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Open The Eight Gyms League Roleplay

Discussion in 'Pokémon Role Play' started by LunarSilvally, Feb 24, 2020.

  1. Discussion Thread

    Eight of the strongest trainers left to the Secret Island to take the position of Gym leader with the eighth gym being the strongest run by JC Wolfa sister to Shadow, who is the second best below his sister running the Electric Type gym and with the positions filled it was time to call forth the trainers to battle the gyms. A message was sent out to the message board about calling fellow trainers to the secret island and challenge the gyms. Parts of the secret island were still unconstruction being blocked off to any people. A ship was waiting at the dock for these trainers who were interested in going to the secret island. This message picked up interest to Maskerin, Naga and her brother Apollo.

    "Let's go Missy, I don't want to be late for the trip to the secret island" she said looking to the Mismagius. "Do we have everything?" "Mismagius!" Missy nodded to agree. "Alright let's go, we need to meet with Naga and Apollo before heading there....rather be early then late..." She said as she opened the door grabbing her bag turning the lock on the door before closing it behind her heading towards Naga's house.

    "Alright Ribbon, ready to go?" She asked the Sylveon. "Sylveon!" She said giving a smile. "Alright, Maskerin will be here any minute so let's head downstairs" she said before walking out of her room after grabbing her bag. Once she made her way downstairs, she saw Apollo her brother, and Lutacriss his partner the Lucario in the kitchen. "Morning Apollo, Lutacriss are you guys ready yet? Maskerin should be here any minute" she said as she left something land on her head which she was already sure who it was. "Morning Shiver" she said looking up to see the Frosmoth on her head. Apollo nodded as Lutacriss nodded as well. A knock was heard on her door as she opened it to reveal Maskerin and Missy. "Maskerin, we are just about ready to leave" she told her as Apollo and Lutacriss was right behind her.

    "Alright then let's go Naga," she said before Maskerin, Naga, and Apollo left to the ship. They arrived early and on time entering the boat going to the front. "Can you believe JC and Shadow are one of the gym leaders you will challenge?" Maskerin said. "Yes, but I know she won't go easy on us" Naga said as Apollo nodded to agree. "That's for sure..." The girls laughed as Apollo just gave a smile waiting for other trainers to aboard.

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  2. Scythe was checking, if he took everything. "Phone, pillow.." he took a Luxury ball and smiled "My friends", he then glanced at his Zoroark, Vectra. He looked inpatient "Vectra! Can you believe it! Brother Karma allowed us to travel to secret island! I am a trainer!" said Scythe, truly excited and Vectra joined answered with happy cry.
    "Thomas! We are going to get late for tge bus!!!"
    "Give me three seconds, I am coming" yelled back Scythe to Damien.

    -*- 3 hours of bus travel later -*-
    They finally got to the boat, they were quite early, but Damien was afraid that something may happend on the way. He took Scythe's backpack "Now, Shall we see the boat" asked Damien.
    "We shall!!! And make some new friends too!" said Thomas and rushed to the boat, Damien slowly followed him. Scythe noticed some people
    They are probably trainers too
    He walked over to them, Damien and Vectra were behind him "Hi! Are you here to go to secret island too?" Scythe asked them.
  3. The girls and Apollo along with their Pokemon turned to face the boys who had approached them as Maskerin was the first to speak. "Yes we are boys and I believe you two are as well" she asked giving a gentle smile as Missy floated next to her watching the two boys interact with her partner. "I am pretty sure....they are Maskerin....just by being on this boat..." Naga replied gently before smiling at the boys as Ribbon looked up at them while Shiver remained resting on her head. @Clite of Dragonbow
  4. Willow Tree

