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Open The Demons Among Us!

Discussion in 'Pokémon Role Play' started by Mrs.Serene222, Mar 12, 2016.

  1. The night was silent and the air was bitter cold. In the alley way the Pokemon shivered and cringed in fear. They were afraid of something they could not see. They would hear things but not know what is there. Small footsteps walked down a rainy street, all alone.
    Fur drenched and with many exhausting gasps for air, Satoshi inspected Goldenrod city. These Pokemon didn't know what was in for them. The shadows of the night mocked the playful cheering of children. They would reveal themselves soon, but who would stop them? Something is the source of this evil, and it is for a group of Pokemon to find that out.
    Satoshi left the city and made his way to the park. There the Buizel saw shining in the bushes. As he pulled away the leaves, it revealed a <insert NON unapproved mega stone plot device here, please>, a clue. The Buizel looked around to make sure no one saw, he then stuffed the stone into his backpack.

    Admin edit: Past tense, please, not present tense. Also no one approved the presence of mega-evolved Pokemon in this RP.
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  2. The rain poured on his head, still being tied to the bench. His trainer told him to stay put, and he'd be back. Any second now... Oh, who was he kidding? He wanted a Jolteon, not a Flareon. And for his incompetence, the trainer had the gall to tie him to the bench. It didn't help he became very disobdient lately: mostly out of spite. The trainer had been giving him the cold shoulder, and now he wanted attention. His plan completely backfired, as it lead to him being tied to a bench. Nothing was even in the park, sans a buizel. Say, those were rare around these parts, weren't they? He attempted to pull off his rope, to no avail. Annoyed, he began to shout. "Hey! Over here!" He could only hope he heard his cries, especially with the downpour around them.
  3. The Shiny Vulpix looked around sadly as she tugged on the metal chains that was tied to her collar. The sturdy tree tipped slightly as Nuri pulled it, her claws digging into the ground. Nuri collapsed and panted. Just then, she heared screams, coming from that Flareon?
    Nuri realised his situation and sent a Ember in the tree, sparking a leaf that as dry. The tree trunk burned and thinned, making it easy for Nuri to pull. The chains snapped as she forced a jump
    Her Navy scarf stuck to her neck as she made her way to the Flareon. "H-Hello there..." Nuri said as she glanced at the rope. Nuri let off a Flamethrower, burning the rope and the bench int the process. "Oops..." Nuri said and laughed as she saw the remainder of the benches ashes. Nuri turned to the Flareon "What's your name? Mine is Nuri" The Shiny Vulpix said and frowned as the rain turned a but more harder, stinging her fragile back.
  4. Satoshi walked through the park. He made sure no one was in harm. He then came across a Vulpix and a Flareon. "Hey," He said with silent monotone. "It isn't safe out here aymore," He said to the Pokemon. "You two best leave to find shelter, or come with me..." He said, motioning them to follow. He walked slowly off towards Goldenrod.
  5. The Flareon gasped in wild amazement. How did this Vulpix manage a huge flame in a downpour like this? Either way, the rope was off, meaning he was free. "Nuri? I'm, uh, Spark. Spark's the name." Then, the Buizel that he called originally, had walked over. "Uh, okay?" Spark said, as he followed the strange Buizel. Why did he have a backpack? Those things are for humans. And now he said they were in danger? Was he a complete lunatic, or was he being earnest? Either way, wherever he went was better than the wet paved park. "So, uh, why are you out at an hour like this? Why are we in danger?"
  6. Satoshi took a few steps when the Flareon asked how they were in danger. He turned to look at him. "You may want to be quiet. I'll give you more details when we get into a safer area. For now, all I can say is there has been an outbreak, and I'm here to make sure Pokemon are safe. You can trust me, I-"
    "You!" A voice shouted. "You are fighting against master!" A Scythar came out of the tall grass. His scythes slashed at the Flareon and Vulpix. Satoshi quickly jumped in front of them but with no time to counter the attack, he was slashed off to the side. The bug Pokemon then continued, raising his claws, ready to slash the Vulpix ad Flareon.
    (OOC: I know I didn't mention this before, but you don't have a limit on the number of moves you can learn!)
  7. (Ok!)

