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The Doctor Oak's a Genius Thread

Discussion in 'Pokémon Chat' started by Doctor Oak, May 8, 2005.

  1. Doctor Oak

    Staff Member Overlord

    With Summer 2005 coming up, I think it's a good time to review the 'Future of Pokemon' article I wrote last September. Just to boost my ego further. ^^

    I get one point for a dead on prediction and for very close predictions.
    I get a half point for a sort of right prediction, IE same idea but wrong method etc.
    I get nil for a completely wrong prediction, one that never happened.

    First point mentioned is thus:

    So far, though not 100% confirmed, it's 99% confirmed that we'll be seeing Diamond and Pearl in November this year. 1 point

    Bingo. Amazing how many people forgot after the Seattle Conference (and the Japanese one in the same morning) that they'd contested it couldn't possibly be on the DS. 1 point

    Half point It looks like the series will be ready to end by July/August instead (With a two week break from June 2 for Baseball), giving about 4 months for a filler series.

    Half-Point Instead of releasing it in December or January, they're looking to do it in November. November avoids the problem mentioned in this extract of having to push it back a month.

    Pokemon Dash was a launch title in Japan and Europe. Win. 1 Point

    Ahh, How I remember seeing that news as one of the last on Pallet before it died. The full virtual Pikachu game never game but it as incorperated into Dash, probably a sensible move. Half-point.

    Enter the game with the stupid name, ladies and gentlemen: XD! Point me. 1 Point


    Now, onto the calandar.

    -Pokemon Dash. - Half Point
    -No new Gen 4 in 2004 - No Points
    -There was no news of Emerald's USA Release date until the start of this year. No Points

    - Lucario appeared in March, though not on the official Pokemon of Japan site but rather Coro Coro and the Movie Site. Half-point
    - Yup, Though they did change the date later to push it back, there was confirmation of an American Emerald Release. 1 Point
    - Australia beat Europe by a month... for unknown reasons and Europe got it on March 11th - with Pokemon Dash as a launch title. Since i've already taken a point off for Pikachu DS being Dash instead, i'm going to just leave this as 1 point

    - 3, Manene, Manyula and Usohachi. 1 Point
    - Haha, this looks like wishful thinking. Celebi's still unobtainable to the west - No Points
    - Not yet, May the 14th is the last Coro Coro to fit into this timeslot - it WILL have news on a new Pokemon Game but what we see will remain to be seen. No judgement yet.
    - It's huge popularity (mostly forced upon us) and it's appearence in Dash led to the name Munchlax appearing much, much earlier. No Points
    - Was released in America 8 days ago. 1 Point

    And one final point that we can look at set within Summer-Halloween:

    - XD hits E3 in 9 days and a late summer/early autumn release is extremely likely.


    So, in total that gives me 10.5 Points out of a maximum 19. Not bad, eh? ^^

    Hopefully by 2006 I can get more accurate hits to get it closer to the top.
  2. Linkachu

    Linkachu Hero of Pizza
    Staff Member Administrator

    While other people could've done similar predictions and been more correct, you still got some points down pat. Niiiice. Too bad NA didn't get Dash at Launch. We suxx0r :p

    I've just been wondering one thing, though. Does Pokemon in Japan ever take a seasonal break like shows in America do? (As in an extended break of 2 to 3 months?)

    D/P in November means lots and lots of new info in the coming months. Can't freakin' wait :D
  3. Doctor Oak

    Staff Member Overlord


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