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Private/Closed The Defenders 1

Discussion in 'General Role Play' started by MihajloJedi, Oct 8, 2019.

  1. MihajloJedi

    MihajloJedi Previously m1h4jl0

    From the creation of the Multiverse battle between good and evil started and it never ended.
    It's year 2020. Earth was in peace for quite some time. But new villain team was made very recently, and they were about to heat things up on our planet. But what not a single human didn't know, is that an very advanced alien species was preparing to invade the Earth. No one could predict that. NO ONE could save humans. Or is it so...?

    It was a cold winter night in New York. Michael was sitting in his room and thinking. His mansion was located few miles away from the actual city, so it was pretty quite. He was waiting for time to pass, because he had a really important meeting in few hours.
    Michael was one of very few people who realized that something was wrong. Earth was in peace for too long, and it was about to change. So, to prepare for the worst, Michael decided to gather a group of remarkable people who will be able to resist whatever was coming.
  2. Quasar saw the sapphire jewel of the Sol system stretched out in front of him, it’s Azure oceans interrupted by huge masses of land.
    ‘This will be my conquest, this world is mine for the taking’ he thought as he brought the Celestia into Geo-synchronous orbit above an area he would later find was known as Asia.
    “Nova, locate a suitable initial offensive, somewhere with nice location, easy to use to gain some momentum for the conquest”
    “Yes sir, I’ve found a city nearby. The natives call it ‘Sin-A-por’, 5.7 Million occupants. It seems to act as a regional travel and commerce hub. An initial offensive here is likely to cause global disruption.”
    “Very well, prepare my combat suit, let’s see if these ‘hoomins’ have to offer in opposition.”
  3. ~~~Allie - Empire State Building~~~
    Today had been a good day so far.
    She'd solved a few petty crimes here and there, even managing to stop a fight in the streets. There hadn't been anything major, only the day-to-day examples of just how terrible humanity was.
    She didn't let it get to her, of course. She was determined to be a spot of light in the darkness.
    Allie was perched on top of the Empire State Building, taking in the view of the city. Many saw it as chaotic, but she'd taken a liking to it.
    She had a meeting in a few hours, but she could do plenty in that time. If she was lucky, something interesting would happen.
  4. Dead account

    Dead account Previously Super Lazy Man

    "Meeting huh? Well, that was unexpected, especially for me to be invited," Tom Slack said, as he walked into an alley, changed into his blacm and white clothes and teleported outside the meeting area and knocked on the door
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  5. Phoenix had been in New York for a few hours now. They had a meeting then. Not knowing what it was about, they decided to fly around and see what they could spot.

    There was more crimes to be solved, as Phoenix took to the skies. They found a lone figure on the top of the empire state building. Rushing up, Phoenix hovered upside down, and spoke to the girl. "So what are you looking for. Anything interesting?"
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  6. Chris had a led pipe in hand with stains of blood on it he was surprised that he was invited to the hero meeting. He had been beating up a murderer who killed a woman's father in the more crime-filled part of the city. He began walking as a squadron of cops drove by him and he hid. He got up when he didn't hear the cops anymore and put the pipe away.
  7. The Dark Fairy

    The Dark Fairy Previously Eliiiscool

    James walked to the meeting place, thinking about how strange it was, how did they know who he was, he only shocked himself with the electric cable a few times... he arrived outside the meeting area and looked around

    Mentiras looked over some documents in his office, confirming his information for his latest scheme, he had called many people in preparation for this and was waiting for them to arrive
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  8. Huff...huff...huff... In the dark of the night, a scarred man sprinted down an alleyway. Turning a corner, he glanced back find whatever chasing him was no longer behind him. Was it possible that he managed to shake him? The scarred man let out a ragged breath as he leaned against the wall of the alleyway.
    "Ramirez." The scarred man quickly turned, but it was too late. Another figure emerged from the shadows , grabbing the scarred man by the collar and slamming him against the wall.
    "N-no! Please, I-" The scarred man's pleas were cut short when he actually managed to get a partial look at the man grabbing him. "O-o-oh, C-Crosshair, it's, it's Crosshair-"

    "I've heard that you have some information on the Double Drakons. Spill it." The man in the trenchcoat growled. The scarred man swallowed nervously, glancing back and forth for a way to escape.
    "I, I, I don't know anything, man. I know nothing! I don't know crap!" Ramirez bleated pitifully. The man in the trenchcoat slammed the scarred man against the wall again, shutting him up.
    "Stow it, Ramirez. You were at the Drakon's hideout. What do you know?" Crosshair asked fiercely. There was a sudden flash of movement, and the scarred man drew a knife. Before Crosshair was able to react, Ramirez had stabbed the hero in the chest. Keeping his grip on Ramirez, Crosshair threw the criminal into some nearby trash cans. Crosshair removed the knife from his chest before tossing it aside, completely unaffected by the attempted stab.

