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Private/Closed The Disappearance of a Friend

Discussion in 'Pokémon Role Play' started by Merciless Medic, Jun 18, 2019.

  1. (OOC: This is an RP between me, @EmoKitty21, and @Krisseon. No one else may post here, but you may view at your own pleasure while our story unfolds.)


    The light of the day shone down upon the bustling city of light - Lumiose City, home to many trends, drama, and entertainment, as well as great food and great starts for many an aspiring adventurer in their chosen careers. This city was hopping as people rode on Skiddos and Gogoats, as well as in cabs, as paid transportation. Everyone was going along with their calm and busy lives, including one certain individual.

    A tall, strapping, young man in a blue themed suit, hair, and eyes could be seen walking down the streets, his satchel slung across his shoulder and softly rubbing up against his hip as he walked with a straight posture. Choosing to ignore the cabs and Gogoat Shuttle, he had more important matters to attend to and needed to walk as he thought. He looked down at the brochure for the art gallery he had in his hand and a sticky note he received from his superior about a certain case that he stuck on the brochure. Apparently, someone had filed a missing person's report in this city seven years ago, but the case went cold, as there were hardly any witnesses during that time. No one came forward except for a couple of individuals, but the clues they gave were too little. Hearing that the person was actually recreated in a painting, the young detective decided to enjoy some down time by looking at this painting and gain some inspiration of where she may be. He had some suspicion that the young lady was either kidnapped or had ran away, as most teenagers do during that period, but he didn't want to make any conclusions just yet.

    After maneuvering through the streets, he stumbled upon the art gallery nestled in between some very pale and insignificant buildings. Crossing the slightly busy street and expertly dodging the cars and Pokemon, he made it to the gallery and walked inside. This man was a fan of art, and going inside took his breath away.

    The art gallery was built to represent a mausoleum of some sort, with pillars on the outside to support the eave and pillars on the inside to support the large roof. There was a second floor that people could see on the first floor as they looked up, being supported by these very same pillars. On this platform, there was a hole in the middle that showed off hanging Pokemon skeletons expertly crafted from some kind of thin material. He looked in front of him to see a reception area for tours and admissions. Going up to the counter to pay for an admission ticket, he spotted something from across the room. The lady went through the rules in a somewhat cheery voice, something about something against taking pictures. He thanked her and immediately went to the far side of the room, passing by many works of art by either people from the early days of art to modern day artists trying to make a living and gain their fame. Then, he finally got there.

    It seemed like there was some fuss, as there was a spot where a painting should have been, but it was gone... Where could it have been taken? He pulled out his wallet from the pocket inside his dark blue dress coat and flipped it open to reveal his badge and ID to allow him through the crowd and asked anyone who could hear his voice, "Who is the owner of the painting? Are they here?" The bass from his words carried through the crowd.

    He looked about, hoping someone would introduce themselves to him. It wasn't that hard to find him anyway. The guy stood an impressive six feet, four inches in height and he resembled a nicely dressed blue popsicle.
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  2. Alex had just set his brush down when he go a call from the owner of the gallery. He had been working on another painting. This one was of his Aipom and how they met.

    It would mostly be in black and everything was mutted except for shiny Aipom and a shiny Braxien. It also shown a young trainer. That young trainer was Alex. He was shown helping the little monkey problem. The monkey had been mistreated by others in the past. Now he is shown on Alex's shoulder enjoying everything.

    Alex had his hair up in a ponytail. On thr table beside his paint he had his pokenav. Which was still ringing. He decided to answer to see what is the matter. "Hello. This is Alex." He waited for person on the phone to answer.

    "Hello Mr. Richardson. I am sorry to inform you, but last night we had a break in, and one of you painting was stolen." Alex could not belive his ears. That gallery has been one of the most sercure places to show art. Now that one of his painting was gone he could not belive it.

    "Mr. Reece do you know which painting was stolen?" He hoped it was not the one where he painted his best friend. That was one of the only paintings he had of her. He had done that painting about two weeks after she disappeared.

    "It was the one of the girl in meadow of flowers. I know you said that is the one painting that would not be sold. I feel so bad that this has happened." He sounded like he meant it. Alex hoped that they could recover the painting. It was one of the only things he had of her.

    "I will be there as soon as I can. I have to wash up and get a change of clothes. I will see you when I get there." Alex hung up. He was saddened to think that the only picture he had of his best friend was taken. He walked over to the sink in his art studio. He needed to clean everything before the paint dried on the brush. He made sure to clean them thoroughly.

    Once in his bedroom he threw on a pink sweater over the band tee and white skinny jeans he normaly wears. Though at this time his pants have been stained with paint splatters in multitude of colors. The effect looked very stylish to some. With his pimk converse and bag over his shoulder he headed out the door of his penthouse appartment.

    His penthouse was located in the haert of Lumiose City. It was very spacious, with 4 bathrooms, and 5 bedrooms. He had turned one of the bedrooms into a studio for his art. Along the walls were some of the works he had done over the years. He looked back to his living room from his front door. His Aipom sat there on the couch. He was taking a little nap. Alex sighed. He knows he had to wake up the pink monkey or else he would not hear the end of it. "Aipom get up we have to go to the art gallery. I need to check it out." Aipom was startled awake by the sound of his trainer. He was happy to be getting out of the house. He ran up to Alex and climbed up on his trainer's shoulder. He curled his tail around Alex's neck. He pointed towards the door. "Aipom! Aipom!"

    Alex had to laugh at the little guy. He hated being in one place too long. "Ok, ok I get it. You want to get out of here. Don't worry we have a little walking to do before we get there." Alex was glad that Aipom was like this. He seemed to brighten his mood.

    Alex took his time as he walked to the gallery the city seemed to feel like home to him. The bright lights, that never seem to be off. Noises that go all throughout day. It will never be boring at least.

    He did finally reach the Greek inspired gallery. It houses some of the most valuable works of art all throughout Kalos. It did make him wonder why only one painting was stolen and one of his to be exact. He was not the most famous artist here in the city but why take that one.

    The receptionist waved as Alex entered. He had a lifetime pass as he his one of the more prominent artistes shown here. "Good morning Alex. I am sorry to hear about you pinting. If there is anything you need of me know that I am here."

    Alex looked to the blond girl who had been shamelessly flirting with him since he started being featured here. He had told her multiple times that he was gay. That never seemed to get through to her. He just walked on until he got to his section of the gallery. He stood right behind the crowd. It seemed everyone wanted to get a look at the place the painting was stolen from. He just shook his head. He heard a voice ask if anyone knew who the artist was or were he could find him.

    Alex wondered whatever could it be that someone would want to know who the artist was. He made his way through the crowd which seemed to part for him. Most knew that this guy with flowing purple hair was the artist in question and made way for him to get to the front.

