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Private/Closed The Epidemic Virus

Discussion in 'Pokémon Role Play' started by LunarSilvally, Jul 31, 2019.

  1. Jacksoneternal

    Jacksoneternal Previously Breon

    Noah lowered himself by a few inches before stopping. "It's not that it's just disgusting how some people still think there's still a person inside of those things, the only thing human inside of those monsters are body parts and guts of other people they've eaten." Noah said angrily as he pulled out another pokeball and released an Aggron in the middle of the air which made him crash in middle of the horde killing a couple of zombies. "Argo use head smash." As Noah command Argo coated himself in a whitish-blue aura which he used to ram into the horde flinging and killing multiple zombies in his wake. "Why do people think that getting up close to them is a good idea, one day those thing are going to grab that birds leg and he's most likely screwed." Noah thought to himself as he looked at mask.
  2. Mask stopped momentarily as he back up quite a bit before he spoke to Noah. "What you are saying is true...these things are no longer humans anymore...they are creatures that feed on human flesh...its hard to accept it but its the truth...whether we like it or not..." He said as his blade dripped blood as he flicked it to get it off.

    "A friend of mine knows this already because she had to slay two important people closest to her...it pained her greatly as her anger got the best of her...but if I wasn't with her to stop her...then she would have gone completely insane over it..." Mask explained as he made his way back to Takani gently patting his neck before he got on his back. "We should continue forward...we waisted enough time here..." He finished.

    Ninji finally made her way down the hall to an exit door. She looked to the boy before tapping on the doors handle as if trying to tell him to open it since she didn't know how. "Nin? Ninjask?" She said as her beating fast wings kept her airborne again.

    @Willow Tree
  3. The pair followed, with Mia occasionally taking out her bow and taking out any zombies below. She was a rather impressive shot, even in the air.
    Gone was her cutesy demeanor, replaced with complete seriousness. She was completely silent - she obviously was beginning to feel slightly guilty for her screaming earlier.
    Allie was also silent, not wanting to disturb anyone. The two people were clearly in a conversation and she didn't want to intrude.
    Hearing a command to keep up, Allie obliged gratefully. "Aero, forward."
    The Pokemon launched forward with speed, more than fast enough to keep up.
  4. Mr. Machiavellian

    Mr. Machiavellian Previously riskyie

    “No way, you’re not forcing me, it’s my choice,” Axel reassured JC, and looked behind him at the two girls. His voice was lowered in a whisper as he spoke his opinion. “I guess it’s just me. Maybe it’s just first impressions that are getting to me though, because I barely know them, I tend to judge people a lot based on first impressions,” Axel sighed, before he flew sightly ahead of everyone else. “Hey guys! Could we all just speed up, I kind of want to get there sooner!” Axel yelled and rolled his eyes.
  5. She gave a chuckle as Gem sped up her speed. "Axel do you even know where you are going? I am the only one that knows the way so cool your impatience..." She sighed as Gem flew just in front of the Noivern. "Also, I'm not the type of person to judge others so quickly as that's just the kind of person I am" she told him from behind. "But at least try and get to know them first and then decide if they are worth to be judged by you" she advised before picking up the pace as Gem flew a bit further out. "We are almost there so hold on a bit longer" she said.-
  6. Jacksoneternal

    Jacksoneternal Previously Breon

    Noah glanced at mask before returning Argo into his pokeball as Argo was flinging zombies left and right before disappearing into the ball. "Don't think you'll get any sympathy from me, we all had to do something we're not proud of to survive." Noah said as he began following mask again. "............Are we there yet?" Noah says as a couple of minutes have passed alright.
  7. Mask glanced to him. "Be patient, we'll be there soon..." He answered him as he was mostly looking for JC down below as only she knew where the secret place was to keep them safe. "We have to find her first because she only knows the way to its exact location..." He added as Takani picked up his flight speed.
  8. Willow Tree