    As Ramirez attempted to get up, the hero drew a gun from the inside of his trenchcoat.
    "Wh-what the hell?" Ramirez spluttered, staring in shock as the hero approached. "N-no blood-?!"
    The criminal was once again cut off as Crosshair fired a single shot at the scarred man. The silencer on the pistol reduced the sound to a small 'puff' as the bullet grazed the criminal's ear. Ramirez let out a frightened cry, grabbing at the side of the head before a kick to the throat silenced the criminal. Crosshair knelt down, face to face with the scarred man.
    "Double Drakons. Next weapons shipment. Spill it." Crosshair growled.
    "Dock 87, man. It's supposed to be some time in the next two weeks. Christ, you shot my ear off-"
    "Next time you try something like that, it'll be your kneecaps." Crosshair said, standing up and holstering his gun.

    "W-wait. Y'gotta be careful, man. Someone's been running around messing stuff up. Some dude with powers. Not like you or Redirect, or Zero. Whoever it is, they're out for blood, man. If they keep it up, the Double Drakons might pull out." Ramirez called out to Crosshair as the hero walked off. Crosshair paused for a moment, glancing back at the criminal in the trash, before continuing to head out of the alleyway.

    Popping up his collar, the hero looked around before entering an innocuous looking grey car. It was a stroke of luck things wrapped up just then. He should have enough time to make it to that strange meeting he had got a notice of...
  9. Allie's blue hair blew in the light breeze, covering her face. Chuckling slightly, she pushed her hair behind her slightly pointed ears.
    "Nah.... Just waiting for something to happen. Figure that if I'm going to be sitting around for a while, may as well do it somewhere interesting." She laughed.
    "How 'bout you? Anything special going on?" she asked.
  10. ThePlayfulFox

    ThePlayfulFox Previously PlayfulFox47

    Ra'nira hated walking around with the illusion that she was a human. It was so confining! She sighed. She had to, she did not know how the world would react to her kind. Besides, the whole point of her human guise was so then she looked like one of the most unremarkable people on earth. She looked around her. No sign of darkness spreading here. Of course, it was day so none would be spreading. It would be too obvious that even the humans would notice. "Don't think down of them like that," a voice inside of her head commanded.
    Ra'nira, or as her human illusion was called, Rita sighed and continued to walk along, thinking that there was no way a Val-rook here, or one of their followers.
  11. Shadow_Pup

    Shadow_Pup Previously LeBarrel42

    Rendorian was wandering through the streets, he was always careful when doing so as bumping into someone with his strength could be dangerous, at the moment however he had gained pretty good control over not using his full strength 100% all the time. These humans were so flimsy and breakable. He walked down the street and while caught up in his own thoughts bumped into a girl (@PlayfulFox47) only remembering to lessen his strength at the last minute.

    Murphy was bored, he had been experimenting with his powers and practicing on 'willing' test subjects. He heard a noise from one of his monitors, Mentiras was calling for him, he sighed and got the test area to begin cleansing for later. He walked to Mentiras' office, he entered "you called" he said nonchalantly, making a pencil rotate around his hand, as he sometimes did when he needed something to do.
  12. “Yame!”, a voice cried out. “Mist these vegetables! We don’t want them to be dry now do we?”
    A young boy pooped out behind the supermarket stand, his black hair shifting in the wind. “Sure thing Mr. Takanawa!”, Yame said.
    The man grunted. He was an elderly Japanese man, with wrinkles and circular glasses. He was the employer for Yame.
    Yame quickly misted the vegetables, consisting of Carrots, Turnips and others as well. Yame smiled up at him. “Done! Sorry to cut you off short today, but I’ve got some meeting to attend!”
    Mr. Takanawa smiled. “That’s ok my boy. You can work overtime tomorrow,” he said jokingly.
    “Sure thing,” Yame replied. “I’ll try not to teleport that much so I’m late!”

