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Private/Closed The Daycare Service

Discussion in 'Pokémon Role Play' started by Peachy Ace, Sep 2, 2016.

  1. Welcome to Flocccy Daycare! Alder the Unova Region Champion decided to add a daycare to Floccecy, since it would be awhile to get to Route 3 from Floccecy. The Daycare takes place in Floccecy Ranch. We're looking for new Members, to help with the baby Pokemon. Romance between trainers and Pokemon is allowed. Please don't be too discriptive. First you have to sign a application.

    Age: (15 or older)
    Pokemon Helpers: (2 is max)

    My Application:

    Name: Diamond
    Age: 18
    Gender: Male
    Pokemon Helpers: 2

    Diamond walked into the new Daycare. Diamond had control of the ranch, a nd didn't think too much of adding a daycare. He realesed two Pokemon. A Shiny Umbreon from one, an Espeon from the other. "Ok guys we have to wait for others to join." Diamond sighed. The two sighed.
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  2. Name: Aria
    Age: 17
    Gender: Female
    Pokemon Helpers: 2

    Aria walked in and she smiled at Diamond "hey..sorry im late"she sighs then she releases her two pokemon. A shiny Glaseon from one and a Dratini. "so what do we do today "she smiles at him.
  3. "Well we got to wait for some Pokemon trainers to drop thier Pokemon off. Until then we have to wait." Diamond shrugged. He looked lazily at a clock. It was already 12:00. "Not doing good." Diamond sighed.
  4. "oh that sucks...Where are they "she sighs then she lays down on the grass "you know sometimes i wish the trainers would just not be so greedy with their eggs that they get ..."she pets Glaseon and Dratini "I like pokemon but i dont force them to anything they dont want to do" she smiles at her friends
  5. "Eh. I let my Pokemon do what they want. I leave My Umbreon and Espeon at tre Route 3 daycare tons of times. No eggs, Everytime. I think Midnight doesn't like Amethyst." Diamond smirked, as the two Eevee ran from each other. "Anyway, I don't think we're not gonna get any people in awhile. Besides it only opened 1 day ago." Diamond sighed.
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  6. (OOC: I'd love to join in, if that's okay.)

    Name: Kimberly (though may go by Kim or Kimber)
    Age: 17
    Gender: Female
    Pokemon Helpers: 2

    (EDIT: Edited with roleplay response to avoid double-posting)


    An alarm clock's obnoxious beeping filled the air. It wasn't the classic electronic sounding noise, either, rather a loud, shrill screech that seemed to go on endlessly.

    Instead of targeting the source, Kimberly rolled over, groaning and placing a thick pillow over her head. While this aided the situation for a moment, the screeching just seemed to get louder, closer even. Clasping the pillow tighter to her ears, she hoped for better results, but to no avail. Instead, she was greeted by a peck on the head.

    Kimberly was awake now, jolting upright to discover that her Talonflame was not only the one pecking at her face, but also was the source of the noise, which wasn't surprising as the alarm clock itself was flashing at 12:00AM, as if power had been lost some time during the night.

    "Sergei, why did you-" her eyes then darted to her watch, which was most certainly functional. "Ohhhh Arceus…" she absentmindedly gave the bird a congratulatory pat on the head, shutting him up with a content whistle. "Thank you," she said to her Pokémon, who acknowledged her with a wink.

    The trainer moved like a flash of light, quickly changing and grabbing her backpack, which she desperately hoped had something to eat in it, as well as her other Pokémon partner's Pokéball. For a moment, she attempted to clean herself up, trying her hardest to run a brush through her short, messy hair, but gave up after checking the time once again. She sped outside, pulling on a jacket and whistling for the Talonflame to follow (having given up on actually attempting to get him inside the Pokéball). Luckily, she wasn't too far away from the ranch-partially-turned Pokémon Daycare, so it wasn't too long of a mad dash.

    A few minutes later, the pair arrived at Flocessy ranch… though truth be told, Seregi would've beaten Kimberly there by about ten minutes if it hadn't been constantly turning over its shoulder and calling for its trainer to catch up.

    Practically busting open the door, the Pokémon trainer panted, all breath gone from her lungs. Talonflame landed beside her, doing a very good job of preventing his trainer from toppling over.

