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Open The Crisis Crew (Superhero RP)

Discussion in 'General Role Play' started by DopeLeafeon470, Oct 26, 2017.

  1. Welcome to Hex City! A fun place to be...unless you're a villain! But leave it up to the Crisis Crew to save the city! Led by the brave Metal Arm...but heroes are wanted!

    -Fine, you can be edgy. Buy joke's on you when no one cares about your dead parents.
    -At least one other hero and one villain is required the start the RP.
    -No swearing unless you absolutely must.
    -No Superboys, please.
    -being the weirdo I am, I SUPPORT SHIPS.
    To let me know you've read the rules, say Tubba Blubba.

    Name: Martin Adams
    Superhero Name: Metal Arm
    Age: 14
    Superpower: His...er...metal arm can serve almost any purpose, including a discount Mega Buster and a built-in toolbox.
    Appearance: Blond hair, metal mask, iron suit to fit his arm.
    Origin: Lost his parents in a train crash, as well as his arm, which was replaced with a malfunctioning robot. And ta-da! Superhero!
    Alliance: Good (Or Evil...or Neutral)
    Personality: Laid back and loves chilling with his buds.
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  2. Hallo I would like to join

    Name: Crash Drake

    Superhero name: Star kid

    Age: 13

    Powers: Can fly, can make a force field, and can blast with lightning. He gets his powers from his yellow watch.

    Appearance: Yellow hair, orange mask, yellow suit, white cape

    Origin: Found watch at a old store that mysteriously closed the next day he bought the watch. Has just found out he has super powers

    Alliance: Good

    Personality: A shy kid with a strange other side and also likes tubba blubba
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  3. Sounds fun!

    Name: Dylan Sage
    Superhero Name: Twilight Assassin
    Age: 17
    Superpower: Dylan is able to manipulate his life energy do greatly increase his stats like attack, speed, and endurance. His "aura" takes on an indigo hue.
    Appearance: Dylan has jet black hair roughly brushed to the left, and a muscular physique. He wears a black trench coat, black trousers, and black boots (it's not a phase), and brandishes a lightweight Jin sword with a smooth polished wooden hilt.
    Origin: Dylan had his family, a mother, father, and a younger sister, taken from him when he was 12, and he swore a personal oath of vengeance. Taken in by an assassin, Dylan underwent brutal training and torture that could be fatal to an ordinary man, learning to harness his energy. When Dylan turned 15, the assassin who took him under his wing was revealed to be the man who had killed his family. Dylan, in his rage, lashed out at the assassin, and killed him in less than a second by snapping his teacher's neck. Now, Dylan lives a life of solitude in Hex City, defending the city from villains looking for trouble.
    Alliance: Good
    Personality: Doesn't prefer to socialize, has an intense aura (literally ecks dee) around him.

    tubba blubba xP
  4. Tubba Blubba

    Gavin Andrews
    Superhero Name: None Yet
    Age: 15
    Superpower: Super-Speed
    Appearance: Gavin wears nothing short of a black hoodie and joggers with sneakers. Gavin has a slender build, tanned skin and dirty-blonde hair that is cut short and spiked slightly to the front. His left eye is yellow while the other is green.
    Origin: Gavin had a less than perfect life, he grew up poor. And when his father died he just got poorer, he rarely had enough to eat but it bothered him even more that his family was starving. He began a habit of stealing, and lying to his mother about where he got the food from. He went form food to jewels and money, and learned to be quite good at it- although the main reason he wasn't caught was his amazing speed. Within human limits, he was still very fast- and one day while running from the cops he fell into a puddle and swallowed something he couldn't identify- from that day forward he's had amazing speed.
    Alliance: Neutral (leans more towards evil)
    Personality: Gavin is cocky and reckless, he could care less for anyone but himself- or so it seems. Despite his brash and selfish exterior, he is extremely tenacious and determined and has an under-lying purpose of helping others.

