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Ask to Join The Epidemic Roleplay

Discussion in 'Pokémon Role Play' started by LunarSilvally, Jan 9, 2020.

  1. Discussion Thread

    It had been only just recently since this epidemic started and everything changed quickly since then. The world was flipped upside down once an epidermic disease came to alive which affected just one person and was only transmitted by one single bite to human flesh. There was a name for them of course, zombies. No one knows how it started or where it came from but by just one bite it can affect the whole human population but only a few of many survive to this disease that affects humans quickly. Many Pokemon scattered too as many of those Pokemon have trainers and are forced to go back into the wild without even knowing what is actually happening them going into sadness and despair feeling abandoned in some way. Then there are many that mysteriously disappear without a trace as if they were a ghost or not there to begin with. Shadow's sister JC is one of these people, she mysteriously disappeared after this epidemic started including her partner Blue, Sparkx sister. She wasn't the type of person to mysteriously disappear without a trace without telling him.

    She had been searching long and hard to find any traces of sister and Blue but all he found was a black and blue flower that Blue had worn on her right ear as not even Fenrir his Falcon could spot her from the air as she only screeched sadly. This was frustrated him since JC was the only family he had left after he lost his parents to the zombies which JC had put down even if it was painful for her. He held his Scythe on his shoulders while his arm held it as it hung down. She looked to Sparkx then at Storm his Boltund. "Anything girls" he said. "Jolteon...." Sparkx said sadly missing her sister. "Arf.." Storm barked whining sadly. "This doesn't make sense...my sister would never disappeared mysteriously like that without tell me...I just hope...she and Blue are alright..." He said as Sparkx and Storm sat beside him as Shadow looked down at the zombies below thinking before glancing up at the sky sadly but frustrated.

    Maskerin was below from where Shadow was with Lavi her shiny Delphox and Missy her Mismagius which was her partner that was walking beside her. She was also looking for JC but not even Lavi's nose could pick her scent do to the blood scents lurking everywhere from previous eating's from human flesh to the zombies. She missed JC very much but she couldn't find her at all and just grew into more worry.

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  2. DevVoid

    DevVoid Previously Deathstalker62

    Hades, former military commander of the Kalos Navy and current Champion of the Kalos Region, had been surfing to the main island of Galar on the back of his Sharpedo, a shiny pokemon named Pinky, with Ghidorah, his Hydreigon, flying overhead, holding onto Hades' motorbike. Hades was crouched on the back of the Sharpedo, with his Barret M82 out, scouting out the lands with the scope attached to the heavy-caliber sniper rifle. He spotted some zombies on the coast and fired. A loud, booming sound echoed across the air, as the bullet flew straight across the water towards the crowd of zombies. The bullet easily pierced 7 zombie heads due to their mushy, rotted flesh and weak, soft, decayed bone structure. It had pierced another two, and got lodged in the third one's head. This bullet had taken out 10 zombies in one, but 10 zombies were nothing compared to the hundreds that were stationed at the bay there. Hades holstered the M82 back on his back, strapping it to himself, and went down on all fours, waiting. He pat Pinky's back two times, then pointed forward, signalling her to do an attack. Hades then pointed up, snapping his left hand Ghidorah, and pointed at the crowd of zombies, then at Pinky. The main head of the large Hydreigon nodded and swooped down to let Hades leap onto his back. The Sharpedo dove underwater and used Surf to flood the bay with water, then leapt into the air using the strong current from the tidal wave it formed. Hades took out a hyperball and cast the shiny sharpedo back into it, just as Ghidorah's three heads opened their mouths, yellow lights emerging from their throats. The three heads each fired a Charge Beam at the army of zombies, combining the water from Pinky's Surf to zap the undead into ashes. Ghidorah lowered himself, putting the Motorbike on the ground as soon as the electricity faded away. Hades leapt off the back of the Hydreigon, mounting his motorbike, and cast Ghidorah back into his hyperball. Then, he put the ignition key into his motorbike and drove off, the blades on the plates of the motorbike's wheel's discs preventing the zombies from getting close without getting their legs cut up and falling down.
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  3. Willow Tree

    Willow Tree Previously Brightheart

    Walking through the lonely street of what used to be, a Delphox sniffed at the ground, catching hints of blood but nothing else. He turns his head to face his owner, was hid himself in the face of a cloak, one he found in an abandoned shopping mall. It was new and held cozy fur that surely will keep him and his pokemon warm. A dove flapped to the man's shoulder, cooing gently and nuzzling their cheek to his. The man brush it off, and the dove flew forward.
    The sound of scrapping sounded quietly and the team stops to look. A zombie groan as it limps towards them, growling the terrifying snarl that sends a shiver down your spine. The team did not flinch, merely looked on and walked away. They knew by now those zombies aren't fast enough to chase, at least to a certain extent.
    Rampaging through the street once more, the young man looked around the zombie infested street. Everywhere he turns to seems to be filled with them, there doesn't appear to be an end to the population that continously shows up. He had been looking for quite a while, and zombies was all he sees.
    An egg trembled in his grasp, and he looks down to it.
    He had been bringing the egg along ever since his family's death, and the little embryo doesn't seem to want to break out yet. The little guy will probably be a lazy one.
    The Delphox barked at him, and the man looks up. A hoard of zombies was making its way towards them. Though they were a good distance away, it was still a scary sight to take in.
    "We're going the other way Phoenix," the man declares. Phoenix nodded and strutted off the other direction. A tinge of human scent caught his nose, and Phoenix whip his head up. It was a smell he never thought he'll catch, fresh too. He kept sniffing, confirming the scent to belong to both a male and female. He couldn't make out the pokemon scents, but he was sure a Jolteon is part of the team. And Phoenix twitched slightly, when he caught the familiar scent of a female Delphox, one of his own species. His tail wagged with excitement, but then disperse it when he remembered that they're probably going to avoid the group too.
    It was like he foreshadowed, his trainer, Milo, chosen to go the other way.
    But once they turn to leave, the zombie hoard was suddenly upon them and they jumped back in shock. They weren't expecting them to get here so fast, hell, not in the nick of time they were given. Choices were now no longer available, they have to go in the way where the other two humans went, or they'll become zombie chow. Milo bit his finger, and ran off along with his pokemons.
    Even if he were to go in the other direction, the poor group upfront will become the next target anyways.

    He caught sight of them soon enough, one male was standing pretty up high as the girl was standing just below him, a sparkle flashing off a Delphox next to her, signifying a shiny. He shouted at the woman, as she was still very well in reach of the zombies, and he fears for her safety.
    Without a warning, Phoenix blew a flame thrower, scalding the zombies in ashes. But that was the most he could do and have to wait for a cool down.
    "Miss!" He shouts at the female with the shiny pokemon, "Behind you! Watch out!" He warns, then duck as he lash a blow to a zombie's arm, slicing it clean off the shoulder it was attached to. He didn't turn to see what the girl will do, only hope that she wouldn't be stupid enough like him to fight a zombie so straight up without defense.
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  4. Maskerin turned in time hearing the voice in time as she saw a zombie come towards them. "Lavi!" She called to the female Delphox as she used Psychic to stop him before using Flamethrower to burn it to crisps. Her fear subsided after Lavi took care of the creature sighing in relief before turning to the male with the Delphox. "Oh my...thank you for warning me....was so scared out of my mind when that suddenly happened...." She said voice slightly trembling. Lavi patted her head to calm her. "Delphox?" She said as she lit up a fire from her stick she was holding to give light to the night.

    Shadow heard those familiar sounds coming from a motorcycle in the far distance. He shook his head before taking out a Pokeball as a Braviary popped out of it. "Talon, think you can give me a ride?" He asked him. "Brave!" He said as Shadow stood up getting on his back as Sparkx and Boltund leaped on his back after before flying off. "Follow that sound Talon," he said. Talon nodded before following the sound. As Shadow predicted that motorcycle was coming from a good friend of his, Hades. Talon lowered down a bit grasping his jacket with his talon before letting go. "Well if it isn't my good friend Hades?" Shadow said as Talon screeched.