    Nuri growled and launched herself at the Scythar, and bit it hard with fire fang. Nuri jumped on its shoulder and used flamethrower, right on the side of its face. "Take that you big meanie!" Nuri said and jumped in front of the Buizel. "You want them? Well you have to get through me first!" Nuri shouted at the Scythar.
  8. "Correction. You have to get through us!" Spark yelled out. He shot out a swift attack, and without checking that the swift connected, leaped at one of the Scyther's scythes. His mouth bursting with flames. If one of his scythes goes down, he'll be much easier to defeat. He thought to himself. But where did this Scyther come from? Who is his master?
  9. Nuri launched at the other Scythe mouth also full of fire. Nuri's eyes blazed as her back stung as she something cold against her teeth. Nuri started to shake her head left and right.
  10. The Scyther backed away from the Vulpix as it but him. He tried shaking her off but to no avail. He was hit by a ball of flames from the Flareon and was greatly injured. He started to regret attacking the fire type Pokemon. He fell to the ground, panting. His eyes then bacame pure black. He shot the two Pokemon back with a force of mysterious energy. He charged at the Vulpix, using pursuit. Satoshi was quick to charge up behind the bug type with aqua jet. The Scyther was knocked down. "Hurry! Finish him!" Satoshi heaved for a breath of air as his energy depleted.
  11. The Flareon's tail shined a silver color as he prepared an attack he never really got the hang of. Iron tail. Spark's trainer had taught him how to use it pretty badly. As a result it almost always threw him off his balance and often missed. Scyther, however, was a big target. And it was knocked down at the moment, meaning it would not be able to dodge, at least effectively. Iron tail was stronger than incinerate or swift anyways, so what did he have to lose? The Vulpix could back him up too. He launched into the air, and started flying down at the Scyther.
  12. The Scyther's head was smashed in by an iron tail. His eyes went back to normal and his breathing stopped. He lied on the ground lifeless. An orb of black fire rose from his dead body and fled before anyone had the chance to catch it. "Damn!" Satoshi snarled. "It got away..." He said. He looked down at the lifeless Scyther. "Rest in peace buddy... you're free now..." Satoshi said. He walked over to a pile of bushes and picked a bundle of flowers. He lied them down next to the decease Pokemon. "There is really nothing we can do to help the infected... But as long as we can find the source of this... we have a chace to stop it," Satoshi muttered to himself. "You two... You really need to find shelter. This infection or... whatever it is... it's spreading fast," He said. He walked towards goldenrod again. "C'mon... I have a small shelter in an alley way in Goldenrod. We should be safer there until I can find out more about this problem..."
  13. "What the hell was that though? Was it even a scyther?" Spark was just confused. Either way, unless he wanted to go back to his trainer, who'd probably throw him out again, he had no choice but to follow the Buizel it seemed. "I'll go with you, but one question: who ARE you?"
  14. Satoshi looked at the Flareon. He paused for a moment. He had a look of embarrassment painted on his face. "Excuse me! My name is Satoshi Serene. I am a part of the Serene clan, a group of Pokemon who vow to help other Pokemon in trouble! As for that Scyther... Well... he was just unlucky..." Satoshi said. He led the way ito Goldenrod City. He entered an ally way (assuming you all followed him) I the alley way there was a small fort made of blankets and twigs. Inside was a collection of junk. There were feathers and stones and various items scattered around. "These are for my reasearch..." Satoshi said. "These items came from Pokemon that were infected, or have been attacked by the infected..." Satoshi sighed. "I just can't find out any clear evidence of who is behind this..."
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  15. ((OOC: *cough* the mods left a message on your first post.))
    "This random junk? Whatever you say, I guess." Said Spark. "Also, are you sure this secure, and...Gah, I just have hundreds of questions!" He sighed. " Let's just cut to the chase. I'm Spark. Pleasure to meet you. My trainer dumped me in the park. The Vulpix back there burned off my rope. Say, where is that Vulpix..err, Nuri?"
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  16. (OOC: Oh, didn't see that! I'll go PM a mod then I will post again)
  17. The Teddiursa watched from the fence of the Daycare center, an eyebrow raised. He was hanging by his tiny paws, his head barely above the top. He turned to a nearby Miltank.
    "Psst. Yo, Udders. Did you see that?" he asked. The Miltank shrugged, chewing her cud. "That Scyther was going nutso! Like, full-on wacko. I've seen Spinda's who looked more sane that that guy. Somethin's up... Udders, you and I are bustin' outta here. Tonight."
    "Ted, you aren't even supposed to be in here to begin with. You're a wild Pokemon," chimed in a nearby Pidgeotto. Ted turned to him, pointing a small paw at his beak.
