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Private/Closed The Defenders 1

Discussion in 'General Role Play' started by MihajloJedi, Oct 8, 2019.

  1. Toxic Blade finally reached the top floor of the skyscraper. Now she just needed to go through the corridor, door and the person she must kill.

    A young boy stood in the corridor outside the door, He had creamy hair and he was wearing prison uniform. "Hello, Its nice to finally meet you. Toxin Blade... That was your name, right? Sorry, but I'm here to..." Riberio started.
    "Stop arguing with her and get to work, "Mr. Blackquill said by communicator.
    "Oh, you know I'm quite a talkative person. Being able to talk to someone who is not a guard or prisoner is quite pleasant." Riberio replied. "I don't care, you have to finish it as soon as possible. Remember, you can only use your physical strength, not your power. You couldn't bring any weapons here, but the physical strength you have is more than needed, right?" Blackquill asked and disconnected his comunicator.

    "See, he was supposed to have an eye on me and now he don't want to talk with me... Well, It is always good to know opponent name, as we both know. One of us must to be killed,so... Riberio" Riberio said.
    "Jasmine" Toxin Blade replied and she threw a knife at her new opponent.

    Riberio still had his hands in 'special' shackles ... But, he broke them quite quickly and took the knife by the handle. "Okay, I have nothing against you. I just want to see my family again, so... Let's make it quick. I won't attack you for two minutes. Use this time well"
  2. Crosshair stopped when another voice called out. Another person that he didn't recognize. That was the problem with being a hero in the public eye. People knew you, but you didn't know people. The kid that spoke was joined by a man of about the same age as Crosshair, who also wanted to know why Crosshair was leaving.
    "The reason we're called here." Crosshair repeated what Sleeper had said. "That's why. There's too many people here that are considered heroes. For all we know, that whole place could be rigged to explode and take us all out. Not to mention, not all of us are on good terms with the police. It's too risky for me. That's why I'm leaving. If it's something important, I'll manage to figure it out one way or another."
    With that, the gunman left. He reached his car by the time the butler opened the door, and watched from the safety of his vehicle as the various people were let in the mansion. For a brief moment, he reconsidered. Should he head in? ...No. He'd just sit here, in his car, and watch from afar. If cops showed up, he would book it. If something else happened, well... he would be ready.


    From the roof of the mansion, a shadowy figure watched as various heroes entered the mansion. The newspapers and gangs called her the Phantom Ronin. But she really did prefer her own name, Seven. Silent as her namesake, the ninja woman dropped down behind the last person to enter into the mansion. She didn't know what this meeting was going to be about, but she was too curious to not pass it up. The butler led them into a large room, with many chairs. Silently, Seven took a seat next to a hero she recognized as Absolute Zero. She looked rather nervous. Seven made sure to give the girl a smile and nod, before turning her attention to a man that had just introduced himself as "your least favorite villain killer". She wasn't much of a fan of the sound of that.
  3. Chris was growing quite impatient due to his nature. "Soooooo... while we wait for that guy who invited us here to fucking show up, why don't we all get to know each other. Hi, my name is Chris, I am a villain killer. And my favorite pass time is spending- I mean killing those who hurt others, don't expect me to do anything less hold me back all you like." He then began showing them his power by exploding a fork.
  4. Jasmin threw more knives at Ribeiro, but he quickly blocked them all with a knife, that he had previously caught. Without thinking, Jasmin grabbed the crossbow and fired a bolt at Riberio. The boy threw his knife back and grabbed the belt with his hand.
    "I see, blades of those knifes and this belt are poisoned...Well,you still have one minute" Riberio said.

    She threw a flash grenade and closed her eyes. A huge, blinding light lit up the room. When Riberio opened his eyes again, he saw Toxin Blade aiming at him with a sniper rifle. She fired, Riberio leaped up and avoided the bullet. He landed in front of Jasmin and kicked her so hard that she broke through the wall and landed on the roof of the smaller tower next to it.

