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Ask to Join The Eevee House 3.0

Discussion in 'Pokémon Role Play' started by Peachy Ace, Oct 29, 2016.

  1. Midnight groaned. He sat by his trainer, Diamond, on a plane, heading towards the Kalos Region. He sat at the window, looking as they traveled over the sea, clouds passing by quickly, though Sunset approach. Midnight would of been fine going to Kalos with Diamond if it hadn't been for an incident back in Unova.

    A few days before the trip, Diamond had showed him a surprise. He showed him Eight other Eeveelutions, Vaporeon, Jolteon, Flareon, Espeon, Umbreon, Leafeon, Glaceon and Sylveon. He claimed he had managed to capture them while he was gone, causing Midnight to go though spiraling depression. He thought he wouldn't have to hang with them for a year, but he was wrong. Diamond had brung the Eeveelutions with him, well six for now. He currently had in his party : Midnight the Shiny Umbreon, Lucky the Sylveon, Phoenix the Flareon, Také the Leafeon, Eri the Espeon, and Shock the Jolteon. Three other Eeveelutions stayed back at Floccecy Ranch in the Unova Region, which would soon be transferred over.

    Diamond softly petted Midnight, which didn't seem to make him feel better. He was just happy the other Five Eeveelutions were still in their Pokeballs, which was probably going to be over soon, since the plane sempt to decend, meaning they were probably in Lumious City. He then heard the Plane's tires plant on the flat ground of the Runway. He knew that danger and great annoyance approached.

    Once the Plane successfully stopped, everyone stood up, exiting the plane. Diamond and Midnight were first out, considering they were sitting in the front seats. They jumped down the plane, ignoring the obvious ladder down. Diamond sighed.

    "Alright Midnight, we do have a long walk till Vanniville, but I could get some company for you." Diamond smiled.

    Midnight growled. "NoNoNoNoNo! Keep them in their Pokeballs! Better Yet, return me into mine!" Midnight yelled, though to Diamond it was just 'Umbreon, Um-Umbreon!' Diamond shrugged, unable to know what Midnight said. He grabbed Two Pokeballs in one hand, Three in the other. He then sent them flying into the air. The Pokeballs opened, then five bright lights came out from them, landing on the ground. He caught the Pokeballs as they came down, waiting for the Lights to fade, and the Pokemon to reveal their true forms. Midnight frowned, lying down, paws over head. Diamond questioned his action, but ignored it.

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  2. Eri sighed with relief. "It feels good to be out again," she said happily. She noticed Midnight with his paws covering his head. Eri tilted her head and went over to him. "Something wrong?" She asked. It seemed like Midnight didn't like it when Eri and the other Eeveelutions were out of their Pokeballs. Eri's blue bandanna was a little too big for her, and where it was tied, two ends waved in the gentle breeze. Her eyes glowed blue as she tightened it a little; Eri always felt like the bandanna was too loose and would fall off.
  3. Midnight looked up to see one of the Eight Eeveelutions, Eri, an Espeon approached him, making Midnight a bit more depressed.

    "Something Wrong" The Espeon asked.

    Midnight sighed. He didn't want to lie, but if he did he would probably be hated by the other Eeveelutions, so obviously, he lied. "Oh, I'm just getting a bit homesick, uh, Eri was it?" Midnight put a fake smile on, standing up, greeting the Sun Pokemon. Behind his smile was hatred, deep hatred. He was lucky he could hide his true emotions at times like this, as it may ruin him forever.
  4. From a Pokeball in the hand that held three sprouted a Grass-type, who appeared in a laying position, head tucked comfortably in her arms. At the sudden warmth that covered her body, making the flowers she had decorated herself with glow failtly, the Leafeon opened her eyes, slowly picking her head up to be greeted with the sight of two other Eeveelutions. Without much care, she cautiously stood from her laying position on the dirty ground, shaking not only the filth from her fur, but one of her flowers off as well. Light brown eyes widened at the feeling of losing it, she turned her head around and padded over to its red form, picking it up in her teeth and replacing it in the fur of her back, smiling lightly.

