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Ask to Join The Elder Scrolls: Tales of Tamriel (Sign-ups/Discussion)

Discussion in 'General Role Play Discussion' started by Gamefreak1996, Jun 7, 2020.

  1. Tamriel; "Dawn's Beauty" in the language of the Altmer, or "Taazokaan" in the Dragons' tongue, is the continent upon which all of the Elder Scrolls games take place. Home to many diverse races, and even more conflicts, Tamriel has been host to many adventures. -Shoddycast, Elder Scrolls Lore series

    Thirty years have passed since the Last Dragonborn defeated Alduin the World Eater. And during this time, much has changed:

    -The Stormcloaks cast out the Imperial Armies, winning it's independence (Sorry, Imperial fans, but it seems the most logical outcome of the Skyrim civil war). With Emperor Titus Mede II slain, his grandson Claudius Mede III now assumes the throne as ruler of the Third Empire (Which is now only composed of Cyrodill, High Rock, and Dunmer-occupied Morrowind). However, the cracks have already shown, and political opponents circle around the new emperor like slaughterfish around crippled prey...

    -Morrowind has begun to become more inhabitable, slowly recovering from the Red Year. However, Argonians now occupy massive swathes of southern Morrowind, spoils of their earlier conquest. (For a more accurate picture, they occupy the mainland up to where the Cyrodill border meets Skyrim's. The northern tips of the "U" around Vvardenfell, and Vvardenfell itself, is still occupied by the Dunmer)

    -The Thalmor's presence in Skyrim has all but vanished, but some cells of Thalmor Agents remain, carrying out their work in the dead of night, or away from prying eyes, still "arresting" and killing worshippers of the god Talos, and reporting to their headquarters in neighboring countries. Meanwhile, their presence and influence in Empire and Aldmeri Dominion territory (Elsweyr, Valenwood, and Alinor, AKA the Summerset Isles) has increased, and are on the lookout for more than just Talos worshippers now.

    All the while, the Aldmeri Dominion prepares to wage war, to take a continent they believe was theirs from the beginning.

    In case the Intro didn't make it clear enough, I'm assuming that all questlines' events in Skyrim are canon, but the Last Dragonborn having only gone through the main story and Dragonborn DLC story. They did not join the war on either side, they didn't become the archmage of Winterhold College, Listener of the Dark Brotherhood, Harbinger of the Companions, or Guildmaster of the Thieves' Guild. Those titles would be claimed by others.

    In this RP, you all are invited to the Imperial City by the emperor himself for an audience. He is looking for people to aid him in the coming war, and thinks you might have something to offer him and his forces. When you create your character, they can be interviewed by Claudius via PM where I ask the questions as Claudius, and you respond as your character would. If you don't want to go through with such a thing, simply say so.

    1: As is traditional, Please familiarize yourself with the rules of the site: https://pokecharms.com/threads/general-role-play-rules.123/

    2: It's been mentioned in every RP's Rules, but it bears repeating: Godmodding is a big no-no in this RP.

    3: Thu'ums are prohibited (at least for now) from being known by any character.

    4: "Sweet Roll" is the codeword to show you've read the rules of this RP.

    5: Got any questions, comments, or concerns? If so, let me know and I'll be happy to help!

    6: Have fun! :D

    Race: (There are 10 to choose from: Altmer (High Elf), Orc, Imperial, Redguard, Bosmer (Wood Elf), Argonian (Lizard people), Nord, Khajiit (Cat people), Dunmer (Dark Elf), and Breton)
    Personality (Optional):
    Backstory (Optional):
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  2. Here is my character for the RP, or at least the first. I might make another later.

    Name: Gorath Shub-Torung
    Age: 30
    Race: Orc
    Gender: Male
    Occupation: Mercenary

    Personality (Optional): In public, Gorath simply keeps to himself, not prying in others' business, and keeping others out of his. He's blunt, somewhat harsh with his words, and overall, not the most friendly person. But he's also a hard worker, a lover of books and literature, a passionate blacksmith, and let's be honest, he can be a LOT meaner. Just ask those who lost their heads to him. He remains loyal to his allies and clients, even when others offer higher sums of money or tempt him with sweet words. In battle, however, quiet stoicism gives way to vicious, brutal efficiency and rage, hacking through enemies like logs that bleed (and scream) with his axes. And when he goes Berserk, he all but loses his sense of reason, barely distinguishing between friend and foe.