    She couldn't stand up, her left leg was fractured. Paralyzing pain overwhelmed her whole body. Riberio jumped to her, as there was a gap of about 5 meters between the buildings.
    "You know ... I couldn't shape my life better ... Mother and Father didn't care about me and did bad things ... Being a killer was the most profitable occupation," Jasmin confessed.
    "Remember, nothing personal ... I don't kill you because I feel like it ... I don't enjoy it," said Riberio.
    "Riberio ... You are this ... Master Craftsman .. Right. You could do something for me with your power. Some small object.
    Riberio nodded and made a purple, woolen heart of his fiber.
    "Cute... It was fun... To meet someone... Who can have a similar life..."
    "I killed the target ... I am asking if instead of five years of a short sentence I can have 9 days off." Riberio asked, after a long silence he heard "Consent, but don't do anything stupid. We have an eye on you. ” Blackquill answered.

    Riberio walked over to Jasmin's dead body and closed her eyes. "Rest ... Among the stars where your place is." He recited quietly, but did not know ... Or maybe he did not remember where these words came from.

    (If someone wonder if she died becouse of wounds, when he kicked her. No, Riberio finished his job with one of her knifes. I forget to write this in my post)
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  5. Seven's look of discomfort changed to one of slight disgust when the blond man continued to expound on the fact that he was a so-called 'villain killer'. It especially disgusted the ninja woman to hear that his favorite thing to do was to kill people. Perhaps this meeting wasn't the best idea, if it meant she had to associate with this so-called villain killer. She preferred any news out there of herself to be good, and didn't need to be potential associated with someone of this man's sort. The man demonstrated his powers by causing a fork to explode, but Seven did not so much as flinch. It was clear from the way she was looking at Chris that she did not like him. She didn't say a word, and just continued to watch the vigilante.
  6. MihajloJedi

    MihajloJedi Previously m1h4jl0

    As soon as he possibly could, Michael put on his suit and went downstairs. He took few deep breaths and entered meeting room. Not everyone who has been invited has come, but Michael decided to start with the meeting right away. He decided to introduce himself first and then talk about their theme for the night.
    "Good evening ladies and gentlemen. My name is Michael Crimson, and you all probably are wondering: why are we here and not somewhere doing something important? Well, there's nothing more important than this, believe me. As you probably noticed already, everyone in this room is a hero, or at least has some special abilities, but doesn't want to be called a hero for whatever reason. Now I need everyone to pay attention. I feel like something BIG is about to happen. I tried to warn government, but no one wanted to listen, so I decided to make an organization that is going to fight against whatever is coming. I wanted to make a Superhero team named "The Defenders" that will guard the Earth from every evil beings that attacks it." Michael said slowly with calm and peaceful voice.
    "So, who is with me and if you have any suggestions feel free to say them?" Michael asked after he gave them few seconds to think about
  7. Seven's continuous glaring at Chris was interrupted at the appearance of a well dressed man with brown hair, evidently their host for the evening. He introduced himself as Michael Crimson, a name that... meant absolutely nothing to Seven. Evidently he was trying to gather some sort of group of heroes to fight a threat he sensed was about to occur, and any other threats that would show up. Some sort of superhero guild, or superhero union? Seven... wasn't too sure about this. While she was okay with working with other people, she kinda liked working alone. It was easier for her to get around, didn't really have many people tied down to.

    Taking a small notebook out, she began to write. After a moment, she tore out the paper she had been writing on and slid a note over to where Michael was sitting. The note read: What was the threat you 'sensed'? How are you sure that something big is going to happen? Seven gave Michael an expectant look, waiting to see what he had to say on the subject.
  8. Lohan raised his hand. He had too of his gloves and to reveal a webbed blue palm. The color of this palm was changing from blue to yellow to red as a way to gain attention.

    "Excuse me Michael sir," Lohan interjected. "My name Is Lohan Ringleg, First Privateer of the Western Sea Whale 9. I am amazed that not only did you summon me" he pulled off his headwear to reveal his aquatically formed head." but to recognize beings rather odd abilities. It is a pleasure to meet you and I'm thankful for your time, but I must ask what is this threat? you speak of? you mentioned it being big is it some kind of monster? I would like to know if it is exactly the creature I'm looking for? your idea of a team is well-meaning but I do not know anyone here".
  9. Ribeiro was walking along with Blackquill and a group of policemen. "Where are we going?" Ribeiro asked, sounded bored and expecting some entertainment. "We're going to Crimson's Mansion," said Blackquill. "It would be impossible for ordinary police to watch you."
    "Ordinary police? ..." Riberio asked "Oh, will I meet a hero or somebody with super powers. Yay, this vacation will not be so bad. " Riberio shouted and smiled.

