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Open The Eden Coalition Discussion

Discussion in 'General Role Play Discussion' started by Formerly Known as Sticks, Jan 30, 2017.

  1. The year is 2034. Powers have been bestowed upon a part of Earth's population by a traumatic process. This was the Power Plague. These people have been cast out by society, and are discriminated against. This caused a group known as the Eden Coalition to be formed. The men and women of the Eden Coalition work to make a better world for the "Freaks." Although they have a good cause, they can be very ruthless towards the "Normies." You are a part of this group. Now, the revolution will begin. Protege, ad omnes sumptibus!

    • Follow the roleplay rules and follow them.
    • Make sure to post at least a paragraph that is past-tense, and third person in the RP when it is posted.
    • If you have terrible grammar, please don't join.
    • Romance is absolutely allowed.
    • No Superman-esque characters, although you could have two minor powers, such as telepathy and flight.
    • Put BumpaDump in your "Other" section on your form to assure me that you read the rules.

    Now, here's the form.


    Lucas Pierce
    Gender: Male
    Age: 20
    Alias: Shockwave
    Personality: Not very serious and funny. He is confident and can be extremely ruthless if you anger him or hurt his friends.
    Power/Powers: Sound powers (Can vibrate and generate sound at varying pitches, frequencies, and intensities. He can do many things with this)
    Weapons: A single hidden pistol, a combat knife.
    Appearance: He has white, messy hair, and wears blue googles on his head. He wears a kevlar-reinforced blue-ish jacket, and secretly wears a t-shirt under it.
    Backstory: He was a boy when he came down with the Power Plague. His family fled the city that they lived in, that was extremely anti-powers. They eventually came to a safe house for powered people, where they stayed, until they were hunted down, and his family was captured. He escaped, and came to the Eden Base, where he has stayed ever since.
    Friends: Eyouko
    Crush(Optional): Ashley

    I will add more lore and information later.
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  2. Name: Eyouko
    Gender: Male
    Age: 21
    Alias: Dash
    Personality: Energetic, which often activate his powers. He is hard to get down.
    Power/Powers: Super Speed (Not too fast though)
    Weapons: Katana/Bow & Arrow
    Appearance: Dirty Blond hair, Pale skin. Often wears bright colored clothes (Blue, Neon Red etc.). Mostly jeans
    Backstory: His parents abanded him because of his speed. He looked for a place to stay. He was noticed with his powers and was hunted down. One day, he arrived in the Eden Base. They took him in.
    Friends: Lucas
    Crush(Optional): N/A
    Other: BumpaDump
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  3. Um, sorry for not adding the "Other" and "Backstory" sections. Could you add them to your form?
  4. i knew i was supposed to ask something...
  5. Anyway, is your bow futuristic, sort of like Green Arrow or Hawkeye's?
  6. Name: Ivy
    Gender: Female
    Age: 12
    Alias: Forest Shadow
    Personality: Shy, takes a while to trust people, protective over friends
    Powers: Wolf hunt, nature
    Weapons: Katana, hidden knife in her boot
    Appearance: Has a black jacket on, underneath the jacket she has a black wolf shirt with a tank top, and shorts with leggings underneath them, she is barefoot, has long black hair in a ponytail
    Friends: Animals and nature
    Backstory: She's always lived in the forest with the wolves but the wolves were hunted out so she left
    Other: Has a wolf watching over her from the shadows just in case, she lives in a forest that people don't go to anymore because they are scared of her hence the name Forest Shadow
    Other: BumpaDump
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  7. And, no. simply a regular bow & arrow. He found it on the street one day.
  8. Name: Ashley SoulSilver
    Gender: Female
    Age: 19
    Alias: Jumper
    Personality: Seriouse,Quiet
    Power/Powers: Can jump from/Up high places
    Weapons: Pocket Gun
    Appearance: Silver Hair,White Shirt,Black Jacket,Super High black boots
    Backstory: Her parents left her with her Aunt at the age of 4 they never came back and shes still wondering if they'll come back.
    Friends: Eyouko
    Crush: None ATM
    Other: BumpaDump
    (I followed my Friend here i'm attached to them:D)
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  9. Um... I believe i am that friend. Way to assume my gender ;_;;_;
  11. (NO. CALL ME A THEM)
  12. i will NEVER tell anyone on this site my gender. I may be a her, but maybe i'm a him.
  13. wait... is she even accepted?
  15. TELL US
    Tell us now
  16. ........................... Well you said you don't care.
  17. just please. IS SHE ACCEPTED
  18. Not yet. She needs to put whatever characters are her friends in the "Friends" section. She also needs to add an alias.
  20. A nickname relating to your powers. Just put existing characters for friends.
  21. I have updated my bio, a slight change, if anyone can notice it.
  22. He is friends with Eyouko and has a crush on Ashley.
  23. amIright? Also, when will you create the RP
  24. And that one person is here

    Name: Mitch
    Gender: Male
    Age: 21
    Alias: hunter
    Personality: Quite and contained the only person he'll voluntarily talk to is eyeokuo
    Power/Powers: extreme accuracy
    Weapons: Bow & Arrow
    Appearance: Red hair is always wearing all black clothing
    Backstory: His parents noticed how accurate he was in pointing and how he could see stuff that was at least 2km away they abandoned him and he made his way to Eden base he only trust eyouko
    Friends: None
    Crush(Optional): none
    Other: BumpaDump
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  25. FOR THE LAST FREAKING TIME IT'S EYOUKO. NO E AFTER Y. And way to create a gay character. Not that anything's wrong with that, just i want to point out Eyouko's male.
  26. *Hits head* he edited it.... but he still spelled it wrong. E-Y-O-U-K-O

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