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Ask to Join The Edonia Region

Discussion in 'Pokémon Role Play' started by Ombree, May 29, 2017.

  1. Aquariana walked through Route 1, she was almost at Professor Maple's lab. Just a little further. Soft snow blanketed the ground, and small snowflakes blew through the air. "Amaura, come on out!" Ari called in her soft, quiet voice. Her Amaura burst out of the Cherish ball, landing with a thud on the ground. "We're almost there now" She said. "Mau!" Amaura exclaimed happily.

    Ari came out of the forest, grinning. The wind picked up and the snow started to get heavier, the lab was in sight. Covering her face, she ran the last hundred metres. She opened the door and walked in, seeing Professor Maple, her shyness kicked in. "Um hello..." Ari said, "I'm Aquariana"
  2. Jax slightly shivered at the cold. He then let his gaze settle on his two Pokemon. Crescent was walking right next to Jax, while Flaire was napping on the Absol's back. "Hey, Flaire, think you can warm us up a bit?" Jax asked, snapping his fingers in front of the Fire-Type's face, causing her to jolt awake. He couldn't help but chuckle at his Pokemon's reaction. Although she would rather have stayed on Crescent's back, Flaire complied with her trainer's request and hopped between the two while she ignited the flames on her back. "Thanks, girl. Shouldn't be much longer. I dunno if Professor Maple plans on giving us any Pokemon, but I'd like to at least meet the newbies." He explained, to which both his Pokemon nodded.

    "There it is!" Jax called, upon seeing what he assumed was Professor Maple's lab up ahead. "At least, I think and hope it is." He added, as he walked up and opened the door. As they entered, Flaire let her flames die, and Crescent crouched down so the Quilava could continue her nap on the Absol's back. Jax immediately saw two people. One girl that looked about his age, maybe younger, with platinum blonde hair and a white jacket. So, the other one was probably the Professor. "Professor Maple?"
  3. Crimson Sun

    Crimson Sun Previously Crims0n

    A young boy dressed in almost all black arrived in Helquen Town. "Wow Skull!" The boy said to his Houndour that was currently out of it's Pokeball. "We are about to start our Pokémon Journey!" The male trainer was waiting for this for the majority of his life. He had always wanted to travel around, catch new Pokémon, and socialize. Looking around the town, the male came up to a giant white building: The Pokemon labratory. Widening his eyes in awe along with Skull, they both simultaneously stepped in to greet the professor. "Umm anyone here?" The black clothed boy asked. "I'm here to start my journey? My name is Brendan Amherst!"
  4. "Ah Brendan, and young little Aquariana!" Professor Maple, "Great to make your accquaintance!" She exclaimed, eagerly shaking their hands. "Do come in, it's a little chilly out" She said, beckoning for them to enter. "Ah and sorry, I didn't catch your name?" She said to Jax.
  5. As Kev walked hurriedly down the snowy sidewalk, his fingers hid themselves out of habit in his pockets. The warm body of Alma nestled in his hood was a comfort, but he still fumbled and fidgeted non stop at the thought of what was to come. He loved his mom, he really did, and he knew that he needed to spend more time out of the house, but after the news had been broken that she'd signed him up for a Pokemon journey as a birthday gift, he decided he'd love nothing more than to hightail it into the Edonian mountains and let himself be raised by wild Beartic. After shaking his head to clear his thoughts, Kev spoke soothingly to his Emolga.

    "It's okay girl, we're just going to meet the professor, a few other trainers, and then be out of there... right?" Two things were abundantly clear as he said it: 1. Judging from how Alma only snorted and fell back asleep after his speech, she wasn't the one who needed reassurance, and 2. He most certainly did not look as okay as he said with all his trembling. Even so, the professor's door was in sight, and he bade himself entry, only to find that several others were already there. "Oh no, I'm late?! I'm so s-sorry, I had no idea!" He stammered, flicking the bridge of his nose as punishment, and emphasizing his profuse apologies with a slight bow of his head.
  6. Jax gave a wave to Brendan as he entered, and then looked back to the professor. "Ah, right, sorry 'bout that." He apologized, before continuing. "The name's Jax Thorne. I came to see what the new guys in Edonia look like. Ju-" Jax was cut off as another trainer entered the lab. This boy had an Emolga with him, and he was trembling like crazy, although he wasn't sure if that was from the cold or if he was just really shy. The boy also seemed to think he was late. "Nah, you're good, man. Haven't even been here five minutes." Jax replied in a gentle tone. In the corner of his eye, Jax could see Flaire drop down from Crescent's back and approach the Emolga, waving at it.
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  7. Nyko trudged through the fine layer of snow with Kaiia at his side, the Vulpix cheering at yipping as snowflakes gently fell. Nyko laughed as she inhaled a snowflake and sneezed, shooting a small jet of flame forward. "Come here, you!" Nyko laughed, and Kaiia jumped into his arms, lightly nipping his nose. "Ouch!" Nyko yelped. The boy put Kaiia on top of his head and said, "You won't get my nose up there!"