    Willow Tree Previously Brightheart

    Milo got off his ditto and walked over to the Ninjask, "What's this? You want me to go in?" He asked the Ninjask, who made some little noises and started to tap the handle of the door. "Oh I see, you can't open it yourself! Silly me." He laughed as he opened the door, which got stuck for a little while before he yanked it forcefully open, "All that rust is wearing on this door." He grumbled in as he swapped away clouds of dust that got onto his suit, "Alright, you can lead the way again little guy."
  9. Ninji nodded before she flew inside until she saw a sort of light what it looked to be an exit to out of the building. She gently went behind him before she latched onto his shirt gently lifting him up a bit towards the exit as she saw the floor had collapsed a bit so carried him for his own safety. She gently placed him down on the other side before she pointed to the floor with a huge hole in it. "Nin! Ninjask!" She said as she flew over to his Pokemon on the other side to help grab the smaller Pokemon to fly over.-
  10. Willow Tree

    Willow Tree Previously Brightheart

    "Oh dear, slowly!" Milo pleaded as the Ninjask latched on his shirt and carried him towards the exit, going back just to do the same to Ditti. He examine the hole that Ninji showed him, not knowing what to do now except watch the gaping darkness underneath, "I don't understand, what do you want me to do now little guy?" He asked, "Go down there? Is your trainer trapped or something?" He gazed at the Ninjask with visible confusion.
  11. Ninji flew back to the male as she nodded no before pointing to the Pokemon across from them and then pointed back at the spot they were standing on. "Ninjask! Nin!" Ninji said as she flew back to the Pokemon before carrying one in her leg arms before placing it down next to him.-
  12. Willow Tree

    Willow Tree Previously Brightheart

    Milo just gawked at the Ninjask, unsure about what he was supposed to do, "If you didn't notice already," he said, "I don't speak pokemon."

    Kiki levitated around him, making little jingling sounds, as if to tell him the same thing but Milo remains oblivious to their languages, "You want me to...stay in one place?" He guessed.
  13. Ninji didn't know what to do to help him understand her as she tried to point at the Pokemon again with her leg hand. "Ninjask!" Ninji said as she saw a ladder catch her eyes. She flew over before slowly putting it down as she made some sort of bridge for the Pokemon on the other side. "Nin!" Ninji said as she pointed at the ladder then at the Pokemon on the other side. She demonstrated by landing on the ladder and began to walk on it back towards him again. She went airborne again looking to the male.-
  14. Mr. Machiavellian

    Mr. Machiavellian Previously riskyie

    “Oh, whatever. Lead the way,” Axel grumbled, slowing down Umbra to allow Gem to speed up ahead, before allowing Umbra to follow Gem to their destination, occasionally peeking back at Mia and Allie to see if they were keeping up fine, and they were. Axel was a bit impatient along the way, of course, but he was mostly silent when he looked at the ground to see a few higher-staged zombies, the highest being a stage four that made him thankful they weren’t on foot going to this building. “How much longer?” Axel groaned, as impatience got the better of him, and he narrowed his eyes.
  15. She sighed giving a chuckle. "Patience Axel, I have to find someone first and then we will head there" she told him as she looked around for the moment. She then spotted a familiar mask on an Unfezant. "Mask!"she called put as Gem picked up the speed to catch up to the Unfezant Takani and Mask.

    "JC...finally caught up with you..." He answered looking behind him to make sure that male was still with them. "Good...now we can head to the hideout I built, no slacking so lets go!" She said as she patted Gem's neck as she gave before her speed picked up quickly.-
  16. Willow Tree

    Willow Tree Previously Brightheart

    Realization dawned on Milo as he watch the Ninjask act out her point, using the ladder as her side tool, "Perhaps...you want me to get Ditti across? That I can do." He assured the Ninjask, then turned to his ditto, who is still a charizard, "Ditti! Come here buddy!" He called, flapping noises can be heard as Ditti; now in shape of a beedrill, fluttered over.

    He let Ditti rest on his shoulder along with Kiki as he turned his attention towards the Ninjask, "There, is that what you wanted?"
  17. Jacksoneternal

    Jacksoneternal Previously Breon

    Noah picked up the pace as Sozin picked up the pace with her psychic powers to keep up with the person on the flygon before looking at mask. "So this is the person you were talking about, the only person that knows the secret hideouts." Noah looked skeptical as he is looking at the other survivors.
  18. Mask looked to him. "Yes that's her, she is very reliable trust me...she knows her way of battling these things as well...and she is very talented on info...about these creatures... And besides...she built...it herself...with a bit of help of course..." he told him as Takani sped up his pace to keep up with Gem.