    "On a scale of one to ten, just how late am I?"
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  7. "Uh, Ten!" Diamond groaned. "And don't slam the door open." Diamond sighed. Amethyst walked over, and greeted the talonflame. "Eh, don't worry about it, we haven't been doing well." Diamond sighed.
    Before he Knew it, a woman burst in holding 3 Pokeballs. "Hello is this the Daycare Service!?" She put a worried face on. "Says so doesn't it?" Diamond questioned. The girl sighed with relief. She placed the three Pokeballs on the desk. "I'll be back for them later!" She yelled, dashing out the building.

    "Um, OK? At least we got one costumer." He smiled. Diamond grabbed the three Pokeballs and released them. A Smoochum, Elekid, and Magby stood. "Aww. Baby Pokemon." Midnight smiled. The Magby sneezed, shooting a ember at Diamond. "I take it back! There deadly!" Diamond yelled, hiding behind the desk. The Elekid smiled, sparks coming from all around it. The Smoochum eyes lit up, she dashed and tackled Midnight, hearts in her eyes. Midnight struggled trying to unnatatch the Smoochum, terror in his eyes. "I can see why she left them here!" Diamond sighed, grabbing a book. It was labeled "Egg Groups." Don't worry Midnight, you're in different egg groups." Diamond said. Midnight sighed with relief.
  8. She looked back at the door which had, indeed, been slammed open. Now that she had taken a few moments to breathe, she realized that she may've rushed in a tad too quickly.

    If Pokémon could talk, the look Seregi was giving her from the ground clearly said, 'Way to make an entrance, genius.' Instead, the Talonflame settled for an amused whistle, sounding almost like a snicker.

    "Hilarious," she said to the Talonflame, only frowning slightly to the Pokémon below her. He didn't say his name like most Pokémon did, but boy did he know how to get a point across.

    Seregi's expression didn't waver, still lazily grinning like it was his birthday in the best possible way a bird could. He greeted the Espeon with a cheerful warble, now completely distracted from his trainer.

    Kimberly looked up, still embarrassed. "Sorry, I was… in a rush…" that was blatantly obvious, but she had nothing better to say.

    Luckily for her, a woman walked through the door, slamming it open in much the same fashion that she had, rushing out just as quickly.

    Not commenting on the way the lady had entered and exited, she instead focused on the Pokémon, taking a step back as the Magby sneezed sparks of fire. Clearly the best at stating the obvious, Kimberly started. "Uhh, D, I think we should probably get them back into their Pokéballs and move them to the yard that way…" she attempted to stomp out a few sparks, that could possibly catch the floor on fire while she was speaking. "We've got a lot of work to do."

    Distracted from Amethyst, Seregi approached the Elekid, attempting to stop it from causing some sort of electrical fire with an annoyed Squak and a peck to the head. Unfortunately, if the Elekid had anything, it was guts, instead sending a mischievous shock to the nearly-four-foot-tall bird. While it was relatively weak, type advantages caused it to hurt the Talonflame more than it would've hurt a Pokémon of a different type. Poor Sergei's feathers stuck out in every direction, shooting his trainer a glance that read 'I'm sorry for being an arse earlier, can you help?'

    Even without looking at her Pokémon, Kimberly understood something had to be done to keep the entire place from going up like a torch, weather it was an electrical or typical fire… or just kissing to death. The trainer grabbed a random Pokéball, Elekid's, and aimed it at him, luckily getting him back in his Pokéball first try, even if this was mostly due to the fact that it was sniggering at her statically-charged Talonflame.

    "One down, two to go."
  9. Diamond nodded, grabbing the Magby' Pokeball. He aimed at it trying Not to be burnt. He successfully retrieved the Flame Sneezing Fire Type. He looked back at Midnight Smoochum on top. "Eh, the only threat she's doing is giving Midnight Frostbite." Diamond joked. He grabbed the Smoochum's Pokeball, returning it. Midnight, relieved shook out bits of ice in her fur. "Ok, let's bring these guys outside." Diamond smiled, walking out the back door. There was a large ranch ahead of them.