    Nyko opened the doors of the lab and strolled in, seeing a group of people about his age. Kaiia jumped off of Nyko's head and padded over to the Houndour (@Crims0n ) and yipped cheerfully.
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  8. Alma hopped up onto Kev's shoulder, yawning contentedly at her nap's end, before waving back at the Quilava with her wing and diving down to greet her. "Mol-Molga!" She happily hummed, boldly patting Flaire on the head. The sight of his Pokemon making such an effort to get along reminded him that he should be doing the same.

    "Oh, uh... I just... Sorry for the scene then. My name's Kev, well, Kevis in full- but I go by Kev. Kev Adder. This here is Alma." He realized he was babbling, quickly shutting himself up as Nyko strolled in.
  9. "Like I said, it's cool, man." He gave a wave to another trainer who walked into the lab. "Anyway, nice to meet ya, Kev. The name's Jax. It's probably short for something, but I didn't have much of an opportunity to ask. That's Crescent," he began, pointing to his Absol. Jax then pointed his thumb to Flaire, who had happily returned Alma's head-pat. "And this rascal is Flaire." He couldn't help but chuckle when the Fire-Type turned in mock surprise and gave him an innocent look, as if to say: "Who, me?"
  10. "It's ah-a pleasure." Kev said, a slight chuckle escaping his lips at the wily fire type's playful look. He was gracious for the boy's kind nature, but felt a bit dwarfed by his height as he craned his neck to look him in the eye. "Who's everyone else?" He murmured quietly, feeling as if their gazes were all on him.
  11. Jax looked over at the other trainers that had assembled. "Well, the girl is Aquariana - try saying that ten times fast - and the guy in the black with the Houndour said his name is Brendan. Dunno about the guy with the Vulpix." He informed, pointing to each trainer I. Turn. "Then, of course, there's Professor Maple." He added, pointing to the Professor. He had no idea if any of them would specifically be joining him, but Jax felt it was best to get a feel for everyone, so he knew who he was dealing with on the road. If anyone, anyways. He'd find out soon enough, though.
  12. Nyko whistled for Kaiia and she jumped into his arms. "My name is Nyko, by the way." Nyko said. Kaiia yipped and Nyko chuckled, saying, "This one here is Kaiia." Kaiia wiggled out of Nyko's arms and jumped onto his head, shooting a small jet of flame into the air in excitement. "Nice to meet you all." Nyko said.
  13. "Alright, that's almost all the trainers I was meeting today, just a few more coming I suspect" Professor Maple said happily, looking around at all the trainers in the room.

    Aquariana looked around the room, gently stroking Amaura's large head. She looked around with big, curious eyes at all the trainers. They seemed to all have different Pokemon, a few she hadn't seen before. She knew what the Houndour was, but the red one and the squirrel like one she had no idea. Fire types weren't the most common Pokemon in the Edonia region. "Maur, Amau" Amaura said gently, sensing Ari's nervousness. "Don't worry about me, I- I'll be fine" She said quietly. Amaura smiled and wandered over to the Houndour and Vulpix, greeting them with a small smile.