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  5. Shadow_Pup

    Shadow_Pup Previously LeBarrel42

    Bellamy and his sister Ariah stood inside an abandoned building, Bellamy spotted some figures down bellow and due to the motorbike, he was pretty certain he knew who it was, activating a device they had nicked from this abandoned military base they had passed by, he shot a cable down to the ground and using his claymore swiftly made his way down, telling Ariah to wait up in the building to keep a look out. He made it to the ground letting go and landing with a roll, he got up and walked over to Hades and Shadow, "Well, well, well, fancy meeting you gentle man here" he said placing the sword in it's sheath on his back. He turned to Shadow "So what's been happening with you guys then, also Shadow where's JC, you two are inseparable" he said, looking around hopefully. Ariah sat in the building using Biscuit, her Snorlax, as a comfortable cushion, she lay, proned aiming her sniper at street, monitoring the surrounding area, off in the distance she spotted a trio of zombies lurking in some shrubs near the three guys location, without giving warning or anything, she equipped her silencer and took out the three zombies with swift accurate headshots before returning to her monitoring.
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  6. (um @BlueBerry000 I don't think Weezing toxins can make a parasite like that...since the parasite happened out of no where....I am just saying since they are only toxic)

    Shadow looked to Bellamy as he had a look of sadness. He patted Talon's neck before the bird landed as he got off his back including Sparkx and Storm. He moved his mask to the side looking to him with his light blue eyes before looking up at the sky as his bangs covered both eyes. Sparkx had the same expression as she looked up at the sky as her sister Blue wasn't there with her either. "I guess I'll have to tell you...since you will know sooner or later...." He said. "JC... mysteriously disappeared after this epidemic.... including her partner Blue, Sparkx sister and the only thing that was left behind was this black and blue flower Blue was wearing....on her right ear...I searched everywhere and it's like....she disappeared like a ghost...like she wasn't even there....she is not the type of person to disappear without a trace and not tell us..." He said tears welling up in his eyes as he pulled out the flower showing it to him. "Jolteon...."Sparkx said tears welling up in her eyes.

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  7. DevVoid

    DevVoid Previously Deathstalker62

    Hades drifted a circle around Shadow, cutting up nearby zombies with his motorcycle. He came to a sudden halt, and looked to Shadow. He waved to Shadow lightly, remaining silent. Hades had his balaclava up, which had hid his bandaged head underneath it. He looked to Shadow, seeing someone new approach. Hades didn't know this person, he knew his name as Shadow sometimes mentioned him, but he didn't know what he looked like, so Hades couldn't tell. His head perked up a bit when he heard that JC was missing. " That's strange. JC is not one to get lost or be kidnapped by a single person. There must be a group of people behind this. " Hades responded, in the same monotone voice he had always used since the house fire. His voice was muffled a bit, both from the rags covering his face and the balaclava he was wearing that was sewn onto the collar of his shirt like a hood. The balaclava had covered almost his entire face, only Hades' eyes were visible, but not his mouth or nose. His nose didn't even poke out of the mask, because he of course had lost his, so it had looked pretty strange to have a flat area on where his nose would've been before.
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  8. Shadow looked down to Hades. "I know Hades, I know my sister well, she would have told us if she was going away for a while...something just doesn't seem right here...and somebody behind it...well you may be right about that Hades...and I think I might just know who IS behind it" he said looking at the black and blue flower from Blue. "This is the only item that is a clue to JC's wearabouts which is this flower Blue was wearing and I can see a small blood stain at the blue part...so I may have a feeling she and Blue got hurt in the process trying to get away..." He explained as he pulled out his katana from behind slicing down a nearby tree out of frustration. "This...doesn't make any sense!" He shouted a bit.

    Meanwhile a figure from above chuckled evily, "aw...look how frustrated Shadow is...he can't find his sister anywhere....and he doesn't even know I am the cause of it...hehe...I was able to trick JC into coming with me by threatening to hurt her brother if she didn't obey and I placed her in a liquid incubator to prevent her from leaving but I have a present for them hehe" he said looking to Zoroark holding the badly hurt shiny Umbreon. He leaped off the building to a tree before hiding in the shadows. "Hehe, look at all of you being so frustrated about your friend and sister disappearing all of a sudden, you all look pathetic!" He said in the shadows. "-I know that voice!-" Shadow thought. "Show yourself you coward!" He said angrily hearing him laugh.

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  9. Willow Tree

    Willow Tree Previously Brightheart

    Milo merely nodded at the girl, his face indifferent to the situation and is just a solid glare that almost seem permanent. Something flickered in his expression and his frown seems to waver when he looks at Maskerin. During moments like this, he would've just walked away and left the victim to cry to their heart's content. But this woman struck to him as something else, and as her voice quivered. He unknowingly stepped forward and placed a hand on her shoulder, rubbing it gently, much like her shiny Delphox is doing. Phoenix tilted his head, and blew a plume of flame to his stick, lighting the place a bit more along with the female delphox. His eyes lingered on Lavi for a bit before looking at his trainer, who was whispering something to the girl, which surprised him a bit. Milo haven't talked to another human being for weeks.
    "It's okay," Milo said, "the zombies are all gone now, save the tears for another time," he told her, words coming out sharper then he intended. He relaxed his hand and let it fall back to his side and stood up straight once more. "Well, now you're safe, I'll see you around hmm?" He hums.
    A lie, he probably won't be seeing this girl after he leaves, whether it be it that she dies or he dies. Or just by chance he avoids her from then.
    Phoenix whined softly, but he didn't say much more than that, only leans closer to Lavi for a bit and sniffed at her. Underneath at that bloodied scent, he caught the familiar whiff of the female delphox and his tail wagged at her as he barked.
  10. Maskerin looked to his own Delphox and without thinking she grasped his wrist. "W-wait! Don't go...please...it's...it's unsafe...to wander on your own...and...and...it will be more dangerous...when fighting zombies alone...and...I don't want someone...who helped me...get...turned...." She said giving a gentle and sweet smile even if her hand was trembling as she held her spear. "I able able...to use two weapons...so...you don't have to worry too much...." She added as if begging him to stay. "Your...Delphox...sees to caught... interested...in mine..." She whispered pointing to the two Delphox.

    Lavi blushed a bit to the male Delphox sniffing her to caught her scent as she looked to him doing the same thing as she smiled wagging her tail as well as she patted the male Delphox's head.