    When he got there he stopped in his tracks. There stood a walking dream for him. This guy was the type of guy you all want to have hold you. He was wearing a blue suit. Alex looked up into those icey blue eyes and was lost. He finally snapped out of it. He walked forward a little more. "If you are looking for who painted the stolen painting that would be me."
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  3. As if the crowd of onlookers was the sea, they parted ways to reveal a quite beautiful sight. A man had came forward and he looked just as awestruck. Now, Miel wasn't the dumb, oblivious guy most people would be, as he recognized this look the man had given him. He kept himself from showing his stunned look, but he couldn't help but feel this man had came straight from the perfect painting, if there even was such a thing to hold such beauty. He stopped his thoughts from being too distracted and focused on the task at hand by introducing himself. In his daze, he had failed to notice the shiny Aipom on his shoulder, but caught sight of the monkey Pokemon before he embarrassed himself later.

    "Hello, young man," Miel showed off his police ID that stated he was a detective in embossed silver letters on the badge itself before he flipped it closed and set it back in his dress coat. "I am Mielshtrix Darastrix, but you may call me Miel. Please, don't call me Detective. If you are the painter, I'd like to speak to you about the missing painting."

    He gestured for the man to come closer. As he did so, a flash of blue with some accented splash marks in the light erupted from his satchel. His Lure Ball had opened up to reveal a longer than average Milotic, his hand-like antennae a deeper shade of pinkish red, as well as being shorter than female Milotic. He laid around the two, giving them a good wide berth from the rest of the crowd. Some calming energy came from the Milotic, which calmed some of the onlookers enough to let them go on about their day, as if nothing ever happened. These people will obviously remember what transpired, but they won't as so much worry about a thing at the moment. A professional has got it under control now.

    The Milotic looked at Alex curiously, cocking his head to the side before sniffing him and his Aipom. Cooing softly, he then softly headbutted Alex's shoulder, already liking this man. Miel just chuckled and shook his head before he looked back up at the lilac man before him, a sweet smile on his face. If he were much younger, he probably would have acted a little less mature and be a bit hard on him, but his beauty was difficult to do that with. "Milo really loves to snuggle and meet new people, but he usually isn't so forthright with strangers. Anyway, what is your name?"
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  4. Alex loved that this water pokemon shown him some affection after only just meeting him. She was a beautiful pokemon. She was almost as stunning as her trainer. Alex was glad to see that he had the same look Alex had when he looked at the man.

    Alex rubbed Milo on the head. Aipom loved that the new pokemon liked his trainer. Aipom jumpped down to Milo and started to try and get her to play with him. Aipom was always a great source of joy for Alex and it shows through the way that he looks at the little pink monkey.

    Alex was broken out of his thoughts when the guy spoke and said his name. "Well it is nice to meet you Miel. My name is Alex Richardson. Please call me Alex. I hate being called Mr. Richardson. I am also glad she likes me. She is a very beautiful creature. I am the artist of the painting that was stolen from here. I will be glad to answer any questions you have." He hoped that this guy would not just leave after he found out what he needed to know.
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  5. Miel had to stifle a chuckle, so a snort could be heard as Milo the Milotic looked at Alex funny before looking down at the Aipom and cooed happily, wanting to play as well. Miel sheepishly looked at Milo then back at Alex and asked, "Are you alright, Alex? I know that genders of Pokemon are difficult to read, but Milotic have plain differences in gender. But you are probably distraught at the fact that your painting is gone, but I have to say, that was quite amusing." Miel just thought, among other things, as his smile widened even more. Even though it still kind of hurt that Alex had gotten Milo's gender wrong, he could understand why. He didn't even see Alex's Aipom there on his shoulder to begin with, anyway. Not like he'll ever tell Alex that.

    He finally got himself under control before he continued on, but his smile never really ceased. "I would like to know what the picture looked like and if there was any significance behind it."

    Now, he normally would pull out his notepad and pen to write any notes down, but he didn't want to take his eyes off the man before him. Reluctantly, he fished his notepad and pen out after he stopped talking and began to write anything down that was noteworthy. He had to stop himself from writing anything "extra" down about Alex's looks and focus on his observations of the individual's emotions before him instead. Looking down at his notepad, he realized it was blurry. Deadpanning, he forgot his glasses in his bag. He fished them out of his glasses case and put them on before he began to write. The glasses made his face seem a lot softer than usual as the curves of the glasses were very elegant and soft.
  6. Alex looked a little upset that he did mess up Milo's gender. He decided to make it right. He fished in his bag for a treat for him and Aipom. He pulled out a jar of oran berries and gave one to each pokemon. "I am very sorry about that Milo. I am used to my Milotic at home. She is very much like you are." He turned back to Miel who now had glasses on.

    Alex thought he looked cute in them. "Well since we might need privacy for this we could use the conference room. The owner Mr. Reece would not mind if we are in there." Aipom ate the berry happily and climbed back onto Alex before he started to walk to the conference room.
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  7. Milo looked at the proffered Oran Berry and cooed happily as he ate it, loving the dry taste.

    Meanwhile, Miel was goofing up his usual procedure. He would have normally asked if they wanted to talk in private or not before he started asking questions. He guessed that privacy never entered his mind as it would have spelled disaster for his thoughts. As Alex walked towards the conference room, Miel's face slightly blushed a shade of pink. Milo poked Miel's face and then sprayed him with a bit of water. Chuckling, he wiped off his face. Surprisingly, it helped him to cool down.

    He followed along behind Alex, his usual brisk pace allowed him to catch up fairly quickly while Milo slithered along beside him.

    As they got to the conference room, another flash of blue erupted from Miel's satchel. An Alolan Ninetales chirped before opening the door for both of them and giving Miel a sly look. Apparently, some of his Pokemon were finding out about Miel's behavior by just hearing his voice. Even though his voice wasn't expressing any slight shifts in tone, it was the way he said things. Miel gave her a look that said "don't you even dare" before he thanked her. "Thank you, Kyukori." He let Alex walk into the room first before he followed suit, choosing to sit in a pretty comfortable chair. Kyukori settled her head on Miel's leg and he pet her, which calmed him down immensely. He was able to finally concentrate.

    While Milo offered to play with Aipom again, Miel repeated what they were going to talk about after a corny phrase. "Now, where were we? Oh right, the painting." He mentally slapped himself for saying something so stupid. His face didn't betray what was happening in his mind, but he wished someone actually slapped him at this point.
  8. Alex caught sight of the alolan Ninetails as she came out of her pokeball. She was a beautiful creature. He wondered if Miel would let him draw her sometime.

