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Open The Eevees' Evoloutions~RP

Discussion in 'Pokémon Role Play Discussion' started by Seal Pup, Sep 27, 2016.

  1. This is the remake of my old eevee evoloution's roleplay, but better with a shiny line and more..

    So if you weren't here in the eevee roleplay earlier, this is about eevees going to hatch from eggs, but when they hatch, they discover their mother hasn't been of sight. (The original one, said she was killed. I will make a poll for the reason, kill is still there.)

    You still will start, getting hatched.

    You will be a EEVEE when you start, but farther in the roleplay you will evolve. I will tell when we can evolve.

    There are two eevee that WON'T EVOLVE and stay a eevee.

    Form (Short)~
    Will evolve into:
    Special Markings:

    Name: Niti
    Gender: Female
    Will evolve into: Sylveon
    Special Markings: A red heart mark on her leg.
    Other: None

    Evolving into:
    Staying as an Eevee~
    Flareon~ @Honolulu the Vaporeon (Ginger)
    Sylveon~ Me (Niti)
    Staying as a Shiny Eevee~
    Shiny Flareon~
    Shiny Vaporeon~
    Shiny Jolteon~
    Shiny Espeon~
    Shiny Umbreon~ @Blu Ace (Midnight)
    Shiny Leafeon~
    Shiny Sylveon~ @AshGreninja (Flame)

    1. Please don't start what you are going to evolve into. You don't hatch and become a Jolteon.
    You start as a eevee, and you evolve later into what you evolve into.
    2. Please read the Pokemon Roleplay rules and the global rules. They'll help you in the roleplay.
    3. Write at least a paragraph (at least 5 sentences) and 3 or more lines is that what you have to do every post.
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    Last edited: Sep 27, 2016
  2. May I reserve a spot as Shiny Umbreon
  3. May i reserve a spot for shiny leafeon
  4. Name: Flame
    Gender: Male
    Will evolve into: Umbreon or Shiny Sylveon
    Special Markings: none
    Other: fun, Cares for others
  5. Name: Midnight
    Gender: Male
    Evolve too: Shiny Umbreon
    Special Markingss: An blodd stain on his neck
    Others: Blue Scarf
  6. May I reserve a spot as a Flareon?
  7. Yes all! You don't need to ask for it, just post the form.

    All forms accepted. Geez my revival is great.
    @AshGreninja you need to say which one you will evolve into.
  8. Name: Ginger
    Gender: Female
    Will evolve into: Flareon
    Special Markings: Ginger (like the cat fur color) tipped tail.
    Other: Fireproof sun necklace.
  9. K then. Accepted, starting role play soon, like tomorrow or later today.
  10. Creating role play now.

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