    Willow Tree Previously Brightheart

    Milo pants as he bends down slightly at the waist, trying to catch his breath after running a long distance to reach the ship. In his hands held two large bag, one noticably bigger than the other one. Willow trails behind him at a slower pace, looking a bit apologetic at the matter. He pats the older man's back, rubbing it a bit.
    "So sorry that you had to carry it, I couldn't have done it myself and make it on time for the ship." Willow stammers.
    Milo waves at him lightheartedly, sucking in a huge breath.
    "Nah, I'm fine, this is nothing. Glad to be of service," he chuckles, wiping his forehead with his sleeves. "But jokes aside, just what is in this thing." He demanded, holding up the bag with a curious look. Willow fiddled with his hair, looking quite guilty.
    "Books," he blurts, "and medical supplies, I take them with me all the time." He admits.
    Milo chokes a bit at the huge burden he had just carried, laughing exasperatedly.
    "Ha, I see. Oh! But there's my friends! I'll see ya around pal," he said, waving at Willow as he ran off to join Maskerin.
    "Maskerin! Apollo! Naga!" He calls, joining them at the boat. "Good to see you here, you're in on this gym battle thing right?" He greeted, happy to see them. "Oh, and who's this?" He looks at the newcomer, "A new friend?"
  5. "Is that a Frosmoth?" asked Scythe excited as he saw Shiver and walked up to Naga, jumping and trying to pet new pokemon.
    "Scythe.. You may scare her" said calmly Damien, Scythe puffed his cheeks and turned to his friend "You say so, but I noticed that you glanced at this pokemon with eyes that were saying, 'Cute' too! You also would like to pet it!" said Scythe in triumph in his voice "Wait-.. No, I.." Damien felt really embarrassed now, as he really glanced that way.. But he didn't look at pokemon..
    Voice of another person saved him and he said "Oh, sorry.. We didn't introduce ourselfs, did we? My name is Damien Coyle and he is..." Damien started and Scythe interrupted him ".. And I am Thomas Skyscale, but many of my friends calls me Scythe!" Thomas said and grinned, he pointed at Zoroark "And this is my pokemon, Vectra!"

    (@Willow Tree,@LunarSilvally...)
  6. Willow Tree

    Willow Tree Previously Brightheart

    "Oooo, nice to meet you!" He exclaims, "You two are gym challengers right? That does low key make us rivals in this." He points out. "But nice to meet you anyways! I'm Milo!" He introduced. "And my partner pokemon is- wait, where is that little twat." Milo finally realize that Kiki didn't keep up with him, and looks around, trying to find the keychain.
    Suddenly, Milo ducks without saying a thing, barely missing getting a slam dunk on the head by the said keychain, who flew over his temple with a cackle. Milo glares at Kiki, shaking his fist at the mischievous little thing.
    "Do that again and you're going in your pokeball!" He threatens, before turning back to both Scythe and Damien. "And that's Kiki, my partner pokemon. Regretfully." He whispers the last part. "Please ignore them, they're up to no good if you get their attentions." He mutters.
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  7. Naga looked to Scythe. "Yes she is, this is Shiver the Frosmoth.....she just normally loves to be on my head...but Greetings I am Naga and this is my partner Ribbon the Sylveon. This girl next to me is Maskerin and her partner Missy the Mismagius and her brother Apollo with Lutacriss his partner the Lucario...he doesn't talk much so his Lucario does it for them through Aura...or sigh language we call it..." She introduced. "Don't worry though Shiver doesn't bite...she is actually a bit shy..." Naga said gently grabbing the white moth holding her in her arms. "You can pet her if you want Scythe..." She said gently smiling as Shiver rested comfortably in Naga's arms.

    "Greetings Milo, and no they are not....the gym leaders are already at the island....JC and Shadow is one of them...hehe your not that slow are you... friend..." Maskerin said hugging Milo from behind. "You made it just in time to Milo...are you ready to challenge the gyms..." She asked looking to him. @Willow Tree @Clite of Dragonbow
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  8. Willow Tree

    Willow Tree Previously Brightheart

    "I said gym challengers," Milo scoffs, faking an offended look. "And I am not slow, you're imagining it," he pouts, stamping his foot childishly.
    "And the challenging the gym? Oh hell no, I'm going to get my butt beat on the first gym." He laughs, "I've never seen any of the gym leaders though, except JC and Shadow. Not surprise those two are the strongest, I never win a single battle against them, I'm not made for this." He giggles.
    "Do you know who's the first one we're going for? What type maybe?" He shrugs, "Cause I did absolutely no study on this, so I barely know anything about what I'm getting myself into."
  9. Scythe patted happily Shiver "Nice to meet all of you" after a while he stopped and added "JC and Shadow?.. Oh, My brother told me about them.." he smirked "They can be strong as gym leaders, but I don't think that they could beat my bro!" said Scythe "He is too amazing for this! He isn't the last gym leader only becouse-..." he got interrupted by Damien "Scythe!" and went silent.
    "Sorry... Nevermind, forget what I have said" he gave them a big smile. Damien looked at Scythe and smiled softly. "Well.. I hadn't decided yet, if I am a gym challenger.. I gonna make decision on the way.." said Damien

    (@Willow Tree, @LunarSilvally)
  10. The intense lights of the concert venue were concentrated on the stage where Aris stood, the crowds going wild as she finished her last song. "Thanks, guys!" she said before waving at them. She went backstage where her manager waited outside her room, carrying a box.