    The young boy traveled through the rainy streets of Seattle, his shoes, stomping down in the puddles. A apartment complex came up, and he made his way to his room. He grabbed his ninja stars. He would wait around in here until the meeting would start. He couldn’t be late.
  13. ThePlayfulFox

    ThePlayfulFox Previously PlayfulFox47

    Ra'nira redoubled her efforts to keep her illusion up due to the sudden physical contact. She gave an apologetic smile as she apologized for bumping into him. Besides, she was the one who was not paying much attention. She almost forgot how much taller humans were, considering that her human illusion was just as tall as she was, which compared to humans is pretty short. She was a whole foot smaller than the small-ended average height for females.
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  14. ~~~Prison ??? In the middle of the Pacific Ocean~~~

    Mr. Blackquill followed the prison director to the 'One of the most dangerous prisoners'. He still couldn't believe that he was in the top secret prison, he was both excited and worried. On his way, he saw some prisoners. Big, muscular people that seemed to really be worth their reputation.

    They finally reached 'his' cell. 25 cameras, high-tech auto-guns on the ceiling. 15 guards armed with Ak-47, RPGs and other weapons. "Well, there is a lot of them" Blackquill said.
    "I know, but if we bring here even more guards. Then nobody left to look after other prisoners" said Stormwall, Prison director. "Hey, Inmate 2371. You have a guests"
    The first (steel) gate to the cell opened, revealing second gate, made from a glass. Blackquill looked at the boy, that was inside this cell. "Is this a joke, he is just a kid" He said aloud. Riberio, boy with a fluffy hair, thin. He didn't look like the previous prisoners, muscular, big, scary and all.

    "Hello there, Mister Stormwall. Do you have a new job for me" Riberio asked.
    "Actually, Inmate. Mr. Blackquill has task for you" said Director.
    "Um... Yes, We heard that in New York is one of a famous assassins. She titled herself 'Toxin Blade' and she is actually really dangerous... She has already been sentenced to death for all her actions... But it isn't easy to get her, even for special agents. So this work for you, Inmate" Blackquill told to Riberio.
    "How many years?" Riberio asked.
    "10 for capture, 15 for kill"
    "When I will go?"

    (I know it would be better, but entire day in hurry)

  15. In front of a mansion was an average-sized figure obscured by so much clothing that barely any skin was showing. Lohan did his best to keep a low profile, he found out early on in his arrival to the world that people do not take to kindly to squid based biology. Still, that did not prevent him from helping those in need, whether it was helping stranded or lost ships or extinguishing fires. He was considered somewhat a legend for sailors. what he did not expect was for anyone to seriously invite him. he had hoped whoever did invite him would be strong enough to send him home. without hesitation, Lohan opened the doors hoping to get answers.
  16. The innocuous gray car parked not to far from the mansion. Crosshair lowered a window, and managed to just catch a glimpse of a figure dressed in a ton of clothing enter into the mansion. This was the place of the meeting, and Crosshair didn't like it. Then again, Crosshair didn't like any time he was called out to a certain place. Usually he would arrive early to scope it out, see if there was any place he could hide some gear in case things went south. But the invitation had popped up so suddenly. Right in the middle of that business with the Double Drakons. He usually wasn't this unlucky. Letting out a low grunt, the gunman did a quick final check over his gear. He didn't like this. He didn't like this one bit. But a little voice inside him was saying that this place wasn't actually a threat...

    The man in the trenchcoat stepped out of the car, shutting the door behind him, and slowly made his way towards the entrance of the mansion. He kept a sharp eye out as he approached the door, ready for any threat that would pop up.
  17. Allie felt a slight vibration at her side, revealing a rather strange looking phone. It certainly was not Earth technology. It had a sleek and minimalistic design yet looked vaguely similar to today's phones.
    "Oh - the time. I've got to go. See you later!" With that, she leaped off the Empire State Building. Quickly, her wings spread out and she took to the skies, grinning brightly. Flying over the city never got old.
    She touched down in front of the mansion, noticing someone already there, but decided not to bother them. She waited outside, forming an ice ball in her hand and tossing it up and down out of boredom.
  18. Yame looked at his simple watch on his wrist, and saw that it was almost time. But he was bored, and decided to teleport there anyway. And when he did he just happened to teleport right beside Crosshair. “Damn! This place is pretty big!”, Yame exclaimed, or realizing that he was right next to the big gunman. He turned his head to the mans direction, and jumped back. “Gack!” He said before he jumped.
    He sighed. “Argh, I gotta stop doing that,” he then put his hands to his head and continued, “why did you teleport me right next to people?”
  19. With the strange sound of ice crinkling, Crosshair quickly reached into his trenchcoat to see a teenager with icy wings drop down near the entrance to the mansion. Crosshair recognized this girl. He had seen her on the news and in the papers, and had even seen her from a distance when she was stopping a mugging. She was the ice using hero known as Absolute Zero. Crosshair had done a bit of research on her as well. Ice manipulation and psychic abilities. The man in the trenchcoat relaxed.