    Again, she looked over to the two Eeveelutions, unsure of how well they were getting along, WHAT with their typings. Walking over to them, she nodded, her tail standing up behind her, her ears partially drooping. "Are you Midnight?" she asked in a quiet, high-pitched tone, looking at the shiny Umbreon. Her smile grew wider, and she closed her eyes for a moment. "It's nice to meet you. I'm Také." After introducing herself to him, the Leafeon looked over to the Espeon. "And who might you be? If I remember correctly, your name is Eri, right?" Tilting her head, Také sat on the dirt before the two, eyes opened once again, her smile only growing even more.
  5. Lucky was happy like always but notice that Midnight was acting strange, like he was unhappy of the their presence. Lucky went to say hi to Midnight to make him feel better and notice he was smiling but went to say hi anyway. Lucky also notice that Eri and Také was there as well. "Hi there!" Lucky said with a smile.
  6. Midnight frowned, another Eeveelution's light fading to its true form. He then smiled, the Eeveelution lying down, and ignoring him. "I'm liking her much more then the others. He sighed, turning back to his problem, the Espeon. "So Eri, where did Diamond catch you?" He asked, tying to start the conversation.

    Diamond smiled. "Look, there we go, already talking. I don't see why your so sad Midnight, you got all these friends." Diamond smiled, awaiting the other three Eeveelutions to reveal themselves.

    Midnight turned to Také, who introduced herself to him. "I take it back." He thought. He put on another fake smile. "Yep, That's Me. Nice to meet you Také" Midnight smiled, extending a paw out to greet the Leafeon. This is what he usually did when meeting a new Pokemon. He felt better as Také stopped his conversation with Eri, but did find her smiling alot a bit creepy, as he would Mist likely smile once a day.

    EDIT: He then turned to Lucky, the Third Eeveelution. He sighed. "Oh, Hey Lucky." He smiled still extending his paw out towards Také, which he didn't really notice.
  7. Carefully, Také extended her paw to Midnight's own, her smile shrinking as she noticed the obviously fake one on the Umbreon's face. Letting go of his paw, the Leafeon took a step or three back, away from the others, and she laid down again. "I'm sorry," Také apologized for reasons she did not know. Up to the Espeon, she looked, before noticing the appearance of another Eeveelution. Again, she nodded up to him, now looking in his direction. "Hello there," she replied, a hint of a smile reforming on her face. "Who might you be? Lucky, I'm guessing, based off of what Midnight has just said?" she asked the Sylveon, pointing her nose in Midnight's direction for a moment. Instead of tucking her head away in her arms, the Leafeon simply placed her chin on top of them, looking up to the Fairy-type almost lazily. "I am Také. Nice to meet you."
  8. Midnight then felt the Leafeon shake his arm. He felt a bit stupid he didn't realize it was still up. He smiled, the Leafeon ending the hand shake. He then frowned, Také apologizing for something. He frowned, knowing the reason. Midnight sighed, it was because of his smile. She saw straight through it, making him a bit upset. He felt like apologising, or explain,but felt like he would make things worse which would happen most of the time. He simply sighed, then turning to Diamond. His eyes dropped, then he asked. "Can we start going? I just wanna sleep." He asked, which was still only 'Umbreon' to Diamond. Diamond frowned as it didn't seem like the other two Eeveelutions would reveal themselves soon. He sighed. "Maybe later." He frowned. He then returned Storm and Phoenix. He smiled. "Let's start moving, it'll be night soon." Diamond smiled. Midnight gave a sigh if relief, then turning to the other three Eeveelutions.
  9. "It's nice to meet you too!" Lucky said at Také and looked at Midnight and noticed that his smile looked funny. That he could be hiding something but didn't know what it was. "Hello there Midnight how are you doing?" Lucky said to Midnight while still smiling.
  10. Eri followed Diamond. She decided to take in her surroundings. The path was mostly open, with a few trees here and there. Eri's gem glowed a light blue; it did this when Eri was in the sunlight. Eri's bandanna was loose again, so she tightened it a little bit. The ends still fluttered in the wind. It felt good to be around other Pokemon. She decided to talk to Také. Eri walked up to the Leafeon. "Hi! I'm going to guess that you're Také? It's nice to meet you!" Eri's split tail waved in happiness.
  11. Midnight then frowned, the Sylveon turning to him, with a smile. He groaned, feeling as if smiled are signs of the devil. He simply sighed, turning his head a bit. "Ehh, I'm not dead, so Good." He smirked at his stupid joke, then started following Diamond. Once he was sure no one could see his face he simply groaned, hoping a year would go by fast, or else spiraling depression, here we come.
  12. "Let's start moving, it'll be night soon."

