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Ask to Join The Crisis Crew 2: A New Threat

Discussion in 'General Role Play' started by DopeLeafeon470, Dec 22, 2017.

  1. It's been a while, team.
    We've fought crime on the streets for months, years even.
    But I've found something horrifying.
    And I've found evidence of who the threat may be.
    I've sent a distress signal to every corner of the universe.
    @My life is a failure
    @Il Fantasma

    And I know the only thing that can defeat it is all of us if we simply be who we were born to be, and that's superheroes.
    The world needs us again now, more than ever.

    -Metal Arm

    Welcome back to the Crisis Crew! I just saw the trailer for Avengers: Infinity War, and I was just thinking that maybe I should create a god-like being that can only be defeated by a humongous squad of superheroes.
    And that's why we're here now.
    So, again, I liked the whole idea of a bunch of superheroes against one immortal being, including some new ones we haven't seen much, and that's why I'm tagging the people who weren't in the series in the first place.
    Here are the rules.
    1. We're taking this seriously. Meaning I don't want anything like "Testicle-Man" showing up anywhere.
    2. Feel free to be creative with your hero, but also follow Rule 1, please.
    3. Follow Pokecharms rules.
    6. That moment you realize I skipped five.
    5. ...okay, enough rules.
    647. HAVE FUN!
    These are my character sheets but also the example for you.
    Name (HEROES ONLY): Martin Adams
    Hero Name: Metal Arm
    Appearance: Wears a tight gray metal-like appearance with blond hair, a metal mask, and a robot arm.
    Personality: Laid back, but caring and likes to chill with his dudes.
    Origin: Lost his arm and his parents in a car crash but learned to rewire his replacement into a weapon to help fight crime.
    Weapons: Robot Arm
    Abilities: Supersonic, On-contact, Thermal, and Nucular Grenades, tools of any kind, a sword and laser gun, and a speed modifier.
    Weakness: Can only use his arm so much.
    Allies: The Crisis Crew

    Villain Name: Overkill
    Appearance: Big and buff being, with a black robe, red cuts all over his body, and heavily equipped with murder tools of all kinds, a white mask.
    Personality: Think of the most villainous person ever and multiply it by about a billion.
    Origin: Was made fun of as a kid on his home planet Gartractor, and became a god-like being in frustration.
    Weapons: Two Katanas, Shurikens, Pistols, Spider Legs, Poison Injectors, Spiders-in-a-Can!, and of course, KNIVES!
    Abilities: All of them! ^_^
    Weakness: When someone mentions his home planet.
    Allies: (Will edit later if anyone makes a villain)
    Anyway, I'll start when I get enough people.
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    Last edited: Dec 22, 2017
  2. Metal Arm kicked down a door. "No sign of him here," he said in his comm. "Red, contact the Military, we can't let him get away!" he said. "Right away, sir," said a robotic voice. Metal Arm blasted open a few more doors. "Now...if I were a bomb, where would I be..." Metal Arm ran through the halls of the Town Hall, looking for a clue of where the bomb would be.
  3. At the top of the town hall, Shade skidded back, her purple eyes flashing. The buff man jumped onto the roof, sending a flying fist towards her. Shade dodged easily, punching the strong man three times before getting smacked across the face. As she recoiled, Lucas jumped out of her shadow, laying an ultra combo of punches on the strong man. He fell off of the roof, landing in a nearby pool. Shade smirked, jumping back down the hole. The three men the strongman had just been with were running through the hall, one just through the door at the end. Shade quickly jumped towards them, hitting one of the men with a powerful spike, causing him to fall to the ground in pain. As Shade knocked him out with a punch, Lucas pulled one of the two other men back, knocking him out as well. As Shade walked forwards menacingly, the remaining criminal held up a remote.
    "Take another step and I blow this building sky-high!" the robber said. "I press this button, the bomb goes off, and this whole building gets destroyed. Do you want that?"
    Shade smiled under her "mask", and tilted her head to the side quickly. "No. But I can still take you down."
    Shade leaped towards the criminal, throwing her cloak over him. As the criminal closed his eyes in fear and pressed the button, the signal was cut off as he was sent into the realm of B'rnadon.

