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Private/Closed The Crossover Singularity

Discussion in 'General Role Play Discussion' started by Dwayna DragonFire, Jan 7, 2019.

  1. Dwayna DragonFire

    Dwayna DragonFire 2014 Little Cup Champion

    Everything was as it should be. You were in your original universe with its original laws of operation. Whatever it was named and however it was experienced, you were a regular part of it.

    Then, suddenly, it happened. A strange portal opened up and you weren't home anymore (though, it appears, this isn't Kansas either). You were on a strange planet called Earth - a much different Earth for some - and there wasn't any such thing as magic (if magic happened to be the norm). Instead, there was mundane humans toying around with strange things called computers, and they seemed to have a familiarity with your world.

    They called it fictional when you knew it to be all too real, and whats more was that some of the humans had written stories about your world called 'fanfiction'. With such a weird culture surrounding you, you can't help but to think that there's no place like home. But unlike in the Wizard of Oz, you can't just click your heels together and wish it to be true. You're going to have to potentially team up with other weird strangers from other worlds to figure it out. This could potentially lead to some weird situations likened to a fighting game that these humans have apparently made.

    Much crossover. Such effort. Wow.


    After a bit of discussion, the regulars have agreed to try something a little more casual and fun. This RP is going to include meta-commentary, memes and all sorts of ways of making fun of our favorite franchises.

    The way this is going to work is that you're going to take a regular RP profile and basically make a character from a favorite game, anime or other fictional universe. If it's a character from a game where you can customize your character, for instance, you can make a main character that you would usually play in that universe. If it's from a book or anime, non-canon characters are encouraged (but you can feel free to try to take on the mantle of a favorite character as well). So long as the character fits in the particular universe you originate from, it's allowed.

    However, despite the comedic overtones, this RP is still going to be a little bit serious. The main goal is to try to return home from Earth. How will you do this, and how will you interact with characters from another strange universe? That is the main drawing point of this RP.

    With that being said, I hope we all have fun with this concept. Please feel free to leave your suggestions if you think it would enhance the RP. This is a discussion thread, after all.
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  2. Mr.RMA

    Mr.RMA Magearna before it was cool

    Alrighty, I think I've got a character put together for this little crossover shindig. Hopefully this all makes a semblance of sense:

    Name: Captain Vinter

    Species: Koppaite

    Universe of Origin: Pikmin Universe

    Appearance: Though mysteriously upscaled drastically to human proportions, rather than retaining his normal size comparative to that of a nickel coin, Vinter is still a somewhat short fellow, standing at about 4 feet even. His hair is black and crew cut. As a Koppaite, his head and nose are somewhat larger than that of an Earthling, and his brown eyes appear perpetually wide-open in his neutral state. His build is fairly light, nonetheless with the musculature of someone who routinely exercises, but none of this is likely to be noticeable to most, as he is almost always wearing his spacesuit. The spacesuit, a common Koppai design with a black lapel and gloves, is a necessity, as the amount of oxygen on Earth is harmful for Vinter to inhale unfiltered for a prolonged duration. The suit houses a whistle within its helmet, and also appears to use some sort of radio system for Vinter to easily communicate without having to remove it. Attached to the helmet is an antenna with a globe of violet light at the top.

    The Pikmin: Plant-like beings that come in an assortment of colors and shapes denoting their plethora of various specialties. Pikmin, so named after a type of carrot their initial discoverer noted their similarity towards, are a peculiarly subservient species that seem adamant in obeying and following whoever first uproots them. One might assume these creatures are naturally disorganized and seek a leader for their survival, though one shouldn’t underestimate their capabilities from such initial appearances. When the Pikmin are properly organized, they can easily swarm and overwhelm predatory or otherwise aggressive forces with alarming proficiency. The leaves on their antennae will gradually develop into buds and then fully bloomed flowers as they mature and grow in strength. The Pikmin reproduce by creating more Pikmin seeds from the remains of their enemies which are reconstituted through flying machines known as Onions. The very same Onion ships are used to house the Pikmin at the end of the day to hide from predators.

    The Pikmin currently working with Vinter consist of fire-resistant Red Pikmin, electrical-resistant Yellow Pikmin, waterproof Blue Pikmin, weighty Purple Pikmin, and flying Winged Pikmin. Unfortunately, he currently only has one of each still following him after whatever incident brought them all to Earth.