    "Zero." Crosshair said to the girl. He went to approach her and the door, when there was a sudden sound from behind him. Without hesitating, Crosshair drew a pistol from his trenchcoat and leveled it at the threat, only to find a kid in a black hoodie standing behind him. Another hero. Crosshair recogized him as Star, the ninja wannabe kid. With a sigh and a grumble, Crosshair holstered his gun. He didn't like this. Not one bit. That would make three people with powers here. Maybe four, if that heavily clothed guy was a person with powers as well.
    "You shouldn't teleport behind people like that, kid." Crosshair growled at Star. He glanced between Star and Absolute Zero. "Both of you got the invitation as well?"
  20. Dead account

    Dead account Previously Super Lazy Man

    Seeing people just go inside the mansion got Tom to believe he was allowed "meh, if the guy doesn't like it i'll just teleport outta here. Not like i'm a remarkable person" he thought before entering, looking at all the people then closing the door
  21. Shadow_Pup

    Shadow_Pup Previously LeBarrel42

    Rendorean noticed the slight almost invisible change from a human appearance, he whispered at a level that only this girl would hear "bet you wish you didn't need that illusion" he then turned his hand into steel, and back to flesh before saying, "my name is Rendorean, I am a Klyntar, it's nice to meet you but I am late for a meeting" he said before turning and walking away, ending up outside the mansion, once outside he heard noises and when he heard the sound of a gun being un-holstered he tensed up, his whole body turning to steel before he saw the other heroes standing outside the mansion, his skin returned to normal and he calmed down.
  22. Yame reeled back from being growled at, and then carefully responded. “I got the invitation all right. I was right in the middle of work, and I had to leave early...”
    Realizing he was going to far, he changed the subject. “It’s not my fault that I teleport behind people. I can’t like, see the place in my mind and be like, oh there’s people here, and then go in wherever I like. I don’t have superpowers. It’s a medical condition. Laugh if you want but it’s the truth.”
    Yame shuddered. “This place gives me bad vibes for some reason.”
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  23. ThePlayfulFox

    ThePlayfulFox Previously PlayfulFox47

    Ra'nira knew that she could not just let the stranger that now knew about her human illusion like that, so she followed him. A meeting, huh? Well, it was not like she had anything better to do. However, she was not invited. Once he entered the gates, she stopped. She could not go further if she did she could get into trouble with the local authority, something that the Drameem did not want their converters to do. She had her glared at the gate, her human illusion mirroring what she did. Then she walked on, not lingering. She did not want more people to get suspicious.
  24. Crosshair stared at the kid, wholly unimpressed.
    "A medical condition." Crosshair stated.
    "If you're able to teleport from place to place, it's a superpower. Medical condition or not." Crosshair said, clearly irritated with the small teen next to him. Two more people approached, one of which just walking past all of them and into the mansion and another still approaching the mansion. Crosshair really wasn't liking this.
    "Forget this." Crosshair said. Walking past Zero, Star and the third guy, Crosshair began to walk back to the street, to his car.
  25. Dead account

    Dead account Previously Super Lazy Man

    "Hey, why are you leaving? If we were all called here, then there has to be a reason! Plus you probably have more experience than us! Come on.." he said, of course if people were gonna leave, he'd let them, but this time, something is wrong, he feels it
  26. Chris came to the mansion and had a slight headache. He saw crosshair leaving and heard what the others were doing and saying. "Hey dude where are you going, were you here for the meeting?" he tilted his head and then smirked, "Cause if so what kind of wackjob would invite ME to THEIR HOUSE." he laughed a bit but then went closer to Crosshair, "At least tell me why you're leavin' man."
  27. ThePlayfulFox

    ThePlayfulFox Previously PlayfulFox47

    Ra'nira walked away from the mansion. She was not invited. She made sure that her illusion, Rita, was less than ordinary. She was unremarkable in every way by design. Besides, she did not want to gain any attention now. One person knowing that she hid something was already bad, but a whole meeting full? No way. She walked back to her ruined ship, knowing once she was in there she did not have to worry about keeping her illusion up.
  28. Phoenix was curious about the ice fairy and how she just left. They had been distracted by all of the lights and sounds of the city. Remembering the meeting that they had to attend, Phoenix rushed off and landed on top of the large house.

