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Ask to Join The Dark Mirror

Discussion in 'Pokémon Role Play' started by Mr Fishykarp, Mar 24, 2017.

  1. Discussion: https://pokecharms.com/threads/the-dark-mirror.15958/

    Those who can post
    @Mr Fishykarp

    As you are probably aware, you are receiving this message because you have a certain set of skills that we, the country needs. A skill in training that not many have. As you probably know, a group known as Dark Mirror has been terrorising the Kanto-Johto Region, indiscriminately killing and robbing anybody they please. In the past, our Police Forces have clashed with the Dark Mirror, however anybody who plots against them has been found "Replaced".

    The Dark Mirror seems to have mastered an unknown technique to create a... clone of anybody, with the memories and skills of the original. They seem to be attempting to "Replace" everyone in a position of power, already three Police Chiefs and a few Gym Leaders have been revealed as false, and whenever we catch one, two more pop up somewhere else.

    People are scared, not knowing who to trust. They see deceit and superstition at every corner. For this reason, the Dark Mirror must be traced to its roots and destroyed. Your mission is simple,
    Destroy Dark Mirror.

    -Blue Oak, Kanto Johto Gym Leader/Elite Four Alliance-

    The young gym leader typed on his computer, he had his mouse over the "Send" button when he was interrupted
    "Master Blue, are you sure this is wise?" a deep voice inquired "this may just spread more panic"
    "We have no other choice" another, older voice replied from the other side of the room "Bruno my friend, if the situation were not this serious, I wouldn't have had to be dragged out of retirement just to fix it."

    They both turned as Blue stood up
    "Agatha is right" he said "Gold has disappeared, we've lost contact with Lance and Red is still Arceus knows where. We need all the help we can get"
    "But surely there are none greater than us" Bruno said in disbelief "we are the Elite Four for a reason"
    Blue nodded "But Dark Mirror agents outnumber us one hundred to one, how would you fare against a hundred men?"
    "But it isn't just us" Bunro protested "we have fourteen Gym Leaders and Four Elite Four Members, and that isn't counting the ones out of retirement or"

    "Three elite four members" Blue said "didn't you hear? Fighting Master Bruno was found dead two weeks ago, his body uncerimoniously dumped in Viridian Forest"
    Bruno stared "but I'm right here"
    Agatha shook her head "oh no you aren't, what we are seeing in front of us, IS A FAKE!"
    "Bruno"'s eyes widened and he turned to run away, but he found his legs frozen solid. He could only watch as Elite Four Loreli came laughing out of the shadows
    "The real Bruno could have seen that coming from a mile away" she said sternly, as if reprimanding a small child "guess that's the problem with being an unfeeling clone, you can't feel the cold"
    False Bruno screamed in agony as he began to split into whisps of black mist, melting as if out of nowhere
    "Self Terminate" Blue said in disgust "programmed into all Dark Clones"
    Soon all that was left was the chunk of ice

    There was a moment of silence "He was a good man" Blue said quietly at last, and the other two Elite Four members nodded in silent agreement.

    Agatha was the one who broke the silence, turning to blue. "You are becoming more like your Grandfather every day" she laughed "how is the old man?"
    "Not good" Blue sighed "He is getting more ill every day. I feel that soon I may have to give up the Gym Leader position to take his place as the professor"
    "Well, no time to dwell on it now" Blue said "we all know what we have to do, hopefully these recruits will be able to help us defeat the mirrors"


    "Hey thanks again" the former Gym Leader of Viridian City said to the elderly man "for taking care of gramps and now this"
    The older man shook his head "Oak gave me the Pokémon to begin my journey, i owe a lot to him, even if that means taking over his grandson's gym so he can take care of him"
    Both turned or Richard Whitman, who was outside, unaware of the going ons inside
    "I saw your e-mail" the older man said "my nephew was so excited, and I can't blame him, it's not every day you get an email from Blue Oak himself"
    "Maybe I should talk to him" Blue said, a faint smile appearing on his lips, but the other man shook his head
    "My nephew would have a heart attack" he laughed "take the back exit if possible"
    Blue nodded and exited.

    The old man exited the Gym, and spoke to his nephew "hey bud" he whispered "you excited?"
    "I'm not a little kid anymore grandpa!" Richard complained "I have four Pokémon!"
    "One of which i gave to you, another Oak did, and another you found gouging itself on your lunch" Richard's uncle joked
    Richard shouted angrily "so? How is that any less of an accomplishment? I even got the sandwich back!"
    "Slow down kiddo" Richard's uncle laughed "it was a joke, now good luck"

    Richard nodded "ok", and ran off like an excited little kid, not once looking back
    Back at the gym, Richard's uncle shook his head "this was a big mistake" he thought to himself "hope he'all be alright"
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  2. Lilah sighed heavily, breath fogging up the window as the green scenery passed in a blur. She was feeling quite restless, but they should be arriving at any minute. She read over her email again thoughtfully. It seemed like Kanto was the hotspot in Mirror activity, curiously enough. Sure, it had moved as far west as at least Johto, but perhaps there was something specific in Kanto that attracted them? She couldn't be sure at all. And Arceus, where could she start?

    After all, she had gotten no information from Jeremy's doppelgänger, who'd essentially disintegrated when she had cornered him in his office with a group of security guards. It had been two months since then, and who knows how long since her brother's actual disappearance, she recalled, and she was beginning to lose hope. She'd heard that police were beginning to find the bodies of those who had been cloned, and she knew that this meant Jeremy was likely going to be among them. There was only one thing for her to do now, and she hoped that she could help this Blue Oak, who appeared to share her goals.

    She banished those thoughts quickly as she noticed tears welling in her eyes, instead smiling down at Luka and ruffling the fur on her head. The Ninetales looked up with a sleepy expression before the conductor's voice broke in over the intercom.

    We will soon be arriving at our next stop within the next few minutes," the male voice said. "Please be sure you have taken all belongings, and watch your head on the luggage rack.

    Lilah lifted the duffel bag she'd brought from the seat beside her, and the pair disembarked the small train soon after. It was quite the walk to where she was going, but she took the time to take in the scenery. She wasn't normally one to be sentimental over nature, but she had been spending too much of her time in crowded cities and traveling, and the Viridian area really did live up to its name. She had been trying to distract herself from her own thoughts, and it had worn her down a little. It was... nice to be able to relax and just walk, which was why she had elected not to fly with Gem this time. The bird Pokemon could use a break, after all. She'd decided not to wear her sunglasses either, instead letting the breeze hit her bare face.

    As she hit Viridian's Main street, Lilah saw a young man running and just managed to sidestep him as he rushed past. She blinked curiously after him before shrugging to herself and continuing on her way.
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  3. The man rushed towards the man wearing black, Xavier Slade. Xavier caught the man's wrist and spun him around. He raised his foot and kicked him in the back. The attacking man fell to the ground. Soon a woman walked in. "Mr. Slade, you have a urgent message," she said.

    "Can it wait?" Xavier asked, grabbing the man's wrist, who had stood back up. He tossed the man across the room, "I'm busy right now, if you can't tell."

    "It's from Blue," she said. Xavier glared at her and said to the man, "Mr. Stark, we're done here." He left the room, and exited the room. The women was pointing to a computer who had lit up with a recent e-mail. He checked it and read it to himself. "So it's finally time," he said walking away. He quickly memorized the e-mail and deleted it. No use in letting anyone who wasn't intended to read it, read it. He closed the laptop, and exited the building. He needed intelligence. He decided to visit the Viridan City gym. He would interrogate the gym leader, to start things off. Any scrap if info could help. Then he would give Blue a visit, to get any extra information that could be provided.

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