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The Ecruteak Duel!

Discussion in 'Pokémon Role Play' started by Blazi, Sep 13, 2010.

  1. Ecruteak City. A serene place, and home to many legends. One tower stretches proudly into the sky, another tower burnt to the ground beside it. There is a legend, saying that once, the two towers rose next to each other proudly, and both were home to a magnificent Bird, each treated like gods. However, in a storm one fateful night, lightning struck the tower of the Legendary bird Lugia, and in the fire that followed, the three beasts in that tower perished. The Legendary bird Ho-oh took pity on these three beasts, and brought them back to life with the sacred ash that falls from its wings. The tower was never rebuilt, though Lugia now resides at the bottom of a perilous cave, waiting for one with a pure heart to come. Another legend states that every Legendary creature has a sword, forged from that creatures mineral. Each sword has been assigned to a chosen swordsman from birth, and that swordsman shall carry that sword for as long as they live. One such swordsman was entering Ecruteak now, hoping to find answers.

    Ben walked through the gates to Ecruteak, and felt a sensation of being home. Ben was born in Ecruteak, and so was the Legendary Sword of Ho-oh he carried on his back. He looked up, past the buildings and at the remaining tall tower, lit up from the overhead sun. The sword vibrated and he smiled, before getting back into the state of mind he wanted. He was searching for answers about his sword, and thought that where it was created would be a good starting place. His first thought was the Kimono Girls, and thought, Why not? He started walking through the midday crowd, heading towards a very old fashioned building, the Kimono Girls' Dance Hall. He deflected thieving hands from his sword and even bent one backwards till its owner cried out. He finally reached the dance hall but cursed when he saw it was closed. He looked around and sighed, seeing as he didn't really know where else to go. He instantly lit up though, when he saw a very familiar face. It was Alex Blazer, a friend he had met and battled with in the Azure Grande Tournament. He was also the wielder of the Legendary Sword of Lugia. It was silver while his was gold, matching the Legendary Pokemon's Mineral. He walked up to his friend and said, "Hello Alex! It's nice to see you again! What are you doing in Ecruteak?" He stood back, his grin as wide as the sun.

    OoC: Private RP between me (Ben Grey) and Dinova (Alex Blazer).
  2. Alex rocketed through the gate marking the entrance to Ecruteak city, a large black Charizard lumbering along behind him. The large silver Lugia shaped sword on his back bounced up and down with his hurried pace. Alex felt his Aura flare as he listened to the large fire pokemon's thoughts,"Alex slow down! You're going to gett yourself into trouble...again."

    Alex laughed and said,"Come on Carly, haven't you ever wondered about my sword? I know the kimono girls here have some kind of connection to Lugia, maybe they can tell me what it's for." With that Alex hurried on to the Kimono girls' theater. Unfortunately, the theater was closed dampening Alex's spirits. " Now what are we supposed to..."

    "Hello Alex! It's nice to see you again! What are you doing in Ecruteak?" Alex turned at the familiar voice of his friend ben, and wielder of the golden Ho-oh sword. "Hey Ben! I'm trying to find the kimono girls to learn more about my sword. I thought they might know something." Alex was suprised to hear Ben was there for the same reason.

    Suddenly Alex was struck with a little idea."Hey Ben, you want to battle back at the pokemon center while we wait for the kimono girls."
    As they arrived at the center's battlefield, Alex grabbed a pokeball from his belt," Alright, six on six, no holding back. Go Gallant!" In a flash of light Alex's Gallade leapt onto the field,"Alex, you better not disapoint me."
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  4. "Sure! I'd love to battle you!" Ben raced after Alex to the pokemon centre, and took up position opposite from him. Alright! Go Indie!" A beam of light erupted from a blue ball with yellow streaks coming from the centre. When the light subsided, a bright yellow sheep standing on two feet was there, its skin crackling with electricity. It let out a cry before eyeing up its opponent, a Gallade. It chuckled, and got into a fighting position. "Lets start things off with a Thunderbolt! Then use Charge!" The Ampharos replied with a shout and a lightning bolt shooting from the red orb on its tail. Then it started focusing, its tail glowing and its horns zapping. Ben stood back and waited for what Alex would try.
  5. Ben started the battle by calling out an Ampharos and using thunderbolt. Alex and Gallant were unimpressed. "Gallant, start with defense combo 1!" Gallant raised his hand and created a Lightscreen between him and the thunderbolt while his eyes began to glow violet with a Psychic attack. Instead of being deflected, the electric attack collided with the shield and condensed into a ball of electricity surrounded by psychic energy. "Now, release it!" Alex commanded. The electric, psychic attack was sent barreling towards its master in a beam of concentrated power as Alex smirked and said, "Let's see how you handle our Psycho Reflector combo!"
  6. Indie's eyes widened as he saw the attack coming towards him and started swearing before getting hit by the dual attack. He got to his feet before glaring at the Gallade and saying something like, You're just like Stel.
    Ben grinned and shouted out, "Hidden Power!" Indie grinned as well when seven large rock rose of the ground before, strangely, turning into a Mareep shape. They charged to Gallant and all hit him head-on, causing some damage when he looked up from bracing he saw an even bigger Mareep rock, and it looked even angrier. This barraged into him, knocking him back several steps. "Now! Charge again the use Charge Beam!" Indie started gathering even more electricity around himself before letting it off in a very concentrated beam of energy. This struck Gallade and he seemed to wince. "Now use Light Screen just in case!" The Ampharos set up a small barrier in front of him and waited for an attack.
  7. As the attacks flew at Gallant the light screen reppeared, having the damage of the otherwise destructive attacks. Following the onslaught Ben's Ampharos also brought up a light screen. Alex commanded, "Alright Gallant, Brick break into Close combat!!" Gallant's armblades slid out as he charged forward. When he got to indie's light screen he sliced right through shattering the shield and knocking the huge electric sheep off balance, then he kicked indie straight into the air, grabbed him by the tail, and pulled him into a final uppercut. Gallant smirked, "Absolutely weak.

