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Private/Closed The Epidemic Virus Discussion

Discussion in 'Pokémon Role Play Discussion' started by LunarSilvally, Jul 30, 2019.

  1. Hey, dears ^-^ this is the second part of "The Beginning of the Epidemic Virus discussion. Since the first one I made had died out this is the second part. As I explained in the previous roleplay, this is a zombie Apocalypse rp. It's been 2 years since the Epidemic virus started, many lives were lost. Some had to be cut down by loved ones before they could turn or became one themselves. 4 of the regions are already zombie zones, Kanto, Hoenn, Johto, and Unova. Only Kalos and Alola remain the safe zones for the people that have survived. These were quarantine zones to prevent the virus from spreading to those regions. Scientists had only discovered that there were 5 stages the zombie can become, or so they thought. Upon further investigating a test subject, they discovered that there was one more stage they could go into, stage 6. No one knows how this stage 6 can be actually killed but know that this stage is very dangerous to encounter.

    Rules as follows:

    ~Shinies allowed~(but not a full team of them like one or two is fine)
    ~Crushes allowed(but keep it pg)
    ~Gore I allow(but not a bloodbath)
    ~No Legendaries(Must have permission from an admin as this includes Mega evolution)
    ~No autoing/bunnying please!~
    ~Can have up to 4 chars~
    ~No double posting~
    ~Don't force any ones char to do what you want to do just let them play their char the way they want to~
    ~Must be a paragraph long
    ~Must be written in third person as there is no "I" in roleplay and past tense. Those are the rules and you MUST follow them.
    If the rules can't be followed I will contact the administrator without issue and have her/him lock this down. Other than that enjoy this rp ^-^.

    Roleplay Thread

    Age: (18-25)
    Family member(s) lost:
    Secondary weapon:
    Crush: (Optional)

    Stage 1: Just a normal zombie that can easily be killed with a headshot
    Stage 2: They are a bit more stronger and slightly fast that can easily be killed by hitting the head and chest at the same time
    Stage 3: They are the speedy type that is able to run and are stronger and are slightly more difficult to escape if they grab you as they can only be killed by a bomb explosive
    Stage 4: They are the toughest ones as they are able to climb walls as their speed is off the top including their strength as they can only be killed when all of their limps are cut off including the head
    Stage 5: One of the most powerful ones and difficult to kill, they wear chains around them with a huge iron hammer to instantly smash any nonzombie human. They can only be killed on the inside if you're lucky to open its mouth
    Stage 6: A new stage that was discovered, no one knows how to kill it but it surpasses all the stages

    Name: JC
    Gender: Female
    Age: 23
    Appearance: She is a light-skinned young lady with a well feminine but light. She has dark brown hair that is pulled up in a ponytail with a bang covering her right eye. She has light blue eyes with her right eye slightly blind which her bang covers. She wears glasses upon her face. She wears ninja-like black clothing with bandages on her wrists and ankles. She wears a silver and black cross around her neck with a gold and black rubric cube attached to her belt. She is 5'4 in height
    Personality: Quite distant, Brave, Strongwilled, Thinks before she acts, Slightly stubborn, Stern,Strategist, Gentle
    Sexuality: Straight
    Partner: Blue(F)(Shiny Umbreon)
    Pokemon: Blue(F)(Shiny Umbreon), Delta(F)(Primarina), Wolfa(F)(Dusk Lycanroc), Gem(F)(Flygon), Blade(F)(Absol), Meadow(F)(Sawsbuck)(Springform),
    Family member(s) lost: Mother and Father(Had to end their life by force), Brother(Missing)
    Weapon: Katana
    Secondary weapon: Bow and arrow
    Crush: N/A(At the moment)
    Other: She wears a black hooded cape and white wolf blue streaked mask to hide her appearance. She has severe asthma and a medical condition, Tuberculosis, Able to understand Pokemon along with feeling and pain


