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The Curse of Greensville

Discussion in 'Creative Archive' started by Ked, Oct 16, 2010.

  1. Ked


    OOC: A little fic I wanted to write. Greensville is just a random name I thought of, it might be real though. I don't know. I'm also trying to improve my writing, so some of it might not be very good :/


    Thalia was your normal girl. She went to school, played games, and had fun. At least, that was until it happened. That changed her life forever...

    Thalia had long black hair, briefly fifteen inches long, that ran down her back and fell over her face. She usually wore bootcut jeans, white sneakers, and a hooded sweatshirt. That day was like any normal day in Greensville, cold, wet, and rainy. The sun was hidden behind thick, grey clouds. A steady sheet of heavy rain fell from above, pounding everything below.

    Splish, splosh, splish, splosh

    Thalia's dark blue sneakers sloshed through the flooded street; the bottoms of her jeans soaked and muddy from the deep water. The grey hood of her sweatshirt covered her face, and shielded her from the endless rain. She was used to this kind of weather, as it was like this every day.

    The dim street lights made the flood water glimmer. This sight enlightened Thalia's mood. Quickly, she smiled and then ooked away. Water making her happy would ruin her school reputation, not that is was good or anything.

    Thalia climbed onto the front stoop of her house and rambled through her pockets for the key. She found the small metal object and stabbed it into the tiny keyhole. Thalia jerked her hand to the right as she opened the heavy door. She shoved the door open with her wet shoulder. The door creaked as it opened, revealing a dimly light room, a room Thalia called home.

    Thalia stepped inside and quickly closed the door; some would of thought it was to keep water, or bugs out. Really, it was to keep him out.

    "Hello, Thalia," a tiny, doll-like voice said from behind Thalia's back, "Welcome home!"

    Thalia whipped around, her eyes filled with fear.

    "I've been waiting for you," the voice squeaked, this time closer and louder.

    A bright flash of lightning lit up the room, bringing a tiny man into view. When Thalia saw the man she immediately froze with fear and shock. He was dressed in a bright green shirt and baggy, brown corduroy pants. His face was smiling and twisted. A light brown curl hung inbetween his eyes.

    "H-How," Thalia gasped, "How did you get here?"

    "Simple!" the tiny voice replied, "Very simple!"

    A deafening siren broke the silence that filled the dark room; followed by a flashing blue light.

    "Secure the area!" a voice boomed, it sounded like a megaphone, "I repeat, secure the area!"

    The tiny man looked around, panicked.

    "I'll see you later!" he croaked, his voice getting lower and lower as he crept into the shadows.

    Just as the man was completely shrouded in darkness a man ran into the room, his rippling musles tense after knocking the door down.

    "Where'd he go?!" the man cried, he was dressed in a police uniform, "Oh no! She was caught!"

    He reached out and toouced the stone statue, Thalia. The man's face instantly became sad, he lowered his head.

    "She's been caught," he whispered quietly.

    "Not another?!" the mayor of Greensville shouted in shock, "Something must be done!"

    The other man that had found the hardened Thalia shook his head, and then held it in his palm.

    "Ain't nothin' to be done," the police officer replied as he shook his head, "Ain't nothin'."

    The mayor shot back in his chair and hit the beautifully decorated wall, leaving a rip in the wallpaper, "I have an idea!"
  2. Ked


    ~Chapter 1~

    I large crowd of people gathered around a wooden podium, waiting for the mayor to start his speech. A cool breeze swept over the crowd, bringing the temperature down to thirty-five degrees. Most of the people, residents of Greensville and other surrounding towns, wore heavy coats, warm gloves, and furlined hats.

    The mayor cleared his throat, he was about to start his meaningful speech.

    "Hello people of Greensville," the mayor said gruffly, "I am Mayor Reed, the mayor of Greensville."

    The crowd's murmering came to a halt as Mayor Reed began to speak. He was a short, stocky man. He had a black handlebar mustache and short black hair. His eyebrows were thick, and made him look very serious. On that particular day, he wore a dark brown trench coat, creased brown suit pants, brown leather gloves, and a brown fedora, which had a black ribbon tied around it.

    "As we all know," Reed continued, "There have been some incidents going on around here."

    The crowd gasped and began to mumble and murmer again.

    "Ahem," the mayor said, "Let me continue."

    The crowd stopped murmering.

    "The latest incident was last night. the tiny man struck a fourteen year old gear, an orphan," Mayor Reed continued, "This girl was the daughter of mister and misses Benningfield, people who most of you should know, as they were the first victims of this horrid rampage."

    Everyone in the crowd nodded, excluding the young children and babies, as they were too young to know. Some people took out a tissue and wiped the tears from thier eyes, others just looked blankly at the sky.

    "This incident happened at exactly six forty-five in the evening," the mayor said, at this points his voice was cracking, "She was discovered, hard as stone, by officer Darrel Nomin."

    Everyone turned thier heads to the officer as he took off his hat, a white and navy blue police cap with the Greendville spruce on the front.

    "Like in other occasions," Reed started again, "No traces of the tiny man were found

    The crowd gasped again, this time thier eyes wide and shining.

    "Someone has captured a picture of this tiny man," Reed said happily, trying to enlighten the people in the crowd, "And that picture is here with us today!"

    Mayor Reed pushed a button on his podium. A huge piece of laminated paper rolled down from the ceiling, it had a tiny man pictured on it, the same man that had turned Thalia to stone!

    The crowd gasped at the sight of the tiny man. He had a crooked, toothless smile, a light brown curl that fell in front of his hideous face, a white shirt with red stripes, blue jeans, and huge black eyes.

    "Hmm," a tiny voice said from behind the crowd, "I wonder who that could be."

    The people of the crowd whipped around, thier eyes bulging with fear and panic. They were frozen with shock and fear, including Mayor Reed and Officer Nomin.

    "I didn't know I had so many adoring fans," the tiny man said happily as he stared at the crowd, his eyes growing larger and larger as he stared, "Too bad they all have to be turned to stone!"

    The people began making strange crackling noises as the turned hard and grey, turning to stone.

    "Wha?!" a newscaster said as she ws broacasting the speech live, "What just happened?!"

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