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The Enraged Pokemon Mystery (RP)

Discussion in 'Pokémon Role Play' started by AmethystDragon, Jun 5, 2010.

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  1. Ok, I don't know where I would post an RP in this temporary version, but I've had this idea for quite a while, so I think I'll post it here.


    "Jeez, it's hot!" Zack said, currently on the deck chair. He had been out here because a bunch of his friends were having a party, and invited Zack. Zack looked around to find someplace cooler. Then, he saw a big oak tree with massive branches. He walked over there and leaned against the tree, then took his sketchbook out of the backpack that he always wore. He got a pencil and colored pencils, then began to doodle. Zack had been drawing a lot recently, ever since he got the sketchbook. He'd been drawing eyes, pokeballs, imaginary pokemon, and all kinds of other things. He had just been drawing a really cool pokemon when...
    "LOOK OUT!"
    Zack raised his head, then was instantly knocked to the ground. Somebody had tackled him.
    "Hey, what the heck?!?!? Why did you do-" Then Zack saw why.

    Where he had been leaning against the tree, a Fearow had embedded it's beak in the bark.

    "Oh." Zack said, suddenly grateful. "Thanks. You saved my life."
    "No problem. It's what I do." Zack could now see who had saved him. It was a man who looked to be about 20. He had fair skin, stark black hair, green eyes, and was wearing a white shirt and jeans. The man got up, and so did Zack. Zack could see now that the man had white and red shoes.
    "Now then, I'll be off," The man said, then dashed off. After that, Zack noticed that lots of pokemon were ticked off for some reason. One time, he had been walking through the woods to get to Sundance City when a Vileploom came out of nowhere and tried to use Stun Spore on him. Luckily, Zack had dodged, then jumped over the Vileploom and ran the rest of the way. Another, he was going to watch a friend catch an Ambipom, but when his friend threw the pokeball, the Ambipom grabbed it, and threw it right at Zack! Luckily, he hadn't been absorbed or whatever, but it hit him in the face and left a big bruise. It apparently wasn't happening to just him; His mom had been watching the news, and had said,
    "Zack? Come look at this."
    Zack had come over, and heard what the reporter had been saying.
    "...mysterious occurrences in which wild pokemon randomly attack all over the globe. Even cute little pokemon like Chansey have suddenly turned hostile." It was madness. And that madness that left Zack with just one question:

    What's happening to this world?


    Well, how'd ya like it? If you want to join, PM me. I just hope I got it right this time...
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  2. The weather was a bit more humid than he would have liked, but Kari had little to complain about – he was as far away from Makszi as he could manage and had found a place otherwise unknown to him. A series of unfortunate errors had gotten him onto the wrong ship and into a port town he could not remember the name of, but at least all baggage of Kanto had been left behind. With only Empress and Mephisto by his side, Kari had been able to stay at the region’s Pokemon Centres; he was starting to feel like a real trainer and for the first time in his life he was actually enjoying himself.

    Sundance City, the third place Kari had so far visited, was similar to Goldenrod: big, hot and over-flowing with people. He had only been in the park an hour, sitting in the shade of a local artist’s sculptures, when he noticed something strange. The news was hard to miss and, sensationalised as it was, it seemed fairly true. That being said, reading something in a newspaper and seeing it for your own eyes are two very different things. A streak of cream was hurtling over the grass fields, heading toward him. Undeniably vain and stubborn, Empress was not a Persian that would run from a fight (even if it would cost her fur) and especially never from a bird. And yet the scene before him was playing out. Cursing under his breath, Kari left his seat and gave the surrounding area a quick glance. There were many trainers out and about, and the Fearow had to belong to somebody, he just needed to find out whom. A piercing yowl distracted him; there was no time to find the owner of the beast. Empress was a few metres away, the wounds from the attack clearly visible on her coat; she was in no position to fight back.

    “Oh hell... Empress!” A faint crack jolted through his shoulder, but despite the pain Kari got the ball to fly true. At the top of its arc it was engulfed in a flash of light, followed swiftly by a shuddering roar. The dragon smashed into Empress’s tormentor, taking them both to the ground. Already the grass was smoking, it was too green to catch but that could soon change. “Shit, oh shit, I’m sorry. I’m so sorry.” Most of the injuries were shallow; naught but badly bleeding grazes, slowly turning the Perisan’s coat pink. At that moment there nothing, little more than nothing, that Kari could do for her. He had no potions, nor the money to buy them – food or medicine had been the choice two days ago, and, staying in a PokeCentre, he thought he had chosen wisely. The stupidity of his last few months was starting to weigh down; he was all but ready to give over to a sense of crushing futility.

    A woman’s scream brought him back to reality. Behind him the cries of ‘It’s wild! It’s wild!’ filled the air. It took him a moment to realise that the people were talking about the Fearow. It certainly was wild, that much was plain to see now. Mephisto was the holding the bird’s neck in his jaws and there were small flames licking all around the feathers. As the Charizard’s fangs slowly drew the life from his prey, more cries flew up in the distance. A great cloud rose up from the horizon, joined quickly by the sound of a thousand wings.

    Everything had fallen to chaos. Mephisto released his near-dead catch to launch a jet of flame into the sky and other trainers, other Pokemon, followed suit.

    “Mephisto, we need to leave!” There was a murder atop them already; a cacophony of tiny birds and terrified children. Talons scratched into Kari’s arms as he shielded himself from the assault. This place had seemed so calm and so nice before. And now I’m going to be killed by sparrows, hell. With Empress safely within her ball again, he would have been more reckless, but now he could barely see, let alone move. Heat flowed on his left side; a crackling noise told him at the very least something was on fire. A gash on his forehead poured blood down his face and neck – Pokemon had attacked him before, yes, but he could never remember the wounds bleeding so badly.

    There was stillness. The strong, distinct, stench of sulphur came to him.

    “Mephisto? Finally, let’s go,” Clambering onto the Charizard’s back proved difficult; the scaled hide was slick with blood and feathers, offering no purchase. Eventually, though, Kari prevailed. “I can barely see, shit. Can you remember the way back?” Without giving any response Mephisto opened his wings, throwing them forward, creating a large gust to knock smaller creatures out of the way. A surge of wild energy seared the air above and several more of the birds fell to the ground. Though all the trainers in the park had been novices to some extent or other, their concentrated effort was proving itself. Slowly the murder was being pushed back, its numbers dwindling. “Come on, let’s go.” Kari did not want to see what would happen next.

    OOC: Blarg, short reply is short. But hey I got to abuse Kari again, haven't done that in a while! :D
  3. Sir Red

    Sir Red Charms' Caped Crusader

    The afternoon sunlight was streaming down heavily, and despite his best efforts Eoin could not properly shield his eyes from it to take an afternoon nap on the city bench he had taken up occupancy on. Sighing heavily to himself, he moved his arm from his face and swung his legs around and sat up. The young male shook his head clear and looked down at his feet at the two Pokemon curled up under the bench napping happily.

    Eoin reached down and gently shook the blue turtle Pokemon, who quickly poked his head out of his little shell and looked up at his trainer quizzically.

    "Enough lazy afternoon napping today buddy, let's get going," Eoin said as he stood up and stretched out, letting out a big yawn in the process. The Squirtle also stood and stretched out, and when the two were full and ready to go, they looked back under the bench at their still sleeping companion.

    "...Let's go Kumiho," Eoin said as he bent down and gently poked her side. "Up and at 'em you lazy little diva." The little Water turtle also bent down and started to poke the 'sleeping' Vulpix; and much to their chagrin, she kept up the act of sleeping.

    Eoin let out an exasperated sigh and stood up, taking out a Pokeball in the process. "Fine then, ya little butt," he said with joking scowl. He returned Kumiho to her Pokeball and shook his head over the whole mini ordeal. Placing the ball back on his belt, with his other two he turned his attention back to his Squirtle companion.

    "Ready to go Anaklusmos?" The Squirtle was about to reply enthusiastically when suddenly the sky grew oddly dark overhead. Eoin was shook his head and though about his poor luck, when he finally chooses to get up he then gets so clouds over head.

    However, when he looked up he saw something that was about as far from a cloud as possible, it was a near demonic looking sea of streaking shrieking birds. The murder was diving into a wooded area almost like a military air strike.

    "That...something ain't right about that..." Eoin stammered out as he saw flames and various other streaks of destruction rip up into the legions of attacking Spearow. Eoin took a look around the crowded area of Sundance City it was obvious that the assault had attracted everyone's attention, as they watched on in shocked terror.

    "Anak?" Eoin turned his attention to his trusty partner, who nodded slowly. "Let's go." The two quickly set off in the direction of the fray, but before they could take more then three steps a large orange dragon came barreling out of the sea of birds and into the open air, flames being let loose from his mighty mawe.

    Eoin and Anaklusmos came to a halt and watched in awe as the Charizard and his master streaked through the air away from the battle.

    Upon turning his attention back to the battle in the park, Eoin could see that things were begining to die down and there were only a few Spearow still left in the air. Eoin was releaved to see that things had been taken care of, but he was still very worried over why wild Pokemon had suddenly chosen to attack people, and even more so, why in such great numbers. Something just didn't seem right.

    Eoin slowly started to amble back towards the city entranced in thought over the odd occurance he had just witnessed. As he passed the bench he had previously been resting on, he spotted a splotch of green and quickly ran over and grabbed his sweatershirt. He cursed himself for nearly forgetting it and threw it on before looking back to the sky to try and spot the Charizard and its trainer, perhaps they could shed some light onto that odd occurence that just went down.

    Eoin and Anaklusmos set off at a with a goal in mind, something that Eoin had not had in a very long time and as such gave him a funny sense of self-worth that he usually didn't feel.

    OOC: Pretty short post right there, but just trying to get things going and introduce my character.
  4. Kumiko was concerned. The Pokemon were attacking people, getting agitated and turning hostile.

    Tanto wasn't behaving either, but that was normal.

    I'm tellin' ya! he complained, You're an idiot! Nothin' like Shikasho. Maybe I should just leave to look for him.

    They were walking towards a nearby town through some woods. The fire blazing from Tanto's wrists was not helping any situations, and Dragon was constantly having to put out the resulting flames to prevent a forest fire, in which they would all be burnt to a crisp.

    Stop being stupid, Crimson retorted, You know that everywhere is dangerous. It's like we're the only sane ones or something.

    Tanto walked straight into a tree as a way of headwalling, but it was a very comical effect, especially when the tree then proceeded to fall down on top of him, only to be smashed into pieces with a Sky Uppercut. Tanto then emerged, pieces of wood stuck in his hair and eyes blazing with unparalleled fury, which made everyone laugh harder.

    We should keep looking for Jynx, y'know? Dragon pointed out, She'd know the answer.