    Name: Mask
    Gender: Male
    Age: 24
    Appearance: He is a light-skinned young male that stands at 5''8 in height. He has a well masculine build. He has sky blue eyes with silver hair along with red tips on his long bang as the back of his hair is a bit long with silver tips. He mostly wears ninja-like clothing with a blueish-gray scarf around his neck with two gold rings on his wrist. His left eye has a long scar going across it as it is a bit viable under his mask that he wears. His mask is colored a blueish-gray color that is outlined in silver. He has three Kanai knives tattooed on his back, one big, two small outlined in gold.
    Personality: Slightly distance, Not very talkative, Takes time to warm up to others, Gentle
    Sexuality: Straight
    Partner: Yami(F)(Yamask)(shiny)(Holds everstone)
    Pokemon: Ninji(F)(Ninjask), Takani(M)(Unfezant), Ember(F)(Flareon)(Shiny), Shield(F)(Aegislash), Phantom(M)(Decidueye)
    Family member(s) lost: None
    Weapon: Katana
    Secondary weapon: Kanai knives
    Crush: N/a
    Other: The right half of his face was brutally damaged in an accident as he was taken in by scientists to give him a replacement. He wears his mask to not scare people with his machine face. Despite being distant, he has a gentle temperament.


    Name: Shadow
    Gender: Male
    Age: 24
    Appearance: He is a light-skinned young male with a well masculine build. He has jet black hair that is slightly longer in the back with light blue-gold eyes. His bang covers his right gold eye. He stands at 5"8 in height. He wears ninja-like clothing like his sister JC with a bandage only on his right wrist with a watch on top of it. He wears a black cross around his neck.
    Personality: Brave, Strong, Calm, Overprotective(of JC), Gentle, Strongwilled
    Sexuality: Straight
    Partner: Jolteon(F)(Sparkx)
    Pokemon: Braviary(M)(Talon), Decidueye(F)(Ghost)(Shiny), Arcanine(F)(Hetilla)(Shiny), Lycanroc(M)(Eclipse)(Midnight form), Houndoom(F)(Cerabis)
    Family member(s) lost: Mother and Father, Sister(missing)
    Weapon: Scythe
    Secondary weapon: Katana
    Crush: N/A
    Other: He wears a black wolf gold-streaked mask and black hooded cape to hide his appearance. He was separated from his sister when the virus started so thinks she is still missing.


    Going to tag others to see if they are interested ^-^

    @Krisseon @EmoKitty21 @EeviumZ @Breon @Mr. Machiavellian @Mangoez~ @Mango137

    I will place the roleplay once others join ^-^
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  2. Willow Tree

    Willow Tree Previously Brightheart

    (Lol, I'm seeing you everywhere. XD)

    Name: Milo
    Gender: Male
    Age: 18
    Appearance: Milo is a boy that stands at the height of 6'0, his curly hair putting up another inch in height. He got emerald green eyes which stand out well against his pale complexion but it also makes him look like he's glowing in the dark to which he despises. He is seen mostly in a vest suit, the kinds of clothes he claims are more comfortable than others but he wears a rather loose turtleneck vest during hotter weathers.
    Personality: Milo is a mischievous fellow, never taking something seriously like he really is supposed to all the time unless fooling around is not an option to his situations. He is a mysterious guy, looking like he's hiding something all the time but yet, he's transparent when showing emotion, leading to people having to figure out whether or not to trust him. Even with that unsettling personality of his, he's overall a friendly guy and loves chatting and socializing with other people, preferring to stay on the bright side no matter what and is stubborn on that fact. He absolutely loved magic tricks and is a magician himself, sadly, he lost all his equipment during the virus crisis.
    Sexuality: Straight
    Partner: Kiki(M)(Klefki)
    Pokemon: Kiki(M)(Klefki), Ditti(Ditto), Phoenix(M)(Delphox)
    Family member(s) lost: 2 (His mother and father)
    Weapon: Revolver
    Secondary weapon: Double Crossbows
    Crush: None but I'm open
    Other: Sorry, he's a new oc and I wanted to try him out, but since he's new I don't have much information on him yet so I might add more.
  3. If this is a full restart, I'll join in. (is this a full restart?)
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  4. Yes lol the other one I did died off so
  5. Alright! I won't be able to write one up tonight so I'll do it tomorrow.
  6. Jacksoneternal