    There was the actual ranch, filled with Riolu, and Mareep that Diamond had to take care of them before the Daycare. There was a forest area for grass, bug, and flying type Pokemon to enjoy. There was a mountainus area for rock, ground, and fire type Pokemon. There was a pond in the middle, made for any Pokemon, and sometimes human. Finally there was a little play area, for the younger Pokemon. "Alright here we go!" Diamond smiled. He released the two Pokemon. Magby landing in the pen. The Smoochum missed, and tackled Midnight again. Holding him tight.
  10. Kimberly followed suit, sending the Elekid into the same pen with the Magby. Something told her that those two were partners in crime, but she didn't dare separate them. After all, they were just following daycare protocol. What could possibly go wrong.

    Sergei, meanwhile, could barely move. His feathers were constantly rubbing together, sending small, but annoying, shocks up his entire body. 'This is just fine and dandy,' he thought to himself, practically waddling like a Piplup outside to his trainer.

    Fortunately, though it made him look even more ridiculous, spreading out his wings to their full length helped.

    He warbled loudly in an attempt to gain his trainer's attention. "Kimber, Kimber!" he shouted, though it just sounded like a series of clicks and screeches to the humans. "Would it kill you to look down?"

    Unfortunately, Kimberly was preoccupied.

    "I… really don't know about putting those two together. I mean, I know they're just kids, but do they not look like future arsonists to you?" Kimberly had finally decided to speak her mind. While the Magby was rather timid in nature, seeming like the kind of Pokémon that wouldn't hurt a fly (at least not intentionally), the Elekid was another story altogether. He seemed mischievous and almost manipulating, the type who could cause a mass power outage and then stand back to admire their work. The trainer then looked down at Midnight, who, to her, looked concerned, to say the least. However, she could be wrong, she was used to attempting to decipher her Talonflame's expressions, not an Umbreon's. "You may want to seperate thos- OUCH!"

    Kimberly was cut off as Seregi had finally decided he'd had enough, having shocked her by brushing the tip of his left wing against her leg. She really needed to learn to pay more attention to detail.

    The trainer looked down at the staticky mess that was her bird Pokémon, sighing. "Good Arceus, I should probably take care of this," beckoning for the talonflame to follow, as she couldn't pick him up (nor was that a good idea), she went inside to look through her backpack for something that was at least reasonable to help her Talonflame sort himself out.

    Sergei waddled behind, taking care not to touch any of the Mareep as he walked by, the would be a disaster.

    It had only been about ten minutes, and Kimberly could already tell it was going to be a long day.
  11. "Uh, maybe your right." Diamond smiled. He grabbed the Smoochum, and tried to separate the two. The Smoochum tried to stay attached, Midnight trying to help Diamond. "Ugh, it's not working! Amethyst! A little help!" Diamond asked. The feline walked toward the three. After a short while, her tail glew white, as she used Iron tail, directly on the Smoochum.

    The Smoochum detached from Midnight but immediately started crying. "Oh Jeez." Diamond sighed. He grabbed his Pokedex obtained by Prof. Jupiter. He scanned the Baby. It didnt know fake tears, and was level 1. "Oh Jeez. Really Amethyst!?" Diamond sighed. Midnight sighed, walking closer to the crying Smoochum. The Smoochum hugged Midnight's head. Tears bursted out her eyes, as she tightened her grip. Diamond stop trying and left them. He looked back to the two others.

    Diamond was surprised. The Magby kept Sneezing, while the Elekid was crisp black. "Ok, maybe I should separate them?" Diamond questioned. He leaned in to grab the Magby.
  12. Now that Sergei's little 'static problem' had been solved with a regular hairbrush (now coated in down like feathers) and a bit of granola to keep him still, Kimberly figured that she should probably go back outside and get started with the Pokémon. She grabbed the second Pokéball from her bag, ready to release it… then realized it would probably be a better idea to do so outside.

    Taking a few steps into the yard behind the Daycare Building, the ranch itself, Kimberly was ready to- Oh for the love of Arceus.

    She'd been gone for all of five minutes, and everything had gone to crap. The Smoochum was crying sobs that looked legitimate, the poor Magby seemed to have some sort of allergy (which was unfortunate, as he was slowly beginning to singe both the Elekid and everything else within five feet of the creature), and the Elekid looked like he'd given up on trying to convince the Magby to burn down the place, instead waiting for it to happen naturally as the fire type erupted into a fit of sneezes.