    Alex decided to sit in the seat across from Miel. Alex decided to take out his own notebook and pencil. He wanted to sketch Miel. "Well the painting was of a dear friend of mine. Ahe was my best friend since we were little kids. We told each other everything. She was a beautiful soul inside and out. She would help anyone who needed it.

    One day she told me that she was going to come out to her parents. She was 16. Apparently it did not go so well. She was gone for three days before the police were able to find anything. What they did eventually find was a ring. That ring has since been returned to her family. Her little brother gave that ring to me." Alex reached behind his neck and moved his hair out of the way. He unhooked a necklace that was barely visible. He pulled it out of his sweater and laid it down on the table. A rose gold chain with two rings was what was seen. "Theae two purple rings are what we got each other when we turned 12. It was our way of saying you are my best friend and I will always be there for you." He looked down and opened his notebook. He turned to a blank page. He picked up the pencil and started to do a sketch of Miel. It was not done on purpose but more out of distractedness.

    "The painting was of Sera. She sat in field of flowers. Pokemon were around her. She was happy. She looked how I remember she looked on the last day I saw her. She was worried but hopeful that things would work out and that her parents would understand." He sighed and picked up the necklace to hook it back around his neck.

    Aipom had been at this time playing and dancing with his new friend. He loved to play and make new friends.
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  9. Miel nodded and quickly wrote down his notes in neat cursive. His face showed sympathy as he heard about the disappearance and the sentimental trinket being left behind. He noticed he was drawing something, but wasn't at a particularly good angle to see what it was. He was probably doing it because he was nervous or didn't want to be hit with too much emotion at once. He had some theories floating around, but those could be for later. He wanted to know more about the circumstance surrounding this lady, as it was a part of a case he was told to look into and revive.

    He took a moment from his note taking and peering over his glasses to look at the beautiful man before him before he began asking more questions. He really wanted to pet his soft-looking hair. "Did the police tell you where they found the ring and what state it was in? If not, I'll probably have to ask them myself and get a picture of the scene, as well. Was there anyone in her life besides her family and yourself that she was close with at the time?"

    Kyukori sensed Alex's sadness and walked on over to him, setting her cold, wet nose on his leg and looking up at him with sparkling eyes. Meanwhile, Milo was letting Aipom use him as an ever moving jungle gym, cooing happily.

    • Alex's best friend, Sera, tried telling parents about her sexuality when she was 16.
    • Sera has a little brother and parents.
    • Sera was the type to be sweet and cheery, as well as selfless.
    • She disappeared in 3 days after the talk.
    • A purple ring was left behind. Signified friendship between the two. Left there on purpose as a hint? Dropped in a struggle?
    • A painting about her in Alex's last memory disappeared from secure art gallery.
    • Theory: Someone really likes her and has kidnapped her, or she ran away as most teenagers would in this situation. Her personality doesn't suit this. Maybe someone had told her to run away. I will act like it's the first theory, just in case.
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  10. Alex laid a hand on Kyukori. He started ti gently rub her head. She really was sweet to do this. The notebook that Alex was drawing in was able slide over just enough for Miel to get a good look at the drawing. It was a quick drawing of Miel in his suit. It shown his posture as he sat in the chair and how his eyes seemed to sparkle.

    "Well they said that they could not tell me much. They only released the ring to me because of her brother insisted on it. The ring did need a little repair from minor scratches but nothing that a trip to the jewlers couldn't fix." He looked over to the man across from him. He really was cute. The way the sun seemed to hit his blue hair and eyes. His icey eyes seemed to just light up the room. They made him feel safe.

    Aipom had at this time been climbing and sliding on Milo. He was having a lot of fun. He loved that Milo would let him play like this.
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  11. Kyukori's throat vibrated as she purred and she smiled, showing off a bit of her sharp canines, which were pearly white. Miel took great care in making sure he cleaned his Pokemon, including their mouths. Her tails twitched happily and she sat there, getting pet with a happy and dreamy look on her face. Milo was cooing happily and having fun with the Shiny Aipom. He then used Aqua Ring, releasing a ring of water from his mouth and letting the Aipom play with the ring of healing water.

    Miel, after looking through his notes, took a peek at the drawing he saw. It was of him. It took all of his willpower to keep the blush from creeping up his face. He managed this though, and the ensuing news about the ring helped to ease his steadily unstable emotions. He wrote that the ring's information had to be found out by the police and that it had probably wear and tear on it from being held for four years. He couldn't really think of any other questions, not like having Alex in the same room with him was helping him at all. He sighed and put his notepad and pen away after hooking the pen to his papers, and he stuffed them back in his pocket in his dress coat. He then took off his glasses and set them on the table. A thought had occurred to him.

    What if Alex was the key to the case? He at least had to fill Alex in on what he was doing here.

    He stretched his back a bit, his shoulders were slightly sagged a bit as he was way too comfortable, and yet uncomfortable in Alex's presence. He crossed his fingers together as he set them up on the table and he looked at Alex and tried not to blush as he looked into his eyes. It was pretty much successful, and he was able to tell him what he felt like Alex needed to know.

    "Now, the reason why I came to Kalos, and Lumiose City in particular, was to do a follow-up on a cold case from seven years ago about a missing person's report. The only thing they ever had of the case was a ring that was found and some information from her family and her friends. They weren't able to find any eye witnesses or any of the sort and the case became cold after a few months of nothing else. I came here to see if I could help find Sera and if I could uncover anything else about her disappearance and put the case to rest. Now, you know her better than I do, and I can only guess as to what her behavior would be when derived from her personality that you say. So, I'm going to go to the police station and ask to see their files and ask if it's alright to have you along with me as an investigative partner to help finish the case," Miel had to stop himself a bit after that. Investigative Partner..... Jeez, his poor mind was going to be the death of him.

    He refocused and continued. "We will go through the evidence of what we can find together and we will start with the likeliest of suspects here. I have two theories. Either she got kidnapped, or she ran away, either alone or with someone else. I wouldn't be surprised if it were the latter, but I will be treating this as if she were kidnapped, as it is usually better to treat anything like this as if the worst possible outcome, while still being open to other possibilities. Are you alright with this? It is a lot of information to sift through, so I'll let you think it through." He relaxed again and leaned back in the chair. Now he had taken interest into what Milo and the Aipom were doing and his facial features shifted to a softer and happier one.
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  12. Aipom jumped through the ring of water and splashed it with his tail. He loved that Milo was willing to play.

    Alex looked down at the notebook in front of him. He finally got a glace at what he drew. It was an almost perfect drawing of Miel. He blushed realizing that not only did Miel see the picture but it was of him. He must think Alex is a total creep. He hurriedly put them away. His face was very red. It showed up more on his pale skin.