    "Miss Aris, these are the fanmail and gifts you have received," the manager said. Aris waved them off, going inside her waiting room.

    "You know where to put it," she said. The manager set the things down before handing her a wax-sealed letter. A few assistants came in, getting ready to help Aris take off her make-up and clothes.

    "A letter for you," the manager said. Aris snatched it from their hand before waving her hand in dismissal. She opened the letter while assistants fussed about her hair, reading it before grinning.

    "Manager!" she yelled for the manager, who came scurrying in. "So, I have this new part-time job which I know will totally boost my popularity. Prepare a car and a yacht for me, I need to go to this location," Aris handed the address to the manager, who bowed before taking it and leaving, leaving Aris alone with her assistants once more.
  11. Naga smiled gently. "It's alright if you haven't made the decision Damion....I haven't decided yet either if I wanted to challenge since I am more into coordinating then battling....so your not alone in this..." She said gently smiling as Shiver fluttered her wings a bit enjoying the pet before her trainer plopped her on her head again which she didn't mind. "So...maybe we can think this out together....I mean....if you want..." She added.

    Maskerin chuckled. "I was only teasing Milo....no need to pout..." She said poking his cheek. "But your right on that Milo...hehe not with that team of yours...and also Scythe...don't underestimate the siblings.. especially JC...she is the eighth gym leaders for a reason...but I won't spoil her typing hehe.....she is...well her style is really something I'll say...." Maskerin said ruffling Milo's hair a bit. @Willow Tree @Clite of Dragonbow
  12. Firey, wearing his cloak, had already boarded the ship, getting through pretty easily. He wandered around until he spotted a pair of people conversing, much like him and Ariana. There's a reason he's going to this island.

    "Uhh, Hi, You two are?" Firey asked, "Silly me, My name is Firey Argentston, of Oldale Town, Hoenn."

    "Firey?" a girl asked.

    "Little Kaylee?" Firey asked.

    Kay blushed in embarrassment.

    @LunarSilvally @Willow Tree

    Eugene had just boarded the ship, his Claydol following. The young man had prepared before hand, and is one of the Challengers. All anyone else will know when he explained his identity is that he was known as "Earthquake". He walked around the ship.

    "We need to find a room, and prepare for anything, Even the Cloaked Rider." Eugene told his Claydol.

    Eugene headed towards what seemed to be his Assigned room.
  13. Willow Tree

    Willow Tree Previously Brightheart

    Milo chuckles, bending a bit at the waist as Maskerin started to play with his hair.
    "Hey careful there, these curls tangles easily," he whines softly, laughing a bit, "they're hard to take care of. I really wish I had your hair, so smooth and straight." He chides.
    Kiki pouts next to him, a bit offended that both Milo and Maskerin criticized the team's fighting skills, swatting at his arm.
    "Yo, quit that," Milo smacks back at Kiki, who only huff. "Why can't you behave for once."
    Newcomers came then, talking, and Milo blinks at them, a bit confused.
    "Wait, you're taking to us?" He asks, looking dumbfounded. Kiki scoffs, muttering something, making milo glare at them. "I'm not slow." He insisted, crossing his arms.
  14. Saphrax was glad to be going to the new island. He needed to get away from his problems for a bit. With his guitar in hand, and Blaze by his side, he could get through whatever people threw at him. Blaze was his houndor and like his owner, was very calm as they walked to bus stop. He hoped that he would run into someone he knew there as he hated to travel alone most of the time.

    Sarah had woken up early in the morning she wanted to get in her last run before she left for the new gym league. It was something that she had done for years and did not stop for anything. She loves the rain when it pours down, and she would have become a water type trainer if it had been for the fact that she fell in love with her team.

    When she made it back to her apartment, she showered and changed. On her way out of the apartment, she gathered up Togepi and Umbre as they stayed inside as she ran. Her bags were packed the day before, and seemed to be very sensible in their weight.

    As she made her way through the streets, she came across her cousin at the bus stop. "Hey Saphrax. I see that you and Blaze are heading to the peir want to walk with me? I am sure that the bus will take longer then if we walk."

    Saphrax just stood up and begun to walk with his older cusin. He was glad to be away from the studio, as he wanted a break from his manager. He hoped that his parents would have chosen someone who was so stifling. He had spent a lot of time trying to get his parents to see what was happening to his career. It was like his music was being forced to change. He hated it.