    B'rnadon smiled as a man fell into his realm, the contraption in his hand breaking on impact. Shade then appeared beside the demon.
    "Now who is this?" the demon asked.
    "A criminal who attempted to set off a bomb in the town hall, killing dozens of people." Lucas replied, his eyes narrowing.
    "Ah, I see. I'll have a fun time with his punishment." B'rnadon said with a creepy smile. The last thing Shade heard before returning through her cloak and back to the human world was the man's scream of fear.
  4. Owl was in a military helicopter flying over the town hall. Her colonel had briefed her on what was happening below. "I understand, sir." Owl deployed her wings and jumped from the door of the helicopter, gliding through the air. As she looked around, she was able to make out the figure of a few people on the roof of the hall. As they disappeared into the building, Owl dived down, flying through a window and landing on the hard floor, looking around. Suddenly, a girl appeared in front of owl. They were laughing. Retracting her wings back into her suit, Owl stepped forward. "Do you mind telling me what's going on here?!" she said with an angry tone of voice.
  5. Metal Arm heard sounds on the roof. "Of course it's on the roof, where else would it be..." Metal Arm sighed, as he browsed the features on his arm. "Wrench...Lock Pick...ah! Here we go! Rocket!" he said as he selected it, as a rocket appeared on his arm and launched through the roof, then threw it at the big and buff shadow. Then he stuck the landing and a sword appeared in his hand. "I'd tell you, but I have no idea either," he said.
  6. Owl pulled out twin machetes and pointed one at each of the two figures. "State your name and purpose." She noted, glancing back and forth between the two of them. Sighing, Owl put the swords back on her pack and said, "Perhaps we got off on the wrong foot. I'm code name Owl, US Military." Owl was confused at what was happening, and a bit angry as well. People with advanced weaponry and rockets, as well as swords? We weren't in a war. What were these two doing with these weapons?
  7. "I'm Metal Arm. US...uh...teenage superhero. I'm here to stop crime and defuse the bomb that is probably going to blow up any minute now," he said. "Well...looks like you've got me," said Overkill, standing up. "Oh well. Better give up and get beaten by three children in pajamas..." he teleported away, and then there were black holes in the floor. Out of the holes came black shadow zombies. "Like I said. Let's not dawdle," he said, slashing one of them right open, then switched his arm to a cannon to blast some of them away.
  8. Owl stepped back, scared, but then she realized something. She pulled back out her twin machetes and said, "I trained for this." Owl ran forward and started slicing with strategic movements, taking out a few zombies. She hopped onto the wall, gripping it with her talons, and began to climb the wall, gripping onto the ceiling, she jumped down, gliding to the ground and smashing onto the floor, taking out a bunch of zombies with both her swords and her talons.
  9. Norou was crouched against the wall of a nearby building, spectating the entire ordeal whilst he nonchalantly twirled his sword, which was crackling with icy blue electricity. He surveyed the battle with a face void of any emotion, waiting. Overkill will give me the signal. I don't need to get involved as of yet, unless Overkill isn't as "all-powerful" as he obviously thinks he is.
  10. Overkill was on his moon base. "Well, it looks like they're able to hold them off. I'll enjoy their fear once they see my mercenaries on the battlefield..." he said, then he sent a message to one telepathically. "Norou. Get on the battlefield...and don't be afraid to cause destruction," he chuckled.
  11. PyroTechnical157