    She led the others to a certain building that hide between two other buildings. She patted Gem's neck to land before she got off her. She made her way to the door which has two scans to open it along with a code. "Blue, come her please" she said looking to the shiny Umbreon. "Umbre!("I'm coming") Blue said as she leaped off Ben's back to the door. "We are here guys so let me and Blue open this door and then you can quickly come inside and don't worry, its big enough to fit even the biggest Pokemon except Onyx and Steelix" she advised before she raised her hand up to touch the scan, while Blue lifted her paw up to touch the other one.

    It began to scan JC's hand and Blue's paw then switch to the code option. She placed the code in as Blue did the same with her. The door seemed to speak suddenly like it was implanted as in this case, it was. "Scan complete!" It said before the door finally opened.

    "Alright guys, hurry inside before they come" she told them before she headed inside herself as Blue and Gem followed inside.-
  19. Mr. Machiavellian

    Mr. Machiavellian Previously riskyie

    Axel followed JC and everyone else inside the hideout, and judging by the scanning door, he knew that this was surely a nice place. “Since after the apocalypse there isn’t power, do you have a generator or something tucked away in here?” He asked, leaning against the wall with his arms crossed, looking between Mask, JC, and Noah. “Or did you “bibbity bobbity boo” and make the lights turn on?” Axel sniggered, giving an amused smile.
  20. She looked to Axel before giving a chuckle. "I built a power source for this hideout with the help of some electric type Pokemon, I'll have to show you to see what I mean," she said as she made her way to the high tech laptop that had multiple screens in every angle of the building. She opened a lid, as inside was a high tech power source that was shaped in a cylinder. "I built this power source to give it power Axel, does that answer your question?" she asked looking to him as she leaned against the table where the laptop rested. "Since you guys are new here, I'll explain where everything is, the baths are upstairs if you want to wash up which are in the bedrooms that are certainly there. Don't worry there are enough rooms for male and female since us female need more privacy then the males do. The living room is right over there along with the kitchen just next to it just in case you get hungry. Over here inside these side doors, is a large enclosed dome with a lot of vegetation but also an area where your Pokemon can roam freely to play if they want. Just downstairs is the training room where you and your partner or team members can train for as long as your able to as there are different obstacles you can do to challenge yourself and her partner in either strength or endurance even weapon training. I can demonstrate later if you guys are interested." she paused to catch her breath before continuing.

    "I am mostly in that room so if you ever need anything and need to find me then just go downstairs and I'll be there," she said as she finished explaining. "Well anyway I believe you guys are exhausted from this long day so if you guys want to wash up and hit the bed then go ahead, I have to put this place on zombie mode," she said making her way to the tablet that was on her desk. "Wait JC," Mask interrupted. "Yes, what is it Mask?" she asked him. "Ninji is still out there looking for survivors, can we wait until she returns before putting the system on zombie mode..." he asked her. "Alright fine I'll just but it on the pre-zombie setting..." she said before putting the system on pre-zombie mode. "System now in pre-zombie mode, allow humans in, exterminate the zombies," it said as the lights on the door changed light blue.

    Ninji looked to the male and nodded. "Ninjask!" she said before leading out of the exit. She made it to where they were out of the building before she gently grabbed his shoulders as she lifted him up. "Nin! Ninjask!" she said as if trying to tell him to hold on. She looked at the Klefki as she put her head through the hole of it to help carry it. She flew up slowly to not startle him as she knew where to go to keep this male safe.

    @Willow Tree
  21. Willow Tree

    Willow Tree Previously Brightheart

    "Oh dear, here we go again..." Milo sucked in a heavy breath as he held on for dear life, though he trusted this intelligent creature to not drop him but it wouldn't hurt to be extra careful.

    Kiki seems to have no problem with this, as he could already fly. He jingle his keys haughtily, as if to mock Milo for his fear of being dropped. "Damn you little flying key chain," he shot Kiki a disdainful look, "let's see how you'll like it if you can't fly." He stuck his tongue at the little white pokemon, then ignored it when it seemed to complained.