    Jacksoneternal Previously Breon


    Name: Noah
    Gender: Male
    Age: 21
    Appearance: Noah is a light-skinned young male that stands at 6"1 in height with an Somewhat athletic build. He has brown eyes with a black hair buzz cut which he covers with a baseball cap. He wear a black hoodie and underneath a red t-shirt with black pants and blue sneakers
    Personality: cautious, wary of others people than himself, and can be quickly aggravated, doesn't take well from following orders.
    Sexuality: straight
    Partner: Pyro(M)(typhlosion)
    Pokemon: Pyro(M)(typhlosion), Argo(M)(Aggron), Yuki(F)(froslass), Gowther (M)(golisopod), Micro(rotom), and Sozin(M)(meowstic).
    Family member(s) lost: father and brother (had to end their lives himself)
    Weapon: metal bat
    Secondary weapon: combat knife
    Crush: N/a
  7. Name: Avina Ashwood
    Gender: Female
    Age: (18-25) 21
    Appearance: Avina stands around 5'10. She has a very sleek and slender build. Her face is soft with flawless skin. She looks very model like. Her hair is very straight wath blunt bangs that rest right above her eyebrows. The color is very unusual. It is a bright pink. In her ears she wears two rings in the upper part of her ear and small purple hearts in her earlobe. On her neck rest a black vintage choker. She tends to wear a lot of black. What she wears most of the time is a oversized sweater, that covers her hands, black distressed shorts, black fishnets, and black combat boots with roses at the side.
    Personality: Avina is very confident in herself. She hates it when she is looked down upon. When she is mad she will lash out at whoever is near. When she gets too close to someone she will retreat back into her shell. Though she hates being close to people she will still joke and have fun.
    Sexuality: Straight
    Partner: Lola (Shiny Lopunny, female)
    Pokemon: Lola, Sylveon, Kingdra, Grumpig (Amethyst), Talonflame, and Serperior (Sass)
    Family member(s) lost: Father, mother. Her little brother is missing.
    Weapon: Long bow. It is made of a dark black rock that looks very sleek and shiny.
    Secondary weapon: Curved Daggers. They strap to her sides for ease of access.
    Crush: (Optional)
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  8. Just add the family members you lost and then your accepted @EmoKitty21 and other if possible
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  9. It has been updated. This is just the basics for now. I have not had an idea of what to put there, so I will think on it some more. Also the family members lost might change as well. I am still working on Avina.
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  11. Mr. Machiavellian

    Mr. Machiavellian Previously riskyie

    i don’t see why not, thanks for tagging me!

    Name: Axel Knight
    Gender: Male
    Age: 23
    Appearance: Axel is a tall, muscular guy standing at 6’06”, and usually towers over whoever he meets. He has messy, jet black hair accompanied by fierce blue eyes. Axel has tanned skin, and a fading white scar down his back with another two crossed together on his chest and another that goes from his left eye to his chin. Since he just goes from house to house for shelter, is gets cold for him, so over a simple white shirt with blood-stains he has a dark blue sweater. The sweater also covers up a few tattoos that he unfortunately doesn’t like very much. On his entire left arm, there are all kind of snakes that trail down to his wrist and on his right shoulder, there are two pistols that are crossed together. With black skinny jeans and red, worn sneakers, it about wraps him up.
    Personality: A stoic young man, Axel is cold and quiet and has no trouble ordering someone to shut up or something else. He’s also protective of people he meets, even if it’s a stranger, because he still believes that everyone can live it out. Though, he’s a lone wolf, so don’t be surprised if he’s impertinent to you right afterwards. Axel is also risky, so if you happen to meet a stage five zombie with him, he’s the one to murder it from the inside.
    Sexuality: Straight
    Partner: His Kommo-o, Wyvern.
    Pokemon: Wyvern (Kommo-o), Ace (Tyranitar), Umbra (Noivern), Mirage (Chandelure), Titanium (Aggron), Spark (Luxray)
    Family member(s) lost: Everyone else but him in his family died.
    Weapon: Axel has a hunting rifle for a primary weapon.
    Secondary weapon: A long machete.
    Crush: Nobody (yet! ;))
    Other: Axel is fluent in German, and incase he needs to flee a scene, he has a belt that carries many smoke bombs.
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  12. Name: Mia Mallux
    Gender: Female
    Age: 19
    Appearance: She has pastel pink hair and blue eyes, and stands at a diminutive height of 5'4. She usually wears a pink tank top with torn denim jeans and white sneakers. Her build is very feminine, but she's actually quite athletic. She is of caucasian descent.
    Personality: Though her normal personality is sweet and cutesy despite the chaos in the world, she has begun to display the traits of a sociopath. She can switch from talking about unicorns to threatening you with a knife in less than a second - her instability is what makes her dangerous.
    Sexuality: Bisexual
    Partner: Mimi the Mimikyu
    Mimi the Mimkyu (F)
    Atra the Malamar (M)
    Blaze the Houndoom (F)
    Pixie the Sylveon (F)
    Mischief the Zorua (M)
    Family member(s) lost: Mother and father (both died to protect Mia when the apocalypse started).
    Weapon: A steel dagger, kept in a sheath at her hip. She usually tips it in poison.
    Secondary weapon: A hand-crafted bow, with poisoned arrows.
    Crush: None yet.
    Other: She displays many of the traits of a sociopath but is not an actual sociopath. She is able to feel empathy, but she does have moments where she is incredibly violent.