    "I would love to help you out if you think I could help." He looked up to Miel. Those icey eyes were hard to not look into. Alex patted the white fox pokemon as she purred. He was glad that Miel had pokemon that so well groomed and behaved.
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  13. Miel saw the blush on Alex's face as he looked at his notepad and he put them away. He couldn't help but to find it adorable and he actually didn't mind the fact that he was drawn. After the drawing was put away and heard Alex's answer, he smiled before speaking. "Was there anything else you would like to know? We should probably get going."

    It was then that Kyukori pawed the ground and the room immediately got cold before it returned back to its normal temperature. Miel just simply chuckled. "I guess she's hungry. I would be surprised if my other Pokemon were hungry. It would give them a reason to breathe outside of their confines, as well." He got up and waited for Alex. Milo calmed down a bit after seeing Miel get up and cooed for Aipom that they were leaving the room. Kyukori got up and walked over to the door and waited before opening it again.
  14. Alex looked to the Kyukori and rubbed her head. He then looked to Miel the blush that was on his face just seemed to disappear. He then smiled. His teeth were pearly white and he had a small dimple on his right cheek.

    He had a thought, if he offered to take Miel to his apartment he could feed both him and his pokemon. "Well how about you come over to my apartment. I can fix you something to eat. I also have something made for your pokemon as well."
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  15. Miel watched as the blush disappeared, but that was when he could feel a slight dust of it creep up onto his cheeks. What made it even worse was that Alex offered to take him and his Pokemon to his apartment. What? Shouldn't they wait until-... What was he thinking? They weren't even dating yet, and he has been to plenty of strangers' homes. This was no different, especially when he was offered several times to spend some dinner time with the victims he was helping at the time of their case.

    He just looked at Alex with a stunned look before smiling, his cheeks slowly becoming redder. "Uh..." was all he managed to say before Milo and Kyukori nodded yes enthusiastically, making the decision for Miel. In all honesty, he did want to go, he just wasn't able to get the answer out of his throat. He looked to his Pokemon, the sight of them calming him down some before he returned to Alex, finally spitting out his answer. "Why yes, thank you for your hospitality. You may lead the way."

    Kyukori opened the door and Miel gestured for him to go through first. Milo couldn't help but snicker, which Miel quickly shot him a side glance before he stopped and readjusted his satchel and tie. He felt a little self conscious now. He never loses his cool, and his Pokemon were having a blast watching him suffer a little. He didn't think they were all sadistic in a way. Of course, they do copy their trainer's behavior....
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  16. "You are very welcome." Aipom noticed the change in Alex as he stood up to leave. He had been playing with Milo but he did catch the sight of his trainer blushing at times. He thought it was sweet that his trainer was taking a liking to this man. Before Alex had a chance to stand Aipom was on his shoulder again. He knew that is were he had to be when they traveled somewhere.

    Alex led the way to his penthouse in the heart of Lumiose. They had to pass the large tower gym in the middle of the city to get to the building that houses his home. The building was sleek and very modern. The place looked like it was made from tented windows. The lobby was not very crowded and it seemed like the place was pretty secure. Alex led Miel to the elevators and pressed the up button. He took his keycard from his back pocket and slid it into the card slot. He then placed his hand on the panel beside the door. Alex's face shown up with his room number which jusr said Penthouse suite.

    The ride in the elevator for Alex was very relaxing. He hated going out of his home. Being in his own place just seemed to rejuvenate him. He looked over towards Miel. He could picture himself being with him. Going on dates and just enjoying himself all the more.

    If the blush and stammering were any sign that he may want more with him as well then maybe he could learn to get past his anxiety in big crowds.

    Aipom really like the man that is coming over to their place. He was excited to see that he had accepted his trainers offer.

    The elevator doors opened to a very spacious and colorfull living room. Along back walls was a bifolding door that opens up to a very large swiming pull. Yoga matts were placed around the pool and the fence seemed to be lined with plants and greenery. In the pool a very elegant Kingdra swam gracefully around. It seemed like that is were she prefers to stay.

    Alex decided to fix something in the kitchen and sat at the island counter to serve the meal. He would get out the food he had for his pokemon as well as Miel's.
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  17. Miel walked along beside Alex while Kyukori followed along beside him and Milo returned to his Lure Ball, not wanting to be out and about in the middle of the streets. Miel couldn't help but feel a sweet feeling rising in his stomach. What was this? Was this the butterfly feeling people get when in love? Was he in love? Well, all the symptoms of his heart and stomach fluttering every time he looked over to the lilac-haired man and the creeping feeling of a blush coming on to his cheeks every time those pearly white teeth peek out from underneath his smiling lips and his sparkling eyes entranced him into some kind of a spell were evidence enough. He just shifted his satchel a bit, realizing that he probably was enchanted with the man, but he had a job to do. If this were under better circumstances, he would have asked him out right then and there in the art gallery and began to obviously flirt with him, but he couldn't do that on the job. His strict set of code and morals told him not to.

    Having this stunning man around was going to be hell for poor Miel.

    As they walked on towards Alex's penthouse, Miel could feel that fluttering mess tighten into a knot. He forgot he was following his attraction into his own home. He just took a deep breath and calmed himself down a bit before entering the elevator. Kyukori sat quietly in between the two men, easing Miel a bit. If the Pokemon weren't around, he wouldn't be able to control himself from kissing the man. Why did he feel so uncomfortable, yet comfortable around him? He felt like an oxymoron. When Alex looked over at Miel, he could see a faint pink blush on his cheeks as Miel stared quietly at the floor, lost in thought. A faint smirk could be seen at the corner of his lips, almost as if whatever he was thinking about was amusing him.

    The elevator stopped at the living room and allowed for Miel to leave the growing tension that was causing him problems. He let Alex walk through the doors before he did, taking in the surrounding room. It felt quite cozy in here. He wouldn't mind living here.

    Oh, what was he thinking? He grabbed his satchel and carefully set it on a chair, as well as hanging his dress coat on the corner of the chair he set his satchel down on. He fished for all of his PokeBalls from his satchel and walked towards the bifolding doors. Carefully opening the doors with his pinky, he walked through to bask in the pool area. Man, this place felt so nice. He set his PokeBalls down and walked over to the edge of the pool where he saw the Kingdra. What a fascinating specimen. He also had one, being a Water- and Ice-Type trainer he was. He then got up and released his Pokemon from their confines. Milo the Milotic, a Walrein, a Vaporeon, a Glaceon, a Delibird, and a Lapras all appeared from their confines in brilliant flashes of blue and bordered the edge of the pool. Lapras and and Milotic looked into the pool and both cooed at the Kingdra, asking if it was alright for them enter in.

