ember suddenly had an anger mark on her head as she felt herself flame up inside of her. She shoved a Pecha berry inside the Flareon's mouth to stop him from hissing. "Flareon!("See what did I tell you!") Ember said annoyed as she sighed before getting battle ready as they all were surrounded by zombies.

    Mask pulled out his katana blade quickly once they were surrounded. He stood close to the girl and Mia as he began to cut down the zombies coming close. Ember used Fire spin to get some of them trapped then used Fire blast to burn them off. "Ember...use Fire spin again...stragety wise..." He said softly to only she can hear. Ember nodded before leaping up in the air. She first spun her body until a line of fire surrounded her before another Fire spin was unleashed trapping most of them again. "Fire blast..." He said softly to Ember. "Flare!" Ember said before using Fire blast at the Fire spin as the fire from the fire spin got a lot bigger when it collided. The move burned any zombies that stood in their path.-
  35. "Let me do this!" the girl whispered, pulling out her dagger. A vicious smile appeared on her face.
    A few zombies still remained, but if they were sentient, they would have wished they'd died to the Fire Blast. Mia set to work, slashing with no mercy. Her eyes were wild with fury.
    In a few moments, all of the remaining zombies were no more than mangled body parts on the ground. Confident that she'd killed them all, she sheathed her dagger.
  36. Willow Tree

    Willow Tree Previously Brightheart

    Ditti skidded to a stop as they arrived at the looming building above them, kneeling down so Milo could off. The moment the motion sick boy was relieved from their back, they've turned back into a Ditto. Milo sucked in a deep breath, feeling much better now that the world doesn't seems to be swirling all the time. He gave a good stretch to his back, feeling like that part needed it and most and turned back to his pokemons, "Ha, good job there buddy, I knew mom was wrong when she said I should be a horse racer," he joked, "but hey, it's good to have some experience." He said, high-fiving each of his pokemons, even giving Phoenix a pat on his pokeball.

    He looked up at the Ninjask, who was near the entrance of the building and walked over. Zombies seems to be attract towards them, but are coming at a painfully slow pace, he doesn't need to worry about them unless one of those high speed zombies come running at them.

    "So, what do we do now little guy?" He asked, "Is your trainer inside this building?" He tapped the door, "Or are they elsewhere?"
  37. Ninji looked to the male. "Ninjask!(Usually at this time of night he is out patrolling for other survivors, he will come back eventually so I am not worried)" Ninji said looking to the Ditto as she said this.-
  38. Willow Tree

    Willow Tree Previously Brightheart

    The Ditto swirled and shifted, once again turning into a book to translate the message, though the pages are now a bit roughed up and ripped but the words were clear and distinguishable. Milo quickly looked through the contents of the pages before returning Ditti, "You did great out there buddy, have a good rest." He praised, placing Ditti's pokeball right next to Phoenix's.

    Standing up and leaning against the tattered wall, Milo supervised the area a little, "So....do we wait, or do you want to go find them." He asked, looking at the Ninjask. He then realized something and face palmed himself, "Oh wait, stupid me, don't answer that, I wouldn't understand." He laughed, "Not to mention, you're probably tired too." He pointed out.
  39. Ninji's POV

    She flew over to the door before pressing a button that showed a three scan. She touches the green part with her arm hand until it scanned her. Once the system finished scanning her it spoke. "Ninji the Ninjask, Female, Mask's team member, you may enter," it said as the door opened. "Nin! Ninjask!" she told him as she gently pulled his shirt to come inside quickly as she went in first.
  40. Willow Tree

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    Milo jumped away from the door the moment it started to scan Ninji, a bit alarmed by the sudden vibration underneath him. He glanced in awe as a voice started talking, acknowledging Ninji's presence before opening the door, "Sweet! A high tech not-so-broken building!" He laughed, amused with the automatic machines he's seeing.

    The Ninjask once again started to tug at his shirt, but this time, he kept quiet and didn't complain as much. Instead, he signalled at Kiki, having him come over to rest on his shoulder as they walked past the door, "Wooooooooooow, I wonder what kind of people we'll see here little guy," he said, "as if the door they made wasn't cool enough already that is." He added, chuckling as Kiki jingled his keys in agreement.

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