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Private/Closed The Defenders 1

Discussion in 'General Role Play' started by MihajloJedi, Oct 8, 2019.

  1. Mentiras nodded "and I am grateful for that" he shook his employees hand, the flash and paper happening the same as before, he looked at Bam "Thank you Bam, now please take Nix and Mrs Black into my office while I finish with the rest"
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  2. Chris watched as Micheal left, "What an asshole," he chuckled some more. He sighed as the realization hit him, "You know I really don't care... but do any of you hate killing people... -cause I won't do it if you don't want me to."

    Frostbite took Mentiras' hand and shook it her hand cold to the touch nonetheless she knew what this man does to people. He is a liar, a cheater, a very smart man. She knew this and took his hand anyway because she believed there was something in it for her.
  3. Yame looked around, confused by all the commotion that was happening around him. He sighed loudly. It sounded like they were getting to know each other, but not in the best way? He didn’t know. He didn’t pay that much attention. If they needed him to do something, they should just tell him. He thought about going outside, leaving this place, not by teleporting, just by walking out. He shuddered realizing that it wasn’t a good decision, plus, that large man with the guns have him the creeps. He also wasn’t very fond of him.
    Yame’s watch beeped, and he realized that he needed to take his medication. He took out a pill bottle, and realizing it was empty, he started to panic. He could teleport unwillingly at any minute.
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  4. ThePlayfulFox

    ThePlayfulFox Previously PlayfulFox47

    Shuet'vear looked at Mentris, her dark pits narrowed. "Very well, just know my current mission comes first." She thought about it for a second and thought someone would definitely ask about it. "My current mission is classified." She stood up and got ready to shake his hand, not trusting the blue glow fully. Would that hurt her? She had a huge distaste for any light. In fact, the room that she was in bothered her. She preferred places being very dark, almost pitch black.
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  5. Mentiras shook Frostbites hand and turned to shake Shuet'vear "I don't have all day, you shake my hand and listen to my proposition, or you may leave now" he said in a non-negotiable way
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  6. ThePlayfulFox

    ThePlayfulFox Previously PlayfulFox47

    Shuet'vear took Mentris's hand and hissed, "That flash better not hurt me." She prepared for the incoming light. She had a feeling that this was a bad idea, though she was sure that she could easily just leave if things got too nasty for an agent of the Salrax. "Remember," she said, "The mission my people gave me comes first. If my objective is close, then I go after my objective, not whatever you're planning."
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  7. The flash happen, leaving no feeling other than his hand "Oh, but we have yet to discuss what we are even doing" he walked into his office "Come along, please"
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  8. Hearing what Mia was saying, the Lady lowered her sunglasses and gave the little girl an incredulous look.
    "Careful, kiddo. Or you might end up cutting yourself on all that edge there." The Lady in Black said. Smiling at Mentias, she extended her hand like royalty to shake his hand. But to her surprise, the crime boss said she didn't have to shake his hand.
    "Well, well, well. It appears that I do get something for being a repeat choice. I'm flattered." Lady said, placing a hand on her chest. Getting up, she followed Bam out of the room and into Mentias' office. This wasn't the first time she had been there.
    "So, Mr. Bam." Lady said to the villain known as The Demon. The woman reclined on a couch in the office, looking up at the young man. "I don't think we've been properly introduced. I am the Lady in Black, but my associates call me Lady or Ms. Black, since the Lady in Black is a bit of a mouthful. Should I be calling you Bam, or the Demon, or Mr. Murphy?"


    Seven looked down at the note Zero had handed to her, before looking back at young heroine. Seven hadn't heard of any stories that lined up with that... She hadn't expected that from someone such as Zero. The look on her face hardening a bit, Seven turned her attention back to the self-proclaimed 'villain-killer'. He appeared to be offering to stop himself from killing villains while he was on this team. How gracious of him. Seven looked around the room, waiting to see if anyone was going to raise their hand or speak up, before Seven raised her hand herself. Even if she wasn't going to be on this team, she didn't want this man running around, killing people that he deemed 'villains'.