    At the sound of the human's voice, once again, Také picked her head up, followed by the rest of her body. Step by step, the Leafeon walked along behind Diamond, head turned in the direction of the Espeon, who had asked for confirmation on her name. "Yes, I am Také," she said for what felt like the millionth time, closing her eyes yet again for a brief moment. "It's nice to meet you too, Eri." Slowly, she moved her tail and ears about in happiness, careful not to let the flowers fall off like the rose had before. Looking back to the others, more specifically Eri and Lucky, Také twitched an ear, jumping slightly as she felt yet another flower, this one a daffodil, float away from it. "Oh, no!" she called, furrowing her brow in worry. Turning around, she lept in the air, catching the yellow decoration with her paws, amazed that no other flowers flew off as she did so. Replacing it back in its original position, Také sweat-dropped as she looked to the others. "Um... As I was saying... Are you both excited to see our new home?" she asked, awkwardly, her steps faltering for a moment as she regained her posture.
  13. Eri smiled. "Yeah, it'll be awesome to know where we're going to live!" Eri said, her pawsteps light. "I can't wait till we get there!" Her paws skidded over a rock, tripping her. "Whoa!" Eri exclaimed as she hit the ground. She got up and continued. "Guess I'd better watch out," She laughed. The fall hadn't hurt her much.
  14. Midnight and Diamond heard a Thud, quickly turning around to see Eri on the ground. Midnight sighed, continuing Diamond sighed. "Cmon, let's not be late, or we might have to sleep out here." He smiled. Just then he felt a drop on his head. He looked up to see storm clouds. "Run!" He yelled, rain starting to come down.
  15. Eri started running after the Umbreon and the Trainer. Lightning flashed around them. Rain soaked Eri's purple coat, and her gem stopped its glowing abruptly. "Does anyone else think it's weird that it was perfectly sunny and then out of nowhere it starts to rain?" She asked, but it was drowned out by a clap of thunder.
  16. "It may have been a Pokemon's Rain Dance!" Midnight yelled, running off. He stopped when he made it to Santalune Forest, waiting for the others to catch up. Even though it was a forest it was raining really hard, not giving Midnight much cover. Diamond made it, then frowned. "Ugh, Rain, My nemesis!" He groaned.
  17. "Man what's wrong with him?" Lucky asked "he kinda over-exaggerated. I'm I the only one that doesn't mind the rain?" Lucky asked confused. The rain kept coming down on everyone. "Well I don't like when there's lightning though." Lucky added.
  18. Yawning, Phoenix woke up and shook her fluffy fur. "Huh? How long was I asleep for." She wondered.
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  19. As the sky began to grow darker and darker, tiny droplets falling from the clouds above, Také was part of the group that ran for their lives. She had no idea how she was to preserve her flowers in this weather- it was either lose them all by running or soak them in the rain. Might as well lose them all, then go back and get some new ones, right?

    She made it to the forest. Finding a patch if dry grass, the Leafeon laid down, catching her breath from her sprinting. With her head using the grass as a sort of pillow, she closed her eyes, waiting to either be returned to her Pokeball or continue onwards to their new home.

