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Ask to Join The Eevee House 3.0

Discussion in 'Pokémon Role Play' started by Peachy Ace, Oct 29, 2016.

  1. Midnight heard a familiar voice. "Oh, Hey Phoenix. It's me, Midnight." Midnight sighed. He then turned to the empty space they called a void. "Well, Flying Solo, Oh well YOLO!" He sighed, jumping out of his Pokeball. He didn't open his eyes, he didn't feel rain on his fur, so he assumed he was safe. He opened his eyes to find himself inside. "Guys, it's clear. Cmon. You can get out now." Midnight smiled, turning to the other Five, unopened Pokeballs.
  2. Phoenix smiled and got out of her poke ball. Stretching, she sighed. "Too bad we weren't caugt in Master Balls, I know that they are rare, but I have heard that you get a butler..." She smiled, leaping onto a couch and laying down.
  3. "I think that's a Luxury Ball." Midnight Smiled. He sighed, sitting next to Phoenix. "It's a bit smaller than I thought, but it'll do." Midnight smiled. He then grabbed the TV Remote. He then looked between all the channels, not finding any of them interesting. He simply chose a random one, and left it on. It was a cowboy movie. A man was riding on a Rapidash towards the Sunset. Midnight sighed, lying down.
  4. Phoenix smirked and jumped onto him. "Yay! I am a blanket!" She cutely joked. She wagged her tail.
  5. Midnight felt a sudden pressure on his body. He wasn't sure what it was, but it was warm, and fluffy. He then herd the vouce, knowing exactly who it was. "Phoenix? You're a blanket all right, a Blanket that's gonna kill me." Midnight frowned, feeling himself melting. "Y-You mind, Lowering the Heat a bit?" Midnight asked, sweat falling off his face.
  6. "Okay!" Phoenix giggled, she lowered down her body temperature. "Better?" She laughed. She hugged him gently, wagging her tail.
  7. Midnight gave a sigh o relief, the tempature dropping. He felt much more cooler, putting a smile on his face. He then felt Phoenix hug him, causing him to blush a bit. "U-Um Phoenix, I have a thing called a bubble, where I get some Personal Space. You know." Midnight smiled.
  8. "Aww... but I love bwing a blanket!" She sighed jumping off of him aand onto a bean bag, curling up into a ball.
  9. Midnight felt as Phoenix jumped off him, the Pressure disappearing. He gave a sigh if relief, his pink blush subsiding. He then turned to Phoenix. "Sorry. I just kinda like, Personal Space." He smiled.

    Diamond came out of the restroom shirtless. "Well, I'm finally dry, so thank Arceus for that." Diamond smiled. He saw Phoenix and Midnight out of their Pokeballs, along with the other three Eeveelutions in bed. Everything was practically normal. "Alright guys, I'm going to bed. See yah." He smiled, walking to his room.
  10. Phoenix saw her trainer come out, shirtless. She blushed, and looked away. "Okay Master!" She smiled, then went back to sleep.
  11. Midnight sighed. For some reason, Phoenix blushed at Diamond shirtless. Male and Female Pokemon were very different to Midnight, give a girl a Flower, and they like you. Give a man steak, and they'll like you. Very different. He simply sighed. He then closed his eyes, wanting to sleep, which he achieved, falling asleep in a manor if seconds.
  12. Kicking the air, she slept, yawning, she turned back over to her side, squeaking whilst she slept.
  13. Lucky notice that there was a sudden stop after all the moving around "were are we at?" Lucky asked. Lucky came out of his Pokéball to see where their at. Lucky notice that they were at Diamonds house and Phoenix and Midnight were already sleeping. Lucky tried to not wake them up while looking for his bed. Lucky found his bed and layed down there, trying to sleep.
  14. Midnight yawned, waking up. He lazily opened one eye, adjusting to the light levels in the room. Once adjusted he opened his other eye, then jumped down from the couch he slept on. He stretched, then looking around. The Pokemon were still asleep. Midnight gave a sigh of relief, having some free time before the Eight beasts awaken. He slowly crept past Phoenix, making it to the door, where he jumped through the small Poke Door. He then smiled, the sun shining on his face. He then looked around at the rest of the town, one of the neighbors having a Rhyhorn, which was a bit intimidating. He sighed, staying clear from it. He then sat next to the house, taking in the sunlight.
  15. Slowly but surely, as she had done before, Také stood from her laying position on the carpeted floor, having done her routine of opening one eye before the other and stretching. Noticing the presence of all but one Eeveelution around her, the Leafeon paid no mind to the absence of Midnight as she headed outside, wanting some sunlight. Not even needing to adjust her vision to the sudden brightness, she saw the Umbreon not that far away, but since he seemed so peaceful, she left him alone. Finding a comfortable patch of grass surrounded by many colorful, beautifully-scented flowers a short walk away from the house, Také laid down again, this time on her back, as she photosynthesized, eyes closed, breathing deeply, as if she was still asleep.
  16. Yawning, Phoenix opened her eyes to see Midnights tail disappear. "Huh?" She got up and walked through the poke door, to see Midnight. "Hey Midnight! Whatcha doing?" The Flareon smiled.
  17. Midnight opened one eye to see Také, exiting the house. He smiled, her leaving him alone, unlike the other Eeveelutions, who would probably Start bugging him instantly. "So I think it's safe to say, Také is Practically the most Calm our of the eight Beasts, so Angel even." Midnight sighed. He started to dismiss the thought of Také, continuing with his sunbathing.