    "So...Ninji was it?" He piped from underneath the Ninjask, swirling his attention away from his fuming partner, "Anyway perhaps can you tell me how many survivor we have? Or you can tell Ditti and they'll translate it for me." He sighed, "Or you can pay no mind about what I just said if you can't do neither." He added.
  22. Mr. Machiavellian

    Mr. Machiavellian Previously riskyie

    “Hey, that’s a little sexist, we men also need privacy,” Axel grumbled and leaned against the table as he was watching JC work on her laptop, putting the area in pre-zombie mode. “You couldn’t of made all this stuff in the time that the apocalypse has been active, so are you some sort of witch and predicted that this would happen? Or are you some scientist, because barely any civilians know how to use electronics and coding that well?” Axel asked a few quick questions, glancing around the building, silently regretting the witch part. He didn’t want to be disrespectful, as JC was kind to him. He planned to take a warm bath afterwards, because it had been an eventful day and because he was slightly stressed from going to a loner to being around many other people.
  23. The girls returned their respective Pokemon, praising them substantially. Both clipped their Pokeballs back on their belts, before finally relaxing slightly.
    Allie looked around, mildly impressed. She sat down on the ground, leaning against the wall.
    "Nice. Much better than the pile of rubble Mia and I have camped in for the past year or so." She paused, before sitting up.
    "Anything that needs to be done, feel free to ask me. I've developed a knack for adaptation over the past two years."
    Mia stood tall, her expression devoid of emotion. It was clear she was feeling embarrassed for her actions earlier, and felt determined to help.
    Her voice surprisingly strong, she spoke. "Me as well. I'm willing to do anything."
    Allie glanced at Mia in surprise. This was a rare side of Mia, and a welcomed one as well.
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  24. She laughed to what Axel had said. "My goodness no Axel, no one was prepared for this not even me and remember I did say that I had a bit of help with this" she answered looking to Mask. "Mask here was the one who help me built this and I didn't predict this would happen either and no I am not a witch Axel, I'm just pure human" she added as she thought about her brother for the moment who was now missing. "I learned the coding and building from my older brother Shadow who is missing...at the moment...I don't know if he is alive or dead...so thanks to him I was able to set up the system the way I wanted to" she said voice softing a bit.

    "But anyway my apologizes Axel, I know men need privacy too but us female need it more is what I am saying" she corrected. "Anyway enough about me, how about you guys introduce yourselves so I know who you guys are" she asked. "Well I'll introduce my friend here" she said referring to Mask. "This guy here is Mask, one of my closest friends, he rarely talks so don't except him to not answer a question you give him and he rarely takes his mask so don't ask why he wears it unless he wants to tell you" she said.

    "If the others that don't know me, I'm JC and this shiny Umbreon standing here is Blue my partner and this Flygon here is Gem one of my team members" she introduced. "Umbre!" Blue said as she leaped up on the counter to sit. "Flygon!" Gem said as she waved to the others and one of the girls Flygon.

    Ninji looked to the ditto. "(Yes there are other survivors, my trainer and his friend. We are heading there now") she told the ditto before nodding to at least tell his trainer.

    @Willow Tree
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  25. Mr. Machiavellian

    Mr. Machiavellian Previously riskyie

    Axel stood up straight, standing a bit taller than everyone else in the room. “You probably already know this, but I’m Axel. Axel Knight, a pleasure to meet you all,” Axel grumbled, giving a rude shrug. “I already know most of your guys’ names, so I’ll be downstairs in that training room if you need me,” Axel said, before taking the stairs down to the said training room, and was quite impressed with the obstacle course, and overall place.

    After, a few minutes of looking around, Axel thought to himself. ‘All this stuff makes the apocalypse so easy.. it’s not necessarily interesting without a challenge, but I guess I can’t complain,’ Axel thought, and let out two of his Pokemon to train. “Spark, Mirage, go!” He threw the said Pokeballs into the air, and who materialized was a Luxray and a Chandelure. “Long time no see, guys, let’s get to training. If you’re wondering where we are, its a story I’ll tell later,” Axel pet Spark on the head and looked at Mirage, and backed up so he was in the middle of them, but not in a place where he’d get hit by a move.

    After a few minutes of preparing, the battle training started. “Mirage! Let’s start this out with something that will get us moving, Flame Charge!” Mirage masked itself in fire, speeding at Spark, who leaped out of the way, and Mirage had its back turned on Spark for a few seconds. “Spark! Thunder Fang!” Spark sprinted at the Chandelure with Thunder Fang readied, who quickly hovered up. “Mirage, Smog!” Releasing a big cloud of poisonous gas, it poisoned Spark. “Now, Hex!” Mirage charged at Spark, and inflicted massive damage due to his status condition. “Now, Spark, use Thunder and then Crunch!” Spark released electricity recklessly, hitting Mirage and even Axel a bit, who simply winced. Afterwards, Spark jumped at Mirage and chomped him. “Good job you two!” Axel grinned, and clapped his hands. Putting his hand over the shocked area on his arm, he figured he’d just ask JC for the minor burn.