    "What do we do now?" Také asked nobody in particular, wishing that Diamond could understand her. "Do we stay here until the storm lets up? No, that's a terrible idea... Should we go take shelter in a Pokémon Center?"
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  21. Diamond sighed. "Maybe it would be better for you guys in your Pokeballs for now." Midnight sighed. He grabbed one of the Pokeballs and Returned Storm, who fainted. He then pointed to Eri and Také with two other Pokeballs, returning them aswell. He then turned to Lucky, who was enjoying himself. "You wanna stay out Midnight?" He asked. Midnight frowned, then sighed, nodding in a no. Diamond smiled. "Alright, I understand." He smiled, then grabbing Midnight's Pokeball. He returned Midnight, then turning to Lucky. "Alright, you ready bud?" He asked.

    Midnight found himself in a Dark Void, known as his Pokeball. There were Blue Sparks jolting around a blue background lighting up. He sighed. "You guys doing OK?" He asked. Pokemon could communicate between others Pokeballs, so it wouldn't be completely boring.
  22. Phoenix saw Diamond. "Hey! He forgot me!" She growled. Getting up, she ran to him and sat in front of him, whimpering and pawing at his leg.
  23. Také didn't really know what to think of the void she called a Pokeball. Wtblue sparks dancing around, she wasn't sure if she'd rather be put in the rain or not. Hearing a familiar voice echo through the open, empty space, the Leafeon, who was still laying down, picked her head up, peeking an ear almost perpendicular to the ground, no longer having to worry about her flowers since they had all been lost and destroyed. "Yes, I'm alright," she replied to Midnight, a small frown on her face. "How are you doing?"
  24. Diamond looked down at Phoenix, pawing at his leg. "What the? I couldn't of left you!" Diamond frowned, grabbed the Fire Type, holding her In his arms. "That's weird, I thought I put both you and Storm in your Pokeballs. Oh well. Diamond sighed, stroking Phoenix's fur. "Now, Would you like to be in your Pokeball, or hang with me and Lucky." Diamond smiled.

    Midnight's ears flickered when he heard someone respond. He had no idea who it was since he couldn't see anything by Blue and Black. He then memorised the voice, concluding it was Také. "Cool, and I'm doing pretty good, atleast I'm not soaking wet." Midnight smiled, turning to his legs, with was wet a bit, but no to the point where he was dripping wet.
  25. "Very good, very good," Také replied, frown now taking the form of a smile. "I wish I were you..." she added quietly to herself, shaking her head, telling herself that the others could not hear that, but the void begged to differ. "So, um... How does this work, anyway?" Také started, falling onto her side and stretching her limbs out, eyes closed. "Time, I mean? Does it move faster in this place, or are we stuck with the outside time. I do hope that made sense..." Chuckling awkwardly, the Leafeon began to imagine all the new flowers she would add to her form once the rain passes, picturing herself covered in many multicolored roses. "Ooh... That would look nice, I believe..." Again, she wished she could not be heard, but she knew anything she said was unsafe in this sense.
  26. Midnight smiled. "Very Good, Very Good? Is that supposed to be some sort of Kalos Accent? Like Bonjour?" Midnight teased, laughing at him self. He was not the person for conversation. His ears then flickered again hearing something more faint. He could hear.

    "I wish I were you." The voice said.

    "Yuki? You wish you were Yuki? Who is Yuki?" Midnight frowned, lying on his back. He then hearing another question.

    "So, um... How does this work, anyway?" The Voice said. Midnight shrugged, not really knowing the answer, he wasn't really in his Pokeball that much, though he would come a few times.