    Kumiko stopped abruptly, causing Dragon to fly straight into her by accident and fall to the floor with a thud, having hit himself full in the face into a solid human being.

    'She's dead,' Kumiko said bluntly and monotonously, 'There's no way we can find her if she's dead.'

    I've always wondered how an idiot like you can understand us Pokemon, Tanto pointed out, pulling the wood out of his hair, You're nothing like Shikasho.

    Kumiko shrugged and Tanto snorted, creating more flames and nearly starting a blazing inferno, as Dragon was still tending to his poor nose and couldn't put out the fire. Instead, Kumiko tread on the fire and put it out instantly.

    'It runs in the family,' she replied, still using her familiar monotonous tone, 'Jynx used to be able to do it too.'

    We could talk to the wild Pokemon, perhaps? Dragon suggested, getting back up in the air, having deemed his nose fit to work once more, It might work.

    'Doubt it,' Kumiko replied, 'Besides, I don't want to put any of you in danger. Let's just keep going.'

    They continued walking through the dark forest, watching the Caterpie climb up the trees and the Metapod and Kakuna hatch into Butterfree and Beedrill.

    After about five minutes, they walked out into a clearing, and sat down for a small rest.
  5. Zack was lounging in his room, still wondering what had caused these pokemon to go berserk when his mom called him.
    "Yeah, Mom?"
    "I need favor. Come down here." Zack trudged down the stairs and saw his mom sitting on the couch. "I need you to go deliver something to my friend in Sundance City."
    "Because she really needs it for a project she's working on, and it's due by 4:15."
    "Oh." Zack's mom handed him a weird mechanical thing and a strip of paper with an address on it. Zack began to walk out the door, but then realized something. "What if I get attacked by those ticked-off pokemon?"
    "Hmm.... you have a point." Zack's mom sat and thought for a while, then she snapped her fingers. "Well, Zack, I think it's time you got a pokemon."
    Zack's jaw dropped. His mom had always said that he was too young for a pokemon, even now when he was 12. But he was finally getting a pokemon!
    "Thank you!" Zack said enthusiastically. He then dashed out the door with machine and paper in hand, and ran to Professor Redwood's lab.
    "Why hello, Zack," Professor Redwood said when he saw Zack burst in, "What are you doing here? I thought your mother would never let you get a pokemon."
    "Well, she let me get one now because of all the rampaging pokemon. I need one to protect myself."
    "Well then, have a look. I have every starter in the world in this lab."
    "What about the ones from Isshu? Y'know, Tsutaaja, Pokabu, and Mijimaru."
    "Well, sadly, those are off-limits even to me."
    "Oh. Still, I have a lot to choose from." Zack marveled at all of the choices. "I choose... Totodile!" Zack grabbed the pokeball and released the pokemon inside. "Whoa..." Zack marveled.
    His Totodile was shiny.
    "Looks like you were very lucky today, Zack. Every day I add a shiny starter to my others. If a trainer is lucky, they get their mitts on the shiny," Redwood explained, "And you were lucky."
    "Wow. Thank you, Professor Redwood. I'll take good care of him."
    "Alright. So long, Zack! Oh, and don't forget these!" And with that, Redwood gave Zack some pokeballs, walked with him to the path to Sundance City, and bid him good luck. While he was walking the path with his Totodile beside him, a wild Skarmory came out of the woods. Zack was startled my this, but regained his senses enough to know he should try to catch it.
    "Totodile, use Water Gun!" A stream of water came right from Totodile's mouth. It hit dead on, and knocked the Skarmory to the ground. "Now use Bite!" Totodile bit the Skarmory's wing, and even though the Skarmory tried to shake him off, Totodile stayed on. After a while, the Skarmory seemed like it was about to collapse. Now's my chance, Zack thought. He grabbed one of his pokeballs and hurled it at the Skarmory. The Skarmory was sucked into the pokeball in a bright white light, while Totodile, who had still been hanging onto Skarmory's wing, fell face-first into the dirt. Zack kept his eyes trained on the pokeball he had thrown. One shake... two shakes... three shakes.... click! "YES!!!" Zack yelled loudly.
    A bit too loudly.
    A whole flock of Spearow flew above the trees, apparently awoken from sleep. But the many enraged Spearow didn't scare him. It was the other kind of pokemon that scared him, and it scared him like nothing else could.


    Zack was terrified. He ran along the path, grabbing his pokeball and scooping up his Totodile, and ran as fast as his legs could carry him. He ran and ran and ran, until he found himself in Sundance City, and no Spearow or Fearow in sight. Zack sighed a sigh of relief, and looked at the paper in his hand. "6023 Lightburst Road," Zack read aloud, "Well, I'm on Lightburst Road, so the house can't be far." Zack looked around the street. "6019, 6020, 6021, 6022... there!" Zack exclaimed, "6023!" Zack dashed inside. A woman was sitting next to machine. Hearing Zack come in, she turned to look at him. "Who are you?" the woman asked.
    "I'm Jane's son. She asked me to bring you this thing." Zack handed the woman the machine.
    "Oh! Thank you, young man. What's your name?"
    "Zack. That's a nice name."
    "Well, I have to get back to my mom's house. Bye!"
    Zack walked out the door. He felt good. That is, until, he looked up.

    The sky was flooded with Spearow.

    He could see other people attacking the spearow, and a Charizard sucking the life right out of the Fearow. Zack was shocked. He decided that he needed to help. Besides, he had led them here. He ran to the center of the city. "Go, Totodile! Go, Skarmory!" The pokemon let out cries of anger when Zack released them. Totodile started using Water Gun on the Spearow overhead, while Skarmory took to the skies and used Steel Wing. He saw the Charizard let go of the Fearow and use Flamethrower on the Spearow. He heard someone yell, "Mephisto, we need to leave!" It was a man, that had a dusky-brown skin tone. The man had a Persian return to it's pokeball and braced himself. Lots of Spearow were attacking the man. He was bleeding badly, and Zack wasn't too optimistic about the man. The man said something that Zack didn't hear, then began to climb onto the Charizard, who apparently was called Mephisto. Mephisto began to flap its wings and blew some Spearow to the ground. Zack ran over to the man to ask why he was abandoning them, then he noticed the Fearow. By the look in it's eyes, Zack could tell that it was out for blood. Without thinking, he made Totodile return to it's pokeball, then called his Skarmory over. He hopped on Skarmory's neck and yelled, "Skarmory, we've gotta get out of here now, or that Fearow's gonna kill us!" Without hesitation, Skarmory flapped its wings hard, knocking more Spearow to the ground, then took off. Zack had no idea where he should go, but then he saw the Charizard named Mephisto flying somewhere. "Skarmory, follow that Charizard!" Skarmory followed close behind the Charizard, then eventually came beside it. He could see the man clearer now. He had mussy brown-grey-blond hair that looked strangely like cat-ears, which was kind of odd, a black tee shirt, baggy jeans, boots, elbow length fingerless gloves, and a grey scarf. Zack decided to talk to the man.
    "Hi, I'm Zack. Any idea where you're going? I don't have a clue. I've just been following you this whole time."
  6. It was in the clearing that the Spearow and Fearow chose to attack Zack and the nearby bystanders.

    Those Spearow are insane, Tanto pointed out bluntly, Not to mention that bloomin' Fearow.

    I feel sorry for those boys, Dragon said.

    They all got into battle stances and started fighting the Spearow with full force, felling them with ease.

    All, that is, except Tanto, who was busy attacking the Fearow. In midair.

    How is he flying? Crimson asked suddenly, referring to Tanto.

    Who knows? Dragon replied, Don't question him or he'll probably fall out of the sky like a shooting star.

    OOC: Couldn't put as much description into this one, kinda cut off my nose to spite my own face >_<
  7. Anonymous

    Anonymous Guest

    Meanwhile at the City gate, Frank and Katrina are walking into the City.

    "We're Finally here, the famed Sundance City, it reminds me of home." Frank said as they entered.

    "Really?" Katrina replied. "Is this what Goldenrod is like?"

    At that moment Flame looked up into the sky. "Flareon, Flareon flare!"

    "Whats wrong?" Frank looked up into the sky and what he sees amazes him.

    "Hey, whats with all those Spearrow, that’s not normal."

    "What do you think it is?" Katrina asked.

    "I have no idea, we should follow the swarm to wherever they're headed!" Frank summons Flame back into his pokeball and the two run off in the direction of the Sundance Park.

    It’s not long before they are at the park where everything is happening.

    "Woah, check this out..." Katrina directs Frank to the direction of the scene where trainers are desperately fighting off wild Spearrow and Fearrow.

    Almost automatically Frank knew something was wrong and he knew he had to help those trainers, and so did Katrina.

    “Fury! Crusoe! I need you both right now!” Frank sends out a Charizard and a Dragonite propped and ready for combat.

    “I need you guys to take to the skies with me and Katrina, understood?”

    Fury the Charizard and Crusoe the Dragonite both nodded their heads in compliance as Frank climbed onto Fury’s back and Katrina climbed onto Crusoe.

    “Okay, Crusoe, you do anything and everything Katrina tells you, okay?”

    The Dragonite nods his head and lets out the hi-pitched roar most Dragonites do.

    “Okay lets take to the skies!” The two gigantic beasts take off at sound speed into the swarm of Spearrow and Fearrow.

    In the air Frank notices another Charizard being followed by a Skarmory. By instinct he leads Fury in that direction certain that Katrina and Crusoe will do fine.

    Meanwhile Katrina is taking out hundreds of Spearrow.

    “Crusoe! Use Draco Meteor!” Katrina commanded.

    The Large Dragon pokemon summons hundreds of meteors into the atmosphere and starts hitting Spearrow instantly.

    From behind a Fearrow comes in for the attack and Crusoe responds with a powerful Aqua Tail, sending the little bastard flying.

    *shreak* “That was a close one, thanks.” Katrina praised Crusoe.

    They continue taking on the mass swarms while Frank catches up to the other Charizard and the Skarmory, realizing there’s trainers riding them.

    “Hey, where are you guys headed? All the actions over there. But… Do either of you know whats going on here?”

    OOC: Kinda short, but I don’t think it’s that bad for my first ever RP post.
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  8. Zaron and Kaitlyn were making out on a park bench in Sundance City when it happened. A Fearow streaked between their faces when they pulled apart and hit a statue in one of the gardens. Kaitlyn shreiked and fell off the bench and Zaron hopped up and threw a Pokeball. A orange and yellow Arcanine popped out. The Fearow got back up and they say pure, unfiltered hate in it's eyes.

    "Pyros, Flamethrower that thing!" He called. Pyros roared and shot a column of flame at the bird. It caught fire and flapped its charred wings and squaked. Kaiyltn had called out a Ninetails.

    "Anastasia, use Swift to end this!" Anastasia shot forward and threw stars at the Fearow. They hit it dead on ad the Fearow stopped moving. Kaitlyn collapsed into Zaron's arms and started crying.