    PyroTechnical157 Previously DarkIllousion157

    Ben was flying towards City Hall "OK what is happening?!" He then saw the two figures on the roof fighting and came down to help them "Don't worry citizens I got this!!" Ben said as he blasted a hole in two zombies "Now how about that." he said blowing his fingers. He then realized their oddities "So I guess your are heros too. "
  12. "I wouldn't say that." Owl said, sprouting her wings and gliding through the air, picking up a zombie with her talons and slamming them against the hard marble. "I'm just doing my job." Clawing a few more zombies and taking them out with her talons as well as her machetes. Seeing a zombie charging forward, Owl did a back flip over the zombie, stabbing it in the back then throwing it a few feet away. "These things aren't slowing down." Owl started, before standing side-by-side with the other 3 heroes. "So let's make them regret ever messing with this city."
  13. "Well said," Metal Arm noted. "There's a lot more left, but you know what they say, the more, the merrier," a zombie lurched after Metal Arm, but he climbed on its back, switched his arm to a knife, and back-stabbed it.
  14. During the battle, Shade had vanished. Who the hell were these people?!
    "They're a potential complication." Lucas said from Shade's shadow through telepathy.
    "Well, yes. But that doesn't mean they are."
    "One of them works for the military, if not multiple." B'rnadon responded.
    "True." Shade replied. After the whole Dark Excalibur situation, she was sure that she and her allies were on some international watch list. Seeing the zombies but also seeing how the group was handling them easily, Valerie decided discretion was the better part of valor, falling into her own shadow and vanishing from sight.
  15. Norou sighed. There it is. Well, time to go to work. He vanished in a small blue spark. Suddenly, in front of the three heroes, a huge bolt of azure lightning crashed onto the roof, incinerating most of the zombies around it. In Norou's field, there was collateral damage, which he didn't give a crap about. The bolt subsided, revealing Norou with his sword in his sheath. "Let's get this over with, shall we?" Icy blue electricity crackling around him and dancing in his eyes, Norou unsheathed his sword monotonously. "Who's up first?"
  16. Owl adjusted her goggles, before tapping her earpiece. "Colonel, we got something big here. Other enhanced individuals, at least one hostile. Rally up some backup, I'll keep them occupied." Owl pulled out twin machetes, before diving off the roof of the building, gliding around the electrified individual. Her suit was rubber, she didn't need to worry about that. Owl grabbed onto Norou with her talons and jumped through the hole, gliding through the air before she slammed him into a marble pillar.
  17. Norou took the attack and surveyed the assailant. A suit lined with rubber, which would hinder his electrical capabilities with sharp talons. He mentally smirked and gripped his sword. Norou thrust forward, impaling Owl's leg and grabbed her throat. He jumped forward and spun around, smashing the girl into the pillar while pulling out his sword. Norou then aimed a powerful kick to Owl's temple, knocking her to the ground.
  18. "Right, right, you two have fun...I'll just hold these guys off..." Metal Arm sighed, blasting and slicing more and more zombies. "How come other people get to have all the fun..."