    Watching through the scope, the whole scene was rather interesting to Crosshair. The door to the mansion was answered not by the butler, but by a well-dressed young man. Whoever it was, Crosshair assumed he was master of the mansion. The trio seemed to talk for a couple moments, before the well-dressed older man walked away and left the boy in the prison jumpsuit with the master of the mansion. Entering into the cars, the police and older man drove off. Crosshair lowered his scope, thoroughly confused by the whole affair. Talk about a strange group of events...
  9. ThePlayfulFox

    ThePlayfulFox Previously PlayfulFox47

    Sheut'vear's hooves clicked on the marble floor as she entered Mentris's office. Her eyes observed everything, picking out places that she could be jumped at. Not that she expected it, just a habit she formed over the years from working for the Salrax. She leaned against a wall and crossed her arms. She just hoped that she could complete her mission. The Val-rook wanted some Drameem blood spilt and by extension the Salrax.
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  10. Mentiras sat a his desk "As some of you may know" he looked at Bam and Mrs Black "I have something called 'the backdoor' that lets me access everything online without trouble, the problem being no one smart would put something as valuable as my goals online, there on wired networks, the tech inside this installment will allow me and my company access to even the private networks and wired systems, and I'm sure there are other things you guys can pick up along the way as well"
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  11. Shadow_Pup

    Shadow_Pup Previously LeBarrel42

    Bam lead the women into the office, when Ms. Black started to talk to him he turned around, "Ms. Black, I'm not particularly bothered by what you refer to me as" he stated politely, he turned slightly to Mentiras acknowledging that he remembered about the backdoor.
  12. ThePlayfulFox

    ThePlayfulFox Previously PlayfulFox47

    Shuet'vear did not know what this 'internet' was. Was it some sort of communication system? It sounded like that, but then again it did not. The Salrax may have a different name for it though. She considered asking but decided against it. Besides, she did not want to look stupid in front of everyone. She already thought that she was the laughing stock of this group. She sighed and hoped that she would get some information on the 'mission' that he wanted them to do. If it was nothing, then she would be leaving faster than you can say 'stann vaala, je vill a.'
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  13. Frostbite had walked in with the other villains, kind of studying what everyone was doing. She had heard what Mentiras had said and wondered why he was talking about it. She really wanted to know what the plans are entirely. She began tapping her feet slightly.
  14. Mentiras rolled his eyes, he felt he had practically spelled out the mission already "You, as a team will break into the installment, take what I want, and while you are there might as well take whatever you need as well, return here, share a drink, job finished"
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  15. MihajloJedi

    MihajloJedi Previously m1h4jl0

    "Ok, well kid, follow me. I have a meeting now, and I think you might be helpful there." Michael said and went into the house followed by Riberio.
    "Take a free seat kid. Now... Where were we? Oh yes, you asked me about a plan. Well, I heard villains have a meeting this same evening, so hopefully if we hurry up, we can attack them and stop them from creating a team before it's too late." Michael said after he and Riberio entered the room where all superheroes were sitting.
  16. Super Lazy Man

    Super Lazy Man Previously Lazy Millenial

    "So, where exactly would that be? It's villains, if a hero knew, they would have been attacked already, " Tom said, making sure Micheal did have a plan "if you can tell me that, then i'm in, i can teleport there and start the attack"
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  17. Riberio obediently and calmly followed Michael. When they entered the mansion, a young prisoner admired the interior. Then, they reached a quite diverse group of people. "Hi, I'm sorry for delaying your plans because of me," Riberio said in greeting, waving to the group, smiling at the women, and sitting down in the place Michael had designated for him.
  18. The girl leaned against the wall, twirling her hair. "Sounds good to me. I'll admit, much more boring than I anticipated, but still."
    She shot an annoyed glare at the Lady in Black, uncharacteristically miffed. Edgy was a term that annoyed her quite a bit.

    Allie waited patiently, listening to everyone else speak. Thoughts swirled through her mind, incoherent and indecipherable.
    "I can assist with the attack. Or I can take a more defensive role. It is your call, I don't mind either way." She sat up straight, her abnormally blue eyes glimmering with interest.
  19. Phoenix had sit quietly, listening to everyone talking. They were still on the bookshelf so, Phoenix had a vantage point to look at all of the others. They were fascinated by the boy that was escorted in. He did not seem dangerous, yet he was in chains.