    History: Vinter once spent his days as little more than a lowly postal worker in his local region of the planet Koppai, mostly serving as the middleman for the larger and more notable shipping companies that were themselves merely branches of interstellar organizations that spanned lightyears. After the worldwide threat of food shortage was ultimately averted, it likely seemed most of the planet was happy to continue on with their lives as normal, but the management of Vinter’s employment weren’t satisfied. They desired more than the rationed fruit supplies granted to them, and, knowing they couldn’t simply request more of the invaluable resources, decided to take matters into their own hands. Constructing a number of mass-produced ships, they began “promoting” their most expendable workers with piloting skills in order to have them bring in additional shipments of fruits from the source planet, the highly dangerous distant world designated as PNF-404, the world of the Pikmin and their numerous predators.
    Those in Vinter’s position were given two choices in the matter: Risk life and limb on PNF-404, armed only with the knowledge and public recordings of past explorers, or be fired. Unsurprisingly, most of his peers tried their luck with unemployment, but Vinter, for whatever reason, decided to take up the task. Whether it was a once-suppressed desire to explore brought out within him, or simply a desperation to keep the one job he’s ever managed to hold down, he eventually found himself landing on the distant planet, and soon enough became acquainted with the Pikmin species as he took to exploring. Like those that came before him, he seemed to take to commanding the plant-like creatures quite efficiently, and it appeared he’d ultimately be able to return to Koppai successfully… but then, at the end of one particular day, as his ship and the Onions reached low orbit… something suddenly pulled them all away from the world in a sudden instant. The next thing Vinter and his surviving few Pikmin companions knew, he was on a different world entirely… or… was he really? It sure seemed to take some similarities from PNF-404 in a number of ways… outside of the various humanoids milling about… and everything suddenly seemed far less… gigantic.
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  3. Name: Wyoming Wright
    Age: 24

    Universe of Origin: Marvel

    Appearance: 6'0", athletically built. He has decently tan skin (due to mixed heritage), jet-black hair and brown eyes. He keeps some tightly trimmed stubble on his face, and he has a notable horizontal scar over the bridge of his nose.

    Skills: Wyoming's incredibly skilled with his winged flight-suit, which can carry him extended distances at speeds of up to 300 km/h and has excellent maneuverability, but doesn't protect him from the G-forces of particularly tight turns. The wings have razor-sharp edges that have their use in combat, and are tough enough to resist small arms fire. He's an accomplished marksman with a preference for a single pistol or his arm-mounted dual SMGs. He was trained to be a skilled combat tactician, usually keeping an aerial overview of the battle and assisting where necessary.

    In an alternate reality of Earth, Wyoming Wright was second-in-command to the Avenger Sam Wilson, or "Falcon". Wyoming had showed promise as a fighter at a training facility for paramilitary peacekeeprs, and had had the goal of joining the Avengers' ranks since witnessing the Battle of New York. When Steve Rogers fell ill to the delayed side effects of the serum, Sam Wilson took over over the mantle of Captain America- and requested of Wyoming, whom he'd been personally training, to consider taking his place as the Falcon.

    Wyoming jumped at the chance, but when faced with the gritty reality of vigilante warfare, began to lose resolve and wondered whether he was ready for the responsibility after all. Before he had time to reach any decision a mystical event shifted him to a reality where parts of his former life were pure fiction. He worries immensely about the state of his world in his absence, and has dedicated himself to making his way back, even if it means teaming up with other "fictional" characters.
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  4. StellarWind Elsydeon

    StellarWind Elsydeon Armblades Ascendant
    Staff Member Administrator

    Ah, what the hell. Might as well throw these two loons back into the fray, in a setting where they've already had Everything Happen To Them so they have even MORE snark to unleash on the unhappy world.

    Name: Reid Arden and Floramon
    Age: He's 19. She's a bit of an unknown, but do Digimon even have ages?

    Universe of Origin: Digimon

    Appearance: Reid stands at about 1.75m tall, with steel-blue eyes and roughly shoulder-length hair, dark brown with tips fading to white - usually tied back in a ponytail and having prominent bangs.Typically he wears blue jeans, a reddish-orange shirt, black fingerless gloves, a belt with a silver military-style buckler and a jacket somewhat themed after Anomalocarimon. A white and sea-green D-Power-type Digivice and a deck of cards are typically clipped to his belt.

    Floramon - at least, as far as appearances go - is a typical example of her kind - An anthropomorphic, somewhat reptillian looking plant creature, about 1.05m tall, with large blue eyes, legs tipped with a cluster of roots, white-and-purple flowers with long, prehensile yellow tendrils growing from their center serving as arms and what almost seems like a helmet of red petals, framed by a ring of different petals surrounding her head. She typically maintains this form as it is fairly energy-efficient, but should the situation require, she can Digivolve into a variety of other forms.

    Reid is an artist, a palaeobiology nerd and has a knack for figuring out creative ways to turn the tide of a battle through turning the opponent's strengths against them and implementing Card-Slash based modifications to Floramon and her myriad forms. Floramon - while not obsessed with battling as some Digimon are - quite enjoys battling a worthy opponent, and utilizes a variety of attack and support techniques. While typically Floramon does the physical part of the fighting in whatever form appropriate for the battle in terms of power level - should the situation call for it, the two may unleash their true potential in combat through Biomerge Evolution - a form of fusion that both enables Floramon to reach her final evolutionary level and allows Tamer and Digimon to fight together as one. (And yes, they've heard it all before, and will most likely make the 'fusion' jokes before you get to.)