    Backstory (Optional): He is told of in hushed voices, over a campfire or tavern hearth, by merchants and mercenaries. An orc with skin pale as death itself and unrivaled ferocity, tenacity, and brutality. He approaches his enemies in the dead of night, and leaves them without their heads. He is called "The Berserker Ghost", "Headhunter", and "Executioner". His true name, however, is Gorath Shub-Torung.

    Born within an orc stronghold in northern Tamriel, presumably Skyrim according to most sources, Gorath was raised to pillage, raid, and kill without mercy. So great was his bloodlust, that even his father, the chief of the tribe, Tugrug Shub-Torung, had trouble keeping him in line, especially when the pale orc went berserk. Gorath's frenzy and thirst for action only grew with his age, as he towered over all other orcs in the stronghold he called home. Eventually, as is Orsimer tradition, he challenged his father Tugrug for the title of village chief, and removed his head with a swing of his axe.

    Now having conquered his greatest obstacle, Gorath felt invincible with his new title as Chief. In every raid, he was the first one to charge into a village, and the last one to leave. He had six wives, and oversaw the training of his children himself. Every night, he and his kin feasted on what food they had hunted or plundered, and drank heartily. But all good things must eventually come to an end.

    When the Thalmor, tired of the savage orcs interfering with their business in the province, attacked Gorath's stronghold, he learned what it meant to be the raided, instead of the raider. All around him, despite their best efforts, he watches as his brothers, sisters, wives, and children were butchered and scorched by the Thalmor's blades and spells. The Thalmor didn't escape unscathed either, as a good 60% of the forces deployed to destroy the stronghold and everyone in it perished at the hands of the orcs, especially the enraged Gorath. However, they succeeded, and left the now demolished, burning stronghold with no survivors...or so they thought.

    Other: Wears two Altmer skulls dangling from his belt, both having once belonged to Thalmor agents, secretly fond of sweet rolls
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  3. Sweet Roll!!!

    Name: Vanderik Andronicor
    Age: 27
    Race: Redguard
    Gender: Male
    Occupation: Sellsword, occasionally works with the Fighter's Guild or on loan to the Arcane University as a guard
    Personality: Kind and generous, Vanderik spends his spare time working in cities aiding to feed and clothe the homeless. He is vengeful to those he finds unjust, and has little care for the laws of monarchy. A thrifty man, however, Van understands the weight of gold septims, and won't spurn the crown if offered the right price.
    Backstory: Born with the look of a Redguard, Vanderik actually first called High Ever home. With a Breton father and Redguard mother, Vanderik was quickly introduced to the worlds of magic and swordsmanship.

    Vanderik and his mother took a pilgrimage to Hammerfell, where they spent a year honing his skill with the blade. He even trained at the Arcane University with his father for a year studying basic destructive and healing spells and the philosophy of magic.

    Called to war in Skyrim, Vanderik first joined the Imperial Army, but when he was split from his squadron in battle and wounded, stripped of his armor on the battlefield, he was captured upon return to camp. Now occupied by a different part of the Imperial Army, Vanderik was believed a Stormcloak insurget and sentenced to death.

    Saved, in turn, by real Stormcloaks, Vanderik joined their rebellion. He split time between fighting on the battlefront and building field hospitals and tending to the wounded.