    Walrein just settled for basking in the sun while the Glaceon and Vaporeon began to play with Kyukori. They bounded about happily, darting in and out of the house and running around the pool as they all played chase.

    Smiling, Miel thought about going in for a dip to relax. But he had to eat first. He returned back in the kitchen and tried his best to make eye contact with Alex.

    "I, uh.... Thank you for letting me in here and feeding me and my family. I would normally ask for specific diet requirements, but they would all really like whatever you give them for a change," he smiled sheepishly before taking a seat at the kitchen island.

    Looking behind him, he could see his Delibird waddling into the kitchen area and flapping up to the counter. Like the gentleman he admired, he waved towards Alex and bowed politely before fixing up his monocle and the chain that was pinned to one of his feathers. Some water had splashed onto his monocle as the Vaporeon was spitting out water. The tail of the Delibird was also twice the size of other Delibird, which meant that the little guy had a bunch of stuff inside his tail already, which was evident as a rubber band was holding it closed.
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  18. Kindra noded hapily as the two wanted to come in water with her. She lived being with nee pokemon and playing new games with them.

    Alex loved that the red and white bird with adjusted his monocle and bowed. Alex giggled a little and bowed right back. Then he took on the task of getting food for all of their pokemon. He took bowls down from the cabinet. He then got out jars labled with names of pokemon species. It seemed that Alex also sold pokemon food for trainers as well as his art. He had a pantry full of food with it all neatly labled.

    "Well I hope this lives up to their standards. I sell some of this to friends to make a little extra money not that I need it but when I first started out in the art world this help a lot. Word got around and now I just make the food in bulk. All of it handmade so please do not worry as it won't ruin their diets. I get that question a lot." He took down jars and scooped food from the respective jars in to the bowls. He made sure to keep their food separate as to now mix them up.
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  19. Milo and the Lapras both slipped into the water. As Milo was twisting and slithering around the water happily, Lapras dipped herself in the water for a second before looking over to the Kingdra, cooing towards her and striking up a quick conversation about each other.

    The Delibird saw Alex bow before him and he chirped happily, not really expecting a polite gesture back. Usually people would just wave or say how cute he was. Smiling, Miel rubbed the bird's head, earning himself a soft chirp as Miel talked with Alex a bit, feeling a bit more at ease. "I feel like Boto has taken a liking to you. And don't ask why he was nicknamed that. He didn't want it changed after my sister gave him the nickname when he was born, but at least he likes it. Anyway, I'm glad you have the knowledge on Pokemon diets. Not a lot of people do and they grab the store bought brands, not expecting that there really isn't a whole lot of nutritional value in them besides the usual carbs and sodium. You need any help to prepare anything or are you good?"

    Hearing the sound of the food hitting the bowls, Glaceon, Vaporeon, and Kyukori all stopped their game and ran inside. They sat at attention behind Miel, waiting patiently for the food. With the confused glances they were giving at the food, it seemed like they weren't used to this kind of food. Miel just chuckled as their ears shifted in a confused look in unison.

    "Well, they are used to hunting for their own meals, so the fact they are being fed with pre-made food in a bowl is like a treat for them. And yes, some of the more carnivorous ones I have do eat wild Pokemon. They usually aren't that gluttonous, except for the Feraligatr I have. Goodness, she could eat just about anything and everything we threw at her. It's like her stomach was a bottomless pit. I'm kind of glad she's back at home so my siblings could struggle with feeding her," a sly smile could be seen as he chuckled a little. It seemed like him and his siblings had a healthy relationship of good ol' sibling love and rivalry.
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  20. "Well mine tend to love this more then when they hunt. Though they probably do not get as much time doing it as yours." Alex smiled at the Delibird and then turned holding the bowls for each pokemon three on each arm. He had them perectly balanced. He walked behind Miel to his pokemon and set the bowls down in front of the right pokemon. Each pokemon had their own food. It was suited for their species.

    "I don't really need that much help with the premade food for the pokemon. If you would like you could help me with preparing our food." Aipom at this timw was in the living room where he had a kind of gym set up wo where he could play.

    "Why don't you tell me somethings you like and I can see what I can come up with. You know you could try and supplement the raw food with high calorie pokefood as a kind of side dish. It might help."
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  21. Miel couldn't help but watch Alex work. He seemed quite cute accomplishing his tasks. He always could admire hard work, as well as great balance. At the offer to help prepare their own food, he stretched his legs as he got off of the chair and stretched his back a little. Boto chirped and flapped down to the ground and stood beside Kyukori, ready for his bowl of food. Walrein, Milo, and Lapras looked over as the waft of food was beckoning them. The salty smell of the seaweed was beckoning for Lapras to come and eat and Lapras and Milo both waited at the edge of the pool for their food, while Walrein just perked his head up and waved at Alex happily.

    "Well, I like just about any kind of food. Not really picky just as long as it's not spicy or too salty. Although, I do prefer sweet and savory. And yes, high calorie Pokefood sound great. I think we do use them for some of our Pokemon, but for some reason Feraligatr just refuses to eat the Pokefood. I think it's a texture thing for her," he shrugged his shoulders before continuing. "She normally just roams around freely north of the mountain range of Kanto so as to not disturb trainers and their Pokemon, unless they wander too far north. We haven't had a problem since we did that, but it would be safer if she had liked the Pokefood we tried giving her."

    Miel was about to start rummaging around before he realized this wasn't his house and he didn't want to be seen as snoopy. He looked over at Alex and asked, "Where is the food? I don't want to make myself seem rude by snooping around for food." It seemed like his demeanor was starting to go back to normal and he was regaining his confidence. Although, it could just be that Alex wasn't nearby at this moment.
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  22. "Well have you tried grinding up the drier pokefood and using it as a more of seasoning on top of the meat. It could help to blance everything out. Also since she is a water type why not try rehighdrating the dry food. I could help witb the texture more then anything given she is a water type." Alex walked back over to where Miel was and saw him about to start going through everything.

    "Make yourself at home don't feel like you have to hold back here. The fresh herbs are out on the balcony and the other ingredients are in the fridge and pantry." He walked over to the stainless steel fridge and took out a two steaks. They had already been marinated and will be ready to cook when they get the veggies done.

    "How about a steak while we take care of the veggies which will take about thirty minutes to perpare these will be at the perfect temp to cook."
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  23. He thought for a moment and remembered his mother tried that technique. The thought that came afterwards was a kind of funny story as he remembered how she mimed his Feraligatr eating the food with caution before attempting to drain the lake next to her as the granules of Pokefood affected her.