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  11. Willow Tree

    Willow Tree Previously Brightheart

    Milo was taken aback when the girl suddenly grasp his hand, begging him not to go as she worries for his safety. He grimaced and made a move to brush her hand off, but stopped when she smiled at him despite a faint tremble in her hand as she held the spear. He looked at her for a while, though he don't know of she could tell he was due to the cloak's hood shadowing the mass majority of he face, leaving only his mouth visible. The answer remains unknown, as a gentle wind blew and his hood slides off. He made no move to stop it, only continued to look at Maskerin. His eyes gleamed a bit and he grabbed her hand in turn.
    "I'm a loner," he said, almost bluntly, "I don't see why you have to worry about me as we have only just met minutes ago, you care too much, and that might become a problem. A downfall." He went on.
    "You can only save so many, more than half of the human population has dwindled here in this region and who knew how many others, the pokemons are gone and only so many survived, there's nothing possible we can do to change that." He clenched his jaw and looked down, his curls falling and covering his eyes. Diamond cooed sympathetically at Maskerin- Milo means well, he doesn't want to see her possible death along with his family too.
    He released her hand, a pained look on his face. It always hurts to push others away, but it hurts more to lose them to zombies. This young lady was kind, she don't deserve to be gnawed and turned alive by zombies; it's too cruel to people like her. And if he didn't already know enough, everyone he stayed with died, he doesn't want her to meet a similar fate.
    "You wouldn't want me with you," he said, "I'm difficult and uncooperative, I'll be nothing but a burden in a team, you'll be dead because of me and I rather not carry that guilt." He whispered. Phoenix whimpered softly and nudged his shoulder a bit. He looks to his Delphox, seeing the pleading gesture to stay. Phoenix hasn't seen his kind in a long time, he doesn't want to leave when he finally found one. His fur was slightly ruffled, signalling something had petted him atop the head. Milo looks from Phoenix to Lavi, eyebrows furrowing uncertainty. If it was him alone, he would've left, but now his pokemon has caught interest in the ones outside his team, it made the choice more difficult.
    "Phoenix," he leaned towards his Delphox and stroked his fur, "You know we can't..." he whispered. Diamond chirped, disagreeing, gliding over and landing onto Maskerin's shoulder, cooing happily and nuzzling her cheek. Milo bit his lower lip; his partner's has completely caught interest in the girl, there was nothing he could say now.
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  12. Maskerin's smile disappeared for the moment thinking of JC. "I don't....see...you as a problem....a very good friend of mine...is a bit like you since she can wander off as a loner sometimes....but...she mysteriously... disappeared without a trace...along with her partner Blue, a shiny Umbreon...and the only clue we have is the flower Blue wore before her disappearance.....she...is not the type of person to disappear without telling us...which is why...I am...out here...trying to look for her or...any clues that may lead us to her...." She said sadly as she gently petted the white dove that touched her shoulders. "I.... understand....that you are afraid of losing someone so important to you from the zombies...because I have lost my parents to them and to top it off...my brother is missing as well...and I understand you became a loner because of that...." She said letting go of his wrist as she gently grasped the dove and gently placed him back on the boys shoulder. An Arctic fox leaped on her shoulders to replace where the dove was sitting at. "Lavi, is the only Pokemon I have left of my parents since she is my mother's Pokemon...."

    "Everyone has their fears, even me, I wasn't prepared for any of this..." She added bring her sweet smile again. "...I'll leave you be..." She said walking over to Lavi. "Lavi, let's go..." She told the shiny Delphox. Lavi understood Maskerin's pain and even though she didn't want to leave the other Delphox she had to follow. Lavi patted the male Delphox's head giving a smile. "Take care" she said before following after Maskerin. "Missy?" Maskerin called as a Mismagius appeared out of the shadows next to her. "Take care then...but...it's important that we are always strong together then alone..." She finished as Lavi brightened the fire on her stick seeing Maskerin walk in front of her. Lavi took one last glance at the male Delphox as she pulled out a flower from her tail and tossed it to him before following Maskerin into the dark forest, the light from the fire leading the way.

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  13. Willow Tree

    Willow Tree Previously Brightheart

    Milo's eyes widen as his dove squawked, pecking gently at his cheek to get his attention back to the living. Of course,he knew others loses close ones to this apocalypse, but never had he heard it so heart felt from another human so clearly. Her pain was visible, but she hides it away and tries to sympathize with him, comparing him to a friend of hers that had disappeared. To top it all of, she had named the primary reason why he had enclose himself away from others, and he felt an ache in his chest at the reminder. She said everything in a tenderly kind voice, no signs of irritations in them despite the words he said to her before. There were some levels of admiration he had for her in that.
    She then left, leaving him in a soft surrounding silence from her words. They had struck something in him and yet he don't know what. Some kind of connection jolted in time with her understanding voice.
    Phoenix looks down at the flower thrown to him, and he looks to his trainer almost in a pleading way. Yet, Milo watches her go and said nothing. There was nothing left for him to retaliate with and any regret he felt was on him.
    "We're leaving too," he declared, flaring out his cloak and covered his head again with the hood. Phoenix's tail drooped and he looked down at the flower then back at the disappearing showdown of Lavi longingly, then left to follow his trainer, who walks the way he came.
    Talking about regret and regret has come. Milo felt like he should've taken up on the girl's offer. Now that she's gone, there was a lonely vibe around the group. It was weird to be honest, he had only talked to her for so long, yet she had left such an impact. The girl is formidable indeed.
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  14. Maskerin was scared half to death being on her own but Lavi was with her so she felt calm. Lavi's ears flicked before hearing morning as a couple of zombies appeared out of nowhere. "Lavi, Missy Psychic!" She said. "Delphox!" "Mismagius!" they said using Psychic to lift them off the ground as Maskerin made a ran for it. Lavi finished them with Mystical Fire burning them to a crisp. Maskerin kept running with Lavi and Missy following close behind her. She panted loudly as she stopped to catch her breath as Lavi and Missy stopped just next to her. "I need...to find...Shadow..." She said to herself as she could hear more groaning. She had no choice but to run again as Lavi and Missy followed. She didn't watch where she was going and tripped hurting her ankle a bit not realizing she revealed her to a mob of zombies. "Ow..." She said as she looked up seeing them right in front of her. Lavi saw the situation as she leaped out and picked up Maskerin before using Flamethrower to burn them quickly. The shiny Delphox made a run for it while holding Maskerin until she spotted a building making sure nothing was inside before placing her down. She checked the door way making sure it was clear before looking at Maskerin's ankle until she wrapped it gently. Lavi could see the scared looked on her face before thinking of that male Delphox. She shook her head as there was nothing she could do. "Lavi...you thinking of...that male... Delphox....aren't you....?" She asked giving a gentle smile. "Del...phox..." She said placing her paw on her forehead feeling it was really hot. "Delphox..." She said. "I'm alright...it's just a...fever...that's all..." She said before passing out due to the fever. Lavi laid her down as she pulled out all of her team members. Juno the Cinderace, Sweetie the Sylveon, Shiver the Frosmoth, and Shelly the Dubwool. She told the girls except for Shiver to stay with Maskerin and guard her from the zombies as Shiver went with her.

    She made her way out of the exit blocking the entrance just in case. Lavi and Shiver went to at least find some water to help bring Maskerin's fever down since the hospitals were out of service to help her. Lavi was nothing but worried as she used her nose and ears to find water until she caught the scent. She found a pond holding a small bucket as she scooped the water from it. Shiver grabbed the handle to the bucket to help Lavi out as she looked for herbs to make a medicine to bring it down. She could smell rain and before she knew it,it started to rain starting to become soaked. She used her body to cover Shiver to prevent her from getting wet. She didn't like her fur getting soaking wet but she had to continue for Maskerin's sake. Lavi and Shiver made it back finally going inside the building as Lavi shook her pelt to get the water out before walking over to Maskerin and laid her down. She grabbed a cloth and dipped it in before placing it on her head. Lavi was in distress as well as her other Pokemon. She closed her eyes shedding tears moving her ears down a bit. "-Please...someone...help...I don't want to lose her from this.....-" she thought as only another Delphox could hear her distress call.

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  15. Willow Tree

    Willow Tree Previously Brightheart

    A shiver went down Phoenix's spine as he left, stopping him in his track. It had started raining and the team had taken shelter in an abandoned pokemon center. Ditti and Kiki were raiding through the spare shelves, finding bandages, disinfectants, cottons, and many other important medical things that they're sure they'll need in the future. Milo looks down at a bottle of alcohol- it'll prove useful if there were any injuries. Phoenix barked, and Milo looks up.
    "What is it Phoenix?" He asks.The Delphox pointed his nose at the direction where Maskerin and Lavi went off to.
    Milo frowned, and shook his head. "I'm sorry Phoenix, but we can't go back," he told the delphox, slowly changing the incubator to which he had placed the egg in. "I've already made it clear to her I have no intentions of staying, and she took the hint, there's no way we're going to find them." He went on.
    Phoenix whimpers, ears drooping and he barked, which was silenced with a hiss from his trainer.
    "My words are final, we're not going back." He said, and looks off again, putting everything they had raided into a bag he had slung over his shoulder. Phoenix growled, a snarl formed in his frustration. Something was wrong, he know it is, and his trainer doesn't even know of it.
    Deciding that reasoning isn't going to work, he decided to go with another way and beg.
    He whimpers, shrieked and pouted, it didn't sway his trainer a bit. It was only then when the rest of Milo's team turns in to see what's happening, that Milo seems to waver, his cold mask cracking. He sighs and slumped his shoulders, giving in.
    "Fine, but it'll be on you if something happens." He said.
    Phoenix's eyes lit up and he chortled in triumph, scooping his trainer up into his arm and swung him almost like a doll cheerfully. Milo huffed and pushed back, signalling for everyone to get on their way.

