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Private/Closed The Eevee House 3.5

Discussion in 'Pokémon Role Play' started by Peachy Ace, Mar 6, 2017.

  1. Midnight groaned. He sat by his trainer, Diamond, on a plane, heading towards the Kalos Region. He sat at the window, looking as they traveled over the sea, clouds passing by quickly, though Sunset approach. Midnight would of been fine going to Kalos with Diamond if it hadn't been for an incident back in Unova.

    A few days before the trip, Diamond had showed him a surprise. He showed him Eight other Eeveelutions, Vaporeon, Jolteon, Flareon, Espeon, Umbreon, Leafeon, Glaceon and Sylveon. He claimed he had managed to capture them while he was gone, causing Midnight to go though spiraling depression. He thought he wouldn't have to hang with them for a year, but he was wrong. Diamond had brung the Eeveelutions with him, well six for now. He currently had in his party : Midnight the Shiny Umbreon, Len the Jolteon, Xandi the Espeon, Felix the Leafeon, Fae the Sylveon, and Phoenix the Flareon. Three other Eeveelutions stayed back at Floccecy Ranch in the Unova Region, which would soon be transferred over.

    Diamond softly petted Midnight, which didn't seem to make him feel better. He was just happy the other Five Eeveelutions were still in their Pokeballs, which was probably going to be over soon, since the plane sempt to decend, meaning they were probably in Lumious City. He then heard the Plane's tires plant on the flat ground of the Runway. He knew that danger and great annoyance approached.

    Once the Plane successfully stopped, everyone stood up, exiting the plane. Diamond and Midnight were first out, considering they were sitting in the front seats. They jumped down the plane, ignoring the obvious ladder down. Diamond sighed.

    "Alright Midnight, we do have a long walk till Vanniville, but I could get some company for you." Diamond smiled.