    "Well... We tried that. Apparently, her tongue is so sensitive to the dry texture that she immediately began to drain the lake next to her, as it dried up her tongue, even though the Pokefood was actually a little moist. Of course, I never tried that personally, my mother did when she heard Feraligatr refused to eat the Pokefood."

    Looking over, he heard what Alex said and watched him as she grabbed some prepared steak from the fridge. Was he expecting company? He set that thought aside and thanked him before nodding at the offer of food. He could hear his Pokemon mumbling happily as they eat their food, and Lapras cooing and splashing loudly in delight as she ate her seaweed. Chuckling at the noises he was hearing from his Lapras, he went to the pantry and grabbed some extra seasoning for the steak to give it a bit of sweet savoriness he liked. It was on the lower shelf, and being his tall self, he had to squat down to grab it before coming up and slamming his forehead on the next shelf up. His Pokemon stopped their eating and stared in the direction of the loud thud before slowly going back to their food, a little worried for their trainer. Boto even chirped in a worried tone before Miel stood straight up after rubbing his forehead a bit before smiling at his Delibird. "I'm quite alright, a shelf just jumped out and bit me."

    Delibird gave the large man a look that a parent would give to a careless child before going back to eating his food. Miel just blushed a bit red, matching the shade of red that was on his forehead from the slam.
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  24. "Hmm i will have to see what I can do with the food for her then. It might be that she would like a prepared wet vriaty. I will have to think more on it." He took out the veggies and started to slice and dice them. He took out a baking sheet and placed the veggies there. Alex saw the look of confusion on Miel's face as he took out the steak. "You see I always prepare more food then needed. My mother always tells me to have something on hand in case a quest comes over unexpectedly. Besides if no one else showed up I would let one of my pokemon have whats left. That or I would have it tomorrow." With that he took the baking sheet and put it into the oven that he had preheated. "We will start cooking the steaks when these get closer to time to be ready."
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  25. Miel rubbed his forehead some more to subside the slight pain (and also to ebb away the slight embarrassment) as he watched Alex move around the kitchen so swiftly. Getting an explanation for the extra food, he nodded and thought that it was pretty smart. "Well, that's pretty smart. Usually, my mom makes a lot of food but before we can save any for leftovers, my brothers end up eating the rest of the food in the form of seconds. So I never understood leftovers until I was a little older and made my own food. Although, I feel like my mom tries desperately to make enough food for all of us to last us a couple of days. Doesn't usually happen," he added while chuckling.

    He nodded about the plan of action before doing something else incredibly stupid and clumsy. He normally wasn't this bad, but good grief, was the young man giving him so much trouble to function like a normal human being. He was just about to turn and walk around the kitchen island to see how his Pokemon was doing when he slammed his hip into the corner of the kitchen island. He held it immediately and winced and grunted in pain before regaining his composure and quickly brushing it off like it was nothing, even though it was now throbbing in pain.

    Boto was staring at him with both concern and almost disappointment as he began judging his trainer a bit. He could tell that the man was obviously lovestruck, but Boto was hoping this doesn't affect his capability in the case.

    Miel, seeing his Pokemon were fine and happy, turned back around and struck up another conversation with Alex. "So, when you aren't out there, what do you do here?

    Oh no, this makes it sound like he's interested in the man, not for the case. Miel just mentally slapped himself for saying such a weird question. What was up with him today? Was this all from one man and his attraction towards him? Jeez. Boto quietly pinched the bridge of his beak with his wing before finishing his food, as he noticed how weird that must have sounded from his trainer and he thought to himself that his trainer was becoming like a teenager in high school. Then again, even though he was never alive during that time of his high school experience, the Walrein outside has talked about it offhandedly before about how he was extremely bookish and didn't really make many friends in his high school life and just stayed with his siblings the entire time. Well, that would suit his awkward question now, it was that bad.
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  26. Alex walked to the cabinet and got out a ziploc bag. He filled it half way with ice and filled the rest with water from the sink. He then took a towel from the closet where he keeps them for easy access. He wrapped the ice pack up and handed it to the blue haired man. "Here this might help with the brusing that might accour. The water is to help it lay against the skin better. That way it is not rigid like some other ice packs. To answer your question I spend most of my time in my studio. If you would like I can show you some the works in progress I am working on for an upcoming show."
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  27. After feeling the dull throbbing ache slightly ebb away, he noticed Alex was grabbing him an ice pack for him. Smiling yet blushing due to embarrassment from hurting himself. he thanked Alex before applying the ice pack to his hip. This made him look like some kind of diva now that his hand was stuck to his hip holding the ice pack in place. He could hear the concerned looks from his Pokemon from behind him, which only served to worsen his thoughts at the moment. But it all seemed to calm down when Alex began talking. He thought this was strange as the only people in his life that ever talked to him and unintentionally calmed him down through their voices were his family.

    This also made him realize he had forgotten to take his anxiety medication. Even though he really didn't need it, it helped with warding off the anxiety and the thoughts that accompany it. He decided to wait off on that first, as he can't take the medication on an empty stomach.

    When Alex offered to show him his ongoing works, Miel smiled sweetly, his blush now practically gone. "Why, sure, I'd love to see them."

    From hearing about the paintings, Boto finished up his food and sneaked on over to Miel's satchel. After climbing up the chair, he opened it up and pulled out a notebook quietly, which had all of Miel's drawings and such. Having a mischievous smile appear on his penguin face, he took the notebook and hid it underneath the chair, so he could better show Alex when the two lovebirds came back.
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  28. Alex showed Miel to the room he used as his studio. It was very well lit and spacious. He had the room set up in a very clean way. Along one wall was made of glass. It showed the city in all it's glory. There were canvases lined along the wall. He had someone come in and install a sink for washing brushes and just ease of access. He showed a picture that he was currently working on. It was a picture of his best friend in a field. There were pokemon all around her. She seemed to glow. All the focus was on the blond girl in the picture. It seemed to be what he thought she would look like now. "Well this is my studio. I tend to store my paintings on the walls and against them for when they are needed to be sent to the gallery."
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  29. As Miel followed Alex where his studio was, he gave a huge smile as he took in everything he saw. He could almost tell the inner workings of the man he was with now that he was in the same space where his thoughts roam. The painting that was currently being worked on made him realize that Alex was really worried for Sera. He admired the brush strokes he can kind of see when he got closer at the painting and then looked out at the wonderful city before them. Being up here and above everything makes everything seem so small and insignificant, but it's that same viewpoint that allows people to move on in their life when it seems like their problems get so big. He looked back at the painting and was curious at the meadow that she was portrayed in again. Interested, he asked Alex, still looking at the painting. "I keep seeing this same field as the backdrop of your paintins with Sera. Is there any significance to it?"