    "Good Lord," she said simply. "What happened here in five minutes?"
  13. Aki smiled at the two "what in the world are yal doing "she looked at kimberly "hi there "she waved at her "oh hi there Magby"she walked up to it and she pet it "ow..oh you sick...Oh i know just you need"
  14. Kimberly had assumed that the Magby's sneezes were due to allergies of some sort, the fact that it might be sick never even crossed her mind. Still, she decided to propose the alternate situation. "Maybe he… she… it's allergic to something? I mean, neither of his Pokémon buddies have fur," she gave a glance to Sergei, who was still pouting. "Or feathers."

    "Nice try, I'm not getting back in there," the Talonflame said, though in reality it just sounded like a displeased screech. Either way, he'd gotten his point across.

    She looked at the Magby again, this time bringing out her own Pokédex and scanning him, proceeding to scroll through the information listed. "Actually… I think that's normal. Apparently, it means he's healthy," the Magby sneezed again, as if to prove a point. "As long as he isn't coughing black smoke, we should be fine… but the building may not."

    The Talonflame chirped again, this time a high pitched, happier note. This suprised Kimberly, though that wasn't truthfully out of the ordinary. The norm for Talonflame is for it to just say it's name and occasionally screech. Apparently no one had bothered to tell Sergei that.
  15. Aria smiled "oh...thats good "she smiled at Kimberly "Im Aria btw..whats your name " she said with a cute smile.

    "ohh a big bird"Aria's Dratini said, but in reality it sounded like its name. he moved to the talonflame and it jumped on its back
    and the dratini smiled at it.

    Aria Glaseon(Snow) sighed at her friend, she really didnt want him to get hurt
  16. "I'm Kimberly," she said with a nod.

    Sergei whistled as if to introduce himself, but quickly gave up upon realizing no one could understand.

    "And this is Sergei," the trainer added, to the bird Pokémon's delight, responding with a puff of his chest and a cheerful warble. Unfortunately, for Sergei, things just went downhill for him from there.

    While standing there happily, the Talonflame heard a childish sounding voice, almost like the ones of the baby Pokémon.
    Turning to face the source of such a sound, the bird Pokémon was surprised to find… nothing.

    At least not until 7 pounds of Dratini landed on his back.

    Sergei was surprised, to say the least. He didn't even realize Dratini could jump without any legs. He turned around, sending an annoyed screech to the Dratini that really didn't translate into anything.

    Kimberly had just been about to ask Aria a question when she heard the Talonflame's cry of distress. She turned around, meeting the bird Pokémon's eyes. 'Please help,' they pleaded, but Kimberly had another idea.

    "I'm sorry, Sergei. I would help you, but you seem a little bit backed up at the moment."

    The Talonflame's expression fell, now looking extremely annoyed. He squaked a few notes, and one didn't have to speak Pokémon to tell exactly what they meant.

    "Kimber, I swear to Arceus."
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  17. Aria laughed "haa he does seemed backed up "she noticed Dratini on him "oh thats whats on him...Hey Draco! Have fun! "she smiled at her Pokemon.

    The Dratini's expression rose, and he climbed on Sergie head "im the king of the world!" he says to Sergei

    Aria smiled at Kim "hey Kim what other pokemon do you have?"
  18. "You guys are terrible!" Diamond joked. The Magby sneezed again. The ember shot at house, causing Diamond to panic. "Ahh! Please tell me its a water type!!!" Diamond yelled, he started to pat out the fire, dropping Magby in the process. Amethyst grabbed the Magby with her tail, putting him on her back.
  19. Snow sighed and she ran over to them "hi Guys...these babys are so tiring."she smiled at Them and she used mist on the fire to put it out.