    Arriving back at where he had originally met Maskerin, Milo didn't find it strange the area stank of blood and rot. Phoenix surely did, and he bristled in alarm. He howled into the air, trying to see if he'll get an answer back. He hopes Lavi will hear.
    Milo groaned and shook his head. "What are you trying to do? Attract all the zombies in the area to come find us?" He hisses, "Are you attempting to feed me to those undeads? Hush!" He orders.
    A creak sounded behind them, and the team turns to face the upcoming challenge, which obviously were the zombies, followed here by the sound of the howling. It wasn't just one or two, it was an entire group. The sight was terrifying enough, and the team stepped back. One zombie lunch forward and Kiki immediately ducks forwards and used protect, blocking off the zombies and shilling menacingly.
    "Ditti! Let's go!" Milo shouts. Ditti transform into a Rapidash, and the team went off. Zombies crowded them, and it was obvious to them there was close to no escape here, with them being surrounded.
    "To the air," he announced, and Dittitrad formed into a flygon, scooping Phoenix by the arms and leading them towards the top of the building.
    Milo stood there, watching the zombies looking around, confused as to where did their prey went. He jumps down a few steps and searched the area. The rain was blocking his vision and he shivered slightly in the cold. Phoenix dipped his head down in guilt, and he nuzzled Milo's cheek and licked it, trying to warm him at least a little.
    "There," Milo suddenly said, pointing at a near building down. Peeking over, the team can see a silhouette of a girl and a group of pokemons through the window of an old building. It was plain obvious who it was, as the sparkle given off by the shiny Delphox proves it. Phoenix wagged his tail, and he barked at Ditti, who chirped happily.
    The team made their way down, but Milo told them to go the other way- the entrance was blocked.
    Retrieving his team into his pokeballs, he swung himself through the window, flipping and catching himself on a ceiling pole, hanging loose there and falling down lightly onto Kiki, who used psychic.
    Phoenix bolted off first, barking at Lavi as he ran to her eagerly. Milo follow suit, though at a much more slower pace, emerging through the shadows with the cloak hanging loose from all the swinging.
    He wouldn't blame the pokemons if they think it was weird; he went the other way, there was no reason he was in this building to begin with.
    He hunger back, drying his clothing. His hair clung to his face, blocking his view. He is currently unable to see the condition Maskerin was in.
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  16. Lavi's ear flicked hearing the male Delphox's bark as she stood up tears resting on her cheeks. "-You...heard my distress call....-" she said but shook her head. "-Thank goodness....I'm...worried for her....for Maskerin....she caught a fever and I need something to bring it down...or it might take her....-" she barked worried. "Maybe your trainer has something....besides...her clothes are wet and I need to get her out of them...so don't look...-"she said covering the view of Maskerin before quickly changing her clothes with Psychic into just a plain white dress leaving her white flats on her feet. "-Alright you can look-" she said before lifting Maskerin up and placed her on a bed she had made on the floor. She didn't have a blanket for her so she had to leave her just like that. Lavi lit her stick up with fire before lighting up a lanturn that was in there and sat it next to her to give before placing her stick back in her tail. Her fire was still wet from the rain earlier as she sneezed leaning against the wall a bit next to Maskerin looking to her in worry as she placed her paw on her head gently rubbing it.

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  17. Willow Tree

    Willow Tree Previously Brightheart

    Seeing the situation laid before him, Phoenix looked on worryingly. Quickly enough, he turns towards his trainer, who was drying out his cloak, a magmar next to him, most likely Ditti. Once the cloak was dried, Milo dried his bag.
    Phoenix barked and he looked up, looking quite piss from the earlier accident. Phoenix whined at him, tugging at his sleeve and handing the bag off to Kiki, who took over for Milo.
    "Ah- hey! What do you think you're doing?" He snaps, yanking his arm back. Phoenix pointed at Maskerin, and Milo went silent. Millions of things can be going through his mind, but he force in a deep breath, almost shaky, as he walks and kneels down next to Maskerin.
    "This was what you brought me here for?" He asks, looking at Phoenix, who nodded quickly. "Go's knows how you knew this was happening, and I know I said we should split ways, but I'm not heartless." Milo said. Phoenix beamed and wagged his tail.
    He unclipped his cloak and draped it over Maskerin. Again, the fur was plenty and should be able to keep her warm. Her ankle was swelling a bit due to injury, so he can pretty much guess what was causing most of the stress besides the fact she's sick. Taking out the bandages he took from the pokemon center, he first applies some medicine onto it, then wrapping the bandages around the ankle. He felt her forehead, seeing that the heat was subsiding, probably because her pokemon already fed her some spare medicine, but it wouldn't be enough. He reached into his still moist bag and took out two containers, popping out two pills from one and retrieving water from the other. He carefully tilted her head to his lap for an easier access, supporting her neck with one hand. He had her eat the pills and swallow it down with water, closing her mouth and bended her neck to an angle where she can swallow without choking. After making sure she was done, he clipped the cloak around her shoulder, making sure it was comfy and laid her back.
    "She should be good now," he told the others, "though she is weak, most likely from lack of food or other reasons." He said. "Build me a fire," he told Ditti and Kiki.
    The two left and came back with fire woods, most likely taken from broken down houses. They formed a circle with them and Phoenix blew flame onto it, creating a ring of light shining bright and warm onto the team. Milo sighs and sat down next to the girl. He looks at her for a second and scoff to himself. He said he was going separate ways, but here he is.
    Phoenix was looking at him, and Milo gave him an irritated look.
    "Don't give me that face Phoenix. Fine, we can stay, but only until she gets better." He gestured to Maskerin coldly, though it was obvious he cares, just won't admit it.
    Phoenix beamed and he turns to Lavi, wrapping his arms around her, not as a hug, but for the large amount of fur on his arm to warm and dry her, even fan her a bit if he could. He barked happily, and blew a tiny flame to speed up the process.
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  18. Lavi was relieved and felt Pheonix's arm wrap around her as she blushed slightly but had accepted it since all he was doing was trying to warm her up due to her fur being wet and the fanning he was doing along with the fire breath he was giving her. She closed her eyes giving a smile. "-Such a gentleman you are young Todd, though I have not gotten your name?-" she asked him. "-If you want mine then it's Lavender or Lavi for short-" she added leaning her head against his arm a bit as her ears raised up to the side.

    "Mask.....where....where did you go..." Maskerin said sleep talking as tears fell from her eyes to the side. "....Being...alone...is a scary....thing....to me...I don't want....to be alone...." She slept talked. Lavi was hearing her sleep talk but was a bit exhausted as all the girls from her team gathered around Maskerin to warm her quicker. "-Maskerin is not a bad girl....she is a sweet girl...who loves to make friends...always giving that sweet smile of hers even if she feels any sort of pain....she will always have....that smile...that never fails to prevail -" Lavi said as sleep slowly took her. Honey her Arctic fox walked over to Milo as she sat in front of him curiously looking up at him with those light blue eyes of hers. A bow rested at her tail close to her rum colored white.

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  19. Oliver was walking down the street, his Archeops behind him watching his back for any possible zombies sneaking up on his trainer. "Over there Archeops, we can rest." He said, pointing at an empty shack. As the two walked over to the shack however, Oliver caught sight of a pair- one with a gun he recognised as a Barret M82. Instead of continuing to the shack, he made his way to the two, hoping they might have some spare supplies.
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  20. Shadow_Pup

    Shadow_Pup Previously LeBarrel42

    Bellamy was stunned, JC was missing. He felt as if someone had pulled his heart out through his ribcage and shoved it into his lungs. He had never told anyone, not even Shadow about his feelings for JC. He heard the voice and pulled out his pistols, he looked around frantically, "what did you do to her?" he shouted.