    Once again, his mind was working again as a detective's should when they are welcomed in someone else's house and they are trying to solve a case. If Alex looked closely at Miel, he could see the gears turning in his head and his eyes making sure to cling to every detail he saw.

    Meanwhile, once Miel and Alex had left for the studio, Boto had pulled out Miel's drawing book and carried it over to the studio room. He set it down on a table near them, but Miel didn't so much as move as he was busy thinking, his body still as a statue as he poured over the possible places it could be if the backdrop did matter this much.

    He then remembered he had to contact the police in this sector and request details on the case. He calmed down a bit and rolled his shoulders to relax them before crossing his arms in thought.
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  30. Alex smiled when he was asked about the medow. "Well that is the place that we used to go to just be ourselves. We used to be so caught up in our lives and expectations that we just had to get away from it all. We used to spend a lot of time there just relaxing and being ourselves. Sera was always saying how she wanted to get away and be herself she hated being at home. She was only able to let her guard down in that medow." Alex watched as the blue walrus pokemon brought in a book. Alex walked over and thumbed through it. It was full of drawings.
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  31. (OOC: Boto is the Delibird by the way. XD Walrein has a different name.)

    Miel nodded and smiled, as that reminded him of when he and his siblings would run off to some secluded part of a forest or something similar during or after school, so they could better get away from the life of being a student and be themselves. It was good to run away every now and then and regain what was needed for the day. Without taking his eyes off the painting, he asked another question: "Where is this meadow located?"

    As Alex sifted through the drawings, he could see that they were pretty decently drawn with some minor shading here and there and no color, as it was probably easier for Miel not having to worry about carrying colored pencils with him on his job. A lot of them were his Pokemon playing or performing moves in a contest that he participated in, and another was a battle he had with his Walrein up against his brother's Charizard, both of which shot forth their attack of choice and the drawing showed the collision causing lots of steam, as a Flamethrower and Ice Beam were being used. The earliest drawing was dated to be made ten years ago, while the most recent drawing was close to the end of the sketchbook. It seemed like his skill with drawing had gotten better over the years, and some erased pencil strokes could be seen on some of the earlier made drawings as he was just starting to learn his style.

    Then there was a family drawing he drew that had him with all six of his siblings and his parents, all smiling towards the viewer and enjoying themselves. Names of who they were and their birthdates were written above or below them, if there was space. The flaming haired man wearing rugged clothes and with a more muscular look about him was Pyroshu, then there was Mielshtrix, then there was a spiky haired man named Strorgos, who was wearing what looked to be a gym outfit and had bigger looking muscles than Pyros. These men were all the same height and their birthdates matched. Another birthdate matched, and it was their sister, Shadara, who had short hair down to her shoulders and wore a lab coat with an Alolan Raichu held in her arms. She was positioned as a shorter person between Pyros and Miel, and then there were three others to the left of Shade. In this order, there was Catrina with longer hair and wore a simple shirt and skirt with floral designs. She was shorter than everyone in the family and looked to be quite stout. Then, there was Lorenza, a taller lady with even longer hair who looked incredibly skinny and wore a dress. She was still dwarfed by her other brothers, however. Below them showed their name and their birthdates, which showed to be the same as each other and were 9 months after the quadruplets were born. Then there was the baby of the family, Poitoxi, who was wearing a kimono with his short hair up in a bun and he was almost as tall as his other brothers, just shy by a couple of inches. His birthdate was 9 months before the twins, making him 18 months younger than Miel.

    As for the parents, an older lady who seemed quite well for her age stood on the left of the group. She had a very motherly look and wore an apron over a shirt and skirt and still had the enthusiastic vitality as she posed with her fingers in a V formation with a wonderful smile. Above her was her name, Lyria, and her birthdate as well, making her close to 60 years old now. She was dwarfed by her boys by a couple of inches and, next to her on her other side, was her Gardevoir, who was just as old as she was due to them having the same birthdate. On the other side of the family was their father, named Daskar and he was slightly older than Lyria. He was a taller man with an extremely intimidating, fatherly look, but his eyes even conveyed kindness and love towards the viewer as he wrapped his arm around a portion of his family that he could reach, his width matching two normal people. Next to him was his Pokemon, a Bastiodon that had the same birthdate as Daskar and was situated slightly in front of him and staring at the viewer with a wise look.

    Between the parents and above the siblings, a Gengar could be seen waving at the viewer with a mischievous smile. His name was Gar and his birthdate was recorded as being older than both Daskar and Lyria, making the Gengar practically the guardian of the family for ages. The other Pokemon in the drawing looked like they were trying their best to fit. A large Charizard that could dwarf everyone if she stood up tall was behind Pyros and smiled warmly and with a motherly look at the viewer. Her name was Zarda. A familiar Walrein could be seen behind Miel as he stood up as tall as he could and waved at the viewer, his name being Todo. Behind Stror was a Lucario, who had to jump and he playfully waved at the viewer. Her name was Lyka. The Alolan Raichu cradled in Shade's arms was named Chu. Zarda, Todo, Lyka, and Chu all had the same birthdate as the siblings. Then there was a very large Torterra that could be seen in the background and the head could be seen poking in between Miel and Stror. Her name was Terra. On top of Terra was a Togekiss by the name of Juby. Terra and Juby had the same birthdate as the twins. Then, Poito's Pokemon was a Drapion, who could be seen next to him waving at the viewer. This Drapion had the same birthdate as Poito and his name was Skori.

    This particular drawing was dated literally a week before Miel's arrival in Lumiose City, making this a very recent drawing. A picture on the other side of the paper could be seen as it was taped there. It was the picture of his family in full color, and it was a smaller picture compared to the full size drawing that covered up the entire page on the other side. This picture was taken a week before the drawing was made. Pyros had flaming red hair with royal blue roots, Stror's hair was yellow with steely grey tips and brick red roots, Shade's hair was pale purple with pink tips and black roots, Catrina's hair was light brown with green tips and dark brown roots, Lorenza's hair was silver with sky blue tips and light pink roots, Poito's hair was purple with olive green tips, Lyria's hair was pink with light pink tips, and Daskar's hair was black with some greying hairs here and there. Catrina's skin color was also quite dark compared to everyone else in the photo, while the palest people there were Shade and Lorenza. Their eyes could also be seen as their eyes matched the color shown in their hair. The kids of the family all had necklaces with charms specific to their types. All of them had three charms for each type that they were proficient in, with Pyros, Miel, and Poito having six charms each, and Stror, Shade, Catrina, and Lorenza having nine charms each.