    Name: Allison Silverstone (Nickname: Allie)
    Gender: Female
    Age: 20
    Appearance: She has long brown hair and brown eyes, and stands at a height of 5'9. She wears a navy blue hoodie and heavily torn jeans, and black combat boots. She has an athletic build and is of caucasian descent.
    Personality: Though she is normally quite friendly and kind, Allie has changed with the world. She is distrusting of everyone, and understands the reality of the situation. She won't hesitate to kill anyone who threatens her friends, and she is merciless in combat.
    Sexuality: Straight
    Partner: Eve the Eevee
    Eve the Eevee (F)
    Zelda the Shiny Gardevoir (F)
    Eclipse the Absol (F)
    Family member(s) lost: All of them except for her sister Talia. Talia is somewhere in the world now, they were split up when the virus broke out.
    Weapon: She carries two longswords crossed across her back.
    Secondary weapon: She keeps a dagger sheathed at her side.
    Crush: None yet
    Other: N/A
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  13. I think I have enough here for now so I'll post up the to probably later on tonight ^-^ you will all be tagged to it so done worry but I will also post here just in case you want easy access
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  14. What are the rules on profanity? I won’t be using it much but I just want to know for future reference.
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  15. Mangoez~

    Mangoez~ Previously Jurilios

    I will post a form soon, as I have caught interest of this myself.
  16. Please keep profanity to the lowest of minimum ok @EeviumZ because there are kids here ^-^ and ok @Mangoez~ take your time
  17. I wasn't planning on using it anyway. It's not my thing.

    (I know there's kids here because I am one myself. ;))
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  18. Haha lol its alright @EeviumZ but damn and hell is ok to use but don't use it so frequently ^-^
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  19. Rowan Tree

    Rowan Tree Previously ~Add~

    Name: Elesis
    Gender: Female
    Age: (18-25): 19
    Appearance: Red hair and red eyes. Have 2 loose belts that tilted to make an X. Wears a long white jacket with a ripped end. Have pants that are long and short (left leg short side and right leg long side). Have a broken super short black jacket (the zipper is broken (the zipper goes all the way up)) that shows her stomach. Also wears a red and black stocking (only for the left leg), and wears black boots that have a red stripe (in the middle of the toe part of the boots) and has golden designs on the black boots. Has long fingerless gloves that have golden designs on. She has a firing touch, and she looks like fire from far away.
    Personality: Fierce and wild, very supportive in ideas and comments and can be a little bit bossy because she takes care of her brother for most of the time in her life. She likes to kill enemies with the firing blow.
    Sexuality: Straight
    Partner: Saber Sword the Arcanine (M)
    Flame Lord the Flareon (M)
    Empire Queen the Ninetales (F)
    Saber Sword the Arcanine (M)
    Grand Pyro Master the Torracat (M)
    Dark Crimson Avenger the Houndoom (M)
    Blazing Heart the Rapidash (M)
    Family member(s) lost: All
    Weapon: A large red and black sword (Knowns as a Claymore) that has a large symbol on the blade and a yellow orb in the middle of the blade and the handle, the sword burns when it slices through enemies. She kills them with the firing blow.
    Secondary weapon: None
    Crush: (Optional): None
    Other: None

    (Forgive me I am idiotic)
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  20. No worries and accepted @~Add~ ^-^
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  21. Mangoez~

    Mangoez~ Previously Jurilios

    Name: Alyssa (currently doesn’t know her last name)
    Gender: Female
    Age: 18
    Appearance: Alyssa wears a plain t-shirt with a purple hoodie as well as white and pink tennis shoes and black shorts. She has pink, long hair and very slightly tanned skin. She stands 5’6 and has a slim build. She also has a medium-sized scar that is covered by her hair.
    Personality: Alyssa always tries to escape danger, but whenever she is, she tries her hardest and unleashes her full strength at the enemy. She doesn’t feel happiness at all, as she only feels sadness and anger, but 0.1% of the time she feels a feeling she’s never felt before..
    Sexuality: Straight
    Partner: Serenity the Sylveon (F)
    Serenity, Sylveon (F)
    Amp, Ampharos (M)
    Alivia, Altaria (F)
    Ray, Alolan Raichu (M)
    Alolan Ninetales, No Name (F)
    Starly, No Name (M)
    Family member(s) lost: Everyone, (but her brother is still alive, but she doesn’t know that.)
    Weapon: A long sword, not in the best condition
    Secondary Weapon: A pack of throwing knives
    Crush: None as of yet
    Other: None