    Up in the building Ariah had spotted the figure jump down, she had been looking in the trees for any sign of him, noticing a silhouette in one of the trees she fire, but not at the silhouette, she fired at the tree he was in, attempting to move him from his spot. She continued her volley of warning shots until she needed to reload.

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  21. DevVoid

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    Hades had heard the strange voice speak to them, and had a little idea. " Well, I'd love to help you, but I'm a bit short on time with a supply run, so.. sorry. " Hades said to Shadow, nodding his head just slightly at Shadow to symbolize to just go along with what Hades is saying. " I'll see you around, then. " Hades said before mounting his motorcycle and driving off. He drove a few buildings down, and turned left into another street, seeming like he was leaving the scene, when in reality he was looking to get out of the view from everyone. He turned left again, driving into a small alleyway between a large apartment complex and a restaurant. Hades had walked to a dumpster and shoved it below the fire exit ladder slowly to not cause any noise. He silently pulled down the ladder and climbed it up, going up the stairs until he reached the roof. When he reached the roof, he quietly pulled out a hyperball and cast out Hunter, his shiny Zoroark. Hunter made himself and Hades invisible to the group, aswell as the enemy laughing at Shadow through illusions, and Hades crouched down. He took out his Beretta M82 and aimed to the group where Shadow and the Stranger were. He looked through the scope, trying to find the stranger.
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  22. The voice laughed before coming out in a black cloth as Zoroark used Protect to prevent him from being hurt by anything. "Me? I did nothing just placed her somewhere where she can't escape but of course I had a trick up my sleeve to get her to follow along with me by threatening to hurt the person she loves most hehehaha!" He said. "But I'll be nice and hand you her partner" he said gesturing to his Zoroark who was holding the injured Blue before she was thrown on the ground sliding a bit. "Blue! What have you done to her!?" He asked angrily. "She was very persistent in protecting her partner that I had my Pokemon beat her up a bit hehe she is nothing without her bond partner" he said chuckling. "Where is she!? Tell me where she is Ferninade!?" He shouted already knowing his name. "Hehe, why would I tell you because if I did you would take her from me and she is ONLY mine!" He laughed. "She is no one's to claim! Not without my approval and you are not well fit for her! You don't understand her at all!" He said gripping the blade of his katana as he went at him without thinking seeing him pull out his own. "Tell me Ferninade or I will make you tell me!" He said. "Hehehaha look how frustrating you are you want to know that bad then you have to beat down to tell!" He said as Shadow pulled out a Pokeball as it popped open revealing a Inteleon. "Sniveriety watch over Blue for now until I am done here" he told her. All she did was nod before lifting up the shiny Umbreon gently holding her. Sparkx was worried of her sister as she looked up at Sniveriety.

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    Hades looked on, seeing the Zoroark protect his trainer with Protect, and watching him throw down Blue to the ground just as Ferninade and Shadow engaged in battle. Hades waved Hunter over, and signalled him some hand motions for a plan. The shiny Zoroark nodded, shoving up its muscle band to see again. Then it removed the invisibility from Hades and parkoured down the building, sneaking up to the group, silently running in place, using Agility to speed itself up. And then, before Hunter dashed in, Hades fired a shot at Ferninade's Zoroark, aiming for the left knee. He didn't care if he injured it. All this shot was to do is to cause a distraction so that Hunter could get away with what came next. Becoming a blur, Hunter dashed into the scene. Using Sucker Punch, Hunter punched the other zoroark in the stomach to stun it. Hunter then dashed away again, taking Blue with him, ensuring noone would see him or Blue using his Illusions. Hades dropped to the floor quickly and rolled away from the view of the group, then crouched up to holster his M82 again. He took out a hyperball, casting out Razor, who had jumped to Hades and hid in his Overcoat. Hades zipped it up to ensure noone would see the Weavile. If the opposing Zoroark was gonna chase after Hunter and follow him up to the roof back to Hades, then it'd have to face Hunter and Razor first before it could do anything else.
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  24. (@DevVoid Shadow's Inteleon has Blue as she is holding her just to let you know)

    The Zoroark growled feeling the pain from his knee but stood strong and held the protect up once more while his trainer and Shadow battled off. The Zoroark was not commanded to fight back just protect and that's what he would do. He endured the pain from his knee transforming into a Tyranitar to hold the weight of his knee better as a Sandstorm picked up quickly as he slowly recovered from the stun to Sucker punch. "-No matter how much you try, you will not keep me down!-"the Zoroark said growling. "-I will forfill my trainers wishes-" he added. Shadow and Ferninade kept fighting but Ferninade managed to get Shadow's shoulder giving an injury as blood leaked out. "Hehe not bad but your not as good as JC, probably because you wield your Scythe more then your katana" he said. "Shut up!" He said as in a quick movement he grabbed his Scythe getting him as well to the shoulder with his Scythe blade. "Tsk how dare you!" He said. "Don't underestimate me with my Scythe, I have wield it well" he said. "I will not show mercy for taking my sister from me who does not belong to you!" He said as the Zoroark changed to a human illusion still keeping the protect up. "Hehe" he laughed. "Zoroark Night Daze in the protect!" He said smirking. Zoroark smirked before using Night Daze. "Sparkx!" He called. "Jolteon!" She said swiftly going at the Zoroark. "Thunder now!" He commanded. "Jolteon!" She said a strong jolt of lighting came from above electricuting Zoroark before she came in close using Double kick knocking him back hard as the Protect broke off. Sparks of lightning came out of Sparkx fur in anger to the Zoroark. "-I will never forgive you for harming my sister!-" Sparkx gave another Thunder to the Zoroark to distract him for now.

    Sniveriety allowed Hunter to take Blue from her to get to a safer area as she stood next to Bellamy for now to protect him. She glanced to Bellamy patting his shoulder before watching the battle go on watching her surroundings.

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    Hunter took a leap with Blue in his arms to a wall of two buildings next to eachother in an alley. He barely avoided the Night Daze, walljumping off the buildings until he reached the rooftops where Hades was. Hunter had ran up to Hades and lowered the Umbreon in his arms to the ground. " Good work, Hunter. No point in sending you out again due to the sandstorm that's kicked up down there. Hm.. " Hades thought for a bit. Then, he had an idea. " Hunter, Razor, protect Blue while I do my business here. " Hades said, opening his overcoat. Razor had jumped out and sat down by Blue, keeping watch alongside Hunter. Hades had turned around and took out another Hyperball, pressing the button in the middle. A red beam shot out of it, arcing to the edge of the building, forming a Shiftry. " Zephyr, glide down to the scene of battle with Whirlwind and suprise that Tyranitar. " Hades said as he crouched down to take aim again. The Shiftry nodded and leapt off the building, twirling faster and faster through the air. Winds gathered around it as it used Whirlwind to create a small wind beneath it to glide to the ground with. When it was just above a tree, it leap away from the Whirlwind, letting it hit the Tyranitar. The Shiftry landed in a tree and started dancing around, using Sunny Day to override the sandstorm and bring out a harsh sunlight. Then, like a ninja leaping on a samurai, Zephyr leapt out of the three, slashing down a Solar Blade at the Tyranitar. Hades, in the meantime, was aiming for Ferninade this time. It was too risky aiming for the transformed Zoroark as he could very well hit Sparkx. However, it seemed Ferninade was slowly overpowering Shadow, which Hades couldn't let happen. He fired one round aimed at Ferninade's upper torso, at his side, aiming to puncture the lung.
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    Bellamy went into action, Aeris used psychic to figure out which one the zoroak was and told Ren then used shadow ball, creating a large orb of darkness and throwing it at the disguised zoroak. Bellamy on the other hand, had fired off to shots one at Ferninade's leg and the other at his side.