    Midnight growled. "NoNoNoNoNo! Keep them in their Pokeballs! Better Yet, return me into mine!" Midnight yelled, though to Diamond it was just 'Umbreon, Um-Umbreon!' Diamond shrugged, unable to know what Midnight said. He grabbed Two Pokeballs in one hand, Three in the other. He then sent them flying into the air. The Pokeballs opened, then five bright lights came out from them, landing on the ground. He caught the Pokeballs as they came down, waiting for the Lights to fade, and the Pokemon to reveal their true forms. Midnight frowned, lying down, paws over head. Diamond questioned his action, but ignored it
  2. "What?" Phoenix questioned as she revealed her light blue head and yellow and red eye from her fur as she uncurled her body. "I was gonna get such a good rest, but nooope," The blue Flareon stretched her dark blue legs, sat down, and curled her silver tail around her body. Her black Dragon Tribe beanie was on her head, covering her tuft and making her ears flop down. She smiled warmly at Midnight, after adjusting to the bright light of the sun. "Hi Midnight, so, where are we?" She yawned, baring her white fangs as she looked around.
  3. Midnight looked up to see Phoenix. "Were in Kalos." He sighed, sitting up straight, readjusting his Blue Scarf. "Appearently were.on 'Vacation' and were going to Vaniville Town. "I did.not ask to.be invited, but here I am." Midnight sighed.
  4. "Hqs vacation ended yet?" The Flareon joked. "Hmm, thiw place is way different to the Ranch..." She gave a long sigh. "But the ground is nice, She added as she flopped onto her back and wiggled around playfully.
  5. "Nah, appearently it just started, and now I have to spend almost a whole vacation with you guys." Midnight frowned, scratching thr back of his head nonchalantly. He then smirked, watching as Phoenix wiggled around on the ground. "Hey you don't know how many people have walked around here, get up, before you're accidently stepped on." Midnight frowned.
  6. Fae yawned and stretched, the fairy type leaping into her paws to bounce around and wake herself up. Her ribbons moved around and she sighed happily, "so where are we"!
  7. Midnight turned his head to see Fae, who had came out of her pokeball. Answering her question, "We're in Kalos." Midnight frowned, looking around. "Luminoise City." Midnight added.
  8. Phoenix was taken aback by Midnight's words, but she got up and ignored them as Fae spoke. "And you're awake." She smiled. "This isn't my kind of area, anyways," She also added.
  9. "Cool cool so what are we going to do first? Run around the city? Go swimming in the pool? Mess up some gardens then run away laughing," she was joking about the last one. She then got to work grooming herself, smoothing down her fur and making a soft purr like noise.
  10. "Ummm, No, No, and No. I'm pretty sure that we're going to Vanniville Town first, but Im pretty sure we can do all the stuff you said there too. Except Phoenix." Midnight implied, Phoenix's fear of water.
  11. "Oh yeah, you don't like water," Fae sat down and tilted her head as she thought. She groomed her chest fur then looked at Pheonix with a playful look in her eyes, "well we could go berry hunting".
  12. Felix came out of the pokeball and looked around he sat down where he stood quietly, trying not to pull attention to himself. Felix looked at everyone "this could go either way" he said to himself
  13. Midnight noticed Felix had exited his pokeball. "Great." Midnight thought, then yawning. Midnight not getting as much sleep as he wanted. He then stretched a bit before sitting back down, waiting for the other two eeveelutions to reveal themselfs.
  14. From one ball of ligh formed an Espeon, beanie on her head and glasses on her snout. Opening her pink eyes, Xandi looked around at the other Eeveelutions, coming to the conclusion that they were also part of Diamond's team. The Psychic-type stretched her limbs, squeezing her eyes shut for a moment, before popping them back open and springing up, landing on her paws lightly. She hopped closer to the others, bouncing as she walked due to the excessive amount of energy she had stored up while still in her Pokeball, and bent low into a battle stance, a wide smile on her face. "Why, hello there!" she greeted, wagging her long tail playfully. "My name is Xandi! Mind if I ask who you all are and where we might be?" Xandi turned her head every which way as she took in her unusual surroundings, now standing up straight.
  15. Ara yawned and she smiled at the others before she laid down , enjoying the nice cold air that produced around her to keep her body temperature cool, she sighed, wanting someone to talk to sense the others.
  16. Felix noticed how diapointed midnight was we he came so he quietly walked him and sat down "sorry" he said quietly before getting back up and walking away
  17. About 2 seconds after waiting, both eeveelutions reavealed themselfs, both being female, Midnight being able to tell due to the Espeon's higher pitched voice, and by the looks of the Glaceon. He then gave a small sigh, then answering Xandi's question. "I'm Midnight, the Blue Flareon is Phoenix, The Sylveon is Fae, the Glaceon is Ara, and....wait, where is-" Midnight was cut off when hr was given the scare of his life, Felix whispering 'Sorry' into his ear, Midnight not expecting it. His face turned a dark blue, scared for life.
  18. Felix walked of to a corner and sat there feeling even worse about himself. He sat there and looked at everyone there was one of every eeveelotion
  19. Xandi couldn't help but smirk as Midnight's face became a dark blue color once the Jolteon whispered something in his ear. "Well, it's nice to meet you all!" the Espeon replied, nodding her head happily. Again, she glanced around at the bright sky and tall buildings, a small frown forming on her lips. "I still don't know where we are, though. Anyone care to explain?" She sat on the ground, an ear flicking out of habit, nearly knocking her beanie off her head.
  20. Ara saw Xandi and she blew a ice wind at her and she smiled "hey Xandi" she waved and she yawned a little before she blushed a little ad she giggled happily as she laid on the boxes.