    "What's going on? Why did that Fearow attack us? Is it wild? *sob.*" Zaron stroked her hair and looked at the sky. A large dark cloud was moving towards them.“It’s okay, love. I think that it just was confused. And, yeah, I think it was wild.” Zaron said soothingly.

    Kaitlyn looked up at him and said, “I’m just miserable that we killed it. I’ve never killed anything before in my life.” She let out another sob.

    Zaron looked up at the sky again. The large cloud had gotten close. He looked more closely and realized that it wasn’t a cloud. He saw millions of tiny fluttering wings and tiny red eyes...

    He picked up Kaitlyn and set her upright. “Kaitlyn, we need to leave, now. Those Spearow,” He pointed at the mass of wings and beaks. “Will kill us if we don’t.”

    Kaitlyn got wide eyed and whistled. Anastasia bounded over and Kaitlyn hopped on her back. Zaron called over Pyros and did the same. They both bounded away and ran into two other teens.

    Kaitlyn jumped off of Anastasia and addressed herself and Zaron. “Have you any idea what’s going on?”

    The male of the two replied, “We don’t know. But, we did see this guy on a Charizard. He seemed to be flighting the the Spearow. He went that way.” He pointed to his right.

    The duo thanked them and dashed to their right. They passed a few trees and statues and arrived at a clearing. In the center, a group of people were fighting some Spearow. In the air, a man on a Charizard was fighting the Spearow as well.

    Zaron looked at the carnage around them. Dead Spearow were everywhere, including the occasional injured person.

    Zaron and Kaitlyn exchanged a look that said the same thing: What is going on in the world?
  9. Confused buzzing was the most of what Kari could make out. He was getting tired – so very tired – and it was all he could do to keep from falling off Mephisto’s back. The buzzing continued, forming a disturbing parody of words. Though it took a while, eventually his vision partly returned; the city started to resolve itself around him. Slowly he came to the realisation that there was something flying near him: a form that seemed little more than a child, merging into a great silver bird. He knew that it was likely a trainer and he knew that, had he had the strength, he would have understood what that child was blithering about.

    Mephisto started a gradual dive, turning them awkwardly away from the other trainer. Kari’s stomach lurched at the move. Though the dragon was not moving quickly, Kari did wish he would slow. They landed shortly after, coming to rest in the middle of great a hubbub outside the city’s PokeCentre. The noise grew louder as they came in to rest; people were yelling, demanding to know what was happening. The crowd parted and swelled, roiling in the street.

    Kari fell to the ground, landing hard on his side. Just the mere notion of movement made him nauseas. Rolling onto his knees, he let go of the scant remains of that morning’s breakfast. Oh god, god, was that in my mouth? Please let that be from my mouth. Through the haze and clotted remains could be seen red streaks on the pavement, mingled with half-chewed bits of toast. Arms shaking Kari tried to pull away from the puddle before he fell again, but succeeded only in going again to his side. His shoulder screamed in pain, for a moment it granted a surreal clarity. Looming above him, Mephisto kept a wary guard. Covered in blood he gave off a far more fearsome visage, belying his true nature. Only one soul was brave – or stupid – enough to get near.

    “Well, at least we’re prepared for idiots like you...” Already the world was losing its focus again. Kari could only just see a deep orange muzzle worryingly near a person’s head. “Come on, need to get you inside. You’ll be fine.” Strong arms slid under his body, causing him to hiss as the touched his shoulder. The person muttered again, but adjusted their hold so as to avoid the painful spot. Being lifted from the ground, feet dangling and head slumped forward, Kari felt himself fading away.

    “No... don’t need... Empre... szi...”


    Michael felt the boy go limp in his arms. Instinct screamed at him to get away from the Charizard as fast as possible – it looked as if it bathed in blood on a daily basis – but his duty came first. As a trainee doctor, he had been prepared for the known stupidity of Pokemon trainers, but he was starting to wonder if anyone else was. The Nurse Joy of the Centre had set aside a room for injured trainers; it had been intended for little things, bumps and scrapes. Michael thanked his stars that he had had the foresight to kit it out the week before. The calm manner with which the Charizard followed him inside was far more terrifying than he thought it should have been.

    “Chan, chansey!” One of the nurse assistants – and Michael had learnt to no longer scoff at the idea of using this particular Pokemon in a medical setting – started to fumble at his patient’s belt.

    “Hey! What the hell are you- oh, right... yeah, ok,” Indignation and embarrassment mixed in equal measures as Michael realised that the Chansey was not, in fact, trying to disrobe an unconscious young man in front of scores of people, but rather to remove a ball she had seen on his belt. I’m not a bad doctor; anyone would have missed that given the circumstances. “Channy, let me work! And hose down this beast.”

    The Chansey took to her task with glee, leaving him to face his own.

    “Please don’t let this be too difficult...”


    OOC: So, Kari's unconcious and in the hands of a a guy who doesn't quite seem confident in what he's doing. Sometimes I wonder if I'm trying to kill my characters.
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  10. Zack realized, after a few seconds, the man was severely injured. Zack continually asked "Are you ok," and "Do you need help," but the man never responded. After quite a while, he felt a jerk. Zack realized that Skarmory had landed. Zack looked around. Big bustling city, somewhat of a purple hue... yep, that's Chrysanthemum City, Zack thought. Zack looked at the Charizard named Mephisto just in time to see the man fall off and land on his side. Zack's eyes widened. Is he... dead? Zack thought. A man burst out of the Pokemon Center, which Zack realized was nearby. Apparently, that Charizard knew it's trainer was injured. Smart, Zack thought. The man who had burst out of the Pokemon Center shook the other man, muttered something, then scooped him up and carried him inside. Zack quickly followed, along with that Charizard. The man-who Zack could now see that his nametag said Michael- went inside a room with a sign that said 'Trainer Clinic'. As the minutes ticked by, a Chansey walked out of the room. She said something in Pokemon language to the Charizard. Apparently, the Charizard understood, and followed the Chansey. I waited around, laying on a bench. Somebody tapped on my shoulder. I opened my eyes. It was a woman, apparently an employee of the Pokemon Center. "Hello, young man. We saw you land next to this man's Charizard. Do you know him?" Zack shook his head.
    "No. But I did see what happened."
    "Well, tell me. But first, have a seat." The woman pointed to a very comfy-looking chair. Zack sat down.
    "So, what happened?" the woman asked again.
    Zack told her everything that happened- from that strange man saving him from that Fearow the first time to landing next to the pokemon center.
    "Oh," The woman said, "Would you like to see him?"
    "Yes, I would."
    "Alright. This way." The woman led Zack through a hallway or two, then into a room. Inside, Zack saw the man laying on a bed. "I'll leave you two for a while," the woman said, then left. Zack stood next to the man, waiting, hoping he was just unconscious instead of dead. Zack watched the clock as he waited. One minute... two minutes... three minutes... Zack thought, hoping the man was alive. ...four minutes... Right at that minute, Zack heard a groan. Zack looked over at the man. He was regaining consciousness. Zack anxiously stood over the man, staring at his face. Slowly, the man's eyelids began to flutter open.
    "Are you ok?" I asked, waiting for a response.
  11. Anonymous

    Anonymous Guest

    Katrina was holding tight. She had no will to let these Spearow and Fearow win. "Crusoe use Thunder!" she exclaimed. Instantly, Crusoe used his powers to summon down heavy bolts of electricity, frying most of the crazed pokemon in site. Katrina, about to cry because she realized she had just commanded a pokemon to kill many other pokemon and that pokemon did so perfectly, kept battling on.

    Whats wrong with these, wild pokemon? She thought, I've never seen pokemon attacking so viciously to where trainers are forced to make their pokemon fight to the death to escape! A cloud of Fearow came charging towards her and Crusoe, viciously. "Crusoe, Hyperbeam NOW!" Crusoe obeyed, out of its mouth came a super charged Hyperbeam, cutting through most of the swarm, but leaving some stragglers. These stargglers came and savaged Crusoe. They fell out of the sky from a high altitude, if she hit the ground she would most certainly die.

    Crusoe's wing was savaged and torn to shreds, if not treated soon, he would never be able to fly again. Katrina summoned Crusoe back to his pokeball.

    Meanwhile, Frank had given up on Kari and Zack, they were unable to hear each other because of the spearrow and Fearrow, he also noted that Kari seamed injured. He assumed that they would be headed to the pokemon center because of the injuries. He heads back to the frey. When he returns he sees Katrina falling from the sky. He rushes in to try to catch her, but he knows that no matter what he'll never be there in time. But right in the nick of time, the man who had saved Zack when this all started had caught Katrina. Frank lands and then summons Fury back into his pokeball.

    "Thank you, sir." Frank said, "You saved her life!"

    "No problem" the man replied, he then ran off into the city.

    "Katrina!" Frank rushed over to her, "Are you okay? What happened to Crusoe?"

    "Some Fearrow savaged his wing, we need to get him to a pokemon center, NOW!" she replied.

    The pokemon center is on the other side of town. By now, the entire city was overrun by Spearrow and Fearrow. They would need pokemon to get through. They summoned their pokemon.

    "Flame I need you!" Flame popped out of its pokeball ready to join the brawl.

    "Flare its your time to shine!" Flare, Katrina's Ninetails, popped out of its pokeball and started glowing.

    "Good she knows the drill, Katrina, she's using confusion to bumbaurd the wild pokemon in our way."

    "And Flame will, take out the ones that confusion missed!"

    The four started running through the city. Katrina looked up, "Look at them, all of those trainers flying through those swarms to get to the pokemon center..." "Yeah," Frank replied, "I have a map in my pokegear, we'll be there in no time flat. Katrina, hold my pokegear, your the goddess of navigation, without you I'd been lost in the Hoenn region." Katrina blushed a little bit and when they turned the corner, the pokemon center was there.

    Frank Bolted for the door with Crusoe's pokeball in hand, shortly leaving Katrina, Flame and Flare on their own until they caught up. He rushed in and as soon as he got in, "NURSE JOY! MY DRAGONITE NEEDS INTENSIVE CARE IMMEDIATELY!"

    "What is the problem?" She replied calmly.


    "Okay, calm down, let me see you're Dragonite." Nurse Joy requested

    "Crusoe show your wing to Nurse Joy."

    Crusoe popped out of his pokeball, with a bleeding wing torn down to the bone in some places, and then he collapsed of the bloodloss.

    "CRUSOE!" Frank exclaimed as he fell to his knees by his dying pokemon. Frank began to cry. *sob* "No" *sniff* "This can't be happening! It CAN'T"

    Flame sat down next to Frank. "Flareon, Flareon, Flare..."

    "I know buddy," Frank said back to Flame, reading his emotions, "I'm worried about him too.."