    The two eventualy made it to the ship. They noticed the others around, and walked over. She knew some of them through word of mouth. She was pretty sure a few would know of her if they follow contests as she had won quite a few.

    In her arms was a small egg shaped pokemon. She looked around at the others and seemed to giggle. She loved how different everyone was. Umbre was beside Sarah as she was never far from her trainer. "Hey everyone I hope that we are not too late. My name is Sarah Blackwell by the way. This is my cusin Saphrax."
  15. "I-i would really like to Naga" said Damien, kinda shy.

    "Oh, My bro told me that she is strong! Well, he told me a lot about her actually" boy chuckled slightly. "But I don't underestimate her! I will get stronger on the way and win with every challenge on my way" he said proudly. "My bro isn't weak too, but..." Scythe checked if Damien won't hear him "My bro recently... Don't have any joy in pokemon battles and isn’t trying at all... In truth.. I travel all this way to.. Get back for him his will as a trainer.."
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    Willow Tree Previously Brightheart

    "Ooo, another one!" Milo turns to meet Sarah and Saphrax, "Nice to meet you guys also!" He greeted.
    He looks Sarah up and down, squinting a bit.
    "Actually, have I met you before? You seem awfully familiar." He said, "Oh wait! You're the one who compete in contest right? I've went and watch it once, you were the winner!" He exclaims. "Wow! This is awesome! I need an autograph!" He laughs, "but woe is me, my dumb brain didn't bring a single pen note paper." He sighs, "maybe next time."
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  17. "Yep, If you didn't hear me before, which I'd be surprised if you did, my name's Firey, and you two remind me of Myself and My Fiancee, Ariana Montgomery, also known as the 'Unovan Coordinator'." Firey responded, "Is that your Pokemon?"

    All of a sudden, a pokeball opened revealing Sharp, his Absol. She kept close to Firey.

    "H-hi!" Kay squeaked shyly, "I'm Kay Argentston, his younger sister."

    Her Dragonair acted like a scarf, wrapping himself around her left arm and working his way around. He prepared to fire an ice beam, but Kay gave him a glare, which made him stop.

    @LunarSilvally @Willow Tree
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  18. Willow Tree

    Willow Tree Previously Brightheart

    "Ah yes, this is my pokemon, his name is Kiki." Milo explains, nudging the Keychain. He listens thoroughly as Firey explains how the two reminds the man of him and his fiance, who apparently was a coordinator. "Woah Maskerin, his fiance is also a coordinator," he grins at the girl, "like you! What a coincidence!" He chirps.
    "And hi Kay," he greets the girl, "that's a nice dragonair you got there- oh shoot-" Milo nearly ducks, seeing that the said pokemon was charging up an ice beam. "Haha, not the most sociable pokemon huh," Milo chuckles nervously, scooting a bit farther to give space. "Can't blame them, at least they're protective of you," he flicks a finger at Kiki, "this guy right here on the other hand, would probably leave me for dead if he was ever given the chance." He mutters. Kiki slaps at him, utterly offended.
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  19. "I've had Dragonair since he was an egg, he's the son of My Brother's Dragonite, and has been highly protective of me since he evolved." Kay explained, nervously.

    "Sharp here is one my first six Pokemon, and a powerful one too, she's dealt with a Tyranitar or two from time to time." Firey explained about his Pokemon, who looked around, then suddenly bolted behind Firey.


    On a different part of the ship, two pokeballs on Eugene's belt opened, revealing a Garchomp and a Sandstone and Gold Krookodile. Eugene just realized that two of his most powerful Pokemon just got out of their Pokeballs. He turned around, only to find them gone.

    "Claydol, find them!" Eugene yelled.

    Claydol levitated around looking for the two other ground types.
  20. Willow Tree

    Willow Tree Previously Brightheart

    "Ah, is that so?" Milo laughs, amused. He caught sight of Willow, who also seems to have joined the same ship, though looks way more confused than need be. Milo waves at the younger boy, who scutters over quickly.
    "You're in the same boat, ah, thank gods," the boy sighs in relief, "I thought I was in the wrong one." He mutters.
    Milo chuckles, patting his friend on the back. "Oh, and meet Firey and Kay here, we've just met but they seems to be really strong!" He grins at the duo. "Going off fighting tyranitars, you're going to nail the gym challenges."
    He tilts his head, "Actually, are you guys one of the challengers? I don't think I heard if you were," he made a silly face, "man, maybe I really am slow."
  21. "We are both Challengers, She's inexperienced, but managed to defeat one of my other Pokemon, Sandslash, who's not back in Hoenn." Firey explained, "A young man who concentrates in Ground Types is also on the boat, all I know is that he is a Challenger under the Alias 'Earthquake'."