    Reid and Floramon have been through a hell of a lot together. The last three years of their lives have been quite the whirlwind - full of trials, tribulations, battles and the occasional near-death experience. From their fateful encounter when the Digimon emerged in Field, British Columbia - locked in combat with a Lynxmon - and formed a partnership with the human, through the two years of battling random emergences in the area as the barrier between the Real and Digital world weakened due to experiments conducted by a large corporation - and finally to the chaos that ensued when the very same corporation attempted selling Digimon shell programs wrapped around artificial digicores and their artificial safety features inevitably failed, wherein they became involved with an incredibly loosely associated group of other Digimon Tamers who worked to save both worlds from the implications - the two have grown very close, often keeping each other stable when everything else seemed to go mad around them - and after nearly losing each other to a fatal data-degrading virus - the two became practically inseparable.

    With the situation on their version of Earth finally resolved and the future of Digimon in the "Real World" being very much in question, however, Reid and Floramon's days together seemed numbered... At least, until they were whisked away into an alternate reality where Digimon actually were a fictional construct of a multi-million dollar toy company as opposed to actual beings that were co-opted by a multi-million dollar toy company to disastrous results. This was honestly the last thing they expected following the dimensional shenanigans they have already been through... and they expected running into other victims of these new dimensional shenanigans - ones whose universes of origin were even wilder and more different than their own - even less. They are not exactly sure how they feel about this entire situation, but at least they have each other.
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  5. Dwayna DragonFire

    Dwayna DragonFire 2014 Little Cup Champion

    May as well post my own as well.

    Name: Sophia Reiter
    Age: 30
    Species: Human

    Universe of Origin: Dragon Age

    Appearance: A pale-skinned woman of roughly average human height and weight, Sophia Reiter has short dark hair and amber eyes. She is not very muscular, but she also sports no scarring. Sophia almost always carries her mage staff, curled at the top and holding a circular gem.
    The top part of her long robe is mostly purple in color with brown underneath, the seam of which runs around her chest in a defining manner from the collar down, which is further defined by golden lines that curve around the top of the chest. From her collar sprouts a few small golden lines that make it look vaguely like a sun; white seams and small bolts on her shoulders betraying light metal shoulder pads sewn in.
    The lower part of her robe has multiple segments to it, not including the black shoes that she wears. The belt that keeps everything in place at her hips has two black straps and is kept fastened to a large golden buckle, roughly oval in shape and sporting a sun motif. Just underneath that, but on top of the layers of black and brown cloth is a long rectangular segment the stretches from just above her waist to about knee height. It is bordered by black and has a white interior that curves up from a triangular point near the bottom. Inside this white space is a long purple stripe down the middle from which lines of golden swirls sprout in intervals.

    Skills: Sophia is particularly proficient in healing, to the point where she can revive someone from near death. She has also studied the other areas of Creation magic, which makes her able to buff others either offensively or defensively as well as allowing her to summon some things. She is proficient enough to teach others with the skill for magic; knows how to make lyrium potions, and other alchemical and herbal tricks and tips - at least, from her world.

    History: Born in Ferelden in 9:10 Dragon, Sophia was raised into a regular family in the city of Lothering - at least until the age of eight, when it was discovered that she was a mage when she healed a boys wounds. In the overarching culture of the Andrastian Chantry, this meant that she would be sent to the Circle of Mages, where she would be watched and scrutinized at every turn by Templars to make sure that she wouldn't become a demon. To little surprise, she found herself most proficient at healing, but she could also do other forms of magic with study. Succeeding in her Harrowing when she was 20 years of age, everything changed when the Fifth Blight began. Not only was her home city destroyed in a Darkspawn assault, but the Circle Tower of Lake Calenhad suddenly became host to demons and abominations when the senior enchanter Uldred became possessed. It was only thanks to the infamous Grey Wardens that they were spared their lives. In turn, the mages helped them to defeat the Archdemon, through which Sophia survived.

    The Fifth Blight ended in the early months of 9:31 Dragon, meaning some barely knew it existed whilst others were heavily effected. Still stuck within the confines of the circle a few years after the battle, Sophia had enough experience to become an enchanter instead of a mere apprentice, then more of a teacher for the Creation school of magic within the circle. That was at least until 9:37 Dragon, when the Kirkwall rebellion broke out after a mage had destroyed the Chantry there. Many mages had enough of living under what was essentially martial law, and Sophia was one of them. She escaped the tower with some of her friends, effectively becoming an apostate mage as she rebelled against those that had kept her captive for so long.

    However, it seemed that was not to be her lot in life for very long. A few years later whilst investigating some ruins, her friends stumbled onto an Eluvian; a magic mirror from ancient elven times, used to travel between their cities. Her and her mage friends made it work, and she was the first to step through. But something went wrong with the process, as she soon found herself falling - not into elven roads, but into another world full of strange people and strange things. Not only that, but none of her friend had seemed to follow. One thing was for certain... She wasn't in Thedas anymore.
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