    It looked to be very large and did not exist with nature. At least the place had decent plant life around the grounds of the mansion. Floating down, Phoenix landed on the ground near the others

    "Hello fellow heros." With that Phoenix walked inside. They had not known a house to come that big. Phoenix was used to smaller homes that coside with nature.
  29. Riberio and Mr. Blackquill flew on a jet to New York. Inmate 2371 was once in this city, so he wasn't particularly impressed with it.

    "So, I won't get you to shorten my sentence by 25 years," Riberio asked Mr. Blackquill. His hands were in some extreme version of shackles, made of steel and shocked if Riberio did something wrong.
    "I've already said, 15 years is the final offer. Once you find and defeat your target. We're taking you straight back to your cell, Inmate 2371," Blackquill replied.

    Finally, after landing at the airport. Riberio, guarded by a group of policemen, began to look for his target. As always, it shouldn't be difficult for me. That was, what Riberio was thinking.
  30. Yame backed away slowly from the gunman. Yame didn’t like him. He didn’t like him one bit. But man, he was scary!
    And sadly, Yame felt a sigh of relief when he started to walk away. If he wants to leave, so be it.
    Yame wanted to see what the meeting was about, and followed after the one who had landed on the roof. He shuddered as he walked in.
    “This place gives me the creeps....” he muttered.
  31. MihajloJedi

    MihajloJedi Previously m1h4jl0

    While Michael was thinking, he didn't realize how many hours it is, and when he finally looked at the clock, he realized he is little bit late, meeting should have already started.
    "Butler, open the door, and show our guests where meeting room is."Michael said through phone to his butler.
    When butler reached the door, someone was already trying to come in.
    "I am very sorry, you needed to wait, you can come in now."Butler said to people that were trying to get in.
    Then he went outside and called all the others in too.
    "This way please" Butler lead guest to one open and large room with table inside and 20 chairs.
    "Sit down and make yourself comfortable, Master will be with you in few minutes" Butler said then left the room.
  32. "My deepest apologies good sir," Lohan said. his voice had an untraceable accent to it, like someone constantly gargling water. "The letter seemed urgent so I did not want to be late." Lohan made note of the other people arrive behind, as he sat down he made slight nods and tiny hellos to the others walking in, he still was not sure who this Michael fellow was but given each person's entrance, it seemed he was not here yet.
  33. The Dark Fairy

    The Dark Fairy Previously Eliiiscool

    James, having gone unnoticed for some reason followed everyone inside, looking around and trying to figure out why they were all needed here in the first place. He entered the room with chairs and sat down
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  34. Dead account

    Dead account Previously Super Lazy Man

    After finally something happening, Tom walked to the meeting room, where he sat next to James, his pretty good super hero friend "so, you got invited into this hero meeting aswell?" He asked, in a whisper
  35. The Dark Fairy

    The Dark Fairy Previously Eliiiscool

    James nodded "Well, don't know why I would be here if I was not" he looked around the room "Do you have any clue why all of us where invited here?"
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  36. Dead account

    Dead account Previously Super Lazy Man

    "Probably because something has been going on and it's very wrong, i get the feeling the others felt that aswell" he whispered, making wire everything was clear for his friend "well, let's find out once that 'Micheal' comes"
  37. Chris came in and sat down away from the others. He had walked away from Crosshair hoping to get an answer as he walked away but did not. He sighed and looked around waiting for the arrival of the person that invited him here. Of courseas said before he was a mercenary of sorts that kills villains and crooks alike. He did not know a murderer would be invited to a superhero meeting. "What are we called here for, a new show starring all your favorite superheroes and your least favorite villain killer?"
  38. Allie sat down by herself, taking extra care not to let her power do anything. She tended to do things unintentionally when she was nervous, but she really wanted to make a good impression. For whatever they were doing.
    She brushed her hair out of her eyes, sitting down properly, waiting for the meeting to begin.
  39. Phoenix was inside when the man that looked like a penguin came to the door. Following the man around, they found the meeting room. Looking around, Phoenix took a seat on top of the book shelf in the corner of the room.

    Up there, they could see everyone who had shown up. There was also the girl who they had talked to before.
  40. Yame walked slowly into the room, preparing for a trap of any sort. When he found that there was none, he relaxed a bit, but didn’t let up his guard. He sat in a corner seat, waiting for the others to come in, and looking nervously at the ones who had already entered.
    Why are we here?
    Why am I with others supers?
    Are we going or fight each other?
    And who’s mansion is this?!

    Questions echoed in his head, trying to force themselves out, but Yame knew better than that, and kept his mouth shut. He was afraid that someone else would yell at him.
    That man was far enough.

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