    Kayla Geronti
    Superhero Name: Bubbles
    Age: 14
    Superpower: Bubbles; Can create and control sticky bubbles of a strange blue liquid
    Appearance: Kayla's uniform consist of a pink mask and cap as well as blue gloves and boots on top of a white, rubber suit. Her hair is black and curly, set in a high pony-tail that bounces around her shoulders, her skin is pale and freckles dot her cheeks just below her bright blue eyes.
    Origin: Kayla grew up a fine life, she always had an addiction to Chewing gum but never thought much of it. One day while blowing a bubble it detached and floated into the air before sticking to a tree, for all she knows the cause could have been anything- but she soon learned how to control it and even create bubbles without chewing gum.
    Alliance: Good
    Personality: Kayla is an extremely optimistic and outgoing person, she has tons of positive energy and loves sharing it with the world. She works great with other's but hates nothing more than being ignored.
  5. Name: Hal Randold
    Superhero Name: Sharp Eye
    Age: 16
    Superpower: His eyes are basically computers, allowing all information to be shown immediately for any situation. It allows him to move extremely fast, almost seeing the future. It also prevents him from missing anything.
    Appearance: Greased back black hair. He wears a black suit with goggles that have a glowing blue bar across the middle. He is extremely pale, and lives in the shadows.
    Origin: Hal, as a child, was the Worlds first cyborg human. He had a computer installed in his sight part of his brain. A glitch in the system caused his mind to go rouge, making his mind to loose the ability to tell right from wrong. The glitch formed it's own independent mind after a while, still under Hal's control, and acts as a second mind. The glitches name is G.
    Alliance: Bad, but doesn't realize that it is bad.
    Personality. Straight forward, and honest. Most of the time. His mind changes personalities over time, as a result from the glitch. G helps Hal work, and talk normally, because his mind runs on a completely different pane than other minds. Hal doesn't talk much.
  6. Jesus! That's a lot of people! I guess we should start!

    Martin jumped across the city. He heard there was trouble at the bank, and was positive it was someone troublesome. Duh. He looked around, making sure no one saw him, then pressed a button that turned him into Metal Arm. Then he saw another suspicious person. Maybe it was another superhero! He jumped down, saying "You know Volkswagons don't always have hubcaps." He joked.
  7. Dylan was leaning against a building in an alley, meditating. Suddenly, he heard someone crash to the ground and make a quip. Dylan paid no attention and continued meditating, but also waiting to see what would happen.
  8. "Uhh...o-Kay?" He asked as he ran towards the bank. But he coughed badly a few times. That's right. I have a cold...I can't solve crime alone in this state. He sighed. There had to be someone else out there who could take care of it. He ran to the rescue. "Hold it right there, thieves! Those pieces of paper aren't going anywhere!" He said, switching his arm to his knockoff Mega Buster and started shooting. The bandits dived behind cover. "Have it your way then." He said, as he switched his arm to a homing handcuff shooter. He shot one...but he forgot to reload. "Shoot! I left the ammo back at the base!" He said, switching his arm to his grappling hook and using it on a truck, which he then launched at them. They were already in their escape cars, though. They sped away, leaving a cloud of smoke behind them. Metal Arm coughed again for the dust. "Ugh. I'll never catch them now..." he sighed.
  9. Hal was sitting on the rooftop before the bank. Watching as the thiefs ran off, he said to G, "They got it easy. Way down?" Light pole to light pole. Was the answer. Hal lept down following G's instructions on how to reach them. As his visor glowed neon blue, he was able to predict all their movements. Hal landed right in front of them, and stomped onto a manhole cover. It flew into the air, and Hal slammed his arm into it, causing it to fly right into the thiefs. He ran over and picked the cash up from them, and ran into an alley to dodge cops. They aren't a problem, just a major hassle.
  10. Metal Arm noticed that cops were being taken out. "Hey, where do you think you're going?" He asked, shooting more at the guy with the eyes glowing neon blue than the bandits. "Drop the money, it's coming with me!"