    OOC:Short post is short!
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  8. Indie got hit hard by the uppercut and was sent quite a few feet into the air, and came down with a thud. He didn't get back up though Ben could see he was still conscious. "Indie! Baton Pass!" Indie half-heartedly help up a hand and a small yellow cheerleaders baton appeared in midair. Indie disappeared in a flash of light and In his place appeared a slightly aloof looking Drifloon. It spotted Ben and charged in to do something like a tackle before noticing The Gallade. Tunduli instantly changed direction and charged at Gallant. She connected and instantly she sent a gust of wind out from her mouth to blow herself backwards. He 'landed a few feet from Ban and waited for the counterattack.
  9. Gallant stumbled from the little drifloon's tackle attack, but quickly recovered. "Gallant use thundestorm!" The Gallade's armblades extended once more and sparks began to jump from blade to blade as Gallant prepared a thunderbolt and launched it skyward. As he fired the attack, Gallant's eyes glowed mauve as his psychic split the attack into several and sent the attack raining down upon the little drifloon.
  10. Without a command from Ben, Tunduli set up a small barrier around her to save her from the thunder storm. "All right Tun! Use Gale!" Tun grinned as best as she could before spinning around. Wind started to pick up and she was quickly transformed in a small tornado. The Tunado headed towards Gallant and he was caught up with it. Us he was spun around he got hit by some Will-O-Wisp and Dark Pulse attacks. When the Tunado finished Gallant was slammed into the ground, close to losing consciousness. Ben saw that once the wind had died down, In the Drifloon's place was a very happy Drifblim. "Good on ya Tun!" He shouted, and waited for Alex's next pokemon.
  11. Ben and Tunduli surprised Alex by completely blocking thunderstorm and beating Gallant with their counterattack, tunduli evolving in the process. Alex called the Gallade back, tossing a premier ball ont the feild in his place. In a flash of twinkling light, Polly the Empoleon appeared on the field.
    Alex pointed at the newly evolved Drifblim," Polly use Ice prison into Honor Guard!" Polly formed a huge cyclone of water and hurled it at the Drifblim trapping it in the whirlpool. The Empoleon jumped up and blasted the swirling water with an Icebeam attack trapping the ballon pokemon in ice. As the Polly landed she blasted her left wing with another Icebeam, wincing as she took a little damage, forming a thick ice shield. With her right she formed a metal claw and slashed through the ice striking Ben's Drifblim, wielding the attack like a sword.
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  12. Tunduli staggered out of the ice prison, before shaking her head and glaring at the water/steel type. She cackled, and started forming a strange ball of energy in her hand. She launched the ball, and all of a sudden a wind picked up, dispersing the ball into the wind. The Ominous Wind sped on towards the Empoleon and hit, causing her to stagger back a bit. "All right then Tun! Follow that attack with Tackleglomp!" Tunduli charged towards the Empoleon, arms outstretched as if she wanted to give it a hug. She hit and the Empoleon was thrown to the floor with the force of the powered up tackle move. Tun however, seemed to want to add something to the end of the attack and as she got up, ghostly chains gathered around her and Polly. "Tun! Actually, okay I see what you wanted to do there. Baton Pass!" Tun grinned and a small yellow baton appeared in the air. She returned to her pokeball, and in her place was a very worn out Indie. The ghostly chains appeared around him and he grinned, taking Tun's Destiny Bond and making it that instead of her and Polly going down together, it would be Indie and Polly going down with the destiny bond. "Now seeing as we have nothing to lose, use Volt Tackle!" Indie grinned and started charging at the Empoleon head on, about to faint but happy to take someone down with him.

