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Ask to Join The Dragonsbane Pack

Discussion in 'Pokémon Role Play' started by TinyTiger28, Mar 6, 2018.

  1. Long ago three eevees met in the forest.
    One with bravery seconded to no other. The second determined to do what must be done. The third strong of mind.
    These three eevees were named Flare, Current, and Bolt.
    Why did they meet there?
    Well, it certainly wasn’t just a chance encounter. They were after stones. Specifically a thunder stone, a water stone, and a fire stone. They wanted desperately to evolve, because in the wild, or at least this forest, it was survival of the fittest. The most powerful could chase others from it’s territory, claim berry bushes and water sources for their own, and none could oppose them. Recently a tyrant had come to power. A recently evolved hydreigon, known as hades, had come to the forest and took over, claiming many food and water sources as his own. He gathered many of the strongest and mst ruthless pokemon in the forest, and forced the rest to serve him. Any who opposed Hades were slaughtered. The trio of eevees looked to evolve so that they had at least a chance to do something, it varied between the three. Flare looked to oppose Hades. Bolt wanted to escape the forest, and Current wanted to join Hades ranks so that she could bring the food she gained from her rank to her young daughter, Mist, who was nearly starving to death.
    The three banded together, evolved, and decided to get rid of Hades.
    They trained for months, and eventually challenged Hades, amd won.
    Afterwards no one quite knew what to do. They couldn’t return to normal, not after what they had been through. Most pokemon were suspicous of eachother, some might even say hateful. They trusted almost no one, so they formed packs, made of pokemon that trusted one another completely. In the end most pokemon joined packs of their own evolution lines. Hpundour with houndour and houndoom, charizards and charmanders, and so on. The three eeveeloutions did the same, creating an eevee and eeveeloution pack. Due to their defeating Hades they named themselves the Dragonsbane pack. Most other pokemon feared or hated this pack due to the fact that they defeated such a powerful pokemon. Many would think this stupid, after all they did free them from Hades, but many liked it with Hades around, the ones who were part of his evil pack were at the top of the food chain, but without Hades they were nothing. The ones they freed feared they’re strength and power. The pack mostly stayed away from eachother, and the forest was in relative, if not fragile, peace.

    Many years later, long after Current, Flame, and Bolt had died, the packs still existed. And so did all the supicion, fear, and hatred. Something is going wrong though, pokemon are getting caught. Humans are coming to the forest.

    Welcome! This is a roleplay and here are the rules and some info:

    1. All pokecharms rules apply
    2. No godmodding, power playing, metagaming, mary sues, etc
    3. No killing without permission from the owner of the character
    4. Hate the character not the roleplayer (unless they break a rule, then you can hate them).
    5. Submit forms etc in this roleplay’s discussion, not roleplay area.
    6. No being that annoying character that evolves within seconds. Evolution is an intense process in pokemon, it doesn’t happen at the drop of a hat. Maybe after they defeat an extremely strong pokemon, or after an extremely emotional moment (hey pokemon have evolved because of emotions, just watch the anime and look at ekans/arbok and wheezing/koffing, they evolved cause they got cried on!) and follow evolution’s rule’s a little bit at least. A.k.a no evolving into a flareon without a firestone, no evolving into an umbreon during the day, etc
    7. Don’t dodge everything
    8. All pokemon joining are part of the Dragon’s bane pack and are eevees or eeveeloutions.
    9. No fakemon please, also password is cookies.
    10. Have fun!

    Extra Info

    Also, pack rankings. Pups, elderly, healer’s apprentice, and the healer have no rank. (but the healer is usually well respected). Apprentices have their own ranking system and list. Everyone else has a rank. The ranks are: Alpha, beta, warrior, omega.
    The alpha is the boss of the pack, the beta advises the alpha, and can fill in for the alpha when needed. The beta is the only one who can challenge the alpha and will take the alpha’s place in the event of the alpha’s death or absence. Warriors patrol, collect food, and protect the pack. The omega does all the work that requires no skill, like delivering food, and this means hey get many mundane and boring tasks. They are at the bottom of the pack. Rouges (packless pokemon) that join the pack are put immediately at the omega rank.

    The pups are any member of the pack under one year old. Elders are those that are too old to fight or hunt for themselves. The healer has medical knowledge and heals everyone in the pack, they can take on an apprentice of their choosing if the alpha approves of their choice. The apprentice themself has no choice in the matter.

