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Open The Eagliger Lady

Discussion in 'General Role Play' started by Crazy Umbreon Lady, Feb 19, 2016.

  1. The Eagliger Lady
    I am not done with this yet!! I will keep it updated!! : D
    Once upon a time there was a girl born with a terrible curse. She was born as a eagliger. A eagliger is a half eagle half tiger hybrid living creature. She was born with huge beautiful golden brown wings and yellow claws that are as sharp as razors. She has very short tiger fur all over her body and her head has tiger ears and she has very sharp teeth. Her mouth has a tiger nose and whiskers and her name is Lillian. Now, you must understand that she has a curse. The witch that gave her mom the curse when she was pregnant was her sister. Her sister hated her just because she found a husband. The witch was to ugly to have anyone love her. Her sister never used the same curse once so that you would be in even more agony because you are the only one who has that specific curse. So when it came time for Lillian's birth her mother and father hated her. No one knows why. Her mother was supposed to be the nicest person ever. Though people were saying that a part of the curse caused her parents to do that. So, when she was 10 years old they kicked her out of the house to fend for herself. She was ready to die about a year later because she never was able to feed herself. She only ate scraps from trash cans. But then a big man came and took her and told her that he would protect her forever. He was just like her except he was a boy so he was not a tiger he was a lion. So his mythical name was a gryphon. His name was Ezra. He was half gryphon half human and he took her to a group called the Justice's.

    And That Is Where Our Story Begins

    "So what's happening today in the world of evil?", I asked Ezra. Who was working on something that looked like a blue print or something.
    "The Outlaw's are planning to invade and kill every kid and teacher at the Texas Middle School", he answered still looking down and trying to figure out his blue print.
    "So, are we going to help them?", I asked.
    "I have other things to do. There are other major things than a Middle School", Ezra paused and then looked up at me, "Maybe you could shape shift and turn into a regular human and be in disguise until the Outlaws come. When they do come, send us a warning and we will be there". I just stared at home for a while and he stared back. It seemed forever when my mouth finally let me say.
    "Well, sure", I finally answered. There was one power though that I forgot to mention, I can shape shift. Then he handed me a paper that looked like what to do when I get there and what by background info is going to be. I looked it over apparently my new name was going to be Nichole Google. I looked up at him and he said,"You might have some trouble about people believing you and stuff. Teachers, staff, principal, students. So I will give you eleven wishes in a necklace". He gave me the necklace as soon as he said that. I looked over m list one more time and put on my necklace. Then I spread my wings and took off. I looked back once and saw him walking away to tell the others about our plan. Then, I finally got to Texas. (Our base is in a desert called Glamis in California). I landed and shapeshifter into a skinny tall beautiful girl. I walked inside the campus. I heard yelling and screaming of laughter and fun. I saw billions of kids hanging out with there friends and talking.
    Then someone popped right in front of me and asked, "Hello, are you new at this school?". It was a girl almost my height but smaller. She had beautiful brown hair down to her back. She wore purple glasses and had peach skin. She was wearing shorts and a blue jacket. Others people were trying to catch up to her behind her. I could tell that she had a lot of friends.
    "Yes, I came from California", I answered.
    One of the girls caught up and asked me, "Do you know anyone here?".
    "No, not yet", I responded. Now all the girls had caught up and were staring at me.
    "You dress very weirdly", said one of the girls in the crowd. Everybody stared her down and then turned there attention back to me.
    "Excuse, Allysa she doesn't know when to shut up", the girl right in front of me said and shot this so called Allysa evil look.
    Her eyes widened and she said, "I am so sorry, my name is Kyrra". She help out her hand and I gave her a hand shake. Then everybody started saying there names.
    "Wait, so there's 10 of you?", I asked and Kyrra nodded, "Ok, so there's Isabella or Izzy, Aubrey, Victoria, Danika, Abigail or Abby, Devin, Allison, Mae, Caroline, and Chloe". Everybody nodded in unison.