    "Oh my," said Nurse Joy "Wow the first critical case in Sundance city. This Dragonite isn't the only one. Many of the trainers have been flying to Chrysanthemum city, because this pokemon center has little tools for dealing with this type of injury, but we'll take good care of your Dragonite until we can get it transfered to Chrysanthemum city. Chansey, get this Dragonite into bed 2 and stabalize his wounds and blood capacity!"

    "Please, make haste in doing so." Frank demanded still sobbing about his Dragonite.

    a Chansey came and lifted his Dragonite into the back of the center.

    Katrina and Frank both summoned their pokemon back into their pokeballs. Katrina walked next to Frank fell to her knees and started crying on his shoulder. "Oh, Frank" *sob* "It's all my fault, if I had been more careful-" Frank stopped her there. "Katrina, it's not your fault, even if it was I could never blame because I- I love you."

    "W-What?" Katrina asked back in astonishment, "R-R-Really?"

    "Yeah, ever since I met you on that ferry to Hoenn 2 years ago..."

    "I love you too." Katrina said back.

    They leaned in and finally do what they've always wanted to do, the kiss each other on the lips...

    ... After they stop kissing. Frank stood up and thought about the matter at hand, Okay lets see, Frank thought to himself, All these pokemon are wild and attacking everything for no apparent reason, plus there Spearrow and Fearrow, two of the most agrressive species of pokemon there is... Thats when it hit him, "Spearrow and Fearrow! They're the only wild pokemon to be attacking so viciously as to fight to the death! But why only them? Something isn't right, I need more information..."
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    Kerauno, I've received complaints regarding your post and, having read it, found the complaints to have good merit.

    Please remember that you're not to auto other characters. It shows a complete lack of respect for another person's intellectual properties.

    However, this kind of detail should be worked out between the members of the RP. Please PM each other explaining your issue politely and respectfully - the rule has not been breached to the point where it is a serious offense. Please keep that in mind for the future.
  13. Sir Red

    Sir Red Charms' Caped Crusader

    Eoin walked around the still shocked and bustling city at much more relaxed paced then he originally set out at. The brown-haired youth would occasionally look up at the now relatively calm sky and wonder to himself if he really saw what he thought, or was it all just a dream. Whenever he came close to being able to convince himself that it was all an weird and realistic dream, he would hear or see something to reinforce the fact that the swarm of murderous birds were in fact very much real.

    Eoin ran his fingers through his shaggy hair wondering to himself if he should get it cut now or later. Lost in his own thought he hardly realized that he had wandered out of the city and into the wilderness. It took Eoin quite a bit to be ripped from his thoughts and back into reality, but what finally did it was the sound of tumbling water. Eoin looked down at the little blue turtle that was walking next to him.

    "So...Where are we?", the youth asked his companion, who simply responded by glaring at him which was followed by a barating in Pokemon tongue.

    "Okay, okay. My bad for spacing out, but you're supposed to be the one to keep me from spacing," Eoin said as he bent down and jokingly poked Anaklusmos in the chest. The Squirtle simply stared back at him before playfully tackling his trainer. The two laughed and got up, chasing each other towards the sound of the rushing water.

    After running a bit they came into a clearing that was situated at the base of a large and tumbling waterfall. Both trainer and Pokemon stopped and took in the majestic specticule of something so amazing and beautiful that only nature can craft it. The water poured down into the decent sized lake and created a mist that, when the sun hit it just right, filled the air with a magnificient array of rainbows of differing sizes and hues. The trees in the area provided a perfect cover from both nature as well as society.

    After starring in awe for a bit longer Eoin decided to do what he did best, shirking from responsibility and the task at hand. He quickly changed into swimtrunks that he had in his bag before jumping into the secluded lake. As Eoin surfaced he rubbed the water out of his eyes just in time to see a blue streak come flying at his face. He quickly dove back underwater just in time to avoid the head-hunting tackle of Anaklusmos.

    Eoin resurfaced once more and turned around to only get hit in the face by a playful Water Gun. Eoin turned his face and swam at his best friend and partner. However, in the water he was at a massive disadvantage to the Water Type, who easily avoided his trainer and swam around spraying him with water. Anaklusmos, not usually one to goof around like this, was really cutting loose and have a grand old time.

    After carrying on like this for a while the two calmed down and casually floated about in the water, taking it all in and relaxing. Eoin was trying to stay afloat on his back whilst Anaklusmos casually swam circles around him, both figuratively and literally.

    "So what do you think all of that stuff was earlier?" Eoin asked casually before sinking back underwater yet again, he knew full and well that Anaklusmos couldn't respond to him in a way that he could understand, but talking about things out loud helped Eoin to think better. Anaklusmos simply shrugged in response.

    Eoin stared at the Squirtle and nodded, "Sounds about right..." Before he could say anything else Eoin felt something brush up against his feat and he jumped a little. "What the heck was that?" He asked aloud, trying to play off his surprise. He peared down into the water and at first couldn't make out anything.

    Anaklusmos took note of Eoin's perculiar behavior and following his line of vision dove underwater to see what had captured his trainer's attention. Upon submerging himself Anaklusmos began peering around. The rough rock walls and floor of the lake were covered in seaweed and various other forms of water plants. However, non such plant-life were anywhere near where Eoin was wading water.

    Anaklusmos swam closer to Eoin still peering around for what had brushed up against him. Out of the corner of his eye Anaklusmos spotted some movement that was out of the ordinary.

    Turning just in time he spotted a charging Goldeen barreling towards him and Eoin at breakneck speed, horn lowered and ready for peircing. Anaklusmos knew that he had the opportunity to move and dodge the incoming attack, but that would leave Eoin open, and being a human he'd surely be worse for the wear after recieving a Horn Attack from the Goldeen.

    Anaklusmos did the only thing that he knew was right at the moment and threw an arm back creating a wave that pushed Eoin back towards the shore. The Squirtle turned just in time to lessen the impact of the blow by attempting to grab the Goldeen's horn. The blow was still impactful and knocked the wind out of Anaklusmos, but luckily for him they were close enough to the top that they broke the surface of the lake and rose into the air.

    As the two seperated in midair two things happened quicker then Anaklusmos could comprehend. One, he was suddenly traveling up into the air again being carried by somebody or something not much larger then himself, and a large ball of green energy was ripping into the Goldeen and sending it flying across the lake.

    Anaklusmos was set down on a large branch with his back against the tree. It was now that he saw his savior, standing infront of his was a brown Pokemon of humaniod shape with an exceptionally large nose. The Nuzleaf nodded at Anaklusmos before leaping off the branch, a flurry of leaves falling in his haste.


    The Nuzleaf landed on the shore near Eoin and Kumiho, who was firing off Energy Balls at whim at the now turbulent lake. Everyone Eoin looked Goldeen and the occasional Seaking where surfacing and leaping into the air angerly, occasionally spewing water at Eoin and his Pokemon at the shore.

    "Zenju, take Anaklusmos' Pokeball and let's get out of here," Eoin said as he tossed a standard Pokeball towards the Nuzleaf who nodded in compliance and once more lept into the air once more leaving falling leaves in his wake.

    "What the hell is going on..." Eoin said as he watched in awe as the Pokemon of the lake continued to rampage savagely. After watching for a bit longer as the little fox Pokemon by his side tried to stay dry whilst still occasionally firing off Energy Balls at the offending Water Gun users.

    Upon Zenju's return Eoin quickly grabbed his bag, and returning his other two companions to their respective balls, ran back the way he had come from and away from the deadly lake.

    OoC: Tried something a bit different with this post. If there's anything wrong with this, just let me know. Just wanted to include some other Pokemon in the attacks.
  14. Kari hissed in pain. His gloves had been cut off and lay in ruined heaps on the floor. The front of t-shirt was gone as well, leaving his chest exposed to cold, sterile air. The pain was growing lesser and no longer clouding his mind – the blood loss was doing that instead. He tried to move, but that proved to require more effort than it was worth. Besides, that doctor is passably attractive.

    “You’re awake, excellent. You’ve lost a bit of blood, but don’t worry I’ve used a substitute that’s just as good. You keep slipping in and out, but you’ll be stable in a little- oh, well there we go” Michael cleaned the last of the cuts, applying creams and bandages where need be. His patient was unconscious again but something told him it would not be for long. In the short time of his treatment, the young man was already showing signs of improvement. Michael decided this to be of his own ministrations rather than any other external factor. Still there were vaccinations to be performed, if the talk about the wild bird attacks was correct; even if they were not the sparse records available implied that this man had had no such injections in quite so time.

    “What the fuck is that?” The injection was only half the way done and out of habit, Michael finished it. He was met with an incredulous stare; his patient, it seemed, was not impressed. There was a measure of unhealthy anger that put him aback.

    “A vaccine... for bird flu...” Michael tried to convince himself he had done nothing wrong. He was a doctor, acting in the best interests of his patient. The glare he was receiving was making him feel otherwise. Worryingly desperate to put it to rest, he tried to change the subject. “So what’s a ‘szi’? Is English not your first language?” If Michael had not known better, he would have sworn winter had set in. Turning from the counter where he had been re-arranging he saw his patient now sitting bolt upright and quite firmly trying to glare him into oblivion. Unfortunately Michael only had one tactic for dealing with situations like these. “So, injections?”

    This time Kari found it dutiful to oblige. He knew he should not have reacted so coldly to the doctor’s innocent question, the man had no way of knowing what it meant. With the last of the injections finished, he still felt light-headed, most likely the result of his sudden sitting-up.

    “Michael?” Kari gritted his teeth, curling his fingers over the edge of the table. He was trying, and failing, to ignore the pain and spinning sensations that had started to assault him. He did not object when the doctor forcibly laid him down on the table. Speaking seemed to have taken a lot from him and if he had wanted to resist he would not have had the energy for it. “Hssh... dammit, where are my clothes? I need new ones, I sw-”

    Again the young man lost consciousness and this time Michael took it to be a blessing. Quickly he made sure that the patient was moved to a small recovery room attached to the medical, but open to the public, and that some of the random-bin clothes were made available. Letting out a deep breath he hoped that not all of his patients would be this stressful.

    Not a short time later Kari awoke. A surge of orange hit him and he groaned. He vaguely caught a question asking after his state and he merely nodded in reply. Then he realised there should not have been anybody there.

    “Who’re you and where are my damn clothes?” Kari was disgruntled, but given the circumstances it was hardly a surprise. To be attacked by rabid Pokemon, then to be reminded of a man he promised he would never think of again and finally to find a random child playing at being nurse; it was getting all too much too quickly. He threw a cautious eye to a pile of black cloth behind the boy – no doubt those were his clothes. “Wait, Empress!” He scrambled to get out of the bed, but fell harshly to his knees.