    (I added something to the rules by the way)
  11. Hal turned quickly to see a person shooting at him. "Fastest way to stop it?" He asked G. Hit the car right there. He said, causing a target to show on the car. Hal picked up a rock, small pebble, and threw it side armed at the target. It slammed right into the center, causing the target to disappear, right as the car exploded. He then lept up to the fire excape on the building side, and started to climb up.
  12. But he didn't stop. Then he coughed again. By the time he was ready again, the guy was working on...something.
  13. More targets started to appear over Hal's vision. They were all on pressure points on the fire excape. He hit each and every one of them, stepping perfectly in line so it didn't collapse. After a while, he made it to the roof. Kicking the final target, the whole thing collapsed into the alley. Hal started to run across the buildings, roof to roof doing some pretty nice parkour.
  14. "Crap!" Said Metal Arm, as he switched his arm to a shield, as it protected him from the collapsing alley. But then he found the guy running across the roof. He sighed and rolled out of the way of the rubble. Then, he switched his arm to a grappling hook and used it to get to the top of the building. "Don't go thinking you're getting away with this!" He started running towards the cyborg.
  15. Hal turned to see the hook bring her up. G kept putting locators to allow Hal to leap from one end to another. "Keep your eyes open." He called back, and lept down into another alley. He shut off his visor, but layed on his side on the fire excape. Hal held a rock in case they saw the person jump down.
  16. Suddenly, a foot flashed into Hal's line of vision as Dylan aimed a deadly kick at the other's temple, powerful enough to knock the cyborg-ish to the ground. "You know, stealing money from a group of bank robbers only to keep it for yourself is a little messed up." Dylan pulled his foot back from the kick after it connected and stood in front of Hal, a hood covering his eyes as he twirled his sword nonchalantly.
  17. Name: Dr. Samuel Crane
    Superhero Name: Symbyote
    Age: 21
    Superpower: Comprised of a black good like substance that can be rapidly molded and hardened or liquified into any shape.
    Appearance: Black goo like humanoid with three glowing red eyes by default, but can shapeshift.
    Origin: Once a great genius scientist experimenting with a new element he created that fused with his body, giving him great powers but making him into a psychotic monster.
    Alliance: Evil
    Personality: Completely insane and violent, appears to act like a monster but has the intellect of a great scientist.

    Quickly out from a crack in the street a black substance erupted and took the form of a humanoid entity. The being rapidly extends its arm and grabs Dylan's sword arm mid-twirl. He dragged the boy towards him and lifted him up looking directly into both of his eyes with his three glowing red ones. And then a distorted voice came from his newly formed razor sharp tooth filled maw. "I'm sorry… I can't allow you to do that." Symbionts says before lifting Dylan up and slamming him repeatedly into the hard concrete with his long tentacle like arm.
  18. Hal just shock off the blow. The foot didn't hit the right spot because G had turned his head just in time. "You know, I already won." He reached over and punched a spot on the wall. The whole fire excape started to shake, and then fell. Hal jumped into a window of said building in the confusion of the falling platform.
  19. In the middle of Symbiote's third swing, Dylan's eyes flared a deep indigo as he slashed at the tentacle arm faster than the opponent could even blink. Landing on the ground, Dylan lunged forward and shot a burst of indigo energy, not enough to kill him, but stun him for a few seconds, which was what Dylan needed. He unleashed a flurry of attacks on Symbiote in rapid succession, scoring punches, kicks, and chops with deadly accuracy and strength.
  20. Metal Arm noticed the battle. Stop the creature or stop the cyborg-ish? He shook his head and ran after the cyborg-ish. He also noticed the same guy who was in the alley was fighting the creature. "Came out to play, huh?" he asked, as he switched his arm to a grappling hook and shot it at the money bags.
  21. Symbiote falls into pieces seconds after the flurry of strikes. "Grrr your not bad at all kid hehe…" Symbiote chuckles as he slowly reforms himself back to original shape. Then he notices another hero with a metallic transforming arm firing a hook. "No!" Symbiote quickly punches Dylan out of the way with a mace-like arm and then dashes at the hook quickly, biting down on the cord attaching it and trying to pull metal arm down.
  22. Metal Arm's cord broke, so he switched his arm to his buster and started shooting at the creature. "What even are you anyway?" he asked as he charged up a charge shot.
  23. Symbiote noticed the Cannon charging and burrows into the building. Moments later erupting back out behind metal arm and lunges to try and grab him from behind! "I'm the most powerful man in Hex City! Hahaha!"
  24. Hearing the burrowing behind him, Metal Arm pressed a button on his arm that made his body a decoy and his real self invisible and separated. Then he ran behind the creature, kicked it into the air, and fired a set of homing handcuffs. "Most powerful man in Hex City? We'll just see about that."
  25. Symbiote fell to the ground now laying there cuffed. "Hehe you're faster than you look. Not bad at all hehe." He grins before leaping off the building and starts makeing a run for it.
  26. "Oh, that's right, it was a 2 for 1 sale." Metal Arm switched his arm to a mystery cannon that shot a homing net. "Cuff THEN net." he ran towards the creature.
  27. "Haha it's funny that you believe that would capture me successfully hehe!" Symbiote kept running but then turned into a liquid and slid into the sewer drain, leaving the cuffs behind.
  28. Metal Arm looked over, but there was nothing but his handcuffs and a net. "Ugh." and the robber had already gotten away. Metal Arm transformed back into Martin and walked over to the other kid. "Well that was anti-climactic." he said.
  29. Name: Luke Sage
    Hero Name: N/A
    Age: 13
    Power: Peaked human abilities, including the senses. Faster reflexes, superior strength and speed, high durability, and hyper intelligence. No limit has been found yet, as he is constantly increasing these skills and abilities.
    Appearance: He's a short, scrawny kid with unkempt, jet black hair, and vibrant blue eyes. Pale skin and plenty of freckles, he seems to be maturing into the awkward teen years. Has several mysterious scars on his back. He isn't sure what caused them.
    Origin: He doesn't actually know anything about his past, or how he obtained his powers. He remembers nothing of himself from birth until age 12.
    Alliance: Good
    Personality: Luke is the rookiest of rookies. He hasn't got a clue what he's doing, dressing up in black in the middle of the night to try and save people or stop bank robberies. He's only had three encounters in a year, and come out victorious, with several cuts and bruises as he attempts to learn how to become better. He's a pretty smart kid, however, and takes schooling seriously. His inspiration is his father, who died in service of the military. Luke's mother is a supportive woman, but with a bad taste in men since Luke's father died. He can't remember anything about his father, except that he looked up to him and held him in extremely high regard.