    "Vacation, what do you mean you have a vacation? You're a prisoner on temporary release, Inmate 2371." Blackquill said, a little angry. Riberio looked at Blackquill and said, "Now, now. Don't get angry. So, what is this gentleman or Mrs. Crimson like. (And remember that I have a name for Stars sake)" Riberio asked again.
    "A very good and clever young man in his late twenties. If you are good, we may not take these five years of your sentence." Blackquill replied. "Wonderful" Ribeiro said, continuing the conversation. "It promises that I won't really be bored in the coming days".
  10. Yame was getting annoyed by this man. Summoning all of them only because he “feels” that they would come? Must be pretty full of himself. Most rich people were. And, he was being pretty vague. Against what will come, or whatever is coming.
    It didn’t even sound like he knew what it was! But then again, he did tell the government, but they didn’t listen. If they didn’t, why should they?
    Yame began attempting to piece things together in his mind, and ended up with missing ones, and then added on to the conversation.
    “Better yet, why don’t you give a reason to listen to you when the government didn’t listen themselves,” Yame seriously said.
  11. Chris chuckled a bit. He slapped his knee. "So you want me to be on a team," he laughed hysterically again, "You really are a dreamer aren'tcha?" He thought to himself for a bit, "So if I'm on this team is there any rules that don't allow us to kill the threat?" he sat there leaning back waiting for the answer.
  12. MihajloJedi

    MihajloJedi Previously m1h4jl0

    Michael took paper from Seven, he read the question, and he wanted to answer when Lohan asked him basically same question.
    "Well, I am pretty sure our threat is not a monster. So few days ago I got information from checked sources about some kind of gathering of Super Villains. They are the threat I am talking about."Michael answered to Lohan's question when Yama asked 2nd question.
    "Mr. Yame, because of government not wanting to listen to things like this bad things happen. I know quite a bit of examples but I don't know am I allowed to tell you." Michael also answered to Yame's question, when Chris asked another question that Michael thought was stupid, but he answered it anyways.
    "No, Mr. Chris, I am not stopping you from killing our enemies, but first I want to see you try. Because if we are fighting against people who I think we are fighting, we are going to have really bad time, especially if everyone fought against them separately."Michael answered to third question, hoping to lower Chris's ego.
  13. She remained silent through the conversation, not finding anything to add.
    Her fists formed into balls, thinking of all the hatred and fear among humans. She hated it. And she wanted it gone.
    She suddenly stood up, her eyes glowing slightly.
    "I will join you. If the threat turns out to be a real thing, then I'll be glad I did. If it's not, would it kill me? Would it hinder me in any way, seeing as my sole purpose on this planet is to rid the world of evil? No. No, it wouldn't. Absolute Zero, at your service." She sat back down, her eyes still flickering.
  14. Yame has to make a decision. Join or not join. But was this man reliable?
    If he was telling the truth or what he believes in is true, the world really was in danger, and they needed to stop them. Having one more guy would help, or, at least help for some of them. Being at a young age, other supers looked down at him, like he was nothing. Like he was trash compared to them. Yame hated that. But, this could be his chance to prove himself.
    Yame stood up as well.
    “I will also join you. The world ain’t going down without me putting up a fight.”
    He sat down again, nodding in respect to the Ice hero.
  15. Ribeiro and Blackquill and others finally arrived at Crimson's Mansion. It was much bigger than Riberio thought it would be. "Woah, a really nice house," Riberio said and jumped over the fence quickly and nimbly. "Hey, you can't go in like that without an invitation. Come back to me here!" shouted Blackquill. "Is the owner of this property not aware of me moving in?" Riberio asked Blackquill. "Well, I was just going to talk to him about it," Blackquill replied.