    "If you knew where they were, and that they were having a meeting then, why start a meeting of your own. You could have just sent the message to us and we could have shown up there and attacked as they shown up for the meeting. It seems to me that you did not think this through. They could have already formed a team as we speak."
  20. James silently gazed at the man, not adding his thoughts as others had already said them

    Mentiras looked at his wall clock "Ok, you will all meet me at the bottom of this building at 15:00 sharp if you are in, we will shake on the mission, because I am utterly obsessed with shaking hands" he smiled pleasantly at the group before him
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  21. Lohan was waiting for everyone to finish. all the while quietly muttering something under his breath. he hated to shout over people and took time to take note of the situation, he noticed that half the people had yet properly introduced themselves. finally in the slight pause, Lohan spoke once more.

    "Listening to your proposal Mr. Michael, I must ask is this lawful? you have gathered us all at once to attack a group we have not met. Some of these people are thinking of killing said group. I am no stranger to death but isn't the right choice of action to report your suspicions to the police? or even capture these dangers first and take them to the court of law? Forgive me, but I do not think a sudden rush to attack is reasonable. Since you gathered us it is safe to assume you need our skills, but without proper teamwork, we will not succeed."
  22. Chris piped up, "He said the government wouldn't listen to him so why would the cops? I'm ok with not killing them if you don't want me to it only comes down to killing them if we are in serious danger." He sat back down and huffed. He just wanted to get to the action instead of just waiting here, "We need to get there now to capture them or to stop them from teaming up."
  23. Riberio listened calmly to the arguments "Honestly, training will not help you in creating cooperation," he said to Lohan. In the meantime he made a teddy bear from red threads. He cuddled up to him and continued, "You know, it's hard for me to believe that you really will do your best to stop this group of villains with your current attitude ... I don't wonder if I have to do something or not (because I have no way) I just do" when Riberio finished, he quickly broke all his chains. "Well, I feel better right away"
  24. ThePlayfulFox

    ThePlayfulFox Previously PlayfulFox47

    Shuet'vear nodded and decided to just go ahead and go to the bottom of the building, by using the stairs. She wanted to look around a bit, get a feel for where things are at. She also needed to tell the Salrax that it might take a bit longer since she got involved in something. She knew that they would not care much, as long as she got her mission done. She left the room, hooves making a loud clicking sound on the marble floor, and went to look for the stairs or anything else she could simply look out of.
  25. Seven tensed up when she saw the young boy in the prison uniform being led in. She looked at Micheal for an explanation of who this kid was and why he was here, but none came. But what did come was the explanation as to why he called them here this evening. Evidently, a group of villains were planning on doing a team-up. He didn't specify on which ones, though. Seven was still doubtful, but she could now see why he called everyone in. But that was just the thing. If it was something like Frisbee Fighter teaming up with the Freezer, then that wasn't a very big concern. But if it was something like the Demon and Frostbite teaming up, then there would definitely be trouble. And as they spoke? They needed to go, now!

    The sound of a sudden 'clink' caught Seven's attention, and the ninja woman looked over to find the boy in the prison uniform had broken out of his chains. How? Some sort of super strength, or something else? It was hard to tell where Seven was sitting at the table. Rrrgh, there wasn't time for this now! Seven quickly scrawled another note, sliding it towards Micheal.
    Villains are meeting as we speak?! Why didn't you tell us this first? Where are they meeting? Seven's note read.