    "Alright." Luke breathed to himself as he watched two masked men stumble out of a building, both carrying a television. "Jackpot." The kid smirked as he pulled the black ski-mask over his face and sprung into action.
    "Both of you, freeze!" He yelled, leaping out at them. They both let out a small shriek, but quickly recovered. "You have the right to remain silent." Luke growled intimidatingly.
    "You know who this little girl is?" The first man asked calmly, turning back to his partner, his voice heavy with a Russian accent. "No, cousin." The other replied, voice equally foreign.
    "I'M NOT A GIRL!" Luke yelled, and the two men laughed at this. "Oh, little boy hasn't matured yet. Little boy wants to be play hero."
    "Haha! Good one, cousin."
    Luke grit his teeth. "Last chance." He growled, and at this, the men howled with laughter. "Oh! I am sorry! I didn't realize what big strong man you are!"
    "Cousin, you are funny!"
    Luke took a step back. Surely he'd made an impact in this city? He'd fought of crime, like, what, three times? Shouldn't they be taking him seriously? Feeling a little hurt, he made no reply as the men continued to mock him. Luke was unsure of what to do, even though his brain was telling him to deliver justice, his heart told him something else, but he pushed that away. Why would thieves need mercy?
    "Here, we can turn on Barney the purple dinosaur for you." The Russian continued to mock as they set down the television. "You are too funny cousin!" The other howled, clutching his sides.
  30. By then, Hal had made it away from the battle with the cash he colected. He lept from building to building, until he made it far enough away. Slowing to a halt, he walked into an old hotel down an empty alley. This was the place he called home. Here, G lived in a computer system wirelessly. When he entered, the place roared to life. Lights went on, and AC activated as well. This was all G's doing. He tossed the cash onto a pile of things he collected, and climbed up to his room. G was removed from his brain for now, but once Hal leaves, G enters Hal's brain once more.
  31. Martin noticed he was still silent. "Okay then." he said, and jumped down from the city, breaking his fall with his arm. He noticed a boy being picked on by 2 Russian men who are stealing a TV. He sighed and walked over. "I don't wanna spoil the party or anything, but I recommend you drop the TV." he said.
  32. Who was this? Someone trying to steal Luke's show? Luke looked at the new man as he raised a finger, about ready to call that he had things under control, until he saw the glint of metal, and froze. Was this that 'Metal Arm' dude? If so, Luke could feel excitement bubble up in him. "No... freakin'... way..." He breathed.
    The two men turned to see Martin, and let out a laugh. "Is this your boy? Your boy is causing trouble."
    "That's right, cousin."
    The men pointed back at Luke, who grit his teeth. "I'm a hero! Not a boy!" He yelled, and leaped towards the first Russian, but miscalculated the jump.
    The Russian saw his coming down, and was quick to react as he took a few steps back, and Luke slammed into the ground. He rolled to the side and sprung back up as his wrist stung with pain. He'd landed on it wrong. 'Oh great... I'm making a fool of myself in front of the actual Martin Adams...' He thought, and grabbed his stinging wrist.
  33. Martin transformed his arm into a grappling hook and used it on the roof of a building, bringing it down onto the men. He switched his arm back to a hand, but it had a visor in it. He attached the visor and saw if they were still under it. He lifted up the stone, but there was nothing but the sewer manhole. "They can live with garbage creatures down there." he said. But they came back up and smacked him in the face. "Ow!" he said, then he started coughing again. "This dang cold!" he yelled. "Let's just finish this quick. Hey kid, wanna help me end this?" he said it because while he was fighting they wouldn't notice his coughing.
  34. "Cousin! Crazy robot man is attacking us!"
    "I know cousin!"
    "What do we do, cousin?"
    Luke looked on as he flicked his wrist, trying to block the pain, but it had already healed, his superhuman abilities including a healing factor. "These thieves-"
    "THIEVES!?" The first Russian yelled, outraged. "We are transporting televisions to a client!"
    Luke froze. Uh oh. If these guys were telling the truth, he'd just unnecessarily attacked two innocent civilians, just doing their jobs. "O-Oh my God, I-I'm so sorry-"
    "YOU HAD BETTER BE SORRY!" The Russian yelled back as he rubbed his head where some rubble had hit him as his cousin rubbed his fist, the hand he'd struck at Martin with.
  35. Martin didn't want to look like a dummy. "Uh, how can we know you're telling the truth?" he asked. "I mean, you look pretty shady..." Dang it Martin! It's gonna flood!
  36. (Are Dylan and Luke related in any way? Just wondering, cuz "Sage")