    OOC: Blargh. But hey, continuation points! The black cloth is, at least, one too-tight t-shirt (:3) and an oversized hoodie, to replace what Kari lost. Michael decieded they would probably be the clothes least likely to get him killed. Kari has a scar on his stomach, if anyone wants to know (I cannot for the life of me remember if I've mentioned this before, probably in Memoirs which was lost in the transfer) and it's a soft pink compared to his usual dusky brown. He's like a poorly made Cadbury's chocolate button.
  15. Zack looked at the man. He groaned, then nodded in reply. Then the man bolted upright.
    "Who're you and where are my damn clothes?" the man said in anger. Zack jumped. He was speechless for a second. The man looked around the room. Something had caught the man's eye. Zack turned to see what the man was looking at. It appeared to be a black lump. A few seconds later, Zack realized that they were clothes.
    "Wait, Empress!" the man yelled. Zack was both surprised and confused. The man then scrambled, trying to get out of bed, but then landed on his knees.
    Ouch, Zack thought, wincing.
    The man then climbed back into his bed, then glared at Zack. Zack was a bit unnerved. Then Zack realized what the man wanted; the clothes! Zack snapped his fingers, then grabbed the somewhat large black pile and handed it to the man. The man had a satisfied look in his eyes when Zack handed him the clothes.
    "I'll wait outside while you change," Zack said to the man, then exited the room.
    Zack waited outside the room patiently, not peeking in because he didn't want to accidentally see the man naked. He waited there for several minutes, waiting for the man to come out.

    OOC: I asked Tatile what he wanted Kari to do, and wrote what he said. By the way, can someone tell me what OOC stands for?
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    Meanwhile, Frank and Katrina are still at the Sundance City Pokemon Center waiting for Nurse Joy to transfer Crusoe to the Chrysanthemum City pokemon Center. They are watching the news to keep up on the happenings of the region, then they hear something disturbing.

    The anchorwoman continues on the story of the wild pokemon.

    "There have been hundreds of reports of wild pokemon attacking humans all over the region in the past few hours. Its been so bad, that a Trainer and his Pidgeot were found dead after being mauled by a gang of wild Luxray."

    "Oh my god!" Katrina exclaimed, holding Frank close after she heard the news. "A DEAD trainer?! These wild pokemon are going beyond just vicious, they're deadly!"

    "So it isn't just Spearrow and Fearrow, after all..." Frank mumbled under his breath.

    "What?" Katrina asked.

    "Nothing important anymore, Katrina, lets just get back to worrying about Crusoe." Frank replied back.

    At that moment Nurse Joy walked into the center carrying the Safari ball that Crusoe resides in after battle. She then puts the ball into the Transfer machine.

    "Frank, is it?" Nurse Joy said to the trainer, "We're ready to transfer your Dragonite to the Chysanthemum Pokemon center. You may also want to go there if you're injured as they have a trainer's clinic there as well."

    "Yes, nurse." Frank said back, "But how do you suggest we get there without being attacked by these wild pokemon?"

    Nurse Joy pointed at a trapdoor on the other side of the room. "There, in case of emergency like this the Sundance City and Chrysanthemum City pokemon centers have made an underground passage that connects them together to get trainers to their pokemon quickly. The tunnel is very long but lit and its very unlikely that you'll run into any wild pokemon down there, thats the way I suggest you two go."

    "Thank you, Nurse Joy." The two said as they entered the passage.

    When they got down there, they realised that the tunnel is very long and a bit tight. Katrina, being claustrophobic, didn't like this at all, but she trecked on anyway. The tunnel seemed long but its a short walk after about an hour, they make it to the end of the passage and in to the Chrysanthemum Pokemon Center.

    "We're here at last" Frank said.

    "Finaly! We're out of that horrid whole!" Katrina exclaimed glad to be out of the tight space.

    "Nurse," Frank called at the counter, "My name is Frank, I'm the trainer of the Dragonite you recieved from the Sundance City pokemon center an hour ago, how's he doing?"

    "He's doing great!" she replied.

    "What about his wing?" Katrina asked.

    "We did surgery a patched up his wing and gave him some transfusions, he has some permanent tears in his wing, but he'll be able to fly again. He's sleeping right now, so I'm afraid you can't see him right this second but you are welcome to stay in the trainer recovery area to chat or get some coffee and muffins at the conscesions stand in there."

    "Thank you kindly, Nurse Joy." Frank said, "Will you please get us when he awakes?"

    "No problem!" The nurse replied, "No go enjoy yourself at the recovery room.

    They walked down the hall to the recovery room. The center wasn't as busy as he initially thought it would be. When he walked into the waiting room he saw Zack walking out of one of the patient's room and plopped down on the bench behind him...

    Frank walked up to Zack, "Hey, kid, aren't you one of those two trainers that I was trying to talk to back in Sundance? Jeez, those wild pokemon really did a number to that other guy, huh? At least he didn't end up like that Trainer and his Pidgeot in the news, may they rest in peace..." at that moment Kari walked outside of the room and stood in front of the doorway, rubbing the bandage on his forehead. "Oh! Its you..." Frank said as he dashed off after Kari.

    (OOC: There now I get to the part where I get to talk to Zack and Kari, secretly, I've been wanting to do that for a while...)
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  17. The pair of trousers that had been provided was, by some cruel act of fate, far too large for Kari to even consider wearing, so he was forced to stay in his own blood encrusted jeans. A t-shirt and hoodie completed the pile of clothes. Somebody was surely playing games with him, he decided, for the t-shirt was far too tight for comfort. Though it allowed reasonable movement, the way the fabric clung to him made him feel physically ill. Quickly he donned the hoodie – this, at least, was oversized enough for his taste – to hide his disgust and left the room.

    But Makszi would like to see me- No, no! Get over it you useless little...

    Being lost in his own thoughts made Kari a touch more brash than he had been of late. He came out scowling, his forehead screwed so tight he was starting to get a headache. His first order of business was to find Empress, to see if she was well and, more importantly, if she wanted revenge. So intent was he on his task that Kari almost walked into someone.

    “Oh, it’s you-” Kari paused. There was another kid coming up to them – running, in fact – and he seemed partly flustered. The kid was either speaking fast or Kari had lost more blood than he thought; the child was almost unintelligible. At least the notions of what the kid was talking about were clear. A trainer had died, it seemed. “Wait, what? Chrysanthemum? I thought I’d told Meph to go to Sundance,” He muttered to himself; what were the chances of Mephisto getting himself that off course? had the Charizard done it on purpose? Looking around he could not see the dragon or any sign of Empress, still he had the feeling that the two near-teenagers were expectant of something. “So, wild critters are attacking and killing people? Maybe I should have stayed in Kanto.” Gingerly he touched the bandage wrapped around his head, there was no blood seeping through and for that he was thankful. With that he waited for the barrel of insults that were no doubt being prepared for him.

    OOC: Short post is short! And yes, Kari has issues. Also, OOC means Out Of Character, it's just to define little bits like this before or after RP posts so that they don't get mixed up with the actual sotry.

    Changed, on Flare's request, all references of Frank being a boy. He is now a kid and near-teenager. (To me, teens start at fourteen properly.
  18. Anonymous

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    "Meh," Frank replied, "It gets boring when I can get to Kanto from home via train everyday for free... Anyway, are you looking for your pokemon? If so, they're probably in the pokemon healing ward on the other side of the center. Maybe we could have a good battle after this is all over, whadd'ya say? And, maybe you shouldn't rub your forehead so much, you might make it bleed again..."

    Meanwhile Katrina was buying some food at the conscesions stand across the room. "Uhm, I'll take a batch of LavaCookies and a RageCandyBar."

    "No prob," the clerk replied, "That'll be 20 pokedollars, please."

    "Sure" Katrina said, handing the clerk the money while taking her order, "Have a nice day, and watch out for wild pokemon."

    "You too, ma'am!" He replied as she walked away.

    Katrina walked into the pokemon healing ward. She walked down the hallway into Crusoe's room. There on the nightable, she left the RageCandyBar, knowing it was his favorite, something not even Frank, Crusoe's Trainer, knew about. On the candy bar was a tag that read I'm Sorry... ~Katrina. Even though she knew that Crusoe had a pure heart and would never blame her for what happened it still gave her closure to appologize. She walked out of the room, glanced at the dragonite through the window, and then headed to the Lobby of the pokemon Center.

    When she got there she looked out the window and into the sky. Meraculously, the skies were clear in this city, just a bustling crowd outside questioning what is happening to the rest of the region, as if Nurse Joy and the other physicians would know. "What's happening here? Whats causing all of these pokemon to go berserk."

    (OOC: Short reply is short. But meaningful to this story and how Katrina finds out she can communicate with pokemon telepathically... SPOILERZ!}
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  19. Zack had sat on the bench only for several minutes when a teenager with black hair and brown eyes ran up to him. The teenager immediately began yapping away.
    "Hey, kid, aren't you one of those two trainers that I was trying to talk to back in Sundance? Jeez, those wild pokemon really did a number to that other guy, huh? At least he didn't end up like that Trainer and his Pidgeot in the news, may they rest in peace..."
    Just then, Zack heard a door open. He turned around. It was the man.
    "Oh, it's you-" the man said, cutting himself off for some reason. "Wait, what? Chrysanthemum? I though I told Meph to go to Sundance," the man mumbled.
    "Wait, Meph?" I asked, "Oh yeah... that's your Charizard, isn't it?"
    The man just ignored and began to speak.
    “So, wild critters are attacking and killing people? Maybe I should have stayed in Kanto.” The man began scratching the bandage on his forehead. Zack hadn't noticed that bandage before now.
    "Meh," the teenager replied, "It gets boring when I can get to Kanto from home via train everyday for free... Anyway, are you looking for your pokemon? If so, they're probably in the pokemon healing ward on the other side of the center. Maybe we could have a good battle after this is all over, whadd'ya say? And, maybe you shouldn't rub your forehead so much, you might make it bleed again..."
    Zack began to speak up. "You seem to like battles, don't you," he said to the teenager, "but before we battle, at least we should know eachother's names. I'm Zack."

    OOC: Yeah, kinda short, I know. By the way, I have decided that I only want iFlare and Tatile to post in this forum from now on. They seem to be good at this stuff. I might let another person in if they're really good, but for now, it's just gonna be me, Tatile, and iFlare.
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    The boy began to speak up. "You seem to like battles, don't you," he said to Frank, "but before we battle, at least we should know eachother's names. I'm Zack."

    "Okay then, Zack," Frank replied, "My name is Frank, and yes, I love battling, I'm from Goldenrod City and we have a gym there, so I battled a lot there while I was a kid before I left to take on all the pokemon leagues." Frank turned to the injured man, "What about you?" Frank looked him in the eye, "Whats your name? You are, after all, the one I challanged to a battle after this whole 'wild pokemon' inccident is solved."