    "You're leaving him with a fait accompli." Riberio thought and returned to the police on the other side of the fence. Blackquill rang the bell to Michael Crimson's Mansion and waited .. "I hope he is at home"
  16. Shadow_Pup

    Shadow_Pup Previously LeBarrel42

    Rendorian stood leaning against a wall, he had been patiently listening to all the talking, now he decided to respond "Sure, I'll join as well, it would be a good change of scenery to work with people for a change" he bowed his head in Michael's general direction.

    Bam left Mentiras' office and headed to a larger more open room, he then sent out a message to every villain and evil doer, informing them that there was going to be a meeting. He hoped they would attend, he hadn't checked out the villain scene in a while and he thought it would be a good idea to check out the competition, whilst also doing as Mentiras asks of him.
  17. James rubbed his chin and slowly nodded "Yeah, I'm in" he looked around "So, what's your plan? do you know where and when this meeting is?"
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  18. Crosshair tensed up as he watched a group of police cars approached the mansion. This was it. Just what he had been expecting. Crosshair prepared to drive away, but as he watched the police officers didn't leave from their vehicles. Instead, just two people got out. A well dressed man, and a kid dressed in some sort of prison uniform. Reaching into his duffel bag in the next seat, Crosshair pulled out a scope and watched as the two approached the mansion. He didn't recognize the man, but the kid looked familiar. Were they here for the meeting as well? Perhaps they were why this meeting was called... Crosshair maintained his position in his car, still ready to escape at any moment.


    Seven was not liking the way this meeting was going. People were seeming willing enough to join up, but Seven didn't like how this 'Micheal Crimson' was allowing, almost encouraging, people to kill the villains they were going to be fighting. While she didn't mind people like Absolute Zero, the whole killing villains thing was something she wasn't about. She couldn't voice this, and it looked like other people were going to continue talking. So Seven merely shook her head and waited for later to give her two bits on this whole 'forming a team business'.
  19. Even seconds after the message for all evil-doers was sent, a strange girl appeared in front of the villain who had sent it. She had a wide-eyed smile on her face, her red and blue eyes glimmering in the fading light.
    Few knew of this girl's existence. She was not a well-known villain, as she often used illusions to make her victims think she was someone she wasn't. It was rare that she confronted anyone without her trusty powers of fear.
    "You called?" she asked sweetly.
    Her voice was strange, sounding like two voices layered on top of one another. One demonic. The other high-pitched and sweet.
  20. Chris' ego did not falter, "Alright alright alright. I'm in." He leaned back more patiently waiting for the fun to start he smiled and began throwing a ball that he took out of his pocket.

    Frostbite had gotten the signal she smirked, "What a pleasant surprise." She jumped on a nearby motorcycle and drove towards the signal getting off and fixing her hair. She entered the building and saw a little girl and a man already there. She laughed a little but didn't underestimate this girl.
  21. ThePlayfulFox

    ThePlayfulFox Previously PlayfulFox47

    Sheut'vear surprisingly got the message, or maybe it was simply because she was looking for a Drameem by intercepting one of their messages. She read it over and smiled. She was searching Earth for a Drameem that might be there, so why not have a small hobby in her spare time. In her thick Salraxian accent, she said, "Why not?" She was glad that she landed so close to the site, what convince! She became a shadow, knowing that she would look suspicious around the inhabitants of the world. Right now, she just wanted to sneak up on the Drameem that lived here. After a while, she made it to the place. Her dark pits for eyes scanned the area. "Saba il khayr. Good morning, I think. It is morning, right?" Her sword hilt bounced as she strode forward, judging the people there.
  22. Mia heard a light laugh behind her, sensing that it was directed towards her. She turned around, her movement swift. Her smile remained unchanged, borderlining on psychopathic.
    "The signal did not fall on blind senses, I see." She chuckled softly, her voice containing a note of malice.
    She noted that a couple of villains... or anti-heroes... or whatever the hell they were... had gathered, her expression remaining the way it was. She gave a nod of acknowledgement to the newcomers.
    "Good day. Your presence is appreciated," she replied.
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  23. ThePlayfulFox