    "Hey, you wannna hang with us", asked a girl in the crowd that sounded like Devin.
    "Yeah, sure", I answered. Then a bell rang. Apparently it was class time.
    "What class do you have first?", asked Isabella. Who came up to me after the bell rang.
    "I have . . . um . . . art first", I lied.
    "Well that's a bummer none of us like art. Anyway see ya later", she said and started walking with the rest of the group up the ramp. I hid under the tables and shape shifted into a leaf. Once everyone was gone I turned back into an eagliger. You might be thinking why be an eagliger when you can shape shift and just always be a regular human girl. Well, there is a catch to the curse. You can only stay shape shifted for 3 hours. So she never really tried. Then, some kid came running right by me. But stopped a foot in front of me mid-run. I quickly shape shifted back to a regular human.
    "Who are you?", asked the stranger while turning around. The stranger was a boy with blonde hair and wearing a t-shirt with shorts and a Jaguar hat.
    "I am a new student", I answered.
    "Well, I'm Cooper. 7th grader", he said.
    "I'm a 6th grader and my name is Nichole", I said and shook his hand. I had to admit he was really handsome and cute.
    "OH MY GOODNESS. IS AM GOING TO BE LATE FOR MY CLASS. GOTTA GO BYE!!", he started to run again up the ramp.
    "Man, he yells loudly", I said aloud to myself. My ears were still ringing! I started to transform back to an eagliger again. I lifted off and scouted the perimeter.
    "Caw Caw Me Me Wow Out Walls Now Waly", I cawed with my eagle voice. Apparently base got the message because I heard a reply "Ko". The language that I speak in is gryphon. That so no one else knows what we're talking about (Ezra and I). So I just said "No, sign of Outlaws so far". I swooped back down and became Nichole again. The bell rang again after about 20 minutes. During that time I just kept shape shifting and having exactly 0 fun. Everybody started rushing around trying to get to their class while not being late.
    "I think I will join a class right now", I said aloud to myself. Then I started to walk to a random classroom and I went in. In front of me a teacher was standing she was taller than me and she was a girl. She had short black hair and a stubby nose with glasses. She wore an apron with marker and paint splashes. Under it was a black sweater and she wore a skirt to her heels. When I looked her in the eye she said to me, "Hello, who are you? I don't recall getting a notice of a new student coming in my class".
    Oh crud, I thought. Then I thought up of something just brilliant . . . "I wish that the teachers knew me and I was in their classes", I said to the air. Then a swoop of magic came over the school with a big "BOOM".
    The teacher shook her head a couple of times and then said to me "Oh, Nichole you are here." "Well that's one of Ezra's wishes gone", I muttered to myself.
    "Uh . . . I forget what's your name again", I asked.
    "Class", said the teacher. Like she was tired of saying that word. Then everybody started to point at the board even the teacher who was apparently called Mrs.Yahoo. I know this because the board had her name in bright blue on the top. She had wrote it so hugely I was surprised I didn't see it before.
    "You may take your seat over there next to Lacey", said Mrs. Yahoo.
    "Ugh, why do you have to sit next to me", asked this so called Lacey while I was walking up to the seat beside her. I could tell she was going to be one of those people who are popular and snobby. I already knew that I was going to hate her.
    "The teacher said so and this is only one period. So I think your snobby little brain can handle it", I said while rolling my eyes.
    Then Lacey got all close to me face and said, "Look new girl, you don't want to mess with me. Or else everyone will hate you. Even my boyfriend Cooper, who is usually very considerate and nice to people". Then she leaned back into her chair. I couldn't believe what I had just heard! Cooper was dating a snobby drama queen.
    I was deep in thought when the teacher said, " Ok, kids as we all know right now Lacey has the best art", everyone started to look at her and she smiled and stood up strait and tall. "So let's see if anyone can become the new best artist", said Mrs.Yahoo. Then, I thought to myself that I wish I was the best artist ever. Then boom I used another one of Ezra's wishes. Then, everyone got up and went to an easel. I went up to one in the corner. Then, my hand was just like a motor and started painting and painting and painting. Then, I was done. I drew a master piece. I drew a cat and it looked totally realistic like!