    Eugene sneezed, as Garchomp passed by.

    "Return!" Eugene yelled, "Now where is Krookodile?"

    Krookodile was on the other side of the ship, looking for something to bite down on. Being chased by a giant Claydol made this annoying.
  22. Sarah smiled at the attempt of the autograph. She was glad to have meet someone who knew about her contests. "Well I normally don't give out autographs, but I might have something later." Sarah giggled a little, which caused her togepi to laugh more. "On the gym challenge, I am actually comepeting as well."
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  23. Willow Tree

    Willow Tree Previously Brightheart

    "Wow, we're giving nicknames now?" Milo muses, stroking his chin, "Ack, that's so fancy, I couldn't possibly pull it off." He laughs, waving it off, "Not to mention, I couldn't have possibly make myself well known enough to have an alias." He said, shrugging, "Not that I care,"
    He looks to Sarah, clapping both hands on his cheeks in a somewhat childish manner, squealing delightfully.
    "Wahhhh, to have a souvenir from this trip sounds lovely! My parents would be pleased," he chirps.
    Willow blinks, looking back and forth at all the people Milo was singlehandedly talking to alone, looking utterly lost.
    "So, uh..." The young boys trails off, "you all famous?" He asks, looking at Sarah, "You guys are giving autographs and all..."
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  24. Mangoez~

    Mangoez~ Previously Jurilios

    (OOC: Not having Kaylee in first post for reasons, also sorry for the delay)
    Lucas + Erica
    Lucas woke up to the quite annoying sound of well, an alarm clock. It was time to finally challenge the island and the 8 gyms. And a few meters away, in a room next to Lucas’, was Erica’s, his sister.

    Erica woke up to both her own and her brother’s alarms, and woke up in a flash.

    "Ah, what a lovely day to be challenging gyms today," Lucas said, "if it weren't for my sister."

    "You know, I heard that." Erica said.

    "Shut up Erica, I'm trying to enjoy myself. Plus, we should probably separate this whole journey. I don't want to hear you nagging." Lucas then said.

    "Smartest thing your small, puny brain has ever thought of, ever.” Erica said, and then they both decided to ignore each other as they both got ready to board the ship.

    After a while, Erica ahead of Lucas, the two finally arrived on the ship. Erica just looked around to see many other trainers, but Lucas decided to just stare a the water, for no apparent reason, and decided to just look at his PokéPhone.
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  25. Sarah jesters with her thumb to Milo. "This one here recognized me from a couple of the contests I was in. It is no big deal." That caused Saphrax to burst into laughter and a look to be thrown his way from Sarah. The look accompanied a face that caused the singer to laugh even harder.

    Once he finally calmed down, he looked to Willow, who he thought was pretty cute from the time that boy walked up. "Try her wining most of the ones she competed in. I think the only real competition for her is Maskeriren. (Correct me on the spelling.) This one is too humble to admit that she is awesome when it comes to actually performing."

    "Says the person who has sold out a small concert hall for his first concert after the release of his album." Sarah received a look from that, that matched the one that she gave him. He held his guitar a bit closer to him, as he hated the spot light thrown at him. He would have much rather she stayed quite about that.
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  26. Willow Tree

    Willow Tree Previously Brightheart

    Willow chuckles quietly, whilst Milo straight burst out laughing. Saphrax and Sarah's relationship was nice, and the two boys couldn't help but let out their amusement.
    "Man, you two are quite a team huh, always know exactly what to say as a comeback." Milo wheezes lightly, wiping away a tear.
    "True that, you two have a nice connection," Willow adds in, smiling cheerfully.
    "But truth to be told, I'd actually like to see Sarah and Maskerin compete, I do wonder who will win." Milo continues, looking at Maskerin, teasing her gently. "She's talented, but can she win against someone who also won in contest?" He cocks and eyebrow at her, "Unless you two competed already? Maskerin dear, you sign up for contest too right? Have you two ever met by chance?" He laughs, "I'm curious."
    "So you play the guitar?" Willow pipes up, looking at Saphrax with a silly tilt of his head, "You host concerts too right? That's pretty cool, I heard the responsibility is quite heavy, impressive that you pulled it off." He said. His pokeball twitched, and he looks down at it. He pats it slightly and it went still.
    "You're probably famous too, even if it's subtly." He adds.
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  27. Mangoez~

    Mangoez~ Previously Jurilios

    Kayla couldn’t sleep that night, as she had drank about too much coffee that night. In fact, she still had the effects of the coffee on her. It was time to start her new life as a gym leader for the new area that opened up, and she was quite excited. Now, she had booked recently a private helicopter to the island, which she didn’t really need but wanted anyways. It did cost her a lot of PokéDollars, but she was up to it.