  21. A chill ran up her spine as some ice-cold wind was blown her way. Knowing just what type of Eeveelution was behind her, Xandi turned around and raised an eyebrow at Ara, pursing her lips together. "Hi," she replied, simply, using her psychic ability to pull her hat onto her head more, which turned her eyes blue and shrouded the beanie in a matching blue light. Since she had turned around, Xandi reseated herself on the ground, licking a forepaw nonchalantly.
  22. Midnight who wanted to answer the question was too traumatized to reply. Being scared the heck out of. He then swallowed, a final shiver going down his spine. He closed his eyes, opening them again, ready to answer the previous question. But it had looked like she was making friends with Ara.
  23. Ara smirked and she jumped down and she walked up to her and she got in her face "i am Ara..." she said smiling at her and she sat down , her body looked like it wanted to present herself to the world showing off her beauty " Hehe how are you" she asked
  24. Fae watched all of them. She was wagging her tail and giggled sort as she was already thinking of pranks she could play on and let out a happy purr noise. She saw Ara and rolled her eyes.
  25. Ara saw Fae and she ran over , tackling the pokemon and she smiled pinning her down " Aww don't like m...nvm...sorry " she said laying down beside her and she sighed "sorry fae" she drooped, feeling bad for the way she acted
  26. Fae squeaked as she was tackled and laid flat before rolling away from the ice type as she disliked the cold that Ara let off. She then sat up again and groomed her fur, fluffing up a bit.
  27. Midnight frowned, watching as there became a small rivalry between the two, which Midnight found a bit intresting. Then smirked when she tackled Fae to the ground, which alarmed him at the same time. He didnt do anything though.
  28. Ara pouted, she kind of hated it when people ran away because she was cold...it made her heart almost shatter when people run away from her, Ara looked and she pouted a little.
  29. Xandi couldn't help but feel a bit intimidated when the Glaceon suddenly got close to her face. With a small "eep!", she jumped back and accidentally fell backwards, forcing her to roll onto her paws and stand up as quickly as she could. When the Ice-type moved on to Fae, Xandi scrambled over to the two, a determined gleam in her eye. She was too late, since Fae had already ran and Ara seemed upset. With a bit of sympathy in her heart, the Espeon patted Ara's back with a paw, smiling lightly. "Hey, it's alright! Just... you shouldn't spook people like that, alright?" she tried reasoning with her, chuckling quietly.
  30. Felix smiled at everyone making friends and he himself he was rotting in a corner he saw ara run of he decide to talked to her he got up and walked over "hey" he said to her "names Felix" he said introducing himself
  31. Fae stretched before padding around in a circle. She waffed her tail as she got warm again, looking about before stopping by midnight and tilting her head and walking forward, "you not going to join in the fun"?
  32. Ara looked at the espeon and she hugged her by nuzzling her neck fur and she shivered "No its not that ...its just people usually run away because of my body it produces cold air so i can stay healthy " she said frowning and she looked at felix "hi" she drooped.
  33. Xandi nodded, not wanting to seem like just that kind of person. With one last pat, the Espeon began to pad over to the others, saying to Ara, "ah, I'm sorry..." Sitting in front of Midnight and Fae, Xandi smirked, having heard what was asked to the shiny Umbreon. "Yeah, Midnight, join us! You can't be the one pouty-puss of the group, can you?" she teased, dropping into her battle crouch once again with a chuckle. "C'mon, let's go do something! I'm rearing to explore, or go hang out somewhere, or do something! Where's Diamond even taking us, anyway? Where did he take us?" Xandi tilted her head in curiosity, realizing that her question was never answered.
  34. Felix smiled at her "she talked to me" he said to himself. "I don't mind the cold" he said smiling at her sat down "is anything else wrong" he asked
  35. "Can we leave now? I'm booorrreeed," Phoenix growled. "Plus, I'm hungry~" She sighed, looking around at the other eeveelutions. "Still nothing like the Ranch," Phoenix said to herself.
  36. Midnight sighed. He then put a small smile on his face. The only one he remotely knew was Phoenix, the rest being new. He simply sighed and walked by the three before being stopped by Xandi. "Oi! Maaaaaate, that's a bit rude don't ya think." Midnight smirked. He then turned to Diamond who put his phone back in his pocket, smiling.

    "Its this way!" Diamond smiled, walking in One direction (No Pun Intended) Midnight following.
  37. Felix smiled and sat by the track and watched them run laps he smiled. "Hey" he smiled at them "im going to get in this" he got up and started to run he caught up with the espeon
  38. Xandi huffed, noticing Midnight's smirk and copying it, beginning to run laps around the shiny as a joke. "I need to waste my energy!" she replied, stopping immediately when Diamond spoke to them. When her Trainer began to walk, the Espeon ran ahead, using her psychic ability to keep her hat and glasses in place, unable to contain her energy any longer. "Hurry up, guys!" Xandi called back to the others, laughing as she ran. For a moment, she turned back to look at Phoenix, face full of wonder and shrouded in the blue light her eyes cast as she got a good look at her. "Hold on- you're blue! That's so cool! Now c'mon, everyone! Diamond's going this way!" The Espeon turned around once again, booking it down the road.
  39. Fae kept pace with her trainer, strutting and showing off. She wrapped one of her ribbons around diamond's leg and made her purring noise again.
  40. Felix smiled and followed everyone but the smile was more of a mask, inside he hated this entire situation no one liked him no one even acknowledged his existence

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