    The rankings decide who gets first pick of food at mealtimes, and what the pack member does as their job. To rank up a pack member must challenge the pack member in the rank above them. They fight, the winner is chosen when the other is unable to fight or forfeits. If the challenger wins they go up a rank, if they lose they go down a rank. Those that are challenged and cannot fight in the first place (injury, nursing pups, etc) are not allowed to be fought, and instead the pack member that would challenge them gets to challenge the pack member two ranks above them (Simpler explanation: Packmember in rank 1 wants to go up to rank 2, but pack member in rank 2 can’t fight, so pack member 1 challenges pack member in rank 3).

    Apprentice ranks work the same except that apprentices are still given the same amount of food. That is aside the top ranked apprentice and the bottom ranked apprentice. The top ranked one gets first pick, and the bottom one gets the leftovers of the food after it has been divided among the other apprentices. Apprentices pack members in training and become a warrior when they are two years old. They are then put at the second to last spot in the adult rankings, right above the omega.

    Current rankings:
    Alpha: Star ( TinyTiger28 )

    Apprentice rankings-
    Top apprentice:
    Bottom apprentice:

    Healer’s apprentice:

    Also, yes I do know that this is a lot like warriors, deal with it.
    Also part two, apprentices get a ceremony when they become warriors.
    Also part three, movepools and having four moves only doesn’t matter. Feel free to have as many moves as you want as long as they make logical sense. Ex of what not to do - Leafeon learning fire moves, Ex of what to do - Eevee that knows bite

    Pack territory Map (w.i.p)
    Just know for now that they live in a forest with a small creek running through the middle of their camp, which is a clearing in the forest with dens for each rank (warrior, apprentice, elder, etc) and they have a training hollow, which is a sandy pit. Their territory is bordered by the Midnight Moon Pack (Mightyena, poochyena. They are usually more tricky and shady then most packs), the Rising Sun Pack (growlithe, arcanine. They are more honorable than most packs, but more harsh on those that breaks their laws), the Dragonfly Pack (Flygon evolution line. They are more clever tha most packs), and the Bubble Pack (Azumarill evolution line. They are more friendly to eachother and outsiders than most).

    Laws of the Dragon’s Bane Pack

    Every pack has different laws, this is the Dragon’s Bane Pack’s laws.

    1. Never kill another pokemon without great need.
    2. Respect the ranks.
    3. Do not join another pack.
    4. Pokemon with a human trainer are not permitted to join the pack.
    5. Pups and elders are not permitted to fight in battle, patrol, or hunt.
    6. Pups are not permitted put of the camp.
    7. Pups can not be apprentices until they are one year old.
    8. Apprentices cannot be warriors until they are two years old.
    9. No pack member shall have pups with a pokemon out of the pack.
    10. No pokemon from other packs are permitted to hunt on the Dragon’s Bane pack’s territory.

    Currently accepted Characters

    Name: Star
    Gender: Male
    Rank: Alpha, top of the adult rankings
    Pokemon Species: Umbreon
    Appearance: He is lithe and agile looking. His fur is pure white, due to being an albino. His eyes are blood red and so are his rings. He almost always has a serious look on his face and a emotionless look about him. He moves with a strange sort of grace.
    Personality: He is cold and distant to most. He is suspicous of most strange pokemon. Those that know him well, such as senior warriors or his old beta, can read him pretty well but to most others his face is an emotionless mask. He also can be pretty harsh at times, but always wants the best for the pack. He would sacrafice anything for the good of his pack, even his own life.
    Family: Father - Night (missing) Mother - Snow (rouge) Sister - Flora (deceased)
    Backstory: He was the son of the alpha, Night, and lived a normal childhood, for the most part. He was the son of a rouge, Snow, and the pack knew it. Night was banned from the pack, forced to roam on his own. No one currently knows where he went. As soon as he finished his apprenticeship though he immediately began to climb the ranks. He wanted to be alpha, and he knew it. He soon was beta, and prepared to challenge his alpha. Soon he won. His sister, Flora the leafeon, was also climbing the ranks at the time. Se soon became his beta. Back then the two were inseparable, they were best friends. Then a few months later the Dragon’s Bane pack got in a territory dispute with the Midnight Moon Pack, a pack of the mightyena and poochyena. Flora was killed in the battle. Star then became cold and distant.
    Extra: Nupe.

    Link to OOC (where you submit your form)
    Ask to Join - The Dragon’s Bane Pack (OOC) | Pokécharms
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