    Sorry if this took way too long!
  22. Accepted @Mangoez~ and no worries I seemed to pause a bit so others could catch up ok ^-^
  23. Can someone please notice my characters? I mean, Mia's literally screaming at the top of her lungs... and I don't really have anything to post.
  24. Mr. Machiavellian

    Mr. Machiavellian Previously riskyie

    maybe when JC and Axel fly somewhere they’ll hear her if that’s ok with @LunarSilvally
  25. of course, I don't want anyone to be left behind
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  26. Just a quick edit: Allie also has a male Flygon named Aero.
  27. Oh I see lol and JC has a female Flygon btw lol named Gem currently
  28. Mr. Machiavellian

    Mr. Machiavellian Previously riskyie

    mind if i make a second character who was old friends with axel? :)
  29. Go ahead ^-^ I am going to make Shadow soon and possibly another character with an obsession towards JC lol
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  30. OKAY, I've finally made all my necessary edits to Allie's team. I wasn't happy with it before.

    Eve the Eevee (Female, Partner. If I don't refer to it in a post then assume that she's on Allie's head.) Ability: Adaptability.
    Eclipse the Absol (Male. Ability: Justified.)
    Zelda the Shiny Gardevoir (Female. Ability: Synchronize.)
    Aero the Flygon (Male. Ability: Levitate.)
    Sapphire the Lucario (Female. Ability: Steadfast.)
  31. Actually that's a good team set up and I was planning on editing my team again
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  32. For this OC, her team is normally Eevee, Absol, Gardevoir, Ninetales-A, Milotic, and Roserade, but I felt like changing it up a bit.
  33. Oh ok lol I just stood to my ocs team which is Umbreon(S)(F), Absol(F), Lycanroc(Dusk)(F), Primarina(F), Flygon(F), and Sawsbuck(F)(Spring form). This is just a main team I set up for her
  34. Mr. Machiavellian

    Mr. Machiavellian Previously riskyie

    Name: Genevieve Hall
    Gender: Female
    Age: 23
    Appearance: Genevieve is a short girl, standing at only 5’02”, with tanned skin. The only things that really make Genevieve stand out is her neon-dyed pink hair and her eyes, which are a light shade of grey. She tends to where her hair in double dutch braids, and she wears a black leather jacket with black ripped jeans, and more black with black fingerless gloves. She doesn’t wear a ton of black to be edgy or goth, but she wears it to blend in with things around her. She occasionally wears a blue scarf, the same shade as Axel’s sweater, in the colder months.
    Personality: Genevieve is mischievous and a trickster, that’s for sure. She always keeps her cool but is always up for a good laugh. Nobody really comes up with better jokes than she does, and she always cracks them, unless in serious times. If it’s serious, Genevieve will completely turn a switch and fall quiet, listening closely and only speaking when needed. This used to be the entirety of her personality, until she met elementary Axel, who wasn’t as cold, reserved, and stoic as he is today then he was back then. She became just like him, cunning and always up to something. A troublemaker, that’s for sure.
    Sexuality: Straight
    Partner: Cole (Blaziken)
    Pokemon: Cole (Blaziken), River (Milotic), Monarch (Aegislash), Cavern (Crobat), Gold (Shiny Metagross), Pixie (Togekiss)
    Family member(s) lost: All
    Weapon: Double pistols are her main weapon.
    Secondary weapon: Urumi, a sword with a whip-like blade is what she uses as a secondary weapon.
    Crush: N/A
    Other: She was good childhood friends with Axel.
  35. Ill have Shadow interact with Genevieve like maybe she can find him badly injuried by one of the zombies but not bitten of course, I'll put up his char sheet soon if that's ok with you

    @Mr. Machiavellian
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  36. Mr. Machiavellian

    Mr. Machiavellian Previously riskyie

    okay that’s fine with me!

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