    (OOC: VERY short, I would've made it longer, but then it would've taken focus off the conversation. Tatile, you're up next in this conversation.)
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  21. Inwardly Kari groaned. He had been prepared for insults and indignation, but how he loathed other trainers. There was little he could ever find to relate to them; the near constant need for battle was something that had always been befuddling. He looked from the one in front of him, Frank, to the next, who appeared to be Zack, trying to make up his mind. Was it really going to be worth it, getting involved with these two? Shaking his head, Kari forced himself to be at least civil.

    “Kari. I’m not from here, or Kanto, but it’s good enough to say that I am. I know no more about these wild critters than you, so don’t presume that I do. Besides, I still need to find Empress.” He gave the pair a flat look. He was in a particularly foul mood and there was but one thing that would reverse it. Still, most trainers had ideas of what rudeness was and often these were aimed at him. He was not about to walk away until he was sure where he stood with the two.
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  22. The man groaned. Then he began to think. He shook his head, then began to speak.
    “Kari. I’m not from here, or Kanto, but it’s good enough to say that I am. I know no more about these wild critters than you, so don’t presume that I do. Besides, I still need to find Empress.”
    Zack remembered the Chansey coming out of the room. He now realized, looking back on it, that the Chansey had been carrying a pokeball. Then, it took the Charizard somewhere.
    "I saw a Chansey come out of the room where they treated you," Zack said, "It was holding a Pokeball. 'Empress,' if that's a pokemon, is probably in there. Then, it said something to your Charizard, whose name I think is Mephisto, and it followed the Chansey. I think it went... that way!" Zack pointed toward the eastern side of the Pokemon Center, then began to dash in that direction.
  23. Anonymous

    Anonymous Guest

    Zack pointed toward the eastern side of the Pokemon Center, then began to dash in that direction.

    Frank shook his head, "That kid... Well, I guess we go after him." Frank walked after Zack and looked back, "Hey Kari, you comin'?" Frank turned back and continued walking in the direction Zack was running. Normally Frank would've ran, too, but Frank's had enough running today. Still no leads, Frank thought, Someone has to know SOMETHING about whats going on...
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  24. Kari simply watched as Zack ran off. Hanging around with such an excitable person was not his idea of fun. Instead he turned back to the clinic, intent on seeing his doctor and asking him for directions. Not caring if either of the trainers heard him, Kari shot a curt reply over his shoulder, before opening the clinic’s door.

    “If there’s something I hate more than kids, it’s kids on sugar.”

    Michael looked, frankly, surprised. All he could offer was a confused apology, shrugging as he did so. The process of cleaning up seemed to have taken longer than one would have assumed – that, or other patients had since been in. Multi-coloured rags littered the floor and the young doctor possessed an air of exhaustion. Kari gave the man a half smile. He could easily sympathise with the mess garnered from over-working.

    “Doc, could you give me bandages a once over, please? I’ve got a rather sinking feeling,” Michael nodded and pulled out another long line of absorbent paper; Kari had always found those peculiar, even the reason for them was obvious. After becoming settled on the table – it took no small amount of wriggling – Kari let himself be poked and prodded. “Hey, you don’t know what happened to my Pokeball, do you? The one I had on my belt?”

    Michael stopped his examination for a moment, trying to remember. There had been so many trainers in the last few minutes, all with injured Pokemon, that it was hard for him to recall. When the incident did come to mind, however, he blushed. Thankfully for him Kari seemed not to notice.

    “Oh, the really heavily customised one? I’ve never seen one like that before, must have cost you a lot of money. The main medical bay for Pokemon is down on the eastern end of the centre, your Pokemon’s likely ended up there.”

    Kari sighed and slumped forward, jerking out of Michael’s hands.

    “I had a feeling you’d say that.”

    “You don’t sound terribly happy about it; I thought you’d want to know where such a prize would’ve gotten too.” Michael wrestled Kari’s head back into his hands; the bandages were fine, but now he was worried about there being any strange swelling along the scalp.

    “Oh, no believe me I am. It’s just... well, those kids both went over there and I’m not in the mood to be dealing with anyone who acts like they’re high all the time, you know? I just hate kids so much.”

    “You’re hardly much more than a kid yourself you know. They probably figure you have the stomach for it.” Michael could find no more abrasions or bruises, but now he was just curious as to why this patient was in such a foul mood.

    “Hey,” Kari’s exasperated tone had quickly turned sour and he swung around to face the doctor. Instinctively Michael pulled back, but had to catch the other man as he swayed and almost fell from the table. “I’m nineteen, going on forty-five, mate. I’m not some sugar-high kid like the rest of them out there,” It was certainly easy to see what he meant by that. Dark bags lined his eyes and he looked as if he carried the weight of ages, if only for that moment. Kari laughed mirthlessly and rubbed both hands through his hair. Michael could not help but take in a sharp breath, but none of the bandages had been disturbed. “Well, thanks anyway Doc, guess I’ll have to put up with them a little while longer, eh?”

    Michael nodded and helped Kari down from the table. He seemed more stable on his feet now than when he had come in; a relief to them both. He parted with advice on keeping his bandages clean and, perhaps more importantly, keeping his blood pressure down. Feeling slightly more relaxed Kari sauntered down the hall to the medical bay, hoping that he would encounter Nurse Joy and have Empress by his side before he again met the two trainers.

    Zack and Frank, I should probably remember those names.
  25. Zack was dashing down the hall, full speed when he realized something: he only heard four running feet. He stopped and turned around.
    Zack went flying and landed on his back, then skidded across the floor of the Pokemon Center. Frank had ran right into Zack, and Frank was now laying also on the floor, but face first.
    "Sorry, Frank," Zack said, "Hey, where's Kari?"

    OOC: Short post is really freaking short, but that's all I can write without auto-ing.
  26. Anonymous

    Anonymous Guest

    “If there’s something I hate more than kids, it’s kids on sugar.” Frank heard from behind him, Frank then turned around for a second and saw Kari, walking the other way.

    "Sugar high? I'm not that hyper... What an asshole, but I'll find a Friend in him yet I suppose..." Frank got knocked down by Zack who turned around to see what happened.

    "Sorry, Frank," Zack said, "Hey, where's Kari?"

    "Zack, you can keep going wherever you're headed, but Kari bailed on us, and I'm gunna break off too, I really wanna see my Dragonite and he's probably awake by now..." Before Zack could say anything back, Frank walked off in the direction of Crusoe's room.

    When Frank got there Crusoe was indeed awake and munching on the RageCandyBar Katrina had given him, Frank walked over to Crusoe's bedside. "Hey buddy," Frank said to the Dragonite, "How you feelin'? Lemme see your wing."

    Crusoe let out his high pitched cry and stretched out his wing so Frank could see, the wing had holes in the membrane, but it wasn't bad enough keep him from flying, which is good.

    "Yikes, those Spearrow and Fearrow did a number to your wing huh?"

    Crusoe nodded in agreement.

    "Well you're okay now and thats whats important."

    At that moment Katrina walked into the room, "Oh, Frank, Hi..."

    "Katrina," Frank said as he got up and kissed her, "I'm glad to see you, it's good to see someone with a beautiful face with everything thats been going on lately, wouldn't you agree?"

    Katrina blushed, and on that note Crusoe had fallen back to sleep. Frank then turned to the doorway and saw Kari walk by.

    "So he decided to drop in, huh? Well, I guess I better make sure he doesn't start a fight with a mijit..." Frank said.

    "W-What? What are y-" Frank Cut off Katrina.

    "Just c'mon!" Frank grabbed Katrina's hand and rushed off after Kari.

    (OOC: Great fun, now Zack and Kari get to meet Katrina!)
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  27. "Zack, you can keep going wherever you're headed, but Kari bailed on us, and I'm gunna break off too," Frank said, "I really wanna see my Dragonite and he's probably awake by now..."
    Before Zack could say a word, Frank ran off somewhere.
    "Hm. Well," Zack said, "I guess I'll just have lunch."
    Zack set down his tan backpack and began to dig through it.
    "No... no... aha! Here it is!" Zack triumphantly pulled a paper bag out of his backpack. He walked over to a nearby bench, carrying his backpack and lunch bag, and sat down. He then got his sketchbook, pencil, and colored pencils out of the backpack and started drawing, pencil in his right hand and a sandwich in the left.
  28. Of the two younger trainers there was no sign and for that Kari was thankful. Though he had had to give out a description of Empress’ ball in front of large crowd, none of them had paid much attention. He was glad to see the ball returned undamaged, it had even been polished. There were quite a few nurses around, all of them busy with fretting people and their Pokemon, but Nurse Joy herself had been detained elsewhere it seemed. Still, there was nothing to complain about.

    Maybe I could get used to this place; if it weren’t for those rabid crazies, it would be nice.
    One of the nurses waved to Kari, calling him over. She bore a vague similarity to the doctor Michael; Kari decided the two were related in a way, though this woman seemed a decade older and much more confident in her work.

    “Mr. Kari? That’s it, is it, no surname? Well your Persian is doing fine, you can see her now. Do mind though she’s still recovering, it will be some time before she can battle again,” Empress gave an appreciative stretch as the door opened. Though a little stiff in places, she appeared none the worse for wear. As she leant against the doorway, Melissa made sure to keep the pair within sight. “She didn’t want us touching her much, but I guess she’s used to being pampered, what with that ball you have for her,” Kari paused a moment and now, though the Persian pulled playfully at his arm, he was focused on the nurse. “Expensive stuff, that. Makes me wonder why she’s a battler. Oh don’t give me that look; it’s plain as day. She might be arrogant and haughty, but the way she moves doesn’t come from the cat-walk. Don’t worry, we’ve got a ‘don’t ask, don’t tell’ policy here – just keep to the rules and we won’t go digging.”

    Despite her easy threats and off-handed aggression, Kari was growing found of Melissa. But then, it was easy to like something one was used to. The nurse stepped from the doorway, allowing Empress to slink out into the hall. The stiffness was coming out of her limbs, the difference between that and her normal gait was barely noticeable.

    Melissa had a firm grip; she was used to winning in handshakes. In kind Kari put more effort into his. They parted, each smarting at the wrist, but neither was willing to show it.

    “Your Charizard as well?” Melissa nodded to the window. Outside, curled a few metres away from, the building, lay Mephisto. Half-asleep he was at least clean now, age old scars showing as paler orange – they had not been joined today. Kari chuckled and thanked her. By now it was past time for him to have collected his pair of Pokemon. “Hey, you’ve got others, right? Those two are tough but you’re going to need something heavier if you plan on going out there again.”

    “What do you mean by that?” It was easy to take offence from strangers, even those one had begun to like. He was angered by a small margin, tempered only by the knowledge that the nurse was likely worried.