    "I am done", I said out loud. Mrs.Yahoo came over and her eyes grew as big as saucers.
    Then, when she was done staring at my picture she walked straight over to the wall and pinned it up.
    "Boys and girls, I think we have a new best artist", said Mrs.Yahoo. Then, everyone including Lacey started looking at my picture and then looking at there own. As if they were trying to judge there and try to make there's better with The Force. Then, the bell rang I walked outside when I suddenly heard a call from Ezra.
    He said, "Any signs of the Outlaws yet?". I let out a series of gryphon noises.
    I said, "I will check". Then when I was done I stopped looking out at the sky to see that everyone was staring at me.
    "Miner cough", I said to them and everyone started walking again. When everyone was in there next classroom I turned into an eagliger and I took off. Once, I was about 5 miles away from the school suddenly I saw a net flying toward me. It was the Outlaws! They had caught me.
    "Tie her down!", one of them yelled. Then they strapped me down and tied my wings down.
    Then another one yelled, "She's a shape shifter!". After he said that they put a huge thing of metal over my wings. All of a sudden I felt weak and I couldn't shape shift anymore!
    Then one of the guys but down and said to me, "We heard you talking in gryphon language".
    Another guy said, "Boss she's ready". Then someone walked out of the crowd and said to me, "You will be a high valued member of our team. Once we've trained you to like and learn our ways". Murmurs went through the crowd.
    "I would never! I am a part of the Justice's", I answered.
    "Well then, lock her up in a magical cell until she has accepted our ways", the leader said.
    "What are your ways?", I asked.
    "First of all you will leave the Justice's ways", he said.
    "Never!", I yelled at him and I tried one for time to shape shift. It didn't work.
    "Well then, we will leave you to think. Meanwhile I have to plan the ambush to that Middle School you were hiding in", he said and walked away.
    Right as he was about to go into a huge tent he said, "Oh yes, and gag her". After he said that they stuck a cloth in my mouth and put me in a "magical cell". Apparently it was made up of the same material as the other stuff they put on my wings because I couldn't shape shift. I even tried Ezra's wishes, but it doesn't let me use those either. There were no girls here. Well, at least I couldn't see them. So, they might be locked up too. It had been a day and I hadn't said anything. They kept asking me questions like were the Justice's were hiding or have you considered our ways yet. They even un-gaged me for it. They keep feeding me this meat that is really good. But, I am starting to think that they are treating me like an animal.
    So today the leader walked up to me and took out the gag once again and asked once again another question, "Ok, I know that just asking and asking won't help. But, if you don't answer soon we will ambush the Middle School and you will have to answer Ezra's calls after awhile". I froze I hadn't thought about Ezra's calls. They could probably track them and then there's the Middle School.
    "Fine, what do you need me to do?", I asked finally giving in.
    He smirked and said, "Let her out we need to teach her". Then people let me out and I spread out my wings and stretched for a minute.
    "First of all you must learn that we are bad people. So, therefore you have to be bad too", he said.
    "Is that it", I asked.
    "Well since we do this your powers will be greatly favored by our cause", he said.
    "So, you just want me because I can shape shift?", I asked.
    "We will also want you to learn and fight like us", he said.
    "Ok when do we start?", I asked.
    "Right after lunch. Please come and join us", he said and walked into another tent that was gray. While everyone went in a staying out there for a while.
    "I wish that I was the best in the world at all of the Outlaw's ways", I yelled to the sky and once again another boom came across. Then I walked inside the tent. Everyone was looking at me weirdly.
    "Umm, what?", I asked.
    "Come outside with me child", said a woman who had gotten up and walked over to me.
    We walked outside and she said, "Come with me to my tent". Then she led me to a huge purple and white tent. We walked in and she lead me to a chest with clothes popping out.