    The Lady in Black rubbed her forehead before holding up a hand at Mentiras.
    "Mentiras, honey, hold on a minute." Lady said, before letting out a sigh. She smiled an endearing smile at the crime boss. "You still haven't told us where we are attacking. Or what we're trying to steal for you. Or what all we can find there."
    The Lady in Black sat up on the couch, leaning back and crossing her legs.
    "Ground plans or blueprints would also be appreciated, as well as knowledge as what sort of resistance we can expect getting there and inside the base." The Lady in Black said.
  26. Mentiras closed his eyes and gave a frustrated smile and chuckle "Blueprints and transportation will be provided, and if you were listening I wanted the technology to improve the back door, a reference file will be provided with the blueprints, as well as a list of other items in the facility"
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  27. Lohan turned to face Riberio making sure there eyes met. "If you are questioning my ability to contain threats, know that I was trained to take down giants. If you are questioning my willingness to rush into a battle blind than you are right to think about it. From what I understand is to at least report to the police, even if they do not respond it is their duty to know of such crimes." Lohan did not like this feeling of vigilantism. he sat back down, trying to calmly explain himself. "All I am saying Mr. Michael is that I am not a mercenary for hire. I did my best to study the law of you land dwellers and will not disregard them." Lohan looked at the people around him and muttered something unintelligible. He was not completely against the situation seeing how some would compromise, he was hoping for just a bit more understanding.
  28. Ribeiro looked straight into Lohan's eyes. "I haven't told you to go blindly obeying orders. It's nice that you want to inform the police about it. For sure ... If they are afraid to watch one teenager. They will go on a group of really strong people, criminals" Riberio destroyed his bear in an embrace "I did not deny of your strength. We just have different points of view, I spent most of my memorable life in the cell. Going only to destroy the Mafia, killers or even once the entire anti-government organization ... The world I know is full of intrigue, criminals and chaos and following the law is not always good, "said Riberio," Oops, I exaggerated ... Mr. Michael, put me in the task. I would only have a question for you later "
  29. Frostbite walked away from the office a little seductively leaving a snow trail behind her. She walked out and smirked awaiting directions on where to go. She kept walking and stole an umbrella from a nearby homeless man. The man spoke up, "Ma'am that is my umbrella, you have no right to that."

    "Oh I know honey you must get so cold at night, here I'll help you get used to it," she replied laughing evilly. She shot a blast of ice from her hands, the man screamed and then went silent. He had a crystal in his chest the crystal began engulfing his whole body completely freezing him. And she walked away with the umbrella dancing with it.
  30. Yame was startled by all the commotion around him and held presses his hands against his ears. He could feel it coming. He was losing control......
    Yame gritted his teeth, and then it started. Part of him started to faze through different places, and it seemed like parts of him were glitching, like a video game. Then he was gone. Teleported out of the building and somewhere lost in his memory.
    He opened his eyes. He was in...Honduras?
    When had he been here? Vacation. That’s when. “Damn it!” He shouted out.
    He would be stuck here for several hours, unable to teleport back.
  31. "Why thank you. You're most gracious." Lady said to Mentiras. "But I feel I should let you know, the more specific the better. What kind of technology is it? An SD Card? A flash drive? A hard drive? A whole data tower? Some sort of magic techno-chip or machinery?"
    Lady smiled coily at Mentiras.
    "And, as we've been sitting here, I've yet to hear terms of payment. You say we can snatch whatever we want that's in this facility, but you haven't told us what's all in this facility." the Lady in Black said.
  32. Mentiras sighed "I just told you a list and photo would be provided along with the ride, look, despite having this meeting, I am still quite busy running a legitimate business alongside the whole criminal organization, so please, just meet me this afternoon, where I will have everything"
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  33. Riberio felt bad, suddenly there was a long silence.

    "Well, if I'm going to help you, hiding my name is rude," Riberio said and stood up, "Nice to meet you all, I'm Riberio, the news called me Master Craftsman" he grew to everyone and went back to his chair "So what are we waiting for ? "
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  34. Shadow_Pup

    Shadow_Pup Previously LeBarrel42

    Rendorian decided to speak to this kid, "nice to meet you Riberio, my name is Rendorian", he then looked around, in his opinion the people in this room seemed perfectly capable of defeating some villains so he didn't see why they hadn't decided to attack the villain meeting. He stood arms folded awaiting a detailed instruction.