    "Time, I mean?" The voice said, then stating possibilitys. The same as the outside World, otherwise it would bw pretty weird." He smiled, them sighing. He closed his eyes and started to DayDream. He heard the voice a few more times, but assumed it was the Eeveelution speaking to herself.
  27. "Ah, yes. Alright. Thank you," Také said to Midnight, once again rolling, this time onto her back, and re-stretching her limbs, yawning. "Well, seeing as there isn't much else to do, I am going to take a nap," she informed the others, already drifting off. Just after she murmured the word "goodnight," Také fell into a deep slumber, worn out by the interesting turn of events that had just occurred.
  28. "You're Welcome." Midnight smiled. He then lied on his belly, falling asleep after curling into a ball. He frowned, wondering when would get to Vanniville and how it would look like.
  29. "I will stay out here." Lucky answered to Diamond's question while still enjoying the rain.
  30. Micah stared out into the rain from the quiet, yet large house in Vanville town.
    I wonder if Diamond is okay... It's raining pretty hard and they said that he would come back today..
    He let out a sigh before jumping off the head of the couch and padded over to the crackling fire and yawned. According to his trainer, he had caught some more Pokemon. Not knowing who they were really put a dent in his mood. Were they super cool? Strong?... Was he getting replaced?
    Micah shook his head, letting out a sigh. He rested his head on a small Pokebed and stared into the crackling fire. There were 8 other beds, one being his and the other was Niti's. The last seven however were unoccupied. They all seemed to be different colors, with his being a dark grey. He hadn't explored the house much and had stayed in that single room ever since he had recently got there. The sound of rain hitting the ground outside and the crackling fire allured him to sleep.
  31. Next to Micah, Niti was worried about the other eeveelutions. Especially Flareon, because you know why, rain, and fire types cannot survive without a single miracle.

    Niti sighed; she wasn't having a great day. She was waiting for everyone, and only had Micah and some toys to play with. Niti wanted to have fun; she was not having a fun time right now.

    Her bow sparkled not that bright, but able to see. Niti also wanted to go to sleep, but couldn't due to some pressure. She got a bit of a rage feeling, a feeling that would make her shoot a Ice Beam in a different place. The only places she would like it though, was when she was sleeping. Her worries got to her heart, she having a sad emotion to mad emotion.
  32. Micah felt the air instantly change temperature. He opened a eye to notice that the fire was still crackling. Looking around, he noticed Niti and her fit of ice.
    "Hey hey, you okay Niti?" Micah said to the Glaceon. He rose a dimly lit ear and turned to face the Glaceon, still laying down. Due to her expression, Micah let out a sigh before looking out of the window and into the darkness.
    "I know.. I'm woried about Diamond too.. But he'll be fine, he's tough. Plus, he has other Pokemon..not that I care.." Micah had said, muttering the last part.
    You know, when Niti's mad, she's pretty cu- WHAT ARE YOU THINKING!?!?
    Micah turned his face to the fire, watching the bright orange flame.
  33. Shooting a sudden Ice Beam on the ceiling, Niti felt a big sense of rage after that, her eyes suddenly showing red. It was a big sense of anger issues. She started to breath, but she breathed cold air, which made the air cooler. Niti calmed down after the sudden rage. The first question she asked was, "What happened?" She didn't have amnesia, she only forgot of her rage.