    "The Outlaw's have a specific way of dressing" she said while opening her chest.
    "Ok, so how do I dress?", I asked her.
    "Well I will give you a choice dearie", she said and pointed toward the chest.
    "I will leave you to pick out. Come and join us for lunch when you are done", she said and walked out of the tent. I looked at the chest. It was filled with all sorts of colorful clothes and skirts or baggy pants. After about 20 minutes I had picked out what I was going to wear and I put it on. It was a pink crop top with bare shoulders and think lace arming the end of the sleeves. I also picked out a blue and black pair of baggy pants and purple simple boots. For my hair I put it up in a pig pony tail and I put feathers in it. I also wore a blue stretchy head band. Then I walked back into the tent where they were eating. While I walked in everybody stared at me again but with this time a pleasure in there eyes. I didn't see it last time put there were a lot of girls, old, young, teen, tween. But, at last I had to earn there trust and then betray them for the Justice's to take care of.
    "Well, done. Good choice of wear", said the old woman that showed me to her tent.
    "My name is Edna", said the woman.
    "My name is Nathaniel", said the leader. Then, everyone else started to say there names.
    "Ok, so there is Edna, Nathaniel, Newshun, Toko, Anata, Bharat, Chander, Chandra, Debdan, Chetana, Cole, Abeyto, Algoma, Culfuray, Bonita, Chepi, and Deo", I said.
    "Yes", Nathaniel said.
    "So, my name is Lillian", I said to everyone sitting at the table.
    "So, what's for lunch?", I asked.
    "Lots of stuff", he said while pointing to the table that was loaded with food!
    "Ok", I said.
    "Well let's dig in", he said. We had a feast that afternoon talking laughing. I had never known that the Outlaw's would actually make me laugh. Or actually make a stay enjoyable. Well after lunch I went outside and they started to teach me different things.
    Then Nathaniel said, "First Chander will teach you to be perfect at archery". Then Chander walked up to me and handed me a bow. He then gave me and apple.
    He said, "Through it in the air when I say 3".
    "K", I said back.
    "1 . . . . 2 . . . . 3!", he yelled and I threw it in the air. He shot an arrow and it caught the apple and hit a tree.
    "Woah", I said in amazement.
    "Now you", he said and handed me an arrow.
    "Really? I don't even know how to shoot this thing", I said.
    "I believe trying is the best was to teach", he said and stranded back with an apple in hand.
    "1 . . . . 2 . . . . 3!", he yelled and tossed the apple in the air. I shot it but it missed the apple and the tree. It went through about 3 tents until it dropped.
    "LILLIAN", shouted a guy walking out of the lunch tent with an arrow in hand.
    "It was not her fault", said Chander. "I didn't teach her before letting her try".
    "Well then teach her", he said and tossed me the arrow and walked into the lunch tent.
    "So", I said.
    "Do not mind him. He can have slight anger problems", said Chander.
    "Wasn't that Toko?", I asked.
    "Yep", he said back and went to go pick up the apple. These guys are really nice. I have to tell Ezra though I thought to myself. I will call him tonight I finally decided.
    "So, you will learn more about archery tomorrow. I have to go and help fix the tents", he said and walked away to the tents that were already being mended by other Outlaw's. Then Nathaniel came up to me and said, "I am sorry about that Lillian. Next you will learn sword play with Chetana". Then a girl walked up to me and said, "Hello, I am Chetana and I specialize in sword play".
    "Hello Chetana. Umm, were are we going to do this?", I asked.
    "Follow me and I will show you", she said. Then, she started walking through the forest that surrounded the Outlaw's camp. We walked for about 2 minutes when we came to a huge colosseum. It was so big and beautiful. Then Chetana handed me two huge katana's. Then she pulled out two katana's the same as the ones she had just handed me from her holders on her back.
    Then she said, "Ok, so to hold the swords while you're getting ready. You hold them like this". Then she arched her left arm back and pointed the katana out ward and her right hand was pointing over it as if she was ready to stab someone in front of her and on the left side of her.