    Ariah was watching the fight until something caught her eye, a massive horde had become attracted to the men, the loud sounds and bright lights had probably drawn most zombies in the area to them. She started to pick them off, removing the silencer and closing one eye to improve her accuracy, she shot as many as she could before reloading and starting again.
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  27. Blue fidgeted a bit letting out her Umbreon cry in pain. "Umbre...on..." She said as her body glowed white faintly as she was trying to use Moonlight to heal herself. "-JC...I'm...sorry...I couldn't....pro... protect...you...from him....n....now....your trapped...-" Blue said leaving the Pokemon to hear her words. Tears had fell from her eyes as one of her ears laid back. "Umbre..."she said as her body started to tremble.

    Zoroark changed back to his original self as he had to get on all four to stop from sliding. He growled as he used Night Daze to defend himself before leaping up back to Ferninade. He grasped his arm to stop since he was injured on his leg and side. Ferninade had to stop now or he would be forced to tell where JC was actually at and he didn't want to do that at all. "I'll end here for now, Zoroark!" He called before using a large smoke bomb to hide himself to get away. Shadow coughed before looking back again seeing that Ferninade was gone along with his Zoroark. "Tsk! Coward!" He called lowering his Scythe as he needed medical attention in his shoulder. Sparkx was angry as well but remained calm as she returned back to Shadow. "Where's Blue?" He asked not seeing her in Sniveriety's hands.

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  28. Willow Tree

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    Phoenix smiled, blowing a last plume of flame before sitting up a bit straighter. "My name is Phoenix," he told her, "my trainer gave me that name when he first got me." He explained. "It's nice to meet you Lavi," he dipped his head in greeting, "it must be hard to survive in this world while protecting your trainer, all the pokemon center are broken down and the supplies that still last will no longer be provided. We can only hope the unaffected regions will come one day to assist us." He said.
    Milo looks down at Maskerin, reaching forward and brushing aside a tear. Realizing what he's doing, he snatched his hand back, startled by his reaction to her crying. He hadn't felt sympathy for other's for a while now.
    He watches her pokemon crowd the unconscious girl, all obviously worried for her well being.
    A fox seated itself in front of him, it's blue eyes digging into his green and it's bow blew and shine through the moonlight provided. He would've pet it, if they weren't in this life and death situation.
    "Shoo," he waved his arm at the fox, "go take care of your trainer." He said. Diamond cooed and seated himself onto his shoulder, pecking underneath his wings.
    Phoenix watches, tail swishing side to side anxiously. "She sounds like a great person," he said sympathetically, "too bad we can't stay to get to know her, my trainer refuse to do that now."
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    " Damn.. I can't get a read on him.. " Hades said, removing his eye from the sniper scope as the smoke cloud emerged. He strapped the M82 back to his back and took the fire exit down again, Hunter and Razor following him, with Razor carrying Blue over his shoulder. " Weave, Weavile. ' Try to sleep a bit more. You are still a bit too tired. We have you under our care, do not worry. ' " Razor had mumbled, quiet enough for Blue to hear. Hades had leapt onto his Motorcycle, casting Hunter back into his hyperball to make space for Razor, who hopped on the back and held with his other claw onto Hades' waist. Hades drove out again, through the crowd of zombies, back to where Shadow and the others were. He reached into his overcoat's lower left inner pocket, taking out a small snippet of a map. He handed Shadow the map, which was a map of the lower half of the Galar Region. In the lower left corner, on a small island, there was a red circle on the lower left half of it. " Here, take it. Everyone who has a Pokemon that can learn Fly with them, fly to this location. We are currently here, so you all know. " Hades said, pointing out on the map to a white building with blue rooftops. " This is Wedgehurst, so you know in which direction to fly. Those who don't have a flying type, here. " Hades said, taking out a different hyperball. He pressed the button on it, a large Ghidorah with evenly long necks materializing from the red beam emitting from inside the hyperball. " Get on Ghidorah's back. He knows the way back. Trust me, where we are going, it is the most safest location you'll ever find in this region. " Hades said, before driving off again, Razor behind him, Blue in his lap, one arm held on her, waving goodbye to the others with the other arm before putting the other around Hades' waist again. The Hydreigon looked to the group and lowered to the ground to let those without pokemon that can learn Fly to hop on.
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  30. Lavi looked to Pheonix before giving a sad expression. "Why is he...like that...is he afraid of something....or has he lost someone before...due to the zombies?" Lavi asked. "Honestly....I don't....I don't....want you to leave...but there is nothing...I can do about it...and I can't...force your trainer to stay...and if Maskerin....tells me to let it go....then I must obey...even if...it hurts me on the inside as it does to her....I can't deny...it is very difficult...to protect her on my own...but...I fear that I may fail in doing so....like I promised her mother that I would....after they turned themselves...and Mask had to end them quickly before things go chaotic..." Lavi said softly tears welling in her eyes. "Their parents are gone and with Mask missing....are defenses with each other are very scarce....only me and Sweetie her Sylveon are the toughest here since fairy types heal zombie bites before anything spreads..." She said as her tears fell from her eyes. "I'm...scared...scared that I might fail her for not protecting Maskerin...I have my limits...and so does Sweetie and my power and once it's gone....I won't be able to protect her when a horde of those human flesh eating monsters come for her own flesh..." She reached her small paw to grasp his clenching it tightly. "-We both have trainers...and we must obey them whether it's painful or not..."she said opening her eyes as she blew at her stick before laying it down at the wood to make the fire bigger again. "-This may...be our last encounter...we have with each other...because the path we will take...we won't know what's beyond it...but if it's to spend with may be the last of my Delphox species...then so be it....I'll be happy either way..." Lavi said giving a sad smile to herself before closing her eyes.

    Maskerin moaned softly feeling her head hurt as she slowly opened her eyes trying to regain vision but she sti felt a bit weak to sit up. Honey the Arctic fox didn't budge as she look interest in the white dove dove was resting on his shoulder. She leaped up on the guys shoulders before approaching the dove as she gently grabbed him in her mouth before leaping down to the ground back to Maskerin before placing the dove down at her shoulder patting his head before sitting watching the dove with curiosity as she barked a bit.

    Shadow got on Talons back as Sparkx and Storm followed. He returned Sniveriety to her Pokeball before making it small and place it way. "If you two don't have flying types please ride him to follow. I need to go after Blue which is my sister's Partner and Sparkx sister" he said before patting Talon's neck as he nodded before opening his wings and took off from the ground following Hades. Blue fidgeted a bit before slowly opening her gold eyes seeing a Weavile which was very familiar to her. "Um...bre....?("Blade.....? Is...that...you?") She asked weakly still glowing white trying to use Moonlight to heal herself.

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  31. Shadow_Pup

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    Ren and Aeris hopped on Bellamy's shoulders as he attached himself to the cable he had fired earlier, and kicking from the ground let it retract pulling him back up. He reached where Ariah was waiting having already returned Biscuit to his pokeball. She had her rifle across her back. She looked at Bellamy, "idiot, you should have gone with Shadow" Bellamy nodded slowly "I know, I know", he said. "Now what?" Ariah said, she was getting annoyed. Her and Bellamy made their way down the stairs of the building. They reached the ground floor to find that the zombies had moved on, they were probably going after Shadow and Hades, but who knows. Ariah turned to see Bellamy slide down the nearest wall into a sitting position, he looked completely defeated "what is it, Bell" she asked, Bellamy barely looked up "Shadow said JC was missing, that guy we were fighting has her, but he got away...I think I love her, Ari, I really do and now I can't tell her", Ariah patted him on the head slowly "I figured as much Bell, it was kind of obvious from the way you looked at her...we'll rest here then try to find Shadow and then hopeful rescue JC", she got no response, Bellamy had lay down and turned away. Ariah sent out Biscuit getting him to sit hiding Bellamy from view to protect him, she the sat on Biscuit's stomach and kept watch.
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  32. Ferninade was in the incubation room where JC "rested" as he walked over to the incubator with liquid already inside of it. He pulled down his hoof then his mask as he looked to JC inside of it. Her long dark brown hair was loose as she wasn't in the clothes she was in before but only a long white dress with the bandages left on her wrists and ankles. Her wolf mask, Katana, and bow and arrow remained outside of the incubator resting on stands neatly. "Oh my sweet JC....soon you will finally be mine...once I have you under my control....to only obey me..." He said then laughed evily.