    Dylan saw a building's roof collapse in on itself from his position on the roof of a nearby building and heard shouts cut through the air. Dylan pulled the hood from his trench coat over his head to cover his eyes and jumped down, entering through the door by blasting a sphere of energy at the rocks that blocked the entrance. His visible indigo aura emanated around Dylan as he looked at the two apparent television movers, the one with the metal arm, and a timid looking boy. "What's going on here?" He asked as he unsheathed his sword and twirled it.
  37. "Only preventing a robbery from happening. What about you?" asked Martin as he pressed the button on his arm, making the metal unfold revealing his superhero self, Metal Arm.
  38. (Shit, I only just remembered you always use 'Sage'. I dunno, I guess we could turn my name steal and turn it into something good story-wise.)

    "You tell them, Cousin!"
    As the two Russians continued to yell, Luke piped up after having fallen silent. "Do you have any legal papers to prove it?" He asked them quickly as he raised his finger, signaling that he'd had an idea. The Russian men stopped, and looked at each other. "Why should we show you? I see no badge."
    "My Cousin is right."
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  39. "Do you think I'd need a badge to tell you I'm a superhero when you can just look at my accomplishments, or my alliance...heck, just look at my costume!" said Metal Arm.
  40. Dylan lunged forward, pointing his sword forward as the tip stopped a few centimeters in front of the man's throat. "No you don't, but I have a sword. A sword sharp enough to slit your jugular like a hot knife through butter, so show me the papers." Dylan's voice was quiet, but it also had a calm ferocity to it.

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