    After the war, Vanderik returned to High Ever upon news that his mother had fallen ill. He stayed with his parents until she passed, and once again set out to Cyrodill. Picking up work with the University and the Fighter's Guild, Vanderik felt torn between the home he had tried to build in Skyrim, and the home he no longer felt comfortable in in Cyrodill.
    Other: Born under the starsign of The Steed, Spellsword class
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  4. Character accepted. Welcome aboard! And this idea occurred to me late last night, but I was thinking of having Claudius interview the characters (Basicaly a PM conversation where I ask the questions as Claudius, and you respond as your character). Would you be up for something like that?
  5. Absolutely! I love stuff like that.
  6. I'd like to make a high and mighty mage altmer. He studies all sorts of magic ,but is most proficient with destruction, conjuration ,and restoration.
  7. Alright, just make a character sheet and show me what you've got.
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  8. Name: Valronelenquar Tahromgranthaire
    Nickname: Valron
    Age: 24
    Race: Altmer
    Gender: Male
    Occupation: Wizard

    Appearance: Valron is tall compared to races of men ,but average height compared to altmer. Fairly thin. He has fair gold skin, with bright gold eye ,and light yellowish hair shoulder length combed back. He has somewhat chiseled facial features(cause all altmer do).

    He wears a long blue robe he wears open revealing his clothes underneath. He wears a grayish-blue decorated tunic with all sorts of colors ,with red ,and purple decorating it. Dark blue trousers, dark brown boots with gold detail, He wears a couple enchanted rings to strengthen his magic ,and an enchanted necklace to strengthen his magic resistance.

    Personality (Optional): Valronelenquar is an arrogant mer like many Altmer. Despite his arrogant he can be quite a friendly down to mundus mer. Magic is his life goal. His passion. Many old Altmer over 700 years old used some form of magic to help extend their already long lifespan. He doesn't look down on the races of men like you would expect a superiorly bred mer such as himself. He can be a bit snarky and sarcastic at times ,but generally tries to help. He usually tries to avoid physical confrontations ,but won't shy away from a inevitable fight.

    Backstory (Optional): Valron was born in The summerset Isles/Alinor. His parents left their homeland ,and to their grandfather's disdain took their son Valron with them. Their grandfather was bitter to this decision as he had hoped his grandson would become a justicar like he was. In Valron's life he would spend years in Cyrodil, then a couple years in hammerfell, Then a few years in elsweyr ,and a couple years in cyrodil again. His family had traveled across tamriel as they preferred to travel to places they could benefit the most from. Throughout Valron's life he would learn magic from all sorts of books ,and sources. He would eventually travel to skyrim by the age of 20 where he would stay for the next four years.

    Valron never had quite have a high opinion of the races of men or other races in his youth. As when you look at the nords these pillaging and raiding communities ,and their narrow minded views on 'honor. then you have the bretons who constantly war over themselves ,and their pety feudal systems. Then the imperials that saught to conquer all of tamriel ,and force their laws upon others. And lastly you have the redguard who had travelled to tamriel carving a bloody path in what is now known as hammerfell killing anything in their way. Though Valron wasn't biased as the races of mer were not hardly different as the altmer of today were oftentimes associated with the aldmeri dominion and the thalmor, A radical supremacist group. Then there are the dunmer who only abolished slavery to save their hides ,and were almost as insufferably arrogant as the altmer ,and then you have the bosmer. The wild savages that cannibalize their enemies. Valron sometimes forgets that Orsimer have elven blood in their veins which seems odd considering their tribal barbaric nature. They might as well be beastfolk ,but Valron does admire their handy work even if most of its crude. There were also the two beastial races; The lizardfolk from that hail from the filthy backwater region ,and the khajiit from the deserts. The khajiit interested Valron there were so many forms of khajiit; from the small housecat like alfiq to the large war beasts known as senche-raht. As well as the races in between like the sutchay-raht ,and most importantly the mane. All of these varieties of cat folk based on the lunar cycle.

    Despite whatever viewpoints Valron has on certain regions or races as a whole he was raised to treat others fairly ,and won't hesitate to treat any race as equals. His mother was a merchant and his father was a ranger ,and his grandfather was a wizard. He took after his grandfather whom hated the empire. Valron's great grandfather was alive when Tiber Septum invaded The Summerset Isles with the numidium that killed so many brave altmer. Despite this Valron didn't share his great grandfather or grandfather's hatred towards the empire. He did however distrust the empire ,and thought them morally wrong ,but after spending years in cyrodil had come to tolerate ,and even appreciate the people he interacted with.