    "We're here live at the Hex City Town Hall, where a few individuals with claimed superhuman abilities are fighting a bunch of shadows. The US Army is currently on the scene. They say they're looking for a bomb, but it appears to be too dangerous to head inside," said a News Reporter. "More information on the situation is required, but we are certain that former Crisis Crew member Metal Arm is on the roof. Vanessa Tucker, Channel 6, Action News."
  19. Standing up, Owl spit out a few drops of blood before drawing twin machetes. "That all you got?" Owl had spent many years training with her new abilities. With her talons, she climbed onto the ceiling and took out all the lights, still latching onto the ceiling. She had night vision, and could definitely outwit her foe.
  20. Norou landed on the ground, eyes crackling with lightning as the lights were killed. "Your left tendon is sliced. You thought I was doing no more than sticking your leg with a sword?" A sliced tendon would render a leg useless, crippling their ground movement. Norou's flashing eyes allowed him to see in dark areas, so the lights wouldn't be much of a problem. He pinpointed Owl's location and waited for her to strike.
  21. Owl sighed, pulling out her machetes, contemplating her death. No. Now was not the time for that. Now was the time for her to do her duty. She laughed, staring down at Norou. "Ground movement?" Owl sarcastically remarked. "I didn't know you were such a jokester. Owl dove down from the ceiling, circling around with her wings before she grabbed Norou by the neck using the talon on her one good foot, before she flew him outside and slammed him down on the hard concrete. A crowd began to gather around.
  22. AIM watched from the bench across the street. "So, Moxie. Should we go join in?" He asked his AI. "Why not. Here's some info on the hero. Owl, an airforce military person with a suit allowing certain skills of an owl. Talons, wings, and twin machetes." "Nice. Lets see what hassles we can make." He stepped up, picking up a pipe from the ground. Walking over to the Owl and Norou "Hey kids. I think that you might have found the wrong alley to fight at." He pushed aside the crowd. "Everyone, nothing to see here." He called out away from the crowd. "Now you, new bad guy. I think you might not know about me, I am AIM. Artificial Intelligence in Man." AIM spun around the pipe, ready to hit something.
  23. Norou kicked Owl in her leg wound and knocked her away before standing up to face the newcomer. "You're right. I don't know you, nor do I care who you are." His legs crackled with blue electricity as he jumped into the air, landing on the roof of the building behind him. He sheathed his sword and cracked his knuckles, waiting for the two heroes to pursue.
  24. Owl looked up at her new enemy, before she collapsed to the ground, bandaging up her wound. "I don't know where these enhanced individuals are coming from, but I don't care. If you can fight, get up there and fight." Owl said, in a bit of an angry tone, before she got up and limped over to lean on a building. "My comrades will be here soon. We just need to keep him occupied." Staring at AIM, she introduced herself. "Jerrica Miller. Lieutenant in the Air Force. Code name Owl." Owl didn't have time to say anymore, she gripped onto the building with her talons, climbing up.
  25. AIM watched as they started up. "To slow." He scanned the area and numbers and data appeared across his vision. In a split second, AIM lept from side to side of the buildings and lept to the roof, overtaking OWL very fast. "Lets see you take me on. Moxie, you know what to do." "Yes I do. Combat mode, activated." The AI said. No physical changes happened, but AIM took a much more skilled stance. "Keep signal for an electronic flux, that means he's going electric."
  26. Norou saw AIM arrive onto the roof and get into a stance. The former slowly unsheathed his sword, twirling it before flaring up his lightning and lunging forward, cutting off his lightning right before he started his attack to prevent AIM from taking advantage of the electricity. Norou swung at AIM's leg and aimed a kick powerful to knock the latter to the ground at his left torso.
  27. Owl looked up at the boy, confused at why he thought this was competition, before she stopped below the top of the roof. She climbed around the side of the building and came up onto the back of the building, climbing up on top of the roof. AIM... Owl had met him before. Back when they were doing those experiments. Owl had never personally met him before now, but that face was undeniable. The AI he seemed to be talking too was giving him all sorts of strategic advice. She looked around with her night vision, trying to find where the electrified man went.
  28. AIM basically saw each attack before it happened. The pipe was used to glance off the sword strike, spinning it back around to block the kick. "Think again. You should've energized the kick. Would've been to fast for me. A human can only go so fast." AIM then dropped down to a kick across the legs. A jump would be the more common thing to occur, so instead of a full leg slice, the attack was shifted to a kick aiming up from the ground. "Other defence plans could count as jumping back or to the sides." Moxie said. "That's whats expected from a trained fighter. But it gives me the tactical advantace of knowledge of his attacks." He thought back to his AI.
  29. Owl smiled, seeing the two fighting. She pulled out one of her machetes and crept forward, using her good leg as support for the other one. With one arm, she grabbed Norou's shoulder and pulled him close to her. With the other, she held the machete up to his neck, careful not to let Norou escape her grasp. "Move one inch, I swear... Make one movement out of line and you won't want to know what I'll do to you..." Owl met Aim's eyes, chuckling.
  30. Norou felt the blade press against his neck and smirked, showing emotion for the first time. "That's funny. You seem to think you're in control over this situation." His finger crackled with electricity as a small bolt of lightning shot toward the wound on Owl's leg. Flaring up his lightning, Norou moved faster than Owl's eyes could trace and pushed the machete away before turning around and firing a large beam of electric power. His eyes now flashed brightly with icy blue lightning as he advanced, continuing to blast Owl with electricity.
  31. AIM stepped up to Norou. "Hey, you know electricity, right? It goes the path of least resistance. Metal is best." He said while sticking the metal pipe in the electrical current. "Entering hyperactive mode." The AI said while turning on all internal motors and skills to burn off the electricity being produced. AIM's vision soon became blue from all the data being displayed and used in the time of being subject to the attacks. "Now you know a lesson about electricity."
  32. Owl fell to one knee, looking up at Norou. Her leg was probably broken beyond repair by now, but she didn't care. The lightning wasn't affecting her because of her suit, but Owl pretended it was because she needed to fight. That was her mission statement. 'Until your last breath is echoed, there is still spirit inside of you. Make sure to use it all before you're ready to give up.' Owl gestured to Aim to move forward and attack while she lay on the floor, still being hit by Norou's blue lightning.
  33. Norou turned around as his lightning dissipated, facing AIM. What a cocky kid. He lunged forward, moving faster than AIM could comprehend thanks to his lightning and grabbed the man's throat, jumping down the side of the building and slamming AIM's face into the ground. Norou twirled his sword and sliced the man's tendons, crippling his movement. He won't be a problem anymore. He looked at the crowd, who now had frightened looks on their faces.
  34. AIM fell with the choke hold and watched as the sword came down. With a quick spin of his legs, the blade became pinned down to the concrete. "Yea, an old dog doesn't learn new tricks." With the pipe, AIM swung hard at the blades handle with the intent to break it off. "Aim here." Moxie said with an indentation of where across his vision. "Weakest spot on the blade." When the pipe hit, it made direct contact to the located part of the blade. (Also your autoing)
  35. Owl got up, and she crawled over to the edge of the roof, looking over, seeing AIM and Norou struggling below. She deployed her talons and jumped off of the roof, aiming to land on Norou's back and stun him long enough for AIM to strike him down. Owl had been in fights with super-powered individuals many times before. In all of those, Owl had out-smarted them with her enhanced vision and weaponry skills. But this time, even with a fellow enhanced partner, Owl struggled to keep him at bay.
  36. (*you're, and sorry; I'll stop, didn't realize I was doing so lol)