    After a while on the helicopter, Kayla finally arrived on the island on the helicopter and landed safely. The ride wasn’t short, but not long at all.

    She decided to run to the nearest cafe and grabbed, well, another coffee and a piece of toast, and sat down on the booth couch and thought of what should happen today.
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  28. Naga smiled to Damion before noticing the Absol that had popped out next to Fiery. "Oh that's cool....Firey...you have an Absol just like my friend does...and she is very well trained for an Absol..." She said standing next to Damion as Ribbon reaching her long ribbon out to pat his arm as a hello. "Sylveon!" She responded looking up at him giving a gentle smile. Maskerin noticed the teas from Milo. "Well, this is the first I had seen her and not to mention Naga is a Coordinator as well and a good one....so we are kind of evenly matched...Milo..and sorry about your curls....just love how curly they are hehe...my hair is well....yeah it's smooth and fine looking...and we'll easy to manage which is why it's long hehe...." She answered letting go of him. "Maybe....Key and get this Klefki under control..." She whispered in his ear before pulling out a Dream ball as a shiny Klefki appeared out before attaching herself to Kiki to control him. "You mischievous Klefki..." She answered tapping his head.

    @Willow Tree @Cmeriwether @Clite of Dragonbow
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  29. Willow Tree

    Willow Tree Previously Brightheart

    Milo lets out a breath, chuckling lightheartedly to himself as he watches Kiki whines at Key, complaining as she gently scolds him. The Keychain couldn't exactly get away either, due to be latched on by the female Klefki. Kiki pouts, muttering something back at Key, as if still denying that he was doing anything wrong at all. Milo sighs, but was still definitely pleased with Maskerin's comment about her hair.
    "Maybe a straightener will, but I'll probably look like one of those korean pop singers. Y'know, the ones with a bowl cut that looks like a mushroom cap." He laughs, twirling one ginger over his head to show her how it looks like. "Not to mention, my curls might make my hair seem shorter than it is, if I straighten it, it'll look way longer. I'll look like a wet dog! Just imagine how ugly that'll be. Haha, guess I'm staying with curls." He declares, acting as if he was in a trial, making the decision final as he clapped his hands. "Hee hee, but maybe I'll consider still, curly hairs are still a pain, though they look nice." He flips the little cinnamon bun curl on top of him forehead, faking a vain snort. "But still a pain." He finishes.
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  30. "Yeah I love it. I actually worked with my grandfather to make it. Well that and my violin that I have in attached to my bag." Saphrax smiled when the guitar was brought up. It seemed that the singer loved the instrument, and it showed in the way he held himself with his hand on the instrument.

    "I am not really that famous. The venue was actually just a café. Yeah there were a lot of people there, but it mainly for the open mic night." Saphrax was a little embarrassed that his fame was brought up. He would have rather it not happened at all. He had a lot of problems with his current manager, and his parents. If it was not for his cousins family, he would have probably been on his own against him.

    By his side was Blaze, he sensed his partner's discomfort, and rubbed up against his leg. It showed in the way that the pokemon cared for the singer. It also was seen as one that was calm and pretty docile for the species.

    Sarah gently chuckled at the way the were received. "Well it goes to show that we have basically grew up together as our parents live right near one another."
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  31. Firey was greeted by a Sylveon, "Hi Ribbon, I'm Firey, and this is Kay, she's shy."

    Kay was shyly hiding behind Firey as Dragonair charged up another Ice Beam, Firey hit the deck.

    "Hit the Deck unless you want to be an Ice Cube!" Firey yelled.