    Soon after Axel gave a compliment, Mirage created a ball of grassy energy (energy ball) and slammed it down on Spark, who quickly attacked back with yet another Crunch. Looking around, Axel sat down and watched as Mirage and Spark battled each other. They half a first and second half of training, one where Axel would tell them what to do and one where they would use moves and dodge on their own just incase something happens to them and they don’t need Axel to help them. Giving a rare smile, he leaned against the wall and exhaled.
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  26. She watched Axel go downstairs as she gave a chuckle. "I'll actually be in the training room as well, can't slack off now can I? Feel free to rest anytime you like" she told them as she went downstairs herself. She saw Axel leaning against the wall watching his Pokemon train. "They seem to be enjoying himself huh but its important that we stay in the best of shape as well you know" she told him as she made her way to an area that was empty. She took off her hooded cape to reveal her ninja like clothing she was wearing then slowly her mask revealing herself to him.

    Her long dark brown hair that was pulled up in a ponytail was revealed along with her bang that rested on her right eye which was slightly blind. "Don't tell anyone that I revealed myself to you" she said to Axel as her light blue eyes shifted to look at him. "I'll demonstrate to show you what I mean, come here Blue" she said looking to the shiny Umbreon. "Umbre!" Blue nodded before she felt a blindfold cover her eyes. She pulled out her katana before gently stabbing it in the ground before covering her eyes as well. She pressed a blue button as three holes opened. JC and Blue remained patience until they heard it. In a quick movement JC grabbed her katana from the ground and sliced down the ball in half. Blue's ears caught the sound as she quickly used Shadow ball destroying the training ball. This continued for a bit before she pressed the button to shut it down.

    She removed her blindfold along with Blue's as she looked to Axel. "See just like that, its important that your body doesn't give out on you when you are fighting zombies" she said resting her blade on her shoulder. "Actually, let me test your strength, mind sparring with me Axel" she asked throwing a wooden sword at him as she grabbed one herself after she put her katana away in the sheath before leaning it against the wall along with her bow and arrows. "Unless your scared" she smirked teasing a bit.-
  27. Allie opted to introduce herself. "Allison Silverstone. Call me Allie though, only my sister calls - er, called - me by my real name." She was visibly dampened by the loss of her sister. "We were separated at the beginning of the epidemic. I don't know where she is, if she's alive or dead... if she's one of them..." Her voice trailed off, before her face hardened.
    "But I can't think about that now. I need to be in top shape, and I can't let my emotions get in the way. If you'll excuse me, I'm going to take a look around." Without another word, she pivoted on her heel and went downstairs.

    Mia looked slightly confused, but instantaneously snapped back into form.
    "Mia Mallux," she said absentmindedly. She didn't really want to talk to anyone, she could hardly bear to show her face.
    She simply couldn't control her drastic changes in personality. This tended to get her in trouble, something that she was rather bitter about.