    Bam nodded to Mentiras before turning and leaving the room, he headed to his lab, he wanted to perfect something, so turning to the testing room he had built he nodded to a technician to send in one of the 'volunteers'. A homeless man walked into the test chamber and Bam walked upto him, "hello there sir, I thank you for your participation, your sacrifice will help me greatly" at the word sacrifice the old man started to turn and run, Bam chuckled before transforming and grabbing a chain from the floor he set fire to it and swung it at the man, the chain had already become hotter than 1000°C in the short time it he had been on fire, so it sliced the man clean in half, but the man appeared to be still alive so he walked over and crushed the man skull under his heel, "clean up" he said before leaving the chamber satisfied with the results.
  35. Lady's smile began to fall away as once again, Mentiras refused to answer her question. How was she supposed to know how risky a mission was if he wasn't giving her specific information? It looked like asking anymore questions were going to be fruitless.
    "Well then. My apologies for wasting your time." Lady said, getting up. "I'll be seeing you at 15:00, honey."
    And with that, the Lady in Black made her way out of Mentiras' office. What a chump.

    Lady made her way through the facility, pondering as to what she should do now. After a little while of walking, she found herself looking at what appeared to be some sort of female demon with dark grey skin. It had been that unusual girl she had seen earlier in Mentiras' meeting, one she didn't really take notice of.
    "Well, hello there." Lady said to Sheut'vear. "I don't believe we've met before."
  36. MihajloJedi

    MihajloJedi Previously m1h4jl0

    Michael couldn't keep up with all the questions he was asked. So he took a deep breath and started.
    "First, I had to make this meeting to explain you our situation. If we all came to battlefield right away, we probably wouldn't arrive in the same time, and some of us would be forced to fight against multiple villains on their own. Second, yes we are fighting some worldwide known villains like Demon and Frostbite. So we have to prepare for a long and great fight. Third, if there are no any other questions, we should start moving, or villains could attack us." Michael said and almost in the same time Yame dissappeard.
    "That was weird. Well let's go, follow me, my butler can drop us off with my jet" Michael said and lead the group to his jet in backyard.
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  37. ThePlayfulFox

    ThePlayfulFox Previously PlayfulFox47

    Shuet'vear glanced at The Black Lady. "We haven't," she said. She continued walking, not glancing behind her. "In fact, no one here has met me before. You could say I'm some sort of alien." She chuckled at her joke. "I mean, I'm not from this world." Her black hooves continued to click on the floor as she walked to her destination.
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  38. "Mmhmm..." Lady said, walking aside Shuet'vear. What she had first assumed was a very intense costume, she slowly began to realize that this was, in fact, no costume. This girl really had horns and hooves instead of feet.
    "Well, well. Welcome to Earth." Lady replied to the alien girl. While others may have experienced shock or surprise upon seeing an alien, Lady merely raised an eyebrow. This alien girl interested her. There were quite a few people on the lookout for extraterrestrials they could get a hold of... "So, do they give you names where you come from?"


    To Seven's annoyance, Micheal didn't even read her note. Great. Once again, Seven wished she was still able to talk. It looks like the group was about to head out. That's great. Where were they going? Who was going to be there? Seven didn't like this at all. She didn't particularly want to join this group either. Sure, she would go with them to stop these guys. But Seven didn't want to stick around. What if she told Micheal that? He could just leave her wherever they were going! Most of all, she still had no clue on who this Micheal guy even was! But it looked like she was going to have to go along with it. Even if it meant dragging along this strange criminal kid. She didn't trust the likes of him...
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  39. ThePlayfulFox

    ThePlayfulFox Previously PlayfulFox47

    Shuet'vear did not look at Lady Black at all. "Yes. If you're wondering what my name is, it's Shuet'vear, translating to shadow walker in your tongue." She disregarded the welcome. She did not intend to stay too long. Once she was done with this huge plan, she was to kill the Drameem here. There was one around, and she knew it. Of course, the whole lot of them knew how to hide with most of their sciences going into sound to help make their illusions more realistic. She was unsure if the Drameem had this tech, but she was prepared for it.
  40. "Mmm. Interesting." Lady said. This was proving to be most interesting. She didn't much care about whatever the heck the name meant. But the more info she could get out of this strange alien girl, the better off she would be. The fact that she was evidently pretty new to Earth also posed a lot of questions in Lady's mind. "So. Shuet'vear. What brings you to Earth? And why of all people are you hanging out with Mentiras' crowd? How did you even find out about him?"

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