    Eugene was still searching for Krookodile. Krookodile, on the other hand, evaded everything Eugen tried to do.
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  32. Scythe noticed arrival of Juniper siblings and.. Kinda bored with teens company, with Vectra slowly approached Erica. "Hey there" he greeted her.
    Damien smiled slightly, when Naga stood next to him. He greeted Firey and Kay "Nice to meey you"
    Then Dragonair started to prepare for ice beam attack, from Damien's poke ball came out Arctozolt "P-perun?"
    Arctozolt walked up to Kay's Dragonair "Arrcc~" he said to her. (Translation) "Now, now, don't worry. Nothing is happening, so please calm down"
    Perun stood on Kay's Dragonair's ice beam way, to protect trainers from attack.
    ~ On the island
    Clint arrived to the cafe.. Quite tired after he prepared everything in his new gym. He thought about calling JC and.. Well, she could still sleep probably.. O-or something. He noticed that someone was in the cafe.. If he remembered correctly, her name was Kayla.. Water gym leader. He walked up to her "Hey" he greet her and ordered coffee for himself.

    @Mangoez~, @LunarSilvally, @Cmeriwether
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  33. "What the heck, you said we'd arrive at 4 pm!" Aris complained to the yacht's captain, who kept on bowing and apologizing repeatedly. "It's literally 4:15 pm, it's so late."

    Aris grumbled, walking away from the yacht to land on the docks. She almost shrieked when she heard the wooden docks groan under her weight, and even more so under the weight of her luggage. Her manager carried them as Aris took selfies and posted them on her social media accounts.

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    arisen☆: fairy type gym leaders are soo cute. we can all agree dragon types suck ♡
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    "Manager! What are you doing lugging about so slowly?" Aris sighed before a van stopped before them, opening up to be one of her drivers. The driver helped the manager get the luggage in the back while Aris climbed in the car, waiting her two staff members to finish. "By the way, I'm kinda hungry. Drive me to a place with low-carb snacks before dropping me off at the villa Mom and Dad bought for me."

    The driver brought them to a small cafe, and Aris got off the car without waiting for her manager. When she got in, she grimaced with how a lot of people seemed to stare at her before she ordered a skinny latte and a vegetable sandwich. The cashier recognized her, though, but she already had a picture of her signed and ready for giving out. As the cashier opened her mouth, Aris was already talking.

    "I know, surreal to meet me in real life, right?" She said before the cashier frowned.

    "No, I know you as that horrid pop idol who my friend tried to get me into," the cashier said, rolling their eyes. Aris got angry before raising her voice.

    "What the--horrid? But I'm talented, pretty, rich, and a Gym Leader. You have no right to call me horrid!"
  34. Naga noticed that Damion had the same Pokemon she has but the other form which was Electric-Dragon. "That's a coincidence Damion....you have the same Pokemon as me...see look..." She said pulling out a Friend ball as a Dragazolt popped out but instead of an ice body she had the big red legs and tail with her upper body too small for it. "This is Dolly the electric/dragon Dragazolt....but maybe she can help out..." She said giving a smile as she looked to Dolly before helping out the dragon/ice type Dragazolt. "Arrrca!("Calm down...ok....no need to destroy the ship we are on....last thing I want is...for this ship to sink without even getting there...") She said raising her small claws up to try and convince them to stop. Ribbon smiled to Firey then looked down to Kay returning the same smile to her. "Sylveon?" She said before walking back to Naga then to Damion as she looked up using her ribbon to tap his arm as if saying hello to him. "Sylveon?" She said giving a smile.

    She wasn't at the gym for the moment since the trainers that will be challenging it didn't arrive just yet. Her mask was resting on the side of her as Blue, her shiny female Umbreon and Blade the Absol walked on each side of her. She noticed Clint in the cafe as she went inside. "Greetings Clint, grabbing coffee I presume?" She asked approaching next to him.
    @Clite of Dragonbow

    Maskerin chuckled. "No keep your curls...I like them the way they are....no straightening....." She said giving a chuckle. "They may be a pain but...it's so curly hehe" she added as Missy nodded giving a smile as she hugged him as well with her cloth like hands. Key on the other hand was keeping Kiki under control. "Behave or I will kiss you" she joked teasing him a bit as she was still latched on to him even though she hated making Pokemon uncomfortable. Maskerin noticed the Absol next to Firey. "Firey is that your Absol?" She asked looking to him.@Willow Tree @Cmeriwether
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  35. "Oh, come on, father! I don't want to be with the other people in the ferry!!" Rina grumbled as she put her phone down.

    "Oh honey, come on! Just go, maybe you can meet new people! Besides, setting up a ride in our cruiser is too much work," Mr. Portsmann replied. "Listen to you father, dear. He makes a good point. Anyway, I really do have to go now. I'm sorry I can't see you off! Business stuff... Well, bye honey!" Mrs. Portsmann said as she kissed her husband's cheek and stroked Rina's hair. She went out and closed the door behind her.