    “They’re nasty out there, nastier than we’ve ever seen here. By my reckoning it’s not looking good for most trainers. Of course, most trainers that I’ve seen come in today haven’t had a big old steel type on their side.”

    Kari’s anger abated, and he thanked Melissa again. He was amused now; Melissa surely was a sly one. Her knowing look had told him much more than mere words. Empress trotted at his heels as they went outside; she was protective as ever, something Kari considered himself blessed for.
  29. Anonymous

    Anonymous Guest

    At that moment Frank and Katrina had ran passed Zack and straight to Kari who was walking outside.

    "Hey whose that guy, Frank?" Katrina asked.

    "Thats another trainer, his name is Kari." Frank answered.

    They stopped abruptly, almost bumping into Kari, "Yo, Kari! Whats up? Are those your pokemon?"

    (OOC: Short reply is short, but at this point I can't really write much, I have to wait on Tatile and Zorork for now)
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  30. Several minutes had gone by. Zack had been in the middle of eating some apples slices from his lunch bag when he heard voices in front of him.
    "Hey, who's that guy, Frank?" A female voice asked. Zack looked up. A young teenage girl with brown hair was walking with Frank.
    "Thats another trainer, his name is Kari." Frank answered. Frank and the woman continued walking. Zack wondered who the woman was for a few moments, then just shrugged it off and continued eating and sketching.

    OOC: Tatile, iFlare, you guys can run wild for a while, since Zack is absorbed with the sketching and eating his lunch.
  31. A shudder ran down his spine. Would these people not let him be? Kari could not decide what was worse, that the stran- that Frank – had spoken to him or the manner in which he had. Empress seemed equally impressed with the situation. At least one thing had changed; Frank had been joined by a girl, who seemed around a similar age.

    I hope he’s not the type to do stupid things around girls.

    “Fine. Thank you,” Mephisto pushed his snout against Kari’s hand, baring his teeth in an expression of friendship. The fangs arrayed in the Charizard’s gums were perfect for rending flesh, but this was far removed from the look of a predator. Giving a closer inspection now than he could have from the window, Kari was happy to see there were no new marks, not even scratches. For such a large beast to be unharmed was nothing short of a miracle. Leaning over, he patted Mephisto’s flank and sighed. “Why did you bring me to a place like this? I just don’t need any crap at the moment.” He kept his voice low and tucked himself beneath a wing in an effort to prevent people from over-hearing. As a natural reaction Mephisto spread his wings wide, a span of some twelve feet*.

    Kari settled down in shade to gather his thoughts, Empress curled against his leg. He was in a new city, with less money then he would have cared for and he felt the centre of some perverse “befriending” conspiracy. No less to mention the bloodlust in the air.

    His head hurt.

    I should’ve stayed in Kanto. Shit.

    OOC: *Yes, Bulbapedia says that Charizard at more like 5-6' foot in height, but let's be honest, even a six foot Charizard wouldn't be able to carry a passenger Kari's size. Ergo, I'm putting Mephisto down as being more in the region of 12' as it really makes more sense. Also, I'm putting that down as "average" height.
  32. Anonymous

    Anonymous Guest

    "Wow," Frank said, "thats not even the question I asked, that guy, he just doesn't seem to like people, I'm amazed he even gets along with his pokemon, let alone them loving him so much..."

    "Some people are just like that, antisocial, it doesn't mean they're a bad person," Katrina stated.

    "I understand that," Frank replied, "but that guy, something about him just irks me, I said I'd find some way to become his friend, but I guess I was wrong..."

    The two walked back into the center, Frank felt like he had failed. They sat in the recovery wing, waiting for Nurse Joy to give them Crusoe's pokeball and say that they may leave... After that, thats all Frank wanted to do, leave, he didn't even care about finding out the cause anymore, he just wanted to leave the region and never even think of coming back.

    At that moment Nurse Joy walked into the room and up to Frank, "You're Dragonite's all better, here's his pokeball, you may leave whenever you like."

    "Thank you, nurse," Frank replied as he reclaimed Crusoe's pokeball.

    After that, Frank and Katrina walked into Crusoe's bed room, collected him in his pokeball and went on their way, but something stopped them. Outside there were flocks of Starly, Pidgey, Tailow and Spearow, along with stampedes of Donphan and Rhyhorn, rampaging and tearing the big city apart!

    Alarms went off. The alarms cautioned everyone and advised for everyone to get indoors.

    "Shit," Frank sighed, "Looks like we have to be here longer..."

    At that moment, he was charged at by an angry Rhyhorn, but Frank had a surprise for him.


    The Infernape popped out of his pokeball and delivered a Brick Break that could shatter bone to that Rhyorn's head, the Rhyhorn fell to the floor, dead. After that Frank summoned SolarFlare back into his pokeball and he and Katrina ran back into the center locking the doors and closing the titanium shutters.

    Frank went to the other side of the center to lock the back doors when he saw Kari still outside with his pokemon.

    "KARI!" Frank screamed, "GET BACK IN HERE! DO YOU WANT TO BE KILLED?!"

    At that moment a Fearow hit the window in front of the drawing-entranced Zack, waking him up to the outside world once again so he may realize what's happening.

    (OOC: Oh god, here we go again...)
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  33. THUD!

    That was the first thing Zack heard. It scared the living hell out of him. He looked around, dazed and scared.

    There, on the glass of the window, was a Fearow.

    Zack wasn't sure whether to laugh at the Fearow smeared across the glass, or scream.
    "AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!" Zack yelled at the top of his lungs.
    Apparently, his brain had decided to scream. Everyone was staring at him, wondering what the heck Zack had seen. He stuffed the last of his lunch and his sketchbook in his backpack as fast as he could, then got up so fast, the bench flew backwards towards the wall. Then, the Fearow fell off the glass with a sickening crunch, and Zack could see what was going on behind it.

    "Holy crap..." Zack said, awestruck, "It looks like the end of the world."

    Outside, there was Frank and Kari, and thousands among thousands of Starly, Pidgey, Tailow, and Spearow. There were also hundreds among hundreds of rampaging Donphan and Ryhorn. There were tables flipped over, chairs embedded into the sides of buildings, and he could even see a Donphan with a bra on its tusk. It wasn't at all funny, however. Zack had no idea what to do. Then, he had an idea. An insane idea, but an idea. Zack worked out what could go wrong in his head, and there were a lot of risks, but Zack was willing to take them. He dashed towards the stairs of the building, then gradually went up the floors.
    1st floor... 2nd floor... Zack counted off in his head. Finally, he reach the roof. There were thousands of flapping wings, and the sound was almost deafening. Zack then released his Skarmory, and it let out a cry that, compiled with the sound of flapping wings, would have made Zack deaf, had he not been covering his ears. Zack then got on his Skarmory and began telling it what to do.
    "Skarmory... I want you to use your strongest attack on that Rhydon."
    Skarmory's eyes widened slightly, then returned to their normal size. Skarmory nodded. It began to flap its wings, gradually taking off. It positioned itself above one of the Rhydon, then began to glow white.
    Is it evolving? Nah, Skarmory doesn't evolve, Zack thought. Skarmory then pointed it's head at the Ryhorn, then let out a white beam from it's mouth. The Ryhorn then faceplanted on the hard concrete. Skarmory, out of energy, gradually began to float downwards. Zack readied a Poke Ball, then hurled it at the Ryhorn.
    One shake, two, three, Zack thought anxiously.
    The Poke Ball stopped shaking. Zack then jumped off of Skarmory's back and grabbed onto it's feet. He then grabbed the pokeball with the other hand, and climbed back onto Skarmory's back.
    "To the Poke Mart, pronto!" Zack yelled over the wingbeats of the Flying-type pokemon overhead. In several minutes, they made their way to the Poke Mart. Zack dashed inside. There were people cowering in fear. Zack ran over to the clerk.
    "I need a Protector, now!" Zack yelled.
    "D-d-don't you have pokemon?" The clerk said timidly.
    "Not that kind, the item!"
    "Oh. U-u-umm, we only h-h-have one..."
    "It's an emergency!"
    "A-a-alright. H-h-here."
    "Thanks. Here's the money."
    Zack handed the clerk 1000 Poke Dollars, then dashed out the door, Protector in hand, and mounted back onto his Skarmory.
    "Back to the Pokemon Center, ASAP!" Zack yelled. His voice was getting kinda scratchy, but he didn't care. Several minutes later, they had landed on the Pokemon Center's roof. Zack made Skarmory return to its Pokeball, then dashed down the stairs. Then, once he reached the floor with the Trade Station, he put his hands on a random guy's shoulders.
    "Do you have pokemon?!" Zack yelled.
    "Uh... yes..." the man said.
    "Look, I need you to trade with me. I'll trade right back. It's an emergency!"
    Zack pulled out Rhydon's Poke Ball and released it, then shoved the Protector into it's hands and recalled it.
    He dragged the man over to the Trade Station, then he put one of his Poke Balls on one side, then Zack put the Poke Ball containing Rhydon on. They pulled the lever, it made the transition of their pokemon, then they pulled it again. When Zack got back his his pokeball, he looked at the man.
    "Thanks!" Zack yelled, then dashed to the first floor. Zack ran outside, and released his Rhydon. Actually, not Rhydon, but a gigantic Rhyperior. Zack then hopped on it's back.
    "Ok Rhyperior, attack all those pokemon!"
  34. It was stupid, as all things were.

    There isn’t a damn fucking reason for this and yet here I bloody well am.

    But how glad he was to have run into Melissa. He had heard the noises, yelling and screaming – someone shouting his name – and it had broken him from his reverie. Kari was stood now beneath an arch of living steel, Empress on his right and Mephisto to his left. His choices were limited: stand and be killed or run and be trapped. His shoulders itched; being inside was not a poor choice – he loved small spaces – but he loathed the idea of forcibly being vulnerable. Staying outside however...

    “Wolfram, shield us, we need to get inside.” Other people joined him, using the Steelix’s body as a barrier. It acted well for that – keeping the angered aerial attacks away. Once a bird got too close, ditching over Wolfram’s slick hide, aimed ad hoc into the crowd. Empress had leapt from the ground, using a running man as a springboard. She brought the bird down with her, wisps of black curling from her bite.

    Wolfram reared up and snatched another bird from the sky. There was a crack and the bird fell, trails of electricity covering its feathers.

    “Get back,” Kari recalled the metal snake as they entered the building. “I’m going to regret this aren’t I?”

    Despite the dire situation and the chaotic panic of the Centre, Melissa was nothing but smiles. “Only if you want to,” She ripped open a bag of bandages, throwing a small roll at Kari. “You’re bleeding again.”
  35. Anonymous

    Anonymous Guest

    After everyone got back inside Frank looked at Kari, who had just recieved a roll of gaws from a nurse.


    Frank was clenching his fist, he was getting ready to punch Kari in the face, but Katrina stopped him and whispered in his ear, "Frank, calm down, he's not worth it."