    "Ok", I said and lifted it up like she was doing.
    "Good. Now we fight", she said and she did a double backwards cartwheel and landed standing.
    "Wow", I said in amazement once again at the Outlaw's talents.
    "Ok, now yo try it", she said and crossed her arms with her katana's still in hand and observed me.
    "Can you excuse me for a moment?", I asked and walked into the woods.
    "I wish I was the best at all of the Outlaw's talents and specialties that they want me to learn", I said to myself and then I felt a giant surge of adrenaline came over me. Like I could run for hours and not even beat a sweat.
    So I ran back to Chetana and I said, "Quick potty break". She seemed like she bought it because she just went cross armed again and glared at me as if to say Well you had your potty break can you we get on with the exercise without anymore bladder alerts. So, then I did the double back-cartwheel. Then, I smile spread across her face.
    "Well done", she said to be and came over and gave me a pat on the back.
    "Your next lesson is coming up soon. We will practice more tomorrow", she said and started walking back the way we came. Then, I started walking too.
    "Hey Chetana, who am I going to be with next?", I asked while catching up to her.
    "I think Newshun is going to teach you the Outlaw's technique's", she said.
    "Oh", I said. She was staring at the ground like she had a past with Newshun.
    "Are you ok?", I asked her.
    "Yeah", she said and started to hang her head down low.
    "Did you have a past with Newshun?", I asked.
    "Oh, would you look at that were at the camp. I got to go . . . umm . . . . eat a turkey!", she said and dashed away to the food tent. Then a guy with short brown hair walked up to me.
    "Hello, are you Newshun?", I asked him.
    "Yes, I will be teaching you techniques today", he said staring at me.
    "Umm, do you have a history with Chetana", I asked. But, he just did the same thing Chetana did. He hung his head low until I said something.
    "Ok, so should we get to it?", I asked.
    "Sure", he said and lifted his head up. "First, we will learn how to dodge", he said and started walking.
    "Where are we going?", I asked.
    "Somewhere to train", he said.
    "Are we going to the coliseum type thingy majiger", I asked.
    "No", he said and just kept walking forward not even looking at me. He seemed like he was thinking about Chetana.
    "If you want to get something off your mind. I can just leave", I said.
    "No, it's fine", he said lifted his head to look at me.
    "We are going to a meadow", he said. "We are almost there".
    "You really know your way around here, don't you.", I said looking at him.
    "Yeah, Nathaniel's my father", he said looking back at me.
    "What happened to your . . .", I said, but then quickly stopped myself. He's already thinking about Chetana. He doesn't need his mother to talk about. So, I stopped getting deeper into the conversation of relatives.
    "Will we just be learning dodging. Or will we do something else too", I said trying to change the subject.
    "Well, no. Tomorrow we will. But, for today we will just perfect dodging", he answered.
    "Ok", I said.
    "We're here", he said staring out into the meadow.
    "It's beautiful out here", I said.
    "Yes, it is", he said and started staring at me again.
    "Umm . . . should we start?", I asked and snapped him out of his trance.
    "Yes", he answered. "Let's start in the middle of the meadow". Then he started walking to the middle and I followed.
    "Where do we start", I asked him once we got to the middle of the meadow.
    "Kick me in the shin", he answered.
    "What . . . really", I asked. He nodded at me. I kicked but he blocked with his leg.
    "Oh my gosh that hurt!!", I said holding my leg.
    "Sorry", he said looking at my shin. "I didn't mean for it to be so strong".
    "It's ok", I said. I put my leg back down and tried to walk but I couldn't I just fell.
    "Oh my gosh!", he said and ran to my assistance. "We need to get you to the Health Tent". He carried me back to camp and brought me into a tent that had a huge red plus sign.
    "Is she ok", asked a lady in a white dress and a cute little white hat with the ambulance logo on it.
    "I just hit her too hard", he said. "I was zoning out and I tried to block put I ended up kicking her".