    "Bye, mother," Rina sighed as she went back to packing her bags. Ugh, why does she always have to go?

    "Rina, are you ready yet? The ferry might leave soon!"

    "Coming, father..."
    "Wow, there's a lot of trainers in here. Be sure to be careful out there. And, don't forget to have fun!" Mr. Portsmann waved his daughter goodbye as he drove off.

    Rina observed her surroundings as she walked into the ship. "Ugh, this is gonna be soo boring..."
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  36. Brian calmly relaxed on a yacht that transported him and his beloved Pokemon to the brand new region where his Gym laid, he leaned forward on the railing to enjoy the sights of the open waters once more, his eyes moved up to gaze at the bird Pokemon that soared between the blue skies above and the blue waters below. "Time to see where fate takes me today." Brian thought to himself as his pink eyes looked at a Pokeball that he got out of his pocket to look at.

    When the yacht arrived at the docks, Brian immediately went to his room to grab his luggage which consisted of only two cases before he stepped off the boat and took a big sniff of the air. "Always love that new region smell." He said to himself before he checked the map on where his Gym was located, although it seemed like quite a distance, he looked at his watch and smiled. "Yeah, I have some time to spare." He said to himself before he went to find himself a taxi and climbed in one of the free ones.

    "Where to, sir?" The cab driver asked as he looked back at the Fuchsia coat wearing man. "Do you know any good cafe's with great coffee, my good man?" Brian asked with a friendly smile. "Oh! And if you ever get the chance, I would like to see myself dropped off here?" He added as he looked at where his Gym was located on the map which caused the cab driver to blink in surprise. "Well I'll be a Mankey's uncle, you're one o' the new Gym Leaders, right? Lucky for you, your place is located in the same town where you can grab a good cup of Joe." The cab driver said as he began to drive off.

    After a good while of travelling and friendly small talk, Brian was dropped off outside the cafe and slowly got out with his bags. Before he went inside, he kindly paid a tip to the taxi driver before he went inside to find a table to put his bags at, he got out a Pokeball and opened it to reveal an Espeon who immediately stretched out like a feline before he cheerfully looked up at her trainer.

    "Hello Espeon, I'm just going to grab myself a coffee, can you please watch my stuff for me?" Brian asked as he looked down at the Pokemon who nodded in response. Brian smiled and nodded back before he walked towards the counter... only to see a lady already there complain something about being 'horrid?'

    "Now now." Brian called out as calmly as he could. "Let's not try and make a scene here, everybody's here to enjoy a peaceful little meal, I'm sure you do to. There's no need for such reactions." Brian said, his friendly smile remained on his face.
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  37. Aris turned to look at the new person before recoiling in disgust with his outfit. "Now, that looks horrid!" she said before making a mental checklist of everything wrong with what he was wearing. "Ugh, who wears monochromatic outfits these days? Even Gym leaders have the freedom to make themselves look good with their monotype teams..."

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  38. "Come now." Brian replied calmly as he out his hands in his pockets. "There's no need to be so judgmental about my choice of attire, you didn't hear me judge about yours now, did you?" He asked rhetorically before he looked back at the Espeon who guarded his stuff and glared at Aris with a hostile look in her eyes, contrary to how relaxed her body seemed when she sat down. "We all have choices on how we wish to look, it's uncalled for to be judged negatively about it just as it's uncalled for to react at... whatever meaningless event transpired here."
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  39. Dragonair calmed down, and explained, "Dragon, air, dragon, dra air! (I'm still picking up a Pokemon that is causing problems on the ship!)"

    Kay shyly apologized for Dragonair's actions, and basically he was on high alert.

    Firey spotted a Krookodile running around the ship, a young man who wore brown, and a Claydol.

    "The man there," Firey explained, pointing to Eugene, "Is Earthquake."

    "Crap, of course that Vigilante would identify me." Eugene whispered, "Krookodile, Return!"

    Krookodile was returned. Eugene and Claydol internally cursed, realizing that if he was identified so easily, this was going to be a long day.

    @LunarSilvally @Clite of Dragonbow @Willow Tree
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  40. "Okay, first of all, with that look of yours, you don't have any right to judge mine," Aris said, inspecting her cutely-designed fingernails before pointing a finger at him. "And second, you came here acting like a white--magenta!--knight without knowing what happened? Since I'll be nice, I'll dumb it down for you. This cashier insulted me, and I practically have every right to get mad. Get it?"

    @Red Gallade

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