    If the background could be seen in the 5x5 inch picture, Alex could see a large house with some more farm Pokemon with trees and a mountain range behind the house. The caption next to the date in the border read "Darastrix Ranch; North of Mt. Moon".
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  32. Alex smiled as he saw the last drawing. It was actually pretty good. He took a mental image of it. It would make a great painting. Maybe he could make it for Miel's family. He would be glad to do it for him. He looked to Miel with an awed expression. It seemed as if this guy was more then just a detective. He hoped one day that they would be more then that. Alex turned back to the drawings and studied them more. "You know Miel these are actually pretty good. I especially love this one that you done a week ago. It really shows the love your family has for one another. Not many have that."
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  33. Miel was lost in thought for a second before realizing Alex was silent for a bit. Looking over, he saw him looking through his drawings and a large red blush blew up on his cheeks. He began to get fidgety with his fingers before he calmed down and heard Alex compliment him. Instead of the anxiety on his red cheeks, it turned into embarrassment. Boto could be heard chuckling to himself before leaving to be with the other Pokemon. Miel heard that and muttered "damn bird" before replying to Alex.

    "W-W-... Why, thank you. It's just a hobby of mine, I'm not as good as you are. During that time, I was on an airplane to get here and I ended up drawing them on the ride here. That's my entire family portrait. Of course, we have way more Pokemon, but those are the ones that we are the closest to," he found himself looking down with a sweet, yet embarrassed smile on his face before he took a deep breath and repeated his question from before. "Uh, before I forget, where is this meadow located? In your painting? Maybe there may be a clue there."

    A part of him wants him to take the notebook away, but he knew that was going to be rude and he wasn't 10 anymore. He just waited patiently for Alex to get done using it before he would grab it. But he couldn't help but feel relieved that his drawings were actually pretty good, especially in the eyes of an artist, which made him feel better about his confidence in drawing.
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  34. "Well you are very welcome. I love to see others work. Yours is some of the best I have seen in a long time. You can tell how much your family cares for one another." Alex loved the drawing and hoped to paint it for him later on. It would make a great thank you gift for his hard work on the case.

    "The meadow is just outside of the city. I will be glad to show you it anytime. Especially if you think it would help in finding Sera." Alex turned towards Miel. He looked at him in his blue suit. He looked good. The light hit Miel just right and made his icey blue eyes shine. Alex would have loved to paint Miel in this lighting.
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  35. As if he knew something was "wrong", Todo the Walrein came up and looked between Miel and Alex and looked at Miel again, wondering why his face was so red. Miel looked over at his Pokemon and chuckled. "I'm fine, Todo."

    Todo just gave a huff of denial and slid away. Miel couldn't help but laugh at the comical action taken by his Pokemon, his boomy voice, being mostly bass, reverberated around the room quite nicely as he almost doubled over in hilarity. After a minute of slowly turning his full-on laugh to a chuckle, he apologized, the redness in his cheeks not going anywhere. "I'm sorry about that, Todo treats me as if I can't take care of myself and doesn't know if this situation is something to protect me from. I do understand where he's coming from. I do have panic attacks and clinical anxiety that I have to take valium for, so he's rightfully concerned about my emotional state. But thank you."

    He looked over at Alex and smiled sweetly, his blush still emanating from his cheeks. A thought erupted in his mind and he looked out where the kitchen would be in relation to the room he's in. "Ahh, should we check on the oven?"
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  36. "Do not worry big guy. I won't do anything that would bring harm to your partner. He is too great if a guy to do that." Alex bowed towards the blue walrus pokemon. He wanted to show respect towards him.

    At Miel exclaim to check the oven, Alex turned towards Miel and said. "Yeah the veggies should be about done then we can cook the steaks while they are cooling off."
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  37. The Walrein didn't do anything when Alex began speaking with him. Whether he actually heard him or not, it just seemed like Todo didn't really care, just as long as Miel's mental health was okay. He traveled back to the pond, where he slid in the waters and began to swim about almost as majestically as a walrus Pokemon could achieve.

    Miel nodded and headed over to the kitchen, where he took the veggies out of the oven and placed the steaks in the oven with the help of an oven mitt to keep his hand from being burned. He could feel the hot air hit him in the face and he just smirked. It was a bit too hot for him, but he didn't mind it too much. "Huh, getting a facial now? Interesting."

    Now that it was going to take quite a few minutes for the meat to cook all the way, while still making it rare, he thought about taking a dip... But he was still technically on duty, right? His thoughts conflicted with what he wanted to do and then he just decided to opt for painting something, as he was starting to get that itch again. That itch to be creative over swimming, which was something that didn't happen too often. He guessed that Alex's presence must have something to do with that.

    "Alex, is it alright if I start painting a canvas? I have an itch I need to take care of," and indeed he had one, as his fingers were fidgeting.
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  38. Alex was not bothered by how the blue walrus acted. He knew some pokemon acted like that, he would not hold it against them. He watched as Miel took the veggies out of the oven and put the steaks in. "Of course you can paint. You can use whatever you like. You can take a pallet and some brushes in here and paint on the counter. I do that sometimes when the mood strikes. Actually I think I will join you. I want to start a new painting as well. Come on I will show you the storage closet where the some of the paints are kept." Alex showed Miel where he kept the paints. They were organized very neatly and seperated by color and brand. There was pretty much every shade of color imaginable. The storage closet is like a large walk in wardrobe. On one side it was filled with paints. On the other side there were other types of art mediums.
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  39. Miel raised an eyebrow at the offer to paint on the counter. He would rather paint on the canvas, but the counter was close enough to a canvas anyway, and he didn't want to be seen as difficult. He followed Alex to the storage closet and he had to keep a conscious control over his jaw to keep it from dropping. His eyes widened at all the colors, all neatly laid out and everything. He smiled. Of course, Alex would have an impressive display of colors.

    He thought about the colors he wanted, something that matched his mood. He chose a pastel pink, a pastel blue, a darker blue, a reddish-pink, grey, and a green and purple for some highlights. All paints he chose were oil-based, as he has had some infuriating experiences with water-color paints when it came to blending. He found several brushes, ranging from large to fine. Now that he was done, he felt like he had to ask, just in case, about the counter thing.

    "When you say you paint on the counter, do you mean you use the counter as a canvas or do you put a canvas on the counter? I'm assuming you mean the former, but I just want to make sure," it seemed he was a little hesitant in his tone, whether it was because he didn't want to seem as if Alex was weird for a quirk he has or because he was more concerned about paint getting near the food. Maybe both.
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  40. "Well I ment painting on a canvas at the counter, I will have to try painting on the countertop later that sounds like fun. The canvasses are in the cabinet behind you. They have already been prepared. Maybe you can come back sometime and we can work on something that would look nice with the rest of the kitchen if we do go that route." Alex garb a few different paints. They seemed to be a odd assortment of colors. Though they would all work really well together.
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