    "Alright everyone, I believe you all need pokedex and maps" Professor Maple said, addressing all the trainers in the room. She picked up a bag and started handing out pokedexes to everyone, "The map is on the pokedex" She explained, "Just tap the button up in the right hand corner to go to it""
  14. Crimson Sun

    Crimson Sun Previously Crims0n

    Houndour went over to all the other Pokémon in the laboratory while him and the other trainers began to initiate their journey. Brendan saw trainers coming in and gave them a slight wave, but didn't really say anything. Finally the professor gave the trainers a Pokedex and map for the region. Brendan received a red one, which was perfect as it matched his outfit. Following the professor's instructions, Brendan pressed a button which expanded a map within the pokedex. Brendan gave a slight "whoa" before being quiet again to hear what else they have to do.
  15. Ari received her pokedex, which went with her clothing. It was a light, periwinkle blue. Amaura was happily trying to get to know the other Pokemon in the room, a gentle giant she was.

    "Alright, so the pokedexes in Edonia can do quite a few things, so listen up." Professor Maple said, holding up a pokedex. "You can call other trainers if you have registered their pokedex in your pokedex. You can do that by scanning their Trainer's ID. To do that, just tap the little phone button down the bottom of the screen and select who oi want to call. If you want to look at or update your Trainer ID tap the rectangle in the bottom left corner. You can also take photos of things by clicking the camera icon on the side of the screen."

    Ari struggled to remember all of that, but she'd work it out eventually. She tapped on her trainer Id and found that her current info had already been put I there.
  16. Serah silently darted past the sidewalk that was filled with small masses of snow that seemed to be abundant around the Route. A light blanket of hail covered the area, as the Charmander crossed his arms and blankly stared at the snowflakes coming down from the overhead clouds that covered most of the bluish skies. Serah attempted to get to the Laboratory without any confrontations against any wild Pokémon, as the Charmander glared at a purplish, balloon-like Pokémon that hovered past by high in the skies.

    He felt Serah gently patting his head in an attempt to ease his escalating disquietude, as he emitted off a modest growl in response. He noticed the Laboratory's glossy doors glimmering from the reflected, overhead sunlight, as he gave off a deep sigh and heard Serah saying, "Well Charles, looks like we're almost there. Just try to relax okay?"

    The Charmander shook his head in a vague motion, as he saw her opening the door after she got over to the Laboratory. He overheard the Professor explaining about the functions of the Pokédex, as Serah softly stroked his head and said, "Come on buddy, don't be so down now. I know that you don't really like going over to new places and seeing strangers, but you need to get some light and socialization at the very least." The Charmander gave off a deep, gloomy moan, as he kept his arms crossed and feigned his interest with the Professor in a feeble effort to conceal his noticable, extraordinary apathy that his body conveyed to the others nearby.

    He noticed the Professor distributing the Pokédexes and maps to all the trainers, as Tori received a light purple Pokédex that flawlessly matched the Charmander's peculiar body color. She noticed the Charmander glancing down at the Pokédex, as the coloring seemed to take in some of his genuine interest. She smiled and neatly placed the map in her satchel while holding the Pokédex for the Charmander to look at, as she continued to stroke his head in a relaxing motion while patiently waiting for further orders from the Professor.
  17. "Nice to meet all of you. Thank you professor." Kev muttered, suddenly at an awkward loss of things to say as he received a green pokedex. He fiddled with the device, running his ID through his head a few times in the hopes of memorizing it, and quickly found himself occupied well enough not to notice the next trainer strolling in the door. Alma, however, seemed to be on edge. A low growl could be heard from the usually laid back Emolga, ears flattening against her skull at the sight of the shadow Charmander. Kev snapped out of his fixture and hurried to put a hand on her head. "Hey, be nice. What's getting into you?" He worriedly mumbled.
  18. Nyko happily received his PokeDex, it's fiery red color shimmering in the sunlight streaming in through the windows of Professor Maple's lab. Nyko swiped through the different menus until he found the one that contained his Trainer ID. There on the screen was Nyko's Trainer ID, the thing that made him a true Pokemon trainer. The only thing that was missing was a picture for his ID. Kaiia peeked over from her perch on Nyko's shoulder and yipped in excitement just as Nyko took the picture.

    Nyko looked to Professor Maple and tilted his head, asking, "Is that all?"
  19. "Sounds like the people who made the PokeGear and the regional professors have done some collaborations." Jax quietly quipped as he looked at the black PokeDex before opening it to browse it's features. He liked the black primary color, but he'd have to spray paint some of it later. The new PokeDex essentially rendered his old PokeGear obsolete, except for when he was going to talk to old friends. As Jax skimmed through the features of the PokeDex, he noticed there was already a basic ID set up for him. He'd have to add more onto that later. "Hey." He greeted, waving to the newest arrival.