    A familiar Flygon flew in the sky as she was searching her surroundings for anyone she recognized. Her Ruby colored eyes caught on a familiar boy on the ground. She lowered herself before knowing it was Bellamy. "Flygon!" She said landing as she approached him nudging him with her head gently.

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  33. Willow Tree

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    Phoenix's ears drooped, and he whined softly. "My trainer...wasn't always like that, he used to be so full of life, so happy...the zombies took that and his parents away, he only had his friends to keep him." he explained, "Then he lost them too...it broke him from there and now he's only a body that walks an emotionless path seeking death. It's only because he still has us that he refuses to die...not yet at least." he said. He touches her paw as she laid hers on his. "I always hoped for the day where someone can come and fix the broken pieces inside him, but no one was willing to approach a cold aggressive man that has nothing left." he went on, "Your trainer seems different, she didn't seem to mind his attitude and as persistent on him staying...I think she might be the one to help him regain his once happy personality, she must be." his ears drooped a bit, "But it's like you said, I fear the time when my trainer orders for us to separate...it'll be painful but obeying is a must, there is no denying orders." he said.
    He looks at her, a silence ensured as he listens to her problems and past, sighing as he seems to agree with her words. "You guys suffer a lot on the path here too, we all did, nobody will come out this apocalypse unscathed," he said. He laid his head on hers, watching her close her eyes and closed his too. "I would like to spend eternity with my race one day...but they're all gone and I can't believe I'll find one so quickly after the danger," he whispered, "I'm so grateful for this chance, and I would savor it even up till my last breath," he breathed, "I will miss this after we leave..."

    Milo flinches back a bit, startled by the fox suddenly popping onto his shoulder and snatched his dove right off. Diamond squawked in alarm, flapping his wings in a panic as he was then placed down next to the female they saw earlier that day.
    "Hey! Give him back!" Milo demanded, literally crashing in on the two animals, intersecting between the fox and dove. He pouts, like a child, and looks up to Maskerin, surprised to see her eyes open.
    "Ah..." his voice trailed off, dumbfounded for a reply. "You're awake..." he said slowly, then cough and sat up, Diamond in hand, "Eh...how do you feel?"
    It was weird for those words to leave his mouth towards another fellow human, but he gulps down the uncomfortable feeling and looks to her for a reply.
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  34. Maskerin slowly sat up placing her hand on her head. "Owowowow...my head...did I get hit by....a truck or something...my head is...throbbing..." She said looking to the boy with curly hair and emerald green eyes. "....Um...I'm...ok....what....happened...?" She asked as she ran her hand threw her hair including her bang as her Heterochromia light blue-silver eyes were visible for the moment. She saw the Dove from earlier and gently smiled. "Hello there....little one..." She said reaching out to gently pet the Dove before lowering her hand. "I still feel...a bit weak...though..." She added as she still had a faint red line under her eyes from the fever.

    Lavi opened her eyes to see Maskerin awake as she got out of Pheonix's hold to stand up before reaching out to grab the cloth on her head rewetting it giving it a squeeze before placing it back on her head. She placed her paw on her head giving a face of regret as she lowered her ears a bit. "Lavi...it's not your fault....so please don't blame yourself....you have done well...of protecting me...." She said gently grabbing her head to pet it keeping a sweet smile to her. Lavi lightened up a bit before returning her smile before she sat next to Pheonix again legs under her as she lit up her stick again to light the wood again but had saw something in the fire that was watching them as she wasn't watching was she was doing and burned her paw dropping her stick. "Ow!" She said flinching back her paw as she whined before placing her paw inside the water she collected. Her ear flicked to the sound outside as she turned her head a bit as it was then she felt uncomfortable.

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    Milo scratched his head, unsure of what to say as the woman patted his dove, who cooed pleasantly and nuzzles her finger. It was an adorable sight but Milo did not smile to it, only watches her and her eyes that were visible for the split second it was shown. He bit his lower lip and withdraw his hand, letting Diamond rest on Maskerin's lap as he sat back, creating distance between him and the girl. He reaches into his bag and took out a bottle, pills clacking loudly in them.
    "Here," he said awkwardly, handing the bottle to her, "ibuprofen, it helps with high or low fever," he told her, "I'm not the one sick so you keep it for yourself, I don't want to have to spoon-feed you everything," he said, placing it next to where she can easily reach.

    Phoenix's ear twitches as he watches Lavi, how she got all nervous, ending up burning her own hand due to it. "Is something wrong?" he asks, "You don't seem to be at ease, is there something outside we should be aware of?" he went on, ears twitching now to the distinct noises he heard. Standing up, he picked up Ditti, who transforms into an ice pack. He handed the ditto to her and looked outside. "I'm going to go check, you and your team need to rest." he said, "If it's a herd of zombies, then it'll be a terrifying disadvantage for us if we were to be trap inside with no escape and an injured person." he pointed out.
    He barked at his trainer, who looks up to see Phoenix pointing outside, chortling at him to go.
    "You want to go outside? Why...?" he asks. Phoenix merely shook out his chest fur and climbed out through the window from which they came. Milo cocked his eyebrows but didn't say anything as he follows.
    "Well, someone is acting weird today..." he mutters under his breath as he struggled his way out climbing. He looks back briefly, before unstrapping his bag and laying it down inside. "Ditti, I'm entrusting this egg to you for now," he said.
    Ditti gurgled, and the duo disappeared. Kiki shrilled and flew out after them, leaving Ditti alone with Diamond and the woman's group. Ditti swirled around and looked at Maskerin with a questionable look on their face, eyeing them in an almost teasing way. It blubbed then closed its eyes, seemingly sleeping.
  36. DevVoid

    DevVoid Previously Deathstalker62

    Hades had looked into his rear view mirror, seeing noone was getting on Ghidorah. He waved the Hydreigon over, and let it pick up the motorcycle to lift Hades and Razor into the air. It soon flew above the ocean, towards the home base. Hades had climbed up on the Hydreigon's back and helped Blue and Razor up aswell. Hades had looked to Shadow, then pointed forward to an island in the distance. " See that up ahead? That's where we are headed. " Razor had looked to Blue and shook his head. " Weavile, Wea. ' No, I'm not Blade. My name's Razor. I thought you knew that by now. ' " The weavile responded, looking at the Umbreon in his arms.
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  37. She gently grabbed the bottle from the man as she took the pill for precautionary reasons before she placed them in her bag. She stood up slowly holding onto the wall with her hands but had seemed to recognize that the white dove rolled off her lap. "Oh...I'm sorry..." She said gently picking the white dove up holding him in her hands before placing him on her shoulders. Honey grew scared leaping on her shoulders as well curling her tail around her neck ears back. "Lavi...I'm scared...."she stood her. "Delphox..." Lavi said patting her head to comfort her making her bang fall on her right eye again until only her sky blue colored eye was visible. Lavi lit up her stick as she placed the Ditto down as she stood in front of Maskerin protectively. Maskerin grabbed her bow and arrow from the ground ready to use it if she has to even if she was scared. Lavi had a bad feeling and she didn't like it. She moved her fire lit stick around the abandoned building until she saw a Zoroark and she knew very well who this Zoroark belonged to. "-Its you you conniving black fox!" She growled. "Hehe...give me that girl you have...she will disappear just like her friend..." He said. "Over my dead fox body!" She said using Flamethrower seeing the Zoroark dodge the attack. "Hm, well if that's the case, that other Delphox will be another target for me hehe" he said smirking before leaving them. "-No!-" she said leaving the building. Maskerin felt that something wasn't just right as she stood up returning the girls as she fixed herself before grabbing her bag and placed it on her. She grabbed her sun hat and placed it on her head. "You two stay on my shoulder alright...."she gestured to Honey and the Dove as she grabbed her bow since she dropped her spear somewhere before running out. Lavi made it out of the building seeing the rain had stopped with the sun coming out. She looked around quickly until she saw Pheonix and his trainer along with Zoroark. "-Pheonix protect your trainer and watch out for a Zoroark! He is targeting you!-"She said until she saw him appear behind him as she acted quickly appearing behind Pheonix as she grabbed the Zoroark's arm before throwing him until he hit the ground hard.