    Aki smiled "aw cmon Diamond its not that bad"she smiled at him
  20. "Well, if he Place I lived in for 17 years, gets destroyed in 17 minutes, than its a bad thing!" Diamond sighed in relief. "Why are the Baby Pokemon, the Most deadly!" Diamond sighed falling to the ground.
  21. Aki smiled then she laid beside him "yeah they are deadly but they can be so cute"she smiled then she pets his hair softly
  22. "Dont mess with my hair." Diamond sighed. Midnight lied down, Smoochum not crying as much. "Well, that's 1 problem we don't need to worry about." Diamond smiled. In a second the Magby fell asleep. "There's another prob-" Diamond was cut off, by the Magby's Sneeze. "Never mind." He sighed.
  23. Aira just smiled "cmon it will be ok...if he didnt sneeze he would be sick"she smiled

    Snow lied down next to a tree and she created a ice patch on her area
  24. "I think it would be better if he were sick then." Diamond smiled. He got back up and reached in the pen, grabbing the Elekid. He kept sparking but we're harmless. Diamond's hair spiked up. "Heh, Im liking this one the most." Diamond smiled.
  25. Aira smiled at him "haa i do too"she smiled at him.then she walked up to him and she petted elekid and He sparking her. Aria's hair spikes her hair "ok..."she sighs "my hair "
  26. "... Hahahahhahahah! Lol, I'm sorry, it's too funny!" He smiled. Elekid smilimg as well. Diamond put Elekid on the ground. The Elekid dashed off into the Pond, jumping in. "Ok, no pond then." Diamond sighed.
  27. Aria fixed her hair "oh dont go in the pond "she smiled at him.

    Snow sighs and she goes in the pond and drags the elekid out "here you go"she smiles at them but they hear is Glaseon.
    Aria picks him up "hey thanks Snow"she smiles at diamond "hey diamond is he a cutie"
  28. "If you keep saying that, he's probably gonna Thundershock you." Diamond sighed. "Anyways, Amethyst use Hypnosis." Diamond commanded. The Pink Cat used Hypnosis on Magby and Smoochum, accidently MI's firing on Aria, and Midnight. "Oh Jeez." Diamond sighed.
  29. Aria smiled then she fell on Diamond "me sleepy dia...mond" Aria said with a sleepy smile

    Snow smiled at her owner and she walks up to her sleepy trainer
  30. Diamond held her up. "Really Amethyst! First Smoochum, than this!" Diamond yelled. The Espeon gave a sleepy face. "Grr." Diamond growled. He returned the feline into its Pokeball. "Ok, let's go!" Diamond sighed, as he picked her up.
  31. Aria woke up "ahh what happened "she got off of him "im so sorry"she was blushing deeply
  32. Diamond put Aria down. "Well first Amethyst used Hypnosis, which made you fall asleep, than I carried you, while you took a nap. Eh don't worry about it. It was an accident. I guess Hypnosis effect world for a shorter time on other humans." Diamond smiled. He grabbed the sleeping Elekid, and Magby. "Here, can you hold one?" Diamond asked.
  33. Aria smiled then she yawned"opps...but yeah ill hold one "she took the magby "your welcome Diamond "she smiled
  34. "OK, it's almost 8:00 she should be here eventually." Diamond sighed with relief. "Diamond grabbed Smoochum. "Now we wait!" Diamond sighed.

    (OOC: may not reply, I'm off to party, but I may reply is there's wifi there! Don't stop! :))
  35. "yeah now we wait"she leaned on his shoulder "i like working with you Diamond...its fun" she smiled at him. Snow walked to them and she made a heart with her paws and she smiled at the two

    (OOC: Ok, Have fun, and i wont, Haa)
  36. "NoNoNo! We're not dating, Snow. We're just friends." Diamond smiled. "Right, Aria?" Diamond asked. A bell rang. "Oh, the Trainer is here! Cmon, Aria!" Diamond said, walking to the entrance, holding Elekid, and Smoochum. He gave her the the two along with thier Pokeballs
  37. "yeah just friends "she picked up Snow "stop it...thats embrassing "she said to her Glaseon then she followed Diamond. "Here you go " Aria said, Walking to the entrance, holding Magby. she gave her the little guy and with its pokeball.
  38. "OK, it's almost Midnight. Im going to sleep." Diamond yawned. He returned Midnight, and started locking up, until he realised the door was slammed open, almost broken. "Apparently Im not sleeping tonight." Diamond yawned.
  39. Aira smiled "hey go home and sleep...ill say here over night and ill watch it "she smiled then she looked at the door "how did it break"
  40. "NoNoNo, don't worry, this is my Ranch anyways. This sorta thing happens alot of times. And I think she slammed it open too hard." Diamond sighed. One hinge had been broken off, and the door's back side had a giant hole.
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