    Other: Let me guess, someone stole your sweetroll?
    Valron has written three books on magical theories in his time in skyrim titled;

    - 'wizard's fury' A book about destruction magic(reference to Tes Oblivin spell that does fire, shock ,and frost damage)
    - 'pact of oblivion' A book about conjuration magic(reference to the pacts conjurers make ,and the fact that conjurations come from the oblivion)
    - 'blood gift' A book about restoration magic(reference to Tes Morrowind spell that fortifies health)

    Edit: I have a question, How did the empire manage to persuade the empire-hating dunmer of morrowind to join them? The dunmer of morrowind will forever be salty and bitter about the empire leaving them to fend for themselves during the oblivion crisis. I hope that didn't sound mean. I'm just curious is all.
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  9. I think it's a mixture of Imperial aide to Morrowind following the Oblivion crisis (maybe even the Dunmer liked that the Empire withdrew troops, taking it as a sign that'd they'd be left to their own devices and be allowed to develop self-sufficiency) and the fact that most of their land is occupied by Argonians currently. Either the Empire has helped with aide in that effort, or is promising aide in hopes the Dunmer don't try to separate from the Empire as well.
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  10. Whenever you talk to dunmer about imperials leaving morrowind they always talk about them with anger and hate as morrowind didn't have a standing army. House redoran having to step in ,and save what fraction of morrowind they could. Though obviously for the RP I'm gonna let it slide. I still am curious how they came up with an alliance ,and will likely reference it ,but only something small like, "It's still odd seeing dunmer and imperials work together. Thought those narrow minded dunmer would never give up their petty grudge"Valron thought to himself.

    Yes I know the dunmer were rightfully upset with the empire. This is just me poking fun at their misfortune. The same thing could be said about my descriptions of each race when I made my bio. Funny that khajiit were the only race I didn't insult ,but then again making fun of a race of moonsugar/skooma addicted kitty cats that worships the moons(masser and secunda) ,and thought of as criminals ,and lackys for the thalmor would be too easy to make fun of. (Sorry khajiit fans and other race fans that I thoroughly insulted. I actually like all the races within tamriel.)
  11. Character Accepted. Would you like to go through the interview between Valron and Claudius, or would you rather skip it?
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  12. I read the story you written in your first post but I'm confused as to what kind of interview is it? Are our characters going out of their way to join some war effort? Did the emporer ask for the player characters specifically possibly via courier? I'll go ahead and agree to the interview. It seems like an important part of the story. Wouldn't want to skip that.
  13. -It's just so Claudius himself can evaluate who he's employing for the job.
    -You'll find out in the interview, but he wants skilled and talented people to help defend Cyrodill and the Imperial Provinces from the Aldmeri Dominion.
    -And yes, for one reason or another, he believes them to be promising candidates for the task he is assigning them to.
  14. Shadow_Pup

    Shadow_Pup Previously LeBarrel42

    Name: Dar'nir
    Age: 25
    Race: Khajiit (Werewolf)
    Gender: Male
    Occupation: Harbinger of the Companions (assuming that even without the dragonborn's influence that Skjor and Kodlak are dead and the silver hand have all but been wiped out, also would characters like Aela, Farkas, Vilkas and so on still be around)
    Personality: Strong willed and cunning, he has mastered a great deal of control over his transformation allowing him to transform between both forms at will. He is a respected man and a fierce warrior in battle.
    Backstory: Dar'nir was once a thief by trade, he eventually gave up that life however and joined the companions, he played a large part in the recovery of the fragments of Wuuthrad and became part of the Circle, after becoming a Lycan he assisted in the culling of the silver hand and after Kodlak's death he helped wipe out their main camp and helped cure Kodlak's soul of it's Lycanthropy, Kodlak then named him as his successor and he became the Harbinger.
    Other: His a rare breed of Khajiit and has dark blue fur (this isn't a problem for me to get rid of if you want, as it is technically a molded feature of skyrim, the only actual blue khajiit is Inigo and I don't think he is canon)
    Oh and let me guess somebody has stolen your sweet roll.
  15. Character accepted. Just make sure to implement the weaknesses of werewolves as well in the actual Roleplay. Now, would you like to go through the interview with the emperor?
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