    Some of the beds had ice on them, Vaporeon's, Flareon's, and Jolteon's had ice on them.
  34. "Woahhh.." Micah said as he looked around at the ice. It would melt soon because of the fire but the room definitely had gotten a couple degrees colder.
    "No idea, you went all crazy and your eyes even turned red." He said, letting out a giggle. "You being a Glaceon, I'm kinda surprised you lost your cool, what happened?" The Umbreon said, before frowning at the icy beds. He hit them a couple times before shaking off the ice before it could melt. He was pretty sure that after a night of rain, a wet bed wasn't exactly the best way to greet someone.
    Looking up, he noticed that the ice beam hadn't actually stuck to the ceiling. The buildings seemed to had been built resistant to Pokemon moves.
    Huh.. Wonder why..
    Turning back to Niti, he put a paw up to his head. "Maybe you should try going to sleep. I'm sure they'll come tomorrow" Micah said before yawning.
  35. "I cannot sleep. Too many stress is on my heart. I am so worried...." she said, crying tears from her eyes. She fell to the ground from the bed, her bed kind of hurt. She was sixty-seventh percent okay from the fall, she was still crying, she was so worried about everyone. She hadn't had the worst time in her life, since probably when she was a Eevee, when her mom had died, so she had to be surviving by herself. She actually did, when she became a Glaceon. It made her more powerful and strong when she evolved. However, she almost had been killed by a Blazekin but escaped behind a tree.
  36. Micah frowned and let out a sigh. He walked over and looked at the bed.
    "I mean, I get your an Ice type but do you really need to sleep on ice?" He said with a confused look on his face. He hit the bed until you could see cracks form on the outside. He then shook the Pokebed, scattering the ice shards onto the ground. He then looked down at Niti and attempted to drag her back onto her own bed before jumping on himself.
    "It's so colddd..." He said before burying his face into the bed, stopping anyone from seeing his blush.
    "Good night..." He said before falling silent and listening to how Niti would respond.
    Maybe I should have comforted her.. Ugh, no. Your just doing this because you don't want to listen to her cry through the night..
    Micah thought, but it almost sounded like he was lying to himself. He shifted lightly, pressing his back against Niti before curling up slightly.
    I hope Diamond gets here soon.
  37. "...."

    Niti blanked out, she was thinking too crazy.

    She was way too surprised when Micah snuggled her- way too surprised. Niti felt her heart beating fast, and that meant something maybe great to her was happening. She thinks it was to keep her warm, and that kinda made her a bit mad, but she thought as if Micah loved her.

    Could this be happening? Oh no, is this a dream? If it is real, what? Would the other eeveelutions be mad to me?
  38. That was a lot easier then I expected...
    Micah quietly and slowly removed himself from the bed before tippawing back to his own bed.
    "Last time I'm doing something that humiliating..." Micah muttered to himself, his face flushed. He fell, face first, into his own bed before letting out a muffled sigh and slowly drifting away into the depths of deep sleep, awaiting his new acquaintances that he would meet in the morning.
  39. Diamond frowned, he could not wait for Phoenix's response any longer, night falling. He sighed. "Sorry, Guysz but back in your Pokeballs!" He commanded. He threw Phoenix in the air, quickly grabbing his last two Pokeballs, returning Phoenix in Mid Air, and then Lucky. He quickly placed the two Pokeballs in his bag, then started running.

    He kept thinking he would be lost, but dismissed the thought, although it switched back and forth every while. He followed a trick he knew when young. Aslong as you always travel right, then you will find your way eventually. He took every right turn, sometimes finding dead ends, then going back going right again. It wasn't long till he made it out, making it to Route 2. He didn't stop though, he kept going. He didn't stop till finally making it to Vanniville Town, where he quickly rushed into the home he asked to stay in. H was soaking wet, drops of water scattering everywhere. "Uhh, well looks like I'm gonna go dry off." Diamond sighed. He placed all Sid of his Pokeballs on a table, then walking to the RestRoom.

    Midnight wasn't aware they made it to their destination, so he didn't leave his Pokeball. Although the trip was a bunny ride, him flying up when Diamond jumped down from a ledge, and fell on the ground when Diamond landed. He also slides left and right, multiple times, now making a sudden stop, making him a bit curious. "Hey Guys, Um, do you think we should see what's going on?" He asked the other 5, not aware Lucky and Phoenix joined them. All Pokemon could leave their Pokeballs at any time, so he was Lucky, not to stay in a Pokeball for the rest of his kife if a Trainer simply forgot.
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  40. Phoenix landed face first into the bottom of the pokeball. "Damn, that hurt, but Diamond is the best when it comes to fur stroking!" She giggled, getting up, she walked to the side of her poke ball. "Hello? Who is on the other side of this wall?" She asked, itching her head with her back paw.

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