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The Creepiest Places In Pokemon

Discussion in 'Pokémon Chat' started by Aura, Oct 5, 2017.

  1. In every Pokemon region there is always that one area that feels a little off. There might be objects that move, people suddenly disappearing, or maybe just those few pixels of glowing red eyes. Given that it's October, I think now is the perfect time to discuss these places with a simple question: What, in your opinion, is the creepiest place in Pokemon, and why?

    For me, well let me first explain why I find certain things scary. I get the most freaked out by feelings of uncertainty and anticipation - when you know something is wrong, or something is there, but you don't know where, or when, or what it is. So if I understand the story behind an area or what's happening within it, it becomes far less scary to me. With that in mind, a lot of places in Pokemon either explain what's going on too well, or don't set up anticipation well enough. However, one place really stands out that makes me feel uncomfortable every single time: The Ruins Of Alph. The atmosphere is really well done - you come across these ruins with their fun puzzles, and these strange letter Pokemon which seem like just an odd gimmick, until you access the first hidden room and find the Unown start... talking to you. Just like that, the place suddenly becomes very eerie - it feels like some ancient civilization is trying to leave a warning for those in the future as they died, but, about what? What did they see? How did they die? These questions never felt like they were answered to me, and so that feeling of anticipation never went away.
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  2. Lavender town. Duh
  3. Ultra Space. Personally it just freaked me out XD
  4. Lavender Town is overrated, the music is sick (in a good way) and the NPCs are cool. Now the Ruins of Alph from the second generation is personally scary to me, as the music and the unown messages are extremely creepy.
  5. The Arceus event at the Ruins of Alph is incredibly creepy too. Leaving aside the OG Lavender Town, the Old Chateau in DPPt is pretty great with its deep forest atmosphere.
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  6. That old playground from pokemon xy. Before the swamp. Everything is so still, it's almost as if one of the swings were about to move just barely.
  7. Psycho Monkey

    Psycho Monkey Member of the Literary Elite Four

    Everyone who thinks the Ruins of Alph is creepy should click this >:D

    As for me, I find the creepiest place in the Pokemon World to be the Strange House in Unova. Inside there is a ghost girl who says somethings and some books about certain subjects. If you read the books and listen to the girl's dialogue you can piece together the mystery of what happened in this place. At some point in the past Darkrai showed up and put the little girl in an endless nightmare. Through the books you will learn that her parents tried everything. They had Hypno and Drowzee use Dream Eater on her to wake her up but to no avail. They set out to find the Lunar Wing but by the time they returned with it she was already dead. What's more, the girl will tell you about her experience trapped in the darkness wanting so badly to wake up and be with her family. She was cognizant enough of her surroundings to know her parents were leaving to search for the Lunar Wing but also aware of her impending demise. She begged them not to leave but her words could not reach them through her coma. When they returned her ghost lamented that the Lunar Wing would no longer work on her. She wanted to return the Wing to Cresselia but as a ghost could not interact with the world of the living in that fashion and so had to wait for a Trainer to do it for her. You then have to ask yourself: How long ago did this happen? What befell her parents after losing their child? Is Darkrai still on the loose somewhere is Unova dreading the moment the next unfortunate soul stumbles upon it and is thrown into endless slumber?
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  8. Abandoned Thrifty Mega Mart, as apart of the Ghost Type trial. With the mischievous Ghost type, and the room, that supposedly was never there, it was scary enough. but then the fact that Tapu Bull destroyed it in a fit of rage, becasue of the fact it was built on sacred ground fills me with a spooky and ominous vibe. I mean, the whole way it was felt too realistic to me, if Pokemon existed, and filled me with he shivers throughout the entire trial. And the graphics only make it scarier for me!

    As for runner-up, I’d say it have to be Relic Castle. I cant really explain it was well, as it’s more of an eerie feeling the whole place gives me, despite it not being one of the “super scary” places that are normally more in your face.

    Ruins of Alphs to me is exciting, like an Indiana Jones feeling, while Lavdender Town and Mt. Pyre was just depressing for me. The Old Chateau was pretty more fun than scary, and the other places, I haven’t been there enough times to have them an impact for me.
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  9. I get all those, but they all have backstorys. But the playground? Nothing. Not a word, and it's at the edge of a swamp WITH A HAUNTED HOUSE!
  10. Yeah. That makes it less creepy if it doesn't have a history. Its just a playground near a Haunted House XD
  11. Thats why it's creepy. What happened there to make it all dark and grown over? And why is there ghost type pokemon all around it? It makes you wonder if you think about it.
  12. Nah it doesnt. Its just an old park nobody goes to which was probably taken over by some Ghosts and made to look spooky.
  13. But why was it made by the swamp? I'm putting in a theory. The city of Luminous was always tormented by ghost type pokemon from the swamp. They scared the Gogoats, stole clothes, and overall made life miserable. To let the pokemon have some fun, they constructed a playground for them to use. That way, they would be able to have fun, without worrying about the city. The ghost pokemon didn't like it, so pokemon rangers went out there to calm the pokemon down. That's why there are so many rangers in the game in that location. And due to that fact, going on to another theory, zyagarde attacked the man in the haunted house. (If you don't know the theory, here's the rundown. Zyagarde has five spikes in the shape of men. A horod is a group of five pokemon. Because the people were disrupting the ecosystem, the legendary came over and scared the guy.)
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  14. I know that theory about Zygarde already and I think its true =D Still dont think the playground near the swamp is spooky though.
  15. Alright. Your heading to a swamp full of ghosts. The entrance is a playground, so still, nothing is even moving. How would you feel?
  16. voidaquariums

    voidaquariums Formerly Luxray901

    the chamber of emptiness in x/y

    it's a void in which nothing is able to exist (except the player and 2 items apparently)

    who put the items there? are they still alive? who knows
  17. Old Chateau spooked me out as a kid. I swear I saw these white and grey "ghosts" of a rich boy. I was very surprised when it turned out there was none...I think my Diamond cartridge was haunted. Or I'm just misremembering. The latter is more likely.

    Still, it's spooky. There's a lot to interpret from that antidote in the trash. The anime really wasted an opportunity for a spooky old mansion episode, but at least origins made up for that.
  18. KoL

    KoL Expert FPS Player
    Staff Member Moderator

    I was going to say Ruins of Alph, but P_M's video has now ruined that for me due to having a dildo silhouette in it.

    Johto had quite a few of these for me as a kid, and being the twisted person I am these places were all the ones I remembered most fondly. The music made all the difference, so stuff like Dark Cave, the Lighthouse (despite not having anything creepy in it at all) and Mt. Silver, and Dragon's Den felt a lot more ominous due to the music - that HG/SS then ruined. Less is more as they say.
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