    "Oh no", I thought. "Whenever I start getting woozie from an injury I turn back into an eagliger". Then, I felt my body shape shifting and I turned into an eagliger. My wings grew back tearing through my shirt and my whole body grew fur. Then, my face changed from human to eagliger. My hands and feet turned into eagle claws and I sprouted ears from my head.
    "Ok, she's shape shifting. That means that she . . . . is about to black out!", yelled the nurse.
    "Get some nectar, stat!", she yelled to other nurses. Then, everything went black and I couldn't hear anything anymore.
    The last thing I heard was Newshun yelling, "Lillian!!". During my black out I had a horrible dream. It went like this . . . the Justice's were out looking for me when they came across the Outlaw's cap site. I fought for the Outlaw's for some reason and we drove the Justice's away and they didn't come back. The weird part was that Newshun fought by my side and he also held my hand. So somethings up with that. Right after Nathaniel had given a triumphant yell I woke up to everyone staring down at me.
    "Umm", I said and that's all I was able to manage. By leg pounded and my gut for some reason was sore. Actually I think everything was sore.
    "Don't try", said Nathaniel.
    I tried again anyway, "Wha . . what happened?"
    Then Newshun walked up to me, "For some reason you blacked out while you were just laying there".
    "The only reason why she blacked out is because she is an eagliger. Eagliger's weak spots are in there shins", said Nathaniel walking up to Newshun.
    "Is the that why she turned back into an eagliger?", asked Newshun.
    "It is", I said. "It's happened before too me".
    "Well your going to be in a splint for a few days but other than that you'll be fine", said the nurse walking up to me. I tried to get up, but my leg refused. So, I just flew and hovered over the ground with me wings.
    "Well, it's dinner time", said Chetana walking out from the crowd surrounding me.
    "Yes, if course", answered Nathaniel. Then, everyone started walking to the eating tent except for Newshun.
    "Hey, I'm really sorry about that. I had no idea your weak spot was your shin", he said and hung his head low again.
    Then, I grabbed his chin and raised his head and said, "It was not your fault you didn't know and I should've known better".
    He kept his head raised and said, "Thanks, umm . . do you want to go eat?".
    "Of course", I said and started to fly out of the tent. Then, when we got into the tent we sat down together and we all started eating. For dinner I had chicken, mashed potatoes and gravy, and steak. It is very important for an eagliger to eat meat.
    "Wow, you sure like meat", said Newshun while finishing his ribs.
    "Yeah, it's very good for an eagliger to eat meat", I said to him.
    "Is it because you are part tiger?", he asked.
    "Yeah, and the eagle part of me likes meat too", I answered him.
    "Oh", he said and started serving himself some mashed potatoes.
    "Why don't you turn back into a human again?", asked someone at the end of the table.
    "Because I am to weak to do it. My magical plate is in my shin. That's what allows me to shape shift. So since it is damaged and currently healing I will have to stay off of it and keep the splint on until it heals completely", I answered him.
    "You're Cole right?", I asked him.
    "Yeah, nice to meet you", he answered.
    "Nice to meet you too", I said back to him and then Nathaniel stood up.
    "Dinner time is over. I will show Lillian to her tent", he said. Then, everyone started walking out of the tent.
    "I know your going to go and try to reach Ezra when we all fall asleep", he said looking down on me.
    "Umm", I said but then Nathaniel cute me off and said, "Don't worry. You can do it. Just don't tell the others and . . . tell Ezra his brother Nathaniel said hi and that I'm sorry". Then, he walked to a tent that was a beautiful pink and black tent with the a eagliger symbol on it. Which was an eagliger circling and then on the inside of the circle there was the shape shifting sign. Which is a black circle with a gray outlined eagle.
    "This is so beautiful. How did you know the symbol?", I asked Nathaniel.
    "Ezra's my brother. Of course I know the symbol", he answered me with a huge smile.