    "Did I ask you, Feathers? No. I did not," he hopped down to the ground, tripping and falling on his behind in the process. He got up quickly, rubbing his rump. "Yo, nobody saw that, capiche?" The Pokemon all mumbled half-hearted agreements until Ted nodded, seemingly satisfied. With that, he squeezed his head through the white picket fence... Only his head. He got stuck halfway through. After struggling for a few moments, he sighed.
    "Yo! Pals! Can I get some help over here?" he called to the group of Pokemon heading towards Goldenrod.
  18. Nuri giggled "Im right her!" She said as she crawled under Sparks body and stood beside Satoshi. Nuri looked at Satoshi " I found this while I was trying to escape from the tree, it fell on my head and I just put it away incase I needed it" Nuri said and pushed a black fire stone towards Satoshi.
  19. "Oh c'mon! You're not just gonna ignore me?" He struggled some more, but to no avail. "Hey, ah.. um.. I can tell you what happened to that Scyther! Yeah! If you help me, I'll help you. Ya know, scratch each others backs!" He gave them a pair of big round Teddiursa eyes.
  20. Nuri looked at the Teddiursa "What happend there?" She asked and used swift, breaking the bars around the Teddiursa. Nur slowly pulled him out. "So, What's your name? I'm Nuri!" She said as she walked back to Satoshi.
  21. "Names Ted. Good to meet me I'm sure. So... what's a fire Pokémon like you doin out here Foxface? It's rainin'" Ted got to hi feet, brushing off his fur.
  22. Nuri growled "This FoxFace got a name you know" Nuri's aid as she hid under Spark. "Thinks he's cool" Nuri whispered as she closed her eyes.
  23. Ted held up a paw. "Hey, hey, I don't mean any disrespect... Anyway, thanks for that. Where are you folks headed?"
  24. "No where for now..." Satoshi told the Tediursa. Ugh! A Teddiursa! All of them... they're so devious and disrespectful... Better watch my back... Satoshi thought. "My name is Satoshi..." He said. Satoshi then held the fire stone. "I'm... or we.... are investigating a serious outbreak... Pokemon are going crazed..." Satoshi said. He took off his backpack and placed it on the ground. From it he pulled out a map of Jhoto. "If any of you are wondering where I've got these human things... I stole them..." He admitted. "Those humans sure do know how to make life a little easier!" He laughed. He the examined the map. "I was told the outbreak started in Kanto... That's where I was going to try to get to... This map shows a forest called..." Satoshi squinted at the words. "I... I le... What the heck is that crossed letter? I can't read the name but it is a forest! Then we are going to go through a town... and a few other routs... Then we can enter uh... New Bark Town... Strange name... And we will build a raft and sail over a small to Kanto!" He smiled. He looked at the group. "You don't have to come if you don't want... But it'd be better than staying here..." Satoshi said.
  25. "I'd rather not get tied to another bench by my scumbag trainer, so i'd prefer to go with you. Maybe we could pick up a water type though, to ferry us. But if we can't, a raft will work just fine." He peered at the map. "But that is a good while away. We should go sooner rather than later."
  26. "True...l Satoshi said. "If we do build a raft, I can get in the water and be a motor. I just can't carry everyone on my back," he said. "We'd better be leaving," Satoshi walked to the entrance of Ilex forest. It was dark and gloom. The rain made the appearance even more sullen. Satoshi sighed. He entered. He took a few steps and was blocked by numerous trees that fell in front of him. A group of bug Pokemon surrounded Satoshi and his followers. They all had black ooze dripping from their mouth. They shot string shots and poison stings at the group.
  27. Nuri gasped and used Ember on the string shots and poison strings. Nuri jumped in the air and used flamethrower, one by one on each bug type. "Take that!" Nuri screamed as she landed on the ground.
  28. Ted hung back, crouching behind a tree as the others fought off the bug Pokemon. Occasionally he would glance at the battle.
  29. Nuri slaughtered many of the bug type Pokemon. Satoshi used aqua jet and smashed many of the Pokemon at once. He also used swift. There were now only a few bugs left.
  30. "Oh, wow. I just got lost there, huh?" Stated Spark. The black eyed things had returned, the 'infection' sure like bug types. Or stopping Satoshi and co.. One or the other. "Eat stars, bugs!" Yelled spark as he shot out out a rapid fire swift.
  31. Sark seared the last of the bug types. Satoshi took a long hard look at the trees. He pulled out his map. He looked back and forth from his map to the trees. He sighed. "I'm not risking going through there... We're taking the long way around..." Satoshi sighed. There Is a boat that leaves for kanto... we could sneak into it... these trees won't budge... and if we dare to sear them the whole forest and potentially a city of town will burn down... it's no matter though, is it?" Satoshi looked over at Nuri and Spark.
  32. "yup! I was tied up for almost two weeks! I need exersize!" Nuti said as she licked her bleeding paw. Nuri winced her and their as she started to limp around the group.

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