    OoC: If you read my post you'll have seen that Indie never technically fainted. So, an incredibly low on health pokemon about to take down a close to full pokemon with recoil damage, check and mate.
  13. "Polly block it!" Alex shouted quickly,trying to stop Ben's devastating attack. Polly quickly whipped up the ice sheild stopping indie's attack cold. Indie toppled over from the volt tackle's recoil, but for some reason Ben was still smiling. Alex was about to gloat when Polly suddenly dropped, unconscious. Alex then remembered the attack that Tunduli had used which must have been destiny bond, allowing for indie to win. Alex gritted his teeth and recalled Polly. That made it 5 to 4 and Alex was losing.

    Alex plucked a pokeball from his belt and said,"Alright then stomp them into the ground Terry!" Alex threw the pokeball high into the air and in a burst of light, Alex's Torterra drop to the earth with a crash and a roar. Alex grinned and said," Let's see you deal with this one ben!"
  14. "Alright! Virgil! Take the stage!" Ben's own pokeball flashed, and standing on the field was a small rabbit like creature with strange markings that made it look like it had been splashing around in red paint. It tottered around on it's tiny legs, making Terry become confused looking at him. "Teeter Dance!" The Spinda started doing a small dance, slightly resembling ballet, but staggering all over the place. Terry was watching this dance and at the end his eyes started going in circles, the Torterra letting out a cry. "Okay, now use Psycho Cut!" Virgil started jumping and after a couple of jumps, he did a sideways spin resembling a barrel roll and out of his spinning feet a pink crescent shaped beam of energy flung out, smacking into Terry. "Now finally use Ice Punch!" The Spinda landed on it's foot and somersaulted over to the hurt Torterra, and landing a fist covered in ice smack bang in the centre of his forehead, the steam rising off showing the supereffective move. Virgil then jumped on Terry's back and started doing a line dance, waiting for Terry to attack.
  15. Alex groaned in frustration as Terry collapsed from the flurry of virgil's attacks. Alex called Terry back and glared at the Spinda and then Ben,"Alright then, I was hoping to avoid this one but, Carly Go!" Alex tossed a well worn pokebal onto the field, releasilng his brother's shiny Charizard onto the field. Alex pointed at the little Spinda and said,"Carly, Fire Fang then flame thrower!"
    Carly dashed forward, mouth filling with black flames, as she bit down on the normal type. Finally she unleashed a powerful stream of black fire on the pokemon in her jaws, using the attack to rise into the air.
  16. OoC: Holy wow Virgil's strong.

    Ben was completely thrown off when Terry collapsed, and gawped in amazement at Virgil this quickly disappeared when Alex sent out Carly and decimated Virgil, who had obviously used up a lot of energy taking down Terry. He returned Virgil and sent out Tunduli, who was still a little under the weather from Polly. "Alright Tun, use Gust!" Tunduli started spinning around then stopped, sending a mini tornado Carly's way. Ben called out for Tun to stop, letting Alex have a chance to attack.
  17. Alex smirked," Carly, show them a real tornado, Fire Spin!" The Charizard pulled back her head and took in a breath, then lunged forward unleashing a cyclone of black flames. It collided with the gust attack, whipping the flames into frenzy as the engulfed Tunduli. "Now Carly use fire blast, finish it!" Carly opened her jaws once more and a fiery, black star blasted through the Fire spin.
  18. Ben flinched as another of his pokemon fell to Carly. His next pokemon wouldn't fall as easily though. "Dark Soul! Show them your power!" A beam of red light shot out of his pokeball, and on the field appeared an Absol. He let out a cry before staring at Carly, and growling. "Hidden Power into razor wind, then dark pulse!" Dark Soul flung his head upwards and let out a cry, and suddenly seven balls of lightning fell from the sky and hit Carly. He then brought his head to his side, and charged up a small whirlwind. He swung his head around again and let out a massive cutting wind, crying out as he did so. As he continued to cry out, a small ball of darkness appeared in front of his open mouth. He ended the cry with a roar and a quick slash of the black horn that grew from his head, and small interlocking rings of darkness sped towards Carly. Seeing as they had practiced this before, Dark Soul knew to put up a protect and did so, a black and white ying-yang type symbol appearing in front of him, protecting him from the next attack.

    OoC: Short.

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