    Allie emerged from the stairwell to find a training room, along with Axel and two of his Pokemon. She gave a half-hearted wave, still slightly upset from earlier.
    She shook it off, and began looking around. After a minute or two, she unclipped two of her Pokeballs.
    "Zelda and Eclipse, time to train."
    The Gardevoir and Absol appeared in a burst of white light. Zelda was accompanied by the signature sparkles of a Shiny Pokemon. The pair looked around, tensed, but relaxed fairly quickly.
    "Okay, we're going to do some training. That okay with both of you?" she asked, which was quickly followed by a pair of nods.
    Zelda's telepathic voice rang out in her head. "What are we focusing on today?"
    "Strategy, rather than brute force," Allie replied out loud.
    The pair nodded, and took opposing places. Allie stood to the side, due to the fact that these were her strongest Pokemon.
    "Eclipse, Shadow Ball. Zelda, Icy Wind."
    Eclipse prepared an orb of shadowy energy, and flung it at Zelda with incredible speed. Zelda was quick to counter with Icy Wind, which blew the orb right back to its sender. Eclipse was hit by the Shadow Ball, and winced slightly.
    "Eclipse, Night Slash while circling Zelda with Quick Attack. Zelda, counter with Grass Knot to lock Eclipse in place."
    Again with speed, the Disaster Pokemon began circling Zelda while using Quick Attack to the point where it was simply a white blur. Zelda used her psychic abilities to determine where Eclipse was, and summoned tangles of grass from the floor to catch Eclipse's feet without harming the Absol.
    "Eclipse, get rid of the Grass Knot with Will-O-Wisp and then use Play Rough. Zelda, use Shadow Sneak to get out of Eclipse's way."
    Eclipse summoned multiple blue flames in the air and brought them near the vines, burning them away. Glowing with a pale pink light, Eclipse then launched forward to attack Zelda.
    The Emotion Pokemon was ready, and sank into the ground in a shadowy fog. She then emerged about five feet away.
    "Nice job, you two! Do as you like," Allie cheered.
    The pair of Pokemon began training on their own, communicating in their own language. They began coming up with combo moves, such as Psyshock with Dark Pulse (creating a beam with psychic orbs floating around it) and Thunder Wave with Foul Play (Zelda creating electric energy around Eclipse while it charged forward, which would paralyze any enemy the Disaster Pokemon hit). Allie watched proudly, as these were tactics they'd been practicing together for a while now, and they were now capable of doing them on their own.
  28. Jacksoneternal

    Jacksoneternal Previously Breon

    Noah slouched before scratching the back of his head. "You can all just call me Noah."
    Noah began walking up the stairs. "I'm going to go take a nap if any of you try to wake me up just make sure you're not in my range of my bat." After a few minutes of looking around he finally found the bedrooms and laid down on the nearest bed before pulling out one of these perks ball releasing a froslass. "Yuki make sure no one tries to do anything to me while I'm asleep, and if they do you have my permission to freeze them." Yuki nodded before phasing through the floor underneath Noah and as Yuki disappeared into the floor, Noah finally went to sleep with his bat right next to him.
  29. Willow Tree

    Willow Tree Previously Brightheart

    The Ditto listened intently to what the Ninjask had to say, giving it a nod back to signal that they got it all down. The ditto then transformed into a book, words written clearly on the white pages, copying word by word on what the Ninjask had just said to them. Milo scanned the pages quickly, looking quite pleased with what he's seeing, "Sweet, there's more out there." He snapped the book close, who turned back into a Ditto, "Can't wait to meet them."
  30. Ninji nodded before she picked up her pace. She remembered the location where the others were at as she raised him higher holding him tightly with her claw legs. Ninji stoppes in mid air once she saw something gleaming on the ground. She placed the male down before flying over to it seeing it was a black cross. She knew who's cross this was as she gently lifted it up and put it on her neck behind the Klifki.
    She went to pick up the boy again holding him right before she flew off again to the secret base.
  31. Mr. Machiavellian

    Mr. Machiavellian Previously riskyie

    “Oh, of course I won’t tell anyone,” Axel shrugged, and looked at JC in the eye. “I’m not one to break promises, but why do you hide your identity like that? I think you’re pretty, to be honest,” He said, grabbing the sword from JC’s hand. “Of course, I’m never one to forget about my physical training, I’m much better at fighting, shooting, all that than you think,” Axel grinned, taking off his sweater so he didn’t get sweaty. Gripping the sword, Axel kept alert just incase JC made any moves with the wooden sword to strike him.
  32. She gave a chuckle. "Thank you, that's the first someone said that to me but I have my reasons for wears the mask" she said as she pressed a button on her belt as a round protective barrier surrounded them both. "This barrier here is for our safety, if you touch it you will get bounced back a bit if I tend to overdue it and sometimes I do. This will also prevent us from getting hurt badly if we manage to push each other back far." She advised as she fixed her bandages that was around her wrists before getting into her battling stance. "Prepare yourself because I won't go easy on you, my training is intense" she warned but before she could start Blue spoke to her for the moment. "Umbre!("JC can you release Blade, I want to train with her") Blue asked her. "Oh of course Blue" she said as she threw out Blade's Pokeball as an Absol appeared out it with a rose on its blade at the side of its head. "Sol!" Blade said. "Blade, Blue wants to train with you dear" she told the Absol. "Sol!("alright JC, Blue lets go") Blade said as they both went to an empty spot and started to train.