    "Now, go on and go to Ezra. Or at least call him with your language", he said with a wink and started walking to a huge tent. That, was apparently his because he walked in it and then closed it and didn't walk back out. Well I better start my journey. I don't want to talk in code this time. I want to actually talk to Ezra. So, I took off I got there about three hours later. Then, I saw Ezra.
    "Ezra!", I shouted still landing into the base.
    "You're back!", Ezra shouted back and when I landed he gave me a huge hug.
    "How was it? Did you defeat the Outlaw's?", he asked me.
    "Well, Nathaniel wanted me to bring a message", I answered him.
    "Oh really. What did he say?", he asked.
    "He said for me to tell you that he's sorry", I answered. But, then Ezra started staring blankly at me.
    "Wait how did you get this message in the first place and why do you have a splint on your leg?", he asked and then started inspecting my splint.
    "I'm fine and the Outlaw's are the nicest people ever", I said to him.
    "No there not!", he yelled at me.
    "Well, how do you know that!", I yelled back and we started arguing.
    "Because Nathaniel killed our younger sister Esther!", he yelled back. Then, he stopped and put his head down just like Newshun does.
    "Why did he do that?", I asked in a calm tone now.
    "Because he hated that she only hung out with me and not him so much", he answered starting to look back at me.
    "Ezra I'm sorry to hear that but I have to get back to the Outlaw's. It will be almost daylight and I have training today. So I took off.
    Then he shouted at me, "Don't blame me if you get killed then!". I just kept flying and didn't answer or look back. I would come back but Ezra needs some time too think about everything that's on his mind. Well, three hours later I got back and everybody was just waking up.
    Then, I zoomed back into my tent. I rustled up my sheets so it looked like I had been sleeping then I rustled my fur. So, now it look like I just got up and I walked out of my tent looking sleepy.
    "Hey everyone", I said with a yawn to the people who were just getting out of their own tents.
    "Hey Lillian", said Nathaniel with a wink.
    Then Newshun walked out of his tent and asked me, "Hey Lillian. Can you train today? Or do you still have to heal?". He started walking toward me.
    "Probably 2 or 3 days. But that's it", I answered him and I tried to walk but my leg still wouldn't let me so I started hovering across the ground again.
    "But, I might be fine to try training. I will still have to hover on the ground. So, I might have an advantage", I said to Newshun.
    "I guess I can of owe you one for breaking your leg. So, you can have an advantage", he said while smiling.
    "Thanks", I said and started smiling back.
    "Let's get some breakfast first", said Nathaniel. "And Lillian can you stay out here for a moment". Everybody started walking in to the food tent but I stayed out there with Nathaniel.
    "So, did you talk to him", he asked once everyone was in the tent.
    "Yeah, actually I went to him", I said and started flying over to his tent where he was standing.
    "Wow, you must fly really fast to make there and back in one night", he said in awe.
    "Yeah, I try", I said.
    "Well you must be tired and hungry. Let's go eat and after you can take a nap", he said and started gesturing toward the food tent. "Oh yes and also this tent is called the Fooditorium".
    "Umm, Nathaniel are you actually going to try to kill all of the people in the Middle School?", I asked him while we started walking onward the Fooditorium.
    "Of course we are!!", he said sarcastically. "No, we don't do that sort of stuff. I was just setting that up as a trap yo get you here and it worked. I really needed you to talk to Ezra for me because he would not listen to me".
    "Well, do you really want me here because I can go back to the Justice's", I asked him.
    "No, I really want you here. I want you to stay here, unless you want to go back", he said while arching one of his eyebrows. "My son Newshun has grown quite fond of you. I believe he wants to be with you forever".
    "Umm, ok I will stay for a bit longer. But, if anything goes weird or something. Then, I'm leaving, Ok?", I said to him.
    "Ok", he said back. "Oh, and how did your leg break so easily?", he asked me.
    "As I said that's an eagligers weak spot. So,I still very sensitive. Tomorrow it will be healed and I will be able to shape shift again", I answered him.
    "Well let's go eat the others are probably waiting for us", he said and started walking into the Fooditorium.

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