    ThePlayfulFox Previously PlayfulFox47

    Shuet'vear frowned. She thought that she would be a bit more noticed. Besides, she had ram horns, dark grey skin, cloven hooves, and dark pits for eyes. Oh well, not like she would complain. She chuckled. Guess she was not as different as she thought if someone pushed her appearance off so easily. She was not used to dealing with humans, so she was not sure of how they acted. She sat down, judging everyone inside of the room.
  24. Mia looked back at the seemingly inhuman one who had sat down. Her smile remained, as her head tilted to one side.
    "Disappointed at my reaction, are we? ....Ha. Felt that myself a couple times. Not much scares me anymore."
    Suddenly, her smile grew much more terrifying. Her eyes flashed pink, as she sent a chill down the spine of everybody in the room.
    "After all..." Her face seemed to distort, her eyes turning black. "I've seen things that you couldn't bear to imagine."
    Her face and eyes reverted back to normal, as she sat down. Tendrils of a strange pink substance were visible on her arms.
  25. Frostbite hadn't felt a chill up her spine in awhile the floor around her turned to ice a bit and then turned normal, "Knew I shouldn't underestimate her, you seem like quite the powerful one. If this is what I think it is you might be quite the asset." she smirked and laughed a little maniacally.
  26. Mentiras put away the last of his papers before standing up and swiftly striding into the other room "Hello, one and all, you may be wondering why you were summoned here today, well, you see, I am the leader of the Golden coin and I have a proposition" he pulled out a golden piece of paper "you see, a little bit ago, I struck a deal with a certain someone, and gained access to a certain military instalment, of course I don't have complete access, and to get what I want, I need assistance"
  27. The woman known as the Lady in Black listened to what Mentiras had to say. She glanced over lazily at the other so-called villains in the room, her sunglasses hiding her true expression. In truth, she was not to certain about this. This was a lot of people who seemed rather unbalanced. This really didn't seem like the best idea. It looked like it was going to be messy and risky, and unlike these other psychos Lady didn't want any more attention drawn to herself then what was needed to be. Then again... in the middle of this huge mess is the last place people might expect her to be.
    "Oh, please, Mentiras honey, you've got to be more specific then that." Lady spoke up. "What do you want? I'm a busy woman, after all. Time is money."
  28. MihajloJedi

    MihajloJedi Previously m1h4jl0

    "Well, I would really want to explain my plan but someone is in front of my house, and I need to see who it is. If you could excuse me for a second." Michael said, stood up and left meeting room.
    Then he went outside to see who could need him this late. He saw two cars parked in front of the house, and two people standing in front of his fence. He recognized one of them, it was Blackquill. Michael met him few months ago on government meeting, and never saw him afterwards.
    "Oh, hello mr. Blackquill. This is quite a pleasant surprise."Michael said and shook man's hand.
  29. "You heard about it ... The crime of the decade about which news talked ... Because of ... Some concessions, he got 9 days release from prison. The criminal did a good job for the government and the people. But, despite the amnesia, he is too dangerous to be guarded ... by ordinary people "
    Blackquill said to Michael, he tried to smile and sound convincing. "You will watch him for a moment. Who knows, maybe he will help you" After which, Blackquill called out Riberio.

    A teenager dressed in prison clothes approached Michael. He had creamy, woolly hair and did not look athletic or muscular. "Nice to meet you,Mister. I'm ..."
    Blackquill interrupted him "Inmate 2371, you have no right to pronounce and use your name, and if I find out that you did" Whatever "we will extend your sentence by 115 years" Blackquill came to the car "Sorry to make you a nanny, Michael. But ... No one else could watch him "got into the car and drove away. "Sorry for the inconvenience ... This idiot is really unprofessional," Riberio said.
  30. Mentiras gave a small smile "Well, the thing I seek is of great value and consequence, I'm afraid until we've made a deal of secrecy, I can not tell you exactly what I'm seeking, but I assure you that with all of you, this will be no challenge"

    Deep in the void of the Multiverse

    A figure was chained to the ground, trapped and and leaning on his chains, bordely looking around, trying to find a way to get something out. a sudden flash of dark blue made him smile as a figure that looked just like him appeared out of nowhere, the trapped figure spoke "Well, this is a surprise, what do I owe, the pleasure?"