    She looked back to Axel getting into her battle stance again. "Don't hesitate" she said as she removed her shirt to reveal a tank top before in a swift movement she collided her wooden sword with his pushing him back a bit. "Don't hold back because I'm a female, show me your strength!" She said stern as her light blue eyes made contact with his in a stern way.

    Mask watched the computer monitors for Ninji. He was waiting for her return with any survivors. Yami floated just next to him as her gold eyes watched the monitors as well. "Ya!"she said.-
  33. Willow Tree

    Willow Tree Previously Brightheart

    Milo nearly paled as they went up higher, squeezing his Ditto who turned into a stress ball so they don't get squashed, "Is it really necessary to go this high?" He bleeped from underneath the Ninjask as his grip got harder. The breath he was holding in soon was released in a relief sigh as they landed somewhere seemingly empty besides a gleaming black cross that caught the Ninjask's attention. Milo waited patiently nearby while Ninji equipped the cross, placing it behind Kiki. The little Klefki also took some interest in it, though not interested enough to steal the cross, instead, he hooked on to the beautiful material and latched on just incase it falls of Ninji's neck.

    As they went off again, Milo couldn't help but wonder why the cross was so important for the Ninjask to stop midway just to retrieve it, perhaps it belonged to her owner?
  34. Shadow
    He panted heavily as he held his bloody Scythe in his hand from cutting down the zombies in his way. Sparkx this partner, a Jolteon and Serabis the Houndoom follow close behind. The girls were more concerned about his bad injury from one of the zombie's claws that he was fighting off. It did a number on his shoulder as he was leaving a big bloody trail. This was a problem because blood attracts zombies. He had to find a place to rest where an area was blocked off to prevent them from entering. He kept looking around until he found an abandoned building that seemed very cut off. He made his way inside quickly until he finally sat down on the ground before pulling off his hood and then his shirt until a tank was revealed and this injury. Blood was leaking out really bad as he had to do something. "I have to wrap it for now...I need some help..." he told himself as he quickly wrapped it with some bandage before he pulled out Talon's Pokeball. A Braviary appeared out with a screech. "Talon...go find help...I can't fix this by myself..." he told him as he placed his Scythe against the wall still with a lot of blood on it. "Brave!" he said before flying out the building. Sparkx remained behind him as Serabis went into the protective mood as she stood in front of him guarding the door.

    Talon flew in the air looking for someone to at least help his trainer that was in not the best of shape. He seemed to have landed for the moment to see if he could spot any survivors that are willing to help his trainer. Ninji continued her way to the secret while holding the male as she was getting a bit tired. She looked around for a place to sleep for the night as she placed him down. She looked to the Ditto. "-I am getting tired I'm afraid, you are going to have to walk from here but we must be cautious at night-" Ninji said as her beat fast wings kept her airborne.

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  35. Willow Tree

    Willow Tree Previously Brightheart

    Ditto nodded at Ninji's words, turning back into a book to communicate the message back to his trainer. Milo flinched from the sudden transformation, but said nothing more as he read the content. He faked a offended look as he playfully swatted the Ninjask's side, "I'm not that heavy," he laughed, looking more relief that he gets to walk now instead of fly, "but yeah, let's walk...please." he stressed that word as he'd love nothing more than to have the sturdy feeling of standing on hard ground again, "Perhaps if you're really tired, it'll be my turn to carry you, that is, if your trainer won't misunderstood me as trying to steal you." He joked, scanning the ground for any zombies just in case, "Or maybe you want Ditti to carry us?" He looked up at the Ninjask for an answer.
  36. Ninji nodded as she grasped on his shoulder before having her wings stop, resting them. "Nin? Ninjask?" She said pointing in the direction of the forest. "-Just go into the forest, once we exit from there, I'll use my wings again to lead the rest of the way to the base hopefully before dark-" she said looking to the Ditto as she said this.-
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    Mr. Machiavellian Previously riskyie

    Genevieve’s POV

    “Finally, this piece of junk started up!” Genevieve pumped her fist into the air and mounted the motorcycle, quickly on the road, looking out for any zombies. She didn’t feel too good about her current transportation, because she didn’t even have a helmet on while she was driving the loud motorcycle. On the way there, she saw a peculiar puddle, no, trail of blood that had zombies swarming it. ‘If they are swarming it, it must be recent? Oh, I hope that person is okay,’ She frowned, carelessly driving by the zombies. Even though the bike was junky, it still out sped the zombies.