    Of course it didn't last, another Beast csme out.

    Midnight jolted up, not expecting Phoenix to pop in. He fell back, on his back. He frowned, taking deep breaths. "Hey Phoenix, I was just Sunbathing, until I was scared, ehh, Happy Halloween." Midnight sighed, it being the Day of Halloween.
  18. It was Halloween.


    It was Niti's worst favorite holiday, the first one being- well you know, Christmas. She would be giving presents, receiving presents, mostly from Santa.

    She went downstairs from their bedroom, and decided to watch some television. Apparently, when she turned it on, a very spooky movie was on. Blood, violence, the movie overall yucky. She ran in circles, too scared to hear the noises due to the sounds creeping her out, that she couldn't change the channel. She tried, bravely, to hit the power button. She did it for her life, well I suppose.
  19. Lucky opened one eye to see some of the beasts were already gone. Lucky yawned and got up to go downstairs and watch television. Lucky saw that Niti was tired from something other then sleep. "You okay there there?" Lucky asked Niti.

    Lucky also notice that it was sunny outside and saw that Midnight, Phoenix, and Také were already outside. Lucky was going to go out there but saw they were already peaceful so see didn't want bother them, plus Lucky was to shy to go out anyway.
  20. Oh.... maybe I over slept...
    Micah turned away from the blinding light of the sun that shone through the window. He turned to notice that there were a couple of others now roaming the house.
    Wait.. Other Pokemon!?!?!?
    Micah jumped out of his bed before noticing another Umbreon outside. His heart sank as he noticed a couple other Eeveelutions near him.
    Am I... No no no... Diamond is not replacing you! He is your friend!.. He would never do that!... I think..
    After taking a couple of deep breaths, Micah decided to go and brush up before meeting the others. Walking into the restroom, he jumped into the smaller part of the bathroom and turned on the water and began to rinse and push down his fur that had fluffed up due to the cold and wet situation last night.
  21. Midnight then scratched the back if his head non chalantly. "So, what are you doing out here, don't tell me your going trick or treating this early in the morning!" Midnight frowned, as appearently people would do that. He than frowned hearing more people, inside. "There goes my free time." He sighed. He then turned back to Phoenix. "Well Im going to go look around then." Midnight sighed, walking off.
  22. Sparky was still in his pokeball scared to come out he slowly worked up his couage, "I can I can do this" he told himself terrified he shook the ball as if means to try and get out
  23. A brown leaf broke off of a tree branch high above, sailing down to touch Také's nose, before landing in the patch of flowers. The Leafeon sighed, happily, as she watched the leaf take flight. Something else caught her attention soon after- one of the flowers tucked into her ear, sliding downward. Také knew what this meant: it was time to switch these flowers out for newer, fresher ones.

    Standing up, Také stretched, hopping out of the patch of flowers so she could extract the wilting ones from her body. She carefully pulled each flower from her fur, placing them in a neat pile in front of her. Once this was done, there was a significant pile of dying flowers, and the Leafeon kept them there as she carefully walked back into the field, feeling very much bare without the flowers on her. She looked around, spotting only the prettiest and most exotic flowers for her next 'outfit'. Také plucked many Begonia Nonstop Reds, Blue Dawn Flowers, Etlingeras, and Sophronitises, strewing them around her body. Once this was done, she sighed once again, merely standing in the middle of the field, a content smile on her face as she photosynthesized once again, wanting to prolong the lives of these flowers for as long as she could.

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