    Norou watched the blade shatter into pieces and stared. Okay. That happened. He looked up and saw Owl dropping down toward him and jumped away just in time. Hmm, facing these two alone could be a problem. I didn't really want to have to flip on this switch so early. Suddenly, Norou's body became surrounded by blue electricity as he activated his ability: Electric Curse. This ability created an invisible electrical field in a four foot radius that overrode his nervous system. This meant that any movement other than Norou's that occurred within the field would be detected and acted upon by only his instincts, which ALSO meant that his life depended on his reflexes and fighting skills due to his overridden nervous system.

    A man in a hooded tunic leaned against a wall of the building near which the fight was occurring, staying out of sight and spectating the match by watching a reflection made by a small wall of ice on the other end of the narrow alley...
  37. More and more zombies rose out of the ground, as Metal Arm tried to hold them off. "Uh, guys? I could use a little help!" he said, as one punched him in the face, soon smacked by heavy metal hammer. At this point, he pulled out his sword again and chopped them away.
  38. AIM felt the electricity in the air. "Absorb what you can." He said to Moxie as he walked forward to the man. "You learned I'm immune to electricity, now learn this from someone who knows how to fight." AIM kicked a rock at Norou, flying directly at the right wrist to disable punches. Moxie recorded the movements of their opponent and was ready to make a futurecast of new attacks.
  39. Owl nodded to AIM, and she limped forward, drawing her machetes. She used her good foot and hopped over Norou, gliding over him, ready to attack. Suddenly, she heard Metal Arm's cry, and flew over there, slicing a few zombies. "I got something bigger down there. Hold off these zombies. When waves slow down, come and help us." Owl said, before leaping off of the building and gliding down, landing on the building behind Norou, about 5 feet above him. She glided down and used her talons to try and grab him from behind.

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