    Taking a left turn, Genevieve drove through the city, spotting another peculiar sight. A Braviary. ‘Hm. Usually Pokemon aren’t out, especially if they’re wild. Maybe the blood trail and this Braviary have to do something with each other, possibly?’ She pondered, stopping the motorcycle before it attracted anymore zombies. They were already around the area because of her noisy entrance. Waving her hands noiselessly and hoped the bird noticed, she got off her temporary transportation and tiptoed to a building that was across from a closed-off one. ‘I hope it saw me. Maybe it can help me out?’ Genevieve thought, pulling her hood up.

    Axel’s POV

    Not heavily effected by blade, but still backing up a step, Axel shrugged. “If you say so. Let’s start this thing for real, now, ladies first,” He chuckled, lowering himself and shielded his chest with the sword and his arms, while pointing the blade at JC to protect himself. Axel was also pretty fast, so avoiding an attack wasn’t a problem. He’d probably still get struck every once and awhile, though. Axel stepped forward and jabbed JC in the side, and winking at her as if she should expect surprise attacks from him.

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  38. JC's Pov

    She gave smirk before using the wooden sword to knock his blade. "Quite a gentlemen you are for someone that looks cold hearted" she said but seemed to notice that he was a surprise attacker and believe it or not, she was as well. She sparred again forcing him to stop her hit with the wooden sword that he was using to protect his chest. In a quick moment she used her wooden sword to knock his sword away from his chest. She pointed the blade part at his chest. "Your left wide open Axel, what are you going to do now?" She asked giving a teasing wink as she put a space between him and herself so he won't surprise attack her.

    Shadow's POV

    Talon saw a wave of hands from something as he turned his bird head to look. He saw a person wearing a hood as he quickly flew off in the air towards the person. He screeched to get the person's attention before he landed in front of the person to stop the person from walking. "Brave! Braviary!" He said eyes filled with worry about something.-
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    Axel’s POV

    “Thanks for the compliment,” Axel said, and narrowed his ice blue eyes. “It’s not like it’s that hard to do this,” Axel snickered and quickly knocked her blade away, and pointed his blade at her neck. “You were also left wide open, if this was a real sword fight then this would not be good news,” Axel said, shrugging. “If I were stabbed in the chest, still not good news, but better then getting my throat slit,” He remarked, and looked at the battlefield he Pokemon were on, both of them fainted. Standing up, he pointed over to them. “Sorry that I can’t keep sparring, but my Pokemon are.. yeah,” Axel said while he pulled his sweater back on. “Mirage, Spark, return!” He said, holding out their Pokeballs as they shifted into red light and were pulled back in. “I’ll be asleep if you need me!” Axel gave a grin to JC, walking up the steps.

    Genevieve’s POV

    Crouching down in front of the Braviary, she held her hand out. “Hey, what’s wrong?” She said, her voice hushed into a whisper as she awaited his response. “If someone is hurt,” Genevieve frowned, remembering the blood trail. “then just don’t say a word and take me there.” As Genevieve said that, she spotted the blood trail head into the cut-off building across the street, and without thinking, ran and slid under one of the boards, looking rapidly around the room. “Is anyone in here?” Her voice wasn’t quite yelling, but it was loud enough for the quiet room to hear. Hoping for a response, she lightly chewed on her nail.
  40. JC POV

    She chuckled giving a sigh. "I was open huh well it can't be helped" she said to herself before picking up her blade as she took it out before sparring with it on her own. She had so much on her mind so decided training on her own would help. All she could think about was her brother Shadow being missing. She hoped he was alright. She shifted her eyes to look at Blue and Blade training with each other as She just gave a smile.

    Shadow's POV

    Talon ran in after the girl before he tugged her sleeve to follow him. He made his way to Shadow that was badly hurt from his shoulder. Serabis growled in warning as she sensed another person as she remained standing in front of Shadow to prevent others from getting closer. "Its alright Serabis...its just help..." He told the Houndoom as her growling softened before it stopped completely. He was a bit lightheaded to even speak so Sparkx walked up to the girl in the distance. "Jolteon!" She said eyes with worry helping her lead to her partner who rested against the wall holding his shoulder injury.-

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