    The free one looked at him with his always present black face "I've come to strike a deal, I am ready to offer you freedom"
    The trapped figure was a little surprised "and what do you want?"
    The standing figure looked behind him, at the starry multiverse "The time is coming, the final battle, if you get a hold of it, I want it"
    The trapped figure smiled "But thats If I get it, what's the other thing?"
    The standing figure spoke "If someone else where to defeat you, I will imprison you again, and you would still have to keep your end"
    "And you will leave me alone?"
    The trapped figure grinned "This is way to good to pass up, but before I accept, I must know, Why? You have a reason for everything Nobody"
    Nobody's expression did not change "I am setting up dominoes, to get what I need after so long"
    The figure nodded and Nobody snapped his fingers as the chains vanished and the figure stood up "I hope you die nobody" Nody blankly looked back "I hope you to see you back here Torment" and with that Nobody and Torment both vanished.
  31. The girl's expression was now completely flat. She was not messing around. She'd come here for a reason, and one reason only.
    "That will not be a problem," she replied calmly. Her heterochemic eyes flicked around the room. She was getting impatient.
  32. Seven watched as Mr. Crimson left the room before turning her attention to Absolute Zero. Really? Not even the littlest bit of protest? Frowning, the ninja woman began to write again in her notebook. After another moment, she slid the note over to the girl known as Absolute Zero. You're not opposed to throwing your lot in with a murderer? The note read. Seven watched Zero with concern. Did this girl realize what she was getting in to?


    "Maybe not a problem for someone such as you, deary. But it is a problem for me." The Lady in Black said to the creature known as Nix before turning her attention back to Mentiras. She fixed him with a charming smile, brushing a hair out of her face. "Come now, Mentiras. You know that's not how I work. As I clearly state to anyone who tries to hire me, I never take any job unless I know exactly what I'm needed to do."
    With that, the Lady in Black took a cigarette from her pocket and lit it up, taking a quick drag before looking back at the crime lord.
  33. ~~~Allie~~~
    Reading the note carefully, Allie looked through her small bag for another pen. She found one, writing out a note in cursive.
    If you only knew who I've allied myself with in the past. This is nothing.
    Her eyes flickered blue, a less than pleasant memory flashing in her head. She handed the note back, the tip of it now covered in frost.

  34. Mentiras smirked "I never said you have to accept the job Mrs Black, just that you need to remain silent about the job" he turned to Nix "Mrs Black here knows, but I must inform you that I always finish a deal with the shaking of hands" he reached out his own hand "Do you agree to remain quiet about your dealings with me?"
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  35. The girl's eyes flickered pink and a small smile formed on her face. This wouldn't be a problem.
    "Yes, I agree to remain silent about any and all proceedings between the two of us starting the moment this handshake takes place. It will not be a problem if anyone asks about it..." Her eyes clouded over. "For the dead do not ask questions."
    She offered her own right hand to shake, the pink tendrils visible on her arm.
  36. Super Lazy Man

    Super Lazy Man Previously Lazy Millenial

    "Wait, James, you didn't even hesitate, i mean sure, if there is a villain team going around, but what if he is wrong ?" He told and asked his good friend, until he noticed Micheal wasn't there anymore "i should of listened"
  37. Mentiras smiled, not quite yet shaking her hand "and to not kill or harm me or anyone on your team? that is an important part of any mission after all"

    James shrugged "Well, no harm in checking, besides, I can always leave if I start to doubt"
  38. Mia's eyes flickered pink. "You don't trust me."
    It was a statement, not a question. She didn't care, though. No one trusted her anyway.
    "I will not kill or harm anyone on this team unless they initiate it first. I believe acting in self defense is justified." She offered her hand once more.
  39. Mentias smiled "I don't trust anyone until I have reason to trust them, I have just made you acatence" he shook Nix's hand as a dim flash of light blue as the deal was made and the representation of then deal, a golden paper, concealed in his suit, took form. He drew his hand back and turned to the lady in black "I suppose I can trust your lips for now, being who you are" he turned to the rest of the room "But do any of you want to hear the job, for better or worse?"
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  40. Shadow_Pup

    Shadow_Pup Previously LeBarrel42

    Bam was now leaning against a wall examining the group, "sir, I am already under a deal not to harm you and I am sworn to secrecy, but I will add not killing these people to that" he stated walking over and holding out his hand to his boss. He was intrigued to be working with some of these crooks and villains, particularly Nix and the Lady in Black.
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