    Nurse Joy looked outside and saw Zack outside on a Rhyperior taking on the stampedes, "Excuse me," she butted in, "But does anyone know that boy outside on the Rhyperior?"

    Frank looked outside where he saw Zack on a Rhyperior, "Oh just my luck," Frank thought outloud, "I deal with one idiot only to find out that I have to deal with another." People were starting to notice a difference in Franks behavior now, Frank had never yelled at anyone the way he did to Kari.

    Frank ran outside and dragged Zack back inside while Zack called back his Rhyperior, "Don't go outside, don't call out your pokemon, understood? The more you do, the more they'll come and attack the center, and with all these injured people and Pokemon here, we really DON'T want that."

    Katrina, Zack and Kari all seemed a little surprised by Frank's serious tone.
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  36. “You’re just an arrogant little fucker, aren’t you? So impotent you have to resort to finger pointing and screaming. You don’t know shit – not about me and not about this mess. I didn’t send anything out, bastard. I’ve had enough games for one lifetime; I’m nobody’s pawn and won’t be subjected to another’s whims. Not again.” Kari turned on his heel, not caring for whatever reaction his words garnered. Stalking through the crowd he ignored their mutterings and their pointings. He was beneath it all, detached and gone.

    The building seemed a maze but at last he found a room, one far removed from the noise of the crowds. He slammed the door behind him, hearing the sound of it echo through the corridors. Kari fell against the wood, sliding to the ground.

    And he sobbed.
  37. Anonymous

    Anonymous Guest

    "Again, what an asshole..." Frank said outloud, "If he weren't crying like a total baby, I'd probably beat the shit out of him... The point is the alarms tell you to run inside and stay calm, you don't go berserk and draw attention to a place full of injured people and pokemon. And who ever said anything about me subjecting him to my whims, we've all got problems, for god's sake, my dad was killed right in front of my eyes by team Rocket for protecting a pokemon, he's not the only one in the world to have problems..."

    Both Kari and Frank had made a scene and started a spectacle, the crowd began arguing about who was wrong or right, while at the same time, Frank walked outside of the center and through the swarms and stampedes of wild pokemon.

    The crowd was still bustling and Katrina was standing next to Zack she had lost site of both Frank and Kari, and was feeling pain for both of them, and she didn't like that people were commenting about it. Eventually her anger came out...

    "EVERYONE SHUT THE FUCK UP! HOW WOULD YOU FEEL IF SOMEONE STARTED COMMENTING ON YOUR PERSONAL PROBLEMS?!" She screamed at the entire crowd, everyone became quiet, "Listen, their problems aren't yours, okay? So keep your noses out of it, second our REAL problem are those psycotic pokemon outside!"

    Meanwhile, Kari is crying in a secluded room, and Frank is walking through the chaos outside, he was determined to get to the forest and find out whats been causing all of these problems, or to die trying.

    Eventually Katrina noticed Frank's absence and began looking throughout the center, when she couldn't find him, she got worried, and then she went to Zack for help, "Zack, you're a trainer right? Well, I need your help, Frank is missing and I'm afraid he's gone into the forest to find out whats been causing this, now he has something to prove, and he's determined to prove it, or die trying..." Tears started going down the side of her face when she said that....

    (OOC: Either Tatile or Zoroark can post next, either way it'll probably fit, thats why I love writing stories with people, this one has been especially fun compared to the ones I've done in real life with other people and on other forums, this story is getting really interesting, and I'm getting exited on what the next post will be! *starts jittering anxiously*)
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  38. OOC: I'll do it.

    Zack's Rypherior was apparently ticked and ready to attack the rampaging pokemon. But then, next thing Zack knew, a hand gabbed the back of his shirt collar and pulled him away. Zack turned his head to see Frank dragging him off. As Frank did so, Zack decided to return his Rhyperior.

    "Don't go outside, don't call out your pokemon, understood?" Frank nagged, "The more you do, the more they'll come and attack the center, and with all these injured people and Pokemon here, we really DON'T want that." Frank continued to drag Zack through the Pokemon Center when Zack heard a familiar voice.

    “You’re just an arrogant little fucker, aren’t you?" Kari said arrogantly, "So impotent you have to resort to finger pointing and screaming. You don’t know shit – not about me and not about this mess. I didn’t send anything out, bastard. I’ve had enough games for one lifetime; I’m nobody’s pawn and won’t be subjected to another’s whims. Not again.” Kari then walked further into the Pokemon Center and Frank walked after him, still dragging Zack.

    "Again, what an asshole..." Frank said out loud, "If he weren't crying like a total baby, I'd probably beat the shit out of him... The point is the alarms tell you to run inside and stay calm, you don't go berserk and draw attention to a place full of injured people and pokemon. And who ever said anything about me subjecting him to my whims, we've all got problems, for god's sake, my dad was killed right in front of my eyes by team Rocket for protecting a pokemon, he's not the only one in the world to have problems..." Zack realized that a crowd had followed them inside. The crowd was arguing about something. Eventually, the teenage girl snapped. Actually, Zack hadn't realized she was there until now.
    "EVERYONE SHUT THE FUCK UP! HOW WOULD YOU FEEL IF SOMEONE STARTED COMMENTING ON YOUR PERSONAL PROBLEMS?!" She screamed at the entire crowd, everyone became quiet, "Listen, their problems aren't yours, okay? So keep your noses out of it, second our REAL problem are those psycotic pokemon outside!" Then the girl left the room. Zack stood there, jaw dropped. A few minutes later, he felt a hand on his shoulder. He turned around.

    "Zack, you're a trainer, right?" It was that teenage girl. "Well, I need your help, Frank is missing and I'm afraid he's gone into the forest to find out what's been causing this, now he has something to prove, and he's determined to prove it, or die trying..."
    Zack all of a sudden felt a surge of emotion. He was confident, angry, and depressed all at the same time. He knew that he had to help this girl, no matter what.

    "Who do you want to ride on, Skarmory or Rhyperior?" Zack asked.
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  39. “This is pathetic; I’m not even crying over that kid out there. God, here of all places... why did I have to remember all that now? Why him? I don’t even know what I’m supposed to be anymore. Am I the villain? Am I supposed to be a hero? What am I?” Mumbling as much to himself as to Empress, Kari wiped the tears from his face. Rough cotton scoured his skin, refreshing him just that bit further. “What was he like, that time I had to escort her... what did I do then? I was like them outside-” He stood and easily found the light-switch. The gloom disappeared leaving behind a small room, filled with stacks of shelves. A dusty and slightly cracked mirror leant next to the door. “Confident,” He stripped off the over-sized hoodie, throwing it into a corner. “Young,” Kicking off his boots and trousers he searched through the boxes. “I was helpful.”

    It was little surprise that Michael had not found this room, hidden as it was by the chaos and labyrinth. But now Kari wore clothes better suited to his new role. The shorts felt a bit tight, something that would pass with time. The denim hugged at his hips and thighs, and he was grateful to see they became baggier toward his knees. The trainers were a dark colour – he could not totally break from the comfort of that – but they were certainly a break from his norm. He looked like a slightly plain trainer.

    “With Amanda I wouldn’t have abandoned those three. With her I wouldn’t have spoken the way I did. What was my name back then? It was something plain, something exotic? I guess it doesn’t matter; I only have my name now. That will have to do.” His voice had turned melancholic. Staring into the grey glass he tried to make a new Kari, one just for this adventure. Maybe after it all, the old Kari would be dead – maybe he would be dead. The thought of it did not bother him as much as it should have.

    He changed his face. No longer a scowl, with surface anger and deep hate; he smiled. In his eyes and lips there was mirth; tempered, of course, by the severity of the situation, but still with the joke of life.

    “Most trainers have six Pokemon on them. That means I need three more,” He opened the door, holding it for Empress to pad out. “It’s a good thing I’ve had friends in the past, eh, Empress?” Already the change had set in. His words fluttered with a cheeriness only gained from years of being confident in one’s self and his footsteps were lighter.

    Even over the tears and conversation, Kari could hear Zack’s voice.

    “Rhyperior are dangerous, you should ride something more like this.” Casually he tossed Wolfram’s ball to the girl and gave her a smile. She would be his new Amanda.

    OOC: No, he won't be making an appearance anytime soon. If you want to know what's up with Kari, you'll either have to go digging in the right palces or ask the right questions.
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  40. Anonymous

    Anonymous Guest

    Katrina caught the ball, and smiled back at Kari. "Okay Zack lets get going!" The two ran outside and ducked through all the chaos outside while scrambling to the forest.

    Meanwhile, Frank had already made it to the forest, most of the wild pokemon were in the cities strangely. "Hmph, are they targeting the towns?" Frank asked himself, "I haven't seen any wild pokemon in the forest yet, but I should still look out for that pack of Luxray that killed that trainer..." Frank kept walking through the forest, he could sense the emotions of pokemon, he sensed something similar to that, but a LOT stronger in the direction he was going. So far he had not run into any wild pokemon, but that soon changed, he had stumbled apon a sleeping Ursaring and woke it up...

    "Grrr...." The Ursaring growled melevolently at Frank.

    "Oh shit," Frank said, "Beast, come out and give me a hand!"

    Out of the pokeball in Frank's hand popped a female Ursaring, it roared at the wild Ursaring, and it took her bluff and charged her with a take-down.

    "BEAST! USE SIESMIC TOSS!" Frank roared.

    Beast grabbed her attacker and threw him across the forest.

    "That takes care of our problem, good job, Beast." Frank withdrew his Ursaring and trecked on, keeping an eye out for that gang of Luxray. He trecked for hours, and each step he took, the feeling he had in his head grew stronger. Eventually he stumbled apon an old cemetary.

    "Oh great... This means ghosts, and worse, ghost-type pokemon."

    Frank was not afraid of ghosts, but with everything thats been happening, he was VERY afraid of ghost pokemon. The cemetary was humungus, he saw many apparitions and spirits, some came closer than others, but none of them seemed to be pokemon. Frank thought he was in the clear, until he got to the exit of the cemetary, there was a Gengar there, and it had spotted Frank. The Gengar casually flew up to Frank, and rather than attacking him, it gave him something.

    "Gengar! Gennngaaar!" the wild pokemon ghostly moaned, handing him the item.

    It was a ripe, plump Oran Berry.

    "Uhm, thank you?" Frank said, confused.

    He sensed the Gengar's emotions, it was docile and calm, compared to the other wild pokemon, which seemed to have there emotions blocked, or binded. It seems that whatever was happening didn't affect ghost-type pokemon.

    "Gengar! Gengar!" The pokemon said, motioning that it wanted Frank to follow it.

    "Okay, I'm coming." Frank trusted the Gengar, sensing no malicious intent from it.

    (OOC: What will happen next? Can't wait to find out!)
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