    The Zoroark yelped before using all four to stop his sliding. He stood up with a smirk before using Night Daze. Lavi leaped up to dodge it before using Mystical Fire encountering the attack. Maskerin saw Lavi battling the Zoroark as she ran behind her looking forward. "Lavi!" She called seeing her use Flamethrower and then Fire Blast. She looked around then behind her seeing a couple of zombies. "....JC...trained with me with this bow....and..I will not let the training she taught me go to waste..." She told herself having to pull out an arrow. She pulled out a Pokeball as it popped open as a Cinderace appeared out. "Juno...lend me your flames" she asked her. She nodded before using Flamethrower on the tip of the arrow before placing it in her bow pulling back. She let it out before the arrow shot through one of the heads of the zombie burning it quickly to crisps until the arrow exploded killing the group with it. With Juno assisting her with the flames, she took them out as if they were nothing even if she was trembling. Lavi was handling the Zoroark well but had saw him come in close with Crunch grasping her shoulder hitting the super effective move on her using his legs to knock her down kicking her stick out of her hand before slamming his hand around her neck. "-Coward!-" she said. "Hehe, over your dead body right well, let's make that happen shall we" he said fighting the grip on her neck. Both of her paws were on his arm trying to break free as her eyes were shut with teeth clenching.

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    Sniffing the area, Phoenix sadly can't catch a whiff of anything other than just blood and dirt. Milo sauntered a bit off further, observing a relic of some kind on the floor. He held it to the moon, observing the light flickering on the soft gold he held.
    "A currency...haven't seen this I'm some time." He flick the yen away, losing interest in it fast. Phoenix stood next to him while Kiki chirped, picking up the yen then throwing it far. A familiar bark notified the team and Milo was quick to turn.
    A zoroark was suddenly behind them,and Milo gasp as Lavi launched forward and engaged straight up into a fight with the pokemon.
    Phoenix tackled Milo, knocking him out of the danger and leaped around all the attacks, shielding his trainer from any harm. He landed next to Maskerin, who was shooting at a hoard of zombies, sending explosives everywhere. Phoenix looked to her then at Juno. "What is happening, was that zoroark part of your team?" Phoenix demanded, teeth nearly bared in a snarl. He was worried for his trainer, even though the target was him at the moment. Milo groaned and dusted his cloak out, an impatient scowl carved his face. He didn't look happy with the situation, and Phoenix can't blame him. He did drag him out.
    "What did you get us into Phoenix!" He snapped, standing up. Kiki swirled around him, shrieking and pointing at something in the distance. Phoenix turns towards the direction and gasp as he recognized Lavi being pinned down by the zoroark. He didn't waste any time and bolted immediately. Milo's cloak blew after him and he gazed at his pokemons, scattered and trying to help. His breath choked and he looked on, confused as to who to follow now. He watches the girl, killing zombies after zombies and an image was placed in his mind as he realized something painfully familiar.
    She looks so much like his mother. The way her stance was, pulling the arrow back and shooting at the rotten creatures. It was just like his mother when she was fighting her way out.
    He looked away, and gestured at Kiki, "Psychic." He ordered. The Keychain shrilled as it's eyes glowed the obvious blue, freezing the zombies as they met their terrible fate, burned to crisp in explosions and stabbed brutally by arrows. Milo watches this with a almost pained look. These zombies were once humans, once living and laughing, just minding their own business. Some of them might have love ones they wish to return back to, some of them might be like him, left with nothing. It was hard to kill so mercilessly, but right now, it is survival of the fittest all over again, the ones that are too soft dies. He is a man, he is not allowed to cry.
    "Shoot there," he told the girl, pointing at the middle of a closing hoard, they were coming closer, and must be taken out before it gets too overwhelming for arrows to shoot. "you see the zombie in the blue cap right, shoot that one, he have more zombies around him than the others, sending an explosive that way can greatly change the number ratio on their side." He explained.
    Phoenix ran at the zoroark, teeth finally bared and he growled darkly at the pokemon. He launched himself at the zoroark, biting down on their shoulder and proceeds to use flamethrower right after that, sending a shower of fire to plume out his throat. He kept his jaw firm on their shoulder, determined on not letting go.
  39. Maskerin looked to the man and then where he was pointing and at the moment she had this serious and determined look on her face. "I understand...." She said raising her bow as she closed her eyes for the moment to calm her fear and once she was stable she opened her eyes pulling out another bow from behind her. "Juno..." She said as the fire bunny blew her flamethrower at the tip of the arrow before she pulled it back then let it go hitting the zombie with the blue cap right in the head before it exploded eliminating the rest of the group. She lowered her bow as she closed her eyes taking another breath trying to remain calm. "What....a mess this is...." She said to herself before she gave a sad expression to the once human who were now zombies she had to kill off to survive. "Why did this...have to happen...to these...wonderful people...it just isn't right..." She added. Juno looked to Pheonix. "-He is not a member of team! He is the enemy!" Juno said.

    Lavi gasped for breath seeing Pheonix tackle the Zoroark off of her before looking at Pheonix holding him down by the shoulder. She stood up slowly before walking over to Pheonix after grabbing her stick as she lit the top of it. "-It was a mistake to attack us alone!-" Lavi growled. "Pheonix let him go I got him" she said but her ear suddenly flicked to a loud crack which was a large branch snapping from it. Zoroark smirked. "-Fell for my trap!-"he said kicking off the male Delphox getting free distancing himself seeing the branch snap. "-Good luck with being dead fox!" He said before he disappeared in the shadows of the forest. Lavi looked up seeing the large branch coming down at her.

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    His breath hitched in his throat- the lady had named his thoughts out loud, it was almost like spoken in an alien language, the thought sounds different when being said out loud. "There's nothing we can do to change what had happened." He said, "The past cannot be changed, but the future is still controllable," he looks to the girl, "you've lost close ones too, so you should understand why I avoid you." He looked away in what seems like embarrassment, "You were....kind, you asks me to stay, I would've accepted but..." he looks back to her again, "I don't....I don't want to get close, I fear if I do...I lose someone I cherish once more." He buried his face in his hand, as if feeling guilt just by saying that to her. His shoulders trembles slightly and he looks up again, wiping his sleeve across his eyes, hiding tears that threatens to show.
    "So-sorry, I spoke too much, you didn't need to hear that," he said quickly afterwards, turning his back on her whilst hiding his face once more, "forget I said anything, it's wasn't in my attention to tell that to you." He told her.

    Phoenix landed with a huff to the ground, a mouthful of zoroark fur spat out from his jaw. He licked his mouth twice, trying to get the taste of the other pokemon out of it, grimacing at the stank. A loud crack sounded and he looks towards it, seeing a branch falling straight for Lavi, it's merciless shadow casting over her, threatening to devour her in it too.
    "Watch out!" He shrieked, leaping forward and tackling her. The branch landed with a harsh smash, sending a gust of air after the two. Phoenix snap his tail between his legs, yelping as he nearly had it crush underneath the weight of the branch.
    It was silent as he observe the giant, the one that had nearly killed Lavi. He looks down to her, relieved to see she was unharmed by the branch, but grimace when he saw her other injuries.
    "Are you alright? Did the tree hit you anywhere?"

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