    Meanwhile, Flaire happily approached the Amaura and waved. "Quil! Quilava!" She cheered in greeting. Crescent gave the fossil Pokemon a friendly nod, before she turned and gave a curious look at the newest arrival and her Charmander.
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  20. (OOC: As I have introduced a new character into the roleplay, I will be putting their information on the discussion as soon as possible. Keep in mind that some key information may be left unknown for the time being to prevent spoilers.)


    The Charmander's body shook in a noticable motion from the sight of the others that were nearby, as the flame on his tail grew hotter by the second. Serah looked at the Charmander and felt the sweat rushing from his face, as she calmly asked in concern, "Is everything alright there Charles? You look quite nervous around these people. Here, just take it easy and take in some deep breaths."

    The Charmander squirmed in her arms, as she tightly held onto him and said in response, "H- hey! You need to calm down here okay buddy? Do you want me to come outside with you and have a little talk where no one else is around? It's okay if you want to, there's no shame in going outside for a few to vent out your anger." The Charmander shook her head at her, as she sighed and continued to hold him like a baby.

    In the interim, a Minun was near the Laboratory, as his pale, bluish aura of vague malevolence emitted from his infantile-like body. His long, flat, mostly blue ears quivered to the sight of the trainers that were in the Laboratory with the Professor, as he took note of the Professor's feminine qualities she had. His attention immediately shifted towards an Aipom that pointed at him with his hand-like tail, as he snickered and said, "Well hello there little cute baby... aren't you so cute in your little silly outfit now... You have this hat with a feather on it and this weird cape thingy around your whatever that strange blue robe thing is; not to mention those silly boots that you might as well run away back to those cowboy times!"

    The Minun's cheeks intensely sparked towards the Aipom, as the mysterious aura became more prominent with his escalating rage. The Minun quickly raised his wooden rod while the bluish crystal on its tip brightly radiated with omnipotent energy, as he said while maniacally laughing, "So... you dare try to ridicule someone that can just obliterate you with the almighty shadowy powers? Well, you sure as hell came to the right place for that!"

    The Aipom gulped when he saw the Minun raising his rod, as he attempted to flee as quickly as he could. Unfortunately, he was stopped from a mysterious force that kept him bound in his place, as the Minun yelled, "Oh no, you're not going anywhere after what you've done to me! You're gonna pay up first, and I think that your upcoming apology is going to be a bit light... SO HERE'S YOUR ONE WAY TICKET TO THE TRUE MEANING OF SUFFERING!"

    The Aipom emitted a loud wail in an attempt to call for any assistance, as he attempted to break free from the unknown force that was rendering his movements useless. He screamed from the intense pain and pressure that the force placed on his body, as the Minun swung his rod in a swift motion and stopped when it pointed to his defenseless body. A surge of energy was sent forth to the sky at a supersonic speed, as a cloud of electrical energy quickly formed above the helpless Aipom. Once the cloud was fully set, numerous thunderbolts rained down upon the Aipom, as the last was rather intense and made a loud crackling sound that could be heard in the Laboratory if one were to be intensely focused at it. The odd grip was suddenly released on the Aipom after the rather powerful attack was executed, as the Aipom was now crawling away from the Minun like a frightened cockroach exposed to the florescent light; all the while sobbing and emitting off loud wails from the extreme, burning pain that lingered on.

    The Minun crossed his arms and tightly held onto his rod that was now warm to the touch, as he muttered to himself, "Hmph... kids these days, they should at least learn how to respect someone that used to be a leader of a powerful army that's now destroyed thanks to those skull idiots!" He adjusted his hat to make it level, as he quietly walked over towards the nearby bushes that were several feet from the laboratory; thinking that no one detected him from the chaos that recently happened.
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  21. (OOC: Is uh- this thing still on?)

    Not taking kindly to Kev's chiding, Alma crossed her arms in deliberate defiance. Then, with a powerful leap, she was gliding back the way they came out the door of the center, refusing to stay in the room a second longer with the strange Charmander. After blanching in embarrassment, Kev stuttered out a string of frantic apologies, as well as one specially for Serah and Charles, before charging out the front door to chase after her.

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